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Shotgun 10.11 <results>

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As the pyro at the top of the show goes off, we see Wrestling’s Most Wanted - the tandem of Hannah Myers and Kendra Classic - already standing in the ring. They play to the crowd as the cameras all focus on them, with commentary bringing the television audience up to speak. As luck would have it, Kendra and Hannah each already have microphones in hand.

Kendra: “Man, it sure feels good to be back in front of a GCW crowd, doesn’t it?”

Hannah nods her head, which prompts the crowd to remain unglued.

Kendra: “And as much as we’d just love to come out here and shoot the shit, there are dark clouds coming overhead.”

Hannah: “At Last Respects, Kennie and I find ourselves in the main event. For one hour, under Iron Man rules, we challenge for the GCW World Tag Team Championships. In our way… Scream Machine.”

Kendra: “Two women we know well. Just last year, we went through a gruelling best of five series against Mara and Siouxsie. We may have fallen short in that exchange, but I think we showed that we are among the elite tag teams in the world… unless you ask THEM, that is.”

Hannah: “Mara and Siouxsie seem to think that they’re unstoppable. Untouchable. Unbeatable.”

The two women laugh.

Kendra: “And to prove it last week, they took on… Steve Powers and El Perro. Hannah and I went toe to toe with two HALL OF FAMERS… former CHAMPIONS. And THEIR tune-up was against two people who simply take space on the roster. And yet they want to run down the rest of the roster as being so far beneath them as if that somehow makes them BETTER. Well you know what they say… a CHAMPION is only as valuable as their CHALLENGERS. By ripping down the contenders, all they do is devalue their own titles and their own reign. Well no more.”

Hannah: “It’s convenient that this is a Last Respects match, because we’re about to force those two women to do something they seem allergic to: Showing RESPECT! Not only to another tag team… God forbid!... but to the entire GCW Tag Team Division. And we’re doing that by beating Scream Machine at Last Respects and taking back the GCW World Tag Team Championships!”

Wrestling’s Most Wanted music hits and the two women high-five to a thunderous ovation from the crowd as the scene shifts.


Derek Powers is shown backstage, sitting in a chair, alone and looking pissed at the world.

Derek: Tabitha Silverstone...

Derek spits out the name in disgust.

Derek: If there is one person I hate more than that self-righteous bitch, at the moment... I can't think of anyone off-hand. She's a Goddamn blight to this company, to us wrestlers... Hell, to life in general!

You want to strip away my rightful title shot, Tabs? I can't change what you did, so whatever! Fine me? Go right ahead! Despite what might be running through your pea brain, I'm not wealthy, I've just been more frugal about my spending and wiser on investments lately, so I've earned a little... so yes, your fine does put a bit of a dent in my wallet! That just fuels my anger at you, my hatred of you.

Derek takes a deep breath to calm down.

Derek: Now let's talk about tonight... D'Nae Moore? Twin Magic? Tabitha has made you the sacrificial lambs to myself, Katrina Lopez and Andrew Raynes! I have no real animosity towards any of you, but I feel the need to unleash some of my anger... and you just happen to be standing in the way, so I'm going to hurt you very, very badly... too bad, so sad! You see, tonight is about making a statement, I'm done waiting, I'm done getting screwed around... I am coming for the World Title! Bless my siblings, much as I love them, but I will not allow myself to be the only one without a world title reign in my resume, no way, no how! I am not going to be a footnote in the Powers History Book!

Derek stands up and tosses the chair aside.

Derek: Nadia Allen, I am putting you on notice... from this point forward, I am going to hound you, I am going to take all my anger and rage and focus it on you! I will take your World Title, put it around my waist, and etch my name in the history books! The Alan Family will have its rightful World Champion, and considering the history between the Powers and Alans families, it is only right a Powers holds that title! And Tabitha, oh Tabitha... when I win the World Title, I am going to enjoy shoving it in your face, and have you suffer with silent rage, knowing that the man you screwed over, is the top man on Shotgun!

With that, Derek takes his leave, and we go back to ringside.


Backstage we find “The Phoenix” Marie Jones standing just outside of a dressing room. Marie is dressed in her wrestling gear looking ready to compete. She also looks a little impatient and that can be attributed to the fact that she is awaiting on the pending arrival of her identical twin sister, “The Woman Scorned” Kimberly Williams. The Phoenix sighs as knocks on the door.

Marie: Kim! What the hell is taking you so long?!

Kim: Gimme a second! This mask is hard to put on!

Marie: Mask?

Marie’s confusion is evident but the confusion is quickly cleared up when the door opens a few moments later and Kimberly Williams emerges. The Woman Scorned is wearing all black, has a black cape, and is sporting a black Darth Vader mask. Kimberly also has a sword in her hands which she swings wildly, causing Marie to jump back to avoid getting cut.

Marie: Watch where you point that thing, Kim!

Kim: You do not know the power of the dark side!

The Woman Scorned again acts like she is going to jab at Marie.

Marie: Put the sword down, Kim.

Kim: It’s not a sword, it’s a lightsaber. And I’m not Kim, I’m Darth Kim.

Marie: I’m probably going to regret asking but what the hell is this about?!

Kim: Andrew Raynes is a Sith Lord. And I wanna be his Sith Apprentice. Duh!

The Phoenix smacks her forehead and shakes her head.

Marie: I knew I’d regret asking. Is that your logic behind wanting a no holds barred match?

Kim: That OR I’m doing it because Disney is paying me money to continually mention their product on GCW programming. Besides, fans love violence. The more bloodshed the better. It is a known fact. I am simply giving the fans what they want by giving them the opportunity to see me and Andrew Raynes, arguably the two most violent individuals in GCW, in the most violent of situations! And if I die, I die! If he dies, he dies! And that is NOT a Star Wars quote that is from Rocky IV! I’m full of movie quotes today!

The Phoenix sighs as she takes the Darth Vader mask and takes it off Kim. Kimberly is smirking underneath.

Marie: Do you know what you’re doing or are you just doing random things and seeing what happens?

Kim: You know me, sis….I always have an agenda, I always have motivation, even if that motivation is unclear.

Marie: Yes, I know.


Destiny Skye and Gabriella Austin In Action.

Mr and Mrs El Perro were Destiny and Gabriella’s opponents this week. Destiny and Gabriella displayed excellent teamwork, carrying over their chemistry from the Hell in a Cell match at Resurrection. Both women needed a victory in the worst way. The married El Perros didn’t stand much of a chance. The academic match ends with Destiny locking in the Birmingham Cloverleaf on Ms. El Perro. Gabriella cut Mr. El Perro off with a spear to prevent him from getting involved.

Mrs. El Perro tapped out. All she wrote.

Winners: Destiny Skye and Gabriella Austin


We see the familiar sight of the wild haired charismatic con man known as Leviticus pacing back and forth in the halls. The Francsiscan Friar of Flair has a stoic gaze upon his face as he marches. He stops and turns to face the camera.

Leviticus: The Book of Leviticus chapter ten verses one through three...“Aaron’s sons Nadab and Abihu took their censers, put fire in them and added incense; and they offered unauthorized fire before the Lord, contrary to his command. So fire came out from the presence of the Lord and consumed them, and they died before the Lord. Moses then said to Aaron, ‘This is what the Lord spoke of when he said: Among those who approach me I will be proved holy; in the sight of all the people I will be honored.’ Aaron remained silent.”

The Most Loved Man on the Planet smirks. He chuckles lightly.

Leviticus: Nadab and Abihu thought they could just do whatever the hell they wanted just because they were of the priestly class but their plans went up in smoke. That’s funny, right? I said something funny. You know what else is funny? My match tonight on Shotgun. In one corner you have a certified star...or at least a star in her own mind...Geneva Alan. In another corner you have a man who lives to lose to the stars, a man known as Eric Baer. And then you have me, The Most Loved Man On The Planet, The Emperor of Entrepreneurship, Captain Capitalism, Master Media Mogul, Saint Levi, Your Righteous Savior, The Titan of Twitter, The Sultan of Social Media, The Nova Wonder Killer, The Maharaja of Marketing, The Franciscan Friar of Flash!

St. Levi strikes a pose. He winks at the camera.

Leviticus: Now Eric, poor little Eric, I have been where you were. You are that guy that is used for card filler. Your purpose in this match is just to lose. You are going to lose...more likely to me, but possibly to Geneva. But the point is, you are going to lose. And you will stay in your role, you will live your role because you do not have the ability to raise your status. You do not know how to force people like Silverstone to sit up and take notice. That’s what I did! I forced her to sit up and take notice of me! Now look at me! I am facing the GCW North American Champion tonight and if I win, I could get a title shot down the road. And you, Eric, are just an afterthought.

The Titan of Twitter shakes his head.

Leviticus: But you, Geneva, are not an afterthought to The Maharajah of Marketing. After losing the tag team titles you spent two years of your career wallowing in self-pity, not knowing what the future would hold for you. But then your Aunt Jennifer came along to save the day. Isn’t that just sweet of her? Now you and the Alan Family believe yourselves to be completely unstoppable. You, like Nadab and Abihu believe that anything you do is infallible and that is where your ego and your pride will be your downfall. That is when The Master Media Mogul shall consume you in fire just as God consumed Nadab and Abihu in fire. Because I can look into your eyes and see into your soul, Geneva. And when I look into your eyes I see a little girl who thinks that she is getting handed another easy victory. I see a little girl who is looking past The Nova Wonder Killer. And when I look into your eyes, I see my next victim.

The Sultan of Social Media blows a kiss at the camera and then turns and walks off.


We cut backstage to see the newest GCW Hall of Famer, journalist Dexter Russell. To Dexter’s right is “The Phoenix” Marie Jones and to his left is “The Woman Scorned” Kimberly Williams. Kimberly is sporting her infinity gauntlet on her left hand and the Betty White knife glove on her right.

Dexter: Ladies and gentlemen I am here with Marie Jones and her twin sister Kimberly Williams, the former tag team champions known as Twin Magic, and ladies this began as a standard six person tag featuring yourselves and Heritage Champion D’Nae Moore against Derek Powers, Katrina Lopez, and Andrew Raynes, but thanks to you, Kimberly, this is now a No Holds Barred affair.

Kim: You’re welcome!

The fans pop loudly.

Kim: See, Dex? I’m in touch with the fans. My fingers are on the pulse of the GCW fanbase. I know what they want and they want violence, they want carnage, they want mayhem, and there are two people in this company that can provide more violence, carnage, and mayhem than anyone else and that’s yours truly and my favorite Sith Lord Andrew Raynes! Mr. Hate wants me to hate him but I don’t hate him. He completes me! See? That was a Dark Knight reference! I’m full of movie references tonight, Dex!

Dexter: Marie, are you pleased with this turn of events?

Marie: It really doesn’t matter to me whether this is a standard match, no holds barred, or whatever kind of gimmick match you can think of; I know that myself and my sister can overcome any obstacle and overcome any challenge. Like you said, we are former tag team champions. And we couldn’t ask for a better tag team partner than the reigning Heritage Champion and from what I hear, she isn’t afraid to get dirty either. So I am definitely confident in our team, I know we can get the job done.

Kimberly holds up her left hand, the one with the gauntlet, and snaps her fingers.

Kimberly: We are….inevitable!

Marie rolls her eyes as she and Kim walk away.

"Eric Baer? Leviticus? Ridiculous."

Geneva: The first words out of Geneva Alans mouth are those of disgust. A triple-threat against those two goofballs? This isn't exactly the kind of competition I wanted to have, Aunt Jennifer!

Jennifer Alan: I know, Geneva, I know... just focus on beating them tonight, and I'll talk to Tabitha Silverstone about it!

Geneva: Oh, don't worry... I will beat the two jobbers! As for Tabitha, she has enough to chew on with Derek going off the rails, so she might decide to take any anger out on me! I swear, that man can be such a headache!

Jennifer: Yes... Derek has been a bit uncontrollable lately. Hopefully, he doesn't do something to seriously screw things up for us! I'm starting to consider bringing in a new member to our group, in case something happens to where we need to 'rearrange the chairs'. Insurance, if you will... plus, I have my eyes on some promising prospects!

Geneva: Do whatever you feel is best, Aunty! Tonight, though, is all about showing that I am going to be a worthy champion to the this North American title, and I deserve better competition than the clown patrol! After I'm done with them, hopefully Silverstone will get the point! Leviticus, Eric Baer,,, just two more unworthy names that are soon to be victims of The Age of Alan!

Jennifer: Indeed.

We go back to ringside.


Leviticus Vs Geneva Alan Vs Eric Baer

Geneva Alan held up her North American Championship up proudly reminding everyone that she is indeed one of the best on the brand despite not being featured as much as she liked.

Leviticus walked up to her. Appears he was making one of his eccentric pitches. Eric Baer looked to get the jump on both of them, feeling this was his opportunity to make a definitive statement. Unfortunately for him, Levi and Geneva got on the same page long enough to dispose of him from the ring.

Levi and Geneva wrestled the bulk of the match trying to out wrestle each other. The few times Eric tried to assert his will was met with the most definitive of resistance from both Levi and Geneva.

Geneva did slow the pace down. She was working on the head of Levi. Possibly setting him up for Geneva’s Law. Levi did mount a comeback, showing his performance against Travis Vessey and Miss America wasn’t a fluke. He had Geneva set up in Rightout Cleansing position but Eric Baer, made one last attempt to assert himself. This time his tag team partner joined the fray. They did caught Levi off guard enough to enjoy a two one one advantage. Geneva did manage to kick Chris Baer in the balls. Levi recovered enough to finally put Eric down with Righteous Cleansing. Geneva was able to get Levi out the ring. She picked Eric up, dropped him with Geneva’s Law.

Geneva made the cover in this chaotic match.

Winner: Geneva Alan.

Lester and Duke marched down to the ring. Upon entering they grabbed both Baer’s. In short order they wrecked both men. Geneva smiles as she holds up the North American Championship. Levi does the smart thing and exits through the crowd in the event Duke and Lester had intentions of making him their next example.


The shot goes backstage where Katrina Lopez is standing by with Samuel Price. Samuel brings the mic up to his mouth.

Samuel: I'm backstage with Katrina Lopez. Katrina, you were attacked last week by--

Katrina forcefully pulls the microphone from Samuel's hand and stares at him. He backs out of the picture and she turns and looks directly into the camera.

Katrina: D'Nae, I don't know what kind of games you think you're playing with me here. You think by attacking me two weeks ago and calling me out that you're making some sort of impact? Making a statement? I don't need a sneak attack to get the job done. When I take you out I will do so looking you directly in your eyes, just like I did for Jeffrey. You think I'm playing around? You think what I'm doing in the ring is cheap shots? It's finishing the job. It might have started with your man Jeffrey. It ends with you and your legacy as a notch in my belt.

Katrina smirks at the camera.

Katrina: Tonight, everything is on the table. You can come at me with all you've got. You can sneak attack me. You can cheat. All rules are thrown out. That must be a safe space for you, huh? To know that you have that backup against me? If things go wrong, you can resort to those dark places you told everyone you put behind you and you can do what you need to survive. But when we meet at Last Respects, you will have no escape. Your only salvation will be the darkness you see when I put your lights out with a kick to your head. Only then will you know that you're safe. That I have taken everything from you. Your title. Your place in this company. And... your dignity.

Samuel Price starts to inch back into the picture. Katrina stares daggers through him and he stops in place.

Katrina: I own your destiny, D'Nae. You stuck your nose into something you shouldn't have. I've been talking to my associate and he told me... well...

Katrina looks up and off camera and smiles.

Katrina: He told me my time is coming to redefine what people know about me. To truly let my hatred shine and my desire prosper. I'm going to take EVERYTHING from you, D'Nae. And when that day comes, when they wake you up, I want you to remember one thing. You asked for this. You couldn't just let me do what I wanted to do. You stepped in and thought you could step up to me. And at Last Respects... it will cost you everything.

Katrina turns and looks at Samuel and then tosses the mic over her shoulder and walks off camera.


[We go backstage where reporter Roderick Osborn is standing by, a GCW Shotgun logo backdrop behind him.]

Roderick: “Good evening GCW fans, I'm Roderick Osborn for Shotgun. At this time I have the pleasure of speaking with none other than our Heritage Champion, D'Nae Moore.”

[The camera pans out to show D'Nae standing next to Osborn, dressed in her gear for her match later tonight, the GCW Heritage Championship belt over her shoulder, and a friendly smile on her face.]

Roderick: “Thanks for joining me, D'Nae.”

D'Nae: “Of course.”

Roderick: “Last Shotgun, you and Katrina Lopez got into quite the altercation, when you attacked her from behind during an interview. Can you explain your motivations there?”

D'Nae: “My motivation? Simple. Payback. She had jumped me the show before that, and disrespected my man. I don't know where she grew up or how she was raised, but this girl right here? I don't play around with that. Normally I'd want my adversary to see me coming. But I just gave her back what she gave me. Fair is fair, right?”

Roderick: “Sounds fair to me when you put it that way.”

[D'Nae nods, grinning at his agreement.]

Roderick: “We already know that at Last Respects, you'll be defending the Heritage Championship for the first time against Katrina. Pure Wrestling Rules match. So far nothing between you has been respectful or pure, and that will be the case tonight as well. How are you feeling heading into tonight's six-person tag with no holds barred match?”

D'Nae: “I feel good, Rod. I know my team is probably being looked at the underdog. I've never worked with Twin Magic before. The other side, Andrew Raynes and Katrina Lopez have teamed before, and I don't care how cryptic they wanna keep being, I ain't dumb. I know he's the one been in her ear making her think acting a whole bitch is gonna get her anything. Derek Powers? He just likes to cause trouble. But that's fine. Cause there ain't no one better in the whole wrestling business at causing trouble than Kim Williams. Look how she's been getting under Raynes' skin since the hot minute he stepped foot into Shotgun.”

Roderick: “Indeed, she caused a distraction in his first match here.”

D'Nae: “That man just can't keep his eyes off them redheads, you know.”

[D'Nae smirks, and Roderick chuckles a little.]

D'Nae: “Getting back serious though, I heard today is Raynes' birthday. I hope someone gave him a slice of cake for lunch, complete with a candle. And I hope he blew it out and made a wish about this match tonight, because getting that wish granted? Is really the only way him and the other two ain't gonna get thrown around and beat down before me and the girls get the win.”

Roderick: “Strong words, D'Nae. Are you concerned at all about the rules... or rather, lack of rules, tonight?”

D'Nae: “Not at all, Rod. Look, I know I told Jeff last week that after I jumped Katrina, I was gonna approach everything leading up to Last Respects with the Pure Rules in mind, keep my head straight and focused on that. But... Ol' Tabby went and changed the game. She made tonight no holds barred. So, sorry bae, but I'm just gonna have to let Hood Nae out to play one more time. I know Raynes has a reputation for brutality, I keep up with Livewire, I know what he did to people like Travis Vessey, Lenore Mason, and Tim Myers. He can give Katrina all the haterade and pep talks he wants, here's the thing. I got years and years of history on this dude to watch and study, I got people in my phone who know him better than most. Mr. Andrew Raynes ain't got shit on me, though. He knows where I trained and what I've done here. None of y'all know nothing about how hard I can scrap, how deep I can dig, if I'm pushed enough.

Katrina? That bitch is pushing it.”

[D'Nae grips her belt a little tighter, anger in her eyes.]

Roderick: “Any final words before you make your preparations for the match?”

D'Nae: “Just this. Last Respects is gonna be where I make my mark as a champion, prove that I am for real, instead of just that woman who got lucky. It's gonna be decided under strict rules. Tonight though? There ain't no rules. Just when you thought you had me all figured out.... I'm about to throw you some more.”

[D'Nae smiles confidently. Roderick nods then turns to the camera.]

Roderick: “There you have it, a very confident D'Nae Moore heading into tonight's six-person tag. Thanks, D'Nae.”

D'Nae: “Anytime for you, Rod.”

[D'Nae smiles and turns to walk off as we cut away.]


[From December 1st, 2020]

[ Mara Kade and Siouxsie Blade are standing in the ring, addressing the crowd with their GCW World Tag Team Championships.]

Mara: This is the bar. We’re not lowering that s**t for nothing. There’s a lot of teams on this brand. Some good ones, ones needing to make an impact. Here’s your chance. This is the challenge. And like we did at Desperate Measures, this title is going to be the title everyone’s fighting over. This is going to main event shows. This whole idea that tag teams can’t headline shows like the World champion is bull**t.

[The crowd roars as “Return of the Roughnecks” by the Chameleons is sliced in the video. This is then followed up by a shot of Mara Kade and Siouxsie Blade sitting in a studio with Roderick Obsorn, who’s sitting across from them. Mara is seen wearing a black and red flannel with a black and red “Resist, Refuse, Reclaim” t-shirt while Siouxsie wears a black and red “Mara Kade World Tour 2021” t-shirt. Both have their set of Tag Team titles on their laps.]

Roderick: When you two won the World Tag Team titles, you stated that one of your goals was to headline one of GCW’s big shows and defend those titles. Now that you two are going to do that at Last Respects, how do you guys feel?

Mara: Not surprised.

Siouxsie:I feel like we are in shit trouble…. For not giving a fuck.

[We see some footage from Scream Machine’s matches with Twin Magic and the Bad Bastards.]

Mara: I’ve always believed that we were on the same level as Lenore and Travis and Kayl and Nadia, all those guys. We knew as long as we kept working at it and wrestling at that high level, we were going to get there. We were going to make that happen, no one else. I mean, it’s a fun factoid and you know, we did set it as a goal. But, we’re not just happy with being there. Now that you’re there, you have to bring the goods and if we lose, than us main eventing means s**t.

Roderick: Siouxsie, what does Scream Machine main eventing a GCW PPV mean to you?

Siouxsie: It would mean everything I think. Yeah, talk about being the very last match at a PPV, screaming the SCREAM MACHINE name, that like totally rocks!

[We see footage of Scream Machine going against Wrestling’s Most Wanted. Different shots of some of the action that was seen in the Best of Five series last fall.]

Roderick: Two weeks ago Mara, you said publicly that you hate Wrestling’s Most Wanted.

Mara: I do. I f**king hate those guys so bad. They just get under my skin. I’ve used to people talking s**t to me and a lot of times I like when people talk s**t back to me. That makes it fun. But it’s different with them. Like I just know in their heads that they look down on us. And it just pisses me off. We kicked their asses last year and the only thing they’ve done is just whine and complain and deny. I don’t respect that. If you don’t like us, fine. But when you complain about things we say and make excuses, then I just don’t respect you as a person.

Siouxsie:Wrestling’s Most Untalented…. No seriously, they are pretentious twats that believe the world owes them everything, dumb bitches, the world was here first!

Mara: They are all those entitled celebrities that people hate. Worried about how their asses look, always complaining, bitchy, the whole nine. People have called us bitches too and that comes with the territory. But everyone knows we’re down and dirty bitches and everything we have we got the hard way.

[Footage is shown of the brutal Falls Count Anywhere match between Mara and Kendra Classic. The video makes sure to highlight the intense moments in said match, leading up to Kendra pinning Mara.]

Roderick: Sixty minute Iron Women match. You two have never competed in a match like this. Without sharing your strategies, what are some things that you two have been doing to prepare yourselves.

Mara: We went on a hike.

[Mara and Siouxsie laugh as Mara snickers a bit.]

Mara: We’re laughing about it because we were doing it, it suuucked. We almost died.

Roderick: Where did you guys hike?

Mara: Calico [Basin Trail]. It’s not that bad but I didn’t grow up outdoors like my husband. I’ve taken more hikes in the last year and a half than I have my entire life. But we did that because it kinda simulates what it looks like to fight when you’re tired. Because when we’re hiking uphill, everything’s burning. Your legs, your core, all that s**t. And it was hot as f**k. But it was good for us because we did it and we figured out ways where we can shift our minds to not think about the pain.

Siouxsie: Cell Block 19, shit man, talk about a hike to the second floor…. No seriously, the mental ward, when I escaped and ran through this really thick forest for miles, it was a hike!

Mara: Obviously we’ve been in the ring, just going to the mat. We’ve done a lot more rope running and stuff like that. We know how to execute and work together. But we’re focusing on outlasting those f**kers and making sure our stamina is on point.

[The video shows some footage of Mara and Siouxsie sitting backstage, holding on to one another before a match.]

Roderick: Earlier I asked how headlining Last Respects made you two feel. Mara you said it doesn’t matter as long as you two win. So I wanted to expand on that. What does winning this match and Wrestling’s Most Wanted having to respect you afterwards mean to you two?

Siouxsie: Redemption and most of all? Conclusion. It’s over, done, we don't have to hear it anymore how they are disrespected or how they are getting buried or how I want to eat their toes or any of that shit, it will be like a bad break up.

Mara: It means we’re the best. I think throughout the whole time me and Siouxsie have been together, we’ve been pushing and pushing to get to this point. We’re now entering a new stage in our careers because now we’re fighting for our legacy. We’ve always known that we’re two of the best and this just backs that up. So now that we’re here, we can’t say we’re the best and that we’re on this level if we lose. I normally don’t feel pressure but I honestly do because this is what we wanted and it’s finally happening. There’s no one on Earth that I would want to do this with than Sio and I would lay down my life for her. Forget the titles, just for her. I think that, plus the fact that we’re f**king great at this, that’s why we’re here.

Roderick: Mara you’re on record saying that you would rather die than lose the titles to Kendra and Hannah.

Mara: I mean that, too. People are listening to this and thinking that I’m joking but I mean that. I would rather end it all than lose to them and lose our belts. That’s all the motivation we need.

[The video ends with a shot of Mara and Siouxsie in the ring, holding the titles.]


No Holds Barred
D'Nae Moore & Twin Magic vs. Derek Powers, Katrina Lopez, & Andrew Raynes

[Everyone in this match promised violence and they delivered. Kimberly's robot drone Dalek distracted Raynes by shouting "EXTERMINATE" at him. Kimberly took advantage of the distraction with a Morrigan's Wrath superkick that sent Raynes tumbling to the outside. Kim with a suicide dive plancha over the top onto Raynes. Marie with a clothesline that had a momentum that sent her and Derek Powers tumbling to the outside. This left D'Nae and Katrina inside the ring. Katrina tried to throw a superkick but D'Nae caught the foot and pulled her into an exploder suplex. D'Nae with a lariat and then a spear. D'Nae with Straight from the A to Katrina followed up by Flip the Script. D'Nae looks to follow up but is floored with a right hand from Katrina...but Katrina had brass knucks! Kimberly is devilishly brandishing her freddy glove. Raynes isn't quite sure what to do with a woman who has a deadly weapon. He throws powder into Kim's eyes, blinding her momentarily. Raynes with a slingblade on the outside. Marie smashes Derek face first into the steel steps. She notices Katrina laying into D'Nae with the knucks. Marie gets up on the apron to assist D'Nae but Katrina decks Marie with the knucks. Powers with a gut wrench suplex on Marie on the outside. Derek throws a steel chair and a Singapore cane in to Katrina. Derek takes a table and sets it up outside the ring. He pulls Marie up but she lands a low blow. Marie superkicks Derek onto the table. Marie goes up to the top and leaps off with a frog splash off the top to the outside onto Derek through the table. Marie rises to her feet but is immediately floored with a straight steel chair shot to the skull from Andrew Raynes. Meanwhile Katrina is blasting D'Nae in the ribcage with the Singapore cane. She sets up a steel chair in the ring. She goes for an Irish whip but Moore reverses. Moore with a drop toe hold onto Katrina, sending Lopez face first onto the steel chair.]

[Kimberly's loyal Dalek tries to distract Raynes again, this time shooting ghost peppers at him. Raynes tips the Dalek over, making it immobile. The crowd boos and Raynes responds by flipping them off. He turns around into a shot to the skull from Kimberly weilding the Infinity Gauntlet! It may not be able to twist reality to her will but the gauntlet does have the same impact as a pair of brass knucks! Kimberly reaches underneath the ring and produces a bag. She sends it into the ring. Kim and Marie slide back into the ring. Now it is a three on one situation with D'Nae, Marie, and Kim all against Katrina. Kim takes the bag and pours out the contents....broken glass and thumbtacks! Kim and Marie with a high double flapjack onto Katrina onto the glass and tacks! D'Nae with a springboard lionsault onto Katrina, further driving her into the tacks and glass! Raynes and Powers in out of nowhere, Raynes with Code of the Sith to Marie and Derek with a spear to Kimberly. D'Nae spins Andrew around and they begin trading rights. Derek body slams Kim onto the glass and tacks! Derek attacks D'Nae from behind. Derek and Raynes with a belly to back suplex neck breaker combo onto D'Nae onto the chair! Marie with a Singapore cane trying to turn the tide. She blasts Derek in the face, she blasts Raynes in the face and gut. Marie with Ave Maria onto Derek. She sets Raynes up for The Hot Shot but Raynes back drops out of it, sending Marie onto the glass and tacks. Kimberly charges Raynes and clotheslines herself and him over the top and to the outside. Marie struggles to pull herself up. She gets a chair. She turns but get blasted by Katrina with a Last Light onto the chair onto Marie's face! But the move seemed to hurt Katrina as well. D'Nae tries to pull Katrina up and goes for Dirty South but Derek breaks it up and throws D'Nae out of the ring. Derek goes out after D'Nae. D'Nae meets with him right hands and the two begin to trade back and forth. Kim and Raynes have fought up to the top of the entrance ramp. They fall off the stage and onto electric equipment!]

[Katrina Lopez and Marie Jones are all that's left in the ring. Marie pulls herself up and goes for Ave Maria onto Katrina but she fights out of it and then connects with Night Night onto Marie. The cover...1...2...3!]

WINNERS: Derek Powers, Katrina Lopez, & Andrew Raynes


Voice: “How do you define America?”

The scene opens up with majestic music and idyllic American scenery as a deep baritone voice narrates.

Voice: “Is it through it’s mountains or it’s valleys? Is it through the intrinsic values of freedom, charity, and good will? Is it through the mosaic of delicacies that come to define various regions? Or is it through the oneness that all, no matter their race, religion, or creed, abandon to stand together as one people… one American people?”

The scene shows Miss America standing inside a wrestling ring and, through the magic of slow motion, we relive some recent moments from the American Open.

Voice: “The American Open was founded by a true patriot, Miss America, as a celebration of American ingenuity and greatness.”

Miss America’s voice narrates over her matches.

Miss America: “I wanted to give something back to this great land of ours, and decided that the best way to do this was to institute The American Open.”

Voice: “The American Open represents the pinnacle of American achievement. Each opponent that agrees to the Open is given an opportunity to demonstrate their skills against the embodiment of this great land. And though they fight valiantly, in true American fashion, ultimately they have been rendered unsuccessful, and Miss America now stands at a 2-0 record.”

Miss America: “Before the American Open, I was lost. I needed something to give me a great reset. The American Open has done that for me, and in return, I give the American Open credibility and legitimacy.”

Voice: “Now, Miss America pledges to bring the American Open to a new stage… Pay Per View!”

Miss America: “I’m going to be at Last Respects - first, cheering on my best friend in her Heritage Championship defense, because that’s what friends do - and second, I will be in the ring to issue an American Open challenge to anyone who feels as though they can stand to Miss America!”

Voice: “The American Open - truly a sign of great things to come for Miss America, Global Championship Wrestling, and America itself!”

With that, the commercial fades to red, white, and blue - the American flag waving.


We cut backstage where we find Summer Collins and her tag team partner “The Archangel” Jessica Lasiewicz. The duo known as Fabulous are dressed in their wrestling gear. Both have confident expressions on their faces as they prepare for a six person tag pitting them and the GCW World Champion Nadia Allen against The Sovereign.

Summer: Tonight is a FABULOUS night because myself and Jessica Lasiewicz are back where we belong; in the main event. But this isn’t just any main event, this is a main event that is truly covered in gold because it involves the GCW World Champion and the GCW Global Tag Team Champions. And this main event is a main event that Jess and I have been waiting on for a very long time. As a matter of fact, we have been waiting on this main event since Resurrection X when we lost the Global Tag Team Championship to The Sovereign. We haven’t had the chance to get our hands on Aubrey and Chantelle until tonight.

Jessica: You can run but you can’t hide. Yet Chantelle and Aubrey, you tried so very hard to hide and you did hide very well for a long time. You thought staying put here on Shotgun would protect you but now that Summer and I both are Hall of Famers and we have the same damn perk Chantelle has of being able to move from brand to brand on a whim, we now have the right to follow you wherever you go. Go ahead and stay on Shotgun...we’ll be right here! Go to Livewire, we’ll follow you there too! Now tonight you are going to realize that you can no longer hide. You can no longer save yourselves from the beating that we owe you, a beating that is a long time coming.

Summer: All you have managed to do is delay the inevitable. You do not want to face us again because you are not entirely sure of yourselves. You may have beaten us at Resurrection but you aren’t certain that you can do it again. And I don’t blame you. Fact is that I know that you cannot beat us again so you will do everything within your power to avoid another confrontation with Fabulous. But that’s fine, you can play keep away all you want, that just means it is up to Jessica and I to prove that we deserve our rematch, it is up to us to EARN our rematch, and we will earn that rematch tonight by putting the pair of you down and beating you in the center of the ring.

Lasiewicz shakes her head.

Jessica: But we are not overlooking the painfully obvious. This isn’t just Chantelle and Aubrey, this is the entire pack of dogs known as The Sovereign. But even your pal Chanel Hunter will not help you, because we have the GCW World Champion on our side. We have someone on our side who has overcome so damn much to get to the top of the mountain here in GCW, someone who I know will fight in the trenches with us against you three.

Summer: So let me tell it to you straight, tonight in the main event Nadia will beat up Chanel, me and Jess will hurt Aubrey and Chantelle, and it will be absolutely FABULOUS!


[An empty chair sits in the middle of a studio. There's a white background that you see for photo shoots. We soon see a brunette women a blue denim jacket, blue jeans, a pair of black and white converses and a Giants hat walk into view with their backs turned against us. When that person turns around and sits in the chair, everyone sees who the person is.

Alexis Quinne.

She sits coolly on the chair, composed and carefree. There's a moment of pause before there's a noticeable cut. We then see the same image, only this time we're closer to Alexis.]

Alexis: What's up?

[Alexis is heard laughing before another cut.]

Alexis: I've known Naddy for about...I think six years maybe? I think 15 is when I first met her.

[We cut to a different shot, this time it's Nadia Allen herself. She's dressed in one of her black and white t-shirt with black jeans and the World Heavyweight title draped over her shoulders.]

Nadia: I met her when I started training at Golden Gate. I f**king hated her so much.

[Nadia is heard laughing, covering her face with her hands.]

Nadia: She was just so...loud and annoying.

[We cut back to Alexis.]

Alexis: Yeah she didn't like me at all. I remember once I was talking and yelling at somebody because they messed up something and she just looked at me and yelled back "Shut the F**k up. You're not training us."

Nadia: She was pissed.

[A shot of Alexis is shown, laughing.]

Alexis: Yeah I was heated. I was like "who the f**k are you?" And she was like fresh out of high school and everything. But I remember after that and watching her just go after it and pick up everything Alex[ander Grayson] and Sharon [Rose] was telling, I was like "oh she's going to be good.

[A photo shows on screen. It's a picture of Nadia Allen, hugging Alexis Quinne as Nadia holds the World Heavyweight title.]

Nadia: I never thought she would be someone I would ever look up to or consider a close friend back then. But yeah it's interesting, I feel like in he last year in particular, she's reached out to me and has tried to encourage me. I think it started after I lost to Kayl.

[We cut back to Alexis.]

Alexis: Yeah I saw the match with Kayl. And she gave it everything she had and she raised her game to a whole another level and just to see her lose, I knew that would be tough for her. She gave it all and I texted her after that and I was just like 'you fucking killed it. You didn't win, but that just means you got to work a bit harder. Use that and keep going."

Nadia: Yeah she told me to keep going and then she pointed out things that she saw in the match that I could have done differently and how I could do that. And I think from there that's when I really started to get to know her.

[Footage is shown of Nadia's match with Brittany Kayl, followed by the disappointment on her face as she walked to the back.]

Alexis: I respect the f**k out of Naddy. Everything that she's been through in her life. F**k wrestling. Yeah she's had a couple of bites at the apple and fell short, but what she was going through with her parents? Could you imagine growing up and your parents just treat you and your sister like s**t because they didn't want to put the time and effort in raising them? Or getting old enough to take them to court to get your sister to live with you? How many people would have ended up like where she is now? She's tough as s**t.

[Back to Nadia/]

Nadia: Alexis has changed so much since the first time I've met her. She's someone that was on top of the world, then had someone she trusted turn on her. She's had her whole world and her beliefs challenged and in real time from a far, I never thought the girl that was talking about having daggers in her room turn into the person speaking up on racist or take trips to Haiti and help builds shelters. Talking to her now, I just hear just all the pain that she's been through and what's learned from it. We've both learned a lot from pain i think.

[Another shot is shown of Alexis and Nadia in Golden Gate Wrestling Academy, sparring against one another.]

Alexis: I'm not surprised that she's where she's at now. She's always been a hard worker. She f**king work her ass off. I saw it then when she was learning. You see it now. Look where she was when she was Queen Mamba. She was good but she took some lumps. Tough losses. Lost titles shots. She could have held her head down and complained but she kept working. I think that's why she's so good now at executing and her awareness in the ring. When the be aggressive, when to take it easy, when not to force, when t flex. She's put to practice all those losses and that's why she's a bad bitch.

[We cut back to Nadia.]

Nadia: I aw her do that when PUNK HAZARD was around. From a distance, I was like "this girl is crazy." We all thought she was crazy and for good reason. But she's so passionate about what she believes in and Alex would always tell us, "you think she's crazy, but she's watching tape day and night, she's here at the gym at night working on a new technique, when she loses, she's calling me up in the middle of the night and dragging me back to the gym to watch the match with her and then train again." Her work ethic is something that I respected and that's something I've tried to model.


Alexis: When she asked me to second her for this match with Chanel, I was honored, to be real. I didn't see it coming, but I immediately said yes. I know I've taken a break from wrestling and there's other things on my mind but the fact that she feels like I'm someone who's played a role in her career and her life, I gotta be there. Chanel Hunter is..she's great and she's got Trinity putting the battery on her back. and you see it. The way she wrestles, she wrestles like Trinity and Trinity's one of the best. But I know my girl never backs down and we've been sparring almost every day, sometimes twice in the same day. Naddy's a killer. She's a f**king beast and I want to be there not just for her but I'm still a fan of wrestling. and this match is one of those matches where you love being a fan.


Nadia: Alexis has become one of the people I feel like I can turn to for advice or just different questions that I have. I think we relate to one another because we've both had rough stuff happen to us. And we've gone through it and so I think when we talk to one another, we have an understanding of what it was like for the other. I told her the other day I think a big reason why I've leveled up is her encouragement and her advice and the example she laid out for me when she was wrestling. And the best way I can show her my appreciation is for her to be there when I defend this against Chanel.

[We cut back to the photo of Nadia hugging Alexis before the scene fades to black.]


Brooklyn Smith vs. Mariah Starr

Isabella Harker joined her new protege, Mariah, at ringside as she faced former World Champion, Brooklyn Smith. The two women turned out to be very evenly matched up and the first ten minutes of this contest was a very fast paced back and forth affair. Mariah got the first sustained advantage and subsequent pin attempt after hitting Smith with a bicycle kick, followed by the Greatest Leg Drop. Brooklyn kicked out at 2, but Mariah kept up the pressure with a bulldog, a body slam, a knee drop, and another cover. Once again, Smith kicked out.

Mariah would have two more near falls before the tide would turn to Smith's advantage. Starr threw Brooklyn hard into the corner, then ran in for a Stinger Splash...except Smith leapt over Mariah, taking her down with The Hammer Comes Down. Starr was too close to the ropes, however, and Smith had to release it. From the floor, Harker pulled Mariah out of the ring for a time-out, and that's when Brooklyn hit both women with a baseball slide! Brook threw Mariah back inside the ring, leaving an outraged Harker on the outside. Smith threw Mariah off the ropes, except Starr reversed, sending Brooklyn off of the ropes, instead. Mariah went for a back-body drop, but Smith hit a sunset flip, pinning Mariah's shoulders to the canvas. The referee, Stephen Snuggs, drops for the count.



From the floor, Isabella Harker, produces a can of hair spray and hops up on the apron, spraying it directly into Brooklyn's face. Smith's hands go to her face, allowing Mariah to get free from the pinning predicament. Harker quickly gets rid of the evidence of her crime, while Smith is in obvious pain. She is also temporarily blinded, so she isn't ready for Mariah and her finisher, Starr Struck! Mariah makes a cover.


As Snuggs is prepared to raise Starr's arm in victory, a partially recovered Brooklyn gets in his face. She shows him her red, puffy eyes and explains that she had something sprayed in her eyes. Unsure what to do, Snuggs consults briefly with Robert Lee, before ultimately deciding to throw the match out.

Winner: No contest

Both Mariah and Isabella are incensed by the outcome and they attack Smith. Kicks, stomps, then a double vertical suplex. Brooklyn rises, but Mariah with a second Starr Struck! Brooklyn appears to be out, but that doesn't stop Harker from hitting the Stake on her, leaving Brooklyn KO'ed on the mat. Harker and Starr roll out of the ring, gloating as the crowd shower them with hatred.


Backstage, Dexter Russel stands next to Brooklyn Smith, who is wiping her face and eyes with a wet towel. We can see that her eyes are puffy with irritation and the look on Brook's face is anything but happy.

Dexter: "Well, we just witnessed what was turning out to be a great match ruined by outside interferance. First off, are you okay, Brooklyn?"

Smith sighs, but then nods.

Brooklyn: "I'm fine. More pissed than anything. Isabella, we had our match at Resurrection. You won. Did you really feel it was necessary to try to steal a victory for your protege? Mariah and I put on a wrestling clinic out there tonight. She impressed me...but what you did? It placed a black cloud over the match. Hell, Mariah would have better off outright losing than a tainted win. If I were Mariah, I'd drop you like a ton of bricks."

Dexter: "Speaking of victory, I know I was surprised when Stephen Snugs reversed his decision and threw the match out."

Brooklyn: "Why? I think my reputation for being honest and trustworthy finally paid off tonight and I applaud Stephen for doing the right thing. I have long ago accepted that cheating is part of professional wrestling, but trying to blind someone with hair spray? That's just rediculous. So thank you, Stephen Snugs."

Dexter: "Alright, I'll let you go to shower and dress, but do you have any last words tonight?"

Smith nods.

Brooklyn: Mariah, you were fantastic inside that ring tonight. You don't need to resort to the type of crap Isabella apparently feels is necessary. You're young. You have a wonderful future in this sport ahead of you. Don't let someone else's bitterness ruin it for you."



Chanel Hunter in all her blue and navy-blue glory is ready for the six-person tag team match along her sisters of Sovereign, Chantelle Chambers and Aubrianna Powers take on Nadia Allen and Fabulous. Chanel knows that she needs some momentum entering this contest and when she gets her shot at the World Championship, the first of her career. Trinity stands with her, arms folded watching her protégé as she paces some, ready for her match….

Trinity: You are over thinking this, love.

Chanel: Am I? I want to prove to my sisters that I can not only hold my own, but I will be the World Champion, damn it Trin, I have waited a long time for this. I don’t want to screw this up, been a long time coming and I really just want to show them like this entire company, shit the whole damn business that I am ready! I am not playing games anymore, I see what Lenore Price-Mason has done since we split, I mean come on, I’m better than this!

Trinity: Yes, you are but remember one thing Chanel, you have done it not only your way but the right way. Becoming World Champion is a slow burn, the necessary steps need to be taken in order to get there. You know as well as I do that this is not some easy and quick process, six years seems like a very long time, but this is why you’re here now and will not fail.

Chanel knew that Trinity was right, but she still paced back and forth some until nodding, grabbing her jacket, ready to compete…

Chanel: She’s not better than me.

Trinity: I know.

Chanel: I am far more talented than her!

Trinity: I know.

Chanel: Fabulous compared to the Sovereign are a fucking joke!

Trinity: I know… so what are you going to do about it, love?

Chanel: WIN…. That is my only option. She will know that her days as World Champion are NUMBERED!

Trinity smiles seeing Chanel all fired up….

Trinity: Good, then we go out there tonight and Show the GCW who the next World Champion is.

Chanel slowly turns to the camera, her eyes fixated and focused….

Chanel: Tonight I take one step closer to the World Championship….. because YOU CAN’T TOUCH THIS.

Turning, she leaves as Trinity smirks, winking to the camera and following behind.


We cut backstage where we find one half of the reigning GCW Global Tag Team Champions Aubrianna Powers pacing the floor in frustration. Close by is her husband and GCW Hall of Fame journalist Dexter Russell. The self-proclaimed MVP and tag champion is clearly upset about something based upon her mannerisms.

Aubrianna: Did you hear what those two clowns had to say about me? ME?!

Dexter: If by “clowns” you mean Jessica and Summer…

Aubrianna: Yes! Them!

The MVP sighs deeply.

Aubrianna: They said Chantelle and I were hiding from them? Do I look a coward to you?!

Dexter: No, but…

Aubrianna: And what right do they have to travel from Livewire to Shotgun anyway?! They should be exiled to Livewire permanently! Unless of course I’m ever drafted to Livewire then they should be exiled to Shotgun!

Dexter: Y’know, it’s talk like that which makes them and others think that you are afraid of them.

Aubrianna: Me? I’m not afraid, Dex! Why should I be? Didn’t Chantelle and I just beat Fabulous to become the GCW Global Tag Team Champions? That’s why I get to go to Livewire and Shotgun whenever I want in the first place.

Dexter: And Chantelle can because she’s a Hall of Famer...the same reason Jessica and Summer can travel here to Shotgun.

Powers rolls her eyes.

Aubrianna: That’s different. Chantelle is my BFF. And tonight, with Chanel, we are going to hurt them...we are going to hurt Nadia...and any thoughts those clowns have at taking out The Sovereign will go out the window! Then who will be the clowns?!

The MVP storms off angrily.



Main Event
Nadia Allen/Fabulous vs. Sovereign (Chambers/Powers/Hunter)

Nadia and Chanel started things off. Chanel wanted to set the tone earlier. She was more aggressive than usual. Nadia stood her ground. Didn’t allow the confrontation between them to get too out of hand. For two minutes Nadia and Chanel were engaged. Aubrianna did ask for the tag. Chanel tagged her in. Nadia went to tag Jessica. Aubrianna wasted no time tagging in Chantelle. Aubrianna was wearing a cross around her neck, she pointed to it while staring at Jessica.

Chantelle and Jessica chain wrestled for a bit. Evenly matches. Chantelle did irish whip Jessica into the ropes, Summer with the blind tag. Caught Chantelle off guard. Fabolous tagged in and out working over Chantelle. Jessica was the legal competitor. Aubrianna blind tagged herself into the match. Took Jessica down with a backstabber.

All three women of Sovereign wore down Jessica. She kicked out of several near fall attempts, finally she caught some breathing room. She tagged Nadia in. Chanel was legal as well. Nadia started building momentum off the hot tag.

Aubrianna found herself back into the match. So did Aubrianna. Two heated rivals went at it while everything else devolved around them.

The ending sequence came down to Aubrianna and Jessica in the ring. Chanel was brawling with Nadia on the outside and Summer kept Chantelle preoccupied. Powers went for The Powers That Be. Jessica dodged the reverse roundhouse kick at the last possible moment; Jessica connected swiftly with Pure Deformation, driving Aubrianna’s head into the mat.


Chantelle tried to get back in the ring.


Summer promptly stopped with the Stock Market Crash.


Winners: Nadia Allen & Fabulous

Summer joined her tag team partner in the ring to stand over Aubrianna’s body. Jessica looked like she wanted to continue the beating. Summer held her back.

Meanwhile on the outside Nadia and Chanel were still fighting, unaware that the match concluded. Doubt they cared as the fight took them through the crowd, out of sight from the camera. The show closes with Fab leaving the ring. Chantelle recovered enough to rejoin Aubrianna. The MVP can be seen seething as Shotgun came to a close.
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