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Livewire 11.07

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Livewire - April 26, 2022 (American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX)

Lee: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the winner of the 2022 CIVIL WAR MATCH, the number one contender to the GCW Global Championship, she is “The Kensington Knockout” Julia Braddock!

(The lights dim as several spotlights shine down upon the entrance ramp. The opening chords of “Gets Me Through” by Ozzy Osbourne begins to play over the PA system. The lights all come on. Pyro goes off. The tron flashes to life and the words "Her Royal Majesty" appears on the tron only to be set ablaze and burn away in a fire, almost as if Rome itself were burning. The words "The Queen is dead" appear in its place. Then Julia Braddock steps out onto the stage; she is wearing a tight black form fitting dress, sheer black tights, black patent leather high heel pumps, and a red women’s blazer over it to complete the outfit. Her long blonde hair hangs unrestrained to shoulder length. Julia goes to one side of the stage and pumps her fists in the air to encourage them to cheer loudly which gets a positive reaction. She goes to the other side of the stage and does the same, also getting a positive reaction. Julia then turns towards the ramp and charges towards the ring. Julia hops up onto the ring apron and then steps through the ropes and into the ring. Braddock goes to each corner and hops up to the top, posing for the fans. Julia steps to the center of the ring and retrieves a microphone from Robert E. Lee.)

Julia: How the hell are you, Dallas? Are you pumped up and excited about Livewire tonight?

(The fans cheer loudly. Chants of “Braddock” begin in the audience.)

Julia: Two years ago I nearly lost my career, it was nearly finished at Resurrection IX. But then I was blessed with a second chance thanks in large part to the current Fever General Manager Angelica Jones. Now you do not normally get second chances in this business, so I knew just how lucky I was and I vowed right then and there to never again squander an opportunity. I also promised myself that I would remain loyal to GCW and to its fanbase, a fanbase that has supported me through the good times and the bad. I promised to fight for them and remain committed to them until the bitter end. I’d like to think that I have kept that promise, that I have remained loyal and committed to Global Championship Wrestling and its fans. And it is why at Resurrection XI that I am going to fight like never before, fight harder than ever, and do whatever it takes to regain the GCW Global Championship. Because if I do not become Global Champion for a second time, then my career in GCW is finished.

(The fans boo at the mere sound of the prospect. Julia smirks and shakes her head.)

Julia: Don’t worry, mates, because there is no way in hell I’m going to let that blubbering fool Kelsai beat me at Resurrection XI. I am going to beat her from pillar to post and take back the GCW Global Championship. That is my vow, my promise, my guarantee to each and every one of you here tonight!

(The fans erupt into loud cheers.)

Julia: But while we’re on the subject of little miss priss herself, I recall a bit of a trend, a pattern of noise coming from that vomit hole of hers called a mouth ever since she became Global Champion at the End of the Year Bash. Suddenly after cheating to beat me for the championship, she starts talking about how she is going to be committed to GCW and its fans, how she is going to be at every show and blah blah blah…well I suppose that whole be at every show bit didn’t work out, did it? Where was Kelsai on Shotgun? Little miss priss couldn’t make it. And I will tell you why little miss priss couldn’t make it. She was still licking her wounds after I kicked the crap out of her on Livewire two weeks ago! I took a lot of damage, too, some could say just as much damage as she took, but did I stay away? Did I stay home to nurse myself back to health? No, I showed up to work. I went to Shotgun because unlike Kelsai, I truly am committed to this company and its fans.

The truth is that I exposed Kelsai. I exposed her not as a strong and durable champion but as a weak and cowardly piece of crap. I hurt her on Livewire two weeks ago and she was afraid to face me again, so she didn’t bother to make an appearance on Shotgun knowing I would be ready to kick her ass again. I exposed her as a fraud and a liar because she promised she would be committed to GCW but she wasn’t committed to this company, she wasn’t committed to its fans. If she were committed she would have been there on Shotgun. Hell, she would have at least said something on social media about the whole thing but the brat was radio silent for a long time after the incident on Livewire. The sad state of affairs here in GCW is that your world and global champion is MIA…Missing In Action…

(Braddock shakes her head.)

Julia: But hey, I can’t blame you, Kelsai. You have every reason to be afraid and to want to run and hide. You talked yourself into some serious trouble. First of all you went and pissed me off by stealing my championship and mocking me. When I went and won the Civil War Match, you knew right then and there that your Global Title reign was at an end, you knew right then and there that I was going to find you and beat your ass at Resurrection. Oh but your ego couldn’t handle it. You talked about how you could do double duty, you begged and pleaded with Silverstone until she let you participate in the Civil War Match itself as well as defend the title that same night. You got what you wanted but at what cost? Because now you are pulling double duty at Resurrection. Night one you have to defend the World Championship against D’Nae Moore and on Night three you have to defend the Global Championship against yours truly. Now the reality is beginning to sink in, isn’t it prissy? You are beginning to realize that you are not as good as you think you are. You realize that you have to defend both of your titles against two elite talents in the span of three nights. D’Nae Moore is a former Heritage Champion, Civil War Match runner up, and she beat four former champions including a former World Champion in order to become number one contender. And then there’s me, a back to back Civil War Match winner, a GCW Grand Slam Winner, a GCW Hall of Famer, a former GCW Global and World Champion. Is it beginning to sink in yet that you are royally screwed at Resurrection?

(Braddock chuckles softly.)

Julia: Y’know, Kelsai? I was actually looking forward to extending this little rivalry of ours. See, I was looking forward to beating you at Resurrection to reclaim my Global Championship, and then drag your happy ass back out to the ring the following Shotgun or Livewire and beat your ass again to take that World Title as well. But to look at the predicament you find yourself in, I am willing to bet that you do not walk away with any championships. Which brings me back full circle to what I started talking about tonight…Resurrection IX. Two years ago at Resurrection IX was the night I was humbled. I was as arrogant and egomaniacal as you and it took an event as seismic as Resurrection IX to humble me. Resurrection XI is the night you get humbled, Kelsai. Resurrection XI is the night you get brought back down to reality, because you are not getting your ass kicked just one time, you are not going to just lose one of your championships, you are going to lose EVERYTHING you have all in the three day Resurrection event. And what happens then, Kelsai? What happens when you lose everything at Resurrection?

Honestly, I would like to think that you would use it as a learning experience, that you would realize just how low you have fallen and what you need to fix about yourself. I would like to think that maybe this ass kicking you are going to take at Resurrection XI will be enough to snap you back to reality and maybe that good person, the person these fans miss and long to cheer, can return. For your sake I hope that is what happens because that is the only way you survive this fall from grace. Otherwise it won’t be my career that comes to an end at Resurrection XI…

(She points at the camera.)

Julia: …it will be your career that ends. But what happens to you is of no concern to me. I am long past caring about your well being. Resurrection XI I am going to wage war. Resurrection XI I am going to beat the hell out of you and take back my GCW Global Championship.


“Diamond Princess” Danielle Page is walking into the American Airline Center followed by her bodyguard Tera Taylor where she is met by her trainer and manager Marisol Vilaro is waiting for them.

Marisol Vilaro:Glad you were able to make it here safely but tell me, girl. How was Coachella?

“Diamond Princess” Danielle Page:I cannot begin to tell you how fun it was. Next year, you’ve got to come with Vanessa and I.

Marisol Vilaro:That can definitely be arranged.

The three ladies begin walking through the backstage area.

“Diamond Princess” Danielle Page:It is back to business though.

Marisol Vilaro:Both Veronica and Clyde are in big time matches tonight.

“Diamond Princess” Danielle Page:It’ll be a great night. Vero will qualify for Global Destiny X tonight and Clyde will get rid of Karen's latest boy toy.

Marisol Vilaro:Karen?

“Diamond Princess” Danielle Page:Karen Eldon is that lady who is a big time fangirl of my sister, Tiffany, because she wants to be Tiffany and wishes she could have Tiffany’s boyfriend Duke.

Marisol Vilaro:Oh yeah, she is that troll that Tiffany mentioned.

“Diamond Princess” Danielle Page:That is right. But she is irrelevant. We have bigger and better things to deal with. Clyde and I are teaming up with Queen Brittney on Fever to take on the McBride Connection. Which we’ll obviously easily take care of so I can focus on retaining my Heritage Championship at Shotgun.

Marisol Vilaro:Any movement on the other piece of business that has recently been on the table?

“Diamond Princess” Danielle Page:Oh yes, I need to follow up on that. I’ll reach out tomorrow.

Marisol Vilaro:Excellent.

Marisol, Tera, and Danielle continue their walk backstage.


Global Destiny X Qualifier:
Leviticus Vs Ariana Angelos

[Levi rushes in with a clothesline attempt but Ariana ducks and connects with a pele kick. Angelos with a dropkick and then a spear. Captain Capitalism rolls to the outside. Ariana with a suicide dive over the top taking out The Empteror of Entrepreneurship. She pulls him up but he rakes her eyes and then plants her with a belly to belly overhead suplex on the outside. The Franciscan Friar of Flash pulls Ariana up and rolls her into the ring. He reenters the ring and body slams her near the corner. St. Levi rushes in and connects with The Doomsday Prophecy, his variation of the split legged moonsault. The cover and a one count only. He goes for a suplex but Ariana floats over and dropkicks him in the back sending him into the corner. He staggers out of the corner and she connects with a superkick. The cover but Ariana only gets a two. She climbs the ropes and waits as Levi pulls himself up. She leaps off and connects with a hurricinrana! She throws another superkick but Levi catches the foot, spins her around, and connects with The Book of Levi! The cover but she kicks out at two! The Maharajah of Marketing sets her up for Righteous Cleansing but she fights out of it with a ddt. Ariana climbs the ropes and connects with Angel’s Descent! The cover…1…2…3!]
WINNER: Ariana Angelos

[Leviticus rolls to the outside while Ariana Angelos celebrates. Meanwhile Veronica Taylor slides into the ring. She takes Ariana down from behind with Ultra Fabulous! Taylor then connects with Beauty Improvement, the curb stomp, to Angelos! Veronica then applies The First Class Clutch! She keeps it applied until referees and officials hit the ring and manage to pull her off.]


[Mara Kade is standing backstage, by her lonesome, in a black leather jacket with a black baseball cap turned backwards, a black and white"Mara Kade World Tour 2022" and blue jeans with her shades on. Her hands are inside her pockets.]

Mara: Hey!

[She yells at the camera.]

Mara: Look alive! You saw what happened a few weeks ago? I know, hey, the world of GCW. It never stops. But I want you all to remember something. Few weeks ago, first singles match as a singles in a while. Sophie O'Brien. Dangerous girl. She's always quoting freakin' Aristotle or is it Stalin. I don't know. It's all Art of War bullshit. I know she has a rep. She has a rep for being one of the hardest hitting, one of the scariest, craziest bitches in professional wrestling. And I looked her in the eye, took every hit she could give me and I dropped her on top of her head!

[She smirks.]

Mara: I felt it the next day. She gave me a lovely bruise on my ribs. That was fun to try to lay on. But that's a love tap. That's a war wound. And I won. And now I'm in the Global X match at Resurrection. And every champion. Listen to me. Every champion, right now, better hope I don't get my hands one of those briefcases with a title match in it. All the belts. Shit, if it's the tag belts, we all know Mara Kade is the best tag team partner you could every have.

[She takes off her shades.]

Mara: it doesn't matter. If I get one of those cases and it says I got a Tag title match, a Heritage title match. World title. Whoever's holding those belts, you're on borrowed time. It's way too long since I have won a title and it's been way too long since my name hasn't been mentioned by everyone when they talk about the best wrestlers in GCW. I know I haven't made a lot of friends around here. That's putting it nicely. I'm cool with that. I'm not here to be friends. But what I am here for and what I always have been here for, is to be the best. And to show the world that I am the best.

There is nothing more exciting or gives me life than competing in that ring. I hand the time of my life a few weeks ago. Funny to say that when I had a man woman kicking my head in but this is the life I chose. And I'm great at it. i'm great at this. Everyone knows that. And I'm looking forward to proving that to everyone on my own. I'm looking forward to going all over the world, seeing the GCW fans rise to their feet when they see me and they cheer me on and they point at me and say "god damn, that girl is the best.'

[She walks closer to the camera.]

Mara: It doesn't matter to me who ends up in this Global X match. I'm getting one of those briefcases. The Mara Kade World Tour 2022 is going to be the best tour that has ever existed. You can promise that. And you promise, every time I'm in the ring, I will give it my all. i will give 100% and more. You will get the whole Mara Kade experience. I won't half ass. I got too much to prove to do that. I've done a lot here but there's a whole nother level that I can reach. And this is the perfect time to do that. So everyone in GCW. You're on notice. Your asses belong to me. The Mara Kade World Tour. We''re rolling!

[She then walks away.]


We are at the American Airlines Arena in Dallas, Texas and the crowd was enjoying this week’s GCW Live until the lights went out. The people are restless, wondering what is going on until the public address announcer for the arena comes over the loudspeaker.

PA: “Good evening GCW Fans. Could you please direct your attention to the stage and please welcome the vocal stylings of Andrea Bocelli as he sings the new entrance theme for Kelsai Adamson-Mason.”

A single spotlight shines down on stage and from the moment he opens his mouth one thing is for certain; this man is NOT Andrea Bocelli. However, he does sing rather well, and what is he singing? None other than the classic rock anthem “We Are the Champions” though a little bit different from what we are used to.

Coming up on the jumbotron screen are pictures of GCW World Heavyweight and GCW Global Heavyweight Champion Kelsai Adamson-Mason. First with both belts, one over each shoulder and then various poses with the two belts, followed by Kelsai competing (and winning) different matches played on the screen while NOT Andrea Bocelli continues to sing.

She paid her dues
Time after time

The screen shows Kelsai being cheated by multiple people multiple times early in her career

She’s done her sentence
But committed no crime

Kelsai looks at the crowd not being able to understand as she is booed by everyone

And bad mistakes
She’s made a few

The scene switches to Kelsai fighting with her now good friends Adrian Waters and Tiffany Manning-Waters

She’s had her share of sand
Kicked in her face
But She’s come through

And nowadays Kelsai and Tiffany are laughing and having fun together everywhere

And she means to go on and on and on and on
She is the CHAMPIONS, my friends

Kelsai is celebrating in the ring with Tiffany immediately following her victory over Chanel Hunter at GCW Civil War

And she'll keep on fighting till the end

Kelsai looks at the dates for Resurrection while laughing and smiling

She is the CHAMPIONS
She is the CHAMPIONS
No time for losers

A picture of Julia Braddock is now on the screen with an immediate huge red X over her face

'Cause She is the CHAMPIONS of the WOOOOOOOOORLD

A head and shoulders shot of Kelsai smiling brightly is now on the screen, a belt over each of her shoulders with a American Flag waving proudly in the background

She is the CHAMPIONS, my friends

Kelsai is celebrating in the ring with Tiffany immediately following her victory over Chanel Hunter at GCW Civil War

And she'll keep on fighting till the end

Kelsai looks at the dates for Resurrection while laughing and smiling

She is the CHAMPIONS
She is the CHAMPIONS
No time for losers

A picture of Julia Braddock is now on the screen with an immediate huge red X over her face

'Cause She is the CHAMPIONS of the WOOOOOOOOORLD

A head and shoulders shot of Kelsai smiling brightly is now on the screen, a belt over each of her shoulders with a American Flag waving proudly in the background


[The sound of static can be heard and seen on screen.]

[B-roll footage begins to play in black and yellow. "Everybody Dies In Their Nightmare" plays throughout. Akeem the Supreme and Savino are seen sitting on a platform, in a studio. Savino is wearing a black and yellow Kowloon hoodie with black shorts and tights underneath. Akeem is dressed in a yellow and black track jacket with matching pants.]

Akeem: Tried of being slept on. For real.

[He shakes his head.]

Akeem: Been here for 2 and y'all would have thought I was a rook. Like I haven't been putting in work.

[He scoffs.]

Akeem: Don't matter to me. I'm the Can Man. Anybody can get it. Ginger Bitches, whoever. Y'all gone wake up.

[He then abruptly stands up and walks away. Savino's eyes widen a little bit. He takes a moment to to gather his thoughts and as he does, M.A.E.V.E. steps into view, wearing a white tanktop with black overalls. She too looks in the direction where Savino was. He then turns straight ahead.]

Savino: Keem...he hungry. Me, M.A.E.V.E. We all are. We've had success. We've had setbacks. These 2 years have definitely changed my life. Traveling the world. Wrestling the best wrestling has to offer. Day in and day out, I ride with Keem, I ride with M.A.E.V.E. I stay up at night, thinking bout how I cam come alongside him, how I can come alongside her.

Through the ups, the downs, we grind.

[He looks at M.A.E.V.E.]

Savino: In this race, Kowloon might be the tortoise. But we're moving forward. Each match we're getting better. We're getting stronger. One day we'll sit at thee top of pro wrestling. But we can't rush. You know the code.

No shortcuts. No handouts.

That's how we got in this position. Me and Keem against the Gingers to get into Global X. M.A.E.V.E gets his crack at it this Saturday. Never too slow. Never too fast. Never slacking. We're around, peaking our heads up at the elites. We're coming. I believe when the Gingers get in the ring with me and Keem, they're getting stretched. Pillar to post! End to end! I believe we're going to wear them out. I believe that they either going to tap or nap. I believe that because I believe in the process. I believe in our process. We control our destines in our hands. There's no need to chase clout. This is how you build.

Day in. Day out. Grinding.

That's the purest way. That's the Kowloon way.

[M.A.E.V.E nods.]

M.A.E.V.E.: Religious Wright. Say your prayers. When Fever comes, so will I. You can look up and call for help. He won't save you from me. No one can.

[She looks to Savino.]

M.A.E.V.E.: When all three of us get into Global X, all bets are off.

Savino: All bets are off. Right. Whatever happens.

M.A.E.V.E.: Happens.

[She offers her fist to Savino, who touches it.]



Global Destiny X Qualifier:
Kowloon (Savino and Akeem The Supreme) Vs The Ginger Bitches

[Allison and Carmen start out fast with dropkicks, spinning heel kicks, and cross body blocks to keep Savino and Akeem off balance. The Ginger Bitches fly over the top rope with suicide dives taking out Kowloon. Allison rolls Savino into the ring. Allison with a springboard splash…but Savino gets the knees up! Savino with an exploder suplex and then an overhead belly to belly suplex. Savino tags out to Akeem. Akeem locks in a chicken wing face lock. He keeps it applied for about a minute before releasing. He whips her into the ropes. Carmen blind tags in. Akeem with a backfist takes down Allison. Carmen with a springboard hurricinrana taking down Akeem. Carmen goes for a twist of fate but Akeem blocks it Tylenol, his rear naked choke. Allison slowly pulls herself up and tries to break it up but Akeem intercepts with a spear. Carmen taps out.]
WINNERS: Kowloon


The camera cut to backstage, one of the promotional posters for Resurrection hanging across steel mesh behind the scenes. Two figures were stood in front of it, one a towering blonde beauty, attired in the white and red of the Danish flag, effortlessly beautiful with a beaming smile upon her face. Her long locks were in a braid, and she readjusted the gloves on her hands as she gazed at the camera. The woman next to her was a little shorter, dark curls put up into pigtails, and their outfit was also white and red, but this one was in the colours of the Polish flag. They fluttered their eyelashes at their partner, before they too turned to the camera, filled with bright confidence and an infectious little grin on her face. These two were the Number One Contenders for the Unified Tag Tag Championships, and while this was their first match together in GCW, they were long time partners throughout the wrestling world. They were former UG Bloodlust Champion Skylar Rayner, and the three time former World Champion, Anastasia Starling.

Anastasia Starling: You’ve all been waiting for this. All been waiting for this moment when Bird and Sky finally unite here in GCW. You’ve all been waiting for this match as soon as Skylar showed her face here, and you’ve all been on the edge of your seat waiting for us to spring into action. Wait no longer. We’re here, together as a team and we have one hell of a show for you.

Starling turned to Rayner with an affectionate look in her eyes, Sky staring at the camera with a look of excitement on her beautiful face, clearly all fired up for the contest tonight.

Skylar Rayner: To me, it feels like a relief that I can actually step into a GCW ring finally. It’s been great watching Ana succeed here, and you all knew that I’d have her back, but it is about time that I am able to step into the ring by her side and do what we came here to do. That is show why we believe we are deserving of being Tag Team Champions, and put a whole lot of smiles on a whole lot of faces.

Starling giggled at this comment, clearly behind everything that her tag team partner just said, giving her some light applause as she spoke.

Skylar Rayner: I also want to take a moment to thank Summer and Jessica for having our backs last show when the Alan Family tried their tricks. But there will be no tricks tonight. Me and Ana here are going to send a message to them, so I hope you’re paying attention…

It was a stolen phrase, one clearly referencing a friend of theirs as Starling winked to the camera, and Sky kept on talking, pointing a finger at the lens.

Skylar Rayner: … We’re coming in for the win, and we’re going into Resurrection with all the momentum.

Starling folded her arms across her chest as Sky rested a hand on her partner’s shoulder, the ever confident Songbird finishing off their speech with a message for both their opponents tonight, and the reigning tag champs.

Anastasia Starling: Wrestling Purity… We’re here tonight to make a statement. And that statement is that we are going to be the next Unified Tag Team Champions, and we are coming in here as equals, as a unit and united in one goal. I might have won this shot at the titles for us at Civil War, but together we are going to win the titles at Resurrection. And tonight against you, we are going to show the entire world how lethal we are as a team. We’ve fought through fire, through rebellion, through everything that has ever been thrown at us… And now we’re going to fight through you. It starts with Wrestling Purity tonight, and then we end the Alan Family at Resurrection.

The pair gave each other a high five, before the camera then cut away.


The lights dim down, and the Global-Tron comes to life. Strobes pan around the arena, lighting certain sections of the crowd. The strobes suddenly cut off, leaving the arena in darkness. Pyro suddenly explodes on the entrance-way, and a name fills the Global-Tron...


"Carnivore" by Starset begins playing over the speakers. Derek Powers walks out onto the stage, drawing a loud reception of boos from the fans... the same arrogant attitude that continues to grate at their nerves. He surveys the crowd, his face not betraying his emotions, as he listens to the jeers from the loud fans.

Derek heads down to the ring, a purposeful stride in his walk. Once inside, he holds his arms out and soaks in the continued harsh reaction from the crowd, finally cracking a grin. Eventually, the crowd quiets down... and Derek asks for a mic to address the plebs.

Derek: I came out here... to issue an apology.

The crowd still boos, but with a tinge of confusion.

Derek: Moreso, I was ordered by Tabitha Silverstone to give an apology. Apparently, what I did to Jason Redfield two weeks ago was a bridge too far... and while I don't normally give a damn what Silverstone wants, in this case, I will make an exception... I'm sorry.


Derek: I'm sorry... that I didn't do what I did to that old bastard sooner!

The crowd lets Derek have it.

Derek: What? You don't like that? Too damn bad! I'm not sorry, I'm not apologetic, and I enjoyed every damn bit of what I did! Hopefully, Jason Redfield is laid up in bed, as uncomfortable as possible! Read my lips: from this point on, no more fun and games Derek! What happened to Redfield, should serve as a warning to each and every single wrestler in GCW! I have one goal and one goal only... to become the top dog of this business! To become the World Heavyweight Champion!

"Are you done?"

Tabitha Silverstone walks out onto the stage.

Tabitha: I wish I could say I was surprised at your response, Powers... but I'm not.

Derek: Then you shouldn't have been stupid enough to force me to come out here and issue one... live and learn, huh?

Tabitha: Cute. I was actually thinking about your 'response', and how to issue my own. You see, Derek, several of Jasons friends are not happy with you... in fact, they're actually very furious. Well, except Jasons brother, Adam... he just wanted me to let you know what a good job you did...

Derek: Okay, and I care why...?

Tabitha; Because I was trying to think of how to punish you, because I had this feeling you were going to be... yourself. So, I had a contingency plan in place... and now I'm going to enact it. You wish to make history, wouldn't you, Derek? Well, at Resurrection, you're going to get your opportunity... because for each of those three nights, you will be wrestling in a match.

Derek: WHAT!?

Tabitha: That's right, three nights, three matches... and not just that, but each match will have a special stipulation!

Derek: That's bullshit!

Tabitha: Too bad, it's done. Next week, I will announce your three opponents... and the three stipulation matches! Have a good night, Derek.

Tabitha makes her exit, as the crowd is going crazy. Derek is going crazy, too... only with rage. We go to commercial.


[Nadia Allen stands next to Samuel Price with an annoyed expression on her face. She's sporting a simple black t-shirt with blue jeans.]

Samuel: Samuel Price here with Nadia Allen. We're a month away from Resurrection and we still do not know who accepted-

[Nadia stops him and speaks into the match.]

Nadia: Yeah we don't know. And it's pissing me off.

[Her nostrils flare up.]

Nadia: i don't know who you are. I don't know what you have to gain or playing games by saying you accept but not telling me or anyone else who you are. All I will say is this. I'm ready for you. Whoever you are. if you're trying to scare me, then you don't know who I am. And you haven't paid attention. I'm not afraid of any man, woman, legend, champion, whoever. I don't care if you're Chantelle Chambers or God, i will fight whoever decides they want to stand across the ring from me.

[She pauses.]

Nadia: So whoever you are, I'm waiting. Coward.

[She then storms off.]


Global Destiny X Qualifier:
Veronica Taylor Vs Summer Collins

[Summer with an arm drag, a dropkick, and then a capture suplex. Summer locks in an STF. Veronica reaches the ropes after about a minute. Collins with lightning spiral. Collins goes for the cover but only gets a two. Summer sets Veronica up for Stock Market Crash but Veronica counters with a hair beel. Veronica with a running knee lift. Veronica with a pose and then an elbow drop. She covers but only gets a two. Veronica locks in an abdominal stretch. Summer fights out of it with a hip toss. Collins sneaks up from behind and locks in a Million Dollar Dream. Veronica struggles in the hold and it appears as if she is going down but she counters with a jaw breaker. Veronica boots her in the gut and drops her with D-List Remover. She covers and gets a two and a half! Taylor applies The First Class Clutch. Summer struggles in the hold but won’t give up. She struggles to get to the ropes and after about a minute she reaches the ropes. Veronica goes for another D-List Remover but Summer counters with a northern lights release suplex. Summer goes for The Money Clip, her stunner variation, but Veronica counters with Ultra Fabulous! Veronica with Beauty Improvement! The cover…1…2…3!]
WINNER: Veronica Taylor

[Veronica Taylor starts to celebrate her victory but she doesn’t get much time. Ariana hits the ring and takes her down with a double leg. They begin to throw punches, rights and lefts. An all out brawl has ensued. Referees and officials are quick to the draw this time, hitting the ring to break up this fight before it gets out of control.]


We cut backstage where we find The McBride Corporation, all three members of Karen and Melanie and Blair, in their dressing room. Karen and Melanie are dressed to compete but Blair is in her street clothes.

Blair: Tonight is our night, girls. We know what The Alan Family is willing to do and this time we will be ready.

Karen: Preemptive strike?

Blair nods her head.

Blair: Preemptive strike. We will hit them before they hit us. We’re going to make this an even playing field so that you two can have a fair shot to beat them and retake the Undisputed GCW Tag Team Championships.

Melanie: That’s all we need, Blair. We just one fair shot.

“Nice speech.”

The voice, a new one and an unwelcome one, is of Summer Collins. The McBride sisters turn their attention to the door, finding that Jessica Lasiewicz, Summer Collins, and Leviticus, aka: Fabulous, have entered their dressing room. Blair sighs out of frustration.

Blair: And how may I help you?

Summer: Maybe we can help you? I mean, maybe we were doing a little eavesdropping, still, we couldn’t help but hear that little speech of yours. Jess, Levi, and myself, we heard your little strategy session and it all sounds good except for one little detail.

Blair: And what’s that?

Summer: You think you can outwit Matthew Alan.

Karen gets up in Summer’s face.

Karen: I know we can, and we will.

Jessica: You’re all talk, Karen. But thus far you have proven absolutely nothing. The one time you fought The Alan Family was at Civil War when they beat you for the tag team titles.

Melanie gets up in Jessica’s face.

Melanie: Because they cheated. We are prepared tonight.

Jessica: You should have been prepared then. Surely you knew what Matthew Alan was all about and what he is willing to do to get what he wants? Either you knew or you three are stupid. Which is it?

Blair: I promise you one thing we are not and that is stupid!

Collins grins.

Summer: You are also not worthy of receiving this title match tonight. Face it, the only reason you have this match is because you were the former champions. Nothing more.

Blair: That’s the only reason we need.

Jessica: Here’s an interesting fact that maybe we should present to Tabitha Silverstone…we beat you on Fever. Yet here you are about to get a shot at the tag team championship.

Karen: Deal with it, Lasiewicz.

Jessica: Oh we will deal with it…when you fail tonight, you go to the back of the line. My cousin Ana, and Skylar, they get the winners…who will no doubt be The Alan Family. Ana and Skylar will be the next Undisputed GCW Tag Team Champions.

Summer: And we will be the next in line to challenge them for the titles.

Collins looks over at Jessica.

Summer: That won’t be too awkward for you, will it?

Jessica: I fought my dad in the finals of the Civil War Match once, fighting Ana will be nothing.

Summer: Excellent. So Karen, Melanie, Blair, you three go out there tonight and give it your best shot! But understand that when you fail, Fabulous will be here to pick up the pieces.

Jessica, Summer, and Leviticus turn and make their exit.


Backstage, Matt Alan and the two men behind him... Duk Michaels and Lester Sampson, the aptly named Devastation... are standing by.

Matt: Tonight, The McBride Corporation get their contractual rematch, for these tag-team titles adorning the shoulders of these these two fine gentlemen behind me. Perhaps some think the McBrides will regain the titles tonight... I hate to tell those people, but they are wrong. What WILL happen tonight, is the McBrides will experience the 'Devastation' that only Duke and Lester can provide!

Duke and Lester grunt and glare behind Matt.

Matt: McBrides, this is what you wanted. You chose to have your rematch, and now your deal with the consequences. You are not simply stepping into the ring with another tag-team... you are stepping into the ring with a force of nature. Two men who only wish to overpower, hurt, maim... destroy. The result will be the same as it was the last time you stepped into the ring with them... your inevitable defeat, your inevitable destruction.

Matt sighs.

Matt: That would bring me to you, Anastasia Darling and Skylar Rayner. Anastasia, I never did congratulate you for securing an opportunity at the tag-team titles at Resurrection from your Civil War result. Actually, I did not care to, but I will congratulate you now, all the same. However, have you two really thought about what you'll be getting into, now that you have this grand opportunity? It's as I told The McBrides, this isn't a mere tag-team... they are a nightmare given form!


Matt: They will hurt you, they will tear you limb from limb, and they will do it with smiles on their faces! I'm sure you may think this is mere boasting... and you can both think that, if you want. You will find out the truth at Resurrection... that your opportunity, your hopes and dreams of becoming the Undisputed Tag-Team Champions, they will not come to pass.

Matt smirks.

Matt: There is one more thing I would like to discuss... and that's you, Jessica Lasiewicz, Summer Collins. Jessica, I heard your words at Shotgun... now allow me to retort. Hair-Brained Schemes? Really? Have you forgotten those 'schemes', as you put them, resulted in the creation of this promotion you currently wrestle in, GCW? Have you forgotten that it was my creation of GCW, that allowed both your Mother and Father to achieve stardom? That allowed them to make a lot of money for a very comfortable living? The same things that could be said for both you and Summer? Your careers truly formed here, you make good money here... and while Glory Braddock may have revived GCW, never forget it was MY creation, first and foremost!

A bit of anger tinges Matts voice, but he quickly calms himself.

Matt: What is really ridiculous, are the unfounded accusations of my 'crimes'. I was unfairly imprisoned, and the government ended up finding nothing on me, in the end. Don't believe me? You can check my records... didn't you ever wonder how I got out of prison recently? Simple, I got myself a new lawyer, via a recommendation from... an acquaintance, and they found out that flimsy 'evidence' had been used to arrest me. A massive lawsuit threat can get the system sorted out.

Matt shakes his head.

Matt: Sorry, I got off track... the past can bring out bad feelings, you know. Now, I know you both will be facing off with Lester and Duke at Shotgun, and I could make some grand proclamations about what they will do to the two of you.. but why bother? I think, deep down, you know what's going to happen... and it scares you. You're scared that you're going to lose... which you will. That's why you said all those vile things, Jessica, to hide that fear. Well, that, and you're as stupid and pathetic as your Mother and Father. After all, a damaged individual like yourself is simply following the blueprint of your parentage. However, if I may leave you with one thing before I end this... when you face off with these two men... well, I always have an Ace up my sleeve. Takes from that what you will.


Unified Tag Team Championship Match
Civil War Rematch
The McBride Corp Vs The Alan Family ©

[This time The McBride Corporation get the jump on The Alan Family, attacking Duke and Lester from behind. Meanwhile Blair McBride chases Matthew Alan from the ringside area, making it an even playing field. Melanie with a drop toe hold on Lester sending him face first into the steel steps. Karen whips Duke into the steel ring post. Karen and Melanie roll Duke into the ring. Karen and Melanie with Blood is Thicker Than Water to Duke Michaels. Karen covers and gets a two count. Karen with a single leg crab. Duke eventually reaches the ropes. Karen tags out to Melanie. Karen and Melanie connect with Nirvana! Melanie covers but Lester breaks it up just before the three. Karen in to brawl with Lester. Melanie pulls Duke up but he rakes the eyes and then drops her with a ddt. Lester throws Karen out of the ring. Lester and Duke with a belly to back suplex neck breaker combination move. Duke tags out to Lester. Lester with a gorilla press slam to Melanie. Lester with a spine buster to Melanie. The cover but he only gets a two. Lester tags out to Duke. Lester holds Melanie in position for Duke to drill her with a big boot. Duke sets her up for a power bomb but Melanie counters out of it with Evolution! Melanie tags out to Karen. Duke tags out to Lester. Karen spears Lester! Karen with a running high knee. Karen takes Lester and attempts to hoist her up for McBride’s Ride but Lester slips out of it. He knees her in the gut before tagging out to Duke. Duke and Lester with Armageddon Unleashed to Karen! Duke covers…1….2…Melanie tries to break up the pin but Lester floors her with a big boot…3!]
WINNERS and STILL Undisputed GCW Tag Team Champions: The Alan Family


Cut backstage where Livewire’s newest signee Olly, ready for his match against Clyde Sutter. Standing alone since his manager has been banned from the Arena, the former MWE tag team champion still looks confident, cracking a smile at the camera.

Olly: “First match in GCW, and I’m already in the main event. Show of hands, who’s surprised?”

He leaves a moment for the fans to answer the rhetorical question.

Olly: “If you raised your hand, you’re either biased or dumb. Let’s be real for a second here, I’m the second greatest signing in the history of GCW.”

The second? Well, that’s unexpected. With that sly smirk still present on his face, Olly continues.

Olly:] “Yeah, you heard it right, I said second. Even I must admit that there was one occasion when GCW managed to get a bigger name under contract than me. A true moneymaker, an actual game-changer… It’s a real shame that K2O never got the chance to debut, they were destined to dominate for years to come. And in a way, we still will. K2O is not dead, it just assumed a different shape. Karen’s precious advice and her unmatched skills are going to take me to the next level, as you were lucky enough to witness. Just look at this, I’m right where I belong, prime time on Livewire, big match paycheck and all the eyes on me. As it’s meant to be, just like we planned it.”

The young man shrugs his shoulders.

Olly: “Y’all saw how Clyde Sutter attacked me two weeks ago, but have you asked him why? It’s because I beat him in MWE, until a stupid technicality saved his sorry ass. It’s because I left him laying on the floor, for much longer than a count of ten. You may think I’m worried about stepping in the ring with the Assassin…”

He says Clyde’s moniker in a derisive tone.

Olly: “... In a Last Man Standing, alone without my manager at ringside. But I’m not, I put Sutter in his place once, I can do it again. Just sit tight and enjoy the show. This is only the beginning.”

Cracking one final smirk at the camera, Olly walks toward the ring and the scene fades to black.


We cut backstage where we find GCW Hall of Fame Journalist Janice King (just ask her, she will gladly tell you all about it) and her guest at this time, an intimidating figure known as “The Assassin” Clyde Sutter. A sinister grin is etched across his face. He is dressed in his all black wrestling gear and he is wearing his black trenchcoat.

Janice: Ladies and gentlemen, I am the first ever journalist to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, my name is Janice King! You’re welcome! And my guest at this time…

Sutter snatches her hand and guides the microphone to his mouth.

Clyde: Ms. King, you do have quite an impressive resume, but no one wants to hear about it. Are we clear?

The Hall of Fame journalist, who is now clearly intimidated, weakly nods her head.

Janice: Uh yeah, crystal clear.

Clyde: Good. So ask your questions.

Janice: Well…uh…you are in a Last Man Standing Match in tonight’s main event against an individual who you have had many problems with the past few weeks. It has been a war that has spanned not just GCW but MWE as well. Do you think that this match tonight will settle things once and for all?

Sutter chuckles nastily.

Clyde: Shall I educate the masses on our history? Because you bring up a good point, this didn’t start in GCW. It started in MWE when Olly challenged me for the MENTV Championship. As is the case with Olly, he couldn’t get the job done. So he attacked me after the match and tried to steal my property. On the one hand I applaud someone with such guts and courage to stand up to the biggest and baddest monster in wrestling and punch him in the mouth. On the other hand I must also remind him of what happens when you fail to finish the job and that’s what Olly did. He did not finish the job. I got back up and of course that means he had a receipt coming.

The Assassin shakes his head.

Clyde: Stupid boy, you had to know that I would get my payback, but did you honestly believe that just because it started in MWE that it would stay in MWE? I was looking for the right time to strike and what better time to strike than on your GCW debut against Wrestling Purity? I beat up those two clowns and then I proceeded to destroy you. And that brings us to tonight.

He looks back down at Janice King.

Clyde: Ms. King, you want to know if this Last Man Standing Match will end this feud once and for all? I do not get to make that decision, Ms. King. Time and time alone gets to make that decision. If time deems it fit that this should end tonight then I will surely end Olly’s entire future right here in Dallas, Texas. But if time deems that he should live to fight another day then I shall leave just a little bit of him alive, just enough for him to drag his worthless carcass out of the arena just so I can find him again at an MWE event or a GCW event and beat him down all over again. And I will beat him down again and again until time says that Olly is finished. Regardless, Olly will NOT be the last man standing tonight. And his time definitely is running out. Tick, tock…


Main Event
Last Man Standing Match
Olly Vs Cylde Sutter

[Clyde Sutter mows Olly over with a clothesline from hell to start the match. Sutter with a tilt a whirl into a side slam. Sutter with The Cruciform Slam. Sutter goes outside and retrieves some toys while Olly is being counted…1…2…Sutter throws some chairs into the ring, a table, and a trash can…3….4…Olly reaches his feet…Sutter returns to the ring. Olly kicks him below the belt and then DDTs him on the chair. Olly sets up the trash can and snap suplexes Sutter on the trash can. Olly sets up the table. Olly goes back to Sutter but he drills Olly with Unforgiven, the claymore kick! Sutter sets Olly on top of the turnbuckle. Sutter joins him at the top. Olly lands another low blow! Olly with a piledriver off the top through the table! Olly uses the ropes to pull himself up as the referee counts…1…2…3…Olly retrieves a chair just in case…4…5…Sutter starts to stir…6….7…Sutter pushes himself back up. Olly with a chair shot to the skull, Sutter keeps coming, a second chair shot to the skull, Sutter keeps coming, a third chair shot to the skull, Sutter finally drops to a knee. Olly with a fourth chair shot to the skull and Sutter goes down.]

Olly: Why don’t you stay the fuck down?!

[Despite Olly’s “request”, Sutter almost immediately begins stirring. Olly picks up another chair. Sutter gets up at the count of 7. Olly charges but Sutter ducks, hits the ropes, and delivers another Unforgiven kick to the chair, which ricochets back onto Olly’s face! Olly is sent to the outside as a result of the momentum! Referee Malcolm Stride begins his count on Olly…1…2…3…Sutter rolls to the outside as well…4…5….6…Olly uses the steel steps to help himself…7…8….Olly is back up, he turns around as Sutter spears him through the steel barricade! The count is on both individuals now…1…2….3…no movement while the fans chant “HOLY SHIT!”...4…5….6…Sutter is back to his feet, the count is only on Olly…7…8…9…Olly is finally back to his feet. Sutter grabs Olly by the throat and prepares to choke slam him through the announce table. Olly headsbutts Sutter, but the grip isn’t broke, a second headbutt but still Sutter won’t release his grip. Olly bites Sutter and finally the grip is broken. Olly with a suplex on Sutter through the Spanish Announce table! The count is on! 1…2…3…Olly is back up…4…5…6…Sutter starts to stir and Olly is about to lose it…7…8…Sutter is back up to his feet!]


[Olly charges in but this was a mistake, because Sutter catches him and F5s him through the next door neighbor French Announce Table! The count is on again…1…2…3…Sutter is back to his feet but Olly is still motionless…4…5…6…Olly starts to stir…7…8…9…Olly manages to get back up just in time. Sutter goes to apply Judgment Day! He has it locked in tight. Olly is starting to fade away. But just before going down Olly with a mule kick downstairs to the groin, forcing a break. Olly crawls over, almost as if trying to get under the ring. But Sutter catches him and pulls him back out from under the ring. Olly turns and sprays him in the face with mace! Olly then shoves him face first into the steel ring post! Olly reaches back under the ring and finds a chain. He uses the chain to tie Sutter’s leg to the steel ring post, making it impossible for him to get back to his feet! Olly gets to his feet and laughs nastily, mocking Sutter as referee Malcolm Stride administers the count…1…2…3…]

Olly: Get up…oh wait, you can’t!

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