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GCW Draft 2020

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GCW DRAFT 2020 - May 31, 2020 (Aloha Stadium in Halawa, Hawaii)

('Sleeping Giants’ by Hyro Da Hero begins to play.)

Forget the cops, I hate the world, I hate the people in it,
Hate that ignorant mess you love hearing,

This that dose of reality you fearin’
Hope I’m buried yes but can you pass the test

Recycle thoughts recycle dreams we’re not satisfied
We chase after the same thing

We hold us back we’re fighting us
And when we scream we silence us.

So we all make a deal with the devil,
because negativity is perceived to be better,

We never…to resist …so it’s routine
so we pretend that we ..in our teams

and ..to live like .. open up your eye realize what you are on the inside

When we let the blind lead the blind,
We fall off the cliff at the same time,

It’s mass suicide, we the sleeping giants, time to come alive

You your worst enemy,

You your worst enemy,

You are your worst enemy,

Let my words be the bullet heard throughout the chaos,
Let my message sink into your brain and never fade out.

The world spins and spins and never changes up,
We are people of pattern and I’ma shake it up

We just dance and laugh like what’s up, what’s up
Shut the f*ck up, get up your butt and do something

In war, start a war, fight the peace,lie to me,
Stop runnin around so silently

‘cause I’m gonna be what I was designed to be and
That’s the voice, a voice of youth, a voice of truth,

A voice for you , a real voice that AINT MOTHERF*CKING AUTO TUNED!!!

When we let the blind lead the blind,
We fall off the cliff at the same time,

It’s mass suicide, we the sleeping giants, time to come alive

You your worst enemy,

You your worst enemy,

You are your worst enemy,

The GCW logo flashes upon the screen.

Jim Bishop: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the 2020 GCW Draft Show! I am Jim Bishop representing Shotgun and calling the action with me tonight, representing Livewire is former GCW World Champion Jake “The Heartthrob” Storm!

Jake Storm: That’s right Jim and I got to admit, tonight I’m pulling for Livewire. This is Pete Floyd’s first draft as Livewire General Manager and I think he’s gonna make some waves.

Jim Bishop: He does have a good mind, I’ll grant him that, but Tabatha Silverstone is rumored to have some big plans of her own that she will reveal here tonight at the draft. And on top of that, Shotgun has some great action including a Heritage Championship rematch, new champion Kat Kelly defending against Kayla Jones in a Pure Rules Match, the X Division Championship defended in Full Metal Mayhem with Jody Rainer hoping to settle his differences with Chanel Hunter. And in our main event…

Jake Storm: Yeah, tell us about your great Shotgun main event.

Jim Bishop: Can it, Jake. Unfortunately due to scheduling conflicts Aubrianna Powers will be unable to challenge for the GCW World Championship. I am told we will hear from her later.

Jake Storm: That sound great, Jimbo, but I like our Livewire attraction and I think it has the potential to steal the show. Faustina Santos will challenge Rina Takeuie for the GCW North American Championship and remember, Faustina’s Princess, Nava Farrin, has that contract that allows her to challenge for any singles championship she wishes. Could tonight be a trap set for the new champion?

Jim Bishop: It could be, but for now let’s send it up to the ring announcer Robert E. Lee who will get this draft started.

(We show ring announcer Robert E. Lee standing in the ring.)

Lee: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the host of tonight’s draft, the former Livewire General Manager and the President of Global Championship Wrestling, FRANCIS TAYLOR!

(“Brand New Day” from Dr. Horrible’s sing a long blog begins to play. Francis Taylor steps out onto the stage with a confident smirk upon her face. There is a podium on the stage as well. The GCW President approaches the podium. The music slowly dies down until it comes to a complete stop. Then Francis begins to speak.)

Francis: Tonight is the 2020 GCW Draft. As a former General Manager I know full well what both Tabatha Silverstone and Pete Floyd have been going through the past few weeks in heated negotiations with one another and with the wrestlers and their agents, all in an attempt to make their respective brands stronger. I have been through this process myself. Tonight, as the President of GCW, I now stand here to announce the results of these negotiations. I wish both Ms. Silverstone and Mr. Floyd the best of luck, I hope both Shotgun and Livewire end up stronger as a result of this draft, and I hope that all of you enjoy a great show.

(The crowd cheers loudly.)

Francis: So as part of the 2020 GCW Draft, it is my honor and privilege to begin with the first Draft Announcement. From Shotgun to Livewire, Pete Floyd has chosen…..”HELL’S REJECT” ALAN MONROE!

Jake Storm: This could be a huge pick-up by Floyd! Alan Monroe has real talent, Jimbo, and he has come close to winning gold with Slade Merriman on Shotgun.

Jim Bishop: So you admit to watching Shotgun?

Jake Storm: Of course. I have to watch what the competition is up to so I can provide tips and advice.

(Alan Monroe’s image appears briefly on the screen. The crowd cheers and then the image disappears. We see Francis again back at the podium.)

Francis: From Livewire to Shotgun, Tabatha Silverstone has chosen…...former GCW North American Champion, NADIA ALLEN!

Jim Bishop: As bad as it was to lose Alan Monroe, I think we ended up better from this deal. Nadia Allen is a former GCW North American Champion. She is damn good in the ring and on the cusp of greatness.

Jake Storm: Shut up, Jim…

Jim Bishop: You sound salty, Jake. Don’t be upset that we’re winning this draft so far.

(Nadia Allen appears on the screen and the crowd cheers.)

The scene heads backstage to see Katrina Lopez and Bella Downing arriving to the arena, both wearing matching khaki shorts and Hawaiin shirts, and both women have lays around their neck that they presumably picked up at the airport or one of the many bars in town. Neither have bags with them, they evidently didn’t expect to compete so didn’t bother.

Bella Downing: “I’m kind of sad that our vacation has to end after today. Back to reality I guess…”

Katrina Lopez: “I still can’t believe you booked a vacation in Hawaii without having any idea that the draft show was here too, B! That’s hilarious but worked out great!”

Bella grins sheepishly, but nods her head.

Bella Downing: “Tell me about it. Was only meant to be here a week, but it turned into two when I figured I may as well just be here ready… and it meant you got to join me for the second week, which has been a BLAST dude!”

Katrina grins.

Katrina Lopez: “Been a HELL of a week, can’t deny that one, girl. It’s been kind of eye opening in a lot of ways…”

Bella grins and nods.

Bella Downing: “Makes you realise how hectic life is in the big city, I know that much. LA is fucking horrendous at times, but it’s so peaceful here… plus, we got to hang out, so that’s been cool too!”

Katrina Lopez: “Just hope that it doesn’t all come to an end tonight, B… I meant what I said at Resurrection, we’re a team and I’m gonna stick by your side no matter what, but… well, it dawned on me this morning that we may not have a CHOICE after tonight. What if they split us up?!”

Bella comes to a stop and Katrina stops short as she realises Bella has stopped walking.

Bella Downing: “Nope. Not gonna happen. We’re a team, and there isn’t a thing anyone can say or do to split us up, be it tonight or any time going forward. You and me against the world, dude. Has been for weeks now, and we’re only gonna get better as a partnership. They try and move you to Livewire, I tell them I’m going too. They try to move me, then you do the same. You’re stuck with me not Katrina, sorry…”

Bella grins and Katrina starts to smile too.

Katrina Lopez: “You’re right. To hell with it. No matter what happens, wherever we go, whether we move or not… we do it all together. You and me against the world, girl… right?”

Bella Downing: “Damn straight, dude!”

Bella holds a fist out and Katrina bumps her own against it before they hug. They pull apart and turn to walk and spot the camera watching them. They quickly walk up to the camera and get right up in the lens.

Bella Downing: “You hear that, Tabitha?”

Katrina Lopez: “You too, Pete!”

Bella Downing: “If you move one of us…”

Katrina Lopez: “...you move BOTH of us!”

Bella Downing: “But wherever we DO end up after tonight… we’re STILL coming for those titles!”

Katrina Lopez: “And whether it’s #MooreAmerica or Rising Tide that we end up chasing… we won’t stop until we stand tall as champions! We’re going to take over whichever division, because…”

Bella and Katrina look at each other, grinning before nodding and turning back to look at the camera, both speaking as one.

Bella & Katrina: “Because we’re the Illuminaughty… and we run this division!”

Still grinning, Bella holds out a hand and Katrina grabs it, and they skip off, laughing, as the camera watches them exit before fading to black.

The scene rises up among the hills overlooking the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. Chantelle Chambers can be seen seated as she looks down onto the pristine waters, although the natural beauty of her scene are not what’s on her mind.

Chambers: “Here we are, at the end of what has been a cruel and unforgiving twelve month span in my wrestling career. Since losing the World Championship last year to Minerva, I have watched as my stock within GCW has dwindled. I know what some of you are thinking: That this is karma… the stars’ way of sending me back down to earth. I’ll admit, maybe I did have some karmic retribution coming. But despite that… despite having a single pay per view victory in the past year… I still stand before you as one of the leading draws in this company.”

She grins.

Chambers: “All eyes on me, indeed. You see, it doesn’t matter that I don’t have gold around my waist… Everyone knows that every time I step into the ring, I am a dangerous adversary and it will take more than one’s typical effort to get past me. Ask Travis Vessey what it took for him to defeat me at Resurrection… yeah, he took the victory, but it took him effort greater than he needed to become and reign as GCW Global Champion to do it! That’s because, regardless of how my year had gone, I am still among the very BEST at what I do! You’d have to be a fool to think otherwise. So take this… this draft show… and enjoy it.”

Chantelle turns to the camera, a grin on her face.

Chambers: “Because I’m not sitting back. What you will understand as GCW begins anew once more, fresh matchups, rosters reconfigured, is that I still go where I want, when I want. I have the contract that permits it. I have that because I am the brand. I am the draw. I am the one who people watch for… I am the Greatest Creation of GCW... “

Chantelle smiles, blowing a kiss to the camera.

Chambers: “I may even be the Greatest Creation there is. I’ll see you soon.”

She turns back, overlooking the waters once more as the scene fades.

Heritage Championship:
Pure Rules Match

Kayla Jones vs Kat Kelly (champion)
With the shenaniguns that transpired at Resurrection, a rematch between former champion Kayla Jones-Snow and newly crowned champion Kat Kelly wasn’t just a good idea but practically demanded. Their previous encounter had so many incidents of questionable nature that Tabitha Silverstone decided to try and ensure it didn’t happen again by making this a pure rules match so that no matter what happened, the consequences would be there for all to deal with. The match began at a fast pace and never really dropped below it. Both Kat and Kayla came out swinging and it was clear from the start that this was going to turn into a Superkick versus Superkick showdown again. Kat was the first to attempt it, going for one right off the bat to try and surprise Kayla but she wasn’t born yesterday and she ducked the attempt and countered with a neckbreaker before attempting a pin. The match ebbed and flowed as we went into the middle section of the match, with counter wrestling seemingly the name of the game, and Kat was the first to use one of her three rope breaks when Kayla caught her with the Kaytastrophe and she almost got the three count before the referee noticed Kat’s foot on the bottom rope.

Kat lost her second ropebreak not long after that moment, for use of a closed fist. Kat had blocked a slap from Kayla and countered with a punch that staggered Kayla. Official, Robert Downey, warned her about her conduct but she looked him right in the eye as she reared back and threw a second closed fist punch and Downey had no choice but to deduct one rope break from her tally, leaving her with one final chance to use the ropes for survival later in the match. Towards the end of the match, the Superkick attempts came thick and fast, with Kayla going for the Kaylan Kick V1 and Kat the #SuperkickSoiree repeatedly, yet none of them hit home. The two women had both done their homework, clearly. Robert Downey was perhaps the most unfortunate victim in this match, as towards the end of the match he ended down when Kat once again attempted a #SuperkickSoiree but in a desperate move, Kayle managed to shove her out of the way, dodging the foot and pushing Kat right into the official who went down in a heap. With the referee and Kat both down, Kayla slid from the ring and grabbed a chair, before sliding back in again. She looked around before hitting the chair on the cavas and then throwing herself on the floor. Kat wasn’t exactly out of it though and she was up way before Downey, and noticing what Kayla had done, she grabbed the chair and did the exact same thing, hitting the canvas hard.

As Downey got back to his feet, he looked at Kayla and Kat down and then the chair and anger crossed his face. He kicked the chair from the ring and told both women without uncertainty that he wasn’t fooled so easily. Kayla was up first, breaking character before Kat, and she got in Downey’s face about how Kat had used a chair and should be disqualified, thus making her the winner and Heritage champion once again. Unfortunately, that meant she had her eyes off of Kat and the Brit was already back on her feet as Kayla decided her argument wasn’t gaining any traction with the ref, and she turned right into the boot of Kat. #SuperkickSoiree!! The rest was academic. Kat pulled Kayla to her feet and finished things with the U.K.N.B and dropped to make the pin for the 1, 2, 3!
Winner and still Heritage Champion: Kat Kelly

Backstage we we find the GCW journalist Yo Joe. The usually happy Yo Joe has his typical big grin on his face as he stands next to the lovely Aurora Alan.

Yo Joe: Yes! It is YO JOE! GCW’s NUMBER ONE ANNOUNCER in the entire universal universe! And now welcome AURORA ALAN!

Aurora chuckles.

Aurora: Thank you Mr. Joe…

Yo Joe: What did you wish to say to Yo Joe and the rest of GCW Universe?

Aurora: As the agent of Aubrianna Powers it is my duty to announce that tonight, Aubrey will be unable to attend the draft show and unable to challenge for the GCW World Championship. It was a difficult decision for her to come by but ultimately she prefers to EARN her opportunities. And while she is confident that she will one day become GCW World Champion again, she wishes to earn that title shot, and not take it via some controversy or some rematch clause. Controversy has clouded the world championship scene long enough, so Ms. Powers is relinquishing any claim she has to a title opportunity against Brittany Kayl.

Yo Joe: So no Aubrianna versus Kayl?

Aurora: Not tonight, if it happens someday it will be because The MVP has EARNED her opportunity. If you want to hear more, just wait. You will hear from Aubrey herself later on tonight.

Aurora Alan walks off.

(“Brand New Day” from Dr. Horrible’s sing a long blog begins to play. Francis Taylor steps out onto the stage with a confident smirk upon her face. There is a podium on the stage as well. The GCW President approaches the podium. The music slowly dies down until it comes to a complete stop. Then Francis begins to speak.)

Francis: And now it is time to announce the next picks for the GCW Draft. Pete Floyd has chosen free agents Sophie O’Brian and Mark O’Brian, the unit known as TOTAL WAR!

(Sophie and Mark O’Brian’s images appear on the screen to a mixed reaction. We then cut back to the stage and GCW President Francis Taylor at the podium.)

Jake Storm: Now that is a huge announcement! Sophie and Mark O’Brian are four time former tag team champions in multiple companies. They are tag team specialists and were around when GCW re-opened in 2012. Pete Floyd managed to negotiate them back to Livewire! This is great!

Jim Bishop: Indeed it is a big move for Livewire. I wonder how Tabatha Silverstone plans to counter that one?

Francis: And now from Livewire to Shotgun, Tabatha Silverstone has chosen...SUIXSIE BLADE AND MARA KADE, the former GCW Global Tag Team Champions, one of the tag teams of the year, the unit known as SCREAM MACHINE!

(Scream Machine’s image appears on the screen.)

Jake Storm: HEY! No fair!

Jim Bishop: Livewire got Total War but Shotgun gets Scream Machine. The former GCW Global Tag Team Champions and one of the tag teams of the year will be a great addition to the Shotgun Brand. And not only that but they are on the same brand now as their friend and ally, Minerva.

Jake Storm: Things are definitely shaking up on both brands, Jimbo.

Jim Bishop: On that we both agree.

The show cuts backstage to show a sweaty and tired looking Kat Kelly, the Heritage title over one shoulder and a towel over the other. She shoots the camera a grin as she notices it following her.

Kat Kelly: “Went and did it again, didn’t I?”

She grins, tapping the Heritage title over her shoulder before towelling off a little.

Kat Kelly: “Headin’ into Resurrection, I TOLD Kayla that I was gonna do what I ultimately did, that I was gonna take the Heritage championship from her and bring her reign to an end. Whether ya look at me as Wicked Intent, Monarchy, Sovereign or just a wrestler in my own right, I told the WORLD I was gonna do it, and I did… and now I’ve just done it again! Kayla tried to cheat her way to an easy victory, I doubled down by copying her, fair enough…”

She laughs.

Kat Kelly: “But ol’ Iron Man out there, he wasn’t havin’ any of it, was he? But Kayla… well, her own ego got the better of her again, didn’t it? It got the better of her in the lead up to Resurrection ‘cause she wouldn’t accept that there was someone better than her, be it in general or be it at just doin’ a superkick. Then tonight, our there just a few minutes ago, she were once again tryin’ to be the centre of attention and her ego stopped her from acceptin’ that she could be wrong or anyone else could be right!”

Kat dabs at her forehead with the towel one final time before tossing it away so that she can lift the Heritage championship from her shoulder, holding it up.

Kat Kelly: “Well, these images don’t lie, Kayla… me. Standing here with the GCW Heritage championship. That I WON from you at Resurrection, and just defended SUCCESSFULLY against you a few minutes ago… so go on darlin’, keep telling everyone how great you are, throw a strop on twitter over how unfair our match was or how I shouldn’t still be champion, how you should have won or whatever… but this right here and the replays that’ll be all over cable from tomorrow will show you and EVERYONE else exactly what the reality actually is…”

Kat steps closer to the camera, ensuring it gets a good look at her face as she places the belt back over her shoulder.

Kat Kelly: “That Kat Kelly is better than Kayla Jones-Snow, and that this division? You want it? Prove you’ve got the balls to take it from me… but watch out Shotgun. ‘Cause Somethin’ Wicked This Way Comes!”

And with that, Kat shoves the camera away and turns to walk off to her locker room, leaving the camera to watch her exit before fading to black.

The big screen shows the “Off Air” colours, running down the time…





The screen goes black. Suddenly, the beginning of “The Look” by Roxette begins to play. The lights rise up as the crowd springs to their feet in raucous cheers. Brittany Kayl, the new GCW World Champion, steps bursts out from behind the curtain, a big smile on her face and the belt wrapped around her waist. She slaps the plate of the belt a couple of times before raising her right arm in the air, her hand balled in a fist, prompting the crowd to cheer further. The actual song picks up with the lyrics.

Walking like a man
Hitting like a hammer
She's a juvenile scam
Never was a quitter
Tasty like a raindrop
She's got the look

Brittany takes a quick skip atop the ramp before making her way down the ramp, slapping the hands of the fans along her path down towards the ring.

Heavenly bound
Cause heaven's got a number
When she's spinning me around
Kissing is a color
Her loving is a wild dog
She's got the look

Once at the bottom of the ramp, she takes another quick skip to build a little speed, running to the ropes and sliding under the bottom ropes. She moves to the corner and unclasps the belt from behind her, lifting it in her arms for the crowd as they continue to cheer.

She's got the look (She's got the look)
She's got the look (She's got the look)
What in the world can make a brown-eyed girl turn blue
When everything I'll ever do I'll do for you

She hops down off the turnbuckle and moves back to a corner, asking for the microphone. Robert E Lee obliges, moving to the ring and passing one in. Brittany moves to the middle of the ring, belt held over her shoulder as she looks out...

And I go la la la la la
She's got the look!

Brittany grins as her music fades.

Kayl: “So how has your last two weeks been?”

The crowd roars again as she almost laughs.

Kayl: “You know, I’ve waited a long time to be able to stand here as World Champion. I’ve imagined in my head a hundred times how I might feel… but you guys… you just blew even my wildest expectations out of the water, so thank you!”

She nods her head, adjusting the belt on her shoulder.

Kayl: “Resurrection was the hardest match of my life. I fought against two top level talents in Minerva and Aubrianna Powers, two women who have been to the top of the mountain and likely would end up there again. I’m fortunate, but there was no way I was going to simply sit back and let their talent, their reputations, or anything else stand between me and this!”

Brittany pats the belt as her face starts showing less jubilance, taking on a more serious tone.

Kayl: “Now, as you saw earlier, Aubrianna Powers isn’t here tonight…”

Brittany pauses.

Kayl: “No… contractual obligations drew her away to Taking Hold of the Flame in SCW, the company that first gave me my start in the industry. And while I wish her luck tonight, that certainly does put a wrench into my plans for the evening. See, I was supposed to defend this World Championship against her… kind of a “cleaning of the slate” deal. But that won’t happen right now… maybe somewhere down the line it will. But before I finish up, I do want to address the idea of Aubrey’s contract elsewhere drawing her away. You see, while I’M World Champion, I make a vow right now that I will NEVER have contractual obligations to place me in another company while I’m supposed to be in a GCW ring in front of the GCW faithful! This deserves my focus… and YOU deserve my focus!”

She points out around the crowd, drawing another cheer as she continues…

Kayl: “Which brings me to tonight. I was SUPPOSED to be defending this Championship that I worked six years for against one of the best wrestlers in the world, but she’s not here. SO I put a call out for an opponent. I asked Tabitha Silverstone to find me some competition. I was advertised to compete. I WANT to compete. So let’s get someone out here…”

As the crowd cheers, Brittany moves back to the corner. She hands the microphone back to Robert E. Lee and folds the World Championship up, setting it in the corner as she begins rolling her shoulders in anticipation…

GCW World Championship
Brittany Kayl (champion) vs. ???

The GCW World Champion paced around the ring waiting, until the sounds of 'Flesh and Blood' by Basil Polodaris begins to play. Brittany grins as though she knows what’s coming as Tika Kilimanjaro, the daughter of SWA legend AFWA, emerges from the back. Brittany watches the larger woman as she approaches the ring, each step deliberate as she does. Climbing over the top rope into the ring, she towers over the new Champion, but still Kayl doesn’t step back, nodding her head to the referee who calls for the bell.


Brittany Kayl vs. Tika Kilimanjaro

The game of cat and mouse was afoot, with Brittany using her speed to avoid the clutches of the larger woman. The Champ’s speed and ring smarts were enough to garner her the early advantage. However, Brittany’s mistake came as she got ahead of herself, looking to put Tika down with My Bitch. However, Tika fought back, preventing her rival from hitting the impact move and took control. Tika was impressive, putting on a demonstration of strength in an attempt to earn what would still be an upset over the GCW Champion, but Brittany showed her resilience in fighting back. Late in the match, she’d grapple Kayl and look for her father’s signature Lava Crush thumb spike, but Brittany ducked under, grappling her arm and dropping her with a cross neckbreaker! Brittany would cover for a two-count, but not lose a moment of focus as she dove in, locking Tika in Shark Week! Although Tika stretched out as far as she could, she couldn’t quite reach the ropes before Brittany rolled back into the middle of the ring, leaving the local no choice but to tap out.

WINNER: Brittany Kayl

We Cut Backstage….

The beautiful Minerva with her long red hair, jeans, boots and black halter top, nails polished a matte red, watch Brittany Kayl’s speech in the ring. Minerva suffered the pinfall loss at Resurrection after being voted GCW Wrestler of the Year in the Triple Threat when she had Aubrianna Powers defeated, then Kayl came from behind and took her out. Minerva stared her down afterwards and now it has become her own personal goal to not only defeat Kayl one on one, but to prove to the entire company why she was voted Wrestler of the Year.

Her blue eyes narrow some, cracking a smile as she claps…

“Bravo Ms. Kayl, bravo. I am so happy that your journey to the very top was finally complete, the problem I have it was at my expense. You took a moment away from me on the grandest stage of them all and while you broke no rules, you did catch me as I was distracted, so the question I pose for you “Champ”, can you do it without Powers there? Can you prove to me and the world that Brittany Kayl can defeat Minerva one on one? The answer is no. Thing is, I am no fool, I know that Tabitha Silverstone will protect you from me, she won’t allow me to even sniff the World Championship because I am not the kind of champion she wants or can get behind, you are. So, I am going to watch you and Powers wrestle for the title, and when it is over, I don’t care if it is or isn’t for the prize, I am coming for my revenge, and each week that you deny or ignore me, both Tabitha and you, Brittany Kayl….

Will see firsthand…

That MY Heaven will become YOUR Hell.”

Tilting her head, Minerva stares into the camera for a moment before cracking a smirk.

We open in a dark part of the arena. A female voice with a deep Irish accent seems to emanate from somewhere.

“The time has come…”

A spotlight comes on. We can see a little more clearly now but still we see no one. A few moments later that changes as the beautiful black haired Sophie O’Brian steps into view from stage right. A stoic gaze is etched across her lovely features. A few moments later her brother, the muscular powerhouse known as Mark O’Brian steps into view from stage left. He takes his place standing behind his sister. Mark growls angrily under his breath.

Sophie: Sun Tzu says, “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” Now that Pete Floyd has wisely seen the talent possessed by myself and Mark and has chosen us to represent his Livewire Brand, it is time now for Total War to subdue the enemy. The time has come for Total War to reclaim what is ours. It doesn’t matter whether you are a dime a dozen curtain jerking team or the champions themselves Rising Tide, Mark and I have returned to Global Championship Wrestling to reclaim our rightful spot as the number one tag team in the world. So now hear this, GCW, Total War has declared for the GCW Draft.

A sinister grin forms upon Sophie’s beautiful face.

Sophie: We will run roughshod through Livewire’s tag team division.

Sophie and Mark make their exit.

(“Brand New Day” from Dr. Horrible’s sing a long blog begins to play. Francis Taylor steps out onto the stage with a confident smirk upon her face. There is a podium on the stage as well. The GCW President approaches the podium. The music slowly dies down until it comes to a complete stop. Then Francis begins to speak.)

Francis: And now it is time to announce the next picks for the GCW Draft. From Shotgun to Livewire Pete Floyd has chosen...the former GCW World Tag Team Champions, Summer Collins and “The Archangel” Jessica Lasiewicz, the unit known as FABULOUS!

(Summer and Jessica appear on the screen to cheers from the fans. We then cut back to the stage and the GCW President.)

Jim Bishop: This is a big loss for Shotgun.

Jake Storm: Yes! Great move by Floyd! Summer and Jessica are a hell of a team, they built the GCW tag team division on their blood, sweat, and tears. This is a huge win for Livewire!

Francis: From Livewire to Shotgun, Tabatha Silverstone has chosen...LIVVIE NELSON!

Jake Storm: What?! No! I liked her!

Jim Bishop: You can catch her on Shotgun, Jake. She’s ours now. And she is coming with the Destiny Briefcase. I wonder what she is going to do with that?

(Livvie Nelson’s image appears on the screen to loud cheers from the fans. We cut back to GCW President Francis Taylor.)

Francis: Also from Livewire to Shotgun, Tabatha Silverstone has chosen...LANGLEY LOHAN!

(Langley Lohan’s image appears on the screen to loud cheers from the fans.)

In the ring….

“Ode To Joy” is dying down as we see Lenore Price-Mason in jeans, boots and a blue halter top with her long hair hanging down in the middle of the ring with a mic in hand. She is by herself, no one else there. Not happy and rather quiet since losing the Global Championship to Andrew Raynes after he knocked her out with a loaded knee pad after she had him beat but the referee was down. Her green eyes look into the camera as she gets a reaction of cheers and boos…

Lenore: “It seems like the only way that Andrew Raynes was ever going to become a World Champion of any kind was by taking shortcuts. Did I ever cheat Travis Vessey, a Hall of Famer to take this title? No. Matter of fact, I asked to be number one in the Elimination Chamber so there was NO DOUBT whatsoever who the REAL Champion was had I walked out with the belt, there were no excuses, simply the inevitable result. Andrew Raynes cheated me out of the Global title, he will call this whining, I call it facts. He was a beaten man; we can roll the footage right now and see….

Lenore points to the Tron that replays the match at Resurrection Night One…..

Andrew lifted Mason for a powerbomb, but Lenore countered, boxing his ears with her boots. Lenore with several strikes to the face of Raynes, followed by Liquidator (Mafia kick), but Raynes ducked and Lenore clipped the referee in the face, knocking him out of the ring. Mason with Devolution to Raynes! She dropped for the cover, but the referee was still lying on the floor outside the ring. A frustrated Lenore rolled out to the floor to revive the official.

Lenore: “Beaten, we could have counted to 100 and he was not kicking out. Of course, I need a referee to win and this happened….”

She points to the Tron again as everyone watches…

While she was doing this, Raynes was starting to stir. He got to his feet, phished something from his tights, which he slipped into his knee pad. Now, both Mason and the referee were returning to the ring. Andrew caught Mason on the ring apron and suplexed her into the ring. As she rose from the suplex, Raynes charged her, hitting Code of the Sith, his loaded knee pad hitting her square in the face, knocking her out. Raynes grinned as he made a cover, and this time, there was a referee to make the count. 1...2...3!

The Tron ends, Lenore looks into the camera, an eyebrow arched…

Lenore: “Andrew Raynes KNEW he was a defeated man, he KNEW that he couldn’t beat me on talent alone, the PROOF is right there. He can talk all the crap he wants on Twitter, twist the narrative to fit his own needs, claim I hid from him which we all know I never did, I am out here now and just like every time I come to the arena, I am not a hard woman to find, the truth is Andrew Raynes didn’t want to embarrass himself in front of me, he didn’t want you people to see the truth that he is nothing more than a desperate hack looking to steal the gold from a REAL World Champion wrestler. See, I have a rematch clause, and I can take it at any time I want. I could do it next Livewire, Purgatory, anytime I desire but what I have decided to do is allow Andrew to hold on to the title, if I take it from him now, then he will never feel the utter humiliation that he has put me through at Resurrection, my very first, where I left robbed of my belt. I want Raynes to savor the moment, I want him to continue bragging, talking his lies, tweeting his senseless banter, because when I do instill my rematch clause and I take MY title back, it’s not just going to hurt, it will prove once again that NO ONE is better than me in this ring.”

She takes a second, as the crowd cheers, some boos, glaring right into the camera….

Lenore: “Enjoy this time, soak it in for when I beat you and win my Global Championship back, you won’t know when or where, I will remember all of this from Resurrection, to the time I take the belt back, and I will make sure tat you never live it down that once again, Lenore Price-Mason will always be better than you, then Andrew? When I look down at your unconscious body and whisper in your ear, the words will be simple and true…. EMBRACE THE FAILURE…. You son of a bitch.”

Lenore drops the mic as she backs up. “Ode to Joy” starts to play throughout the arena, she stretches her arms out as the crowd erupts, cracking a smirk with her narrowing green eyes.

North American Championship
Faustina Santos vs Rina Takeuie (champion)
People expected an easy first defense for the newly crowned North American champion when they saw her opponent for tonight was Faustina, formerly Madam, Santos. Santos, however, has been training with JaMarcus, and it showed. Sure, she used an eye poke to gain the advantage early on, but she made the best of her advantage. Kicks. Elbow drops. A sleeper, which Rina was able to break out of with an elbow to Faustina's mid-section, but Rina was unable to capitalize. Laughing, Santos leveled Rina with a clothesline, then an elbow drop...but Rina moved out of the way. Rina with a back fist and a cover, but Santos kicked out.

The two went back and forth for the next several minutes. Rina had Irish whipped Santos into the corner and had rushed in with a body splash...but Santos moved out of the way, rolling Rina up for the pinfall...but Rina kicked out. Santos kicked and punched Rina, but then made a fatal mistake by taking the fight to the floor. Santos threw Rina threw the ropes, then came off the ring apron with a double axehandle. Santos pulled Rina to her feet and attempted to throw the champion into the ring barricade, but Rina reversed, sending Faustina into the ring post, instead! Santos staggered to her feet, only to be met with a DDT on the concrete floor. Rina then tossed Santos back inside the ring, where she finished her opponent off with Kamika.

Winner and STILL Champion: "The Ronin" Rina Takeuie

The Halawa crowd cheered Rina as her arm was raised in victory. Instead of Rina's music playing, however, “Mausam & Escape” by AR Rahman started to play. Recognizing the music as belonging to Princess Nava Farrin, the new owner of a briefcase granting her a title shot any time of her choosing, Ronin immediately got on the defensive, looking around for Nava. After a half-minute, there is movement from the gorilla position, and Nava's body guard, Jhanvi, emerges and starts down to the ring. Rina watches closely for the Princess, who never appears. Instead, Jhanvi enters the ring, completely ignoring Ronin, and lifts Faustina in a fireman's carry, carrying the injured Santos backstage. Once they are gone, "Shunkan Sentimental" hits and the crowd once again cheer Rina, who lifts her title belt and heads to the back.

Soothing, classical, piano music can be heard playing in the background. Gold glitter can be seen descending from thin air as a feminine voice begins to speak…

“The following presentation has been paid for by The Most Valuable Friendship, reminding you to be a true friend.”

The gold glitter fades away. We open in front of a GCW logo backdrop. We see Aubrianna Powers stepping into full view from stage right. She is wearing black leather pants, black boots, and a black “Aubrianna Powers” t-shirt with her logo embroidered on the front with hot pink lettering. Her long pink tipped blonde hair hangs unrestrained to shoulder length. A confident smirk is etched across her lovely face.

Aubrianna: I know my agent, Aurora Alan, already told you a little something about me, but I’m not one to be cold and callous to my legions upon legions of Most Valuable Fans. I will make the announcement myself, in person, to all of you. Now here’s the whole story. Fact is I was not happy about having my championship stripped from me at Civil War. All I have ever wanted since Survival of the Fittest was to settle things with Minerva one on one and it seemed every chance I had to do that something happened. I would have loved to have faced her one on one for the title at Resurrection. But it did not happen. Brittany Kayl used her world title opportunity she earned by winning the 2020 Civil War Match to insert herself into the match.

She shakes her head.

Aubrianna: That’s not a shot at Britt. She earned the right to do that and I congratulate her on winning the gold. Do it proud, babe. Besides, Silverstone gave me what I wanted. She gave me the chance to settle things with Minerva and I did. Minerva beat me, straight up, fair and square shortly after Civil War. Congrats to you too, Minerva. And even though losing at Resurrection did sting, I have come to the conclusion that I really do not have any claim to a world title shot. I lost to Minerva straight up, I lost to Brittany in the triple threat...the whole ‘did not get pinned’ crap isn’t gonna fly with me. As far as I’m concerned, I need to and should work my way back to a world championship match. That’s what I intend to do. Tonight, however, I’m going to represent GCW in the SCW Taking Hold of the Flame.

She winks at the camera.

Aubrianna: See you soon, bitches…

Robert E. Lee: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the President of…

“No, No, No!”

(The crowd...and Mr. Lee...are confused by the voice. Then it becomes apparent they are being interrupted by Karen McBride who starts to storm angrily towards the ring with microphone in hand.)

Karen: The GCW Draft....what a crock! And you’re about to announce or glorify the President, Francis Taylor? Come on. She was hated during her tenure as Livewire GM. She only got a promotion for kissing Glory Braddock’s ass.

(Karen is receiving a mixed reaction as neither Francis nor Glory are particularly popular. Karen steps up to the ring apron and enters the ring.)

Karen: Myself and my sister, Melanie, The McBride Corporation, have been busting our asses on Livewire House Shows...were are practically off the air thanks to Pete Floyd. So what I’m out here for right now is to demand that someone give me the attention I deserve! I want a fight! Anyone, come on Francis, announce your trades and maybe one of them has the guts to fight me...

(Karen is still in the ring watching the events up the ramp up fold when suddenly…

[The lights go out….]

...the lights come back on and Karen appears confused as there's no one now on the ramp. The growing jeers from the crowd seem to indicate that there just might be someone else besides her inside the ring. There is indeed someone standing behind her, none other than the reigning Global Heavyweight champion and most hated in all of GCW, Andrew Raynes. In street clothes, he casually and calmly unhooks the title from his waist and looks at Karen waiting for her to turn around. Knowing her fate and not wanting to run, Karen turns slowly before lunging towards Andrew hard. She goes for the clothesline but Andrew slips underneath, wraps his arm around her left side and locks in Embrace the hate and drops to the ground. Karen fights it vigorously at first but you can see Andrew whispering something into her ear that almost has her pass out immediately with ease. After a few seconds of her being passed out, he lets go, rolls off her and slides under the ropes. The jeers grow even louder as he makes his way to the timekeepers table and grabs a chair. As EMTs made their way to the side of the ring where Karen lay motionless; Andrew makes his way back towards the ring, sees the EMTs and begins barking at them.)

Andrew: Don't you DARE touch her!

EMTs: We need to give her medical attention.

Andrew: She's passed out, not dead, you can have her when I'm fucking done!

(He points the chair towards them and they back off. He slides the chair into the ring and follows suit with himself. He mocks the crowd motioning to Karen as he soaks in the ongoing boos from the crowd and clearly doesn't care about it. He walks over and picks up his Global Heavyweight Title and slings it over his shoulder so everyone can get a good look at it.)

Andrew: I tried to tell people that this was inevitable, that I would be standing here as your new Global Heavyweight champion. That I would do whatever it took to be standing here with this because my time to take my place had finally arrived. While most people are desperate to get here as quickly as possible, I didn't have a problem taking my time to get here because everything I did before that had purpose and to show you what was forthcoming. You were all warned that this was coming and now you wanna be all mad and salty about it because it actually came to fruition?

Well you can kiss my fucking ass!

Go back and look at my evolution from the day I walked into this company. Signed as an current reigning champion, I continued to evolve into a harbinger of hate in a place that would allow me to thrive. The day I arrived here was only a matter of the before I was holding this. I was fine with the kids playing around with this because it never mattered who held this when it was finally my time. Be mad all you want for not seeing it coming but it was right there in front of you, go back and look at my track record. Go look at what I've done to get here and you'll see just how even more foolish you looked for not seeing it coming. Granted, I knocked your ass out so I can't blame you for forgetting.

The reality is though. I don't give a fuck!

(Andrew scoffs, adjusting the belt over his shoulder.)

Andrew: This wasn't done for any of you, this was done simply because I was allowed to grow into the person I was meant to be in this business, the longer it took me to get here, the more I was going to enjoy it when it finally came. The funny thing is, the better I got, the more people wanted to stop me from getting here. I didn't have to go looking for fights as I simply attracted attention from people who felt entitled to stop me. Ask me how those guys are doing while I'm the one standing tall holding this! When I ended Timmy's career in the 7 levels of hell, I knew that this would come where it belongs. There was nothing Lenore was ever going to do to stop me because you cannot fight what you don't understand. Instead, you try and diminish it because you need to remind yourself of how superior you claim to be! Though in reality, you proved me right about how basic you are, Christ I've seen more personality in Betty the shovel than I did in you. It showed in your hit and run against me, it showed in your lack of ability to back up your talk and face me like an adult and it showed just who truly was the desperate one as you clung to the back as much as possible and already trashing this belt before I even beat you. You couldn't handle the fact that I got the job done and you can't handle the fact that I do my own dirty work whereas I didn't need someone else to knock me the fuck out for you to score an easy elimination and give you your moment.

You are and always will be, a transitional champion.

But if you want this, you want your rematch, you're welcome to it. I don't care, you've already proven once you don't have what it takes and I'm not about to take my foot off the gas pedal anytime soon. While you were desperate to get this, I built myself to this moment. The hate has arrived and no one is going to take this from me. I've shown everyone what I was willing to do to get here, it'll be even worse what I'm willing to do to keep it.

Come for it, if you dare; however, be prepared to embrace the hate.

(Andrew drops the mic as"through struggle" hits the speakers. He taunts the crowd and shows off the belt as he rolls out of the ring.)

(“Brand New Day” from Dr. Horrible’s sing a long blog begins to play. Francis Taylor steps out onto the stage with a confident smirk upon her face. There is a podium on the stage as well. The GCW President approaches the podium. The music slowly dies down until it comes to a complete stop. Then Francis begins to speak.)

Francis: Well that was entertaining. I must say, I am a fan of Andrew Raynes’s work.

(Francis smirks.)

Francis: And now it is time to announce the next picks for the GCW Draft. From Shotgun to Livewire Pete Floyd has chosen...Kayla Jones and her sister Angelica, the unit known as THE SISTERHOOD!

(An image of Kayla Jones and Angelica Jones appears on the screen to a mixed reaction. The image fades away and we show Francis Taylor again.)

Jake Storm: Hell yeah! Angelica and Kayla are coming back to Livewire!

Jim Bishop: You know all about them, don’t you Jake?

Jake Storm: Me and Angelica have had quite a few classic matches in the past. Looking forward to seeing what she can do on Livewire.

Francis: And now from Livewire to Shotgun, Tabatha Silverstone has chosen….two GCW originals, Adam Craig and Steve Powers, the unit known as ANTI-AUTHORITY!

(An image of Adam Craig and Steve Powers appears on the screen, receiving loud cheers from the fans.)

Jim Bishop: Two more classics! Steve Powers and Adam Craig!

Jake Storm: Those two traitors! How could they leave Livewire?

Jim Bishop: It isn’t about being a traitor. Just making a good deal, Jake.

Jake Storm: Good deal my ass…

Jim Bishop: Yeah, well...wait...I’m getting word that we are about to be joined by Shotgun General Manager Tabatha Silverstone!

The show heads back to ringside from commercial and the fans roar right on cue. The camera pans around the audience a little, picking up various signs and people playing up to the camera before heading back to the stage as Tabitha Silverstone walks out with a microphone in her hand to a varying reaction from the crowd. She walks to the top of the ramp and brings the microphone up.

Tabitha Silverstone: “Ladies and gentlemen, what a show it’s been so far, correct?”

The fans roar.

Tabitha Silverstone: “Are you all having a great time?”

Another roar, even louder this time. Tabitha cracks a smile and nods her head.

Tabitha Silverstone: “I believe it is safe to say that some unbelievable talent has been traded between Shotgun and Livewire tonight, some huge announcements that will make the next twelve months leading to Resurrection X rather interesting… but I have one more announcement.”

This gets another big reaction from the fans, roaring in intrigue and excitement. Tabitha nods her head in agreement; they have every right to be excited.

Tabitha Silverstone: “...and this one is not a trade, this isn’t someone making the move to Shotgun from Livewire, this is a free agent. This is a coup FOR the Shotgun brand and one I hope to provide an edge over our friendly rivals on the Livewire brand. A member of a prestigious wrestling family in the business, a household name in their own right and someone who I believe will undoubtedly add value to the company and in particular, to Shotgun. I won’t waste any more time, ladies and gentlemen, I give you the newest member of the Shotgun roster--”

Before Tabitha can make the announcement the lights cut entirely and the fans buzz with anticipation before “RIse Up” By Asking Alexander hits the speakers. The noise goes up another level as many fans know what that means, and a spotlight suddenly illuminates the centre of the ring to show a crouching figure in jeans, t-shirt and a leather jacket, down on one knee. The big screen behind Tabitha finally lights up to show a large logo with the letters AJ in the middle and then the logo explodes to show the name AJ HELMS in glaring white letters instead. The fans pop again as in the ring, AJ hops up from one knee and runs to the ropes, jumping on the second rope as he leans in to the ring facing camera and points at it. He hops down again and does the same on the other side of the ring before eventually making his way over to the corner where he requests a microphone from Robert E. Lee. Walking back to the middle of the ring, the lights come back up and we briefly see a shot of Tabitha clapping before cutting back to the ring as AJ starts to speak.

AJ Helms: “Sorry about blowing your big announcement there Tabs, but I think I deserved something a little more dramatic than an introduction and a hearty handshake, don’t you fucks?!”

The fans pop again, many cheering but many also booing AJ, which is no shock given he had quite the attitude problem before injury forced him to step away from the rival company he last worked for. He smirks as he nods his head, walking around the ring a little before he starts to speak again.

AJ Helms: “Wrestling fans not in agreement with each other; NEVER thought I’d experience that one…”

The sarcasm drips off of his words and many of the fans that were booing take up their dismay again, but it only further broadens the smirk on AJ’s face.

AJ Helms: “Alright, you’ve had your fifteen seconds, shut up now… see, Tabs is EXACTLY right, and I’m gonna go ahead and thank her for her kind introduction, because I am going to add value to this joint. GCW has a host of household names, some members of prestigious families or people trained by prestigious wrestlers… but what it’s been lacking until now is a member of the greatest Dynasty in this business. The Helms Dynasty! Well… now you’ve got one. And while I’m not going to remove any credit from Tabitha who clearly saw the opportunity to add a huge star to her roster when she reached out to discuss my availability, I’m here solely because my best dude Bella is, and if she was on Livewire, well, no offence Tabs, but I’d probably be singing the praises of Pete Floyd right now… luckily, Bella and her tag partner Katrina weren’t traded away to the inferior brand, which tells me how smart Tabitha is for keeping them around, as she knows they’re going to be the future of the tag division on Shotgun. Two smart moves in one night, Tabs. Gotta hand it to you sweetheart, you run a tight ship around here, make no mistake about that one.”

The fans are quickly turning on AJ, his arrogance clearly not playing well with them, but on the stage, Tabitha actually gives a small nod of gratitude for the praise and briefly applauds AJ as the camera cuts back to him.

AJ Helms: “Now, I guess it’s no secret that I actually offered to be Bella’s tag partner when she won her shot at the belts back at Civil War… she said no obviously, because of some crap about not wanting to pick someone who wasn’t employed by the company over someone who was, which I can respect. But I think THAT’S the night Tabs up there realised what an opportunity she had in front of her. It took maybe two days for me to receive the call, and we’ve been going back and forth with the details of my contract ever since. And believe me, there’s a good number of zero’s in that thing, I made damn sure of that. But Tabitha, she knew that to get the best you have to pay for it… well here I am Shotgun, ready to shake some shit up! I was held back in SCW by a boss who thought he could throw his weight around without pushback. I was supposed to get a World Title shot before I got hurt too and that obviously didn’t transpire. But you better believe I’ll get one here. Because I was brought into a legacy, became part of a Dynasty… but it’s time to actually cement my place in this business on my OWN merit. So Brittany, it may not be soon, it may take me a couple months, half a year, maybe even Resurrection next year, who knows… but if you’re still champ sweetheart, know one thing: I’m coming for that title and I WILL be GCW World Heavyweight Champion. You can bank on it. Bang!”

“Rise Up!” begins to play again as Helms turns as tosses the microphone back to Robert E. Lee on the outside before he slides from the ring and starts to make his way up the ramp. The fans mostly boo as he makes his exit, pausing only to shake hands with Tabitha on the top of the ramp before patting her on the shoulder and making his exit through the curtain. The curtain falls back into place again as the scene then fades out.

Chanel Hunter is seen pacing in the back, she is wearing light blue tights with dark blue trim. She is not happy about what happened at Resurrection when she was defeated by Jody Rainer but now gets the chance to win the X-Division Championship again. She takes a moment to run her fingers with the matte blue polish through her long blue hair, stopping and looking at the camera, she is by herself…

Chanel: “I didn’t leave champion at Resurrection, I let that talentless, hobo take me out with a piledriver after I made one mistake. Then he tried to beat me down some more but nah, I wasn’t going for that shit, sorry. It was bad enough that I lost on the biggest show of the year to you, asshole, but see, you might always come off bitter, but bitter ain’t got nothing on salt! I didn’t come here to fail, I didn’t arrive in the GCW to just be a roster member or the number 4 spot in Sovereign behind Aubrianna Powers who is more interested in every other company but GCW, or Chantelle Chambers, who rather post pictures of her in bikini’s and talk about how beautiful she is, or Kat Kelly who finally went out there and did it, but is overshadowed by the fact people like Brittany Kayl need to hog up all the fucking attention with her “journey” and we are supposed to be all happy for her?


See, I don’t give a flying fuck about any of you, The Sovereign is supposed to be this tight knit unit, yet these other three bitches are doing their own thing and playing off the Sovereign name that Trinity Street, Lucas Knight, Chris Cannon and Kelcey Wallace built! Nuh uh… no fucking way. I didn’t come here to play off some name to get recognition, my heart is in the Sovereign, theirs? Are not. So I promised Trinity I would win the X-Division Championship tonight and not mess up like I did at Resurrection which I now have to live with the rest of my career and it pisses me off because I am BETTER THAN THAT! Jody, you got lucky, boo. Tonight, is FULL METAL MAYHEM, tables, ladders, chairs, weapons all over the fucking ring, whatever I want to use to make you bleed and kick your ass! Not anymore, I told Trinity to stay home, these Sovereign bitches that are supposed to be my sisters, can stay in the back until they start showing what the name really means o they can ALL fuck off!”

Frustrated and angry, Chanel, stops and takes a deep breath, her brown eyes look back into the camera as she points…

Chanel: “We are the Main Event, because Aubry decided to go play hookie in SCW. I should have been the Main Event the ENTIRE fucking time but see this is where everything changes. NEW season, we are putting the rest in the past and this is the emancipation of Chanel Hunter, tonight will be the moment when I place my stamp in this bitch and let everyone know that I HAVE ARRIVED! You wanna play your little puff pieces, tell sob stories while the world around us crumbles, fine but let me make one thing perfectly clear Jody…. I am BAD, BLACK and BEAUTIFUL and after I beat you down like the police tonight you worthless sack of shit! Then everyone watching as the show closes out will know that Chanel Hunter IS GCW! Chanel Hunter IS the Shotgun brand and as I hold my title up in the air, that will be the statement heard around the world, that Resurrection was an anomaly and this bitch right here?


Pushing the camera out of the way, Chanel marches out ready for her match.

Main Event
X Division Championship
Full Metal Mayhem (TLC match with the added stip that all metallic based weapons are legal)

Chanel Hunter vs Jody Rainer (champion)



And other metallic based weapons.

Here. We. Go.

Before the bell actually sounded.

Chanel met Jody head on when he was half to the ring. The challenger and champion traded blows, before Jody could use his natural strength to gain the advantage, Chanel ducked an incoming right hand and spit in his face. Enraged, Jody gave chase to Chanel. She slid in the ring. She got up to her feet as Jody made his way inside. Chanel was quick enough to take him down with double knees. She wailed on him. The bell called for the official start of the match. Jody muscled Chanel off. The early part of the match was like this, they were more locked into trying to beat the piss outta each other than attempting to grab the belt from above the ring.

There was a sequences where Chanel was relentlessly beating the hell out of Jody’s back with a steel chair, so much so the chair bent. She tossed it from the ring. Thinking she had a free path to the belt, she set up the ladder. Started climbing. She was 98% of the way she needed to be. Jody nudged himself close enough to the ladder where he kicked the bottom from the ladder, Chanel landed on the top rope, lucky for her she didn’t land outside the ring, her momentum kept her inside.

Jody believed at one point he had a path to the championship after piledriving Chanel on top of a steel chair. Due to the battle damage already accumulated he wasn’t as able to take advantage of what should have been a path to the championship. Chanel recovered just enough to grab at Jody’s leg. He kept trying to shake her off. To no avail. She hit him in the inner thigh, stunning Jody just enough to where she managed to bring him down with a back stabber. Both competitors were not in a good place.

We saw chairs. Naturally the ladder would come into play. It wouldn’t be a Full Metal Mayhem match without thumbtacks.

Jody brought them into the ring earlier in the contest. Both of them were careful not to call victim to the thumbtacks. That changed when Jody was going to powerbomb Chanel on the tacks. He changed his mind. He did his best to maneuver to the second turnbuckle, he had ever intention to powerbomb her, at the last minute, she countered, huricanrana. Jody landed back first on the thumbtacks. He screamed in pain. Not done yet, Chanel went to the top rope.


Jody suffered damage, obviously. Chanel did manage to get a few tacks wedged in her. Unavoidable. She was going to do whatever it takes to become X-Division Champion. At this point the ladder was outside the ring which meant she needed to go outside, get the ladder inside the ring to get the X-Division Championship. She pushed the ladder inside. She went under the ring, grabbed a trash can, pushed that into the ring as well. Jody managed to get up to his feet. She smashed him with the trash can.

Chanel made her climb. She was within grabbing distance. To match taking a toll stopped Chanel from fully doing what she needed to do. That gave Jody time to come from underneath her. He may have failed to powerbomb her on the tacks, he succeeded in powerbombing her on the trash can. The weight of her body caved the trash can in. Looking at at the championship, Jody felt now was the time to make the climb.

As he slowly did, Chanel crawled over to the corner. She removed the bottom turnbuckle pad. Jody continued to climb, slowly. This has been one of the most brutal matches in recent memory. Chanel came to play. Finally, Jody is seconds away from retrieving the X-Division Championship. Before he can, Chanel makes a last minute surge up the ladder. With one shot Jody falls back, hitting the mat below. How? It’s made clear that Chanel has a pair of metallic knucks on. She kisses them. Drops tosses them to Trinity on the outside. All that’s left to do is to do the inevitable. She unhooks the X-Division Championship. Just like that, a brand new champion is crowned.

Winner: (and new) X-Division Champion, Chanel Hunter.

Chanel sits on top the ladder overcome with emotion as she stares at the X-Division Title. Chanel holds up the title.. A great night for her as the scene fades.

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