Desperate Measures 2020 <results>

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Desperate Measures 2020 <results>

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Ronin can be seen prepared for her upcoming Championship match. She sits in the middle of the locker-room, the lights dimmed, a few candles lit on the benches. Seated amongst those candles is Ronin’s mentor, Samurai Toshiaki. As Ronin recites a mantra in Japanese, Toshiaki smirks.

Toshiaki: “Yes… let the Ronin take hold. Tonight is about retribution. Taking from one who stole from you. Dianna Kurse does not get to walk away under her own power. Dianna Kurse, who has run her mouth and disrespected Rina Takeuie, tonight she gets to face the full brunt of what The Ronin is.”

He stands up, pacing around behind her.

Toshiaki: “Relentless. Merciless. Without regard. She learns pain. She learns agony. She will regret ever messing with the Ronin! It’s time.”

Ronin opens her eyes, with murderous intent in them. Rising to her feet without assistance, she doesn’t say a word, moving right to the door. Toshiaki smirks with sinister intent as she moves through the door, and he follows behind.


[In her locker room lies the GCW North American Champion Dianna Kruse. She is seen seated in a chair, dressed in her full ring gear and black entrance jacket. The North American Championship is seated by her feet. Dianna runs a hand through her hair and eyes the camera.]

Dianna: Ronin, Rina. I'm done playing these games. I'm done indulging you and your self esteem. When this all started, I wanted this title. I wanted to kill this facade of you being the Big, Bad Wolf. And I succeed, as I said I would. But now Rina?

[Dianna tightens her face.]

Dianna: Now i just want to be rid of you. You have to think people. How annoyed I must be on someone if I can no longer revel in their misery. I enjoyed every moment of the suffering the anguish and the disappointment you felt when I took this title from you. I loved every second of seeing you get bitched out to your beloved senshi. Hun, don't let the Prada and the flair that I possess fool you. Underneath it all, I'm a petty little bitch. I hold grudges. I enjoy watching my opponents fail. And I have no qualms or moral restriction or obligations to do the right time. I'm tempted to DQ'ed myself or have Gloria attack you just so this is over.

[Dianna briefly flashes a smirk but it's brief.]

Dianna: but then Silverstone would probably take this title away from me or worse, force me to get in the ring with you again. And so, that option is not available. So I'm perplexed. I'm the better wrestler. I've proven that to you, your stupid fans and all the dolts watching Livewire religiously. I know there's nothing you can do to break me. The theater show shit and the make up? Doesn't work against me, hun. But Ive lost the joy that came with embarrassing you because you've gotten under my skin. You won't go away. You keep bringing your miserable, pathetic self back for more. I don't know if you're a glutton for punishment, in denial or you're just dumb for thinking the result isn't going to be the same. I don't care at this point. I want to move past you and I sure as hell do not want to give this title back to you.

[Dianna grabs the title and places it on my lap.]

Dianna: I'm ready for new challengers. New faces. New opponents. New dreams to crush. You pinned a couple of weeks ago, Rina. I'm sure it gave you some faint hope that you've figured me out. Hun, you haven't. Because you haven't seen how far I'm willing to go. You have seen anything. What i do tonight will make everything I've done to you prior seem like child's play. What i do tonight is what every true woman always does; roll up the sleeves, dig deep and get the job done. With honor, class and style. All things that I personify.

I'm a diamond in a world full of rocks. And most importantly Rina, I am a champion. The North American Champion. And were you belong Rina, Ronin, is underneath my boots and in the rear view mirror. Once and for all Rina, I'm going to break you, bitch.

[Dianna blows a kiss to the camera before standing up and leaving the scene.]


North American Championship
The Ronin vs Dianna Kruse

[The enraged Ronin starts off fast and furious with quick striking moves for the first several minutes that keeps the champion on perpetual defense. Ronin went for a spinning back fist but Kruse managed to avoid contact and Ronin accidentally clocked the referee. Kruse used the opportunity to slip brass knuckles on her fist and decked Ronin. She covered as the referee was slowly getting up but shockingly Ronin kicked out! Kruse started to take over from here, first with an arm ddt and then transitioning into a fujiwara arm bar. Dianna with a swinging neck breaker and then an arm wrench. Dianna with another fujiwara arm bar. Ronin still refuses to quit. Kruse catches Ronin with Gloria. The cover but Ronin kicks out! The champion is showing signs of frustration. Kruse with Cruel Intentions. A cover and Ronin just barely kicks out. Kruse is real frustrated by now and decides to go for the brass knuckles again. The referee sees it and takes them away. While the referee is disposing of them Kruse gets another pair but Ronin sees it this time and stops her. Ronin takes the knucks and blasts Kruse...big mistake, because the referee saw it and disqualifies Ronin.]
WINNER via Disqualification and STILL North American Champion: Dianna Kruse

[At this point Ronin doesn’t appear to care. Ronin with The Setting Sun. Ronin brings a steel chair in and blasts Kruse in the head with the chair. Ronin sets Kruse up and drills her with another Setting Sun, this time on the chair.

Adrian Waters hits the ring now and he tries to stop Ronin...another big mistake. Ronin with a spinning back fist followed up by a steel chair shot to Waters. She rains down chair shots as the crowd completely turns on The Ronin. As her final act she takes Adrian out with The Setting Sun. Tiffany runs down to ringside. She screams at The Ronin “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” Ronin stares at Tiffany, the crowd wonders if Tiffany is next. Having made her point, The Ronin exits the ring, walks up the ramp not caring that the crowd has made it clear they don’t approve of Rina giving into the madness.]



Ms. Budde stands in front of the mirror adding some res lipstick to her lips. She is dressed in some new yellow and black gear, looking gorgeous as ever, ready to wrestle Andrew Raynes in a No DQ match which has been building up for quite some time which started when Raynes attacked Budde during her match for the North American Title and it escalated from there. Ms. Budde is one of the most sadistic women in the professional wrestling ranks, she has always been a bit of a masochist and everyone knows what the former Disciplinarian is capable of. Ms. Budde already has her trusted gold ruler, and many other little toys if need be, but without any DQ’s, this fits to both her and Raynes favor as he too has no problem using cheap tactics. While putting on lipstick, she starts to talk, her blue eyes bounce off the mirror…

Ms. Budde: “A lady like me always has to look good even if I am going into a war against a man who wanted to start a fight that he has to now finish. Whatever problems you had with Lenore and Isabella, the biggest mistake you made was taking it out on me, that was when everyone in this company realized you done messed up. See, Sugar Plum, I made an edict to become a singles champion, and right now all I have done is exist in the GCW, that is really about it. After Resurrection which to no one’s surprise was the worst night for the HERstory Makers, we have since then aimed to be at the very top, but how can I do that when I cannot defeat the likes of you Andrew Raynes? See, I am trying so hard here to understand the meaning behind all of this and instead all I get is confusion and a blank stare. See, Andrew, you were so angry at the HERstory Makers, you chose the wrong one to mess with. See, I know that your daddy probably told you when you were an angry little kid, hating on everything to pick a fight with the biggest and meanest dog in the yard, that will get you respect, right? No, it gets your ass kicked, honey.”

After finishing putting on her lipstick, Ms. Budde admires herself for a moment before slipping on her gloves, and posing for a moment admiring her toned, muscular body….

Ms. Budde: “See, you may think that the advantage goes to you, Andrew in a No DQ match, but what you fail to realize is that before I even came here, I was beating the ever living shit out of wrestlers like Kennedy Street, Kelcey Wallace, Taylor Chase and Gavin Taylor, all wrestlers you wouldn’t stand a chance with, and I did it my way. I have this sense of violence, a former Marine, Disciplinarian among other things, that will prepare me for what I must do to you and anyone else that wants to stand in my way. Lenore and Isabella are Champions, I know that in the bottom of my heart they will go on and stay champions tonight and after I go through Hell with you Andrew, I will not be embracing the hate, oh no, I will be embracing the opportunity to become a Champion as well. You have been a bad boy, and my victory tonight will be sweet like Auntie May’s Muscadine Cobbler. I promise you that I will beat you half to death and then make my claim at some gold.”

Ms. Budde brushes her hair back and smirks….

Ms. Budde: “For remember the Golden Rule, Andrew…… Never rub a Lady’s rhubarb. CLASS IS NOW IN SESSION.”

Glaring into the mirror, she finally turns to face the camera, and begins to laugh, placing the black hat on her head, and tying the skirt around the waist before taking her hand fan, fanning herself….

Ms. Budde: “Oh Lord! It is getting hot in here!”

…. And walking out.


(The scene checks in with Andrew sitting off a cement block for s few.moments. preparing for his no dq match and a chance to end this. He smirks and looks up)

Andrew: You should have done it right the first time, now it's time to learn about hate!

You thought what happened when we went one on one last month was going to be the end? You were given the chance to actually prove you were more than just a simple little foot soldier and all you did was show the world that you are nothing more than a follower, willing to mimic anyone to get ahead.

It's a shame, I expected better.

When I targeted you, I was hoping you'd bring a real fight to my door, knowing what I'm capable of, I'd thought you'd know what to do to try and actually prove you should have been picked over Isabella to run with Lenore at the top. You were simply willing to settle though and when you had the chance to shine against the former global champion and most hated man in this company, you were simply willing to settle and take a page out of my book in order to steal a win.

Now can you do it when it matters most?

(Andrew chuckles and shifts. He takes a deep breath and cracks his neck.)

Andrew: Can you do it against someone that channels hate like energy instead of emotion? Knowing what your intentions are now, I can see that there's a need for us to move away from the classroom and into the schoolyard when you step into my world.

Don't believe me? I'd expect ignorance from someone like you after what has happened.

Now though, can you still do it knowing I'll see it coming? Are you going to be prepared for what I'm willing to do in order to put you down for good?

There's no second chances here with Silvercunt taking the gloves off for this match. Allowing us to do what it takes will allow me to show you the true power of the hate that I possess and why it was a mistake to think that this would be where you finish me off.

You're going to learn soon why you were left for dead, stepped over by Isabella and why no one is going to save you from what's to come.

(Andrew scoffs and cracks his knuckles, prepared for what's coming.)

Andrew: My intentions are getting myself back to where I belong, every step that I take is an evolution of hate that people are never prepared for. What separates me from people like you and the herstory makers is that I choose to walk my own path and blaze a trial on my terms. All I've seen from you losers is the fact that you expect to be handed everything and feel entitled to be at the top after showing you've done nothing. Girls like Isabella who expect the world to cater to her because she was once on top of the mountain and then forgotten after showing for a while after that she had done nothing to earn admiration. Or Lenore who leans on her namesake in order to feel important or carry her when she gets knocked off her pedestal.

I am someone who has grown into becoming someone with no remorse of concern for you or your well being. What I do to you doesn't matter as I continue to evolve and dispatch whoever gets in my way. Something you'll learn soon enough as you begin to realize you're way I over your head and seee for the real monster I've built myself to become.

Then the real fun begins.

Tonight your sacrifice won't be in vain because you're going to be a very powerful message I send to your little herstory leaders who will be next after I'm done with you. You though, I will have fun picking apart as you see the real power of hate embrace you.

A hate that has only grown since I've been here and gotten stronger with each passing test. As the hate grows so too does my desire to evolve and get better, continuing to build on what has made me into my own entity and someone that will always have a target on his back, and I welcome it.

As you.come through the schoolyard and realize that your a teacher out of her element, you'll have no one to come and save you, left to the will of the Qotsisajak and the dark side as you begin to see why Isabella and Lenore avoid me at all costs.

After tonight, it'll be unavoidable.

So prepare yourself as you come face to face with all that is hate and everything that has made me one of the best in this business. When you think that you've gotten the upper hand and believe this is yours to win, that's when it sets in, I won't quit. Then, after I've ravaged you and left your face a bloody mess and you have just a slight little bit of oxygen left inside you, I'll grab you by your worthless hair, show your face to the camera long enough to know that Isabella and Lenore were watching to show them they're next and embrace you in the darkest of hate and left lifeless.

Still with no one to save you.

School's out!


Andrew Raynes vs Ms. Budde

[Budde was ready for this...immediately after the bell rings to start the match she throws chalk into Andrew’s eyes, blinding him enough to give her an early edge. She drills him with a lariat, a body slam, and then a dropkick that sends him to the outside. She body slams him on the outside and then slingshots him into the steel ring post. Budde with the ring bell blasts him in the head. Budde with her ruler again strikes him the throat. Budde rolls him into the ring. Budde with The Tardy Bell. The cover and a near fall. Budde goes for the ruler again. She takes him but Raynes is ready this time. He rakes her eyes, takes the ruler, and blasts her in the throat. Raynes with Code of the Sith. A superkick sends Budde over the top and to the outside. Raynes with a suicide dive over the top and onto Budde. Andrew takes a steel chair and takes him but Jade from behind takes it from him. Budde with a bulldog takedown from behind on the outside. Jade hands Budde the steel chair and she blasts him the back repeatedly. Budde uncovers the protective mats on the outside. She goes for a pile driver but Raynes counters with a back drop to the outside. Jade swings the chair from earlier but Raynes ducks, kicks her in the gut, takes the chair, and blasts her in the skull very hard, effectively taking her out of this match. Budde though regains the advantage with a low blow. She follows it up with The Tardy Bell on the outside. Unfortunately the fall has to take place INSIDE the ring. She rolls him back inside. Budde produces a table. She rolls it inside. She sets it up and places Andrew on it. She goes up top and goes for Andrew’s own Make It Rain but he moves out of the way and she slams into the table herself! Raynes slowly pulls himself up. Budde is just about to her feet. Raynes with The Syndication. Andrew with the Rayne Drop. The cover and a near fall. Raynes retrieves a singapore cane. He swings it strikes across Budde’s back repeatedly over and over again. Raynes goes for a shot to her head but she lands a low blow. Budde with a ddt. Budde with a singapore cane and she returns the favor with some shots of her own to his back and his head. Budde goes for Class Dismissed but Raynes rolls out of the way, snatches the chair, and as she turns around gets cracked in the skull with it! Raynes goes to the top and connects with Make it Rain! The cover...1...2...3!]
WINNER: Andrew Raynes

Gold glitter begins to rain down on a black background. Classical music heard playing in the background. Then a feminine voice is heard over the music…

“The following is paid for by The Sovereign, reminding you that we are better than you.”

The gold glitter slowly fades away. The black background gives way to a GCW Desperate Measures poster background. Standing in front of the poster, dressed in her ring gear, is none other than “The Most Valuable Powers” Aubrianna Powers. A confident smirk is etched across her lovely features.

Aubrianna: Thank you Ms. Narrator person! And y’know, you say that over and over again, you give everyone that reminder that WE ARE The Sovereign and that WE ARE better than everyone else! Some learn the lesson...take Jody Rainer, for instance. He may not admit it, but I think he’s learned his lesson. He isn’t picking any fights with The Sovereign, now is he?

Powers shakes her.

Aubrianna: No, he knows better. He backed off. He may be a raged filled lunatic but he is smart enough to know when he’s outmatched. Yet for every smart person out there, there’s always someone who refuses to learn. In this case, we have two people who refuse to get that picture and their names are Slade Merriman and Brooklyn Smith.

The MVP chuckles.

Aubrianna: Brooky, you’re worse than Slade because you were the one coming to Jody’s aid when we were beating his ass and he made it abundantly clear he didn’t want your help. You should have left us to destroy him but no, you decided to stick your nose in our business again and again out of some misguided sense of principle. Well your principle is going to get you an ass whipping courtesy of The MVP and her BFF Chantelle Chambers. And as good as you make yourself out to be, Brooky, you’re the one dragging poor Slade into this ass whipping with you.

Aubrey shakes her head.

Aubrianna: What has Slade done to deserve this? Nothing except stick up for you. This was none of his business, either. You both should have stayed away from The Sovereign. You both should have taken a hint but you just can’t learn. Sometimes you have to learn the hard way but lucky for you two losers, Chantelle and I are pretty damn good teachers as well. And tonight is the night that you two finally learn that little Ms. Narrator is telling the Gospel truth when she says that The Sovereign is better than you.

She winks at the camera.

Aubrianna: Learn to love it, bitches.
The gold glitter returns, as does the female voice as the camera fades out…

“This presentation was paid for by The Sovereign, reminding you that we are better than you.”


We find Ethan Rockwell backstage, chatting up a female office worker. She looks like she wants to be somewhere else... anywhere else, at the moment.

Ethan: Look sweetcheeks, I'll say it one more time, so that even a pair of tits like you can understand! Sandwich. Ham. Cheese. Rye. Hold the mayo. I know you're not too bright, but I'm sure you can remember that, correct? Now go do your job and fix me my sandwich, woman!

Young Woman: But...

Ethan: B-B-B-But nothing! You got a job, now get to it! Chop-Chop!

The young lady leaves... moreso, because she's fed up with this asshole. Get his sandwich? Please!

Ethan: I swear, can't any of these women around here do anything right!?

Voice: Sounds like you're in a pleasant mood.

Ethan turns to the sound of the voice, finding Geneva Alan standing behind him, a smirk on her face.

Ethan: Oh great, another pair of honkers! So, what do you want, sugar buns? The last bitch wouldn't listen to my sandwich order, you wanna fix it for me? Then again, you seem like the type that would have butlers do it for you!

Geneva: Charming. No, actually, I'm here for a different reason. You see, Tabitha Silverstone has become rather annoyed with your antics, and wishes an example to be set.

Ethan: Oh yeah? Tabs thinks you're going to teach me a lesson? Oh, this is rich!

Geneva: Me? Oh no! I'm not going to teach you a lesson! THEM, however...

Geneva points behind Ethan, and when he turns around, he gets drilled with a boot to the face. Three individuals start stomping away at Ethan. When we get a clearer look, two of the men are recognized as Derek Powers and Lester Sampson. The third, a rather tall man, remains a mystery. Derek drags Ethan up, and slams him, face-first, into a wall. He tosses Ethan towards the big man, who drives a knee into Ethans gut. He then shoves Ethans head between his legs, lifts him up, and powerbombs him onto the concrete floor.

Geneva: Bring him.

Lester and the big guy each grab one of Ethans arms, dragging his limp form along, and follow Geneva and Derek outside the arena. They stop by a dumpster.

Geneva: Lester, if you please...!

Lester grabs Ethan by the head, lifts him onto his shoulders and End Times him right into the dumpster. Derek closes the lids, putting an emphatic end to that beating. Geneva pulls out her cell-phone, and dials a number. a few moments later...

Geneva: Silverstone, we've dealt with your 'annoyance'. That's 'one'.

With that, Geneva hangs up. We go back to ringside.


The scene opens up to the locker-room of the force known as The Sovereign. Chantelle Chambers can be seen within, clad in her ring gear, as she ruminates about her upcoming match.

Chambers: “Sometimes, people don’t get the point. They talk about the world from their perspective, yet they don’t care to look at things from other angles. Nearly a year ago, it was Minerva and Scream Machine intent on vanquishing The Sovereign. And while they may have won the match, what has happened since then? Minerva went on to not become World Champion. Scream Machine lost their Tag Titles and had yet to recover them. The Sovereign? We took hold. Kat Kelly… may she recover from her injuries expeditiously… and Chanel Hunter became Champions here on Shotgun. And Aubrianna and I? Well… we maintain a firm hold atop the rankings here.”

She smirks.

Chambers: “You see, no matter what kind of talk there is, ultimately while you may slow The Sovereign down, you will NEVER stop us… not entirely. So why are we continuing with the idea that tonight is anything more than a futile effort.”

Chantelle shakes her head.

Chambers: “Brooklyn, you really should know better. You more than almost anyone should understand that when The Sovereign is concerned, there is no ultimate victory. There is no tearing us apart. We aren’t like just any other group. We are greater. I expect this kind of bloviating from someone like Slade Merriman, but you? And why? Because we dealt with the disrespect of cretins like Jody Rainer? Because we refused to be disrespected… to have our accomplishments demeaned by people who aren’t fit to lace our boots?”

Chantelle sighs, lowering her head.

Chambers: “You were willing to throw away a friendship because I wasn’t going to be a doormat. That’s not friendship, Brooklyn. That’s another in a line of insults I have been levied. That’s almost as disrespectful as the slander perpetrated against The Sovereign. Well, tonight, I guess I have to demonstrate how deeply your words cut. I’m sorry, old friend… but you brought this on yourself. And in the end…”

She smirks.

Chambers: “Well… you know how it goes.”

Chantelle sits back as the scene shifts...


Grudge Match
Brooklyn Smith & Slade Merriman vs. The Sovereign

[Aubrianna and Brooklyn started things out for their respective teams. Powers was talking trash to Smith...big mistake as Brooklyn decked her with a right hand. Aubrey sprung back up but was met with more right hands. A back body drop, a scoop slam, a snap suplex, and then a dropkick. Powers rolls back to her corner where she tags out to Chantelle. Chantelle rushes in but Brooklyn catches her with a deep arm drag into an arm bar. Chantelle fights up to her feet but Brooklyn switches to a hammer lock. She drags Chantelle to her corner where she makes the tag to Slade. Slade is in and he and Brooklyn connect with a 3D variant. Slade in for the cover but only gets a 1 and a half. Slade whips Chantelle into the ropes. Powers makes a blind tag. Chantelle ducks Slade's clothesline attempt. Powers with a chop block and Chantelle with a spinning heel kick for a variation of a high-low double team. Aubrey locks in a leg grapevine. Slade powers his way to the ropes. Aubrey tags out to Chantelle. Chantelle goes for a figure four but Slade kicks her in the butt sending her face first into the turnbuckle. Slade with belly to belly overhead suplex. Slade goes for a big boot but Chantelle catches the foot and connects with a dragon screw leg whip. Chantelle drags Slade over to the Sovereign corner. She distracts the referee allowing Powers to smash a steel chair on Slade's leg, which is situated against the steel turnbuckle. Brooklyn is right there to chase Powers away but the damage was done. Chantelle with a figure four. Slade will not quit and he eventually reaches the ropes. Chantelle tags out to Powers. Aubrianna with a single leg crab to the injured leg. Slade again reaches the ropes. Powers distracts the referee while Chantelle applies a figure four on Slade on the steel ring post. Brooklyn again rushes over to break it up. While the referee is dealing with a brawl between Chantelle and Brooklyn outside the ring, Powers produces a steel pipe and bashes Slade in the leg. Powers gets rid of the evidence. She covers just in time for the referee to make the count...1...2...3NOOO! Powers is furious and begins arguing with the referee. While Powers is arguing Slade is crawling towards the corner. Powers notices it just in time and snatches Slade by the good leg. Slade kicks her in the jaw back towards the Sovereign corner where Chantelle tags herself in...but not in time to stop Slade who tags out to Brooklyn. Brooklyn in with lariat to Chantelle, a superkick to Powers that sends her over the top and to the outside, and then a double arm ddt to Chantelle. Brooklyn heads up top and comes off with The Night Cap! The cover...1...2...3NOO! Powers breaks it up! Brooklyn and Powers brawl. Powers pokes her in the eye. Powers goes for The Most Valuable Kick but Brooklyn catches her and connects with an exploder suplex. But Brooklyn is suddenly taken down by the Beverly Hills Bomb from Chantelle! Slade in with a big boot to Chantelle wiping her out but he re-injures his already injured leg. Slade drags Brooklyn closer to his corner. Aubrey with a chop block to Slade. Aubrey rolls over and tags out to Chantelle. Slade tags himself in. Slade goes for a lariat but Chantelle ducks and then connects with Heart Break! Slade stumbles backward into The Most Valuable Kick from Powers followed up by Simply The Best Moonsault, collectively The Powers That Be. Brooklyn spears Powers out of the ring. Chantelle into the cover...1...2....3NOOOO!!! Slade slides his shoulder up off the mat. Chantelle reapplies the figure four to the injured leg. Brooklyn sees it and goes to break it up but Powers jerks her off the apron and then shoves her face first into the steel ring post. Slade lasts as long as he can before finally tapping out.]
WINNERS: The Sovereign



Princess Nava Farrin is with her Punjabi War Party along with Jhanvi, her trusted second. The Princess is dressed in a beautiful gold outfit, she awaits her International Championship match against Kelsai Adamson-Mason. This goes back to right after Resurrection when the Princess won the briefcase and was able to challenge for a title, she had chosen to go after Kelsai and in shock won the belt, she has already vowed to get it back after a very short reign and Kelcey has busted the Princess open with an exposed turnbuckle, that the Princess calls foul. She knows this is her last chance to get the belt and is ready to do whatever it takes to procure it.

Princess Nava: “Jhanvi, is everything ready?”

Jhanvi: “Yes, my Princess, all is set, the Punjabi War Party and I will be there at ringside and we will make sure that there is no interference like the last time. We all understand that this is the moment you have been waiting for, and we will make sure that you have gold around your waist again.”

Princess Nava: “Good, I will handle Kelsai, I will make sure that she lets love in after I kick her scrawny ass. Just make sure her on again off again husband is not around or anyone else who sympathizes with her, this needs to be a match where I am not cheated again. See, Jhanvi, everyone knows that I am the better wrestler, I should still be the Champion of the International community because what better representative is there to hold this Championship for all my people. Kelsai is trailer park trash, she is nothing more than a monolith to class, I must assure that I put her down once and for all, and we rid ourselves of this woman. The Punjabi War Party did a very good job of softening her up, and not it is my turn to finish the job. I miss JaMarcus.”

Jhanvi: “I know you do my Princess. He was a good man.”

Princess Nava: “He’s not dead, Jhanvi.”

Jhanvi: “I meant no disrespect, what I was trying to say….”

Princess Nava: “It’s fine, forget it. Let us just concentrate on what important. Cameraman, yes you peon, focus on me, I have something to say.”

The camera turns on focuses on the gorgeous Princess Nava Farrin….

Princess Nava: “Kelsai, Kelsai, Kelsai, what more can I say about you that I haven’t already other than you are nothing but a cheating heffer. Listen to me closely Kelsai, you and I both know that you robbed me of my title, that I was cut open and you took full advantage of that, while the first time we wrestled, it was a good clean fight and I was just superior. I know this was very hard for you to fathom and I get it, I really do, losing sucks especially to losers, like you. Kelsai, the world is not about being nice to everyone, only those that deserve it. See, I serve my people with dignity and respect, I don’t tell them lies, I give them reality. You seem to not understand that, wanting to have a huge line holding hands across the world, this is not the way it works. Look at America now, so divided its funny actually, yet we are going to stand here and pretend to love everyone? No bitch, I love Gold and right now, you have it so guess what? Tonight, I am taking it back!”

The Princess looks angry and fired up. Staring into the camera with her huge baby brown eyes…

Princess Nava: “This time, your husband will not bail you out, your friends and family, all that you love and adore will be forced to watch you fall to your knees and like the peon you have always been, fall at my feet. Then, when I am holding the International Championship once again? I will turn around so you can kiss my royal ass! Ao Jaan Dio!”

She screams let’s go in her native tongue, grabbing her things and being escorted by her maiden’s, the Punjabi War Party and finally Jhanvi, ready to get back the International Championship.


GCW International Championship
Kelsai Adamson-Mason (champion) vs. Princess Nava Farrin

[Kelsai starts off catching Nava with several quick arm drags, a hip toss, and then three dropkicks, the third sending Nava to the outside. Princess stalls for time to stop Kelsai's momentum. Nava slides in and they tie up. Nava in with a headlock and then a takedown into a rear naked choke. Kelsai fights back up to her feet and Nava changes to a side headlock. Kelsai with three elbow shots to break the hold. Kelsai with a step up enziguri and an axe kick. Kelsai with a springboard dropkick. Nava again rolls to the outside. Kelsai charges in and goes for a suicide dive over the top but Nava steps to the side and Kelsai slams hard into the barricade. Nava with a Northern Lights release suplex on the outside and then a Samoan drop on the outside. Nava rolls back inside to break the count. Nava goes back outside and then slingshots Kelsai face first into the steel ring post. Nava rolls Kelsai back into the ring. Nava locks in a Mexican surfboard. Nava with an abdominal stretch. Eventually Kelsai manages to hip toss out of it but then she walks right into Moksha from Princess. Princess locks Kelsai in Dehli Kekada. Kelsai fights and claws towards the ropes. Kelsai eventually reaches the ropes but Princess drags her back out to the center and reapplies the Dehli Kekada. Again Kelsai fights to the ropes and after another long struggle reaches the ropes. Princess with Bangle Bazaar for a cover and two, two and three quarters to be exact! Nava shows no signs of frustration. Instead she goes up top and waits as Kelsai navigates her way back up to her feet. Kelsai turns around into a hurricanrana attempt from Nava but Kelsai counters with a sit out power bomb! Kelsai immediately transitions into a calf crusher onto Nava! Princess fights to the ropes. Much like Nava earlier, Kelsai drags Nava to the center and reapplies the calf crusher. Princess still refuses to quit as she fights to the ropes a second time. Kelsai with a roundhouse kick and then four snap suplexes in succession. Kelsai goes up top and attempts The Double Shot...but Nava gets her knees up! Nava slowly negotiates her way to her feet, as does Kelsai. Nava with Ashoka Chokra! But she's too fatigued to cover.

Suddenly Alan Monroe comes rushing the ring. Alan Monroe snatches referee Jose Diaz and drills him with Rejection. He shrugs and then quickly makes his exit before The Punjabi War Party can catch him. Nava had her arm draped over Kelsai. No referee present. When Nava realizes this, she sits up. Looking around she notices her War Party aren’t anywhere in sight, she screams for a referee to come down to the ring. By the time one days, Kelsai has slowly made her way to her feet. Instead of letting the referee do his job, Nava is making a case to the second referee that she should have had the match won. This gave Kelsai time to get up, Princess Nava walked into Kelsai pulling off her variation of her brother in law’s Blake Mason Experience. Kelsai is barely able to make the cover as the referee counts one-two-three.

WINNER: And Still International Champion, Kelsai Adamson-Mason

Kelsai is handed the belt. She sits up still a bit dazed from the headbutt. Then when she sees the tron showing Alan’s involvement in the match and how close she was to actually losing the title, she signals the referee Stephen Snuggs over. He looks borderline confused by what Kelsai is saying, maybe thinking she isn’t in her right mind now. She is adamant. Stephen walks over to Robert E Lee, who also appears confused. But he does what is requested of him.

Robert E Lee: By the request of Kelsai Adamson-Mason, disregard the announcement of her being the winner of the match. This match is officially a non contest.

The crowd is shocked. Kelsai then hands the International Championship to Snuggs. She leaves the ring without it, creating further confusion. Princess Nava watches Kelsai leave the ring equally as puzzled. Then she demands Snuggs hand her the International Championship believing she is the rightful champion. He refuses. He walks away from the ring with the championship.

What the heck is going on?


The scene rises up inside the lounge, where The Rising Tide can be seen before their Global Tag Team Championship defense.

Bash Kincade: “Tonight, there ain’t time for TALK tonight. McBride Corporation, ya been runnin’ your mouths about wantin’ this shot, and tonight it happens.”

Hugo Magnussen: “I think you both understand that whatever you bring to the table tonight, Bash and I are more than ready for it… more than ready to defend these Championships.”

Bash: “An’ if that rat-faced manager of yours wants t’get involved, Hugo and I have no problem sittin’ him down and knockin’ his ass into next week!”

Hugo laughs.

Hugo: “Please, Mason… PLEASE get involved. Give us an excuse.”

Bash: “Tonight ain’t gonna be any different than The Tide has seen in 2020. The only difference is gonna be WHO we put down. In the end… no one stands up to The Rising Tide and walks away with the gold!”

Bash grabs his belt and begins to walk off. Hugo smirks, pulling his down.

Hugo: “Good luck… you’re going to need it.”

He walks off too and the scene shifts.


We cut to the backstage area of the arena, specifically near the ready area. Karen McBride and her sister and tag team partner Melanie McBride, collectively known as The McBride Corporation, are standing side by side but behind their agent. Mason Van Stanton stands front and center in a black suit complete with a black shirt. A smug look is etched across his face.

Mason: I led Wrestling’s Most Wanted to the GCW World Tag Team Championship. You’re welcome, ladies. I led Julia Braddock to the GCW Heritage Championship. You’re welcome, Julia. I led Destiny Skye to the GCW World Championship, you’re welcome babe.

He chuckles, then motions to Karen and Melanie.

Mason: Now I have led Karen and Melanie to the status as number one contenders to the GCW Global Tag Team Championship. They never would have reached this point under the leadership of their poor, pathetic sister Blair. But are they going to be satisfied with just being number one contenders?

Van Stanton shakes his head.

Mason: No. Tonight, Karen and Melanie are going to achieve their ultimate destiny and finally be crowned GCW Global Tag Team Champions. As far as Hugo and Bash are concerned, you two have had a nice run but all good things must come to an end, and your end comes tonight at Desperate Measures. There’s nothing you can do about it, because The Fix is In…

He winks at the camera.


Global Tag Team Championship
The McBride Corporation vs Rising Tide (champions)

[Hugo and Bash are angry and ready to smash some heads. They take over on Karen and Melanie early on before the bell can even ring. Beating them down on the outside. Mason Van Stanton goes to run interference but Hugo catches him and then drops him with a Samoan drop through the French Announce Table. Karen then smashes a distracted Hugo into the steel turnbuckle. Karen rolls Hugo into the ring. Finally with Melanie in her corner and Bash in his, the bell rings and the match starts with The McBride Corporation having the advantage but with Mason effectively taken out at the beginning. Karen and Melanie make quick tags in and out to isolate Hugo and wear him down slowly, keeping him from Bash. Karen and Melanie drop Hugo with a double superkick and then Melanie comes off the top looking to end it with McBride Flies but Hugo gets his knees up. Hugo crawls to his corner. He is almost there. Karen rushes in distracting the referee. Hugo tags out to Bash. Bash tries to come in and the referee, who never saw the tag, forces Bash out. Karen and Melanie then drag Hugo back to their corner. Melanie tags out to Karen. Karen locks Hugo in White Collar Crime. She holds on as tight as she can and it looks like she may put him away but he cleverly falls back on top of Karen, forcing her shoulders down and it is nearly a three count before Karen is forced to release the hold to avoid being pinned. Karen goes for a ddt but Hugo with a Northern Lights release suplex counter. Both crawl to their corners. Hugo tags out to Bash and Karen tags out to Melanie. Bash with a lariat, a power slam, and a spine buster. Karen rushes in to get some but Bash and Hugo catch her with The Rip Tide. Hugo tosses Karen outside. He goes out after her so that its just Melanie and Bash. But Melanie has recovered. She spins Bash around and catches him out of nowhere with Evolution! Has The McBride Corporation won it? The cover but Bash kicks out just in time! Hugo tries to sneak up from behind but Melanie strikes out with a superkick. Hugo doesn’t go down! Melanie goes for another but Hugo catches her and drops her with an exploder suplex. Hugo and Bash with The Rip Tide! The cover...1...2...3!]
WINNERS: The Rising Tide


The following is a Kayl TV production…

As the scene opens up next to the Rocky statue in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where Brittany, and the GCW World Championship, can be seen. She is clad in her workout gear, but still holds the Championship in two arms, surveying the statue. A smirk comes onto her face...

Kayl: “Rocky loses.”

Brittany smirks, hugging the Championship belt close to her.

Kayl: “In the first movie, at the end, Rocky loses. Oh sure, she wins the respect and admiration of the crowd, the boxing community, of Apollo Creed… but in the actual fight, he loses. Don’t get me wrong… there’s no shame in defeat in a Championship contest from Rocky’s perspective. He was an underdog from the beginning. No one knew who he was and he took the Champion to the limit. But in the end, he lost. And from that loss, he got a franchise and became an iconic figure, one whose statue stands here outside of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.”

She looks up the steps.

Kayl: “Funny, isn’t it? How a movie can pledge such a sense of identity. Rocky isn’t about the loss, but the perseverance, the determination of spirit. The challenger who rises up and becomes a Champion.”

Brittany pauses, looking at the camera before she starts making her way up the steps.

Kayl: “A hero to the challenger. But I’m not the challenger. I’m the Apollo Creed here… the reigning, defending World Champion… one who’s reign had a cloud instantly cast over it by the very woman I pinned to get here. Remember: I PINNED Minerva to become World Champion, and instead of congratulating me, the first thing she said was that I couldn’t do it one on one. Aubrianna Powers? She saw the writing on the wall. She knew that at the end of the day, she wouldn’t be able to overcome me for this…”

She alludes to the belt, hugging it closer again.

Kayl: “But Minerva had to make an issue. She had to delegitimize my Championship win and, in effect, my entire reign. Well now she gets a chance to be Rocky in Philadelphia, the challenger against the World’s Champion… but this quest is going to end like all the others.”

As she approaches the top, Brittany holds the belt out.

Kayl: “With THIS remaining in MY hands.”

She steps to the top of the steps, turning around to look out over Philadelphia.”

Kayl: “This… this isn’t a movie. There’s no script. There’s no feel-good ending for the scrappy challenger. There’s only me. The GCW World Champion. And when the final bell is rung, the only words you’ll hear resonating as you shake the cobwebs from your head are affirmation that my reign, my entire raison d’etre, has been legitimate no matter WHAT you have to say…”

She smirks, lifting the belt out atop the steps, shouting out.

Kayl: “AND STILL!!”

Holding the belt, the camera circles Brittany. She lifts her chin up high, soaking in imagined applause as the scene fades.


Minerva, “The Gypsy Moth” is dressed in all Black, ready for her World Title Match in a few moments. The Mysterious Mr. Gunari stands next to her, she twirls a black rose in her hands, wearing her Third Eye top hat, leather jacket and glasses, which she takes off, glaring into the camera as she begins to speak…

“The winds of change have come upon us these last few weeks, in a country that has been divided for so long, the people pouring out in the streets celebrating what is to be exciting times and the chance to unify the nation as one. Every dreamer will tell you that is possible, every realists, never. The truth is we will always be at war, whether it be religion, race or political views, as I look upon those factors, the people who have spoken loud and clear do not have the platform the Superstars of the GCW have. On a night where Desperate Measures takes center stage, where the music, dancing, and joy of those who are ready to welcome a new era, I sit here personally wondering what the future has in store for Minerva. I have been saying this for a long time, the cream always rises to the top.

See, knowledge is power, it has been the foundation of principle and evidence, leading the truth behind all the lies, the facts lost within the opinions of so many who think they acknowledge with assumptions and substructure, a notion many fall into the trap. I realize how much I am liked, or more appropriately said, disliked here in the GCW. There are many who want to see me fail, a repeat over and over of the past Resurrection, where Minerva has suddenly become human and the days of dominance maybe over considering my struggles and lack thereof past successes. I grew up always caring less about the assessment of others, your judgment will never sway me here or there, there is nothing which can change my approach or how I go about things, nor will the disinformation or slander ever denounce my stance in the company and the Shotgun Brand. In other words, Brittany Kayl can’t twist the story or narrative to fit her when that is the one thing, she has always been good at, eventually though, when going to the well repeatedly, it will dry out. I am in a position right now that I have never been in the GCW. Dealing with the painful emotion of doubt. Building my reputation as one of the top stars in the business, an international wrestler who has traveled around every corner of the globe competing not just here, but other companies that have witnessed my climb, and yet GCW was my Holy Grail, the World Championship is the cup to sip and my past accomplishments are in question, to what extent? A filibuster of hopes and dreams trying to be shattered by the same men and women I have watched in time leave a broken mess as well from a match they thought would win? Not every night will be yours, and maybe I was a little overzealous, and allowed for the bitterness and rancor of one woman take victory away from me, but I could go back to Resurrection and say the same thing, as the Triple Threat should have favored me, leaving with my title in tow, reminding them all that I can indeed defeat ANYONE including Ms. Kayl and Ms. Powers.

I failed.”

Minerva rolls her eyes before taking a sweet smell from the scent of her rose…

“Did this deject me? Was my rose crumbling in front of my eyes and I would end up lost in the shuffle and sea of humanity known as the GCW Roster? That is a possibility, had I allowed it. It seems like Ms. Kayl suddenly has a chip on her shoulder, she has allowed the shine of the belt mesmerize her to the point she feels invincible and impenetrable. I heard her words on the October 21st edition of Shotgun, how she took offense of being the underdog in this match, even implicating that all my hard work could go to a waste in a feeble attempt of trying to save her Championship reign via a Disqualification or count out, that does sound fitting and a very DESPERATE MEASURE. The problem with you, Brittany is your ego cannot fathom the state you’re in, see, all you wanted was the PRAISE, the ADULATION, the ATTENTION of being a World Champion. All this talk about the long road to get there and how you earned it all was all talk, because the truth was, the spotlight was the one thing you yearned for when staying stagnant and stale in GCW for so long. The Sovereign is the reason I lost the World Title in the first place, do not confuse yourself with being the one who ended my hopes and dreams. Brittany Kayl was an opportunist and shame on me for having my back to you, but this narrative, this little story you’re trying to tell everyone that I was desperate for saying the truth, and in a non-title match I did defeat you whether it was a simple roll up or not, this time I will make sure that EVERYONE knows Minerva is the superior and there isn’t anything that will stop me from doing so. It is amazing how so many months, you have gone from lovable, underdog to annoying, wishy-washy, this title is MINE trope all for your “shine”. I know full well that a woman like you will do whatever it takes to hold the belt, and I will do whatever it takes to get it. My first reign was too short, Resurrection was your moment, I can’t take it from you, but it is that desperation to stay champion which will ultimately be your downfall, when I walk out as the World Champion for a second time. You pinned me, had your biggest win of your career against Minerva, and now I take it back and continue to be the star and enigma I am, and you can go back living on your last name and never amounting to the greatness Donovan was. It ends here, Brittany, the clock strikes midnight, and the carriage becomes a pumpkin again when I END your fairytale….

And Kill a Princess.”

Her icy blue eyes narrow as she bites down on her bottom lip…

“I will wipe that lipstick and saliva from the title with your bloody face, that you keep mocking me with…

As I make…

My Heaven into Your Hell.”

Minerva licks the rose before placing it on the floor. She then walks away with Mr. Gunari, the camera pans on the rose as she heads to the ring.


World Championship
Minerva vs Brittany Kayl (champion)

These two have fought so many times that the feeling out process wasn’t needed anymore.

Both women came out the gate swinging. The action spilled to the outside rather fast. Robert Downey was willing to give a little leeway considering the importance of the match. With both women outside for longer than a standard ten count, the crowd would not have liked it if the match was called by strictly down the book.

Brittany held her own on the outside against Minerva. Running her into the barricade. They fought through the crowd, both women brawled to a stand still. Once they got back to the ring, Minerva ran Britt back first into the ring apron (hardest part of the ring don’tcha know). The back body dropped Britt’s back on the announce table.

Once inside, Minerva’s primary offense focused on the back. A combination of ground and pound, mixed with technical wrestling. Added in a double knees while Brittany was facing stomach first on the turnbuckle. All targeted strikes. Brittany kept kicking out. Which worked fine for Minerva, she wanted to hurt Britt to reclaim her throne.

Britt did mount a comeback, stalling Minerva’s momentum when Minnie tried a splash from the top rope. The challenger missed. The World Champion took advantage. She increased the aggression. Dropped Minerva with Reality Bites twice in a row. But Minerva showed no real signs of slowing down.

A thumb to the eye ceased momentum. Minerva broke out the Seeds of Evil (Fishermans Buster). She went back to punishing the lower back. She even tried to make Britt tap with The Owl of Minerva. Britt managed to fight her way through the pain. This was shaping to be another barn burner.

After another Britt comeback/shift in momentum...

The match came down to Minerva charging at Brittany Kayl who was in the corner. At the last second, Brittany, to the surprise of many, pulled Robert Downey in front of her, using him as a shield to impede on Minerva’s path. With him out the way, Britt tried to connect with a forearm shot, which Minerva blocked. Pulled Britt out the corner, got her in position for the Tombstone piledriver (Princess Killer). Britt slid down Minerva’s back. She reached into her tights. Minerva turned around, Britt threw a quick punch, when she connected, the mist that Minerva had intended to spray Britt with shot all over the place. Britt can be seen putting her hands back into her tights. With the current referee out, Malcolm Stride rushed down to the ring to make the three out. Brittany Kayl retained.

Winner: And still World Champion, Brittany Kayl.

Mr. Gunari slid in the ring to protest the decision. Malcolm could be heard saying the decision is final. Once Brittany retreated to the entrance with her title in tow, she reached back into her tights, presented what was the cause of Minvera getting knocked for a loop. A pair of brass knuckles? Yes. Brittany Kayl used brass knucks. Not a trace of regret is written on her face, instead, she simply says “I am the Face of GCW” as she walks to the back. Minerva sat up, not thrilled with the way the match went down.


Backstage, Samuel Price stands in between Kendra Classic and Hannah Myers, AKA Wrestling's Most Wanted. Both Kendra and Hannah are dressed to compete and both are wearing determined looks upon their beautiful faces as Price starts the interview.

Sam: "Tonight, a ladder match will be used to fill the vacant GCW World Tag-Team Championship as two of the best in GCW, Scream Machine and Wrestling's Most Wanted finish their best of 5 series. I have to say girls, I was concerned as you both have been silent over social media, but tonight, you look more determined than I've ever seen you."

Hannah steps forward and Price leans the mic in her direction.

Hannah: "The social media silence thing was done purposely, Sammy. You saw Mara's piece on the last Shotgun."

Sam: "Of course."

Myers nods.

Hannah: "I don't know if she was playing mind games or if she is just that stupidly oblivious to the World around her...but I was fuming after seeing that thing. I'm going to say this now, Mara, just to set the record straight before Kennie and I kick your asses and take those titles for around our beautiful waists. Neither Kendra nor I were born with silver spoons in our mouths. Hell, my brother's life was documented pretty extensively in his past feds. Tim and I grew up poor. We weren't homeless, but we did miss meals sometimes. I ain't talking straight outta Compton, but we were closer to Compton than Beverley Hills, for sure. Tim went to college on a full athletics scholarship. I became a top selling swimsuit model. Long story short, we are both self-made millionaires. Self-made.

Secondly, you want to brag about Siouxie being trained under Cindy Todd? Yes, that's impressive. Do I get how impressive. Yup. Try this on for size, bitch. I trained under Tony Todd...the man who trained Cindy. You know...her dad. Sure you heard of him. This is all documented, public knowledge, Mara."

Hannah smirks smugly.

Hannah: "So, I stayed off of social media to avoid more mind games...although, I suspect Mara is just too wrapped up in herself. Anyhow, I'm kinda glad you grew up poor, Mara...because it should lessen the sting of the disappointment you will feel tonight when you and the bride of Chuckie walk out of here empty handed. Kennie and I should have lost the entire series a month ago and you should already have those belts, right? Well, you don't...and you won't. The GCW World Tag-Team titles...they belong right here."

Hannah winks, then walks off, leaving a speechless Sam Price standing with Kendra.

Kendra: “You see, Sammy, Wrestling’s Most Wanted, we ARE the tag team that Scream Machine WANTS to be. You hear it in their words. They want the paydays. They want the spotlight. They want the main events. They want to carry things on their shoulders. Well… Hannah and I? For us that’s old hat. We’ve been there. We’ve done that. And I know that fact drives Mara and Siouxsie MAD because they fancy themselves trailblazers. Well, ladies… the only trail you’re blazing down is the one WE forged for you.”

Kendra holds her hand out.

Kendra: “But we’re not looking for applause or thank yous. I know what Mara was doing… trying to control the narrative, cast us in a role that simply doesn’t belong to us. She wanted… no… NEEDED us to be these establishment types so they can maintain the delusion that they’re somehow rebelling against a system that cast them into the roles they’re in. Unfortunately for them we are every bit the tag team they claim to be. Tonight, with the Tag Team Championships hanging above the ring, it’s time for Wrestling’s Most Wanted to prove to Scream Machine and, truly, the world exactly what “MOST” means.”

Kendra smirks, following Hannah off as Samuel still cannot muster the words to follow-up. The scene shifts elsewhere.


We open backstage where we find Janice King, GCW’s only hall of fame journalist (and by god is she proud of that) standing by next to Mason Van Stanton. The slimy agent is looking noticeably uncomfortable, especially considering he got put through a table tonight.

Janice: Ladies and gentlemen I am Janice King, the ONLY hall of fame journalist in GCW history, and my guest at this time is Mason Van Stanton. But, Mr. Van Stanton, may I ask where are your clients Karen and Melanie McBride?

Mason: They’re busy. Too damn busy to talk to the likes of you. You want answers, talk to me.

Janice: Well, I was just wondering about your reaction to The McBride Corporation coming up short against The Rising Tide? I suppose The Fix wasn’t in tonight?

Mason growls angrily. He is about to respond but then, surprisingly, Julia Braddock steps into the scene. She is dressed in a little black dress complete with a black blazer. She is perched atop black patent leather high heel pumps.

Julia: Yeah, I guess the fix WASN’T in, was it Mason?

Mason: Not funny…

Julia: Oh I think it is really funny. Earlier you took credit for Hannah and Kendra becoming world tag team champions, me becoming heritage champion, and Destiny becoming world champion. But obviously it wasn’t you who did all the work, because had it been all you then Karen and Melanie would be champions tonight. Instead they’re losers, just like you. I only hope for their sake that they realize just what kind of loser you are and dump you.

Mason: Why I oughta…

Mason throws a punch but Julia blocks it and throws one of her own, connecting with Mason’s face and dropping him to the ground. Julia chuckles.

Julia: I always wanted to do that.

She turns and looks over at Janice who is shocked at all this.

Julia: Looks like your big scoop is on injured reserve. I can take his place if you want to interview someone.

Janice: Uh...sure...what do you…

Julia: What do I think about Desperate Measures? I mean, its the only logical question to ask since I’m not booked here tonight. I can honestly say it has been a hell of a show so far. Silverstone has put together a great card. But the one thing I’m most focused on is the GCW World Championship. And this should serve as a warning to our champion, because Julia Braddock is back, and I am taking no prisoners. And I will not stop until I get back to the top of the mountain. Only this time I am going to do it on my own, without slime like Van Stanton standing in my way. This time, when I become World Champion, there will be absolutely no questioning as to who is the best in GCW. Bring your best, take your best shot, and I will throw it all back at you in spades. And then I will take your championship and make it my own.

With that, Julia turns and walks off.


[The cameras cut to Gorilla shortly after. There lies Scream Machine as Mara is seen crouching, looking down at the ground. Siouxsie Blade is also seen pacing back and forth, not sporting the normal jovial expression. Samuel Price manages to sneak up on the both of them with a microphone.]

Samuel: Mara, Siouxsie, real quick I don’t mean to disturb you but you’re moments away from fighting Wrestling’s Most Wanted in the decisive match in your series for the Tag Team titles in a ladder. Match 5. Tied 2-2. Ladies, real quick, how are you feeling?

[Siouxsie stares at him. Mara remains crouched for a moment before she rises up and picks her head up. Her face matches Siouxsie’s. Total focus.]

Mara: I know you want a sound bite but there’s not much to say. You know how much we need Tag titles. And you know what we need to do. Five months of fighting Wrestling’s Most Wanted. Shit talk. Trade wins. Everyone knows the score.

[Mara looks at Samuel.]

Mara: We’re ready for war. And we’re ready to get those fucking titles.

[The crowd gives a mixed reaction as Mara slowly drifts away from the scene, leaving Siouxsie there with Samuel.]

Samuel: Siouxsie?

Siouxsie: I was talking to Charles earlier about our chances to become the Shotgun Tag Team Champions, and he said that we don;t stand one. That is right, Charles just told me that we suck and we are going to lose to Wrestling’s Most Wanted? That kinda hurt considering, and the thing is, Samuel, I still haven’t gnawed on Hannah Myers toes, this is quite disappointing. But tonight is not about that, it is about climbing the ladder and taking those titles down, it is about becoming a Tag Team Champion again after we were basically thrown out into the trash and forgotten thanks to the Rising Tide, but that time will come again, thing is that one lady brought us here and we can;t disappoint, you know?

Samuel: You are talking about Tabitha Silverstone?

[Siouxsie nods…]

Siouxsie: Yeah, that bitch. Anyways, Hannah and Kendra, we should have finished it off last time, we didn;t so now it is Sudden Death, and those tag team titles look really good around our waists, but what I do want to say is this, better yet, I will show you.

[Siouxsie slams Charles against the floor repeatedly screaming as Samuel backs up some, Siouxsie continues the assault on her Good Guy Doll before flinging it across the room. She turns back, a scowl over her face.]

Siouxsie: Charles and I had a disagreement, and I actually really like him. Imagine what Mara and I are going to do to those two cunts, tonight, Sammy!? We will climb the ladder rung by damn rung until we make it to the very top and when we do!? Scream Machine will be the NEW World Tag Team Champions. Sammy?

Samuel: Yes Siouxsie?

Siouxsie: What do we do?

Samuel: Uh….. refuse?

Siouxsie: Uh huh. What else?

Samuel: Resist?

Siouxsie: Yes, and?

Samuel: Reclaim?

[Siouxsie jumps up and down excited, clapping before stopping, her nose twitching, her eyebrow furrowed…]

Siouxsie: You forgot one.

Samuel: I…. I did?

Siouxsie: Tonight …… WE REGAIN.

[Siouxsie starts to laugh before flinging her long blonde hair with black streaks and heads out with Mara to their match.]


Best of 5
Ladder Match
Vacant World Tag Team Championships
Scream Machine vs Wrestling's Most Wanted.

Both teams stared at the World Tag Team Championships hanging above the ring. Once the moment settled in, Scream Machine and Wrestling’s Most Wanted immediately came to blows, safe to say there would be little in the way of technical wrestling in this all out war to decide who the tag team champions would be.

For the most part there was little reliance on weapons. Scream Machine and Wrestling’s Most Wanted were content to let their fist do the talking. You can’t have a ladder match without the ladder becoming a point of emphasis. At one point in the match, Sio took a small ladder to drive it into the knee of Hannah Myers. Hindering her movement slowly as the match progressed.

Wrestling’s Most Wanted did target the shoulder of Mara Kade. Rammed her shoulder into the ring post. Got in a steel chair show. The usage of the steel chair wasn’t excessive. In the ten minute mark Sio and Mara did try to climb a bigger ladder to claim the championships. As Mara inched closer, Sio stood guard. Kendra speared Sio into the ladder which forced Mara to fall down to the mat.

In another sequence, Kendra tried to secure the tag team titles only for Sio to perform an overhead belly to belly suplex that send Hannah into the ladder, hindering her ascent to the top.

The chairs were soon brought out. Two chairs were propped up facing each other. Hannah and Kendra performed an aided powerbomb on Mara through the chairs. Just as they thought they were free to ascend the ladder, Hannah turned around to be met by a chop block by Sio, hindering her further. Kendra and Sio brawled, keeping each other from climbing the ladder.

The turning point in the match was when Wrestling’s Most Wanted had a path to the championships, Scream Machine were on the outside. Looked like WMW would walk away with championships in hand. Digging deeper than they have ever digged before, Scream Machine pushed the ladder, both of WMW didn’t fall inside the ring, they fell outside the ring through tables that were set up at an earlier juncture. With the path clear, it was time to pull the championships down.

Best of Five over.

Winners: And New World Tag Team Champions, SCREAM MACHINE.

The fans erupted in boos, they were pulling for WMW the whole time. That reaction subsided. A slow round of applause mixed in with the boos. The fans appreciated the hard work put in throughout the series.

As they left ringside, Hannah crawled over to Kendra. Both women consoled each other.

Everyone in the arena gave them a standing ovation. They nodded in appreciation as the scene faded.


[Roderick Osborn stands alongside Travis Vessey backstage. The crowd cheers when they see Travis' face. He is decked out in his full ring gear with his entrance jacket on his body. He's seen pacing a little as Obsorn brings the microphone up to his lips.]

Roderick Osborn: Roderick Osborn here with Travis Vessey. Travis, tonight you are competing against Lenore Mason for the Global Championship. You had a choice between long time rival Isabella Harker and Lenore Mason and you ended up picking Lenore. Now, she beat you for the Global Championship last year and you're on record in saying that between her and Harker, she is the better wrestler. With all that being said, what are your thoughts going into this match? What is your mindset?

[Travis glares at Roderick before he begins.]

Travis: You know I had to do a lot to win the Global title last year. I had to overcome my failure at Resurrection. I had to overcome my feelings of disappointment. And as you and everyone knows, I'm not someone who wears his emotions on his sleeves. But what I felt couldn't be bottled up and that's what everyone saw. Everyone saw the grind and the hustle that i had to win back that championship. I needed that to prove that the first World title win six years ago wasn't a fluke and I was a better wrestler, a better man than the young punk that won the title in 2014.

[He looks away.]

Travis: Last year was about validation and getting back to being the top dog of this company. This year? This title? This is for my legacy. I want to build my case as the face of this company, the best wrestler this company has to offer and to be the greatest wrestler GCW has ever seen. Lenore, I've spent the last year working to get back to you. You beat me fair and square last year and you were the better wrestler that night. And so this entire year, I've been working on getting back to this point. I've learned new moves. I've changed my style. I've wrestled and beat one of the best wrestlers ever in Chantelle Chambers. Andrew Raynes tried to stop my grind to get back to here and tried to screw me. And as everyone saw, I handled him and Dustin Adams like I always handle business.

[Travis nods.]

Travis: Lenore, in this same year, you've gone from strength to strength as a wrestler, a champion, etc. You made a real power move, convincing Harker to throw away her morals to join you and HERstory Makers. The game reveals people's true colors. You think of yourself as the best and it might be hard for anyone to argue that. But I chose you for a reason. I chose to fight you for that title. You beat me for it last year so naturally I want a rematch and avenge that loss. Of course. But you are the better wrestler between you and Harker and if I'm going to win my title back. I want to beat the best. Because I want everyone in the back, in the crowd, in the whole world to know that Travis Vessey is the best!

[The crowd cheers as Travis' eyes looked locked in.]

Travis: So Lenore, you might think you're born for this and that you can handle being the champ. But you haven't faced this Travis Vessey. I'm a better wrestler. I'm a Hall of Famer. I have more tools in my bag now. And you are going to be in the fight for your life because I've sent this entire year doing everything to get back to this point. And as everyone knows what I'm about. I don't cheat the game. I don't take shortcuts like Harker did. I play this game hard and fierce. Whatever it takes, Lenore. Whatever I have to do. Whatever I have to do to become three time Global Champion I will do. By any means.

[Travis then walks off the screen as the crowd cheers.]


Backstage we find Jessica Lasiewicz and Summer Collins watching the events of the night on a television monitor. They are both dressed casually; well, Jessica is casual, but Summer in typical rich heiress fashion is dressed to the nines. Neither are scheduled to compete but they are here to scout the competition and watch the Livewire Brand matches. Summer is enjoying some wine while watching the monitor but notices that her partner, Jessica, is glaring intensely ahead, almost past the monitor. Summer furrows her brow.

Summer: I know that look. What’s wrong?

Jessica: Hmmm?

Summer: You look like you’re going to kill someone. What’s wrong?

The Archangel sighs.

Jessica: We were an integral part of the force that rebuilt Global Championship Wrestling in 2012. Individually we are both formidable and together we are unstoppable. All we need is one shot, one opportunity, and we can claim gold. Yet here we are sitting on the sidelines watching others compete.

Summer: We’re not the only ones sitting on the sidelines.

Jessica: I know, but some of them should be sitting on the sidelines. Us? Whether you call us Fame & Fortune or you call us Fabulous, we are the most dominant tag team in GCW. Yet we’re not being given our just dues.

Collins nods her head.

Summer: You sound like Harker on Livewire.

Jessica: Harker? Seriously?

Summer: Yes. And she made some sense…

The Archangel rolls her eyes.

Jessica: You’re not being serious, are you?

Summer: She’s right, we are better than what others give us credit for. We are being disrespected, I think.

Jessica: Yes and Harker’s pals disrespected you. I wasn’t exactly a fan of that.

Summer: Neither am I, and they are damn sure wrong about me. But they were right about one thing, women were at the forefront of GCW’s resurrection, not men. And specifically, these two women right here, you and me, we were at the forefront of GCW’s resurrection. It’s something worth thinking about at least.

Lasiewicz frowns.

Jessica: pomyślimy o tym jutro

Summer: You know I don’t speak Polish, Jess.

The Archangel rolls her eyes.

Jessica: Dobranoc...


Lenore Price Mason in her black and gold wrestling gear along with Isabella Harker, puts on the finishing touches on her ring gear, Isabella holding the GCW Global Championship when the beautiful Lenore looks over at her and smiles….

Isabella: “Tag, you’re it.”

Lenore: “Yes, it is my turn now to defend our Championship and while Travis Vessey and I have had a lot of history, you know better than anyone that I have this under control. I admire his tenacity and guile, a man that definitely deserves his Hall of Fame status. I am not looking past him, the last time I defended this belt on a PPV, let’s just say I was humiliated, that will not be the case tonight.”

Isabella: “We both know that and I see nothing but a victory for the HERstory Makers and the chance to walk out as the Global Champions again and finish 2020 as the greatest Champions of all time.”

Lenore: “This is why you are a part of this, sister. The chance to make HERstory with us, and take over Livewire….”

Lenore turns to the camera…

Lenore: “Do you hear that Travis? It doesn’t matter what we did from the very beginning, from the Elimination Chamber when I entered first to the night we faced one another at the New Year’s Show, the fact always remained that I was going to be destined to the Global Championship, not you nor Andrew Raynes who is the reason why the title belongs to the both of us will stop it. Ever since Resurrection, I have had to look deep within myself and be extremely patient, I have had to deal with red tap, patiently waiting to get my chance at the gold I never really lost, constantly reminded of the lesser who held my title and pranced around, listening to them speak for months on end, do you even know how that feels? Probably not. Travis, I have always looked upon you as the pinnacle of this brand and arguably the entire GCW, you are a champion, you are one of the very best, but you are not Lenore Price Mason.”

Arching an eyebrow, Isabella smirks as Lenore brushes her hair back some and continues to speak….

Lenore: “We are the Main Event at Desperate Measures. We close out the show because we are at the top of this company, not Minerva and Kayl, no one but US, do you know why? Because I hold this title, not some feel good Christmas Hallmark movie script like Kayl. Travis, this is your legacy, the chance for you to put the cherry on top of the Vessey sundae, stamping your career and letting everyone know that you are truly the Global Champion. See, though, we have something to say about it, we have no qualms whatsoever when it comes proving you wrong, for I said the moment I walked into this company that I would indeed take over, not just me per say, oh no but the women that followed me. Look at what is going on in the world now, Travis?”

The blonde Champion smiles…

Lenore: “Change. Isn’t that what this is all about? Out with the old, in with the new? Our country now has a woman in power, our nation has decided to turn the other cheek and fight against the misogynistic tropes we have felt the last four years, the GCW is no different. Now you will look upon us and decide once and for all if you have already peaked. My name is Lenore Price Mason, the Global Champion along with Isabella Harker, and I didn’t come here to fail once again on the grand stage with this title, oh no. I have come to show the world that we are truly the ONLY force along with Ms. Budde capable of making HERstory while lying your legacy to rest in history.”

Spreading her arms out, Isabella straps the Global Championship around her muscular waist….

Lenore: “We have had our challenges, fought to the bitter end, stood up and waved our battle flag and no one wanted to pay attention. Now, they are. Travis Vessey, you represent what GCW and its foundations are all about. So now, I will show you why the HERstory Makers came here for one purpose and tonight, we revel in it. GLOBAL DOMINATION. Welcome to your Devolution.”

She doesn’t say another word, as Isabella starts to chuckle some as Lenore with a sheepish yet intense look on her face glares into the camera before heading to the ring.


Global Championship Match
Travis Vessey vs Lenore Price-Mason (co-champion)

[This didn’t start off well for Vessey. As he was making his entrance Vessey was blindsided by Andrew Raynes. Andrew shoves him knees first into the steel steps. Andrew with The Xklamation Point on the outside. Andrew rolls him back into the ring and then with a chair blasts him in the knees again. Raynes with another The Xklamation Point. Raynes gets in his face and is heard shouting “I AM THE ONE WHO IS GOING TO OVERCOME HERSTORY MAKERS! NOT YOU!” Finally officials get Raynes to make an exit. Meanwhile the champion Lenore makes her way to the ring.

The referee asks Vessey if he really wants to go through with this but Vessey insists on fighting, despite the attack. Lenore has no qualms taking advantage, first with a chop block to the injure leg and then a leg grapevine. Lenore with a single leg crab. Lenore then with Quick Buck for a cover looking to put him away but he kicks out. Lenore with a figure eight. Vessey is in agonizing pain and the referee considers ending it for his own good but Vessey tells him no. Lenore drags Vessey out to the center and goes to reapply the figure eight but as she tries to spin around Vessey kicks her in the but and sends her shoulder first into the steel turnbuckle. Vessey rolls to the ropes and uses them to pull himself up. Lenore charges in and Vessey catches her with a spine buster. Vessey with a snap suplex and a ddt. Vessey locks in an arm bar. Lenore eventually reaches the ropes. Vessey locks in an ankle lock. Again Lenore eventually reaches the ropes. Vessey goes for a German suplex with a bridge but his leg gives away and he cannot keep the bridge allowing Lenore to easily kick out. Vessey with a snap tiger suplex but his leg is still hurting! He slowly pulls Lenore up and goes for Lethal Weapon but Lenore avoids contact and comes back with Liquidator! Lenore drags Vessey to the steel turnbuckle and locks in a figure four on the ringpost. She hangs on until the count of four and a half before breaking. Lenore with the Stock Market Crash. The cover and a near fall. Lenore goes for a figure four but Vessey counters with a small package and nearly picks up the pin. Lenore measures him for another Liquidator but Vessey ducks and then catches her with Lethal Weapon! Vessey collapses on the mat holding his leg, unable to make the pin immediately! He finally rolls over into the cover but due to the delay in the cover Lenore is able to kick out! Vessey goes Lethal Weapon again but this time counters with a Devolution OUT OF NOWHERE! The cover...1...2...3!]
WINNER and STILL GCW Global Champion: Lenore Price-Mason
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