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Shotgun 10.14

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Backstage in the entrance to the arena we see a long black limousine pull to a stop. The driver exits, walks to the back, and opens the door. Carmen Diaz exits first, followed by Allison Lorraine; both of whom are dressed in nice business suits, Carmen’s is navy blue and Allison’s is black. Behind them is “The Phoenix” Marie Annabelle Jones. The self-proclaimed Crown Jewel of Professional Wrestling is dressed in a knee length black skirt, red blouse, black high heel pumps, and her signature black leather jacket. Jones smiles as she looks at Carmen and Allison, both of whom are working for her now as her #GingerBitches.

Marie: See this, girls? Being my ally has its perks. Gone are the days you have to be on the road all the time in shoddy vehicles. You can have stretch limos and jet planes take you everywhere. And gone are the days you have to stay in cheap motels overnight for a Shotgun, Livewire, or fever event. You can stay in the nicest of luxury hotel suites, courtesy of your employer, me.

Carmen: I admit that I had my doubts about your sincerity, Ms. Jones. I did not believe what my cousin was telling me about working for you was true.

Marie: And this is just the beginning. As long as you serve me you will get all of this luxury and the skills, knowledge, and other resources to turn your wrestling careers around. Carmen, you have yet to hold championship gold in GCW. Allison, it has been many years since you held championship gold. I will teach you what you need to know, I will give you the knowledge and skills necessary to regain your former glory and to get the respect of the roster. And all I ask in return is your undying loyalty.

Allison nods her head.

Allison: You have our loyalty, Ms. Jones.

The Phoenix smirks.

Marie: We are going to dominate, girls. As a member of the Shotgun brand I can appear on this show, Fever is cross branded, and that just leaves Livewire. Allison, you and I are going to speak with Tabsy about ensuring that you and Carmen continue to get booked under your new official team name, the #GingerBitches. This way you and Carmen can appear on Livewire as well, and as your boss that means I get to appear by your side and therefore make my presence on any show I damn well please.

Allison: Forgive me for doubting your…ahem, brilliance, but what if Tabitha doesn’t buy it?

Marie rolls her eyes.

Marie: You doubt me, Allison?

Allison: Forgive me, Ms. Jones.

Marie: It’s ok. Having a backup plan is always a good idea. And while I am pursuing a singles career, I still am technically part of a tag team myself. I just need to find my sister and make sure she’s ok with it.

Allison: Yes, Ms. Jones.

Marie: Carmen, you take the bags and find our dressing room. Make sure that all of the amenities we requested have been provided. The Crown Jewel of Professional Wrestling and her personal bitches deserve only the very best and finest that this company provides.

Carmen: Right away, Ms. Jones.



Isabella Harker and Mariah Starr, the tandem representing the Global Elite, can be seen standing with one another in conversation. As usual, as the more experienced Harker had taken the younger Starr under her wing, it is Harker that leads the conversation.

Harker: “Tonight, my dear, we have the chance to follow up on our statement from Fever. When we walked out onto the ramp and called out Wrestling’s Most Wanted on their hypocrisy, we did more than set the wheels in motion to stand face to face with them in the future, ideally with the Championships they carry on the line. But we put targets on OUR backs.”

Mariah nods along in understanding.

Starr: “There are going to be people who aren’t happy about us calling our shots that way.”

Harker laughs.

Harker: “Let them. People like our opponents tonight? They don’t matter. WE matter. The Global Elite run the show. WE call our shots because we are entitled to it. If that bothers anyone else, they need to ask themselves what it is that they lack in comparison to us.”

Mariah nods again.

Starr: “I know the Bastards are going to try for a pound of flesh.... God, those guys are whiny little cu-”

Harker cuts her off.

Harker: “I wouldn’t worry too much about the Bad Bastards. They’re a couple of small men who bark bigger than they’re worth. It’s a classic mechanism used by insignificant worms to lend the illusion of influence. Their words will ultimately be seen for what they are when we defeat them.”

Starr: “I’m sorry if I went off the deep end a bit… dealing with them…”

Harker places a hand on Mariah’s shoulder, calming her young charge.

Harker: “I understand, Mariah. I was once in your shoes and I’d have done the exact same thing. People like Jody and Nicky will try to push your buttons because that’s all they can really do. They know that beyond the world they craft for themselves on Twitter, they carry no meaning, so they try to drag others down to their level. We are better than that. We are better than them. We are the Global Elite for a reason. And tonight, we not only expose the Bastards for the gnats they are, but we send a message to the entire tag team division… right up to Wrestling’s Most Wanted… that not only are we here to stay, we’re here to dominate. Now let’s go…”

Harker motions for Starr to follow, which the younger woman does. The scene shifts.


The Global Elite Vs The Bad Bastards.

Seeing that Jody was going to start off the match, Mariah asked her partner Isabella if she could battle Jody instead. For anyone who follows them on social media, an argument could be made that Jody was simping on Mariah for months. Things took a turn for the worse during the build to this match up. Safe to say Mariah wants Isaballa to take one for the team.

Isabella and Jody started off the match. Isaballa kept Jody at a distance with kicks. Not allowing him to close him to use his power advantage. Jody did manage to catch Isabella, executing a Belly to Belly overhead suplex. Instead of focusing on the next move, he looked at Mariah. He screamed “Fight me you coward!!” This allowed Isabella to take Jody down with a chop block. She stomped on the back of his head. Isabella tagged Mariah in. She kicked Jody in the ribs a couple of times. Immediately she tags Isabella out. She worked Jody over a bit more. Harker Irish whipped Jody only for Jody to reverse it, as soon as she hit the ropes, Nicky drove his knee into Harkers back. This allowed Jody to take her down with a clothesline.

The Bad Bastards worked over Isabella on their side of the ring for awhile. She managed to make the hot tag to Mariah. Her and Jody did battle extensively.

The end of the match came when Isabella Harker connected with a suicide dive on to Nicky Stone, leaving Jody Rainer in the ring with his unrequited love, Mariah. Jody had Mariah up against the turnbuckle pounding away. The referee tries to force Jody to back off. What the official doesn’t see is Mariah add the ultimate insult by dropping Jody with a low blow. She climbs up to the top rope. She connects with The Brightest Star (Imploding 450). She makes the cover. Nicky tries to enter the ring, Isaballa stops him.

The three count is made.

Winners: The Global Elite.

Mariah rolled out the ring immediately. She wipes herself off, indicating she wasn’t a huge fan of how Jody allegedly smelled. Isabella and Mariah walk off. "Through Struggle" plays. The crowd knows exactly what that means. Nicky joins Jody in the ring finally. He helps his buddy to his feet. They stare at the entrance way waiting for Andrew Raynes to show up. The Bad Bastards are unaware of Andrew Raynes sliding into the ring with a steel chair. The music dies out. Nicky and Jody turn around.

This is the moment Jody has been waiting for. He tells Nicky to get out the ring. Nicky nods, exits. Andrew drops the chair indicating that he doesn’t need it. Both men come to blows immediately. The crowd comes alive. Jody knees Andrew in the gut. He tries to deliver a piledriver, then Andrew drops to a knee, connecting with a hard low blow, the second one Jody has received tonight. Andrew grabs the steel chair. He begins beating the hell outta Jody with the chair. Nicky tries to make the save, and as soon as Andrew swings the chair at him, Nicky ducks, rolls out the ring to regroup. Andrew picks Jody up, drops him with Hate Never Sleeps on the steel chair. He dumps Jody out the ring. Nicky, more concerned about his friend, checks on him.

[With the adrenaline pumping, Andrew paces Around the ring. The crowd jeering over Andrew's assault over Jody’s beaten body was nothing new for wrestling's most hated. Andrew walks over and grabs a mic as the bastards make their way backstage. ]

Andrew: No matter how much twitter garbage you wanna spew out for attention, you'll never come close to being the one who brings out the worst in people more than me.

[The crowd lets him hear it but he just scoffs.]

Andrew: See, it takes alot to put that target on your back and have the stones to back it up, to come out here and show everyone why you do what you do better than anyone. I've done it before and I will continue to do so because being wrestling's most hated is more than just talking useless shit online behind a keyboard, it's about having everyone hate you when you prove to be right and they can't do a fucking thing about it but reduce themselves to their petty sour grapes actions because they couldn't handle the truth

Isn't that right Gabriela?

See, it would have been much simpler for you to choke down the humble pie I spiked down your throat and just simply knew your place but you decided that you were better off acting like a sore ass loser and prevent me from running the gauntlet I set out to run from start to finish because I knew I could,

And should have.

[The crowd boos again, knowing he was right and hating it. Andrew smirks but he doesn't look happy, he's focused and pissed.]

Andrew: For all the shit you caused, trying to defend your friend, begging on Twitter to let us fight and answering the call when I came after you, you had everything you could have asked for when we started the gauntlet together. Just prove you're better and move on,

But you couldn't, you wanted more.

You didn't seem to have an issue throwing closed fists with me willing to sacrifice a rope break to try and send a message but that's when you knew you were heavily outmatched. I wasn't interested in wasting my time with someone as worthless as you in my pursuit for the heritage championship and that's why I wasted little time dumping you to the curb and moving on because I didn't want to waste my time and I sure as hell didn't.

I beat you, straight up and there was nothing you could do about it. Watching them carry you out like a bitch was highly satisfying.

[Andrew takes a second as the crowd keeps feeding his ego.]

Andrew: It was no surprise that Isabella couldn't pick someone who could go toe to toe with me knowing she never could and never would. Even Isabella's pathetic attempts to try and help her out were futile as Mariah was forced to embrace hate just like all the others and bow out before it was too late.

The thing about being hated on is people will try anything to try and get their upper hand, even after I'd gone 20+ minutes holding my own, as promised, but Marie couldn't even try facing me straight up, using her little bitch to try and cheap shot me. Even with the advantages afforded to Marie who called this gauntlet a mere formality for herself and face the champ, she was reminded who the OG ginger bitch will always be.

[The crowd jeers at him and he smirks. Getting back to why we're here in the first place.]

Andrew: At this point, Katrina had the best chance of beating me given how long I've endured and the shit I've taken. It's a fight I would have more than welcomed but the idea of me being able to outlast her and win the match was something too much for a certain jealous little bitch to take.

You wanted to use the excuse that I tried to take you out in our encounter which is why you had to drill me with a chair multiple times and hit your punk ass neck breaker to leave your mark on it, handing Katrina an absolute gift and making the biggest mistake of your life.

See it's one thing to cost me the match if i was close to beating Katrina but you exposed your true colours and how you honestly felt about getting embarrassed by the world's most hated.

If I wanted to take you out, Gabriela, I would have and you'd never wrestle again.

Now there's nothing you can do to stop it.

[Andrew smirks.]

Andrew: At survival of the fittest, i show you just how dangerous i can be, how far I can go to actually take you out that goes beyond the means of simply spiking your empty head on the outside. Where so many others before you have tried to derail the most hated in wrestling and have ended up having their lives changed forever. This goes beyond the pettiness of revenge, Gabriela, for me, this is just another part of the evolution of hate that prepares me for the next chapter.

You and I in a falls count anywhere match.

Because it won't matter where you are or where you run, because I'll find you and do to you what I've done to everyone else who's gotten in my way.

Embraced in my hatred!

[Andrew drops the mic and Through Struggle hits as he taunts the crowd and walks out of the ring and up the ramp.]


We cut backstage to the ready area where we find none other than Destiny Skye pacing like a caged lion in anticipation of her match against the former GCW World Champion Nadia Allen. Destiny is dressed to compete in her ring gear and looks intense as ever. After several moments of pacing back and forth she stops and turns to face the camera.

Destiny: You lot know me as Destiny Skye. But outside of Julia Braddock, our boss Glory Braddock, and a handful of others I doubt any of you know the real me. So allow me to re-introduce myself to all of you; my name is Destiny Blair and I grew up fighting and clawing to survive in Birmingham, England. Glenn Braddock saw something special in me and took me under his wing. Yeah, I was one of his students. I came outta that Braddock Wrestling School just like so many others here in this company. It was there that everyone started calling me Destiny Skye, because they said the sky was the limit for how far I could go in this business. I was stubborn, bullheaded, and refused to give up no matter the odds. No matter how hard things got, I kept fighting until I won. Thus Destiny Skye was born.

She shakes her head.

Destiny: But eventually I grew sloppy, I got lazy, and I decided to take shortcuts. I took the cheap way to becoming a World Champion in this company. In short, I forgot who the hell I was and yeah, that shortcut did get me a title to my name but that shortcut came back to bite me in the ass because now look at me? I got to a point where I was all but forgotten. But a few friends did not give up on me. Kendra and Hannah, our tag team champions, they didn’t give up on me. The Braddock family did not give up me. All I needed to do was pull my head out of my ass and remind myself just who the hell I am!

She sneers.

Destiny: That’s what I have done and that is gonna prove to be major trouble for you, Nadia. I respect the hell outta you for what you’ve done. You worked your ass off to become World Champion. You took no shortcuts. Fair play to you. But I know I can be the top bitch in this company if given the chance. I know I can earn a better spot on the card, I just have to earn it. And hell, what better way to earn it that by beating up the former GCW World Champion? So here’s what’s gonna happen tonight, Nadia….I’m gonna step into that ring and bust you in the mouth.

Destiny walks off.


“Diamond Princess” Danielle Page is standing at the corner of 47th Street and Fifth Avenue in New York City.

“Diamond Princess” Danielle Page:I don’t expect most of you unsophisticated sloths to know the significance of where I am standing. I am standing in the epicenter of the Diamond District in the greatest city in the world, New York City. Thus far in my short time here in GCW none of you here in GCW realize what you have on your hands. That simply what GCW has in me is the diamond in the rough. A diamond that will soon enough be turned into gold.

Danielle begins to walk down fifth avenue.

“Diamond Princess” Danielle Page:I would be lying if I said I wanted to be in Vancouver with the rest of you but why would I lower my standards and subject myself to a place like that? There isn’t a good enough reason. I can have all of my Lululemon delivered to my front door when and if I so choose. Just like the entire GCW will come groveling to my feet and begging me to be the GCW World Heavyweight champion. Then and only then will those of you associated with this promotion be worth anything because I enrich people’s lives just by being around them. One could and would say that I am a miracle worker. Which is why any of you who step to me will be put back into their place. Far below me because none of you can measure up to the crown jewel of GCW. Moi!

Danielle blows a kiss at the camera as she continues to walk down the street.


[Roderick Osborn is standing backstage to Nadia Allen, who's wearing her ring gear and black and silver ring jacket. She has a look of determination on her face.]

Roderick: Guys I'm with Nadia Allen. Former GCW World Heavyweight Champion. Your opponent tonight is Destiny Skye and on the last Fever, she made it clear she sees this as the match to revitalize her career. Safe to say, you're in for one hell of a contest.

[The camera zooms in on Nadia, leaving Osborn out of view.]

Nadia: You know I don't get into the He Said, She Said, stuff. So I didn't hear what she had to say but that's what I expected. I'm not surprised. I would honestly be more pissed if that wasn't her mindset going into this match. I don't worry about stuff I can't control. Now Destiny, I'm glad that's how your feeling tonight. I know because I lost the World belt, that now everyone sees me as someone they can beat to raise some eyebrows. I don't blame you, I'm not mad. I welcome it, actually. I love it. Because I have something to prove too. I'm not going to fall off because I'm not the champ anymore. I'm only going to push harder to get it back and that means staying on track. Staying on my game. There is no off switch with me, Destiny. I don't half ass anything.

So if you thought you might catch me by surprise, then you have the wrong Nadia Allen. Because the real Nadia Allen, the one that everyone knows, they know no matter who is in front of me, my only goal is to rip their head off. You think you're motivated? You're determined to win? I am too. But only one of us can win and I'll be damned if it's not me. Destiny, when you step into that ring with me, you're stepping into hell. And there's no way out until I put you out.

[The camera zooms out as Osborn speaks.]

Roderick: Thank you for that Nadia but one more thing. Two weeks ago, you challenged Chantelle Chambers. To my knowledge, there hasn't been a response from her or from Tabitha Silverstone. I figure I would give you this time to clarify that challenge.

Nadia: There's nothing to clarify. Chantelle, i want your ass in that ring and that's that. Either you accept or you make the match, Tabitha. Either way, that stands. I will be waiting but not for long if there is no answer.

Roderick: Thank you for that.

[Nadia then walks off.]

Roderick: Nadia Allen everyone. Gentleman, back to you.


Destiny Skye Vs Nadia Allen

As Destiny said on Fever, she needed one opportunity to beat the best GCW has to offer. And she took the flight to Nadia immediately. She tried to go for the Density Cutter early but Nadia pushed her off. Clothesline attempt from Destiny led to Nadia ducking. Nadia tried a German Suplex but Destiny back elbowed Nadia in the head, breaking the hold. Destiny did manage to connect with a Pele Kick knocking Nadia down. Tried to make a cover. Nadia kicked out at one.
Destiny then started to pound on Nadia. The former World Champion managed to trap Destiny in a Kimura Lock. She didn’t get it fully locked in. Destiny did manage to get her legs on the nearest ropes, forcing Nadia to break the hold. The match did even out from that point. Despite the early storm, Nadia was able to settle in, forcing Destiny to wrestle at her pace. A brief comeback from Destiny when her Destiny Cutter attempt was countered into Nadia’s Oroboros (Crossface Chickenwing). Nadia managed to use her legs to grapevine Destiny. Ms. Skye had no other choice but to tap out.

Winner: Nadia Allen


[Janice King is seen in one of the suites inside the building. Behind her is Trevor Cash, who's seated by a long, wooden table with two unidentified individuals and what appears to be a chef. One of the individuals is a woman with dark hair, a black blazer with a green top and black pencil length skirt. The other is an African American man, short hair, broad shoulders, dressed in a slim black suit jacket with matching pants. In front of this man is a plate of gourmet chicken with Alfredo pasta. The man is seen gesturing at the chef to cut his chicken in pieces around the same time Janice King walks over to them]

Janice King: Janice King here. You know me. You love me. And I'm here because Mr. Cash requested muah to share a quick word. flattered as I am of course, I have to ask, you're not with Katrina right now. That's a bit surprising.

[Trevor chuckles a bit.]

Trevor: I'm not her father, Janice. Besides right now Katrina is as focused as I've ever seen her. I'm sure she'll address you all later tonight. But that's not why I asked for you to come here. I wanted you and the entire world, to be introduced to a couple of talented, hungry individuals that the entire world will be seeing for a long time. Janice, it's like I tell everyone, I'm always working. Which means my clientele is expanding. Cash Wrestling Enterprise is growing strength by strength, day by day, I pride myself on finding and representing the best professional wrestlers in the world and providing them all the tools they need to succeed.

[Trevor pauses. The man next to him nods at the chef when he's finished cutting up his food.]

Trevor: So as we expand, I want to ensure that I am not wearing myself out representing my clients on Livewire and right here on Shotgun. So this is a step towards growth and delegation. This woman right here is Veronica Starr. She is my assistant and on the nights where I'm not here, she will be present. She works as a proxy for me, if you will. Many people will not remember this but almost seven years ago, Veronica attempted to offer her services to all GCW wrestlers. However, they couldn't see the vision and she was disappointed. But now she has a clear role working for me and that role is representing this man sitting next to me.

[Trevor and the woman named Veronica turn their heads over to the man, who sits upright, chest puffed, chin up with a wry smile on his face.]

Trevor: Janice, this is another superstar in the making and the newest member of the GCW roster. I found this man a few months ago tearing it up in San Diego, in Atlanta, in Houston. Wherever he went. This is a special moment for him and for all of you. But Janice I won't rob you of getting the first interview with a guaranteed future wrestling superstar so do the honors.

[Janice grins before turning to the man, who is seen taking a bite out of his chicken, seemingly not acknowledging Janice's presence.]

Janice: Well there must be something special about you if Trevor here is hyping you up. So Trevor, you deliver the tease, now sir, tell us what is your name?

[The man continues eating his food for a moment before he turns his head and motions for someone off screen. The chef returns, handing the man a water bottle, to which he opens it and take a swig. Once finished, he hands it back to the chef, who quickly disappears. The man then finally eyes Janice for the first time, with a look of amusement.]

???: My bad. Big dog gotta eat first.

[He chuckled a bit.]

??: What's the question again, baby girl? I wasn't paying attention.

[The man locks his fingers together. Janice is taken aback a little bit while the man remains comfortably in his seat.]

Janice: Your name. What's your name?

???: Right. Alexander Jones.

Janice: Alright. Alexander Jones. Welcome to GCW. What do you think of the action so far?

[Alexander chuckles for a moment.]

Alexander: It's good. Trevor told me the level of talent was going to be a step up from what I'm used to seeing. I would agree with that but I would say there isn't anybody I've seen yet that I think is better than me. Maybe we'll see that in the main event but for now, I haven't seen that person yet.]

[Janice shoots a look at Trevor, who's seen smirking as does Veronica.]

Janice: Oooh confident much?

Veronica: That's right. This is the next superstar. The next guy! Everyone is looking for the next. He is next!

[Veronica smirks widely while Alexander simply watches everything.]

Janice: Who are you most excited to wrestle here on Shotgun, Alex?

[Alexander's demeanor changed quickly and suddenly.]

Alexander: Aye, none of that. Let's set this straight before we do anything else. Alexander is my name. We're not that close for you to be calling me that. Call me by the name I gave you. Alexander.

[Janice looks surprised as Alexander's eyes are now piercing towards her.]

Alexander: Understand? Say my name.

Janice: What?

Alexander: Say my name.

Janice: Alexander.

Alexander: Right. That's the only time I'm going to tell you that. But, if we're being honest, I don't think you'll forget because to answer your question, I want to face the best. I've heard all these names. I've caught a few of their highlights here and there so you know, I want to step in between those lines with them. Big dogs gotta eat. Like this right here I'm gonna eat out there, too. Whoever it is. I'm an Alpha so that's just how I move. I don't need to get my wet. I'm just going to dive in, attack and build from there. Show up and win. That's what I'm on. So I'm looking forward to showing the world who Alexander Jones is and what the future of GCW is going to look like.

[Alexander's posture remains upright and open. He gives Janice a head nod before returning back to his food. Janice then turns back to the camera.]


Geneva: The North American Title...

Geneva Alan is in the interview area backstage, the North American Title draped over her shoulder.

Geneva: This title means everything to me... and Miss America, tonight, you will not be taking MY title from me!

Geneva taps the title.

Geneva: This, THIS means everything to me! It is my purpose, what I fought to get and what I will fight with everything to keep!


Geneva: There is another thing tonight is about, however... you and I are tied in victories, one to one. I don't like that, so after tonight, I prove myself your superior and move on from you! Tonight, I keep what is my mine, and I deny you your opportunity! I end your dream of becoming North American Champion!

Geneva sighs

Geneva: It all ends tonight, one way or another... we bring this whole thing to an end. We find out once and for all, who the better wrestler truly is! I know that's me, and I show you why, tonight! Wrestling Class is in session, and you get a crash course in Geneva Alan 101, the hard way!

Geneva glares into the camera.

Geneva: I hope you are prepared, Miss America... because I am... prepared to end you!

Geneva walks off, and we go back to ringside.


The scene rises up backstage, where Dexter Russell can be seen standing by with a very game Miss America.

Russell: “Miss America, in mere moments, you’ll be challenging Geneva Alan for the GCW North American Championship right here in Vancouver, British Columb-...”

Miss America takes the microphone by the head, whispering something in Dexter’s ear. He looks a bit confused, but follows the apparent instructions.

Russell: “Um… in Vancouver, North America.”

Miss America smiles a broad, American smile.

Russell: “This opportunity has been a long time coming for you, after you were left off of the last Resurrection card…”

Miss America: “You know what, Dexter… it really has been a long climb here to get back into title contention, and I know I wouldn’t be here without the love and support of all my American… North American, that is… fans. When I hit my bottom of actually losing to Leviticus after Resurrection, I could have gone one of two ways. I could have taken that defeat as a sign that this was not to be and gone on to another career path, or I could pick myself up by my bootstraps and soldier on like our brave troops overseas. And that’s exactly what I did! I took adversity, the bottom of the barrel, and I used it as motivation! That’s why I’m here tonight competing to become North American Champion while Leviticus was on Fever complaining about how I get opportunities! Because it’s one thing to sell theme parks and movies. What I sell is the American Dream… the dream that with hard work and determination, anyone can accomplish greatness!”

Russell:”Standing between you and greatness tonight is the North American Champion, Geneva Alan. What is your plan?”

Miss America turns to Dexter with a bemused expression.

Miss America: “You really think I’m gonna come on here and blab my strategy? I ain’t stupid, Dex. What I’m going to do is go out there and out-wrestle Geneva, just like I did at Last Respects. I am a force to be reckoned with in GCW and tonight, becoming North American Champion is just another step on my road upward… because achieving greatness IS the American Way!”

With that, Miss America exits the scene, leaving Dexter watching in her direction as she goes...


North American Championship
Miss America Vs Geneva Alan (c)

The referee held up the North American Championship. Miss America held her gaze on the championship a split second too long, Geneva caught her with a cheap shot to the chin. More rights and lefts from Geneva backed Miss America into the corner. Geneva was pushed back by Miss America who launched at her, taking her down with a Thez Press. The former tag team champion reigned down rights and lefts, showing Geneva that she wasn’t going to be denied or pushed around in any way. Geneva managed to get out of the predicament, roll out the ring to collect herself. Miss American, not letting up, springboarded out the ring, catching Alan with a splash. The crowd was fired up, inspired by Miss America's flurry.

Once the action got back in the ring, Miss America went on the offensive some more. Geneva was able to reclaim the momentum moments later with a poisonrana.

Geneva focused mainly on rest holds. Slowing the pace down. Grinding down the efforts of Miss America. There were points where Miss America did catch lighting in the bottle. A well timed DDT here, an exploder suplex there slowed the match back down. Miss America executed an exploder suplex out of nowhere to get things back on track.

She followed up with Red, White, Black and Blue Kick. Later she was able to execute an American Leg-Sweep. Both amounted to a two count. She did try to put Geneva to sleep again with the The American Dream. Geneva had the move scouted enough she was able to get out of it, avoiding being fully locked in.

Geneva draped Miss American in the corner, then headed to the opposite corner and rusheed forward, driving her knees in the Miss America’s back. That wasn’t enough to put Miss America away.

The final sequence came when Miss American floored Geneva with a spinebuster. She looked at the ropes. The crowd knew what she was thinking, Manifest Destiny. Miss America turned her back to Alan. She grabbed the ropes. The moment was upon us. Would a new North American Champion be crowned. She springboarded to the middle rope, she twirled in the air, would she be able to connect with the Shooting Star Press?

Sadly... no.

Geneva rolled out the way in the nick of time. Just as suddenly, Geneva executed a snug Oklahoma Roll to score the three count on Miss America.

Winner: (And Still) North American Champion, Geneva Alan.

Geneva sprung to her feet, a smile written across her face. Miss America appeared shocked that the match went down like that. The hopes of Miss America to be the North American Champion were officially dashed. Alan was handed the belt. She raised it in the air. Geneva exited the ring to head to the back. The camera lingered on Miss America a bit. She stood up, the crowd gave her a standing ovation. She motioned that she loves them, that wasn’t the end of her journey.


Backstage we find Kimberly Williams with her knife glove named “Betty White” in hand, sharpening its blades. Next to the deranged ginger is her trusty Dalek. A few moments later the Dalek comes to life, its lights buzzing an alert.


Upon hearing this, The Woman Scorned leaps to her feet and turns with “Betty White” ready to strike. But she stops as she sees that the so-called ‘intruders’ are none other than Allison Lorraine and Kim’s own identical twin sister Marie Jones.

Kim: Marie! How the hell are ya!

Williams rushes over and shoves Allison out of the way. Kim then embrace Marie in a tight hug. Allison pulls herself back up and dusts her suit off, watching the sisters embrace. Kim then breaks the hug and looks at Allison, smirking.

Kim: So did you get jealous of my Dalek? Is that why you decided to get your two pals Allison and Carmen?

Marie: Not at all. Allison and Carmen just need guidance as well as a good teacher to give them the skills necessary to be successful in GCW. I am providing them with those skills and guidance. In return they help me. It balances out. Your Dalek is a…well…

Kim: Isn’t he great?! His circuitry was shorted out in my MWE Chicago Way Title defense inside the Electrified Steel Cage Match. But I tracked down the autobot matrix of leadership and it fixed him right up. Strangely enough I heard “The Touch” by Stan Bush playing when I opened the damn thing.

Jones sighs.

Marie: Look, Kim, I just came to talk to you about these new tag team rules that Tabs put in place.

Kim: New rules? Well you know me about rules…I usually break them. What are these new rules?

Marie: Tag teams can cross over from brand to brand. Shotgun teams can show up on Livewire and vice-versa, but only if they are competing that night as a team.

Williams smirks.

Kim: I think I see where this is going. You want to use me as an excuse to cross over to Livewire whenever you want?

Marie: Kim, I would never think of…

Kim: Sure! Use me and exploit me all you want!

Kim kisses Marie on her cheek.

Kim: I would do anything for you! You just gotta ask!

Marie: Seriously?

Kim: Of course. I mean, we both are pursuing singles success but that doesn’t mean we can’t team up when the time arises. You know?

Jones smirks.

Marie: My thoughts exactly.


The following message has been paid for by The Sovereign

Chantelle Chambers: “When you’re on top, the target rests squarely on you.”

The scene rises up on Chantelle Chambers, who can be seen resting on a sofa, clad in a silk housecoat, one leg exposed and resting out as she holds onto a glass of wine. She takes a sip before setting it down.

Chambers: “This is the lesson that I have helped provide our new, deserving World Champion, Chanel Hunter, as she embarks on redefining greatness, rewriting a book that I had once written myself, as she carves her own legacy atop of Shotgun. But it is also a lesson that I, as a Hall of Fame wrestler closing that chapter of my life after Resurrection next year, continually live with every day of my life.”

She smirks.

Chambers: “Or did you think I would be so distracted as to miss the little call-out two weeks ago?”

Chantelle scoffs.

Chambers: “Nadia Allan… a woman who came into this company and boxed too high. A woman who sought on a weekly basis to BURY me - at the time a one-time former Champion - and figured that would build her name. A woman who tried to earn a reputation she did not deserve at MY expense. A woman who was soundly and cleanly dispatched at Resurrection 2016. You didn’t lose by crook. The match wasn’t stolen from you. The match was taken by someone better than you and any claim to the contrary is simply you trying to change history because you never accepted the FACT that you were NEVER on my level!”

She gets a bit agitated, but settles herself down with another sip of wine.

Chambers: “I heard you challenged me. You want an opportunity to prove to yourself that you actually belong in the ring with the GREATEST GCW creation of all-time! But do you know what, Nadia? I don’t owe you a Goddamn thing! I have nothing to prove to you. I beat you. I beat you clean as a whistle and that is something that your efforts to rewrite history will NEVER be able to change! I was better than you then… I am better than you now. Proving it?”

Chantelle smirks again.

Chambers: “The burden of proof to the contrary is on you, Nadia. Not me. You want to face me in a match again? Too bad. You go to Tabitha and work something else out, because quite frankly… and I want you to pay EXTRA special attention to these words…”

The camera moves close to Chantelle…

Chambers: “You are NOT worth my time!”

As the camera moves back again, Chantelle smirks,

Chambers: “So keep crying to anyone who will listen about how wrong you were done. The people know the truth and they know that your words are nothing but a desperate attempt to change the past. But no matter what happens… no matter where we go from here… you know as well as anyone else that in the end, it’s ALL EYES ON ME!”

She blows a kiss to the camera as the scene and the paid message fade away.


The scene opens backstage. Gabriella Austin can be seen leaning up against the locker room door of Wrestling’s Most Wanted. She is prime with something to say.

Austin: “I don’t know what pisses me off more, Andrew. Your voice or you actually believe the words that come outta your mouth. I have met a lot of delusional men in my day. You actually believed I was going to crawl under the rock I dragged myself out of? Not a chance. Two weeks ago you tried to send me packing. Why? All because I had the audacity to save my best friend Destiny from you possibly trying to put her on the shelf?”

Gabriella rolls her eyes.

Austin: “I will take the bullet for Destiny ten out of ten times, that is what good people do, Andrew. So no, I wasn’t going to sit idly by while you try to pick apart a woman who I bonded with. Wrestling Most Wanted take care of their own. They are my family. You don’t fuck with family, Andrew. Not sorry to disappoint you, I won’t crawl under a rock and hide. You want a war, challenge accepted prick!”

Gabriella cracks her knuckles as the crowd responds positively to her accepting Andrew’s Falls Count Anywhere challenge.

Austin: “It will be my pleasure to beat the living hell out of you.”

The crowd roars. She turns around, opens the door, walks back into the locker room and closes the door as the scene fades.


The Alan Family (Duke Michaels & Lester Sampson) Vs Rich Dix & Leviathan

As Richard and Leviathan were making there way down to the ring, The Alan Family decided they wanted to start the fight early. They ambushed Leviathan. He tried to fight them off, the combined power of Duke and Lester were too much. Try as he might, Dix wasn’t going to be of much assistance against the big men of The Alan Family. Rich retreated to the ring. Duke and Lester corner him. The bell rings. Lester/Duke drop Rich with their Armageddon Unleashed finisher.

Both men placed a foot on Rich. The referee opted to count the three count, who was he to insist one of the beast leave the ring?

Winners: The Alan Family


A camera pans in to show Katrina Lopez standing with Trevor Cash. Katrina is dressed and ready for her match with D'Nae Moore. She punches her fist into her palm a few times and then looks into the camera.

Katrina Lopez: Round 2. After the way Round 1 ended I have to say I'm hungry. For a lot of reasons. But mostly, what D'Nae needs to know is I am standing here as that lioness that didn't catch her prey last time. This time? I will end the facade that is your run as the Heritage Champion. Right before one of the biggest matches in that titles history. Your legacy will be dropping that title before this moment. You're going to be left out in the cold. Because I see you, D'Nae. I see that false confidence. It took two of your best moves back to back to put me away last time. That won't happen again. You're like the gazelle that thinks it can out-run anything. You boast around, puffing your chest out and talking that big game. But what will be left of you when I feast on your career and take this prize from you? I'm not going to fall at your feet this time. I'm going to devour you.

Trevor folds his hands in front of him and smiles in the background as Katrina gets closer to the camera.

Katrina Lopez: You've tried to make a name off of defeating me. And when that gauntlet came around you were prepared for everything but the reality of facing me again. You thought it would be Andrew Raynes. But fate? Fate always destined for this moment. You were always meant to meet your end at my hands. I have pain stakingly worked to make this company understand that they tried to hold me down. To show them who the real Katrina Lopez is. A killer that is absolutely capable of destroying you piece by piece. But you, D'Nae, you chose not to believe this like so many others who haven fallen at my feet. Because you won that one match. But you never expected me to come walking back through that door. And low and behold, here I am. The way I see it, you have two choices. You either kill me, or you get killed by me. Don't you ever forget, D'Nae. I took the tag titles from you when I was pretending to be someone I'm not. What do you think is gonna happen now that I'm realizing my full potential?

Katrina scoffs and shakes her head.

Katrina Lopez: I said this already, but last time we met I made a mistake. It's a mistake I won't make again. You're facing someone who learns from what happens in the ring. Someone who doesn't just brag and talk their way through every situation here and there. You're dealing with the one person in this company that doesn't give a damn if you can walk out of this match of if Jeff can either. I want what you have, D. I want to hurt you, maim you, destroy you... so that you tuck tail and run back to your precious little school in Louisiana. But believe me when I tell you there is no lesson that school can teach you that will compare to what I will do to you in the ring. I'm going to break you in this match. Piece. By. Piece. I will rip you to shreds. I will leave my mark on you. And I will take everything you hold dear and claim it for myself.

She turns and looks at Trevor and grins. He steps forward and stands next to her as they look into the camera.

Katrina Lopez: Trevor approached me many months ago and he told me that he could help me tap into what apparently only he could see. I couldn't even recognize it for myself. And I took a hard look in the mirror and I realized that something had to change. I had to stop pretending to be someone I'm not. This man was the only one who believed in me. After this match, you either believe or you get knocked the hell out...

Katrina kneels down and the camera follows her.

Katrina Lopez: This is the end, D'Nae. Time for you to pay for your crimes. Time for me... to take what is mine...

Katrina slaps at the camera and knocks it to the floor as the shot goes elsewhere.


[In a locker room we see D'Nae Moore getting ready for her match where she will be defending her Heritage Championship. She's almost ready, in her glittery black leotard and silver knee-high boots, her hair pulled back into a few braids that come together in a ponytail. D'Nae is finishing up wrapping white tape around her wrists. She looks up, almost as if she was expecting the camera to be there.]

D'Nae: “Y'know, I don't mind defending my championship against anyone and everyone. When I became Heritage Champion, I told the world that I wanted to be a fighting champion. So when Katrina Lopez pulled all her stunts tryna get my attention cause she wanted my title, I was good with that. She didn't have to do all that, all she had to do was ask. It didn't matter in the end though, cause I whooped that ass and I'm still the champion. Don't get me wrong, she didn't make it easy. The bitch got skills.”

[D'Nae finishes with the tape, ripping it off from the roll before tossing the roll aside. She pats the tape down as she continues.]

D'Nae: “That's what makes what happened at last Shotgun with the gauntlet so damn stupid. Katrina got the best draw, coming out last. She was gonna face the man who ran the ring, Andrew Raynes... she was the fresh fighter, he was just about blown up. Until Gabriela Austin ran out and whooped him with a chair a few good times. Look, I ain't tryna to get involved in their heat, I can't stand the man my own self. Honestly he probably had that chair beatdown coming.”

“But then here comes Katrina. Saw that man laid out, walked her ratchet ass out there, threw one kick... and suddenly I'm facing this bitch again. She ain't did NOTHING to earn this! As much as I can't stand Andrew, I'd have rather fought him over this championship, at least he put in some work to get as far as he got. He didn't just waltz up and take advantage of someone else's work.”

[D'Nae smirks a bit to herself, shaking her head.]

D'Nae: “I know for a while I thought that Andrew was the person behind Katrina's attitude change. Look, I'm woman enough to admit being wrong. Everything she was saying sounded like his bullshit. But seeing the way she's acting now, I really should have known better. Cause for all the bullshit that man spews, he has the balls to back it up, too. So far all Katrina has done to get her shots is act like an entitled basic white bitch, and pull up on something someone else did and reap the rewards. This bitch I EVERYTHING I grew up fighting against, and busted my ass day in and day out for years to overcome, to get to where I am right now! And Ima be DAMNED if I let her sneak one past me and take my Heritage Championship!”

“At Survival of the Fittest, the Heritage Championship and the North American Championship are gonna be merged, and the winner will decide which championship survives. I already told y'all, I been a survivor my whole life. Beat the odds, proved doubters wrong. It ain't no big deal to me to keep right doing what I've always done.”


“I have a pretty good feeling Katrina will be walking into this thinking she has some kind of advantage. She'll think she learned something in defeat, she'll have me all figured out and know how to beat me this time. Pure Rules or not, she's gonna think she has all the answers. But I got news for her, and anyone else who thinks she might have my number tonight.”

[D'Nae points to herself, finger jabbing her chest.]

“I learned something in victory. I know what Katrina brought to our last match, I know each time she came THIS. CLOSE. To beating me. Do y'all really think Ima come into this match with the same strategy as last time? I was taught better than that... if you think your enemy has your game plan figured out, you get a new playbook. That's how you keep your opponents guessing, that's how you stay one step ahead of them... that's how you survive.”

“Everything Katrina thinks she learned ain't gonna matter tonight. And I WILL be the one walking out of here as Heritage Champion, ready to face the North American Champion, only to put that championship to bed, leaving THIS-”

[D'Nae reaches out of the shot and pulls out the Heritage Championship belt, holding it up.]

D'Nae: “-intact... and around MY waist. This belt and my reign ain't going nowhere... cause I know everybody wants MORE.”

[D'Nae smiles, still holding the belt up. She sets it over her shoulder and looks down at it proudly as we cut away.]


Heritage Championship
Pure Rules.
Katrina Lopez vs D’Nae Moore (c)

This match had a completely different feel than the last one. Their first Heritage Championship match emotions were hectic from the start. This time? No one was willing to sacrifice an early
rope break to make a point.

Five minutes into the match, neither woman could secure a proper edge. The match turned when D’Nae went for a corner splash. Katrina managed to get out of the way. Wasting no time she hoisted D’Nae across her shoulders, elevated her off, fell back, bringing up the knees D’Nae fell across them, connecting with a modified gut buster. Katrina was quick to go for the gutbuster again. Connected. It was clear what Katrina’s strategy was going to be.

She relentlessly targeted the mid section of D’Nae with her martial arts kicks. Knees to the ribs. Each sharp strike brought more agony upon D’Nae. Every time Katrina went for the cover, D’Nae managed to kick out. Katrina applied an Octopus Stretch near the ropes. Knowing how close she was she used the ropes for extra leverage. The referee admonished Katrina. Clearly she didn’t care. The referee was tired of Katrina testing how often she could abuse the five count, one rope break went out the window.

D’Nae did get a moment of relief. Katrina tried a back body drop. D’Nae kicked her. Katrina was then met with a savate kick bringing her down to the mat. D’Nae bought herself a few moments to get herself together. She caught Katrina with a sling blade. The rally was under way. She took Katrina down with a spear. All she could manage was a two count. Later on, D’Nae, still rolling, caught Katrina with Straight to the A. This wasn’t enough to put the challenger away. D’Nae’s moment was then stopped when Katrina clotheslined D’Nae to the outside. Quickly followed that up with a suicide dive.

Around the count of five both women were up to their feet.

Katrina managed to knock the winds out of D’Nae’s sails by giving her an Alabama Slam across the barricade. Instead of getting D’Nae back into the ring, Katrina opted to return to it. Was she truly content to win the championship via countout (Pure Rules you can win a championship match via countout)

Jeff went to check on D’Nae. She clutched her rubs as the count continued to escalate.

The referee was up to 15. D’Nae was slow to get to her feet.





With the will of a survivor, D’Nae got on the ring apron breaking the count. Katrina met her, took a swing, missed. D’Nae brought Katrina’s neck across the rope creating some separation, sliding back in the ring, Katrina turned around. D’Nae tried to end this with Katrina’s Last Light, the MMA standout blocked the kick. She shook her head to D’Nae letting her know the match wasn’t going to end this way. She brought D’Nae on her shoulders again, perhaps going for the Go to Sleep (Night Night). D’Nae fought out of the predicament. When all else failed both women slugged it out, closed fists to the face. The ref was quick to take a rope break from both of them.

Katrina had one more.
D’Nae had two rope breaks left at her disposal.

Katrina with a knee to the ribs of D’Nae, doubling her over. With a smile on her face, Katrina made sure D’Nae stood up straight.

Katrina made sure to look D’Nae in the eye when she screamed. “Survive this!” Kat reared back; fist clenched, Kat’s intended kill shot didn’t connect. D’Nae grabbed Katrina’s wrist, applied a wrist lock, looked like she was going to Russian Leg Sweep Katrina but she brought them both down to the mat, D’Nae brought her left leg around, underhooking Katrina. Brought her shoulders to the mat with what looked like the Mousetrap pin.



Katrina kicked out... but it was one second too late as D’Nae lived up to her speech earlier of being a survivor.

Winner: (And Still) Heritage Champion, D’Nae Moore.

Katrina was shocked. She tried protesting the legitimacy of the count. Another replay showed there wasn’t any controversy. D’Nae rolled out the ring to meet Jeff who had the Heritage Championship in his hands. Katrina simply glared at D’Nae, mouthing off that she got lucky.

Jeff took the liberty of saying “She’s still champion!”

D’Nae was handed the belt by Jeff. She held the belt up as the crowd cheered. Now the unification match between the North American Champion and Heritage Champion was set in stone as Shotgun went off the air.
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