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Shotgun 09.17 <results>

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“May I have your attention please?”

We find ourselves backstage in the arena and this is the voice of Aubrianna Powers that rings out. The camera pans around, trying to find her. Eventually it comes to a stop in front of a Desperate Measures poster. The self-proclaimed “MVP of GCW” stands there in front of the poster dressed in her wrestling gear. A confident smirk is etched across her lovely face.

Aubrianna: Time for yet another Most Valuable Lesson courtesy of me, The Most Valuable Powers. This lesson goes out to you, Brooklyn. And there’s no need to thank me, just listen and try to understand that everything I say and everything I do is for your own good. I mean, I really and truly am a giving person. I give of myself every time I set foot inside these arenas. Even when I’m not competing these idiots get the gift of sharing the same oxygen as me. But tonight, the people get to not only watch me compete but they get to learn a very valuable lesson about life.

Powers chuckles.

Aubrianna: You know the old saying about nice guys finish last? Well that is so very true, babe. Nice guys finish last each and every time because being nice does not pay off. It really does suck when the person you’re nice to is a jackass who doesn’t appreciate what you’ve done. Take Jody Rainer for example. You tried to be nice to him and help him out against the mean old Sovereign and what happened? We still kicked his ass and we kicked your ass too. Now you’re taking in another stray named Slade Merriman. At least he’s returning the favor but guess what? The end result will still be the same. Slade will get his ass kicked and you will get your ass kicked.

The MVP nods her head.

Aubrianna: Nice guys finish last, Brooky, and that’s why you will always finish last when faced against myself and Chantelle Chambers. When will you realize that defending idiots like Slade and Jody just isn’t worth it? But by all means, play hero. By all means, keep sticking your nose into business where it doesn’t belong, because Chantelle and I will continue to beat your ass each and every week until you have learned The Most Valuable Lesson of them all that not only do nice guys finish last but that no one...and I mean no one...can stop The Sovereign.

She winks at the camera.

Aubrianna: Learn to love it, bitches.


[Backstage, we are in a locker room occupied by one person, former Tag Team Champion D'Nae Moore. Dressed in her gear for later, she's sitting on a bench leaning against the wall, her phone in her hand. She has the screen facing up and it's clearly lit, so we can assume she is talking on speaker, yet we can't see the name or picture on the screen.]

D'Nae: “This is just some bullshit, you know? Me and MA lost the titles, it's whatever. I thought we were doing our own thing, she had a couple matches. I ain't had shit.... and now out of nowhere we teaming up again? And we don't even have listed opponents! I know you know what that means... we facing some local noobs or some shit. We were champions, we deserve better than this!”

???” “What have I told you about things being cyclical sometimes?”

The voice coming from the phone's speaker should be recognizable to any wrestling fan as that of SCW Hall of Famer and owner of BlackOut Academy, Amy Chastaine. D'Nae happened to be BlackOut's first unofficial student.

D'Nae: “I know you did, Jeff did too. But I didn't think that was gonna mean being made to start over from the bottom. We already made it, why did we get ignored for weeks and put back together to face nobodies?”

Amy: “They're not nobodies, they're young talents trying to break in. It wasn't very long ago when that was you. Show them some respect.”

[D'Nae takes a deep breath, and lets out a frustrated sigh.]

D'Nae: Yeah. Okay. You're right. I just want better, you know? I thought this place valued everyone, yet it seems like teams get overlooked. Look at Katrina, Bella got hurt so instead of letting her try to find another partner, they just got stripped of the titles! That's some shit, Teach. You can't tell me it's not.”

Amy: “Maybe that could have been handled differently, but you and I aren't on GCW staff, we don't know why they made the decisions they made. You can't sit there and play the what if game, okay? Dwelling on the way things have gone wrong isn't going to help you make things go right. It took me a long time to learn that, and I don't want you to have to learn the hard way.”

D'Nae: “So what I'm supposed to do? Just accept this shit? Be happy with having to start all over with this team when I thought we were gonna go out on our own?”

Amy: “I would never advise anyone to settle if they aren't happy. But for right now, all you can do is bring your best to the ring, and show them that you DO deserve better.”

D'Nae: “So you DO think I'm getting shafted?”

Amy: “I think that you feel that way, and that's what's important. I also think that if you want to strike out on your own, you absolutely have the capability and talent for that. But you have to pull yourself out of this funk and fight for it. Words only get you so far, you have to SHOW them.”

D'Nae: “I can't show them shit if I ain't booked!”

Amy: “You're working tonight, aren't you?”

D'Nae: “Yeah... but not on my own.”

Amy: “Doesn't matter. Give it your all anyway. Make the best out what they are giving you. It's the ones who persevere and make something out of nothing that get noticed and get opportunities. Not those who let themselves get complacent.”

D'Nae: “Sounds like a more professional way to say what Jeff told me.”

Amy: “Oh yeah? What'd he say?”

D'Nae: “Make 'em regret holding you down.”

[Amy can be heard snickering from the phone.]

Amy: “That sounds like him. And I don't disagree. You just have to be patient.”

D'Nae: “Come on, Teach, you know that ain't me.”

[Just then, Jeffrey Alexander steps into the shot. D'Nae grins at him as he leans over her phone.]

Jeff: “It's sure not. Hey there bae.”

Amy: “Hi Jeff. Try to get some of that patience of yours to rub off on her, okay?”

Jeff: “Doing my best, you know it.”

D'Nae: “Uh uh don't put that on him. This attitude is all me. But I hear you. Thanks for the kick in the ass.”

Amy: “Anytime.”

[D'Nae ends the call and sets her phone down on the bench next to her. Jeff sits next to her on the other side.]

Jeff: “You called Amy over all this?”

D'Nae: “Not really. She text me asking how I'm doing tonight, I said something dumb and she called me. But I needed it. She ain't wrong. I was mad, now I'm focused.”

Jeff: “Sometimes being mad is good. But you got to give it direction.”

D'Nae: “Ima do that. And it's gonna start tonight.”

Jeff: “That's what I wanna hear. You know your partner, you know what to do out there. Go do it.”

D'Nae: “Aight. Ima do this thing. I guess I should go find my girl, huh?”

[Jeff nods. They both stand up and walk out, D'Nae leaving her phone behind.]

#MooreAmerica IN ACTION

Mr and Ms El Perro were the “challenge” for #MooreAmerica. Miss America and D’Nae Moore looked like they didn’t miss a beat. In a dominant showcase, D’Nae dropped El Perro with MooreGasm which Miss America followed up with Manifest Destiny.

Miss America cut off Ms. El Perro so D’Nae Moore could secure the pinfall.

Winners: #MooreAmerica


[The scene opens with both Mara Kade and Siouxsie Blade seated on the steps somewhere in the building. Both are dressed in street clothes; Mara in a black and red “Blade/Kade 2020” t-shirt, black jeans and a baseball cap on her head. Siouxsie is dressed in a new black, gold and white “Reclaim The Gold” t-shirt.A few bottles of beer lie by their feet.]

Mara: There’s no time for would've, could've, should'ves.. We thought we would have came here with the GCW Tag Team Champions. We feel like there were moments in our match two weeks ago that we could have won. We feel we should be the god damn champions right now.

Mara looks annoyed.

Mara: Wrestling’s Most Wanted. For once in your lives, your backs were truly against the wall. I thought the both of you would fold. But you didn’t. Congratulations. For once in your lives, you went through some adversity. You showed that beneath the Prada and despite attempts to hook horny teenagers, that there was some fight in you.

[Mara grits her teeth.]

Mara: There’s been fight in us since the day we were fucking born. If I didn’t have any fight in me, my mother and I would be on the streets growing up. Sio was in the Sanitorium. She wasn’t given a chance to live. They wrote her off as a person. If she didn’t have my fight in her, she wouldn’t have made it another day. Not to mention, whenever people talk about Cindy Todd’s proteges, everyone looked past Siouxsie as a wrestler. If she didn’t have any fight in her, Siouxsie wouldn’t be here. Siouxsie wouldn’t be one of the best wrestlers on this planet.

[Mara faces the camera.]

Mara: You can enjoy your victory, Wrestling’s Most Wanted. You live to fight another day. For the first time in your lives, you had to dig deep inside of yourselves and you had to fight for something, Scream Machine has been fighting for their entire life!

[Mara raises her voice.]

Mara: The foundation of all of this shit is the fact that we weren’t supposed to make it this far. We didn’t grow up with trust funds and financial security. We weren’t privileged like you two are. We didn’t have full families. We’ve been fighting for our entire lives. Wrestling’s Most Wanted. America. Everyone in the crowd. Forget the money, the merch, the fact that we’ve become the best tag team in the last three years.Forget all of that. Look at us for who we are. We’re fighters. And we’ve been fighting to get our fucking crowns back. One year! One year of us scratching and crawling to get everything back. Desperate Measures, it is all of nothing.

[She points at the camera.]

Mara: A Ladder will settle it all. GCW Tag Team titles on the line. Tied at two. In one year, me and Sio have gone through a War Games match. We’ve done a Steel Cage match. And now, a ladder match. Name another team that’s willing to go through these fucking matches with a smile on their faces. Name another team that would be willing to put their bodies, their careers, their lives on the line in these matches. Name another team that is fucking made for these matches. And each time we went into those matches, we were fighting for something. We were fighting for pride, for respect, to be the best and all of it was over Tag Team gold. War Games it was revenge for the fuckers that screwed us out of our titles. Cage match it was to win them back.

[Mara looks at Siouxsie.]

Mara: This ladder match? It’s for pride. It’s for bragging rights. I would love nothing more than to win these titles just so Kendra and Hannah couldn’t win them. But make no bones about it, it’s about those fucking pieces of gold.

We want those titles! We need those fucking titles!

[Mara stares into the camera.]

Mara: Because those titles means that our fighting, our scratching, our crawling, the past year, the lost at Resurrection, all worth it. Our name is one the line. Our reputation is on the line and I can not go another day without those fucking titles. So on Sunday, November 15th in Philly if you’ve never seen a Scream Machine match or if you’re like everyone else and has followed us these past three years, you will never see two people want something so badly. You will never see two people willing to put it all on the line like we win. And I guarantee you, I promise, I fucking promise, we will win. We will get our crowns back and we will fight and leave everything in that fucking ring!

[Siouxsie looks up shaking her head, before speaking.]

Siouxsie: Oh I bet you two are all proud now that suddenly we are forced to face you in a Ladder Match. Aren’t we like full of adversity and it makes us stronger!? NO! FUCK ADVERSITY! FUCK YOU TWO BITCHES! I’M GOING TO RIP YOUR FUCKIN….

[Mara quickly grabs Siouxsie before she kills the cameraman. Suddenly Siouxsie calms down and clears her throat, turning to the camera, muttering the words..]

Siouxsie: Wrestling’s Most Wanted? You’re dead meat.

[Storming off with her Charles doll, Mara looks on and cracks a smirk before chasing her down to make sure she doesn’t kill anyone.]


We cut backstage where we find GCW journalist Dexter Russell. He is standing by next to his guest for tonight, GCW original and former World Champion, “The Very Best”...cue the big toothy grin...Steve Powers.

Dexter: Ladies and gentlemen, I am Dexter Russell, and with me at this time is “The Very Best”...

Steve flashes his big toothy grin.

Dexter: ...Steve Powers. Steve, thank you for…

“Oh Dex, sweetie!”

Steve rolls his eyes. Dexter looks confused. Aubrianna Powers, Steve’s sister and Dexter’s wife, steps into the scene from stage left. A confident smirk is etched across her lovely face.

Aubrianna: Dex, sweetie, do not indulge my idiot brother.

Dexter: Aubrey, I’d appreciate you not interrupting my interviews.

Aubrianna: I’m sorry, babe, but I got a few things to say to my big brother.

She blows Dexter a kiss. Dexter takes the hint and walks away. Aubrianna turns towards Steve.

Aubrianna: Hi, Steve.

Steve: What do you want, Aubrey?

Aubrianna: You sound grouchy.

Steve: You interrupted my camera time, sis. Why shouldn’t I be angry?

Aubrianna: Oh did I steal your camera time? Boo-hoo! You should be grateful that you’re even on this show to begin with. You should be grateful Tabitha Silverstone remembered you are an employee. And let’s face facts here, Steve, you’re only here with one job...and that is to lose to Nadia Allen.

She shakes her head.

Aubrianna: No one expects you to actually do anything good tonight. You may be a GCW original but this is no longer your GCW. This is my GCW. And I am The Most Valuable Powers!

Aubrianna turns and walks off.


Nadia Allen vs Steve Powers

Nadia Allen was looking to build momentum. Steve Powers wanted to get back in the swing of things after spending a considerate amount of time off. The ring rust did show at first. Nadia was hungry, aggressive, more in tune. The Very Best... found his footing. Soon Allen and Powers spent the latter half of the match jockeying for position. Steve fell to Nadia’s “Snake Charmer” for a close victory.

Winner: Nadia Allen.


The scene goes backstage where camera are fixed on Janice King standing in front of a GCW backdrop. Suddenly Livvie Nelson wanders in front of the camera with her briefcase in hand. She looks up and down before Janice taps her on her shoulder and Livvie jumps and let’s put a scream.

Janice: Livvie... can I help you?

Livvie: Yeah. I was looking for my butler. Haven’t been seeing him around lately and I was wondering where he was hiding out. I’d bet that bloke is hiding under the ring. I have to tell you Janie, he’s about the worst butler I’ve ever seen. He’s absolutely no use to me in any way.

Janice: Well, first off, the name is Janice. And I don’t think that's the way it works. I believe that case entitles you to a favor from him. Not servitude.

Livvie holds up her case and looks at it for a moment and then turns and tosses it to the ground as she looks at Janice.

Livvie: What a pile of absolute rubbish. What am I bloody supposed to do with that?

Janice: That’s a good question, but one only you can answer. But while you’re here... you face Chanel Hunter tonight. Any thoughts to share with us?

Livvie: Us? You trying to pry my game plan out?

Livvie pokes her hand at Janice before Janice grabs her wrist and turns and points to the camera and then holds the microphone to Livvie’s mouth.

Livvie: Why didn’t you say we was on camera, lass? You asked about Chanel. She’s alright. Chanel is a good brand. They have a good scent. But me, I can be all those things too. Just call me Livvie number 10 and get out my way. I’m coming to knock some heads and beat some tails off the lot of blokes in this place. Chanel Hunter... you think you’re so great... well maybe you are. Tonight you’re about to get beaten down by me.

Janice giggles to herself as she shrugs and then shakes her head.

Janice: Anything else you want to say?

Livvie: How much do you think I could get for the case? Can you sell a butler on the internet?

Janice puts her arms up and pulls the mic away as she shrugs in question and Livvie storms away.

Janice: Livvie Nelson taking on Chanel Hunter later tonight...

Livvie storms back in front of the camera and picks her case up off the ground before storming back away.


Cameras go backstage with Jody, still shaking his head on the losses he's been getting, despite him improving his game to a whole tenfold. Of course, there were rumours circulating around GCW about Jody potentially teaming with a fellow wrestler in the business. He prefers to ignore the question for now as he begins to speak while stroking the skull statue

Jody Rainer: "These fucking losses are driving me crazy. I've been busting my ass and I don't know where the fuck I'm going wrong. These matches are a fucking joke I had so fuck Brooklyn and Minerva, trying to make me change as a person. People like you two and the fans are the reason why I treat you all like shit. Yeah, I hope you all are enjoying seeing me getting my ass kicked because I speak the truth. On top of it all, I got cooty's from Minerva. Disgusting. What point was she trying to prove there?"

Crowd boos Jody as he didn't care for anyone in his life. However, at least he was competiting for a match again tonight which was something he hadn't gotten for a while of being sat on the sidelines for a while. Jody smirks, not knowing what plans he has.

Jody Rainer: "Oh I get it, you want me to go all soft and start to praise the roster? Fuck no because I have no reason to praise anyone on this fucking roster. I'm a bastard you all must hate. People who are dating one another with other girls are soft weak individuals. I don't do the dating shit so you can forget it. Why should I care when I've always been ignored all my life and never felt I belonged? I'm angry because of how I was raised you fucking idiots."

Little did Jody know that there was someone that cared about him, but he refuses to comment on it due to the secret he had in his mind.

Jody Rainer: "I don't care who you put me in front of tonight, but I will be damn sure to walk away from this match with a win behind my back because right now, I need to fucking win. All these losses make me sick. I've had enough of it and fuck all of you for cheering that shit. Because I will go farther than any of these wrestlers who've won against me lately. I'm going to win tonight and I won't feel sorry for the poor soul who has to suffer the beatings they'll get from me because I'm ready to dish out pain to you and maybe, something else happens tonight that might not just involve me. You all have to wait and find out what the fuck I'm talking about later tonight. I'm going to treat you like a piece of shit and beat you non stop until I feel that you've had enough of a beat down. See you later tonight, bitch."

Jody smirks, knowing what exactly what will happen tonight without letting anyone know. He walks away from the camera with his skull statue in his hand, although spits on the floor on how disgraced he was on losing matches as the cameras went back to ringside for the next match to take place on Shotgun tonight.

Jody Rainer IN ACTION

Jody wasn’t getting paid by the hour when McFingerbang stood up to the plate. McFingerbang didn’t get a chance to point at Jody. The highly angry man headbutted him. McFingerbang fell to the floor. Jody spent roughly two minutes punching, kicking, torturing the poor soul before finally ending the match with a bone chilling piledriver. That was all she wrote.

Winner: Jody Rainer

He wasn’t done. He dragged McFingerbang, took him outside on the apron and piledrove him on the hardest part of the ring. McFingerbang fell limp on the floor. But Jody wasn’t done. He ripped the protective mat, exposing the concrete. One more piledriver for the road. EMT’s came down to the ring to check on McFingerbang. Jody scoffed, stormed off. And that was the end of that.


Backstage there is a typical dressing room complete with a bench, a blue steel folding chair, and a television monitor tuned in to tonight’s Shotgun action. Sitting on the blue steel folding chair with one leg crossed over the other is “The Kensington Knockout” Julia Braddock. The beautiful blonde is wearing a light blue knee length skirt, peep toe patent leather high heel pumps, a white silk blouse, and a suit coat that matches the light blue color of her skirt. Julia is deep in concentration but that concentration is broken by a knocking at the door…


Julia: Come in!

The door opens and Roderick Osborn comes walking in. Julia smiles politely as she stands up to the approaching Osborn.

Roderick: Ms. Braddock, I just hoped…

Julia: Please, call me Julia.

Roderick: Ok Julia, I was just hoping to talk to you tonight.

Braddock nods her head.

Julia: Sure, what’s on your mind?

Roderick: Well two weeks ago you defeated up and coming star Mariah. Many are calling that yet another signature win for you, among your other signature wins since returning and turning your life around after Resurrection. What do you have to say?

Julia: All I have to say is that Mariah is one hell of a competitor. She has all the talent in the world to be one of the best on the Shotgun brand and I have no doubts that one day she will hold championship gold in GCW. Two weeks ago just wasn’t her night because I caught her with Cult of Personality, dropped her on her head, and pinned her clean in the center of this ring. It’s as simple as that, Roderick.

Roderick: Now that Mariah is behind you and you seem to have all the momentum in the world behind you, what is next for Julia Braddock?

Braddock smirks.

Julia: Good question. The answer is simple…

She points up towards the sky.

Julia: ...up, up, and up! I am going to continue to fight back up to the top and earn my way back to where I want to be and I think each and every person in GCW knows where I want to be; it is the same place each and every person in GCW wants to be but only one person can be...and that is at the very top, holding the GCW World Championship. So no, I’m not booked tonight. I’m not booked for Desperate Measures, either, but I can promise you this; I will be watching Brittany Kayl defend that GCW World Championship against Minerva very closely. I have already beaten a multi-company superstar in AJ Helms. I beat multiple GCW stars on both Shotgun and Livewire in an interpromotional battle royal. I beat and an and coming star in Mariah. This momentum I’ve built up isn’t going to stop. I’m gunning for that GCW World Championship and I will go through anyone I have to in order to get it, I will go through any obstacle I have to in order to get it.



Chanel Hunter stands in front of the camera with the GCW X-Division Championship over her shoulder. Her long blue hair hanging over her right shoulder, ready to take on Livvie Nelson. The very talented Chanel who is has been ready to climb the ranks for some time is proud of her championship reign. The big and tough Nelson has a chance to face Chanel and a win here could catapult her to a title shot. Chanel turns to the Camera and speaks…

Chanel: “So I look at a big strong girl from England and I am supposed to be impressed. Yeah I get it, you gonna come up on in here and think that you have what it takes to beat one of the most sound, technical wrestlers in the business, A woman that has a pedigree like no other. My brother was a former World Champion, my cousin was former tag team champions with Trinity Street, I came to this business for one reason and that is to be the very best, and yeah boo, I get it, how many times do you hear that from a wrestler, always wanting to be the best, here is the thing though, I actually mean it, and I will do whatever it takes to get there. Livvie, what you are is a stop, on a very long road for Chanel Hunter, where I need to take a pss break and keep going. See girl, I know you are talented, but in the grand scheme of things, no one is ever going to remember your name, but they already know mine, they know Chanel Hunter, what she brings to the ring, what she can do to ANYONE in this company and that includes you. The Sovereign has given me the chance to get my feet wet, to hang out with some bad asses that have been mainstays on this roster, but now as I stand here, looking right at you, this is where I am going to make you famous.”

Brushing her hair back, she chuckles a little as Trinity Street comes on view. Chanel looks over at her and smiles…..

Chanel: “Livvie, you are here to compete, maybe all your mates told you it would be cool if your muscular ass joined up in the GCW and be a wrestler, right? Well let me tell you why I came to GCW, to be the World Champion, and you are standing in my way to continue my path there. Look, I get it, you want this X-Division Championship, or at least a shot at it, right? Well, you’re never gonna get it, because you have to beat me first to even get a crack and we all know that isn’t going to happen. Let this be a lesson to you though, alright? That I am coming with everything that I have and will make sure when the night is over, I am the winner, you stay the loser and why? Bitch, you can’t touch this!”

Flinging her hair back, Chanel smirks before walking out with a smiling Trinity.


Non Title
Livvie Nelson vs Chanel Hunter

This was potentially the biggest opportunity of Livvie Nelson’s career facing the dominant X-Division Champion, Chanel Hunter. In the beginning Chanel didn’t take Livvie seriously. Nelson was about to use this to her advantage, catching Chanel off guard with her speed. Can’t hit what you can’t catch. Chanel settled in. Dominated the rest of the way. Yelling at Livvie on multiple occasions she can’t touch this, not in her league, etc. Towards the end, Chanel opted not to go for Chanel #5. It appeared like she was going for the Name Dropper. Before Chanel could elevate her completely in the air, Livvie countered with a small package, the youngster caught Chanel off guard, surprising The Sovereign's own with a huge upset.

Winner: Livvie Nelson

Livvie got out of dodge as quickly as she could to avoid Chanel’s wrath. Livvie was clearly in shock as the referee raised her hand on the outside. All Chanel could do is stare at Livvie like she wanted to murder the young woman. Livvie motioned to her waist, annoying Chanel further.


Backstage, Sam Price stands next to Brooklyn Smith. Slade Merriman stands behind the two, keeping to the background. Smith is dressed for her main event match later tonight.

Sam Price: "With Desperate Measures only two weeks away, we have one heck of a main event for everyone tonight as two former World Champions, Aubrianna Powers and Brooklyn Smith, face off. Joining me now is Brooklyn..."

The cheers from the crowd nearly drown Price out, causing him to pause and Brook to laugh.

Brooklyn: "Hello Atlanta!"

More cheering.

Sam: "In two weeks, you and Slade will face Aubrianna and Chantelle Chambers at Desperate Measures. Everyone knows about your history with Chantelle, but there has also been not so nice words exchanged between yourself and Aubrianna recently. What is your thought process going into tonight's match?"

Brooklyn: "Yeah, quite a history between myself and Chantelle. Rivals, enemies, friends, then back to where we are now. She claims it's not personal between us right now but I don't buy it for a minute. Both Chantelle and Powers got up in arms after I spoke out against Sovereign's behavior. Neither one of them liked my calling them out, but Chantelle, being my friend at the time, took it personally. She says otherwise, naturally, but you aren't fooling me Telle. I know you're a proud woman...and hell, you have a lot to be proud of...and I'm sorry that things have escalated to this point. But, I have to stick by my beliefs. I still say you are better than this. You are better than Sovereign. If that makes us enemies..."

Brook sighs.

Brooklyn: "I guess that's just how it has to be. As for my opponent tonight...

Aubrianna, no one can deny that you are a legend in the making. There are plenty more World titles and many other accolades in your future. But, you behave in a way that disgusts me. You have the nerve to criticize your brother Steve, but your behavior is far less acceptable than his. I can handle a little juvinile humor. Hell, I'm known for being a locker room prankster. Bullying though, Aubrianna? No, you have no room to criticize anybody. You made it very clear that you don't appreciate my getting involved in Sovereign business. I have no regrets. Tonight, though, you have your chance to do something about it. Take your best shot!"

The crowd roars their approval. Price turns to Slade, who stands smirking, his arms crossed over his chest.

Sam: "Slade, you will be in Brooklyn's corner tonight. Do you have anything to say going into tonight's main event?"

Slade: “I am proud to stand by Brooklyn’s side. In the past I was obsessed with making sure people remembered who I am. I crossed the line one two many times. I don’t blame anyone for believing I haven’t changed. One person does believe in mind, and what’s Brooklyn. I wish I could say the Aubrey’s and Chantelle’s of the world are better than the bullying antics they have displayed. Not there yet. When I look at those two, I see women jealous that they are not the woman Brooklyn is. People motivated by jealousy will do whatever it takes to tear another person down. Sovereign, you won’t tear Brooklyn down. Not on my watch. Chantelle, my eyes will be on you tonight, to make sure you don’t get involved.”

Slade turns to Brooklyn.

Slade: “Ready to kick some ass?”

Brooklyn nods.

Brooklyn: “I am.”

Brooklyn and Slade walk off to cheers as the scene fades.


Main Event
Brooklyn Smith w/ Slade Merriman vs. Aubrianna Powers w/ Chantelle Chambers

With Slade on the outside, his presence was enough to keep Chantelle at bay so Aubrianna and Brookly could have a one on one match. Aubrey would employ mind games in the beginning. Not fully engaging Brook. Taking moments to talk to Chantelle on the outside. Brookly managed to catch Aubrey, really laying into her. Slade slammed the mat to urge Brooklyn on. Later in the match a poke to the eye was the difference in Aubrey regaining a semblance of momentum. Aubrey would grind Brooklyn into the ground. Really working her over. But Brooklyn managed to come back completely, vintage babyface company. Slade continuing to urge Brooklyn on.

Towards the end, Chantelle made the motion that she was going to get involved, Slade ran to the other side of the ring in an attempt to stop her. Aubrey diverted her attention from Brooklyn, performed a suicide dive on Slade. Chantelle and Aubrey laid into him two on one before Brooklyn joined the frey. The massive brawl, Brooklyn brawling with Aubrey and Slade recovering enough to fend of Chantelle was enough for the ref to count Aubrey and Brooklyn out who didn’t care to enough to acknowledge the 10 count being made.

No Winner. Double Countout.

Brooklyn, Aubrey, Chantelle and Slade continued to brawl as Shotgun went off the air with no definite conclusion to how this massive fight ended.
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