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END OF YEAR BASH - December 29, 2020 (PNC Arena, Raleigh, NC)

Pulling up outside of PNC Arena in Raleigh, North Carolina there is a long, white limousine. It stops, and the driver comes around and opens the back door. Stepping outside of the limo with a huge grin on his face while dressed in a white suit, just as white as the limo itself and a gold belt around his waist is the GCW World Champion Kellen Jeffries. Coming out to meet him and hopefully get an interview with the champ is Dexter Russel.

Dexter: “Kellen Jeffries The GCW World Championship is not on the line tonight, so what are you going to be doing?”

Kellen smirks beneath black sunglasses and puts his arm around Dexter, who looks clearly like he wants to back away but doesn't.

Kellen: “Dexter Russel my good man, first off you need to address me properly.”

Dexter: “Alright?”

Kellen: “I am the GCW World F'n Champion and I am going to make sure that you or anybody else is ever going to forget it.”

Dexter: “And just so we are clear here, no matter how bad you might want me to, I am never going to call you that.”

Kellen feints like he is about to attack Dexter, but Dexter doesn’t even flinch.

Dexter: “Nope, still not calling you that.”

Kellen: “Fine, whatever. Look, no, the people of the somewhat underwhelming city of Raleigh, North Carolina will not enjoy the privilege of watch their GCW World F’n Champion in the ring tonight which I am certain will leave them very disappointed, but there is going to be a very big match to decide who is going to lose to me next for this beauty…”

To the delight of probably everyone watching at home, Dexter interrupts Kellen.

Dexter: “Actually, I wasn’t aware that you have ever gotten to put the title on the line against anyone, which also means that no one has ever lost to you for the title.”

Kellen: “Well, everyone who tries is going to start losing to me so enough, starting with one of those three women in tonight’s main event.”

Dexter: “And what about those three women now that you mention it, Brooklyn Smith, Chantelle Chambers, or Aubrianna Powers, do you have a preference as to who you would like to see win that match and become the number one contender to your championship?

Another smirk from Kellen.

Kellen: “Makes no difference to me, they will all take their turn at losing to me anyhow, so why should it matter to me which one of them gets to lose to me first? Let me tell you Dexter Russel, it doesn’t.”

Dexter: “Alright, is there anything else you have to say tonight?”

Taking his sunglasses off for a moment, Kellen looks suddenly serious as he peers into the camera.

Kellen: “Yes. I looked at the card tonight and let me just say, the only way that Jeffrey Alexander has ever been attractive is when his face was getting pounded by fist!”

Kellen walks off and we head inside for the show.


[The sound of static can be heard and seen on the screen.]


[The static goes away. It's then replaced by M.A.E.V.E, staring directly at the camera. She's dressed in her ring gear and nothing else. The background reveals itself more, showing Akeem the Supreme and Savino up in the nosebleeds of the arena. Savino is sporting a black and yellow Kowloon t-shirt, black shorts with tights underneath. Akeem wears a black and yellow bomber jacket with black designer jeans and a pair of shades on his face. M.A.E.V.E's eyes never drift away from the camera.]

Savino: I don't know what you thought we were Soviet Gingers but let me tell you this. We're not what you think we are. Everyone has to have a code. Kowloon is no different. No handouts, no shortcuts. All clean. We don't step in any of our matches. We don't need to. We're all trained assassins here.

Akeem: You can't run with us if you're not a trained killer.

Savino: Honor among thieves. And we are thieves despite this talk about honor and living up to the code. But we're not cheating anyone or taking anything from people behind their backs. We're taking their spots and their opportunities away from them. Every single one of us has a goal and each one of us is gunning for whatever that is. Iron sharpens iron and Kowloon sharpens one another. That is our DNA.

[M.A.E.V.E continues to look at the camera.]

Savino: Few weeks ago the Soviet Gingers, you had the wrong idea about us. M.A.E.V.E. was doing what she does best, applying pressure to you Karina. Two types of people. People who feel pressure and people who apply pleasure. She is the latter. Anastasia, you saw it. You knew what was going on and so you jumped in.

Mistake number one..

[Savino holds up one finger.]

Savino: you grabbed a steel chair and swung for the fences. You cracked her good in the back. Mistake number two.

[He holds up a second finger.]

Savino: And when i came down t the ring as you two were jumping her, letting you know we're not who you think we are. Two weeks later, in my match with you Antastisa, Karina jumps in again. Mistake number 3.

[Savino holds up the third finger.]

Savino: Three strikes and you're out. You have no honor, no code and nothing to stand for. I cant respect anyone who doesn't live up to a code. Most importantly..the moment you two decided to jump M.A.E.V.E, this became war. It may not seem like it. I'm not raising my voice or threatening to end your careers. We don't do that. But we do hand out receipts. And whenever someone starts something with us? Best believe we do finish. We always finish. So now you need to learn this lesson.

[He pauses.]

Savino: You two need to know what we'll do when you mess with one of us. Don't back out now. You wanted this. You brought this to your doorstep. Now you have to stand on your two feet, look us eye to eye and fight like hell. But it's too late. What y'all don't know is that the moment you jumped M.A.E.V.E, this was already a wrap. We're trained killers. What she say? She a killer with no gun. And when Vino around, all that bullshit gets shut down. There won't be no jumping, no chair shots. You want to gang up on someone? Do it tonight.

[Savino looks on.]

Savino: You may not have gotten a fine or suspended for what you did but there are consequences in this game, Soviet Gingers. Me and M.A.E.V.E are your judge and jury. There's no second guessing. You're guilty. Ain't no such thing as half way crooks and there ain't no such thing as mercy for us. You get none.. Tonight, you two walk down the aisle, when you step into that ring, you won't just see your judge and jury. You're standing in the ring with your executioners. We don't need chairs to do it. We just need our bare hands.

No words, Soviet Gingers. Just fist.

Spread the word. Vino coming. M.A.E.V.E. coming. Kowloon's coming.



Kowloon (Savino & M.A.E.V.E) Vs The Soviet Gingers

Kowloon were in no mood for The Soviet Gingers games today. From the onset Savino and M.A.E.V.E. Took the right to Anatasia and Karina. Knowing The Soviets like we do, they were enjoying the fight that was brought their way. The former tag team champions did manage to weather the storm. They focused on isolating Savino. The Soviets were in savage mode, the fun and games were over. Once M.A.E.V.E was tagged in, the party stopped for The Soviets. They were unable to get the momentum back.

M.A.E.V.E locked in TWAT Waffle on Anatasia. Savino kept Karina from getting involved.

Anatasia didn’t scream, she giggled as the pain became too much. She passed out.

Winners: Kowloon.

Karina checked in on Anatasia. Kowloon left the ring hoping they put The Soviet Gingers behind them.


We open backstage where we find GCW journalist Samuel Price. Standing next to him in a cream colored white pencil skirt, matching business suit coat, and a black silk blouse with matching patent leather high heel pumps is the beautiful blonde haired “Kensington Knockout” Julia Braddock. Julia does not appear to be in as good a mood as she has been as of late. This is more than likely due to the assault from Clyde Sutter on Shotgun. Samuel Price will try to get to the bottom of whatever it is…

Price: Ladies and gentlemen I am Samuel Price, here with my guest at this time “The Kensington Knockout” Julia Braddock. Thank you for joining me, Julia.

Julia: My pleasure, Sam.

Price: Obviously the talk of the locker room has been the arrival of Clyde Sutter to Global Championship Wrestling. According to General Manager Tabitha Silverstone, Mr. Sutter is not a contracted wrestler but is working directly for Mason Van Stanton himself as his manager.

Braddock sighs.

Julia: Right, and that is the loophole Mason needed to bring Sutter into GCW. He knew that there was no way my sister would have allowed Tabitha or Francis to sign him to a contract so he exploited a loophole. That’s what Mason is good at though, isn’t it? Exploiting people and loopholes.

Price: So Glory Braddock was blackballing him from GCW?

Julia: I won’t deny it and neither will Glory but she was keeping him out for good reasons. Clyde Sutter is a bully, nothing more and nothing less. He was kicked out of wrestling school for being too violent, too vicious; he would beat up other students just for fun. And that’s all that I CAN tell you, all that’s confirmed. I know of other things on his ledger that I could talk about but I won’t because there’s no evidence. Point is that the man is trouble. And Mason Van Stanton, just to stick it to me and my family, has found a way to bring him to GCW.

Price: Why do you think he decided to pick a fight with you, Hannah, and Kendra?

Braddock chuckles.

Julia: Isn’t it obvious? Actually, I apologize. It may not be obvious. It is obvious to me because I know him. I’ve been with him a long time and I know how his mind operates. He cannot accept failure. He saw me picking up the pieces of my life, putting everything back together again, and putting myself back on the right track and he couldn’t stand that I did all of it without him. He saw Hannah and Kendra kicking ass in the tag division without him, he saw Wrestling’s Most Wanted come within an eyelash of becoming World Tag Team Champions without his help, and he couldn’t stand it. He wants the world to believe that our success was all his doing. So he wanted to use his new girls, The McBride Corporation, and now his attack dog Clyde Sutter, to try and put us down.

She shakes her head.

Julia: But it isn’t going to work. Hannah and Kendra are too tough to stay down. And me? I know I won’t die that easily. I will fight by their side again if they want me.

Price: You may have to fight by their side again if Mason chooses to continue this war. Are you prepared to reunite with Hannah and Kendra?

Julia: I’m always prepared to fight with Hannah and Kendra. I respect them. I know I burned some bridges as Chastity Noel but I am prepared to do what I can to repair those bridges. Besides, we have a common enemy in Mason Van Stanton. As far as Van Stanton goes, a war with him isn’t enviable because like I said, I know how he operates and I know how ruthless he can be. If it’s a war he wants then I will fight. But I won’t lie, fighting this war will force me to relive some of my demons of the past. But I have conquered those demons once before and damn it I will conquer them again.

Braddock finally smiles, confidently.

Julia: I do want to move on from my past but I cannot move on from it until I have conquered it. Unfortunately I have just been trying to ignore my past. Now that past is rearing its ugly head. But hopefully with Hannah and Kendra by my side, together we can put an end to this once and for all, we can all get our payback against Mason Van Stanton for how he wronged us, and then I will move on. I will put Van Stanton and his ilk in the rear view mirror and look forward to the new year and Civil War. Because 2021 is going to be the year of Julia Braddock, and Mason won’t stop that. I will move past Mason, I will win Civil War, and I will move on to Resurrection to become the GCW World Champion.



We open in a luxurious bedroom. It is a place fit for royalty itself to slumber, with comfortable carpeting, a king sized bed, and a multitude of expensive artwork lining the walls and luxurious furniture decorating this room. A championship belt is lying on the king size bed. Some noise, probably movement, gets the attention of our camera which pans over and catches the sight of the backside of a brown haired woman just as she is stepping into a tight dark green dress. She pulls it on and sets it in place and stands up on black patent leather high heel pumps. Just then a knocking is heard…

Summer: Come in!

Collins grins from ear to ear as she turns and opens her arms wide in time greet the visitor, her best friend, “The Archangel” Jessica Lasiewicz, with a tight sisterly embrace. The Archangel is wearing a sleeveless black top, black knee length skirt, black stockings, and black open toed high heeled sandals. Her MWE World Tag Team Championship belt is draped over her right shoulder. Summer hands the visitor a drink.

Summer: May I interest you in a drink?

Jessica: Of course, especially since we have so much to celebrate…

Jessica nods to her title belt. Summer chuckles as she walks over and picks up her MWE World Tag Team Title belt from the bed.

Summer: Indeed we do. We started this year as GCW World Tag Team Champions, and we had a bit of hiccup, just as everyone and everything else did in this crazy, chaotic year, but just as we always do we bounced back and we are ending this year the way we champions.

Jessica: That’s right. You and me haven’t always gotten along, but that’s what makes us great in a unique way. We are different, but we complete one another. You can do things I cannot, and I can do things you cannot, and while we are both formidable, together we are an unbeatable force in tag team wrestling. We have proven that time and time again. And while this is nice, it isn’t what we want.

The Archangel shakes her head.

Jessica: We want the world to recognize us as the best tag team in professional wrestling. And that is especially important here in Global Championship Wrestling where we built this tag team division. But now we have pretenders to our throne holding OUR tag team championship, claiming to be the best?

Summer: In their dreams...and that is more than just a catchphrase, Jess and I mean it. Because if Rising Tide truly believes that they are the best then they truly are living in a dream land. Hugo, Bash, you are only the champions because you haven’t defended against Fabulous. But that’s going to change because Rising Tide versus Fabulous is the match everyone wants to see. It is the match that the fans of GCW are demanding. It’s simply best for business, I am certain Silverstone will want to see us clash.

Jessica: So you can have your pissing contest with Scream Machine but know that when you and Scream Machine are finished with your business, me and Summer will be waiting. We will be ready to give the world what they want and to take what we deserve. We will be GCW Global Tag Team Champions and add to our collection of gold.

Collins smirks.

Summer: That’s our new year’s resolution, boys. Our goal for 2021 is to be covered in gold and to make the GCW tag team division FABULOUS…


Special Attraction Match:
Jeffrey Alexander vs Aia

The early part of the match started as a feeling out process. Neither competitor wishes to give an inch to the other. Aia did catch Jeff with a couple of knife edge chops. He turned the favor in kind. She absorbed the sting of the chops. The pace picked up a bit, normally that would favor Jeff, Aia was small and a tad quicker. Overseas she is used to working a more brawling style, despite being the quicker of the two, her offense wasn’t as effective. Jeff did manage to negate her speed with a stiff clothesline. An early attempt at a pin resulted in a one count.

She did manage to catch Jeff, drop toe holding him on the middle turnbuckle. Followed by a double stomp on the small of his back. She rolled him out on the ring apron to which she climbed the ropes. Was able to connect with a Reverse Facing Diving Senton. Once she was able to get him back in the ring she was able to net a two count.

She kept him grounded at long as she could. There was a sequence where he sat up, she bounded off the rope looking to connect with a big boot, he rolled out the way, was able to roll her up, his attention wasn’t to pin her, he transitioned that into picking her up off the mat and dropping her down to the mat with a powerbomb.

The match concluded when Jeffrey Alexander made his way to the top rope. He was prepared to fly. Cash got on the ring apron temporarily gaining Jeff’s attention. From out of nowhere Kellen snuck up from behind, clipped Jeff’s leg, sending him crashing down to the match. Aia recovered from the spinebuster, and noticed Jeff was in a vulnerable state. Cash got off the apron in time for the referee to turn around to Aia locking Jeff in a mouse trap style pinning combination for the one-two-three.

Winner: Aia.

Cash slid in the ring to celebrate with his client. Kellen was tempted to slide in the ring to beat up Jeff. For now he was content. He waited for Jeff to look his way. Kellen hoisted his World Championship in the air, smirking. Jeff glared daggers at him. Kellen went back through the crowd. Jeff rolled out the ring to give Aia the stage. He clapped on as Aia and Cash celebrated as things faded to black.


“You’d think people would have learned to listen to me by now?”

The camera fades in to the backstage area. We see that the individual speaking was none other than Mason Van Stanton. The sleazy con man and pro-wrestling agent is flanked with Karen and Melanie McBride behind him. To his right stands the imposing and intimidating Clyde Sutter.

Mason: I told you that I would take Julia Braddock and I would mold her into the absolute best version of herself. No one believed me but I said the fix was in. Guess what happened? I won control of her contract, and then I slowly molded her into the person she needed to be in order to be a success. I led her to the GCW Heritage Championship. I said that Hannah and Kendra would become World Tag Team Champions, I said the fix was in. Guess what? They become champions under my watch. I made them into the best versions of themselves. I told everyone that I would be running this show. No one believed me when I said that the fix was in but guess what? I led Destiny, Julia, Hannah, and Kendra to completely take over Global Championship Wrestling. We held all the gold and even had my gullible brother in my back pocket to ensure we could do anything we wanted. Just like I said, the fix was in, having conned my brother into doing what I wanted, that was the fix. The Fix was in.

He snickers nastily.

Mason: My genius, my brilliance, that was the driving force behind The Fix. I led all of you to greatness. And I am ready to prove it, that’s why I took Karen McBride and Melanie McBride under my wing. They appreciate what I can do for them. I already led them to a Global Tag Team Title match. Sure, we didn’t get the job done, but that doesn’t mean it’s over. The McBride Corporation WILL be your new Global Tag Team Champions eventually, because The Fix is in. I can take anyone and make another fix. I can make them better than you three ever were and I will. But Hannah and Kendra, you’ve just annoyed me. That’s all you did. Hannah and Kendra, you poked a mean bear with a sharp stick. That’s what you did. You wanted a fight and you got one. You paid for your crimes and as far as I’m concerned I’m done with you. Just take a hint and back away. Take a hint, admit that I was the one who led you to greatness, and do not involve yourself in my affairs again. Otherwise what happens to Julia Braddock will be your fate as well.

He sneers.

Mason: Julia Braddock, you want to move on from me? This ends when I say it ends. And you will not be finished with me until I have completely and utterly ruined you. And as stubborn as you are I know you will try to strike at me.

He points to Sutter.

Mason: That’s why I brought him along. It isn’t just psychological warfare against your family but he is muscle. He is to make sure that you cannot do me any physical harm, because if you so much as lay a finger on me then Mr. Sutter will tear your damn head off. And that goes for anyone on the GCW Roster who tries to assault me. Isn’t that right, Mr. Sutter?

Sutter: Hurting people is what I was born to do. It’s all I know. I survived on the streets by hurting other people and now? Now I get paid to do it. I am The Assassin and if you try to get in my way or in the way of Mason Van Stanton, then I will also be your judge, your jury, and your god damn executioner.

Van Stanton smirks.

Mason: You see, I always hold the cards, and that’s why a war against me is unwise. Hannah, Kendra, just let me destroy Julia Braddock. You keep out of my business or Mr. Sutter will be your judge, jury, and executioner. As for Julia, well you can try to redeem yourself, you can try and pick up the pieces of your life, but I am going to always be there to remind you of who you really are and to remind the world of who you really are. I am going to run your reputation into the ground, I am going to humiliate you, and then when the time is right, I will end you. And yes, that threat goes for Wrestling’s Most Wanted. I can humble the pair of you and end you whenever I damn well please, but my one peace offering is to stay out of this. Otherwise, you pay the price. Just remember, the fix is in.



Princess Nava Farrin, in her gold and black wrestling gear, long lavish ring robe, is sitting on her makeshift throne while her maidens tend to her hands, nails polished white her long wavy brunette hair hangs down. Trevor Cash was seen earlier explaining a few things to her, she was signing papers, to bring him on board as a manager and adviser. Jhanvi and the Punjabi War Party stand to the side as she points at the camera man brought in to record her words. Jhanvi instructs him to get the right angles before she continues and starts to record…

Princess Nava: I should be in the International Championship match, and what Tabitha Silverstone did was pull the wool over my eyes. Everyone knows that peon, Alan Monroe cost me the title, Kelsai Adamson-Mason then gave the title back knowing she cheated to win, because I had her beaten, I would be champion right now, but of course this is the way GCW operates, like your United States Government, so corrupt the man who lost is trying to undermine the democracy, and you wonder why I have no faith in the system here, as Tabitha pretty much doesn’t pay attention to the facts, she instead goes with her opinion, she is obviously Republican and a typical crooked American who doesn’t like foreigners like me, would rather see the Princess working at the local 7-Eleven cleaning the Slurpee Machines, but that has always been you idiots, the peons of this country who believe in stereotypes and are so scared to be passed by more intelligent and thriving societies like the one I come from. Hasn’t this been the trope for me since I entered the GCW? Where are my Global and World Title opportunities, instead she praises a guy who cashed in and has been breaking the rules throughout his tenure, unlike me who actually gave Kelsai a fighting chance. No, for the past year part of it I was sitting at home refusing to wrestle under her rules for putting me in embarrassing and humiliating situations when I am FUCKING ROYALTY!

Jhanvi’s eyes widen some, as Nava takes a moment to collect herself….

Princess Nava: But no, she has wasted my talent and when Pete Floyd brought me over to Livewire, he promised me the world and then bailed? Again, typical fabric of American life, never follow through, always escaping and quitting, what a fucking joke. See, I have picked up on your bad habits, using slur and cursing words as it seems like that is all you people understand to get a little bit of attention around here, because I am the UNCROWNED International Champion but because I made a challenge, to some overweight buxom blonde in Mara Kade, suddenly I am now watching the guy who cost me the belt get his chance along with Kelsai and Ms. Budde who was practically left bleeding and unconscious by Andrew Raynes, because we reward failure. Mara Kade is the epitome of the American Culture, this is the reason that I chose to face her to end this shitty 2020 year because 2021 WILL BE THE YEAR OF THE PRINCESS. See, I didn’t forget that Mara Kade eliminated me from the Civil War Match in 2019 which would led me to Main Event Resurrection, ever since then I have wanted that fat bitch in the ring one on one, but let us get one thing perfect clear, this is not a match for me to get some simple revenge on a peon that I know is less talented than me, oh no, this is about something greater, a message to the Livewire AND Shotgun brand, that I AM the premiere Athlete in the GCW and you will have NO CHOICE after I defeat a champion to recognize that especially you, Tabitha.

Yanking her hands from the Maiden’s, Nava stands up, brushing her hair back some, glaring into the camera, as Trevor Cash whispers something in her ear, she nods, and looks back….

Princess Nava: I have been a comedy routine and act for almost two years here, and I have been given nothing, instead I have been another face in the crowd waiting for my chance to show the world exactly what I am all about. American’s are the reason why I have been held down, you are so afraid of seeing a beautiful Indian girl surpass all of you, can’t stand to see a little diversity in the GCW because all of your champions are what? Yes, your typical Anglo-Saxon, like you Mara Kade. See, Mara you’re nothing special, talented sure, great in the ring with Siouxsie Blade, trashy and foul mouthed, disrespectful and immature, but nonetheless you are one of the best on Shotgun, but now you are facing me one on one, there is no Blade to save your fat ass, there is no partner to tag, I NEVER needed the Punjabi War Party or Jhanvi to win matches for me, I never needed them to tag out and save me from anything, I have done it all on my own and for the longest time, I have waited for the moment I can beat someone in a statement match, a peon like you and tell the world that Princess Nava Farrin has finally arrived. Mara, you and I had our little spat on Twitter, and I told you then, I will cave your skull in with my own because NO ONE gets up from the Ashoka Chopra. You want to act tough and give me a free shot, good, I can go and get a pedicure and spa treatment to wash out my feet after I make you kiss them in obedience to your superior. You’re going to bend the knee bitch and pay your respects to the Princess and the ONLY REAL Royalty in the GCW. What is it Scream Machine always says? Oh yes, Refuse, Resist, Reclaim? No, only one word will describe what happens tonight….. Resolve. When Princess Nava Farrin uses you to remind this company and the woman in charge that 2021? Everything changes and I will BE the Global Champion.

Princess Nava turns to War Party and Jhanvi, knowing that she is about to go at it alone…

Princess Nava: No one comes out, you stay here.

Jhanvi: Yes Princess.

The Princess glances over at Trevor who nods, before grabbing her things with a smirk on her face and walking out


Livewire vs Shotgun
Princess Nava Farrin vs Mara Kade

- per the agreement of both parties, their respective allies are barred from ringside

No Sio. No War Party. Just two women with a score to settle that goes back to sometime last year.

Mara couldn’t resist talking trash as the bell rang. She pushed Nava, attempting to assert her position. This was met with a firm slap by the Princess. Mara clapped then smacked Princess back. Nava looked appalled Mara would resort to such an action. When Nava tried to slap Mara, Mara caught her hand. Shoved it away. Patted Nava on the head to which Nava responded with a takedown of Mara. The fist came a flying. Mara covered up. Mara was able to get herself out of the situation, roll out to the ring, she gave the Princess a rousing applause.

From that point forward it became more of a wrestling match and less about mind games. At certain intervals The Princess and Mara Kade did sneak in the occasional jab at one another, their respective goals were to win the match. For fifteen minutes or so, the desire to win took over.

Towards the end, Mara granned Nava’s arm. Looked like she was going to transition into the Tragic Kingdom. That didn’t happen. Nava caught her with her vintage headbutt that caught Mara’s right between the eyes. Nava plopped down for academic three count.

Winner: Princess Nava Farrin.

The Punjabi War Party made their way down to the ring as Nava slid out. They hoisted their Princess on their shoulders. She smirked at a downed Mara as The War Party carried her to the back. Mara sat up. She shakes the cobwebs out as we fade out.


In the locker room backstage, the two-time and reigning GCW International Champion, Kelsai Adamson-Mason reflects upon the year that many people would like to forget has even happened.

Kelsai: “It’s been quite a year, 2020, hasn’t it? When you think about everything that has gone on this year I can see where a lot of people can hardly wait for this year to end and for 2021 to begin. But I have a different perspective on 2020 and when you really consider my mindset about almost anything, that shouldn’t come as a surprise. I have a different perspective lots of times, because I believe in the power of love, and yes, that certainly means that I have a different perspective about things, especially being that I am a professional wrestler.

Because if you haven’t noticed, professional wrestlers as a whole don’t normally go around professing that they love everyone that they are working with. Alan Monroe and Ms Budde, my two opponents tonight, I don’t think that I have ever heard either one of them talk about loving their opponents, and certainly they will never be confused with loving me.

That’s the way it is with me though, I see things from different perspectives and the year 2020? It has been no different. All of the terrible things that have happened to so many people throughout the year, and I am not going to try and say that it has not been terrible in so many ways because while I have been accused of being naive in the past I am not dense. So many people have lost loved ones during 2020 and they should certainly be mourned. At the same time however I have seen people coming together like I never have before, so much compassion, empathy, and yes, love from one person to another can’t help but make me smile when I think about it.

When I think about 2020 and what has happened to me in GCW, once again I can't help but smile. This year, I have won my first championship in professional wrestling, had it wrestled away from me on the same night. Then I proudly won it back and it sits on my shoulder to this very day.”

The camera pans over a little bit to reveal the GCW International Championship Belt on Kelsai's shoulder, as she looks up and smiles.

Kelsai: “I'm not going to sit here and say that neither Alan Monroe or Ms. Budde is going to have a chance when the three of us go out there in that ring later on tonight. Initially, I wasn't even expecting to face either one of them. I thought that I was going to be facing Princess Nava Farin and finally finish the issue between the two of us and the GCW International Championship. Tabitha Silverstone had other ideas in mind for the Princess however and that leaves Alan and Ms. Budde with opportunities against me and championship tonight.

Both of them are fantastic competitors and it will be incredible and yes very difficult for me to face either one of them and walk away with my Championship still intact. Facing both of them at the same time however? A lot of people would say that would be next to impossible. With the rules being as they are tonight in this match, I don't even need to be involved in a pinfall or submission for the title to change hands.

I will tell you what though, I fought like hell to win this championship both times that I have won it, and if either Alan or Ms. Budde thinks that they are going to walk out of Raleigh, North Carolina with my Championship?

They had better be planning on fighting like hell to get there, and that still might not be enough. I am your GCW International Champion and Alan Monroe? Ms Budde?

I still plan on being the Champion by the end of that match so I dare either one of you to try and take this away from me.”

Kelsai pats the belt on her shoulder while looking right into the camera as it is panning in closer.

Kelsai: “Because 2020 is coming to a close here in a few more days, but as far as I am concerned my reign with my Championship is only beginning.”




We see the beautiful Ms. Budde standing in front of the mirror, in her yellow and black gear. Lenore Price-Mason and Isabella Harker in their street clothes look on as Budde checks her red lipstick, nails and hair. She gets the chance to become the International Champion, a chance to wear some singles gold for the first time in her GCW career. After a valiant match with Andrew Raynes at Desperate Measures but losing in the end, it seemed to have sparked something in Ms. Budde. At the last Livewire, The Herstory Makers defeated the Perry’s and Richard Dix, with Budde getting the fall, but then Monroe at the top of the ramp applauding in the end. This is the opportunity she has been waiting for, and while Kelsai Adamson-Mason is the champion and Monroe wants it bad, after Desperate Measures, a match she wanted more than anything, Hannah Budde now knows her back is to the wall and she will do whatever it takes to walk out with gold. Lenore smirks, her smokey blue eyes glare at the muscular, gorgeous Amazon who is Hannah Budde as the speaks…

Ms. Budde: Looooooord let me tell you, sometimes it takes a lot to look this good. Thing is, I am a little upset as I don’t show off my emotions much but when I am and have always been known as one of the most brutal and sadistic women on this roster and in this sport, then laid out unconscious in a pool of your own blood by a man who has been a thorn on our side for the past year, it doesn’t feel good, it doesn’t breed confidence, for when I woke up, realizing that Andrew Raynes won, I had to come to terms with that, and while we are now even, that doesn’t make it any better, for now he had the last laugh. Moments like that though change people, I remember watching Trinity Street get laid out cold by Ariel Phoenix in a Ladder Match and lose the final battle only to turn around a few weeks later and win her first singles title, sometimes a loss has a greater impact on your determination then a win, just look at Lenore and Isabella, perfect examples. That one hurt, I ain’t gonna lie but you know what? I want to thank Andrew, because you see, Sugarplum what you did was awaken the sleeping giant. Many people would let a failure like that break them, and let us be honest, I haven’t carried my weight in the Herstory Makers which in all truth is starting to lay a heavy hand on my shoulder. So, as you can see, this is very important to me that I become the International Champion. Let me explain something to you all, I am a woman with many wants and needs, and this title is both.

Budde smirks before turning back to the mirror and speaking, Isabella and Lenore look on….

Ms. Budde: I may have failed to contain a man that has made it a point to try and destroy us, and in many ways, he has taken the three of us women to our lowest points, but this is why we are Champions, why we will always be in the Main Event. See, I heard the little Princess talking about being in this match or should have been, then getting pulled out, well honey that was your fault, but at least you have a chance to win, had it been us, you would have had none. But now we see Kelsai, such a sweet girl, sugar you remind me of my old neighbor, her name was Peggy Lee, she was spice and everything nice, always followed the rules and was such a good woman at heart, I really liked her, but unlike me, she was passed up for everything because she took no for an answer, eventually she ended up bagging groceries at the local Piggly Wiggly and never amounted to anything, know why? Everyone walked all over her, so sad and unjust. See, though, Kelsai, while nice gals like you always finish last, it is the mean bitches like me who have always excelled and I want you to understand this is why Herstory Makers was created, because we were tired of soft, little trivial girls like you are putting down our gender and representing us in wrestling. Look at the three of us, we are warriors, we are women that are just as strong as men, you’re nothing more than a little child with a title that you almost coughed up that went against your morality and compass, which was both honorable and sad. See, 2020 for me was partly successful, partly a failure, I didn’t accomplish what I wanted, and look at Lenore and Isabella, they turned around their years and are ending as Global Champion, but what about Ms. Budde? You have what I want, and the man who tried to steal it from you is also in the match, and unfortunately for you, honey I have to put my size 11 right in your face, and make up for lost time, Desperate Measures was aptly named for how I feel as I am extremely desperate now and that makes me dangerous. Kelsai, you are outmatched, and I would beat you every single time we wrestled. There is still one factor left, that is you Alan Monroe.

Slowly turning now toward the camera, all made up beautifully, Ms. Budde points…

Ms. Budde: You on the other hand are trying to trifle with me, and that is the biggest mistake that you can make, honey. See, Alan, there is no more “potential” tag on Ms. Budde, there is no more “future” on Hannah, this is about do or don’t and the rest is simply fodder. So, I am telling you now, Alan, you will not steal this from me, but you will feel the same Hell you love to tag yourself with. I’m gonna make Herstory tonight, and Class will NOW be in Session…. Hehehehehehehehehehe……. Remember the Golden Rule don’t mess with a lady like Ms. Budde.

Leaning in she kisses the camera lens, leaving her lipstick mark before turning back to finish getting ready. Isabella and Lenore both smile.


International Championship
Triple Threat
Ms. Budde vs Alan Monroe vs Kelsai Adamson-Mason (c)

[Alan starts off by pie facing Kelsai and then goes right after Budde. The two trade right hands up until Kelsai gets up and takes them both down with a springboard cross body. Kelsai with a roundhouse kick to Budde and then a superkick to Monroe sending him to the outside. Kelsai with a snap suplex to Budde. Kelsai sets Budde up for a ddt but Budde overpowers her into a release Northern Lights suplex. Budde is up but is immediately speared by Monroe. Alan with Highway to Hell on Budde. Before he can capitalize he turns into a step up enziguri from the champion. Kelsai with a springboard moonsault onto Monroe for a cover but it is broken up by Budde. Kelsai goes for a superkick on Budde but she into The Tardy Bell. Kelsai is near the ropes and is able to roll to the outside. Alan Monroe pulls himself up and kicks Budde in the gut and goes for Rejection but Budde counters into The Failing Grade. Alan Monroe is in pain and Shawn Pack is there to ask for a submission but Alan refuses to quit. Kelsai climbs to the top turnbuckle. Alan is ready to tap. Kelsai breaks up the submission with The Double Shot! She covers Budde but she kicks out right at the two! Kelsai is stunned and she goes back up top, aiming for another Double Shot this time only on Monroe but he gets his knees up. Suddenly Ace Marshall comes strolling down to the ring. The fans who recognize him start to roar loudly. Alan drills Kelsai with Rejection. Ace has signs with him, waving them high, one reads “I Want Kelsai’s Hoo-Ha” and another reads “Budde Spanked Me”. Alan finally notices Ace Marshall’s presence and stares him down. Ace applauds Alan’s efforts but Hell’s Reject is not impressed. While Alan is yelling at Ace, Budde is pulling herself up. Ace raises another sign that says “Turn Around You Idiot”. Alan turns around and gets drilled with Class Dismissed from Budde! She covers...1...2...3!]
WINNER and NEW GCW International Champion: Ms. Budde


[North Bay, Ontario – December 26th 2020]

(It always meant something for Andrew to go back home for a little while, the Christmas holidays before the End of the Year bash felt like it meant something more to him given what was at stake. He wanted to be at peace, to have everything centred and into focus before he walked into a match that had major ramifications, as a result, beyond what that Global Heavyweight Championship represented.

WE come into focus outside, completely blanketed in snow, it was real winter up North, an element that Andrew both thrived and grew up in. It was evident given that he was dressed a little lighter than you would expect given the weather but Andrew wanted to feel the cold coursing through his veins, he was the king of the north, he was in his kingdom to deliver one of the most important messages to date in his career. He looked calm though, focused on what he was going to do. When it means that much to someone, they make sure they commit to it. His head was down, focused on what he was going to say, after a few moments, he takes a deep breath and pops his head up.)

Andrew: This goes beyond the Global heavyweight Championship.

This has been a long time coming, Travis, far beyond the realm of things kids like Lenore, Isabella, and other don’t quite understand. Where they are desperate for recognition and instant gratification of all the work they claim they put in and demand to be placed at the top of the card without so much as cut their teeth in the company they stepped into.

I have wanted to kick your ass for 2 years now; finally I will have that chance.

People don’t have the patience anymore to work their way up; people want to feel entitled to just go straight to the top, without having done shit for it. People like Jody rainer who talks so much shit out his ass but then gets his ass kicked left right and center, tries to go after the girls club of Shotgun and gets humiliated so badly he’s casted off to Livewire where he’s further humiliated because the truth is, he couldn’t hack shit if he had the sharpest blade possible. Whereas a man like me never had the pedigree, I wanted, to put myself in that position, even though I walked into this company already a champion, already someone with status and a history that would actually allow me to vault to the top without having done much.

It’s not enough for me though, Travis, unlike most people around here, I enjoy fighting in the trenches and earning the right to be at the top.

Only this time, I had the means to do it By Any Means Necessary.

(Andrew smirks, emphasizing that last point because it meant something in this match.)

Andrew: Do you truly understand that concept, Travis? I’ve listened to you claim that you would go about business by any means necessary but all you could ever prove was how much of a bitch you actually were, someone who felt comfortable coasting along at the top as if you deserved to be there 24/7 despite having done very little since I’ve been around here. You tout yourself as the one to beat when you couldn’t even beat Lenore one on one when you were Global Champ, nor could you get the belt back from her when you lost it. You didn’t care though, you just went about life like as if nothing mattered and you would just wait till you were given another little gift from the higher ups.

You becoming a hall of famer don’t mean shit to me.

You’ve acted like you’re untouchable that you can never be knocked off that little perch of yours, touting about being the reigning man of the year and then getting the hall of fame nod must really put you in a position where nothing is going to stop you.

Until you ran into me!

While you’ve been sitting up atop your little perch, I walked in and dismantled everything, invaded shows, ended careers, made as many points as I could to make sure you and everyone else knew I was coming. Going by whatever it takes, doing whatever was necessary to keep pushing and moving up, evolving myself into a force that doesn’t rely on being World Champion to stay up at the top. I leave that to clowns like you, Lenore and Isabella who desperately need those accolades in order to feel important.

I came in and fucked the whole system up, something I take great pride in.

The problem with people like you and the girls is that you don’t see someone like me coming until you’ve been punched in the face by it. I did it to Timmy, Lenore and Isabella, and look what happened to them.

Timothy may never wrestle or walk properly again
Lenore needed to have help in order to be back at the top
Isabella needed to sell her soul because it had become a shell of its former self.

I break people, Travis, by doing whatever it takes to get the job done.

My intentions are to do the same to you, to bring out the worst in you and see how you react.

(Andrew cracks his knuckles, many didn’t understand his methods because they were unconventional. Not many people had the balls to simply go out there and do what must be done in order to win and evolve.)

Andrew: You’re going to tell yourself though that it’s not going to happen, you won’t allow yourself to be embraced by hate because it’s not who you are. You’ll convince yourself that you’ll bend but won’t break as we fight to the limit of what we have inside us.

You’ll be like everyone else though, you’ll think that you can withstand the storm that’s coming because it doesn’t mean anything to you. Given your cocky and entitled nature, you’ll pretend that I am just a blowhard that will crumble when it matters the most.

What happens after I prove you wrong? What happens when you come face to face with the truth and realize that I was right, that the worst was going to come out of you as a result of me being able to do whatever I want to you and get away with it?

Are you going to finally do whatever it takes? Are you going to be able to step up when it counts?

I’m dying to find out. I will push you to limits you’ve never been taken to before, because I am someone that wants to be able to bring out everything you have to offer because when you realize that it isn’t enough, you’ll finally understand who the fuck I am and that you’ve been nothing more than a closed minded hypocrite who needs to be woken the fuck up!

Are you prepared to face that reality at the Bash?

(Andrew stands up and loosens up, the cold making him feel alive as he continues walking. He stops for a second and takes a deep breath.)

Andrew: Your time has come, Travis, like Timothy last year, I walk into this match with the intent on doing whatever it takes in order to come out on top. With having the ability to do whatever I want, I will make sure that you are not the same person who walked into this match. This won’t be a walk in the park for you, if you treat it that way, I will absolutely destroy you and humble you into oblivion. However, if you can weather the storm, have the worst brought out in you and overcome me, then at least you can say it took everything you had an then some, more than I can for anyone else ive faced and has been able to beat me.

If you’ve paid attention, you’ll know that my gas tank is rather large and I have the means of going for a very long time until I stop breathing. Come the night of the Bash, perhaps for the first time in your career your mettle will actually be tested and you’ll come to learn things about yourself no one else had the balls to bring out in you.

That’s why I am the most hated man in this company and this business; because I keep it real and I, unlike most people around here, am honest with myself.

No Remorse
No Mercy
No Quit.

It’s time for you to embrace the reality that you’ve been avoiding for a long time since I showed up, that you are going to be left out in the cold because your apathy and arrogance will fail you when it matters most.

The hate is here, Travis!

Time to embrace it


Alan Monroe is pacing the backstage area shortly after suffering defeat, failing to capture the GCW International Championship, all thanks to a timely distraction from Ace Marshall. Hell’s Reject, despite his pacing, does seem to have a sly grin on his face, which should appear unusual for anyone who has just lost a big title match. Then again, nothing is unusual when it comes to Alan Monroe. A few moments later GCW roving reporter and unbiased journalist Dexter Russell enters the scene from stage left.

Dexter: Uh, Alan?

Hell’s Reject stops his pacing. He turns and marches towards Dexter and smirks.

Alan: Yeah, Dex?

Dexter: I wanted to get your reaction to Ace Marshall’s GCW debut, a debut that cost you the GCW International Championship?

Alan: Typical question from a journalist. Tell ya what, junior, I actually will answer your question but it won’t be what you want it to be. You’re expecting me to be pissed, to be enraged, you want me to go to war with Ace Marshall for costing me a championship.

Hell’s Reject chuckles.

Alan: Shit, you’re only gonna get one of those things. I am going to go to war with Ace Marshall, but not because I’m angry over losing a title match. Nah, the thing is I found a kindred spirit in Ace Marshall. With him I find someone who values the beauty of chaos as much as I do. I’m not mad at him. I welcome his involvement in my life. He’d just better be prepared to receive some chaos thrown right back at him courtesy of Hell’s Reject.

Alan pats Dexter on the head.

Alan: So what I’m telling ya, Dex, is that I think I’ve found my new plaything…

Hell’s Reject slowly turns and walks away.


[Roderick Osborn stands backstage with Travis Vessey, who draws cheers from the crowd when they see his face. Travis is dressed in his ring gear and sports a stern expression on his face.]

Osborn: Roderick Osborn here with Travis Vessey and I know you're concentrating on your match tonight but we wanted to teal you for a bit and get a feel for where you're head is at tonight. You have another chance to take on Andrew Raynes, this time, in a No DQ match. This has been escalating for a better part of six months and you've expressed some anger on your part. What's going on in the mind of Travis Vessey tonight?

[Travis takes a moment to gather himself and gather his thoughts before he speaks.]

Travis: Yeah this is personal. And I know that's what Andrew Raynes lives for, you know. He wants to desperately get under the skin of any and everyone because it makes him feel good and he feels important. He's made it personal. Two separate times he has gone out of his way to make sure I either don't win the Global Championship or that I'm not in position to challenge for the belt. All I do is chase belts at this point of my career and what he's done Roderick is he...he has tried to shit on my name and my reputation. When you think of me, you think of excellence. Six years, day in, day out. I don't need to go over what I've done in GCW.

[Travis pauses.]

Travis: I didn't do any of that out of luck or by taking shortcuts. I built my name on hard work, on focusing on learning the craft and putting everything that I've learned to thrive in the game. That's how I've done it. And i know there's been a few times here and there where I've done the exact same thing that Andrew Raynes does to people. I've been there. I've been the guy that looked for any opening to piss people off. And I was humbled by it, for sure. There's things I do now that not everyone out there agree with. That's fine. But I never cheat the game. I never go against what I've built my name and reputation on. I never go back on what makes me a man.

[The crowd cheers a bit.]

Travis: And as a man, I can't let what he's tried to do to me slide. I can't let him attempt to play with name. Everyone knows I'm in this to chase belts. I want to become Global Champion once again. And Andrew Raynes has been the biggest reason why I wasn't able to win that belt back this year. So tonight, this is my chance to move him out of my way. I'm willing to do what I need to do. If I have to break his neck, then that's what needs to be done. If I need to put that man on a stretcher, than you might as well book your hospital room right now, Andrew. It doesn't matter to me how I have to do things tonight. Luckily, it's a No DQ'ed match so i have even more license to do what I need to do. You've messed with the wrong person. Because when it comes to business and my name, I will do whatever I need to do to protect it. You may not believe me because I'm the face of the company and you have this image or belief that I won't go there. And since you believe that, that tells me you don't know my history. You don't know what I have. And that's fine. I'll show you and I'll give these people a late Christmas gift by shutting you up.

[The crowd cheers louder as Travis goes to speak again.]

Travis: Whether clean or dirty, business is business. And I will do whatever it takes to make sure tonight, you are no longer in my way.

[He then walks away.]


No Disqualification.
Andrew Raynes vs Travis Vessey

Travis Vessey jumped Andrew Raynes in the middle of his entrance. The brawl was officially on.

Vessey slung Raynes into the barricade. Mounted and started punching him. The referee appeared to try to maintain order. The brief moment the referee stopped Vessey, Raynes was able to turn things around. Not feeling like they needed a referee for this, Andrew Raynes blasted the referee, knocking him out cold.

Vessey and Raynes brawled there way to the back. Both men slugged it out. Neither man was interested in having a traditional wrestling contest. Any unwitting bystander that was in the area they were brawling moved out the way to clear the path for the men brawling.

Their fight spilled into a locker room. Not just any locker room... the HERSTORY Maker locker room. Lenore and Isabella were in there. They didn’t take too kindly to Vessey and Raynes fight spilling into their area. Naturally, Lenore went after Raynes, Harker went after Vessey. A four way fight ensued. Neither parties letting up at all.

Eventually officials rushed into the locker room to separate all parties. They managed to get Raynes and Vessey out the room. Raynes did try to get back in the room, it was quickly locked. He turned his attention back to Vessey. They returned to their brawl. The fight spilled back inside the arena area. Both men were on stage showing the fatigue of war. Raynes went to toss Vessey off the stage. Vessey stopped him at the last minute. Both men laid into each other by the edge of the stage wanting to be the man to send the other one over.

Neither got the chance. From out of nowhere both Harker and Lenore blindsided both, sending both men off the stage through tables with equipment on nearby. Both men lay there. Lenore and Harker stood there looking at the damage they caused, denying either man from concluding their business.

Another referee came out to wave things off.

Because the match never officially started, due to the referee making a judgement call that neither man was going to be able to compete, Robert E Lee was instructed to declare the match a no contest.



We’re up in a luxury box overlooking the fans and ring of the arena. Glory Braddock, the self-proclaimed Best in the World finds herself alone right now sitting on a plush comfortable black leather sofa. The British Bombshell is wearing a little purple dress that hugs her every curve and matching purple high heeled patent leather pumps. A confident grin is etched across her lovely face and a pair of sunglasses cover her gorgeous eyes. A glass of wine is in her hands as she sits, watching the proceedings from the comfort of her luxury box. The gorgeous blonde isn’t alone for very long. She turns to watch as her sister, Julia Braddock, enters the room. The GCW owner was somewhat expecting this, as she sighs and nods her head.

Glory: Evening, sis.

Julia: How the hell is he here?!

Glory: I assume you mean Sutter?

Julia: Who else?! You know who and what he is?! You know how dangerous he is?! How can he be allowed in this building?!

Glory nods her head.

Glory: Oh I know...and you probably know him better than I do considering you worked side by side with the bloke when you were with Van Stanton...but unfortunately I cannot do a bloody thing about it and don’t think I haven’t tried. I have had my attorneys go over Mason’s contracts with a fine tooth comb. He has every legal loose end tied up all nice and neat. So long as Sutter is acting as a bodyguard for Mason Van Stanton then there is nothing I can do about it.

Julia shakes her head with utter frustration.

Julia: This isn’t right!

Julia smacks the wall fiercely.

Julia: I wanted to be moving on from Van Stanton. But here he is, right back in my life!

Glory: You had to know that he would be back. The Braddocks and the Van Stantons always seem to cross paths.

Julia: Henry hasn’t been back since Resurrection VIII.

Glory: Yes, but he’ll be back too. Mark my words. As much as you may hate it, you can’t run from your past. You want to move on, I know that, but before you conquer new challenges you must first put your past to rest.

Julia chuckles sarcastically.

Julia: You’re one to talk. You run from your past all the time.

Glory: I never said I practiced what I preached. Just telling you what the best course of action is. But you’re right, I have been running from my past too. So if you need my help I can…

Julia: No...I need to do this myself. Or at least with Hannah and Kendra, maybe. This is a problem we created and one we need to deal with. You didn’t create this problem and you shouldn’t bail me out of it. I’m almost sorry I even came to bother you with this.

Glory shakes her head.

Glory: Don’t be sorry. I’m always here to talk if you need me.

Julia: I know…


Backstage, Brooklyn Smith has just finished dressing for the main event. No interviewer tonight, Brooklyn narrates her own pre-match segment, while putting her hair in a pony tail.

Brooklyn: "Hello Raleigh! The home of Global Championship Wrestling. Tonight, in GCW's home town, I have a chance to become the number one contender to the GCW World Championship, currently held by Kellen Jeffries. But, the deck is stacked against me. I mean, I am going up against Chantelle AND Aubrianna. Two peas in a pod."

Smith shakes her head.

Brooklyn: "Tabitha did set stipulations for this match that she hopes will help make it fair for me. I have my doubts, but I do appreciate both the effort and the opportunity. Not only the opportunity to try for my second World title, but the opportunity to shut those two bitches up. Yeah, I said it. Chantelle and Aubrianna are two of the best in this company. Six World titles between the pair of them. It can't be denied. Sadly, though, their collective egos are out of control...even for professional wrestlers. They seriously believe they are bigger than GCW...and that's more or less a quote. It's good to have ego in this industry, but when you start to believe yourself bigger than the company or the sport, itself? Let's put it this way, are setting yourselves up for a big let-down. If I have anything to say about it, I will be the one who lets you down, and I will do it before the night is over. You have tried to injure me and put me on the shelf. You have spit on everything I believe in. I have taken your abuse for the last time. Tonight, it's my turn."

Brooklyn opens a bottle of water and takes a long drink before looking back into the camera.

Brooklyn: "Brittany Kayl was a great ambassador for GCW. She represented the championship and the brand perfectly. Kellen has only been champion for a couple of weeks, so it remains to be seen what type of champion he will be. We have seen both Chantelle and Aubrianna in this position before. Hell, Chantelle more or less dominated the title for a few years running. Based on how these two ladies have acted in recent months, though...GCW cannot benefit from either one of them holding the biggest prize in GCW. The great fans of GCW can't get behind a champion who feels they are entitled to the belt they hold. They deserve better than Chantelle Chambers and Aubrianna Powers. Guess who that leaves."

Brooklyn winks, then heads out.


World Championship Contendership Match
Brooklyn Smith vs Chantelle Chambers vs Aubrianna Powers
-- There can only be ONE winner. No double pins. No double submissions.

Before the match got under-way, former GCW World Champion, Brittany Kayl, joined the commentary team to call the main event. Speaking of former World Champions, three of them were about to do battle to determine who may have the chance to add another World title to their resume.

It was no surprise to anyone how this main event match started. Aubrianna and Chantelle joined forces to take out Brooklyn. Brooklyn, however, did not make it easy for them, dodging them for a while before Powers caught her with a kick to the back of the head. Smith went down to her hands and knees, and Chambers was there, performing a spiked powerbomb with Aubrianna's assistance. Chantelle then made a cover, but Powers broke it up. Chantelle looked at Aubrey with a raised eyebrow, but Powers just smirked. The double-teaming continued. Double elbow. Double suplex. They threw Smith off the ropes for a double clothesline, but Brooklyn ducked, ran off the opposite ropes, then drop kicked Chantelle to the mat! She turned and dropkicked Powers, dropping for a cover, but Aubrianna kicked out. Chambers was on the attack, but Smith with a back-body drop that sent the Beverley Hills Bombshell to the outside. Brook turned to Powers, who slid to the outside, realizing all the momentum was with Smith.

The Sovereign members huddled outside the ring, more to break Brooklyn's momentum than anything, but that's when Brooklyn took to the air with a suicide dive! Powers and Chambers, however, anticipated this and moved out of the way, letting Brooklyn crash into the guardrail. Together, Chambers and Powers Irish whipped Brooklyn into the ring apron, then tossed her back inside the ring. Back inside the ring, the double teaming continued for several minutes before the two women decided enough was enough. Aubrianna performed MVP on Smith, followed by Chantelle with #AllEyesOnMe! The two women covered Smith together, but Steven Snugs reminded them that there was no double pins allowed. Powers pouted while Chantelle rolled her eyes. There was another huddle, which only gave Brooklyn time to recover. Smith got to her feet and Powers charged, falling to a Russian leg sweep. Chambers followed Powers and Brooklyn was unable to stop the knee to the temple. Chambers with a cover. 1...2...NO! Smith kicked out!

Chambers and Powers went back to work on Brooklyn with a double verticle suplex. Aubrianna followed this with Simply the Best Moonsault and a cover. 1...2...NO! Chantelle broke it up! Aubrey got in her friend's face, shouting that someone needed to be Brooklyn, it should be the MVP! Chantelle obviously disagreed with this sentiment, attempting to push Aubrey aside, but Powers pushed back. Chantelle pushed back again, and this time, Smith was there with a roll-up on Aubrianna! 1...2...Broken up by Chantelle! Brooklyn now had her second wind, getting into a slugfest with Chambers. It was quickly a double-team against Smith when Aubrey joined in. Sovereign quickly got the advantage back. Chantelle held Smith up for the MVP by Powers, but Brooklyn ducked, and the kick intended for Brooklyn caught Chantelle square in the face, knocking her out of the ring! Aubrianna was stunned and her shock almost cost her the match as Brooklyn caught her with a schoolboy. 1...2...Aubrianna kicked out. Brooklyn threw Aubrey off the ropes, catching her with a belly-to-belly suplex and a cover...but Powers kicked out. Brooklyn with Seeing Stars. Then, to the crowd's delight, Brooklyn went to the turnbuckles. On the floor, Chantelle had gotten to her feet, just in time to see Brook hit the Night Cap on Aubrianna! Chantelle started to climb back into the ring, but she was grabbed by the ankle and dragged out to the Brittany Kayl! Kayl and Chambers started to trade lefts and rights, and inside the ring, Brooklyn was making a cover on Powers. 1...2...3!!!

Winner: Brooklyn Smith

As the bell rung signifying the end of the match, Chantelle stopped her brawl with Kayl to slide into the ring to check on Aubrey. Brooklyn had hopped out to the floor to celebrate her victory with the Raleigh fans. Smith caught Brittany's eye and smiled. Kayl shot Brooklyn a thumbs up, then mouthed two words...

"Rematch clause."

Brittany then winked at Brooklyn, turning to head to the back.

Fade to black.
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