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Livewire 10.10 <results>

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*Previously Recorded*


It takes a few moments for all of us to get our bearings before we recognize where we are. It’s night time out on the street and looking out across the street is an arena, Bankers Life Fieldhouse and that is when we know that we are in Indianapolis, Indiana. Specifically we are across the street from where GCW Livewire will originate from, this coming Tuesday night. As we think about the show that is scheduled for us that night, the person that was talking to us, a woman whose voice we know very well, continues to talk with us.

“It really is one of the most important things that you can have in this life is trust. You can work for years trying to gain the trust of another person, and if you do one thing wrong? All of that work that you have done for years is for nothing because suddenly that trust is lost.

Tomorrow night GCW Livewire will be here to entertain fans in Indianapolis right there at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, you can certainly trust in that. It is also home to the Indiana Pacers of the NBA and the Indiana Fever of the WNBA. Basketball is something else that takes trust in other people.

You have to have trust that you and your teammates will always work in perfect synchronization out on the floor, everyone doing their part to make sure that the team is firing on all cylinders.

You have to have trust in your coaches, especially your head coach, to ensure that the plans are made and carried out in order to make sure that your team can achieve victory, or at least try your best too.

You need to have trust in the officials that all players from either team will be forced to play by the rules of the game as well as the rules of the league, to ensure competitive balance throughout.

Something else in the sports world that takes a lot of trust is professional wrestling, particularly tag team wrestling and especially if you are like me and not on a tag team, which is what happened to me at the GCW Draft when I was teamed with my good friend Adrian Waters.”

Now the picture becomes even clearer as the person who is talking to us on this video is Kelsai Adamson-Mason. Even just hearing Kelsai’s voice and we can imagine her smile.

Kelsai: “My good friend, who was the other half of my tag team, Adrian Waters. Such a good friend, Adrian ended up stabbing me in the back with his wife, another good friend of mine, and someone else who I was supposed to be able to trust Tiffani Manning. Between Adrian and Tiffani I have to tell you which one of them hurt more, but it’s alright, or it will be alright.

Tomorrow night, I will not face Adrian or Tiffani. I am facing Dianna Kruse which Is great because Dianna has a mouth that will not shut up and I am going to have a great time busting it.

But it was Oscar Wilde that once said that a true friend stabs you in the front. So, Adrian, Tiffani? I promise that when I stab the two of you, you will both see it coming because I WAS a true friend to both of you and I will stab both of you in the front.

That is one thing that you can certainly have trust in.”



The sound of a crowd cheering and a struggle. As a referee’s voice asks for submission, there is no answer… but the sound of an arm limply falling, hitting the mat, a sound that echos over the scene before the sound of a bell ringing is heard. .

Eva Aguila: “On February 9, 2020, less than three months away from my 20th Birthday, I fulfilled my promise and became your GZWA Women’s World Champion…”

A slow-motion shot of Eva lifting the belt high is shown, with the crowd’s favorable reaction amplified.

Eva: “Though the company would close it’s doors in June, the pride I felt in that accomplishment was unmatched. I carry around that Championship… MY Championship… as a reminder of what can be accomplished with some determination and talent.

Eva can be seen standing in front of a camera. She is clad in her civvies and holds her Championship belt over her shoulder.

Eva: “I welcome anyone who wants to try and slow my momentum, because I plan on taking GCW like I did GZWA… like a runaway freight train. I know I won’t win them all, but when I don’t win, I learn. And when I learn, as the woman I took this Championship can attest.,.. I become dangerous. But although I am just 21, I am wiser than I was at 19… and look at what I did then. Carmen Diaz is in for a rough night because I intend on proving why I became Champion in the first place… and why I will become Champion again, this time in GCW!”

The scene fades.


Eva Aguila Vs Carmen Diaz
[Carmen and Eva kick things off in a fast paced style with neither seeming to gain a decisive edge….that is until Carman goes for a springboard asai moonsault and Eva gets the knees up. Eva proceeded to slow things down with a scoop slam, a suplex, a side Russian legsweep and a butterfly suplex. A cover but Carman kicks out. Eva goes for another suplex but Carman counters and attempts a twist of fate but Eva counters again this time with Punto de Ruptura. Eva covers...1...2...3!]
WINNER: Eva Aguila


[Earlier today, Dianna Kruse and Gloria Velasquez stood outside the Newfields Museum in Indianapolis, Indiana. Dianna is dressed in a white and brown sundress with a pair of shades on her face. Gloria has a black and white fedora on her head, black jeans with heels and a green shirt. Dianna sports a smug look on her face.]

Dianna: You know something Kelsai, most people would consider being called self righteous an insult like you told me on social media.

[Gloria snickers as it stops Dianna and and she follows.]

Dianna: Yeah i know. She's very online. But I will say hun, you are right. I am righteous. If you see it as self righteous, so be it. I hold myself to a high standard and I refuse to conform to what all the dolts do. I am set apart from everyone else I mean, did you pay attention to when I was North American champion?

Gloria: She didn't.

Dianna: Clearly. I defended that title with virtue and integrity. Did everything by the books. I was never DQ'ed. The referees, you know GCW referees the finest referees in the wrestling business. They never caught me breaking a rule or an infraction. Because I do everything by the book. So I have every right to be righteous, hun. I'm a wrestler's wrestler. A true throwback. I might not be able to do flippys dos or have the drive to jump off platforms onto tables. I'm a ground and pound, meat and potatoes wrestler. Master of the most devastating submission is all of wrestling, the Aurora thank you.

Gloria: D was born for this.

Dianna: Did I mention, 2020 Newcomer of the Year winner? So yes, Kelsai, you can call this arrogance or narrow mindedness. Call it what you like. But it makes sense why you and the dolts can't understand me. Now Kelsai, tonight I'll have to suffer the sound of your fans cheering for you in our match. A sound that will be most pleasant, much like your fans.

Gloria: They're so annoying. And they're all like under the age of 18.

Dianna: It's horrible and I dread the experience. But this is a new season. The North American title is now on Shotgun, being corrupted by the hands of Generva Alle, who cheated once again to keep that title. I could lament on how far that title is going to fall and all the work I did coming undone by the seconds, but like a true lady, I have moved on. Me and Gloria took a few weeks off to wipe the taste out of our mouths. Took some time for some care. And now we're refreshed and ready to take on what's next. And tonight, Kelsai, that's you.

[Dianna takes off her sunglasses.]

Dianna: Kelsai, I saw that you were outsmarted recently by Adrian Waters and his wife, just like the rest of the world. I was not one of those people. A leopard can't change their stripes and neither can those two. I wasn't fooled. But, Adrian is a genius. But if you remember, earlier this year, who outsmarted the Genius?

[Dianna taps her chin as does Gloria.]

Gloria: I think that was you, chica!

[Dianna smirks.]

Dianna: It was me! I DID beat Adrian at his own game. And so if you couldn't outsmart him and trust me, 99 percent of the world can not outsmart Adrian Waters, what gives you any hope that you'll outsmart the 1%, which is me? Actually, let me rephrase that because I don't want to be put in the same boat as that heathen Kellen Jefferies. If you couldn't outsmart one genius, what makes you think you'll outsmart this genius? And unlike him hun, I enjoy stepping on dreams. I enjoy the pain I cause in that ring, physically, emotionally, mentally. Not in a preverse way. But in the spirit of wrestling and competition. Because I am a top tier wrestler.

[Dianna smirks.]

Dianna: Tonight Kelsai, I will relish making you and your annoying fans go home unhappy. Then afterwards, you can tweet about how it was a privilege to share the ring with a wrestler like myself. See you then, hun.

Gloria: Good luck, Twitter fingers.

[Dianna blows a fake kiss to the camera as it fades.]



The Rising Tide - Hugo Magnussen and Bash Kincade - can be seen walking through the locker-rooms, intense as ever.

Bash: “This is IT, boys!”

Hugo: “Tonight, we right a wrong that had been perpetrated against us.”

Bash: “Them boys, Nicky and Jody… they don’t understand the way the world works. They got a freebie months ago. Good for ‘em. That don’t make them BETTER than The Tide, and tonight, we take ‘em to school and show these fools exactly WHY we been named the GCW Tag Team of the Year TWO years running!”

Hugo: “Don’t take offense… this is only about restoring the natural order.”

Bash shakes his head.

Bash: “Nah… fuck that noise. Take full offense, ‘cause boys? Tonight yer gonna die!”

Hugo: “There are consequences to crossing The Rising Tide... Tonight, we’re going to beat some respect into your skulls. Count on that.”

Bash: “The Tide is rising, boys! Yer done for!”

With that, they walk past the camera…


The Rising Tide Vs The Bad Bastards
[Bad blood has been brewing between these two teams and it shows as a brawl erupts from the opening bell with all four men in trading blows. The action eventually spills outside. Bash charges Jody but Jody moves out of the way and Bash crashes through the steel barricade! While the referee is distracted with this, Nicky takes the ring bell and strikes Hugo. Nicky rolls Hugo into the ring and then with two people in the ring the match can finally begin officially. Hugo is isolated by Nicky and Jody, who make quick tags in and out to keep the fresh athlete in and wear out Hugo. This goes on for a considerable amount of time. Nicky tags out to Jody and they go for a spike pile driver but Hugo back drops out of it, sending Nicky into Jody who then straddles the top rope. Hugo tags out to Bash. Bash is in like a house of fire, a lariat to Nicky and a big boot to Jody. A running power slam to Jody and a cover but only a two. Nicky with a superkick to Bash. Hugo with a spear taking Nicky out of the equation. Bash and Hugo takes Jody down with The Rip Tide! The cover...1...2...3!]
WINNERS: The Rising Tide

A shot goes backstage and shows Livvie Nelson sitting in a throne-like chair with the X-Division title on her shoulder. Randall Williams stands behind her lighting a cigar.

Livvie: Hello plebs. I'm sure you're all feeling deprived this week without yours truly making an appearance in the ring. So consider this my gift to you. Here I am!

Livvie and Randall smiles. She puts her arms out as if to present herself. She crosses her legs and leans back in the chair.

Livvie: I'm just here to remind you that as long as I'm here, and as long as this title is on my shoulder, the X-Division is in great hands. For more than a year I worked my way toward holding gold in this company. For the longest time the only opportunity I was given landed me a piece of junk briefcase that got me nothing. I'm STILL waiting for that favor. But Randall told me, why wait? Why ask for favors, when you can make sure fortune favors you? That's what happened in the last few months. I looked at the field in front of me. This opportunity was presented. And I dominated. I took what I wanted. I became your X-Divison Champion. And then Livewire made the bold decision to bring me here. By making that decision, they have written their future in stone.

Randall laughs and takes a puff of his cigar.

Livvie: It's only a matter of time before Livvie takes over Livewire completely. Because I'm not here to foster relationships and grow friendships. I have everything I need right here. Me and my man. I will keep a grasp on this title as long as I possibly can. I will continue to ruin dreams and create livelong nightmares for every person that dares to step up to me. This is not the final step in my journey for this company. This is the beginning of a hostile takeover story. When I signed my contract here I was content to just be this fun-loving girl that took big risks while the fans cheered my name. But then I looked around and saw this place run by bitches and assholes. And I realized that the audience is full of people who only love you when you're doing something for them. So I abandoned who they wanted me to be. I became who I knew I always was.

Livvie leans forward with a smirk on her face.

Livvie: I was raised on the pitch in England. Before I ever hit a superkick, I built my reputation one yellow card at a time. I faced suspensions. Almost got kicked out of a league because I was labeled as nasty. So if you think what I've done so far in this company is ruthless or mean, I've barely scratched the surface of what I will do. I have so much more hostility to dish out in this company. There's so much more I have left to give out.

Livvie looks back at Randall and they smile.

Livvie: So if you're on this roster and you have an issue with me, consider yourself lucky I didn't smash your face in this week. But all bets are off next time. This is Livvie's show now. You're all just lucky enough to be on it.

Livvie stands and walks out of the frame, Randall in tow, as the camera goes elsewhere.
[We are backstage and Carson Caine is in front of a GCW backdrop, in his tights ready for his match later tonight.]

Caine: Last time y'all saw me, I had a hell of a fight with the X-Division champ, Livvie Nelson. Thought I had it for a minute there, but she got me. No shame in that, the lady is an accomplished wrestler, a current champion, and here I am, still trying to adjust to ropes instead of fence.

But listen, that's not gonna be an excuse forever. Livvie gave me a loss, but she also gave me a lesson. And since that match, I've been working even harder, harder than I ever have, than I ever had to. I said I was skeptical about this wrestling thing when my trainer suggested I give it a shot. Maybe that's been stuck in my head, you know? Maybe I came in here thinking I was better than everyone here, because what I did before was different, harder hitting, whatever.

[Caine shakes his head, mostly at himself.]

Caine: Nah, ain't no maybe. That's the truth. I never thought of myself as an arrogant guy, I never put on airs or walked around with my chest puffed out, I wasn't raised like that, I don't raise my son like that... but I guess it can happen to anyone when they step into a business, a world, they aren't used to and don't really understand.

But I get it now. This ain't just different, it's HARD. The way I trained for years just doesn't translate to the squared circle. So... I started training different. And I really hope that later tonight when I step into the ring with Jonathan Scarborough, y'all are gonna see the difference. I admit I got into this because I was out of fight options. I thought I'd learn a few throws and grapples and kick some ass just like I always have. It ain't that simple, and I know that now, I respect that.

Thank you Livvie, for the lesson.

To everybody else? Please understand that I'm a quick study.

[Caine gives one curt nod before we cut away.]


Carson Caine Vs Jonathan Scarborough
[Jonathan insists that, per Canadian Strong Style Rules, that the Canadian National Anthem be played before the match. Carson rolls his eyes and the fans boo but Carson, surprisingly, lets it happen as the anthem is played. But once the anthem is over Carson strikes with a release German suplex, a short arm clothesline, a hook kick, and a bulldog takedown. Carson with a belly to belly overhead suplex. Scarborough rakes his eyes and goes for a clothesline but Carson blocks it and connects with Flatline. Carson connects with Done Deal and then locks him up in Wrapped Up. Scarborough taps out.
WINNER: Carson Caine


[Travis Vessey is seen standing somewhere backstage. While he's wearing his ring gear underneath, he also has his official black and blue hoodie. It can be assumed that he was stretching before recording this. He takes his time to gather himself before he begins.]

Travis: As some people are well aware of, I am born and raised in Miami, Florida. It's the only home that I've known and that city, that community, played a tremendous role in shaping me to be hopefully a man people respect and view as decent. I'm sure all of you know about the Surfside building collapse almost a month ago. Just a horrific tragedy that's led to the lost of lives, homes, security. It has rocked the great community that I've known and it's a reminder of how fragile life can be. I have spent the last few weeks going to the memorial that people created, honoring the victims, talking to the first responders, mourning with people in my community. I didn't tell them this because in the grand scheme of life, a wrestling match pales in comparison to something as life altering as this. But tonight, along with fighting to earn a Global title match that I've been chasing, I'm also fighting for those families, those first responders and my community.

[He takes more time to allow his words to be digested.]

Travis: I use that word fighting purposely because if I had to describe what it's been like for me the moment I lost the Global title in December of 2019 to now, it's fighting. Lenore Mason beat me for that title. She defended that title in the fall by beating me and then in the beginning of the year, she beat me, Raynes and Harker. So my focus is clear. My aim is unmistakable. To get where I want to be, the absolute best in GCW, I'm going to have to beat her. The crown is what I'm after. I've made enough money to take care of myself for a lifetime. I could retire tomorrow knowing that I'm in the Hall, that I have been World Champion twice, that's I've main evented Resurrection three times. All these things that I've done wouldn't change if I never wrestled again after today.

[He pauses.]

Travis But there's always something. There's always something that I haven't done yet. There's stones still left unturned. I've had two World title runs. Only successfully defended the title once. The last three times I've wrestled Lenore for the Global title, I've lost all three. There's a new wave of wrestlers like Kelsai Mason and Dianna Kruse and Nava Farrin who are coming and I know there's a window for chasing after title that if you miss it, that might be your only chance. I went five years between my first World title win and my second. I've gone a year and a half currently since my last. I've changed my style. I've sought out the best wrestlers from outside of GCW just to pick their brain. I've learned new moves all with the purpose of chasing the Global title and chasing something bigger than that; wrestling nirvana.

[He stares at the camera.]

Travis: Now Julia Braddock, Nava Farrin, by the end of the night one of us is getting ourselves a shot at the Global title. And while I've been fortunate to be around the top of this company for seven years, if I don't win this, I have to start all over again. I'm not afraid of the struggle or the grind. It's not the work that puts the fear in me. I just know these opportunities shouldn't be taken for granted and the people like I mentioned before, they're coming for me. They're coming to take these matches. Nava, you're apart of that next wave. And people like Julia and myself, we're trying to hold on and show we're still here and we have a lot to prove.

[Travis pauses.]

Travis: By now everyone knows my motto. The people know what I'm all about. Tonight, what's on the table is a shot at World title #3, another crack at Lenore and and opportunity to add to what I've already done. I've fought and struggled and these past eighteen months I've come close and I've fallen short. None of those moments derailed me or discouraged me from what I'm pursuing. And tonight, I'm not leaving any meat on the bone. There's a gleam, a chance to get to where I want to be. And nothing matters to me other than that. And there is nothing I won't do to get to where I want to be. This will be a struggle. I'm going to fight like hell. But as you all know, I wouldn't want it any other way.

[Travis gives an earnest smile before he walks off.]


Backstage we find Melanie and Karen McBride of The McBride Corporation in their dressing room. Both are already dressed to compete but there is an air of tension within the room. Melanie may not appear bothered in the least but the older Karen McBride does appear genuinely concerned about their encounter tonight against Leviathan and Richard Dix.

Melanie: We defeated The Soviet Gingers. Now we’re scheduled tonight against Leviathan and Richard Dix. And if my intelligence report from Blair is accurate, then the so-called tag team champions are not even here this evening.

Karen: Aubrey isn’t.

Melanie: Fair. She can only confirm Aubrey Powers isn’t here. Still, The Sovereign are squandering what good will they had with the company by abandoning their role as Global Tag Team Champions of the Livewire Brand. That combined with our continued winning ways will easily put us into position to claim the championships as our own. No one can stop us this time, Karen.

Karen shakes her head.

Karen: You sound very sure of yourself, Mel, but I think you are a bit overconfident.

Melanie: Are you still worried about our sister?

Karen: Yes, yes I am! Mel, I just don’t think you know what you have done to Blair.

Melanie: I made her into a better version of herself. I took the worthless, pathetic, blob that she was and molded her into a useful tool to The McBride Corporation.

Karen arches an eyebrow.

Karen: Useful tool? Mel, that is our SISTER you are talking about.

Melanie: Yes, she is our sister now. Before her “evolution” she was a worthless, pathetic, blob. Now she can stand by our side and reclaim the McBride name. And she has worked wonders for us since her conversion. We are on a winning streak, one which will continue tonight against Leviathan and Dix.

Karen: Mel, I am sorry but I cannot hold back any longer.

Melanie: What are you sorry for, Karen?

Karen: Let’s refresh ourselves a little, Mel. You talk about Blair reclaiming the McBride name. She never lost it. She was always a McBride. It is in her blood, her very genetic makeup. But if you look at my past you will recall that I am not a McBride by blood. I was Karen Leonard before your parents adopted me. I would have been dead on the streets had it not been for your family taking me in. And all of you treated me as if I was always a McBride, as if I was truly one of you. Even Blair treated me as a sister, even when we had our differences she still treated me as one of her own.

Melanie rolls her eyes.

Melanie: Why are you going on and on about this again, Karen?

Karen: Because you need to see things the way I see them. I’m trying to help you see what I see. And I see what you did to Blair, and while it may have helped us in the short term I cannot help but worry about how it may impact her long term mental and emotional health. And I worry about that because I know how that cult impacted you. When the Nero Organization took you and twisted you, corrupted you, brainwashed you…

Melanie: Evolved me.

Karen: Same thing. When they did that, my heart was crushed. I always looked out for you, I defended you. And when they did that to you, it made me feel like I failed. And then when you told me that I was never truly your sister, that I was not a real McBride…

Melanie shakes her head.

Melanie: I was just saying that to fool the Nero Organization. But does it really matter because you and I are together now. What matters is the here and now.

Karen: Yes, we are together now and I have been willing to work with you...or at least work with this version of you...for the past few years, and I bit my tongue and refused to say anything because I already lost you once to the Nero Organization and I didn’t want to risk losing you again. I have bit my tongue for so long as you did so many despicable things, things that the cult, the Nero Organization, taught you, and I bit my tongue because I wanted to maintain our relationship. But I cannot bite my tongue any longer, because you sunk to new lows now that you did to Blair what the Nero Organization did to you. I just want my sister back.

Melanie: I...I’m sorry, Kare-Bear...but I’m not sure that person exists anymore.

Karen: Kare-Bear? Mel, that’s what you used to call me before you were twisted by the Nero Organization. So don’t bullshit me. She is there, somewhere deep down inside my sister is still there, fighting to get out.

Melanie shakes her head.

Melanie: You’re wrong. Do not buy into the same kind of nonsense that obviously Brooklyn Smith has been trying to spread all over social media and on Shotgun about us. What I am doing is for the best. What I am doing may be unorthodox but is good for The McBride Corporation because it will lead us to the GCW Global Tag Team Championship. But you have to promise me that you will go to the ring, do your job, and wrestle. We can leave private matters for when Livewire goes off the air. Understand?

Karen: Yeah, sure.


The McBride Corporation Vs Leviathan & Richard Dix
[Leviathan appeared to be Rich’s bigger, monstrous clone; dressed much like Dix and also carrying a bag of a curious substance and a box of nachos. Rich and Leviathan offered Melanie and Karen the nachos but the McBrides wanted none of it, tossing the substance and the nachos out to the crowd. Rich thought it was “cool” but Leviathan was enraged, drilling Melanie and Karen with clotheslines. Leviathan with a gorilla press slam to Melanie and a big boot to Karen. Leviathan with a choke slam to Melanie and a hard shoulder block to Karen. While the referee is distracted trying to get Rich and one of the McBrides out of the ring, Blair slides in and strikes Leviathan in the knee with a pipe. Blair slides out. Karen with a chop block to Leviathan brings him down. Karen locks in a single leg crab. Leviathan is too big and reaches the ropes. Karen tags out to Melanie. Melanie locks in a figure four. Again Leviathan reaches the ropes. Blair again distracts the referee, allowing Melanie to slam a chair against Leviathan’s leg and the steel ring post. Melanie locks a figure four in on Leviathan against the steel ring post. The referee begins his count and Melanie breaks at four. Melanie tags out to Karen. Melanie and Karen pull Leviathan up. They go after the leg but Leviathan is still too powerful and pull them in with clotheslines. Leviathan tags out to Rich. Rich in with quick dropkicks and clotheslines. Rich gets too confident and starts celebrating. This leads to him turning right into Evolution from Melanie. Karen, the stronger of the two, hoists Rich up and takes him down with McBride’s Ride. The cover...1...2...3!]
WINNERS: The McBride Corporation


[The sound of static can be heard and seen on the screen.]

"Tonight's Da Night" plays in the video as we see the Kowloon trio; Savino, Akeem the Supreme and M.A.E.V.E., sitting down on a corner late at night. All three dressed in matching black and yellow "Kowloon" hoodies, though Savino has black shorts while Akeem has black track pants and M.A.E.V.E has black leggings and her large curly hair out of control.

[Brief footage of their highlights in the ring flash, cutting between that and the image of the trio sitting together.]

"If you're a betting man and you're looking for a team to bet on Kowloon."

[Savino's voice is heard as the footage shows him and Akeem's hand raised after their win at Resurrection, earning themselves a shot at the Tag Team titles. We then see a close up of M.A.E.V.E, the footage showing her defeat to Livvie Nelson at Resurrection.]

"Minor setback for major comeback."

[A new quote from M.A.E.V.E. is heard as the video flashes throughout highlights of her with the X-Division Championship.]

"I'm coming for it.

I'm coming to get it back."

[More M.A.E.V.E. quotes are heard as images of Livvie Nelson with the X-Division title is shown.]

[We then cut back to the image of the trio sitting together before that fades out and what's left is a big Kowloon logo appearing in the middle of the screen in black and yellow. This is soon followed by the words.]

"You ain't seen nothing yet.}

{and the video abruptly ends.]


Standing by right outside her locker room Dexter Russel is ready to interview Kelsai Adamson-Mason.

Dexter: “Kelsai, it is no secret what you have been going through with Adrian Waters and Tiffani Manning. I have to ask why you have asked for this time tonight before heading inside of the arena. More pointedly, what would you like to say to Adrian and Tiffani?”

Kelsai: “There are several things that I would like to say to Adrian and Tiffani, things that I think everyone will agree that both of them have earned from me. I am a patient woman though and although tonight is not the right time, their day will come. No, tonight however is all about Dianna Kruse who is my opponent tonight, very capable in the ring, and awfully stupid with her mouth.”

Dexter: “Well, with that being said Kelsai, what would you like to say to Dianna Kruse?”

Kelsai: “Because I know the type of person that you are even without knowing you directly and I know that you are probably watching this interview right on the monitor in your dressing room, Dianna I am going to speak to you directly. You went on twitter and made some comments toward me. Things about ripping arm off so that people wouldn’t have to read any tweets from me any longer.

So tonight, Dianna, every action has an equal and opposite reaction and since your mouth spent the day writing checks that your ass has no hope of cashing, tonight? I am going to make sure that you get a receipt from me.”

Dexter: “What does that mean, Kelsai?”

Kelsai: “To tell you the truth, I am not even sure what that will mean until I am in the ring with Dianna. So I guess that you will just have to find out like everyone else.”

Kelsia Adamson-Mason Vs Diana Kruse
[Kelsai starts off fast with a roundhouse kick, a spinning heel kick, and a step up enziguri. Dianna tries to stop the momentum by rolling to the outside but Kelsai is aggressive with a baseball slide into a head scissors takedown on the outside. Kelsai goes for a whip but Dianna reverses, sending Kelsai into the steel steps. Dianna with an arm ddt on the outside. She whips Kelsai arm and shoulder first into the steel turnbuckle. Dianna rolls Kelsai into the ring and applies a fujiwara arm bar. Kelsai eventually reaches the ropes. Dianna with another arm ddt and then locks in an arm wrench. Kelsai eventually reaches the ropes. Kruse stomps on the arm repeatedly, over and over again, eventually stopping after repeated warnings from the official. Kruse locks in another fujiwara arm bar. Kelsai eventually reaches the ropes. Dianna goes for another arm ddt but Kelsai counters with a calf crusher. Kruse quickly reaches the ropes. Kelsai with a spear and then a flying cross body into a cover and a near fall. Kelsai goes for an axe kick but Dianna avoids contact. Dianna goes for Gloria but Kelsai fights out of it and attempts the axe kick again and this time connects. Kelsai goes up top and connects with The Double Shot! The cover...1...2...3!]
WINNER: Kelsai Adamson-Mason

[As Kelsai is celebrating, Tiffany Manning and Adrian Waters appear to distract her. They stand at the top of the stage and golf clap, mocking Kelsai. Kelsai then immediately exits the ring and goes up to confront them. But just before she can reach the top of the stage security swarms the stage and gets in between the parties to separate them. The crowd boos and chants of “let them fight” erupt.]


Karen McBride and her sister Melanie McBride, alongside Blair McBride are backstage shortly after their victory over Leviathan and Richard Dix. The trio known as The McBride Corporation are approached by GCW hall of fame journalist Dexter Russell.

Dexter: McBride Corporation, may I have quick word with you?

Karen, Melanie, and Blair turn to face Dexter. Blair McBride takes front and center, as if she is the one who will take the questions.

Blair: Any questions you have for The McBride Corporation you can ask me.

Dexter: Well ok, first of all you just picked up a second straight tag team victory, this time against Leviathan and Richard Dix. Do you wish to comment on the tag team division and specifically your plans for the Global Tag Team Championships?

Blair: Certainly. Karen and Melanie are one of the most talented tag teams not just on the Livewire Brand but in all of Global Championship Wrestling. The only reason they have yet to become champions is due to one simple reason; mismanagement. I failed them, they hired Mason Van Stanton and he failed them, and now I have returned and stand by their side, and I will not fail again. I am giving Karen and Melanie the opportunity to show their full potential as a team. What you have in Karen and Melanie are not just friends like some of these other teams out there, they are siblings. They are sisters. You do not get a more equipped team than that. They have beaten the Soviet Gingers, they have beaten Leviathan and Dix, and I swear to you that they can and will defeat anyone that is put before them.

Dexter: You do bring up a good point I wanted to talk about; you were once part of The McBride Corporation until Melanie kicked you out in favor of Mason Van Stanton. You recently were revealed to be the masked woman serving Melanie hand and foot.

Blair holds up a hand to silence Dexter.

Blair: Stop right there. Do not speak of things that you do not understand. Yes, I failed my sister, so I was forced to recede into a shell of my former self, that of a masked servant while I was retrained, while I was evolved. And when I was evolved back into the best version of myself I retook my name and my place by Melanie’s side. My removal from The McBride Corporation was never meant to be permanent, just temporary until I was educated enough to return.

Dexter: Brooklyn Smith seemed to have a lot to say about it…

Blair: Brooklyn does not know what she is talking about. I know exactly what I am doing. But since you seem so eager to talk about other people’s families, let’s talk about your family? Let’s talk about your wife and her refusal to appear on Livewire despite the fact that she holds a Livewire exclusive championship alongside that equally foolish Chantelle Chambers, who is so full of herself that she needs a whole year to celebrate her retirement?

Dexter: I cannot exactly control my wife’s actions.

Blair: Ah, then we see who wears the skirt in that family. Face it, Dexter, Powers has your balls in a jar. But if you’re good boy, The McBride Corporation will retrieve those balls for you, right after we take the GCW Global Tag Team Championships away from her and Chambers.


We cut to the backstage area. There we find GCW’s first...but no longer “only”...Hall of Fame journalist, and senior journalist, none other than the blonde bombshell Janice King. Standing by her side is “The Kensington Knockout” Julia Braddock. Julia is dressed in her wrestling gear tonight consisting of black pants, a pink skirt, and a pink top, and pink boots. Her long blonde hair hangs straight to past the shoulders. Braddock looks intense and focused as she stares into the camera.

Janice: Ladies and gentlemen I am Janice King, and while I may no longer be the only Hall of Fame Journalist in GCW history due to a grave injustice perpetrated against me by the Hall of Fame Committee, I am still a Hall of Famer and the senior journalist, always on top of every story, always…

Braddock holds up a hand to cut her off and silence her.

Julia: Hush it, mate. The people don’t want to hear you yap your trap.

The fans can be heard cheering in the background, approving of Julia’s attitude tonight. Janice King just rolls her eyes.

Janice: Well fine; my guest at this time is “The Kensington Knockout” Julia Braddock, one-third of tonight’s main event to determine a number one contender for the GCW Global Championship currently held by Lenore Price-Mason. Now Julia, I…

Again Braddock holds a hand up to Janice’s mouth in order to silence the braggadocious reporter. Again the fans cheer loudly.

Julia: Before you begin with your questions, Janice, I want to take some time to address the champion herself. Because I heard everything she said two weeks ago. And despite how wrong she was, I still do respect the hell out of her. I mean, Lenore has been champion practically since last year. It is hard to argue how good she is in the ring. But I want to correct little miss perfect in regards to the claims she made about how I took the path of “least resistance”. My reasons behind choosing the World Championship at Resurrection had nothing to do with who I thought was the easier target. But that’s in the past, Resurrection X is over and done with and I have moved on, as should you, but you went on to claim that I view you as a back up plan?

Braddock chuckles and shakes her head.

Julia: Oh no, you are no back up plan. I know better than that. For over a year you have been the unchallenged best on the Livewire Brand. And yes, I am coming after you, I do have my eyes on your GCW Global Championship, but I am under no illusions that it will be any easy task but I am certainly up to the challenge. My only question is, are you up to the challenge? I would hope that you are not underestimating me, Lenore. Pride comes before a fall and if you are so prideful that you truly think you are untouchable and unbeatable, then you will fall. No one is unbeatable, not even you. And you’re going to realize that when we meet in the ring and that championship is on the line.

Janice: Well first you have to get there, and you have two very tough and very game challengers in the form of Princess Nava Farrin and Travis Vessey here tonight. You will have to beat them first in order to get to Lenore.

Braddock nods her head.

Julia: I know and that is yet another difficult challenge that I have to meet in order to reach my ultimate goal. Those are the kinds of pressure that turns coal into a diamond and I eagerly await the pressure of this eliminator against Vessey and Nava. You can’t argue their greatness; with Nava you have a former X Division Champion, former International Champion, and a woman who was in the main event of Resurrection X. With Vessey you have a multi-time Global Champion and a GCW Hall of Famer. They have many accolades, they have tread different paths, and have vastly different personalities to say the least. But do you want to know the one thing that both have in common?

Braddock pauses to give Janice a chance to answer. The arrogant journalist seems dumbfounded and just shrugs her shoulders. A smirk spreads across the face of The Kensington Knockout.

Julia: Both of them have been beaten by Lenore Price-Mason. And the ONE time that I did stand across the ring against Lenore was two weeks ago and do you remember what happened?

Janice: Time limit draw?

Julia: Exactly! For all the bravado from the HERStory Makers, for all of their tough talk, for all the talk about how me and Livvie Nelson were not in their league, they could not beat us! They threw everything that they had including the bloody kitchen sink at us and they couldn’t get the job done! So as I head into this eliminator tonight, I will have all of the confidence in the world. I go into this match as someone who has already beaten Princess Nava, I go into this match having proven that I can hang with the best Livewire has to offer, and I will go into this match knowing that I will prove it again when I defeat a former multi-time global champion, a former international and x division champion, and I punch my ticket to a Global Championship Match. Tonight, Janice, I will not be denied. Tonight Vessey and Nava are going to be beaten and I will stand alone atop the mountain with one final obstacle in my path, and come August 10th she too will fall. And THAT is a Vow of Chastity!


Main Event
Global Championship Eliminator Match

(winner challenges Lenore Price-Mason on August 10th, 2021)
Travis Vessey Vs Princess Nava Farrin Vs Julia Braddock
[Who will make the first move in this high stakes triple threat match? It appears as if Vessey and Julia both are making moves against Princess Nava. But the Princess quickly ducks out of the ring before a double team can commence. Vessey then spins Braddock around and rains down rights and lefts, backing Julia into the corner. He whips her into the opposite corner and comes back in with a stinger splash. Vessey with a snap suplex and then an arm bar. Braddock struggles but eventually counters into an arm bar of her own. Vessey fights back to his feet, drives a knee into her gut, and drops her with a double underhook suplex. Vessey locks in a cross legged STF. This is when Princess decides to strike with a springboard splash onto both Vessey and Braddock! Nava throws Vessey out of the ring and then focuses her attack on Braddock. Nava with a Side Russian leg sweep and a 3-4 turn neck breaker. Nava connects with the Butter Chicken Beatdown. Vessey is back in the ring and he spins Nava around and raisin down rights and lefts before taking Nava down with a snap ddt. Vessey applies an ankle lock to Nava. Nava is struggling in the hold but she gets a reprieve from a surprise source...Julia Braddock locks the Million Dollar Dream on Travis Vessey! Two submissions are applied at the same time and Vessey keeps his ankle lock in as long as he can but eventually begins to fade and releases his grip on Nava’s ankle. Braddock tightens her grip as Vessey begins to fade. Nava with a superkick variation to Julia that breaks the Million Dollar Dream. Nava throws Braddock outside the ring.]

[Nava takes Vessey and applies a Dehli Kekada. Vessey struggles in the hold but refuses to quit. Eventually he reaches the ropes. Nava drags him back out to the center and applies again, tighter this time. Vessey struggles in the hold. But then Julia Braddock with a springboard spinning heel kick to the back of Nava’s head, breaking the hold. Braddock with Ex-Communication to Nava. A cover and only a two. Julia goes to the second rope and waits to see who gets up first. Vessey is up so Julia strikes with The Kensington Knockout! The cover and only a two and a half before Vessey kicks out. Julia drops an elbow to Vessey, a second, and then curtsies before dropping a third elbow. Nava spins Julia around and strikes her with the Bangle Bazaar. The cover but Julia gets a foot on the bottom rope. Frustrated, Nava takes Julia to the outside where she slingshots her face first into the steel turnbuckle. Nava looks satisfied with her work but then turns around into a plancha from Vessey! Travis pulls Nava up and delivers a double underhook suplex on the outside! Vessey with a release Northern Lights suplex to Nava on the outside. Vessey leaves Nava outside and then takes Braddock, rolling her back into the ring.]

[Vessey with a snap tiger suplex to Braddock. Vessey with a bridging German suplex but Julia just barely kicks out. Vessey goes for Lethal Weapon but Julia ducks out of it and then connects with The Vow of Chastity. This surely would be it were it not for Princess running in and dropping Julia with Nirvana! The cover and Julia just barely kicks out before the three! Princess wisely keeps it one on one by throwing Braddock outside the ring. Nava sees Vessey still down from Vow of Chastity and thinks she has enough time and so she goes up to the top. Nava attempts the Rāṇī dē Tāja. But Vessey moves out of the way just in time and Nava hits nothing but canvas! Vessey slowly pulls himself up. Nava is up as well. Vessey takes Nava and connects with a snap suplex followed by a snap tiger suplex. Vessey pulls Nava up and goes for Lethal Weapon but Nava avoids it and connects with Ashoka Chakra! It’s over...but Julia Braddock in with a running knee, drilling Nava in the side of the head and knocking her to the outside! Braddock covers Vessey...1...2...3!]
WINNER: Julia Braddock

[Princess Nava is stunned that she came so close to earning another shot at the Global Championship only to come up just short. Braddock is celebrating that she did earn one more opportunity to become champion again. Princess walks off to live to fight another day and eventually, after her celebrating is over, Braddock leaves. Once the other two competitors are gone Vessey is still down but moving a little. Then, in a shock to everyone, Brittany Kayl comes down to the ring with a mask in hand. It is a mask of...Kellen Jeffries of all people!]

[Kayl enters the ring and then places the Kellen mask on Travis. Kayl then proceeds to stomp away at Vessey’s midsection repeatedly. Kayl mounts the masked Vessey and rains down rights and lefts. Referees try to pull her off but she pushes them out of the way. Kayl goes outside and retrieves a chair. The referees again try to separate her from Vessey but the threat of the chair keeps them away. Vessey tries to pull himself up but Kayl drills him square on the head with the chair. Kayl then locks Vessey up in Shark Week! Surprisingly the Kellen Jeffires mask has stayed on the entire time but everyone can still hear Vessey’s screams of agony from underneath the mask. Kayl meanwhile looks possessed as she cinches in the heel hook submission as tight as she can, all the while referees and security are trying to pull her off.]
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