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Livewire 10.15

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We cut to the ringside area where we see ring announcer Robert E. Lee standing in the center with microphone in hand.

Lee: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the GCW Global Heavyweight Champion, “The Kensington Knockout” Julia Braddock!

The lights dim as several spotlights shine down upon the entrance ramp. The opening chords of "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC begins to play over the PA system. The lights all come on. Pyro goes off. The tron flashes to life and the words "Her Royal Majesty" appears on the tron only to be set ablaze and burn away in a fire, almost as if Rome itself were burning. The words "The Queen is dead" appear in its place. Then Julia Braddock steps out onto the stage dressed in a tight, form fitting pink dress with hemline that stops just above the knee and matching pink high heel pumps. Her long blonde hair hangs straight and unrestrained to past the shoulders. She has her newly won GCW Global Championship title belt draped over her right shoulder. Braddock goes over to one side of the stage and hoists the title belt high in the air, getting a loud ovation from the fans. Then Braddock goes to the other side of the stage and hoists the title up in the air, again getting a loud ovation from the fans. Julia then turns and begins to make her way down towards the ring. The Kensington Knockout high fives a few fans along the way. She gets to the ringside area and she ascends the steel steps and steps up onto the ring apron. For a third time she raises the title belt high over her head for everyone to see. Braddock then enters the ring and retrieves the microphone from Robert E. Lee.

Julia: Well how the hell are you GCW?

The crowd pops loudly for Braddock, who smiles confidently in the ring.

Julia: I’m with you, I’m feeling absolutely fantastic. It feels good being your Global Champion. It feels great getting to represent you great fans and this awesome brand, this Livewire brand. I promised you that I would be committed to this brand, to this company, and to you fans as champion and I have delivered. I have been here every show, when asked to compete I put on my boots and stepped into the ring. Hell, I’ve even represented the brand at Fever. And in a few days I will be teaming with my best mate Destiny Skye to teach those Ginger Bitches a lesson in respect. Be sure to tune into to watch us kick their asses, alright?

The crowd cheers loudly.

Julia: Oh yeah, this is great! I love this feeling and I love all of you! Then again, you tend to feel pretty damn good when you make someone eat their words. Adrian Waters kept running his trap about how I was a paper champion, how I was supposedly unworthy, and that’s not to mention the garbage he had been spewing about Kelsai Adamson-Mason. But two weeks ago Kelsai and I beat Adrian and his girl right here in the center of the ring. Let me tell you, that felt really good. But there is something else about that match that I liked, something far more strategic. Because in that one match I got to scout two of my opponents for Survival of the Fittest.

She pats the GCW Global Title belt draped over her right shoulder.

Julia: Adrian Waters has made it known that he wants this. He certainly has the credentials and the skills to get it done. He is a former World Champion, no one should ever underestimate him, and I certainly won’t underestimate him. But I think Kelsai also made a pretty big statement herself two weeks ago. She wants this championship just as much as anyone else. And despite what arrogant blokes like Adrian may say, Kelsai certainly as the ability to get the job done. But they are not the only two who want this championship.

Braddock shakes her head.

Julia: Tonight I get to scout some more of my competition. Ms. Budde, a former International Champion, teams with Brittany Kayl, a former GCW World Champion, to face Travis Vessey, a former GCW Global Champion, and his partner, a wild card in the whole scenario Alan Monroe. Vessey, Kayl, and Budde are all coming after my title. All three of them, along with Kelsai and Adrian, all of them want what I have. And they will have their chance at Survival of the Fittest. It is an appropriate name, because in this scramble match, the SURVIVOR will be the one who leaves with the GCW Global Heavyweight Championship. As the rules stipulate, you can have multiple title changes during this match but whoever is champion when the time limit expires will be the GCW Global Champion. That is the only champion that counts. And I am here to give each and every one of you here tonight a spoiler and to disappoint my five opponents by telling them that the GCW Global Championship is going nowhere!

The crowd cheers loudly as Julia defiantly shouts.

Julia: I am a survivor! I have battled greater odds than this and have come out victorious! So all five of them can bring their worst, they can throw everything that they have at me, but at the end of the night, when Survival of the Fittest concludes, I will still be the GCW Global Champion! And THAT is a Vow of Chastity!


Backstage, the camera comes up on the boots of Rayola Davine. The camera slowly pans up, but this time she looks different. She is dressed in a two patterned, white and black version of her regular gear, starting by facing away from the camera. The back of her top, which usually has angel wings only has an outline of a demonic wing on the white side and an angelic wing on the black side. Her hair is similarly dyed and toned with the red side on the black and on the white side is a deep indigo color. She turns to face the camera and the side of her face with the white side of her gear is painted with an oni design.

Rayola: I waited. I was patient. I let the dice fall as they may to determine my fate. For once, patience rewarded me. I don't think I need to go over the details, you all already know them so let's get to the real cut. After I dealt with the annoyance that prevented me from winning the X-Division title previously, I was granted the rematch. And so we are brought to today.

Rayola grins wickedly as she stares at the camera with her head held high.

Rayola: Livvie Nelson thinks she has me all figured out. That I'm just another social media whore, posting thotty pictures and obsessing over the drama of my life. Let me let you in on a little secret Livvie: in just under a year, this business is as much of my life as that so-called drama. That drama will be dealt with in the ring elsewhere as well, but you, Livvie, you have dug yourself into your own corner. And I'm gonna hang you by those words for all to see.

Rayola crosses her waist with her hands.

Rayola: This is where that title belt is going Livvie. Like it or not, after tonight you'll see that I am just as much about this business, that belt and this crazy existence called life as anyone else, but with one major difference: I don't need anyone but me to fight my battles. And I will win those battles in the end. Like the wave on the rock, I will push you down eventually. And then you will…

Rayola smiles as the camera slowly moves to a lower view looking up at Rayola.

Rayola: … watch me fly.


Princess Nava Farrin & The Former GCW Intern In Action
[The very first time Princess and the former GCW Intern are together as a tag team. The intern is excited but will he be after he learns that their opponents for the evening happens to be two-thirds of The Atari Brothers, Pacman and Q-Bert? Princess encourages the intern to start. He runs right into an arm drag from Pacman, then a hip toss. Pacman tags out to Q-Bert and he and Pacman deliver a double dropkick to the GCW Intern. The impact of the moves knocks him right back into his corner where Princess tags herself in. A springboard hurricinrana takes down Pacman. She drills Q-Bert with a spinning heel kick. Princess with Moksha to Pacman. Then Bangle Bazaar to Q-Bert. Princess slams Pacman onto Q-Bert. Then she goes up top and connects with Rāṇī dē Tāja onto both of them! The cover…1…2…3!]
WINNERS: Princess Nava Farrin & The Former GCW Intern

Backstage, Dexter Russell is standing by with the International Champion, Derek Powers.... as well as, surprisingly, his brother, Steve.

Dexter: Joining me at this time, the International Champion, Derek Powers. Before we talk about your match tonight, Derek... I have to wonder why Steve is here with you? You whispered something in his ear after your match at the last Livewire... what was it you said to him?

Derek: Little nosy there, aren't you, Russell? Well, I guess since you're pretty much 'family', I can answer your question. It's like I told Steve before our match... perhaps he just needed to change his perspective in order to become successful again here in GCW. So he has... Steve understands now what I've been saying to him, and he's going to help me in my ultimate goal here on Livewire... to eventually become GCW Global Heavyweight Champion. Tell 'em, Steve!

Steve: It's like Derek said, my goal now in GCW is to help my bro become the third member of our family to win Heavyweight Title gold! With my knowledge and Dereks talent, whomever holds that Global Title when he comes for it, they're soon gonna find themselves to be called a FORMER Heavyweight Champion!

Derek: Don't misconstrue, however... I am PROUD to be the International Champion, and the only way this title is ever taken from me, is the moment I achieve my destiny of becoming Global Champion! Until then, I plan to be the most dominant International Champion this company has ever had! Anyone who thinks they can take this from me... well, that poor sap has another thing coming! Take the loser I'm facing tonight... Alex, Arnold, Andy...

Dexter: Akeem The Supreme?

Derek: Yeah, him... it's funny he calls himself 'Supreme'... because from where I'm standing, I see nothing 'Supreme' about him! How 'bout you, bro?

Steve: Nothing... does this chump even have a title reign to his name?

Derek: No, I could be wrong... and rarely am... but I don't think he's won a title here in GCW! I got a current International reign and a two-time Heritage Title set of reigns to mine! I got some cache to mine... but you, Akeem? Get outta here with that 'Supreme' tag bullshit! You aren't Supreme, you're just another pathetic nobody trying to punch above their weight class! You aren't in my league, you will NEVER be in my league... and tonight, I'm sending you tumbling down the ladder to the bottom, where you belong!

Dexter: Don't you think you might be underestimating him?

Derek: Underestimate him? I don't estimate him at all! Certainly, not as any kind of threat! I'm ending his hopes and dreams tonight!

Derek holds the International Title up to the camera.

Derek: Look at this. Akeem... this is as close as you will ever get to MY title! Look, but don't tough... and you can look all you want, but you'll certainly never be touching it! I'm certain you're gonna give it the good ol' college try, though... and I'll be more than happy to slap you back to reality! That reality being, you don't have a chance in hell of becoming International Champion, tonight!

Derek and Steve leave, as we go back to ringside.


International Championship Match
Akeem The Supreme Vs Derek Powers (c)

[The championship and the right to advance to the title unification match at Survival of the Fittest was on the line and Akeem came to play. He started out fast with forearm shots, a European uppercut, and then a front kick. Akeem with a roundhouse kick and Derek is knocked to the outside. Akeem goes out after him but it was all a ploy as Derek rakes his eyes and throws him into the steel steps. Derek rolls him back into the ring and drops Akeem with a belly to back suplex. Derek applies a neck vice. Akeem fights his way back to his feet and breaks it with elbows and then throws more forearm shots. Derek drives a knee to the gut and then drops Akeem with a swinging neck breaker. Derek with another neck vice. Akeem again fights his way back to his feet. Derek switches to a side headlock. Akeem counters with a belly to back suplex.]

[Akeem with a bicycle kick and then a running knee strike. Akeem covers but only gets a two. Akeem with a series of vicious kicks to Derek’s head and chest. Derek goes down and Akeem starts celebrating. Akeem goes to the outside and connects with a springboard spinning heel kick. Akeem with the cover and would have got the three had Derek not been close enough to the ropes to get his foot on the bottom rope. Akeem attempts to lock in Tylenol, his variation of the rear naked choke, but Derek counters with a jaw breaker. Derek with a spear breaking Akeem in half. Derek with a cover but Akeem kicks out at two. Derek with The Winning Smile, kicking Akeem in the face. Powers drops Akeem with The Powers To Be! The cover but again Akeem sneaks a shoulder up just before the three!]

[Derek is beyond frustrated by now. He sets Akeem up for The Powers Driver but Akeem back drops out of it. Akeem gets a superkick in out of desperation. Akeem and Derek get up at about the same time. Akeem with a bicycle kick, a spinning heel kick, and then a cartwheel to evade a lariat followed up by a discuss punch knocking Derek down. Akeem measures Derek as he rises to his feet. Akeem goes for Tylenol! He just about has it in but Derek is fighting to keep it from being locked in fully. Derek manages to counter it into a roll up…1….2…Derek hooks the tights…3!]
WINNER and STILL GCW International Champion: Derek Powers


We cut backstage to find the newest addition to Global Championship Wrestling, a blonde that seems to have controversy always attached to her name, a woman named Janelle St. Claire. She is smiling with a microphone in hand.

Janelle: Ladies and gentlemen I am Janelle St. Claire and I am hoping to get a word with…

“Excuse me?”

Janelle is taken aback when Alan Monroe steps into view. Hell’s Reject has a half-grin on his face.

Alan: Who were you hoping to get a word with?

Janelle: Uh, well…

Alan: It doesn’t matter. You’re new here, right?

Janelle: Yes, as a matter of fact I am.

Alan: Your reputation precedes you. It is doubtful that you have a big scoop of any kind. Your first job will be to talk to the reject of GCW, Hell’s Reject to be precise. Being a reject is something you know a great deal about, don’t ya? You were working with GDW but when it closed up shop and got bought out by Glory Braddock, ol’ Braddock didn’t want you. She didn’t want your crap. But hey, don’t take it the wrong way because no one wanted any of my crap either. I had to find my way. I had to make my way even if it meant rubbing certain people the wrong way or ruffling some feathers. If I upset the status quo then big deal. Who cares? I still made my mark and I forced people to pay attention to me. That’s what a Hell’s Reject does.

Janelle: With all due respect, Mr. Monroe, I am trying to leave my past behind me. I want to…

Alan: You wanna be a better person? Well that’s seet. But unfortunately no one cares. Just like no one really cares about me being in tonight’s main event. Hell, even my own tag partner Travis Vessey doesn’t actually care. I’m sure he’d rather be by himself facing Brittany Kayl and Ms. Budde. Those three are the ones this company, this brand, really cares about. They are the ones in the scramble match for the Global Heavyweight Title at Survival of the Fittest. I’m just a body in that ring so that it’s not two on one against poor Vessey. I know what my role is supposed to be but that doesn’t mean I have to live that role. Maybe I will decide it is my time to once again make an impact, to once again upset the status quo, and put my name back on the map. What do you think about that, Janelle?

Janelle: Well, uh, good luck I guess?

He chuckles.

Alan: Thanks. And welcome to the team.


[Samuel Price stands next to both Mara Kade and Siouxsie Blade, who receive a mixed reaction from the crowd when they are seen. Mara and Siouxsie are currently wearing their ring gears; with Mara wearing a black, silver and red jacket with a red and black “Rebuild The Machine” t-shirt while Siouxsie is also wearing the same shirt. ]

Samuel Price: Livewire is already shaping up to be one hell of a show and we still have a lot more to look forward to. And that includes the team I’m standing next to right now. Mara Kade, Siouxsie Blade, Scream Machine. For the first time since Last Respects in August, you two are in action against Team Perry. And for the first time in a year and half, you two are competing on Livewire. You two have gone off the grid, so to speak, since the loss of your Tag Team titles at the hands of Wrestling’s Most Wanted. The world has been anticipating what will come of your first match back. And tonight is the night.

[Price points the microphone towards Mara, who takes a moment to glare at it. She then reaches up and grabs her shades that rest on her face and removes them. Between her eyes, her body language and her tightened expression on her face, she appeared to be locked in. The crowd is heard buzzing a bit but still mostly subdued as they wait for her to speak. It takes a little bit longer, almost uncomfortably long but eventually, Mara’s lips part and she leans in.]

Mara: You know Sam, for once, I don’t have much to say. Me and Sio, we spent the last month, month and a half, whatever. And we looked in the mirrors, we looked at ourselves, we looked at one another and we took ours asses back to the gym, to the mat, to the earth. And we rededicated ourselves. Iron sharpens iron. We’re back. We have our goals set. Winning the tag belts again. Doesn’t matter if they merge them or not. Sit on top of professional as the best, not just as individuals, but as a team. Something that’s never been done before. Losing the titles sucked, We can’t bitch about anymore. It’s in the past. The here and now is us walking down that ring and running through Team Perry. The future is up climbing back up the rankings til we get another shot. That’s it for me. Scream Machine is back. Let’s f**king go!

[The crowd roars as the camera zooms out on Mara’s face and then onto Siouxsie, who’s the only one in view.]

Siouxsie Blade: Let’s talk about Team Perry shall we? Let’s go ahead and call this the Scream Machine Come Back Tour, because you see Sammy, Mara and I are on our way back to the very top to not only get our tag team titles back? But to main event this bitch once and for all this time walking out as the winners. You know, Charles and I are not stupid, he talks to me about the tug o’ war in the back behind the curtains, the politics that sometime run rough shot in the business, but that is what is so genuine about us, we don't have a political affiliation, we are INDEPENDENT!

[The crowd cheers while Mara starts to laugh some, Siouxsie though is not laughing, holding Charles in a tight grip.]

Siouxsie: But while Mara here is ready to kick some ass? I’m not. See, I’m ready to do something different, I’m taking names. For who knows how long, this company and so many inthe back have been jealous of our success. They don’t like us Sammy because Scream Machine are WINNERS. They usually try to bring us down to their level and Team Perry is no exception. Matter of fact, tonight we are going to make examples out of them and send a clear message to every tag team and singles star in the GCW. It doesn't matter what brand they are on…. We REFUSE! RESIST and we sure as hell are going to RECLAIM!

[Siouxie tilts her head as Mara looks to the crowd as they start to cheer, then Blade starts to break out in laughter as it fades to commercial.]


Scream Machine Vs Team Perry
[Siouxsie and Mara were back in action and their unfortunate victims was Team Perry. Caitlyn started off against Siouxsie. The pace was fast early on but Caitlyn quickly was felled by a T-Bone suplex and then an overhead belly to belly suplex. Siouxsie tags out to Mara. Mara with a reverse Russian legsweep with Caitlyn landing on Siouxsie’s knee. The double team was effective and Mara went for a cover but Kenny broke up the pin. Mara with a dragon suplex followed up by a tiger suplex. Mara whips Caitlyn into the ropes. Kenny blind tags himself in. Caitlyn ducks a clothesline and goess towards the other ropes. Siouxsie holds down the top rope causing Caitlyn to tumble to the outside. Mara turns around and decks Kenny with a discuss punch. Mara tags out to Sioxsie. They whip Kenny into the ropes. A yakuza kick and spear combo to Kenny Perry! Siouxsie and Mara get in position while Kenny is trying to recover. They scream at the top of their lungs…DEATH SCREAM TO KENNY PERRY! The cover…1…2…3!]
WINNERS: Scream Machine


We open backstage. It is there that the cameras find Blair McBride, dressed in a navy blue skirt suit combo with a white silk blouse and high heel pumps. To her right is Melanie McBride dressed in a tight form fitting little black dress and heels. To Blair’s left is Karen McBride, dressed in a red long sleeved dress and heels. Karen and Melanie have their newly won GCW Global Tag Team Championship title belts draped over their shoulders.

Blair: Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Blair McBride. These are my sisters, Melanie McBride and Karen McBride. We are The McBride Corporation. And this very important message is being brought to you by The McBride Corporation.

Karen pats the title belt resting over her right shoulder.

Karen: This right here is the fruits of our labor. We have reaped the rewards of our hard work and our dedication. So many in this company doubted us, so many thought we were done for and that we would be relegated to the status of jobber to the stars permanently. But this is evidence that by busting your ass and working hard you can elevate yourself, you can improve your own status through your own blood, sweat, and tears. That is what the three of us have done. The Alan Family…

Melanie: Beat them.

Karen: …The Rising Tide? The supposed “Best of” GCW?

Melanie: Beat them.

Karen: And even Fabulous, despite their crowing about how we never actually pinned them, we still own a victory over them. True, we did not pin them, but let’s face facts, we beat them and two other teams at Last Respects. And furthermore we did the one thing that those two arrogant bitches could not do. We beat The Sovereign. We fixed the mistake that they made back at Resurrection that led to these tag team championships being for all intents and purposes exiled away from their home on Livewire.

Melanie: You’re welcome, everyone.

Karen: So if anyone wants to talk about the best tag team on the Livewire brand, you start right here with The McBride Corporation because we hold the gold. And as a matter of fact, if the Shotgun brand’s World Tag Team Champions, Wrestling’s Most Wanted, ever decide to get froggy, we will beat them too and prove that we are the best tag team in GCW period. End of story.

Melanie nods her head.

Melanie: That’s right. But Global Championship Wrestling should also understand that The McBride Corporation is expanding its reach beyond the mere scope of tag team wrestling. We are taking over this company and that includes the singles division.

Melanie pats her sister Blair on the back.

Melanie: And that hostile takeover starts right here with the evolution of Blair McBride. Tell them about it, Blair.

Blair: I have been trained by and still am working with two of the best wrestlers I have ever known, my two sisters Karen and Melanie. With their knowledge and experience I have already taken a former world champion to her limit in the main event of the premier edition of Fever. I went on to defeat El Perro. And this coming Fever I will once again be in action. I will fight any and every time I get the chance. And with each match, I will learn and grow. With each match I will get better, I will improve. Evolution is not an overnight process but with time and hard work I will eventually bring singles gold to go along with the tag team gold that Karen and Melanie now hold. So to the International Champion, X Division Champion, and even our own Global Heavyweight Champion herself Julia Braddock. Understand that we are targeting all of you. Do not make the mistake and believe that The McBride Corporation will be content with just the Global Tag Team Championship. This is a hostile takeover and we will not rest until we run this show.


Dianna Kruse In Action.
[Dianna’s opponent for this evening is rather infamous in GCW lore. A mysterious man known as Ultrawolf. He shouts animalistically at the top of his lungs and rapidly and violently shakes the ropes. Dianna is unimpressed. He turns and charges only to get caught by a standing dropkick. Dianna with a deep arm drag into an arm bar. Ultrawolf fights back to his feet but Dianna drops him with an arm ddt. Kruse applies a fujiwara arm bar. Ultrawolf eventually reaches the ropes. Dianna connects with Gloria. The cover but Ultrawolf kicks out. Kruse locks in Aurora. Ultrawolf taps out.]
WINNER: Dianna Kruse


Backstage, we see Ms. Budde standing there fanning herself, but not looking happy at all. A sneering almost growling look on her face as she remembers still losing the International Championship to of all people a Powers….

Ms. Budde: I haven’t spoken much, truth be told I haven’t really had much to say. Whenever I get angry, I can be rather unpredictable. There are many people who have called me a sociopath in the past, due to my tactics as a disciplinarian and former Army soldier. I don’t know if I would push the envelope that far to be quite frank, sugarplum, for I have always been the type of woman that takes what she wants. Mr. Powers took what was mine and that really upsets me, but that is alright, because just like every other time, you live and learn honey. Thing is Lenore Price-Mason is gone off to the SCW, she saw a great opportunity and I cannot blame her, but now that leaves me here wondering what I am going to do next, really? Well, as you can see I have a few protégé’s that when they are ready will make their debuts, until then I have found myself a manager and that person will soon make his debut and when he does, this man will take me to the top. Oh wait…. HERstory Makers, right? No sweet cheeks, that is long over, Ms. Budde is on her own. Isabella Harker is a Hall of Famer, she doesn’t need me or anyone to succeed in this business, just like it is time that I go back to OLD SCHOOL.

Ms. Budde tosses the hat and the fan, brushing her long blonde hair back.

Ms. Budde: I’m done being a lady, and instead I’m going to be that psycho bitch that all of you remember. It is time that we have a little discipline here and it starts with a Hall of Fame legend in Travis Vassey and Alan Monroe. Travis, you are a superior talent sugar, same with Mr. Monroe but in time things change and when they do, there will be one woman that while watching this burn to the ground will be found in the ash. My partner is Brittany Kayl, former World Champion and Brittany, lets get this right, we do this and we work together to handle these two men, then go our sperate ways, but if you cross me or do anything to cost me this match I will have a size 11 footprinted right on that pretty face of yours. Travis and Alan, you’re going to face a woman that is feeling a renaissance, and will not stop until she is the GCW Global Champion. I want you to remember one thing, right before my manager makes his debut and takes me to the very top? You all did this, you all allowed Ms. Budde to get robbed and cheated and thrown down the rankings while men I beat constantly get all the praise. After tonight? Class is NOW in Session…. FOREVER.

Without another word, Ms. Budde turns and walks out.


[Roderick Osborn stands next to Travis Vessey in a previously recorded video. The tip off is the fact that Travis is seen wearing a white dress shirt with black slacks, a pair of shades on his face and the location appears to be at a conference room, not the building.]

Roderick: Roderick Osborn here with Hall of Famer Travis Vessey. We're doing this hours before the show. For those that don't know, Travis has a very intensive pre show ritual that starts sometimes twelve hours before the show. Running the ropes, watching the production team set up the stage, running up and down the stairs of the arena and then mat work with your personal trainer. We're fortunate enough to catch you after your first run with that and we appreciate this time with you. I know you're a private man and we tried not to disturb you of your preparation.

Travis: No problem. I have a few minutes to spare and it's always good talking to you.

Roderick: Well same here. Now tonight, You're in a tag match with Alan Monore against two people that you will be seeing a lot of in the future, Ms Budde and Brittany Kayl, as they're in the Scramble match that you're in next month for the Global Championship. Knowing you, I know you've wanted a chance to get in the ring with Kayl after she defeated you at Last Respects six weeks ago.

Travis: Yeah she out wrestled me, point blank six weeks ago. I just had no answers for her and I had never wrestled her before. I've seen her wrestle plenty of times. Have been backstage for all of her biggest matches and you know, obviously I watched a lot of film about her. But on that night she just had a different intensity. A different mentality. She wasn't afraid of breaking the rules and there was no hesitation. She had a game plan, she worked to her strengths, used that speed and she just got me. There's no way to put it. I got my ass kicked and I definitely didn't wrestle up to my standards, Roddy and uh, yeah there's no way to put that.

Roderick: What can you share about what you want to do differently tonight when you're standing across from her?

Travis: Well, obviously it's going to be a tag team match so tonight's more about working in a team concept. You know how Alan can be. He's a wild man and a real wild card. But he's a fearless pro wrestler and I may not know what he's going to do ahead of time, but my main focus going into tonight is going into it with the mentality of "I want to be in sync with Alan. We have to be on the same page in order to win." But back to your question, I think tonight is just more data collection, really.

Roderick: Data collection?

Travis: Yeah I want to learn more about this new Brittany Kayl. She's just a different wrestler now. The moves are the same, sure, but her mindset, her intensity, she doesn't seem to care much about the fans these days, it's changed who she is in the ring. So it might as well be like she's a different wrestler. And so honestly I think the mistake I made was spending hours watching her recent matches and not factoring in who she is now. Maybe a part of that is, you know, obviously I wanted payback for her attacking me after the three way a couple of months ago and putting that mask on my face. I just want to learn more and when I'm in the ring with her, when I'm standing on the apron, I'll have a great first hand view of the new tenancies and the new wrinkles she's thrown in. Same goes for Budde as well.

Roderick: So you're viewing tonight as a way to scout Budde and Kayl, then.

Travis: Well winning is the first and foremost thing I want to do. Building momentum til Survival of the Fittest is important and I need to build that. But looking at the bigger picture, absolutely. Budde, Kayl, Adrian Waters, Kelsai, Julia obviously. I'm get real acquainted with them and their matches now and the next month and I plan on using that knowledge to my advantage.

Roderick: You've written on your personal Twitter page, Quest for Three. If there's one thing people know about you, it's your pursuit of being the best. Being World Champion. You've had two chances since losing that title in December of 2019. I'm sure that isn't lost on you.

Travis: I think about it, all the time Roddy. I've dedicated my life to this and I want to be the best. I can't feel that way if I'm not the champion and I've had some tough breaks in the last twenty two months. There will probably be a day where these chances won't come as easy for me because of my name and what I've done. You have a whole generation of guys and girls coming up. So I know how fleeting this can be and the urgency of what's at stake. And I know how much I've personally sacrificed and just private life, my time with family has suffered. No one's going to feel sorry for me and I know that. But this is what I've given myself to. So this has been a quest and nights like tonight is just another step for me in that quest to get to where I want to be.

Roderick: Travis, take your for this time. Good luck tonight.

Travis: No problem.


Ms. Budde & Brittany Kayl vs Travis Vessey & Alan Monroe
[It appears as if Travis Vessey with start off against Brittany Kayl…until Alan Monroe tags himself in. Vessey is visibly annoyed but leaves the ring. Alan ties up with Kayl and the two mat wrestle for the first little bit. Then Kayl starts to get the upper hand, with a dropkick, a hip toss, and a running knee. Kayl hits the ropes…Budde blind tags herself in…and Kayl hits a senton. She wants to cover but Budde pulls her off and throws her to the outside. Budde takes over on Alan Monroe with a short arm clothesline and a sambo suplex. She whips Alan into the ropes, Vessey tags himself back in, Budde with a power slam to Alan. Vessey with a release German suplex to Budde. Kayl rushes in and drops Vessey with a running bulldog. Kayl doesn’t get much more than that before Alan Monroe drops her with Highway To Hell. He turns around into a spear from Budde which knocks him to the outside. While the referee is distracted Budde takes out her ruler. She swings at Vessey but he kicks her in the gut first, causing her to drop the ruler. Kayl then picks it up and swings it aiming for Vessey but instead hitting Budde. Kayl doesn’t seem bothered by it but gets rid of the evidence. Vessey covers the fallen Budde but she kicks out miraculously. Vessey whips Budde into the ropes. Kayl tags herself in. Vessey launches Budde out of the ring. Kayl comes up from behind and drops him with Reality Bites. The cover but Vessey kicks out. Kayl goes for the Spinoff but Vessey avoids contact. Vessey connects with The Lethal Weapon! He covers…1…2…3!]
WINNERS: Travis Vessey & Alan Monroe


We open in the locker room area, specifically that of the cheerleader duo known as Fabulous. Summer Collins sits on a stool watching the monitor closely as the events of the night unfold. Meanwhile her best friend and tag team partner, ‘The Archangel’ Jessica Lasiewicz, is pacing the floors looking very frustrated. Both women are wearing their tri-colored royal blue, black, and white cheerleader uniforms with “Fabulous” printed on the front.

Summer: You should stop pacing so much, Jess. You’re going start making a ditch. Plus it’s distracting me.

Jessica: I just can’t stand it, Summer.

Lasiewicz growls angrily, shaking her head.

Jessica: I can’t see those two prancing around with our tag team titles.

Summer: Melanie and Karen?

Jessica: Who else? We should go out in this arena, find them, and punch them in the damn mouth!

Collins chuckles. She shakes her head.

Summer: Not gonna happen. That was the old way of doing things and it only got us so far.

Jessica: It got us to the tag team championship once! A straight-forward approach can get us there again!

Summer: We have to be smarter this time. The McBrides are right, we screwed up at Resurrection. We lost the titles to The Sovereign. And maybe the reason we lost is because Powers and Chambers had finally did what no one else before them could…they figured us out. That means we need to change our approach if we want to get those titles back. We need to be smarter and patient.

Lasiewicz sighs.

Jessica: I’m not good with patience.

Summer: Don’t I know it. Those few times I managed to get one over on you when we were feuding? I did that by exploiting your impatience. In other words, I used my brains instead of my brawn. Now what we’re doing right now is the right approach. We’re being patient, winning matches, and the more matches we win the better case we can make for a title shot. And the rebranding of yours was a stroke of genius.

Jessica: You mean the uniforms?

Summer: Yep. The matching cheerleader uniforms as our ring gear is perfect. Like I said, we have to be smarter than the rest, and that includes teams like The McBride Corporation and even Wrestling’s Most Wanted, the two sets of tag team champions. When we get our opportunity, and we will get it, they may underestimate us simply because of how we look. They do so at their own peril. But its also brilliant marketing. General Manager Silverstone at the end of the day is a business woman more than a wrestling person. A couple of gorgeous, drop dead sexy, FABULOUS cheerleaders as champions equals ratings and cash. We will get those titles back, Jess. We just have to be smart and patient.

There is a knocking at the door.

Summer: Come in!

The door opens and in walks the newest journalist signed to GCW, Janelle St. Claire. Summer stands up. She and Jessica approach her. The two women are very familiar with her as all three used to work for the former GDW before it closed its doors.

Janelle: Summer! Jessica! How are you?

Summer: We’re doing great. Congratulations on the new job, by the way.

Janelle: Thanks.

Lasiewicz gets up in Janelle’s face.

Jessica: I haven’t forgotten your past, Janelle. There is a reason that it took almost ten years for Glory Braddock to hire you after she bought GDW. And knowing Glory, she probably did so reluctantly.

Janelle sighs and nods her head.

Janelle: I admit, Angelica [Jones] did go to bat for me.

Jessica: My mom, eh? Figures.

Janelle: Look, I know you all may not have had the fondest of memories of me. But I don’t want to be remembered for the mistakes I made. I want to leave wrestling on a positive note. I want to redeem myself. I view this as a second chance and I hope you two will give me a second chance.

Summer: Considering my past, I am definitely not one to judge.

Jessica nods her head.

Jessica: I, too, believe in second chances. I hope you are sincere, Janelle. But know that I am watching you.

Janelle: I know, Jessica. And thanks for giving me a chance. But, uh, I was hoping to get a word with you.

Jessica: You want an interview?

Janelle: Definitely. I mean, Tabitha Silverstone recently announced that due to the time limit draw between you and reigning GCW World Champion Chanel Hunter, the two of you would be facing off once more in the ring, this time with no time limits and that there must be a winner. I just wanted your reaction to this breaking news.

Lasiewicz smirks knowingly.

Jessica: My reaction to getting a second chance against the World Champion? I know what you’re thinking, I should be grateful and believe me, I am grateful. Rarely do you get an opportunity to showcase yourself against the best there is, let alone to do so twice in such a short span of time. I didn’t get the job done last time. Sure, it was a draw, but I am not going to make any excuses or try to rest upon the laurels of a draw against the world champion. I know I can beat Chanel Hunter. Now I get a chance to right that wrong. And on Shotgun that is exactly what will happen. I will walk into Shotgun and there will be no doubt. Chanel is going to get beaten and I am going to get a very significant win.


The camera goes backstage to a straight on shot of Livvie Nelson. Randall Williams is standing behind her smoking his signature cigar. Livvie has the X-Division Championship over her shoulder.

Livvie: It's come to my attention that some of you out there either think that I can't beat Ravioli or you just really don't want to see me as a champion any longer. Well? Too freaking bad. Let me ask you all something. What makes her so special? Huh? Is it her, or is it me? Thing is, I don't care if it's me. I can take it. But tell me if it's her, honestly. What is it? She's no different than Playlist. Except, maybe Ms. Chef Boy-r-dee is worse.

Livvie removes the title from her shoulder and sats it on the podium in front of her and leans forward.

Livvie: I took a deep dive into Ravioli this week and what I found was problematic. Tell me something, am I supposed to feel bad that her husband is apparently the worst person on the planet? I think I read she was even unfaithful! Oh dear. And they say I'm the bad guy!? Listen, she's not that special. Worst yet, she wants you all to feel bad for her and cheer for her because I did her wrong. This is a competitive lifestyle. The cream rises tot he top, the best win in the end, on and on, you know? Me? I've been faithful. You see my man here every week. You'll see me in the crowd cheering him on wherever he goes. We are a team. And that's what makes the things we do so successful. So again, this makes me bad does it?

Livvie turns back and Randall steps forward and leans down for a kiss. She smiles.

Livvie: Tonight, there's a match for the X-Divison Championship and as you all know... this could be the very last time we see this championship officially defended in a GCW ring. Next time we see it could be the very last time. But tonight will not be the last time you see me with it. You see, for all your hatred of me and your means-nothing votes against me in social media polls I will still walk out of this venue with this title.

Livvie picks up the title and displays it as the crowd boos.

Livvie: Oh yes, boo me all you want. Hate reality all you can. The fact is I've worked too damn hard for too damn long to watch this fall apart right now at the hands of someone who expects us to cry for her. Boo freaking hoo Ravioli. When you lose this you can cry about it on Twitter but it won't change a thing. I'll still be the X-Division Champion and you will still be looking for your path to really break into this company. Let me tell you something, sweets. It takes time. If you look into my history you will see how many times I came close just to fall short. If you look at that you will understand why I won't just roll over and die and let the era of Ravioli begin.

Randall takes a long drag on his cigar and Livvie puts the title back on her shoulder.

Livvie: So walk into that ring tonight and give me your best and watch it fail like I know it will. Your consolation prize can be a one-way trip back to the Olive Garden where your loser husband can wait for his pathetic wife to share a salad and breadsticks. Don't worry, they're all you can eat! Girl, you think you have me right where you want me. You think this is about to be your moment in the spotlight. Well my moment isn't ready to end yet. This is still the beginning of an era in dominance in this company. In case you've forgotten, Ravioli, my name is Livvie Nelson and I'm not only the future of this company. I'm also its present. When I'm ready and when I want to, I will take the top prize in GCW. But for now, I'm building this legacy right here at the top of the X-Division. And after I beat you? I will continue this at Survival of the Fittest.

Livvie grins and leans into the podium.

Livvie: I hope all your fans are watching tonight and I hope they all get to experience deep disappointment when I beat your ass and stand over you with this title. That's the conclusion to our match tonight, darling. And there's not a damn thing you can do about it. You all loved spotlight and I deleted her from Spotify. Now it's Ravioli's turn. And she's about to get cooked.

Randall laughs and Livvie smirks as they walk out of the frame.


X-Division Championship
Global X Match
Rayola Divine Vs Livvie Nelson (c)

[Rayola strikes first with a lariat, a dropkick, and a hiptoss. Another dropkick sends Livvie to the outside. Rayola won’t let her rest as she hits a suicide dive over the top rope onto Nelson. Hoping to end it early Rayola hops to the top rope and then starts across the beam. Randall Williams hops in the apron and distracts her. Rayola with a hurricinrana off the X onto Randall sending him into the crowd! Unfortunately this distraction was enough to allow Livvie time to recover. Livvie with a yakuza kick to a rising Rayola Divine. Livvie slingshots her face first into the steel ring post. Livvie produces a ladder. She slams Rayola on the Spanish Announce table. She climbs up the ladder. She leaps off with a Relentless splash onto Rayola through the Spanish announce table!]

[Nelson now wants to end it but it takes her a little time to recover. When she does she gets to the top rope and starts to slowly go across the X. Unfortunately for her Rayola has had time to recover as well and is racing her to it on the other side. Livvie beats her there and tries unclasp the belt but can’t quite get it done. Rayola with a cutter off the X to the mat below! Rayola whips Livvie into the corner. Rayola with a bronco buster. Rayola with a ddt. She goes up top and ascends to the top of the X. Instead of trying to get to the center of the X Rayola centers herself around Livvie. Rayola with a splash off the X onto Nelson!]

[Rayola is slow to recover, as is Livvie. The move took a lot out of both. Rayola is up first and is first to start across the X. Livvie quickly goes after her. She starts right behind Rayola. She catches up fast, wraps her up, and drops her with a German suplex off the X to the mat below! Nelson with Game Over to Rayola. Then Nelson goes outside and produces a table. She sets it up inside the ring and places Rayola on it. Livvie climbs up to the top and then up to the very top of the X. Nelson goes for a moonsault but Rayola moves out of the way and Nelson hits nothing but table, destroying it and herself!]

[Rayola is slow to her feet, this match having taken a lot out of her. She measures Nelson as she pulls herself up. Rayola kicks her in the head with Ray-nbow! Divine then goes up and crawls across the X and secures the championship belt!]

WINNER and NEW GCW X Division Champion: Rayola Divine
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