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Ace Marshall

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Real Name (Optional): Ace Marshall

Name/Nickname (if different from above): Ace

Twitter Handle (Optional): @TheAceMarshall

Preferred Brand: Livewire

Height: 6'3

Weight: 234 lbs

Date of Birth: May 1st, 1987

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Alignment: Face(6)

Picbase: Jensen Ackles

Wrestling Style: Jack-of-all-Trades(If he clearly outweighs opponents he's all about throwing them around like rag dolls though)

Entrance Theme: "Adrenalize" by In This Moment


- One Eye'd Royal
Description - Busaiku Knee Attack

- Aces Wild
Description: Lightning Spiral

- The Pagliacci
Description: Tazzmission

Signature Moves:
- Air Marshall - Free falling elbow drop
- Straight to DVD - Death Valley Driver onto a knee
- Ocean cyclone suplex
- Olympic slam(Think more Takashi Sugiura, less Kurt Angle)
- M.I.R(Making it rain) Lariat - Okada's Rainmaker lariat
- Tilt a whirl back breaker

Common Moves: (at least ten)
*Anything with doublehook in the name is fair. He loves hooking those arms
-Double arm backbreaker
-Double arm DDT
-Double arm suplex
-Kitchen sink
-Running knee strike to the face of an opponent in the corner
-Snap DDT, set up with a quick kick to the kneecap causing the opponent to stumble forward
-Flipping neckbreaker/Blockbuster
-Turnbuckle powerbomb

Entrance Description:

A countdown starts on the big screen in fast progression from five to one before "Adrenalize" hits the speakers and the spotlights start to spin and focus in on the stage. The fans erupt in cheers as on stage Ace Marshall steps out with Oakley shades and a black reflective jacket.


He pauses before raises his arms up for the crowd as strobe lights break out throughout the arena for the crowd in different shades of red, blue and green in rapid succession. Smoke erupts from underneath them and along the ramp way. He snaps his fingers and bobs his head before pointing out to the crowd.

Announcers: "Making his way to the ring, coming in from Las Vegas, Nevada, Ace Marshall!"

Ace casually strolls down the ramp. Reaching the ring Ace slides in before standing up and running his hands through his hair, singing along with the song. Making his way to the corner, he climbs up it before looking out into the crowd while thrusting an arm up as the crowd cheers him on. Dropping down after a moment he turns his back to the audience before removing his jacket and shades. He sets them to the side of the apron for an official to grab just as the match is about to be underway.

Appearance (optional): He looks like Jensen Ackles. I can't help out further with this.
In-Ring Attire (optional): Black pants, the boots to match, dark blue wrist tape over both wrists and black elbow pads

Out-of-Ring Attire (optional): Varies

Gimmick/Personality: Doesn't have a personality. He's really just kind of lame.
Describe your character's gimmick and personality as best you can, for there may come a time when your character is used by me in a segment for the show: A loud obnoxious troll

Biography: Really hasn't done much in his wrestling career.
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