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Livewire 9.10

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Backstage in the dressing room of Summer Collins and Jessica Lasiewicz, the duo better known as Fabulous. We find Summer doing last minute stretches in preparation for her match tonight against Sophie James. Meanwhile “The Archangel” Jessica Lasiewicz is in deep meditation upon her championship opportunity.

Summer: We’re back on a roll, Jess. We beat Twin Magic at Resurrection. We beat Revelations two weeks ago. Now we’re going to win tonight.

Summer stands up and approaches her tag team partner.

Summer: And tonight you are going to bring the GCW North American Championship to our camp. Right Jess?

Lasiewicz remains silent; almost as if she is ignoring Summer. Summer waves her hand in front of Jessica.

Summer: Jess? Hello? You in there somewhere?

Jessica: I’m listening.

Summer: Oh good. I thought you were spacing on me for a moment.

The Archangel stands up and turns to face Summer.

Jessica: Tonight you face Sophie James. You two will definitely bring down the house. But do you understand what I’m up against? This is about more than just the North American Championship. Rina has The Ronin, that’s her darkside. But me, I have a darkside of my own. I have The Morning Star waiting deep in the darkest recesses of my soul just waiting to get unleashed. I’ve been bottling it up for awhile now, Summer.

Summer: Are you suggesting you may need The Morning Star to defeat Rina?

Jessica: Maybe. Just be prepared because if I go to that dark place, it will take a lot to rein me back in.

Collins nods her head.

Summer: I understand. You do what you have to, and so will I. Hopefully tonight will end just like the last several nights have for us...ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!

Jessica and Summer smirk, give each other high fives, and then walk off.

('Sleeping Giants’ by Hyro Da Hero begins to play.)

Forget the cops, I hate the world, I hate the people in it,
Hate that ignorant mess you love hearing,

This that dose of reality you fearin’
Hope I’m buried yes but can you pass the test

Recycle thoughts recycle dreams we’re not satisfied
We chase after the same thing

We hold us back we’re fighting us
And when we scream we silence us.

So we all make a deal with the devil,
because negativity is perceived to be better,

We never…to resist …so it’s routine
so we pretend that we our teams

and live like .. open up your eye realize what you are on the inside

When we let the blind lead the blind,
We fall off the cliff at the same time,

It’s mass suicide, we the sleeping giants, time to come alive

You your worst enemy,

You your worst enemy,

You are your worst enemy,

Let my words be the bullet heard throughout the chaos,
Let my message sink into your brain and never fade out.

The world spins and spins and never changes up,
We are people of pattern and I’ma shake it up

We just dance and laugh like what’s up, what’s up
Shut the f*ck up, get up your butt and do something

In war, start a war, fight the peace,lie to me,
Stop runnin around so silently

‘cause I’m gonna be what I was designed to be and
That’s the voice, a voice of youth, a voice of truth,

A voice for you , a real voice that AINT MOTHERF*CKING AUTO TUNED!!!

When we let the blind lead the blind,
We fall off the cliff at the same time,

It’s mass suicide, we the sleeping giants, time to come alive

You your worst enemy,

You your worst enemy,

You are your worst enemy,

The GCW logo flashes upon the screen.

The scene rises up as we see Janice King with a smug smile on her face as we also see the returning Ethan Rockwell in the shot. Ethan Rockwell has his Trump 2020 shirt on and a smirk upon his face.

Janice King: Hall of Famer Janie - - -

Before Janice could finish her introduction Ethan Rockwell grabs the microphone from her and shoves her out of the shot.

Ethan Rockwell: No one cares that you are a hall of fame interviewer. For a woman that just means you were able to shut your trap long enough for people to talk. It just means that you could walk and chew bubble gum at the same time. Right now you just need to do what a woman interviewer needs to be and that is a mic stand. So hold the mic and stay out of the shot.

Janice King makes an audible frustrating sigh.

Ethan Rockwell: See all you bets Vick’s out there, a real man can put women in there place and unfortunately looking around GCW, it looks like it is going to be a one man job. It looks like there are a bunch of little boys claiming to be men but none of them have had then nuts dropped yet. They continue to get emasculated by a bimbo weather girl, a tech support princess, or Tits McGee. They continue to be made subservient to these chicks in GCW.

Ethan notices the microphone dropping a bit as Ethan grabs Janice’s arm and raises as he looks sternly at Janice before looking back at the camera.

Ethan Rockwell: Don’t worry though a real man like Ethan Rockwell will make sure they do their JOB. And tonight I start with Carmen Diaz. Well Ms. Diaz, you will get to experience how a real man acts when he steps in this ring. You see tonight you are standing across from an Alpha male. A man that will never take a backseat to a chick. A man that will show you that women should be nothing more than eye candy in the wrestling business. Tonight I show the GCW what a real man is capable of. I show Pete that he was foolishly hand keys to a Ferrari and I show the world how much a airhead Tits McGee truly is. Oh and Ms. Diaz, don’t worry about getting your ass kicked, I got you a present afterwards.

Ethan Rockwell reaches down to chair next to him a stands back holding an apron.

Ethan Rockwell: I got an outfit for your next job….in the kitchen.

Ethan Rockwell lets out a laugh and starts to walk off as the camera turns back to Janice who looks pissed.

Janice King: Well that was Etha - - -

Ethan Rockwell walks back into the shot and hands her an apron.

Ethan Rockwell: You can take one too, maybe you can be a hall of Famer in the kitchen too.

Ethan Rockwell laughs as he walks off. Jamie King looks pissed and stares at him as he walks off before she throws down the apron.

Ethan Rockwell vs. Carmen Diaz

The opening contest of the night featured the GCW return of the much hated Ethan Rockwell. Carmen Diaz was tasked with shutting Ethan up for all women in wrestling. This was not a task she took lightly as the bell rang. Diaz took Rockwell over with an arm drag, then a dropkick. She took to the air with a hurricanrana, followed by a bicycle kick...leading to the first cover, Rockwell kicking out. Ethan rolled out to the floor for a breather, but Diaz performed a suicide dive...but Ethan caught her in mid air, slamming her on the hard floor. Ethan rolled Carmen back in the ring, then started to punish her with kicks, punches, and sexist insults. He drilled her into the canvas with a full nelson slam, then deciding enough was enough, he hit the MAGA Driver (Steiners Screwdriver)...covering her suggestively, but still getting the 1-2-3.

Winner: Ethan Rockwell (Pinfall, 8:50)

We open in the dressing room for Karen McBride and her sister Melanie, collectively known as The McBride Corporation. Although one half of the group isn’t there; namely, Melanie is absent. Karen sits there by herself on a bench, her legs crossed and arms folded over her chest. She is dressed for combat but looks frustrated and agitated. Why shouldn’t she be? Between a loss last week to Total War and then being assaulted by Global Champion Andrew Raynes at the Draft Show, things have not gone well at all for The McBride Corporation. She wishes things would take a turn for the better and she is waiting, relatively patiently, on the arrival of her sister, who promises a surprise plan to make things better for them.

Karen: Where the hell are you?!

Her impatience is beginning to show. Luckily she isn’t kept waiting much longer. The door opens and Melanie McBride enters the room with a grave, stoic look upon her face. Karen stares back anxious to hear what news she brings.

Karen: There you are! Whatever you got it had better be good because we cannot afford any more losses!

Melanie: Oh it’s bold. And it is good. But you have to have an open mind.

Karen: Mel, we got our ass handed to us by Total War last week. Prior to that, at the draft show, I got my ass whipped by Andrew Raynes. We used to be dominant. We used to be feared. We are a sibling duo and should have natural tag team chemistry but we are struggling at the bottom of the barrel. Something has to give. So do I have an open mind? Yeah, I’m willing to try just about anything to get some success.

Melanie nods her head and then steps aside. Karen watches as Melanie’s biological older sister, Blair McBride, enters the room. Karen shoots up to her feet and confronts Blair in the center of the room.

Karen: You have some nerve coming here, Blair!

Melanie: Easy, Kare-Bear! I invited her…

Blair smirks. Karen scowls but nods her head, sitting back down.

Melanie: Look Kare-Bear, in the past we could wrestle as a tag team and win, lose, or draw I’d be fine with the outcome. I used to go into any match just happy to be there. You grinned and bore it for my sake but I could tell you couldn’t stand losing. It was just my naive, ignorant, innocence. I came into this business with innocence but that innocence was taken from me by The Nero Organization. The Nero Organization taught me how cutthroat life is and that to get ahead you need to be prepared. You mentioned losing to Total War...we were in no way prepared for Total War. You mentioned being attacked by Raynes. He blindsided you. You were unprepared. Are you detecting a pattern?

Karen: Yeah…

Melanie: Now I’m in no way condoning what Blair did to Sierra. But she is MY sister...and therefore she is YOUR sister, even if you were and I are the wrestlers, we get the job done inside the ring but Blair was always there to help us prepare and focus on the task at hand.

Blair: I’m not asking for forgiveness because I know you and I know you won’t give it to me, and I’m not even sure I deserve forgiveness. I’m just looking for a second chance. That’s all. When we were together and on the same page we came close to tag team success. I threw that away. I take responsibility for that. But if you give me this second chance, you won’t regret it.

Karen McBride stands up and approaches her sister Blair. She gets nose to nose and furrows her brow.

Karen: You get one more chance, Blair. Just one more chance because God knows I have needed second chances before in my life. But understand that this is your one and only second chance.

Blair: That’s all I ask...and I understand…

Karen: I hope you understand, Blair. But in case you don’t understand let me spell it out for you. Tonight, Mel and I are facing a legendary team in The Sisterhood, former multi-time tag champions across multiple promotions. This is a tough test for the two of us but it is a test that we intend to pass. Beating them puts us solidly into the tag team conversation so you know how badly we want to win this.

Blair nods her head.

Karen: If Melanie and I lose tonight...then you will be fired again, but before I fire you, I will personally beat the ever living crap out of you...NOW are we clear?

Blair gulps and nods her head.

Blair: Crystal.

Karen: Good. Then don’t stick your nose in OUR business. You do what Mel says you do best and you leave the wrestling to Melanie and I. We’ll handle The Sisterhood. You go handle our business as our manager. Talk to Pete Floyd or something. But leave The Sisterhood to us. We have something to prove.

Karen storms out of the room. As soon as she leaves Blair lets out a huge sigh of relief.

Blair: Karen sure is worked up…

Melanie: She has every right to be.

Without warning Melanie turns around and grabs Blair by the throat.

Melanie: The McBride Corporation fell apart the last time because you tried to stick your nose in our in ring work. I brought you back not because I loved you but out of necessity. Karen and I tried to handle the management end and the wrestling end but found it made things too difficult. We need a third party, namely you, to handle the management. But if you can’t get the job done then Karen won’t be the only one beating your ass tonight.

Blair: But...who else are you going to get...we’re family…

Melanie: You think I brought you back because we’re family? Like I said, I learned a great deal from The Nero Organization, chief among them how to be ruthless and cutthroat. I brought you back because Karen and I are familiar with your work. But I can always seek out new management if you fail us. I heard Mason Van Stanton is looking for new clients…

Blair’s face goes pale and not from being choked. Blair shakes her head.

Blair: I...I won’t fail…

Melanie: Good.

Melanie releases the vice like grip she had on Blair. Then Melanie smiles from ear to ear and waves at her.

Melanie: See ya, Blair. Toodles…

Melanie walks off.

Now we cut to the dressing room of The Sisterhood. Kayla Jones-Snow is seated on a bench in her wrestling gear, meditating on the task at hand tonight, a tag team match pitting her and her sister Angelica against The McBride Corporation. While Kayla is still and silent, her sister Angelica is pacing the floor like a caged lion; and perhaps just as angry as one.

Angel: You are pathetic. You know that? You tried your cheap little tricks and games at Resurrection and what happened? Kat Kelly kicked your ass and you lost the Heritage Championship. You tried those same cheap tricks at the draft show and what happened? KAt Kelly kicked your ass again. You had a chance to turn things around and I even came to you, face to face, and told you what you needed to do to beat Isabella Harker and advance in this tournament. But did that happen?

Angelica shakes her head.

Angel: No...instead Harker beat your ass and now while she’s one step closer to a Global Championship match YOU are slowly but surely being forgotten.

Kayla: Hey! I don’t have to sit here and take these insults!

Kayla stands up and confronts her sister.

Kayla: If I’m being forgotten then why am I booked here tonight?

Angel: Because of me, or more specifically what you and I together represent. We are The Sisterhood, Kay. The Sisterhood represents the best of tag team wrestling. Tonight is yet another chance you have to right this ship and get your career back on track but you need to remember who in the hell you are.

She places a hand on her younger sister’s shoulder.

Angel: You are a former GCW World Champion. You are a GCW Original. You are NOT a fashion model passing out calendars. And you do NOT need cheap tricks to beat The McBride Corporation. Do you hear what I am saying?

Kayla: Yes, I hear you.

Angel: Good because tonight what you do doesn’t just impact you it impacts me as well. And if your piss poor judgment causes me to lose tonight...then…

Kayla: Then what?!

Angelica smirks devilishly.

Angel: Hopefully we won’t have to cross that bridge.

Angelica walks off.

The Sisterhood vs. The McBride Corporation

Kayla and Angelica have an argument as to who will start off. Kayla insists on starting. The argument is distraction enough to allow Karen and Melanie to blindside the sisters. Karen with a McBride’s Ride to Angelica and then throws her outside. Karen and Melanie double team Kayla for several moments inside the ring…a high low combo...a belly to back suplex neck breaker combo...finally a spike pile driver. The last two holds focus heavily on the neck and Kayla has a well known history of neck problems. Finally Melanie exits and Karen stays inside. The referee asks Kayla if she wishes to continue. Kayla wants to take the easy way out but Angelica, back on the ring apron, shouts…


Reluctantly Kayla agrees. The bell rings and the match is under way. Karen continues to work over the neck with a neck snapper and a neck vice. Karen tags out to Melanie. Melanie with a swinging neck breaker a cover and a two. Melanie with a neck vice. Melanie and Karen continue to make quick tags in and out to keep the fresher person in the ring. Karen and Melanie are attempting another double team but Kayla catches Melanie with The Ginger Snap and then catches Karen with The Kaylan Wind Kick Version 2.0. Kayla tags out to Angelica. Angelica in and continues the assault with a snap suplex to Melanie and a superkick to Karen that sends her to the outside. Angelica whips Melanie into The Sisterhood corner and delivers a stinger splash.

Angelica and Kayla then proceed to return the favor, isolating Melanie in their corner and making quick tags in and out to keep the fresher sister in. Melanie starts to fight back and build up momentum. She goes for a springboard hurricinrana but Angelica catches her in mid-air and converts into the Angel’s Arch...her version of the lion tamer. Melanie is agony but refuses to quit. At the thirty second mark it appears as if Melanie is on the verge of tapping so Karen comes in and breaks it up. Kayla quickly comes in and starts brawling with Karen. Their brawl spills to the outside. Angelica drills Melanie with The Hot Shot, her version of the pedigree. She covers but the referee is distracted by the brawl going on the outside. Kayla grabs a steel chair and aims at Karen who is trying to get to her feet. Angelica sees this and goes outside, takes the chair away from Kayla, placing it into the ring. Kayla and Angelica start to argue again.


Kayla sighs as the referee begins berating Kayla for the attempted chair use. Meanwhile Angelica reenters the ring but turns around into a ddt from Melanie onto the chair. Melanie gets rid of the evidence and then drills her with Evolution, her version of eat defeat. Melanie covers...1...2...3!

WINNERS: The McBride Corporation

The camera focuses on the ramp as Karen and Melanie McBride make their way to the back, their music playing. With a quick cut to the ring, Kayla is checking on Angelica but Angel pushes her sister away, not aggressively but just out of frustration and Kayla sighs before rolling out of the ring leaving Angelica on her knees, catching her breath. Her face is filled with bitter disappointment and she sighs, shaking her head before going to push up to her feet but the lights cut before she can get back up.

The fans roar in anticipation, wondering what’s to come, before the roar turns to ferocious boos as the screen lights up to show the visage of former North American champion Ba’al in high definition. The lights raise slightly to show Angelica on one knee, staring at the screen wondering what the hell is going on. Kayla stands on the outside, her hands on her hips watching on too as Ba’al finally starts to speak over the boo’s of the fans.

Ba’al: “Angelica, Kayla, my deepest sympathies for your latest loss inside of a GCW ring. I must confess, I do feel for the pair of you as the last few weeks have not been too kind to either of you, have they my dears?”

Kayla rolls her eyes as she watches on but Angelica doesn’t react at all, just staring at the screen and Ba’al’s sinister slim smile that sits on his face until he starts to speak again.

Ba’al: “Unfortunately, I fear that this could be something which will be allowed to continue for some time as, at least from the benefit of standing on the outside as it were, I feel I can see the big picture which the two of you simply cannot, due to how central to the problem that you are… and of course, due to my own bad fortune at Resurrection, as you can imagine, I have had some time to truly appreciate what is transpiring within GCW as a whole while recuperating from the concussion I received at the hands of Ms. Takeuie. And now… while I sense the blame for this recent loss may land on the doorstep of you, Kayla… I feel it prudent that I should address YOU instead, Angelica. You see… from where I sit at least… I do not believe that Kayla IS the problem right now. No… I believe YOU are…”

The fans roar as one with boo’s as Kayla starts shouting at the screen in defense of her sister, but Angelica continues to watch on blankly as Ba’al speaks to her and her alone now. He cannot hear the boo’s in the arena, and even if he could, it wouldn’t concern him anyway.

Ba’al: “My dear Angelica, do you not see the problem that is more than evident in this situation? You wish to better yourself, and I can appreciate the passion and drive to do so, given I always endevour to better myself where possible also… but do you not appreciate my dear, that my caging the dragon for want of better phrase, and I apologise for the crudeness of it but needs must… do you not see that caging the dragon is what it truly leading you down the path you currently walk? The path of failure. Defeat. A sense of acceptance that you cannot get the job done without it? My dear, I know more than most the pleasure of releasing the inner demons in order to help ensure not just survival but encourage success, do I not? And you, Ms. Jones, you and I are more alike than I believe you realise…”

Kayla is screaming now, but her words are lost to the noise from the crowd. Angelica however, still isn’t reacting.

Ba’al: “You must do what you feel is correct, of course… but my advice, my dear, is to ignore the notion that you would be better suited to enslave those deep dark feelings in order to be a better person. You are not a monster, Ms. Jones, unless you deny yourself your true personification. THIS version of you, lumbered in denial and refusal to accept the truth. SHE is the monster. And I fear the failure will continue until you accept that. And so I implore you to ask yourself one question, my dear Angelica. Do you want success… or are you happy to accept failure so long as people view you as good people? Ruminate on that one my dear. We shall talk again soon. Enjoy the rest of your evening, ladies and gentlemen.”

And with that, the screen goes dark and the lights come back on as if nothing happened. The fans continue to boo as Kayla turns to look at Angelica in the ring, but Angelica simply gets up and rolls out of the ring. Kayla tries talking to her as they head up the ramp but Angelica ignores her questions as they exit and the scene fades out.

[A black stretch limo arrives in the parking lot. The camera pans open and reveals a slew of security guards standing, waiting. Dexter Russell is also seen standing among them, having received word that there was a limo arriving. Eventually, the limo parks and one of the security guards slowly opens the door. A black glove appears and the security guard takes the hand and helps them exist the vehicle. The hand belongs to Dianna Kruse, who the crowd boos once they see her. Dressed in a black and white fur, a black form fitting dress and black, silk gloves on her hands. Dianna is quickly escorted to the building, bypassing Dexter Russell, who tries to get a word in. Soon, Gloria Velasquez is also seen existing the car, dressed in a white dress shirt and black leather jeans.]

Dexter: Gloria! Gloria can I get a-

[Gloria glares at Dexter and rolls her eyes.]

Gloria: Puta madre!

[She dismisses him by waving him off as the security guards shield her away from Dexter and walk her to the car. The crowd then boos louder when Krissy steps out of the limo alongside Trevor Cash. Krissy sports a purple halter top and black leather pants. She's quickly escorted, more so than everyone else, leaving Trevor by himself with Dexter. Trevor turns his attention to Dexter.]

Trevor: I remember making it very clear that none of us in Reverie would take interviews from you or any other interviewer.

Dexter: Trevor, I have a job to do.

Trevor: So do I. So does everyone else.

Dexter: If you can, share you at least share some light as to what Krissy is thinking regarding the looming decision of her no contest against Destiny Skye two weeks ago.

[Trevor takes a long look at Dexter, mulling over his next decision. He places his hands inside his pockets.]

Trevor: For one, yet again, we were denied the biggest locker room. Something Krissy has clearly mentioned is a major sticking point. I don't think it's controversial to say that Krissy is one of the best wrestlers on this brand. Therefore the request is not blasphemous. Not to mention, we've made it very clear that we do not want to be forced to eat catering, but instead be prepared gourmet meals. She does not like the catering that is usually provided and so she refuses to eat it. Also, almost two years ago, Krissy signed her first pro wrestling contract in a very shrewd move by GCW. They have reaped the benefits of having her on a very company friendly contract, which makes sense as she was an unknown. That contract is coming up shortly and it's clear that Krissy is no longer an unknown but instead she is a star. At twenty four years old. So, naturally, this puts her in line for more money and more incentives.

[Trevor pauses.]

Trevor: It's very important for her to be seen as someone unlike everyone on this show because she knows what a talent she is and the thought of being lumped in with everyone else, simply isn't good enough for her. So until we gets these needs met, we will continue to arrive at the arena at the last minute. These are all the various things Krissy is currently thinking. As for tonight, I've talked to Mr. Floyd. I've expressed what Krissy has expressed to everyone. she is determined to become a World champion; the GCW Global Champion. Destiny Skye clearly wasn't wrestling to actually win the match but to spite Krissy and deny her the chance. I explained all of this to Mr. Floyd and I'm going to trust that he will properly appease Krissy and see things our way. Do you have any further questions, Dexter?

Dexter: What if Pete Floyd goes against the demands Krissy has set forth.

[Trevor flashes a brief smirk.]

Trevor: Then he'll have a fight on his hands. In more ways than one. I'll leave it at that.

[Trevor then walks away as Dexter looks on.]

The show opens up in the gorilla position, the noise from the crowd cutting through the curtain where Sophie James stands in anticipation of her match coming up in a matter of moments. She stands looking at the curtain with her eyes on the prize until the camera approaches her and breaks her concentration. She sighs as she looks at the camera.

Sophie James: “So I guess you couldn’t come and find me any earlier, huh guys?”

The camera shakes and a voice is heard from behind the camera, presumably the cameraman himself or a member of the production crew.

Voice: “Sorry Ms. James, been a busy night so far. Trying to play catch up for the most part. We can leave if you’d rather, otherwise we have about a minute?”

Sophie shrugs and then shakes her head.

Sophie James: “It’s fine… not much to say anyway. Not much that’s good anyway. By rights, I shouldn’t even be standing here right now… guess you can say I was an afterthought or something, huh?”

The man behind the camera goes to speak again, but Sophie shakes her head and holds a hand up to silence him.

Sophie James: “Nah sweetie, save your breath… I don’t need my ego stroking, I don’t care if Pete Floyd wants to forget I exist, I may work under him but I don’t do this FOR him anyway. I’m used to gm’s or owners that don’t appreciate me, been that way for years in one way or another. It’s almost enough to leave a girl with a complex, or it would be if I didn’t have the fuck it attutde I do I guess? But Pete wants to ignore me for three shows in a row until someone backstage brought it up? Well, I guess I just have to make him understand what the fuck he’s ignoring, huh?”

Sophie turns away from the camera, looking at the curtain now as she bounces from one foot to the other.

Sophie James: “In Majestic, I was never seen as a top dog. UWA I was a laughing stock for a while, the fans chuckled at the stupid shit I did while high, UWA played off of my substance abuse and addictions, it got them the attention they wanted and they were happy to profit off of it… but then I shocked them ALL by becoming World Champion. SCW took that momentum and made me into a tag wrestler. They bust me back to where I’d been for years… you know I teamed with both Marie AND Kim in a year plus run as UWA tag champs, right? Or was it IWC and UWA? Whatever. I had ALL the momentum heading into SCW, joining right off the back of being UWA world champ… and they threw my and my ex boyfriend into the tag division because they couldn’t be bothered to think of anything else for us!”

Sophie shakes her head but continues to look at the curtain instead of the camera.

Sophie James: “And then I come here… I come to a company I actually wrestled for one before, as part of the Ginger Nation… and fresh off of beating that big ugly fuck TD Batterson, what does Floyd do? Ignores me, two shows on the bounce. Didn’t book me at the draft show, didn’t book me last Livewire… and he didn’t bother to book me tonight either, until SOMEONE higher up pointed out they were basically paying me for fucking nothing if I didn’t wrestle again this week… well you know what Floyd?”

Finally Sophie turns to face the camera, JUST as her music can be heard playing beyond the curtain, so time is evidently short.

Sophie James: “FUCK YOU, asshole!”

The cameraman actually takes a step back as Sophie glares down the lens of the camera in his hands.

Sophie James: “You want to ignore me? You want to push others over a proven champion? Someone who’s beaten the odds EVERY. STEP. OF THE WAY? Fine sweetie. On your own fucking head be it. Because love me… or HATE me… its still an obsession, Pete. And you’re gonna be obsessed soon enough. Mark my words. Mwah!”

She blows the air kiss at the camera before throwing the hood of her jacket over her head and turning, she walks through the curtains, which fall shut behind her as she disappears and with that the scene cuts.

Summer Collins-Newman vs Sophie James

In what turned out to be a real sleeper-match, the fans were left on the edge of their seats by Summer and Sophie, who had a hell of a back and forth between them right from the opening bell. Sophie almost seemed to be a little more aggressive than normal, and based off her pre-match promo perhaps that was understandable but Summer was able to keep pace and the two women took turns in trading control, with a series of counters impressive moves that left the fans unable to guess what would happen until it actually happened before their eyes. In the end, it was Sophie who proved to have the edge when she managed to his Summer with the Detoxer by surprise as she came off the ropes and with momentum firmly in her favour after that, Sophie dragged Summer up and hit a move never seen from her before... a lightning spiral, which some fans may know elsewhere as the Aces Wild. With Summer dropped on her head and kneck, Sophie floats over to hook the legs and the ref slides in to count the 1, 2, 3!
Winner by pinfall: Sophie James

Sophie rolls off and to her knees as her music begins to play and she gets up. The referee goes to raise her hand but she yanks it away and she turns to Summer, looking down on her with scorn. She pushes Summer out of the ring with her foot before turning to the ring camera. She gets right up in the lens, glaring down it as she talks directly into it.

Sophie James: “For you Pete, that one was ALL for you sweetie. Gonna forget me again next week?”

And with that, she spits at the camera, and the show quickly has to cut to another camera as Sophie exits the ring and makes her way backstage, with many of the fans starting to boo as the scene fades out.

Backstage we see GCW’s roving reporter, one of the more honest journalists in GCW, Dexter Russell. Standing next to him is one of the lovely young ladies involved in the tournament match controversy from last Livewire; namely, Destiny Skye.

Dexter: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time is anxiously waiting to hear from Livewire General Manager Pete Floyd about what the fate holds for herself, Krissy, and the future of this contenders tournament. Please welcome, Destiny Skye. Thank you for joining me, Destiny.

Destiny: My pleasure, Dexter.

Dexter: Last week a count out cost both you and Krissy a conclusive end, not just to a match but a very important tournament match to crown a number one contender to the GCW Global Championship. What do you think should happen? What do you think Pete Floyd should do?

Destiny: I could stand here and tell you how I had that bitch flat on her ass with a Destiny Cutter. I could tell you about how count outs are cheap and had it not been me being just one second late I would’ve beaten her anyway. But you know what those are? Excuses. The old me makes excuses but not the new me. I don’t make excuses. What happened sucked but it happened. Now it is out of my hands, it is in the hands of Pete Floyd, and…

“Blah, blah, blah…”

Destiny glares angrily as she watches her ex-husband Mason Van Stanton approach, smirking nastily.

Mason: You sound pathetic. “It is out of my hands”...”it is in the hands of Pete Floyd”...oh come on! When I was managing your career you were tougher than that! You were tougher than to let your fate be decided by the likes of some loser like Floyd. Then again, when I managed you, you had a killer instinct. The Destiny I managed would have beaten Krissy in the center of the ring and we wouldn’t be having this conversation in the first place.

Destiny: Newsflash, wanker, this conversation doesn’t involve you! You are not my agent anymore, you are not my husband anymore. Hell, even that dimwit Krissy has enough common sense to know that you’re bad news. Since you’re not involved with this situation at all then why don’t you get your nose out of my business before I decide to bust your nose?

Van Stanton chuckles.

Mason: Ah but you see, that’s why I’m here. I’m here because I want to make you an offer. It was unfortunate how my relationship with Julia Braddock ended but what that does leave open is a spot available as my prize...I can take you back to the top of the mountain, Destiny, I can take you to the Global Championship. People like Andrew Raynes and myself are on the same wavelength. We operate on the same page; the page of hatred. I can get you to his level. But you wouldn’t do it as my equal, that opportunity passed you by the moment you got too full of yourself. You would do it as my trophy client. I would make you into the best version of yourself and guide your career to stardom. What do you say?

Destiny rears back and slaps Mason.

Destiny: Hell! No!

Destiny storms off. Van Stanton chuckles.

Mason: Women...heh…

Backstage we see the very lovely and very arrogant Hall of Fame journalist (just ask her) Janice King. She grins from ear to ear as she stands next to Alan Monroe, the self-proclaimed Hell’s Reject, who paces back and forth impatiently.

Janice: Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Janice King and I am your ONLY Hall of Fame journalist in Global Championship Wrestling! And I am…

Alan takes the microphone away from Janice.

Alan: Whoa, whoa, whoa! WHOA! Hold on just a second…

Janice: Huh?

Alan: No one gives a damn about your Hall of Fame. No one cares about you. Except Chantelle Chambers. But that’s it! That’s literally it!

Alan motions for her to go away.

Alan: So shoo! Go run off and kiss her ass or someone else’s ass! I got a few things to say!

Janice sighs and walks off. Alan turns to the camera and smirks.

Alan: So two weeks ago a so called Enforcer was gonna put me in my place. But did that happen? No, it didn’t. I gave him just a small sampling of what Hell’s Reject is all about. And apparently I got someone’s attention because now I’m in a tournament to crown a number one contender for the GCW Global Championship. I haven’t had any taste of gold since arriving in GCW and I’m hungry. I’m damn hungry. And do ya think Hell’s Reject is ready, willing, and able to embrace all of the mother fucking hate I can in order to topple Andrew Raynes and become champion? You damn right I am! I can go deep into the darkness. I can embrace the hate. I will give him all the hate he can handle.

He points a finger at the camera.

Alan: But first, I have to deal with Ms. Budde. Sorry, babe, but you’re not getting past me. I’m not letting this opportunity slip through my fingers. Tonight is my night, bitch.

Alan walks off.

As Livewire returns from commercial, the shot is of General Manager Pete Floyd, who is standing in the center of the ring at the Hawaii Convention Center. He is dressed in slacks and a button-down shirt, and he has a traditional Hawaiian lay around his neck.

Pete: "As this is GCW's last night in this beautiful state of Hawaii, I want to take a moment to thank everyone for making this past month so memorable."

He smiles at the expected pop he receives.

Pete: "Now then. Two weeks ago, we started a tournament to determine the next challenger to the Global Championship, currently held by Andrew Raynes. In one of those first round matches, there was a double count-out between Krissy and Destiny Skye. At this time I would like to call both of them down to the ring so that we may discuss how we will proceed.”
A few moments pass, wondering who would end up coming out first. Suddenly, the lights go dark. and
"Hung Up" by Madonna hits the PA system. The tron begins to shows different highlights of the woman in question before it goes dark again.

One lone spotlight hits the ramp and Krissy appears. Dressed in a violet jacket with the same color boa draped around her neck, Krissy poses to the camera, extending her arms in the air. Krissy holds this pose for several seconds before she brings her arms down to her sides. From there, she takes her time walking down the ramp.

Trevor Cash, standing in front of Krissy, nods in approval as Krissy walks past him, head held high, looking at every camera at ringside. Her eyes drift back and forth as she wrinkles her jacket passing them. Once she reaches ringside, Krissy glares at the crowd as she makes her way up the steel steps as Trevor follows up behind her, standing along the apron. Krissy soon takes off her jacket and hands it off to Trevor and from there, Krissy grabs the top rope and performs a flip over them and into the ring! The crowd oohs as Krissy stands up in the middle of the ring. The lights go strobe, drawing more oohs from the crowd. Krissy responds by walking around the ring, like a fashion show, looking at every camera. The shots go back and forth to each camera that Krissy sees. Satisfied, she retreats to her corner and the lights turn back on in the arena. Her music fades as Krissy prepares for her desired outcome to this situation.
"Paradise City" by Guns 'N' Roses then hits, to a huge crowd ovation, which is met almost immediately by Krissy rolling her eyes hard, not wanting to have anything to do with Destiny. Destiny shows up on the entrance a few moments later and poses for the fans. She then begins to make her way down the entrance ramp, to little hoopla; unlike krissy, and slides into the ring. Trevor is the first to engage as he starts mouthing off towards her but Destiny doesn’t pay attention. She goes over to the turnbuckle, climbs up, and poses again to a huge ovation. Krissy still looks disgusted by the fact that she’s in the ring, again, with her. Destiny comes down and walks over to the corner beside where Trevor and Krissy are as Pete stands there waiting for the music to finally die down.

Pete: “Thank you, ladies; I know you have both been waiting for a decision to come from me in regards to your first round match. Being that this is a tournament that creates a unique problem which I had to resolve. I spoke with many people and ultimately, I came to the decision that the person who had a vested interest in having this situation resolved fairly would be the one who ultimately makes this decision. Now I don't expect this decision to be a popular one, but it is the right call. So, now I hand it over to the one who will be deciding your future….

There’s awkward silence for a few moments as you can see both Krissy and Destiny trying to get an answer out of Pete but he just stands there saying nothing, smiling; then suddenly “Through Struggle” hits the speakers and the crowd erupts into boos. Krissy is just livid over this as Destiny doesn’t look impressed either. IN a few moments, GCW Global Heavyweight Champion, and most hated man in the company, makes his way out onto the entrance ramp. Dressed in jeans and a hoodie, the title belt hanging from his hand and a microphone in the other; he smirks as he stands up at the top of the entrance ramp, looking squarely at both Krissy and Destiny, then lifts his title belt into the air which sets off immense pyro around him. He brings the title back down and slings it over his shoulder. He paces around for a few moments as he’s still receiving immense jeers from the crowd. He looks around and then back over towards the ring, ready to finally resolve this.

Andrew: Don’t look so fucking surprised, you didn’t really think I would just leave something like this to the likes of anyone other than the champ right?

Let me make one thing perfectly clear, as much as I am an asshole and the most hated, that doesn’t mean that have ever intended on devaluing this championship. Unlike for the past two and a half years, I am someone that is actually here to make something out of the embarrassment that this championship has endured since I first arrived in GCW. The fact that you, Krissy, would expect to be given a free ride to face Isabella is just downright laughable. You really think after that pitiful match the two of you had two weeks ago is going to justify settling this in a cage or be given a gift for your lack of effort?

The crowd boos as Andrew smirks, adjusting the title over his shoulder.

Andrew: This is why I asked to intervene on this issue; As the champ, I do have a more vested interest in what happens. Simply by being out here and dealing with this, I have done more for this championship in the month and a half I have held it than Lenore did in this six months she hid in the fucking backstage area terrified to lose it to someone actually better than her. What’s the best part about not giving a shit about either of you, is that I don’t actually care who is going to advance and who goes home and sobs like a little bitch. What matters to me, is that I have someone I am going to face at Purgatory who actually knows what’s at stake for whoever actually wins this and has the task of trying to take this belt away from me. You think that you’re just going to coast through this because you feel entitled or that yourself righteously feel like you deserve it? I could just easily say that you’re both fucked and neither of you would advance.

That comment set off both Krissy and Destiny as they start talking shit to Andrew up the ramp.

Andrew: But that’s not going to solve anything either, Pete could have just done that with his eyes closed and moved on. But Pete understands that this actually means something to me and that I need to face someone that is going to be prepared to fight for a world title, to be prepared for whatever it takes in order to try and stop this Doomtrain from smashing you in the face and altering the status of your health. Tonight, if either of you actually want to have a chance to face me at Purgatory, you’re going to have to damn well do….”whatever it takes” to be that person.

So here’s how this is going to go. The two of you are going to face each other, in the middle of that ring in a “whatever it takes” match.

(Andrew takes a second as the crowd boos, Krissy loses her shit over the idea and Destiny smirks, ready to rip this bitches head off. )

Andrew: Now, I am sure you are wondering what that means. Exactly, well its simple. You two are going to use whatever means necessary in order to beat the other. There will be no controversy, no double count out, pinfall, submission bullshit. There is going to be a winner and do you know why?

(Andrew slowly unzips his hoodie as it slowly begins to reveal a referee striped shirt underneath. Destiny and Krissy, both realizing what was going to happen, lose their fucking minds as the crowd boos again.)

Andrew: I am going to personally see to it that there is a winner by coming down there and letting you two do whatever the fuck you want to each other in order to win. Use whatever you want, do whatever you want because I don’t care. I am simply going to count the fall and declare a winner.

Simple right? Not quite, there’s more.

After one of you kills the other, metaphorically, you’re going to have only a few moments to get your shit together and be ready. That’s because after you had about as much time as Kelsai had for her match with Princess Nava after Kelsai beat Dustin, Isabella is going to come to the ring and you will immediately face off against her in the semifinals of the tournament and the winner will move on to the finals. When you don’t bother to treat this championship seriously, like you two demonstrated two weeks ago, you’re going to be given a painful lesson on just exactly it’s going to take in order to pry this away from me.

(The crowd boos louder, not enjoying the torturous aspect that Andrew is about to put Krissy and Destiny through. They’re pissed as well, complaining immediately to Pete about how he can’t do this. Pete just shrugs and tells them both its out of his hands. Andrew chuckles watching them bicker with him)

Andrew: Honestly, if you don’t fucking like it, then I would suggest you shut up, win both matches tonight and do whatever it takes to face me at Purgatory. Then you might be able to do something about it, though most likely you’ll be the first to Embrace the Hatred of this championship reign and be reduced to nothing more than an afterthought when Im done with you. Ring the fucking bell

(Andrew throws the mic down as he makes his way down to the ring as Krissy and Destiny look over at each other and Pete exits the ring.)

Global Championship Contender's Tournament - Round 1 Rematch
Krissy vs. Destiny Skye

Two weeks ago, Krissy and Destiny fought to a double count-out. Tonight, things picked up where they left off...with the two women brawling. They went back and forth for quite a while before spilling out to the floor. "Whatever it takes." No rules. Andrew watched smirking from the ring as the two women battled on the floor. Destiny introduced a weapon first, finding a lead pipe under the ring. Trevor Cash immediately started to try to wrestle the pipe away from Skye, but took a shot to the stomach for his troubles. This distraction allowed Krissy to grab her own weapon, a length of chain, which she wrapped around Destiny's throat, attempting to choke her out. Skye was eventually able to fight Krissy off, but she was left on her hands and knees, gasping for air as Krissy grabbed a kendo stick and beat Destiny until she was busted open. Krissy then went to check on Cash, who seemed fine, if not a bit shaken. Destiny rushed the distracted Krissy, grabbing Krissy by the hair and smashing her head into the guard rail before ushering her back inside the squared circle.

Skye threw Krissy out of the corner with a hip toss, which she followed with a dropkick. Skye with a frankensteiner, then a belly-to-belly suplex. Krissy kicked out of the ensuing cover. Destiny went for the Destiny Cutter, but Krissy ducked it, quickly kipping up behind Destiny, rolling her up with a schoolboy. Raynes dropped for the count, but stopped when he saw Krissy using the ropes for leverage. Krissy got in Andrew's face, and he responded by shoving her...right into Destiny, who rolled her up...but Andrew refused to count the fall. This time, Destiny got in Andrew's face and Raynes grabbed her by the throat, shoving her forceably away. Krissy didn't waste time trying for a roll-up, knowing Andrew wouldn't count it, but she did hit a bulldog. She followed this with Pleine Floraison...and this time, made a cover and Raynes counted the 1-2-3.

Winner: Krissy (Pinfall, 8:11)

Immediately after Krissy is declared the winner, "Brilliant" by Shinedown hits and Isabella Harker makes her way to the ring. She is dressed to compete, but doesn't look happy. She enters the ring and gets into Andrew's face, stating her case. She doesn't want an unfair advantage over her opponent. Andrew responds with a snicker and a head shake, further pissing Harker off. Harker looks ready to strike Raynes, when Krissy grabs her arm, spinning her around, and taking her down with a spinning kick to Harker's face. Raynes calls for the bell.

Global Championship Tournament - Semifinal Match
Krissy vs. Isabella Harker

Despite having just fought a tough match against Destiny Skye, Krissy was dominant over Isabella. Lots of high-flying action...and perhaps one-too-many as she missed Una Rosa Florece, crashing hard in the corner. Harker with The Stake! She makes a cover. 1...2...3!

Winner: Isabella Harker (Pinfall, 5:05)


Lenore Price-Mason in her street clothes sits on the couch behind none other than the polarizing and dangerous, Ms. Budde. She is in all green and white, pacing back and forth. Jordyne Jade sist on the chair of the couch next to Lenore, where they know that she gets a huge opportunity to advance in the tournament to get a shot at the Global Championship. Ms. Budde turns to the camera and speaks…

Ms. Budde: “My oh my, will you look at here, Alan Monroe, see what you have to face coming into this Livewire? As you can see, everyone knows that the true Global Champion is the woman sitting right behind me, robbed at Resurrection, and as she gets her rematch when Lenore well chooses, I will do her the honor of taking it from Andrew Raynes, though I would never want to steal any thunder from my partner, but what I know is that tonight I get to advance in the tourney, putting myself in a position to bring back the gold into HERstory Makers. Oh loooooord, what they have done to you Alan, see pumpkin, while many drew other names, you picked out of a hat a freight train looking to run you over, boy. I am the kind of woman who has in her entire career tasted singles gold ONE time, yes it is hard to believe but in the GCW, we didn’t exactly have a memorable Grand Stage PPV for our first Resurrection and as the new season is upon us, it is time to change all of that.”

Budde fixes her hair some, makes sure that her red lipstick is applied properly before turning back to the camera. Lenore and Jordyne both look on, Jade smirks as Lenore is stone faced…

Ms. Budde: “Alan, you’re the first of many, to stand in my way as I go on to face that disgusting, vile and putrid excuse for a man, Andrew Raynes and bring home what belongs here. I don’t think GCW or the Livewire brand has seen the true power of what Hannah Budde is capable of doing, they have never experienced the Golden Rule, seen exactly what lengths I would go to prove my point, but they will. Yes, they will and tonight, you will be the first in the tournament to learn your lesson….. that NOBODY beats Ms. Budde….. CLASS IS NOW IN SESSION.”

Flinging her hair, Ms. Budde with her snarky attitude scoffs and walks out. Jordyne walks off with her as Lenore slowly stands up and glares into the camera….

Lenore: “No matter what happens, who is Global Champion, the bottom line is simple, I will get my revenge on you, Andrew Raynes, one way or another, I will systematically break you down until there is noting left but a Devolution of your assets and the end of this farce reign. Keep running your mouth, when this is all over, I will make HERstory again and you’ll simply be history.”

Her green eyes stare into the camera as it slowly fades to black.

Global Championship #1 Contenders Tournament - Round 1 Match
Ms. Budde vs. Alan Monroe

Alan Monroe had an impressive Livewire return match two weeks ago...but that was against The Enforcer. Ms. Budde was not the Enforcer. Budde started out strong against Monroe after an eye rake. Budde whipped Alan into the corner before smashing his face off of the top turnbuckle multiple times. She followed this with a hard slap across his face and a head butt that dropped him to the mat. Alan kicked out of the proceeding cover, but Budde did not let up. A front face lock. A sleeper that Monroe managed to break up by grabbing the ropes. Budde looked to have the match won when she went for The Golden Rule, but Monroe ducked it, countering with Highway to Hell, which he bridged into a pin. 1...2...NO! Ms. Budde got a shoulder up!

Monroe had momentum now and capitalized with an uppercut to Budde before throwing her off the ropes into a powerslam. Alan hit a verticle suplex. A spinebuster. A spinning heel kick. Alan went for a second Highway to Hell, but Budde countered with Class Dismissed (Mafia Kick) from out of nowhere and Alan was out for the count. The 3 count was academic.

Winner: Ms. Budde (Pinfall, 10:18)

We open to a panning shot of the Hawaii Convention Center. Then, "Giannis" blares over the PA system. The crowd roars while a few boos are scattered among the noise. It doesn't take long for Travis Vessey to walk onto the stage, dressed in a green dress shirt with black pants and a colorful Lei wrapped around his neck. Travis peers out to the crowd and smiles a bit before he makes his stroll down the ramp. Travis nods at the crowd reaction to him, accepting of both the cheers and the boos. When he reaches the steel steps, he looks around and motions for the crowd to make some noise, to which they do. Travis nods again before slowly walking up the steel steps and entering the ring. Travis quickly throws his arms up in the air, drawing more of a mixed reaction from the crowd, which the majority being cheers. Travis walks around the ring, interacting with the crowd before he ask for a microphone. A nearby staff member tosses one inside the ring, to which Travis bends down and scoops it up. His music dies down and the crowd ramps up the noise. Mostly cheers but the boos are still noticeable. Travis takes his time, surveying the scene as he slowly walks around the ring.

Travis: I know I said a couple of weeks ago that I would come out here and address all of you people here in Hawaii and well....that didn't exactly happen. Something came up and I had to take care of that matter. Now that the matter at hand has been taken care of, Hawaii, your newly minted, GCW Hall of Famer is here!

The crowd reacts as Travis lifts up his left hand, showcasing his Hall of Fame ring.

Travis: And once again, YOUR GCW Male Wrestler of the Year is here!

The crowd reacts again, mostly positive. Travis looks on.

Travis: I should mention, for the third time in a row. I know I said last year that while I was honored to win that award and honored that once again I was voted by all of you, that at this point, I expected to win that award every year. At that time last year, I just came off losing in the main event of Resurrection. All of the pressure, all the expectations I put on myself only to watch my opportunity to win back the Global Championship, almost four and half years since I won it the first time, that I just snapped afterwards. I felt guilty for attacking Isabella Harker and Powers and the mood that I was in, I didn't want anything else but the Global Championship. A year has passed between now and then and as I speak today, I can say in the last year that I won the Global Championship again and that my place among the very best in this company is no longer in question.

The crowd reacts as we get a panning shot of the crowd.

Travis: No one's every won the Male Wrestler of the Year two times in a row, let alone three times in a row. As much as I didn't care for winning that award last year, this year, believe it or not I do take pride in being named the best Male Wrestler in GCW. Because at this point, I'm willing to say it. When you look at all the names that have stepped foot in this ring; Timothy Myers, Alexander Midas, Devon Kayl, Malcolm Cross, Michael McKay. I am better than all of them. I am the greatest male wrestler that has ever stepped foot in GCW.

The crowd cheers, although there's more boos that are heard. Travis strokes his chin as he listens.

Travis: That's the goal at least. Even after being put in the Hall of Fame last month, at 28, I still have many years left in my career. If I retired today, would I feel satisfied about my career? You can look at the titles, you can look at my accomplishments, my matches, I've done a lot. And I'm grateful for all of it. I'm grateful for this company for taking a chance on me when I was a twenty two year old kid in Miami, Florida, looking for any sort of break. I'm thankful for all that I've done. But the question still remains as to who is the greatest wrestler to every step foot in GCW> Who's the undisputed face of this company. The way I see it? By the time my career is over, I want to leave no doubt that the greatest wrestler in this company was me.

Travis nods his head.

Travis: Resurrection was a special night. Facing Chantelle Chambers, a match that had never been done before. We had never even been in the same ring before. She's an all time great herself and there's a reason whys he too was inducted in the Hall of Fame the same night as I. But I was determined to make sure on that night that there wasn't a chance in hell that I would lose to her.

The crowd give Travis another mixed reaction as he tightens his face.

Travis: I've already lost two Resurrection main events. I wasn't going to lose a third one. And I wasn't going to have Chantelle Chambers have a win over me. I willed my way to winning that match. And looking down the road, anyone that is considered to be the best in this company, whether it's Raynes or Lenore or...Harker, I will beat them all.

Travis looks out at the crowd.

Travis: But Resurrection's over. It's a new season and the draft is over. And I'm still here on Livewire. Which is what I wanted because I like to think of myself as Mr. Livewire.

Travis gives a sly smile as the crowd react to him.

Travis: When you think of this brand, I would hope with my performances that you would associate Livewire with me.

Travis nods.

Travis: And since I'm still here on Livewire, obviously the goal remains the same for me. The game is the game. And the top prize remains the GCW Global Championship. Last year, it was about proving to myself that I was capable of reaching he mountain once again; now that I was older and wiser than the first tie I won that title. This year? This year's about continuing my legacy. This year is about being the absolute best GCW has to offer. And so tonight, I'm in the Global Championship tournament and the goal for me is as clear as day. Win the tournament, go on and face Andrew Raynes, and become Global Champion for a third time.

The crowd cheers as Travis flashes three fingers to the crowd,

Travis: Dustin Adams

The crowd boos when they hear his name. Travis smiles a bit when the crowd does.

Travis: You had a hell of a reign with the International Title. A title that I know very well. And I'm sure, deep down, you would love to take away the Global Championship from your best friend Andrew Raynes. What I'm here to tell you, Dustin, is that you won't find out who would win between you and him because I'm dropping you whee you stand in this ring.

The crowd roars as Travis points to the mat.

Travis: But here's the thing, Dustin. As everyone knows, there's one move in my arsenal that has put away some of the greats and has helped me become the wrestler I am today. The Vessey Driver. I learned that move from my trainer and it's been good to me. But thinking about the Chambers match, the match where I lost the Global title to Lenore and all my previous matches, I believe it has gotten to a point where everyone has caught up to it. Granted, I know I beat Chantelle at Resurrection. However, it took me three Vessey Drivers to do it. And I know Chantelle is one of the toughest we've ever seen, but in order for me to stay on top of my game, I must evolve. I must adapt. And so I'm here to announce that I'm going to put the Vessey Driver on the shelf.

The crowd doesn't know how to react and so they mutter.

Travis: Don't get me wrong. If the time comes in a match to use it, I absolutely will. But over this last month, I've developed a new move.

The crowd perks up a bit.

Travis: A new move that I think will be just as good as the Vessey Driver and just as lethal. And I can't think of a better person to show the world this move for the first time than against you. Dustin Adams. Because no matter what, at this point in my career, I'm chasing titles, I'm chasing to be the greatest. At this point in my career, that's all that matters to me. And by any means, I will do my best to achieve both. And I promise, by any means, I will win this tournament and once again I will be the G.C.W. Global. Champion. Please support me as I do this. Thank you very much.

Travis drops the mic as "Giannis" hits the PA system. Travis takes a moment to look at the crowd before he slowly exists the ring and starts heading to the back.

[Dianna Kruse and Gloria Velasquez stand backstage, side by side. The two of them address the camera, never taking their eyes off of it.]

Dianna: Hello, swines. Gloria and I requested this time to send a message to all the champions and pretenders on this brand. As you know, I represent Reverie, a group full of endless possibilities. The concept is about reaching your dreams, making your dreams come true. However, as I must admit, I do not get caught up in my dreams. It's time consuming to wonder, to fantasize, just as the majority of you dolts do when you see me appear on your screen. I spend my time actually making my dreams a reality rather than play among the clouds. And when I see the Livewire roster, yes I seen many who are in top top shape. Yes, many are well decorated. But most of you are lacking something. That something is an edge. A level of grit. The willingness to get their hands dirty in order to get the job done.

[Dianna looks at Gloria.]

Dianna: i suppose our esteemed World Champion Andrew Raynes has some of that in him. Though, Embrace the Hate has become nothing short of a cartoon. Andrew Raynes will huff and puff and blow your house down. It's a nursery rhyme. The Ronin herself. Our North American champion. Yes, when she's pushed to the edge, she puts on her little make up and wrestles with reckless abandon. I will not besmirch her ability. However, I don't need to dress myself up like a local clown in the circus to wrestle with intensity. As for our new International Champion, the Princess herself. I honestly can't rag on her. She saw an opportunity to take the title off that annoying gnat Kelsai Mason and sent her to the back with TEARS dripping down her face. What a visual. I wish I was the one that caused that.

[Gloria steps up.]

Gloria: The point my girl D is saying is that we get down to business. We're opinionated, strong, mouthy, arrogant. All of the above. But we're determined and we have bite. The men out there? We know how you look at us. But we're not here for you. We came here for success. D and I? We're on the same page. We want the same thing. We want titles. We want the money. We want it all!

[Gloria smirks.]

Gloria: And what we have burning inside us is a spark. A spark that ignites the flame to our ambition. We're not here to play nice or be cheered. Who cares?! What we have is a desire. A desire to be above the rest.

Dianna: I've gotten acquainted with Livewire. However, none many have gotten acquainted to the Aurora, the deadliest submission in all of GCW. I see too many people with two fully functional arms. I plan on changing that. You can call me a bitch. You can call me mean. I do not care. I will grind all of your faces to the mat if it means I get to advance my career. There's a lot of talent here, but not many who you would say are tough. There's a lot of softness here and I'm going to weed them out. The weak get eaten and all that jazz, yeah? Call me a Darwinist. Call me whatever you like. But just know, when you see me? You've seen Cruella.

Dianna/Gloria: In the Flesh.

[The two smirk as the scene fades to black.]

Global Championship #1 Contenders Tournament - Round 1 Match
Travis Vessey vs. Dustin Adams

This was a hard-hitting battle between two men who came out on the losing side at Resurrection. Adams, in particular, was extremely aggressive after losing the International Championship. The match was back and forth for over ten minutes when Dustin threw Vessey over the top rope to the floor. Adams came off the ring apron with an elbow to Travis. Dustin slammed Vessey on the ring steps. He went for a verticle suplex on the floor, but Travis countered with a swinging neck breaker. Both men were down, but the referee had no intention on having another double count-out, so he waited. Both men were eventually up, Vessey being first, rolling back into the ring. As Dustin climbed up on the ring apron, Travis was waiting for him. Travis attempted to suplex Adams back into the ring, but Adams countered by grabbing Travis by the head and dropping down, clotheslining Vessey on the top rope. Dustin immediately rolled back into the ring and made a cover. 1...2...NO! Vessey kicked out!

Dustin kept on Vessey with hard hitting slams and other power moves. He went for The Green Mile, but Vessey ducked it, and drove Adams into the canvas with a belly-to-back suplex. Travis with a Northern Lights suplex and a snap DDT. Travis with the Vessey Driver! He made a cover. 1...2...NO! Dustin's foot was on the bottom rope!

The two men continued to battle back and forth. Dustin found himself in control again after hitting The Green Mile this time. Dustin Irish whipped Travis hard into the turnbuckles and came in with a shoulder barge...but Vessey dropped down, leaving Adams to hit the corner hard. Dustin staggered out of the corner, directly into the Vessey Driver! Travis made the cover, and this time, got the pin.

Winner: Travis Vessey (Pinfall, 21:01)

Travis celebrated with the fans on the floor, knowing he would be facing Ms. Budde in the semi-finals of this tournament. In the ring, Adams was livid. He lost the International Championship at Resurrection. He lost the rematch two weeks ago. It was too much, and the volitile Dustin snapped, grabbing a steel chair and used it to take his frustration out on Vessey. After having Travis down and out on the floor. Dustin dropped the chair. He started to leave, but then turned back...executing a Death Row Slam to Travis on the steel chair! He looked down at the injured Travis with a scowl, then walked off.

Half way up the aisle, Dustin's tag-team partner and friend, the Global Champion, Andrew Raynes was there. He patted Dustin on the shoulder, then walked down to the ring. He grabbed a microphone, standing at the announcer's table, looking down at Vessey, who was struggling to get to his feet.

Andrew: "Congrats on defeating my partner, Vessey. Although, you don't look like a winner to me."

Raynes smirks as the crowd boos him.

Andrew: "I was's not fair that we have one semifinal match tonight and not the other. Don't you all agree?"

The crowd boos, but Andrew doesn't care.

Andrew: "So, Ms. Budde, get your ass down here...and don't ever say I never gave you anything..."

Global Championship #1 Contenders Tournament - Semifinal Match
Travis Vessey vs. Ms. Budde

Ms. Budde waited until Travis got to his feet, then she pounced. It's true that Budde already wrestled tonight, but she also was not a victim to a post-match assault by an angry Dustin Adams. This is not to take anything away from Budde, who did withstand a sudden surge of addrenaline from Travis, where he hit her with a dropkick, followed by a snap DDT. Vessey was unable to follow through, though, and Buddequickly regained control with The Golden Rule, which Budde quickly followed with Class Dismissed and the pinfall.

Winner: Ms. Budde (Pinfall, 4:54)

You cannot imagine the happiness and sheer joy that seems to ooze from the very pores of Blair McBride. You can’t blame her, though, because in what she knew would be her one and only opportunity to prove herself to her sisters, she came through...or at least, THEY came through. They defeated The Sisterhood. Blair is now making her way through the backstage area hoping to find her sisters but stops short as she does find Melanie...talking to Mason Van Stanton…

Mason: You and Karen looked great out there, Ms. McBride.

Melanie: Thank you, Mr. Van Stanton.

Mason: Please, call me Mason.

Mason takes Melanie’s hand and kisses it. Blair is glaring angrily, about to lose her control.

Melanie: Well Mason, it’s just as simple as this; Karen and I knew we had it in us, it was just a matter of proving it to everyone else. The next step is becoming GCW Global Tag Team Champions.

Mason: Ah so you want to step up and challenge Rising Tide?

Melanie: Of course that’s the goal but unfortunately The McBride Corporation, up until tonight, has been just short of a laughing stock in the division. We’ll have to build up some notable wins before we can claim an opportunity of that magnitude. And we may even need the assistance of a genius agent, which is why I wanted to speak with you. I saw what you did with Hannah Myers and Kendra Classic, taking them to the World Tag Team Championship on Shotgun. Destiny Skye becoming World Champion. Julia Braddock becoming Heritage Champion. To say that I was impressed would be an understatement.

Van Stanton smirks.

Mason: So you need representation?

Melanie: Definitely. And in the interest of full transparency we currently are working with another agent. But I do wish to keep my options open for reasons that I would rather keep to myself.

Mason: Understood. And your reasons for ditching your current agent is none of my business but the fact that you know you can do better shows you have a good head on your shoulders.

He hands Melanie a business card.

Mason: Give me a call if you want to do further business.

Melanie: I will. Thank you, Mason.

Van Stanton walks away. As soon as he is gone Blair steps into the scene. Her anger has boiled over as she has taken in everything that was said. Melanie doesn’t seem fazed at all. In fact, she has a smug smirk on her face.

Melanie: How much of that did you hear, Blair?

Blair: All of it!

Melanie: Good.

Blair: I thought you said if you and Karen won tonight then we were back together?! I thought you said I had a second chance?!

Melanie: I said you had a second chance and you do. But this was just one night and you didn’t even arrange for us to get this opportunity against a great team like The Sisterhood. You didn’t get us that opportunity. In fact, all you did tonight was watch myself and Karen kick their asses. You will also recall that I said I did not do this because we are family. You may be my sister outside of the ring but on Livewire you are no longer my sister. You are my agent. You will act as the agent of The McBride Corporation. If we continue to see success, the odds of you becoming our permanent agent gets better. If we lose…

Melanie looks over towards Mason Van Stanton who is still walking away. She then looks back at Blair and smirks devilishly.

Melanie: ...well then I may need to seek new representation.

Main Event - GCW North American Championship
"The Ronin" Rina Takeuie (Champion) vs. Jessica Lasiewicz

This Livewire has been jam-packed with great action. A show like this should have an explosive main event...but this match never happned. After Jessica Lasiewicz's entrance, Ronin started to make her way to the ring, but was blind-sided on the ramp by Dianna Kruse and a steel chair! Not happy with a no-contest, Lasiewicz exited the ring and started up the aisle towards where Kruse was assaulting Ronin. However, she was not in time to stop Dianna, who hit Rina with Cruel Intentions (curb stomp) on the ramp! Dianna grabbed the North American Championship belt and held it high in the air, briefly staring at the Archangel, before dropping the belt on Rina, leaving to the back. Jessica and other medics tended to Rina, who was unconscious on the floor, as Livewire fades to black.

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