"The Assassin" Clyde Sutter

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"The Assassin" Clyde Sutter

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Wrestler's Alias: The Assassin
Wrestler's Real Name: Clyde Sutter
Twitter Handle (if applicable):
Pic Base: Karrion Kross
Height: 6’6”
Weight: 280 lbs
Birthdate: October 1st, 1994
Birth Place:Southampton
Current Residence: Raleigh, NC

Physical Description:

Wrestling Style: Power house
Alignment (Face/Tweener/Heel): Heel
Debut: August of 2019
Theme Song: “Unforgiven” by Metallica

Finisher: Judge, Jury, & Execution
Finishers Description: Power Bomb, but he doesn’t let go; pulls him back up for a second straight power bomb, still doesn’t let go; then he transitions into an F5.

Finisher: Unforgiven
Finisher Description: Claymore Kick

Finisher: Judgment Day
Finisher Description: Bar Arm Sleeper

Signature Moves: Cruciform Slam
Signature Moves Descriptions (If Needed): He gets the opponent in a gorilla press holding them over his head before transitioning it into a spine buster.

Signature Move: Clothesline from Hell
Signature Move Description: Self Explanatory

Common Moves:

Big Boot
Tilt a whirl into a side slam
Buckle Bomb
Spine Buster
Delayed vertical suplex
Sit Out Power Bomb
Choke Slam
Boston Crab
Crippler Crossface

Those are a few of his common moves but he is a big man, a powerhouse, and will use just about any typical “powerhouse” moves. He’s also a born and bred bully and brawler and will conduct himself that way in the ring.

Strengths: He is very strong and that is his biggest strength. He is also cold and emotionless, thus outside circumstances rarely bother him when he’s competing.

Weaknesses: He is very aggressive and Clyde is not in the sport necessarily to win (although the bonus paychecks and the glory certainly are perks). Clyde is ultimately in it to hurt his opponents. This “goal” can lead to him getting disqualified. And while he is, for the most part emotionless, one emotion that does run strong within him is anger. Yes, he has a bad temper. If he gets frustrated he will quickly lose his temper and focus.


The lights in the arena go out as the opening chords of “Unforgiven” by Metallica begins to play. As the song picks up its pace a spotlight shines at the top of the ramp and we see “The Assassin” Clyde Sutter standing there with a sinister grin on his face. He is flanked by his agent, Mason Van Stanton, who smirks arrogantly out at the crowd who showers both men with booing and jeering. After a few moments of soaking in the crowd reaction, which he seems to enjoy despite their booing, Sutter begins his slow walk down the ramp, with Van Stanton following closely behind. The spotlight follows the sinister sociopath as he approaches the ring; Sutter then foregoes the steel steps as he leaps up from the floor to the ring apron. Mason applauds from the outside as he uses the steel steps to join his client on the ring apron. With the spotlight remaining only on them as one of the few lights in the arena at the moment, Sutter and Van Stanton enter the ring and then stand in the center. Van Stanton applauds his client while the fans continue to show their displeasure. The sound of Metallica dies down and the lights come back on.


Little is known about Clyde Sutter’s actual background. He entered The Braddock Wrestling School as a way to escape the streets and vent some of his violent tendencies. Unfortunately Mr. Sutter proved to be far too violent and too uncontrollable for anyone at the school. Eventually he was kicked out of The Braddock Wrestling School for being too violent with other students and even the trainers. It became quite clear to everyone at the school that Clyde Sutter simply loves to hurt people. Winning, while it is a great perk, isn’t as pleasurable to Sutter as hurting another human being is. Glory Braddock, realizing how dangerous he is and believing that someone like him didn’t belong in the sport, tried to keep him out of wrestling but he eventually found his way into the guidance of Mason Van Stanton, a crooked agent and arch rival of Glory Braddock, who was more than happy to use his agency as a springboard to kickstart Clyde’s career and stick it to Glory Braddock in the process.

AGENT: Mason Van Stanton
Picbase: John Simm
Alignment: Very sleazy, crooked, but also very cunning heel. He is a brilliant strategist.

Mason Van Stanton knows how dangerous Clyde Sutter is, but he wants to be successful, so he will actively get involved to assist Sutter. He also knows how far he can let Sutter go before he has to pull back on Sutter’s leash so to speak and stop him. Whereas Sutter doesn’t care about getting disqualified, Mason does because winning brings a better payday. If Clyde is about to perform a move that will get himself disqualified all because Clyde just wants to hurt his opponent Mason will try to talk him out of it. If Clyde Sutter isn’t too far gone then Mason may successfully be able to reason with him. Other times Clyde may not listen to Mason at all and just go through with his dastardly plans.
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