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Yvonne Knight

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Real Name (Optional):
Yvonne Knight

Name/Nickname (if different from above):
Ivy Knight

Twitter Handle (Optional):

Preferred Brand:



Date of Birth:
Dec 12th 1986

London, England


Mandy Rose

Wrestling Style:

Entrance Theme:
Overture/Theatre by Icons 4 Hire

Finishing Moves:
#1: The Jinx Effect | #2: Jinxed | #3: Broken Mirror |

#1: Sharpshooter
#2: Fisherman’s Suplex
#3: Standing inverted Indian Deathlock surfboard into a head stomp

Signature Moves:
#1: Knight Lock | #2 Stone Walled | #3: Pink Whisper| #4 Black Magic

#1 : Elevated Half Crab
#2: High Angle Flapjack
#3: Hurricarana
#4: Straight Jacket Sit-Out Sleeper Slam

Common Moves: (at least ten)
1)Abdominal Stretch
2) Arm bar /w Head Scissors
3) Bow & Arrow
4) Bridging German Suplex
5) Diving Elbow Drop off Top Rope
6) Diving Forearm
7) Enzuigiri
8) European Uppercut
9) Front Face lock Neck Breaker
10) High Angle Moonsault
11) Inverted Atomic Drop
12) Jump Knee Drop
13) Jumping Leg Lariat
14) Knife-Edge Chop
15) Missle Dropkick
16) Pendulum Backbreaker
17) Running Forearm
18) School Girl Roll up
19) Shinbreaker
20) Shoulder Breaker
21) Sidewalk Slam
22) Snap Suplex
23) Snapmare followed by a running low–angle front dropkick to the opponent's face
24) Standing Camel Clutch
25) Sunset flip pin (sometimes will use this as a possible set up for the jinx effect)
26) Swinging Neckbreaker
27) Tornado DDT
28) Uranage Backbreaker
29) Overhead Keylock
30) Slingshot Double Knee Facebreaker

In Ring Mentality:
Constant professional, will offer to shake hands with her opponent at the start of the match. Whether they do so is entirely up to them. She won’t purposely cheat to get the win; she will do everything she can to win a match as long as it is in the right way. However is known to be incredibly aggressive when it comes to her ring work as well due to her competitive nature. She isn’t afraid to target focus points on her opponents and will work other parts of the body as she tries for the submission victory above all else

Knows her way around the ring like it’s the back of her hand
Quick on her feet,
Deceptively strong.
Attitude, never say die will fight till she can’t.

Larger opponents she struggles against.
Won’t back down from a threat, even if the odds aren’t in her favor.
Weakest part of her game is hardcore wrestling, due to her nature.

Entrance Description:

The lights dim as the screen springs to life up above the entrance as “overture” (Instrumental) by Icon for hire hits over the P.A system while a pink silhouette appears on the big screen above the entrance walking towards us.

The crowd begins to roar as they recognize the theme intro instantly and pop louder as the violin kicks in and “Theatre” by the same band explodes over the P. A System, and as it does the curtains blow out from the entrance with pink, black and white confetti as Yvonne Knight walks out in her silver and black trench coat and her ring gear along with a smile on her face.

Ring Announcer: “Ladies and gentleman, hailing from Los Angeles, CA by way of London England. YVONNE KNIGHT!”

The crowd pops for the blonde who looks down at the ring with confidence before walking down the ramp. She slaps hands with the fans in the aisle with a skip now, before walking around the left side of the ring and hopping onto the apron with her knee before pulling herself up. She then vaults over the top rope and scales the corner with one fluid motion with an even bigger smile as she as she at first points to the crowd before removing her jacket and handing it to one of the ringside crew. Yvonne then jumps down to the canvas and prepares herself mentally for the match ahead.

Appearance (optional): N/A

In-Ring Attire (optional): N/A

Out-of-Ring Attire (optional): N/A

Yvonne is a very “old school” girl when it comes to wrestling, having been brought up on the British Wrestling circuit her whole life which is where she fine-tuned her submission and technical wrestling style to near perfection. Because of this she is respectful to all her opponents, and in turn expects the same back to her and if it isn’t given to her, she will go out of her way to make them respect her using her ring prowess.

However she is a little to gun ho at the best of times and that gets her into precarious situations where the odds may well not be in her favour.
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