Face/Heel/Neutral Ratio

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Face/Heel/Neutral Ratio

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This is primarily for our creative staff here in GCW but also for you other handlers here to get a handle on who is currently acting as what here in GCW. I am basing this not so much on your bios as I am basing it off of how your character acts on results. If there is a contradiction I will base it on tv results unless otherwise told by you the handler because ultimately, at the end of the day, the character is YOUR character and I need to know if I'm not doing him or her justice. So if they are acting too heelish on tv and you want them face, or vice versa, let me know.

Shotgun: GM Tiffany Manning

World Heavyweight Title
Television Title
X Division Title
Global Tag Team Titles


Jason Redfield
Devon Kayl
Alexander Midas
Arcadia Chavez
Jay Pride
Angelica Jones
Kayla Jones
Meagan Collins
Michael McKay
Mark O’Brian
Monroe Jones
Lindsey Carter
Sergei Chagev
Emanuel Dionisia
Crystal Swift
Travis Vessey
Karina Lysenko
Mary-Allison Chainz
Matthew Bowden
Julia Braddock
JaMarcus Avery
Rocky O’Reilly
Yuri Bryzgalov
Pierce Manning
Cailey Carter


Alan Shields
Jack Lazarus
Michael Bauer
Victoria Salinas

Brittany Kayl
Elena Hammer
Sir Corbin
Sir Connor
Aphrodite Noel
Rex Sanders
Madame Santos
Kurt Logan

Joey Michaels
Sierra Michaels

Joshua Schneider
Troy Pierce
Sydney Delgado

Cody Lindberg-Knight
Christy Hightower
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