CIVIL WAR 2021 (Part 1)

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CIVIL WAR 2021 (Part 1)

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Previously Recorded

Production hands are busy at work at Movistar Arena in Buenos Aires, Argentina, getting things ready for GCW Civil War tomorrow, including the ring which is already set up for the event. Set up a couple hundred yards away from the ring is an interview area and that is where Dexter Russel is ready to talk now with the runner-up from the Civil War last year and one of the favorites this year in the match, Kelsai Adamson-Mason.

Dexter: “Thank you Kelsai for taking some time to be here and talk with me Kelsai.”

Kelsai: “You’re welcome Dexter. Only for you would I take the time to be here, especially when you consider that up until Wednesday I couldn’t even have told you for certain whether or not I was even going to be here at all.”

Dexter: “Well I know that you have had a very busy schedule this week, and you have to be going through any final preparations for tomorrow now, so I will let you get back to it pretty quickly.”

Not looking like her normal spunky self Kelsai smirks slightly.

Kelsai: “I don’t think you understood what I was saying exactly. I know that many of my fellow wrestlers have been here all week. I didn’t even arrive in Argentina until Thursday because I just made the decision Wednesday afternoon to be here for this event.”

Dexter: “You, Kelsai Adamson-Mason were considering not being here for one of GCW marquee events? I find that a little hard to believe. What would cause you to not show up for this event knowing what is on the line here? I hadn’t heard that you had an injury that would keep you out of action.”

Kelsai: “I don’t have an injury, my health is perfectly fine.”

Dexter: “Then why would you consider no showing Civil War? You must know that you are considered a favorite to win the Civi…

Very uncharacteristically, Kelsai interrupts Dexter in mid-sentence, holding her right hand up and shaking her head.

Kelsai: “Yeah I am going to have to stop you right there Dexter, because now that I am here? I am the favorite to win the Civil War match and go onto main event Resurrection X. Make no mistake about it too, I will win that match tomorrow.”

Dexter: “You are guaranteeing victory in a match where there are 59 other competitors?”

Kelsai: “Whether there is 1 opponent or 59 nine of them, it doesn’t matter. I will win that match tomorrow.”

Dexter: “Being so confident then, why were you considering not showing up at all?”

Kelsai: Well, I could say that there are things more important than wrestling, and while I would be correct, that wouldn’t really answer your question now would it?”

Dexter: “No, it would not.”

Kelsai: “Yes, and I am not going to do that. I am sure that you have heard the rumors recently that my mental state has come into question. While I know that people are concerned about me when they discuss, I am so tired of saying that I am fine. Sometimes, I just want to be left alone, to not answer any questions. That is where I was at in the beginning of the week, and why I almost decided to stay in New Orleans rather than traveling here.”

Dexter: “But don’t you believe that would have caused there to be even more questions?”

Kelsai: “Probably, but I guess that is a bridge that I would have to cross when I came to if I had made the decision not to be here. Thankfully, I did decide to come here, and so I do not have to face those questions.”

Dexter: “Why did you make the decision to be here?”

Kelsai: “Well, I could say that I didn’t want to get fined for not showing up for the event, but just like there are things that are more important than wrestling, there are things more important than money too, and let's be honest, I have plenty of money anyway. I made the decision to be here for the fans who deserve for me to be here the way that they have always supported me, and of course I do know what is at stake tomorrow.”

Dexter: “Yes, and we will certainly talk about what is at stake a little bit. First though, if you could just talk for a moment about the special connection that you do have with the fans?”

Kelsai: “It goes without saying that the fans are a huge part of the reason why I am wrestling, especially the younger fans. From my very first match with this company in December of 2018 against someone you know quite well in Aubrianna Powers, right up until now, those fans have never stopped believing in me. There are a lot of things that I can take, but I am not sure that I could have taken the disappointment on the faces of little girls if I decided not to be here. They deserve nothing but the best and that is exactly what they are going to get from me, nothing but my best tomorrow night.”

Dexter: “Yes, I think that we can all agree that you never disappoint your fans.”

Kelsai: “Actually, I would not agree with you about that. My second reign as GCW International Champion, while it did last longer than the first, it ended here with me losing the championship to that smug little bit…

Dexter: “Kelsai, this interview will be shown live at Civil War tomorrow night in its entirety, just so you are aware.”

Kelsai: “Like I care? Hannah Budde is one hell of a wrestler, I will not take anything away from her in that regard. She deserves to be the GCW International Champion. But I am not going to mince words either. Ms. Budde is also a smug little bitch, and I really think that if she were honest then she would admit that too. So when I lost my championship to Ms. Budde at the End of Year Bash, yes, I think the fans were very disappointed in my performance and they had every right to be. They did not get the best from me that night, otherwise I would still be standing here in front of you today the GCW International Champion.”

Dexter: “So you are saying that at your best you cannot be defeated? That sounds awful con..”

Kelsai: “Confident? There is no doubt that I am confident, and if I didn’t have confidence in myself then I may just as well pack up my stuff, get the hell out of here and go home. Tomorrow night, there are going to be 60 of us competing to decide who goes onto the main event at Resurrection X. Now I know that the second place and third place finishers also get championship matches at Resurrection X, but come tomorrow night? Everyone is confident that they are going to win the Civil War match. Not finish in second or third place, but win, you understand me?”

Dexter is a little shaken up now as the intensity in Kelsai’s eyes is something that we have never seen before from her.

Dexter: “Yes, yes, I understand you Kelsai.”

Kelsai: “Good, maybe you will also understand this then, because while there are 59 other competitors who have just as much confidence as I do, none of them have gone through what I have in the last year to get where I have now. Because while I really like Brittany Kayl and have nothing but respect for her, let me tell you, it sucked to get so close to winning the Civil War match last year only to see Brittany Kayl beat me in the end. I had to carry that with me all year, that I beat 58 other people, but couldn’t beat the 59th and get the job done! I had to watch as Brittany Kayl not me, headlined Resurrection IX and then won to become the GCW World Heavyweight Champion! I don’t hold any ill will toward Brittany but she was wrestling in MY spot alright?

It should have been me, but I let it get away! And it bothered me all year! It bothered me in SCW where I won 2 damn matches in the last eight months out of the year, and it bothered me so much that I forgot what is most important in my life until winning became so important to me that my husband left me!”

Dexter: “Victor left you?”

Kelsai: “I know, it really is a shock when a person who has a type of celebrity status if you want to call it that is able to keep their personal business out of the news, but yes, I was so focused on trying to win wrestling matches I didn’t see what was truly important until it was much too late and Victor and I have been separated for months now. It doesn’t matter to me that we are working out our differences and will be stronger in the end for this hopefully. I still let it happen and it will never happen again because family comes first even before wrestling. Tomorrow night though, I talked with Victor about this and I know he will be watching as I go out and make him and our whole family proud, because tomorrow night?

This time, nothing and no one is going to stop me.

Tomorrow night number 2 is not going to be good enough for me.

60 will compete, but only I will be the only left!

Tomorrow, I get to work through a year's worth of frustration, because this time I will get the job done!

Tomorrow I claim my destiny!

Tomorrow night, I win the Civil War match and go to Resurrection!

With Dexter looking on confused and bewildered, Kelsai, gets up and abruptly leaves, ending the interview


Grudge Match
Adrian Waters vs. The Ronin

The match started with a bit of jawing between Adrian and Ronin. Ronin went for a back fist, but Adrian caught her with an arm drag. They went back and forth, counter for counter for the first few minutes of the contest. Ronin controlled the early part of the match, until she got fatigued and Adrian was able to use his size advantage to turn the tide.

As the match drew near it's conclusion, Adrian went to the top and came off with the Super Smart Elbow...but he missed! The referee started a double ten count, and Ronin was up a fraction sooner than Waters, placing him in a Fujiwara armbar. The fans started to encourage Adrian on as Ronin was holding on, going for the submission. At ringside, Tiffany was banging on the canvas, also encouraging Adrian on. That's when Toshiaki came up behind her, placing her in a sleeper, almost immediately causing the blonde to pass out. Toshiaki put Manning over his shoulder in a fireman's carry and started to carry her up the aisle.

In the ring, Adrian finally made his way to the ropes, causing Ronin to release the hold. Waters glanced over to where Tiffany was, but she was missing. He shot to his feet, looking around...and saw her, hoisted up over the shoulders of Toshiaki, headed through the curtains. Adrian immediately made chase. Ronin only watched the proceedings, making no move to either help nor hinder Adrian. The referee, however, had no choice but to count Adrian out.

Winner: The Ronin (Countout)



It is a gloomy, gray sky overhead in Southampton just outside of the Braddock Wrestling School. It is a run down, beat up looking place, not the kind of building you would expect for a grand wrestling school, but this is quite the popular attraction for boys and girls with dreams of becoming professional wrestlers. And standing just outside the front door of this famous wrestling school is none other than “The Kensington Knockout” Julia Braddock. Julia is wearing a silver colored blazer, a white silk blouse, and a knee length skirt that matches her silver blazer. She is perched atop black high heel patent leather pumps. Her long blonde hair hangs flowing unrestrained to shoulder length.

“Behind me is the Braddock Wrestling School…” she chuckles lightly “but then again, you probably knew that? My sister does like to use this place frequently as a backdrop for her promos. I typically avoid it because I didn’t want to be who my famous father wanted me to be, I wanted to be my own person. But then I realized that being here and standing next to this building isn’t about trying to show the world who you are or trying to impress anyone with your legacy. Being here was always Glory’s way of symbolically, and subtly, showing the world why she does what she does…”

“...tradition. The immortal and everlasting competitive spirit that professional wrestling was built upon. Professional wrestling is about staring across the ring at another competitor and fighting to the bitter end in order to see who is the best. And just like my sister, I got my start right here in this facility you see behind me. Does it look like the fanciest, most luxurious of gyms you’ve ever seen? Does it look like the place a wrestling legend might own?” Braddock shakes her head.

“No...but then again, my dad never thought of himself as a legend. People would call himself Britain’s Best but he hated the term. He would scoff and swear at people who told he was the best. My dad, for all his faults, was humble to the core. That’s one thing that I did get from my father that my sister didn’t. My sister has no qualms claiming to be The Best in the World and sometimes she’ll prove it. Other instances she’ll fall flat on her face. But me? I’m not that way. I just go out to the ring each and every night I am called upon and I give it my all. I go out there and I try my best. Sometimes my best is enough, sometimes it’s not. But when you fail you just need to pull yourself back up, dust yourself off, and try again. Find out what worked, keep doing it. Find out what didn’t work and fix it.”

Another low chuckle escapes Julia’s lips. “That’s the thing though, even though dad never saw himself as the best he pushed and pressured my sister and I to WANT to be the best. Glory, to her credit, handled the pressure well. Me? Not so much. Training was difficult under my father. Living up to the name and his standards was even worse. But I survived my tutelage under the wing of the great Glenn Braddock. I learned everything he taught me about the squared circle and I learned it right here in this wrestling facility behind me. This is where my story began. And my story will continue at the 2021 Civil War Match. Because if you want to talk about pressure then say no more than the Civil War Match when you are facing damn near every single superstar on the roster. And if you want to talk about the competitive spirit of professional wrestling, the fight to be the best, then look no further than Civil War because it is the ultimate test of greatness.”

“You have to survive everyone in your ring in an over the top rope battle royal...every man and woman for themselves...and if you can somehow survive that you still have to survive the two other battle royal winners...and then and only then will you receive the ultimate bragging rights of claiming victory in the Civil War Match. Every single individual who has won a Civil War Match can honestly lay claim to being among the best of the best to ever lace up a pair of boots in this business; Minerva...Brittany Kayl...Brooklyn Smith...Isabella Harker...Myra Lynwood...Victoria Salinas...Andreas Lasiewicz. These are the names of those who have won the Civil War since GCW brought it back in 2014. Tonight another individual will have the right to say that are among the greats. But even that ultimate bragging right still doesn’t guarantee you the one prize everyone wants. It still doesn’t guarantee you a World...or a Global...Championship. It just guarantees you Resurrection.”

Julia glares with a steel-eyed determination into the camera. “I will punch my ticket to Resurrection.”


Waves crash on the shore of a beach as the sun shines over a beach chair where a woman and a man are seated together. The man gets up and leaves as we pan in closer. The woman brings a clearly tropical drink to her lips and takes a drink as the camera reaches close enough to see Livvie Nelson. She smiles around her straw and then takes her lips off and lets out an "ahh."

Livvie: Oh, ello there. Just a little calm before the storm comes through and rips up GCW. We're all about to go to war together to determine who is truly the strongest, the fastest, the smartest, the toughest... everything in between. But we all know what they say about war: war never changes. GCW holds this event every single year and always it's the same handful of blokes that seem to be fighting out out at the end. Sure... there's your outliers here and there. But the best clearly rise to the top. That's why you've seen those same familiar faces already calling their shots on social media and on their little video posts around the internet. Well...

Livvie shrugs and sits up in her chair as the sun shines on her bikini-clad body.

Livvie: What if someone came along and committed to shaking things up a little bit? What if that someone was little old me? The world has come to know Livvie Nelson for a few things now. They know I'm a loud mouthed brit that isn't afraid to speak her mind. They know I'm willing to jump off of any and everything. And they know I've risen to the occasion on, well, occasion. So why not one of the grandest stages in GCW then? Why the hell not? Maybe the whole world already has this whole thing figured out. Maybe, they've already pinpointed the winner. But maybe they're wrong. I'm only committed to one thing when it comes to these matches, and that's making sure that when we reach the final three, Livvie Nelson will be standing there with the same smirk on my face you see right now. And she will be making sure that she alters the course of this company as we know it.

Wearing that smirk she described, Livvie stands and walks along the beach as the camera follows her.

Livvie: I didn't just come to GCW to be another face in the crowd. I grew up kicking ass and taking names on the pitch. I thought, why not come here to GCW and kick a few faces in. But I've spent far too much time playing the role of the good girl everyone wants to smile and laugh about. Maybe it's high past time for me to stop playing games. Maybe it's time to wipe that friendly smile off of my face and take what it is I want. Maybe... I shouldn't be so nice anymore. What if I told you that all your favorites at Civil War are destined for failure? That's because this will be the moment I change everything. Their precious spots that they dream of, they will be mine. I learned from the Glenn Braddock school. Randal Williams taught me how to better than all of you. And at Civil War, I will show that he more than succeded when I ascend to the top of the competition and walk out of the event with the chance to compete for a title and complete my own personal dreams. Nothing will stand in my way. Not one of you.

Livvie stops walking and looks down for a moment. She looks up with a sinister smile on her face.

Livvie: You're probably wondering... why the beach? Why the ocean? It's the tide. The tide in GCW is changing. You may not know it yet, but it's about to happen right before your very eyes. This isn't a warning to the roster. It's a guarantee. I'm about to change everything. And nothing will ever be the same.

She lets out an equally sinister laugh and turns her back on the camera as she walks down the beach, joined at her side by a smiling Randal Williams.



We find Ms. Budde in her black and yellow wrestling gear, all dressed up ready for the Civil War. She has the International Championship around her waist as Ms. Budde starts to fan herself some….

Ms. Budde: Loooooooooord will you look at Ms. Budde! Can you believe that I am going to be once again in the Civil War and last year I almost won my ring. Well honey, I will tell you this, the Civil War was the greatest battle to ever settle what the country is today and when my help in Ida May Davis used to make that sweet, and tasty Muscadine cobbler, every bite was heaven. Well, what we have now is the HERstory Makers where once Lenore or Isabella defend the Global Championship against me and we can keep it in the family. Now, as I am now your International Champion and I will soon be a dual title holder as well, I have one big fan that has become my manager and I would like to introduce him at this time…. JACKY KNIGHT!

Jacky Knight comes in strutting in his grey suit….

Jacky: MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL! Who is the sexiest of them all! Why you are Ms. Budde!

Ms. Budde: Mehhehehhehehhehehhehehhehhe…..

Jacky: What you are looking at is a future World Champion and now the current International Champion. What Ms. Budde brings to the ring, is DISCIPLINE! CLASS! SASS! AND ASS!

Ms. Budde playfully slaps Jacky as she laughs again….

Jacky: And tonight, you will see the beautiful Ms. Budde dismiss class as the winner of the Civil War! Come on, give me one.

Ms. Budde: Sure sugar plum….. Woooooo…… because Class is now in Session.

Jacky starts to strut out while Ms. Budde fans herself and follows behind.


Lights Out Match
Clyde Sutter & The McBride Corporation vs Wrestling's Most Wanted & Julia Braddock
-- This match will took place before doors officially opens to fans. No rules. No fans.

All six competitors wasted no time ducking it out. With no rules, there was no point bothering grabbing a tag rope. Or worrying about tag team rules. Hannah and Melanie paired off. Karen and Kendra took things to the outside very quickly. Julia’s main focus was Sutter. At first she was keeping Sutter frustrated by striking and evading the must bigger competitor. Sutter caught Julia, grabbing her by the neck. Hannah and Kendra created enough separation between themselves and The McBrides to give Julia a fighting chance. Can’t pummel what you can’t catch, the three on one ganging up on Sutter annoyed him greatly. Mel introduced a steel chair into the proceedings, clocking Kendra. Hannah saw Karen to the same thing, she kicked a charging Karen in the gut. Karen dropped the chair. Hannah picked it up. Clocked Karen. Mel tried to assist her sister, Kendra wasn’t too shaken up to spear Mel to the ground, saving her partner. Julia + WMW dropped Sutter with a tripled assisted DDT. Despite all that, and all three women pressing onto Sutter, the big man kicked out decisively at one.

Clyde Sutter & The McBride Corporation weathered the early storm. Became all about divide and conquer. Karen and Kendra battled into the empty seats. Hannah and Mel battled up the ramp, staying within that general area. Sutter and Julia were left alone in the ring.

Sutter used all his physical advantages to grind down Julia, trying to beat the fight out of her. Kendra and Karen battled up to the upper level. Mel and Hannah battled all the way into the back. Into the hallway. Found themselves causing damage by using whatever they could find to beat up the other. Sutter choke slammed Julia. He could only net a two count. Mason stayed at ringside with his monster. He pulled out a table, hoping that it would be used at some point to spell the demise of Julia.

Julia climbs to the top rope. Whatever she was going to try, Mason Van Staton was there to grab her leg. She drives her boot into Mason, sending him off the ring apron, crashing through a table on the outside. Julia refocused on a rising Sutter. She tried a crossbody, he caught her. Transitioned into a Fall Away Slam. He rose to his feet, pulled her up. Powerbomb. Doesn’t let go. Another power bomb. Doesn’t let go. He lifts her up again, transitioning into the F5 position, spikes her into the mat. Sutter hooked the leg, and that was all she wrote.

Winners: Clyde Sutter & The McBride Corporation

Clyde didn’t bother accepting the referee wanting to raise his arm. He slides out the ring, picks Mason up, carries him away as he joins The McBrides at the top of the ramp. By this time Hannah and Kendra go to check on a fallen Julia and dejected Julia Braddock.


[Samuel Price is seen standing outside of a locker room that reads "Krissy" on the door. He stands in front, staring at the camera.]

Samuel Price: Samuel Price here and I was suppose to interview Krissy about her first match back in GCW in eight months. However, I've been waiting here for numerous minutes. i have knocked on the door. However I have yet to receive a response. Now she is here and she did arrive at the arena well before the deadline. As everyone knows, her new contract states that she has to be here on time or else it's immediately null and voided. But this is-

[Suddenly, the door does swing open. Price hears this and quickly whips around. When he does, a young woman, sporting a beige dress is seen in view with a piece of paper in her hands.]

??: I'm sorry, I'm sorry to keep you waiting. My apologizes for that.

Price: I'm sorry young lady but who are you?

???: I am uh...Monika Neumann. I was recently hired to be Krissy's PR representative.

Price: Oh so you work for Krissy?

Monika: Yes sir. Yes I do. I was told by her to write a message to you and all GCW interviewers so if you may, can I read this?

Price: is she in there?

Monika: She is, yes. But she told me to address you.

Price looks at Monika with an incredulous expression. Meanwhile, Monika looks a bit shy but is trying her best to remain her composure.

Monika: Krissy says. "For the past eight months, there have been rumors and judgements casted on my character. These words have attempted to damage my character and my reputation as a person. The way I was portrayed to the public regarding what I asked for during contract talks with GCW was degrading and low brow. if this was a man, I wonder what the response would have been. I am here to wrestle. The reason why i fought for the things I fought is because I am capable of promoting myself as a wrestling superstar. Therefore, I will not be speaking to any GCW interviewers for the next year. i am focused on being the best wrestler I can be and eliminating all distractions. All I care about is my craft. Nothing more. Nothing less. I do not talk to pawns so you will have to find someone else to sully their names. it will not happen to me. Merci, beacoup.

[Price looks irate as Monika finishes speaking.]

Price: well if that isn't the most self-absorbed statement I've ever heard.

[Monika quickly retreats back inside the room as Price rants.]

Price: The audacity of-sending it back to you before I say something I will regret.


Adrian Waters is livid as he rushes down the backstage hallways of the Moviestar Arena. He stops when he spots Tabitha Silverstone ordering around some of her staff. He wastes no time getting in her face.

Adrian: "Ms. Silverstone!"

The GCW GM jumps, startled, and looks a little panicked when she sees who is now standing right in front of her.

Tabitha: "Oh hi, Adrian..."

Adrian: "How's the hunt for my wife going boss? Have you found Tiffany and just forgotten to tell me? Don't answer that. It's obvious you have not, nor do you appear to be trying!"

Tabitha: "Adrian, there's only so much..."

Adrian interrupts.

Adrian: "There was a fucking kidnapping right under your fucking nose and you're standing around like it's business as usual! I can't believe this!"

Tabitha understands Adrian is upset, so she takes a deep breath before speaking again.

Tabitha: "Listen Adrian, I understand..."

Adrian interrupts her again, pointing at her, drawing a crowd.

Adrian: "No, you listen! You better find my wife or you will see a side of me no one has seen in a long time! That is my wife out there with those maniacs! God knows what they're doing with her while you stand here pretending that nothing happened! I will rip this place apart if I have to and I expect you to do the same! Got it?"

Without waiting for a response, Adrian stalks off. Tabitha's face is bright red, but once again, she tries to remember that Adrian is upset with good reason. Still, personally attacking her, his boss...she looks around seeing everyone staring at her, wide-eyed. Now, she releases some of the anger she is feeling.

Tabitha: "What the hell are you all looking at?! You all have jobs to do, so get to it...NOW!"

Everyone scurries off, not wanting anything to do with a pissed off Tabitha Silverstone. Once they are all dispersed, she raises her phone to her ear.

Tabitha: "Yeah, get the entire security team on the Tiffany thing right now... I know what I said before, but I've changed my mind... EVERYBODY and NOW! If you see Tiffany, Ronin, or her manager, you contain them and let me know stat."

Silverstone ends the call and sighs as the scene fades.



Princess Nava Farrin is seen with Jhanvi and her Punjabi War Party, Trevor Cash is also with her, he is seen talking to her as she is listening all draped in her gold wrestling gear looking beautiful as ever. As she continues to listen to Trevor Cash, the gorgeous Princess smiles, then turns to the camera….

Trevor Chase: Ladies and Gentlemen, what you are looking at is royalty, not just wrestling but in life. She is a Princess, a tremendous wrestler and one of the most beautiful women on the planet. My old client, KRISSY decided to take it upon herself to interfere in our affairs and cost Princess Nava Farrin the International Championship. Well tonight, the Princess gets two things, number one she will defeat KRISSY and exact her revenge, Number Two, the Princess will win Ring one, where the last time she wrestled in the Civil War, she was one of two left in her ring, this time she passes it all and becomes the winner and Main Event Resurrection. Princess?

The Princess steps up some, she brushes her hair back and smirks….

Princess Nava: You made a huge mistake peon coming into my business and costing me the chance to get my International Championship back. Don’t you know that it doesn’t matter who you think you are or what you try to do with your stupid contract stipulations and special treatment? What I see is Trailer Park Trash, nothing more trying to be what I am and that is Royalty. I am that royalty, and I am tired of waiting for my turn, so as a decree, I will make it known that I am going to be the Global Champion, first by defeating you and then by winning the Civil War.

She starts to giggle a little as Trevor Cash nods, happy to hear her upbeat attitude….

Princess Nava: KRISSY, I am trying to be very calm and collect, as so many others have tried to do what you did and failed. Now, I will make amends for the robbery and skullduggery I have faced at the hands of the GCW AND YOU WILL BE THE FIRST TO BE PUBLICLY EXECUTED WHEN I BASH YOUR SKULL IN!

Trevor looks on wide-eyed….

Princess Nava: Sorry, I am a professional and a Princess, so yeah, forgive me for my outburst, but I will take it all out on KRISSY and then look at me as the CIVIL WAR WINNER. Tonight, will be a glorious night when you all bend the knee, PEONS!

Princess Nava Farrin laugh before she starts to walk out, Trevor and Jhanvi look at one another, they both shrug their shoulders and follow her out.


Grudge Match
Krissy vs Princess Nava Farrin

This match was... well...

Princess Nava Farrin stood in the ring, awaiting Krissy’s entrance. Boy did Krissy make an entrance.

The lights go dark.

"Hung Up" by Madonna immediately hits the PA system. The tron shows different highlights of the woman in question before it goes dark again.

One lone spotlight hits the ramp and Krissy appears. Dressed in a violet jacket with the same color boa draped around her neck, Krissy poses to the camera, extending her arms in the air. Krissy holds this pose for several seconds before she brings her arms down to her sides. From there, she takes her time walking down the ramp.

Krissy walks, head held high, looking at every camera at ringside. Her eyes drift back and forth as she wrinkles her jacket passing them. Once she reaches ringside, Krissy glares at the crowd as she makes her way up the steel steps. Krissy soon takes off her jacket and hands it off to Trevor Cash on the outside. From there, Krissy grabs the top rope and performs a flip over them and into the ring! The crowd oohs as Krissy stands up in the middle of the ring. The lights go strobe, drawing more oohs from the crowd. Krissy responds by walking around the ring, like a fashion show, looking at every camera. The shots go back and forth to each camera that Krissy sees.

The music faded. The bell rang. Krissy still wanted to soak in the moment. This is what she has been waiting for months.

Nava wasn’t impressed.

The moment Krissy turned around, Ashoka Chakra to the skull of Krissy. The crowd gasped, shocked that this grudge match could end this quickly. All referee Robert Downey had to do was slap the mat for the one-two-three. Just like that... the “match” was over.

Winner: Princess Nava Farrin.

The Princess shrugged her shoulders. Exited the ring. She could be heard saying she has Civil War to win, she wasn’t going to waste more time then needed with that riff raff.

Krissy clutched her head, it was obvious she was seeing stars. Tonight didn’t go the way she wanted, perhaps, Civil War later on tonight will?



It is a bright and blue sky in Raleigh, North Carolina just outside of the corporate headquarters of Global Championship Wrestling...well, at least it used to be the corporate headquarters. GCW corporate has since relocated to Miami, Florida but this building remains as a testament to GCW’s beginnings. A few moments later Julia Braddock emerges onto the scene. Julia is wearing a silver colored blazer, a white silk blouse, and a knee length skirt that matches her silver blazer. She is perched atop black high heel patent leather pumps. Her long blonde hair hangs flowing unrestrained to shoulder length.

“Now we are in Raleigh, North Carolina just outside of the former corporate headquarters for Global Championship Wrestling. Now my sister has her reasons for relocating corporate to Miami but as far as I am concerned this place will forever be GCW’s home. Matthew Alan founded this company in 2001 and as a native North Carolinian he chose here as its headquarters. The company grew quickly in prominence and prestige. And you know the whole Civil War Match? That was his idea. “The Hound of Ulster” Cuchulain won the very first Civil War Match back in 2003. Now in the early 2000’s GCW would merge with another company and become Global Division of Wrestling. An entire decade would pass until GCW was resurrected and given another chance at life.”

She motions to the building behind her. “And it was here with this company that I got my start. My father trained me, and maybe he was being a little overprotective when he signed me to a company owned by my own sister. I knew that was probably his motivation but I refused to live the role given to me. I refused to take the easy path and ride safely and easily on my name and reputation. I saw this great company with such a rich history behind it and I saw an opportunity to write my own history, because while some of the GCW originals would return to the newly resurrected GCW, I would be among the crop of athletes representing the NEW Global Championship Wrestling. People like myself, Neil Newman, Kyle Butler, Jenni Anderson, and my ‘Mother’ Aphrodite Noel built this new GCW with our blood, sweat, and tears. And in my time with GCW I can honestly say I have done everything there is to do...I have been Heritage champion, X Division Champion, Television Champion, tag champion, and even had a cup of coffee with the World Championship. But there are two things I have not done. I have not won a Civil War Match and I have not been in the main event of Resurrection.”

“I intend to change that with my victory in the 2021 Civil War Match. Because yes, I will win and I will main event Resurrection, all adding to my legacy here in GCW, making more great memories of this wonderful company that I helped build. Victory in the Civil War Match for me isn’t just an option, though. Unlike what I said earlier about doing my best and whatever…” she shakes her head “...that doesn’t apply this time. I have to win the GCW Civil War Match. I have been with this company since it returned in 2012, this is the place I made my debut, and I have done many things...some good and some not so good...I am proud of all of my accomplishments but I am not proud of EVERYTHING that I have done….this Civil War Match means more to me that just another notch on my belt. This is a journey for me and that journey ends tonight. The journey is one of self-discovery and ladies and gentlemen, I know exactly who I am...I am the heart and soul of the new GCW. So I have to win, not just for myself, but also for my fans and for Global Championship Wrestling, the company that gave this young kid from Kensington a chance when that kid wouldn’t even give herself a chance, the company and the fans that believed in me when I didn’t even believe in myself.”

Julia shuts her eyes tightly, fighting back tears. “Yes...I have to win.”



The scene cuts to an empty locker room , devoid of everything but the true essence of hate, Andrew raynes. Sitting there with a driven look on his face, he's been waiting for this night for a long time. It felt like too long since resurrection had passed and now it was time to reach it once again. His head lowered, hair draped in front of him.]

Andrew: The evolution of hate continues.

With evolution comes the need for sacrifice. The sacrifices that I have been willing to risk have all been in culmination for tonight, when I reclaim my Global Heavyweight championship.

My evolution has been the one true constant in this company since my very arrival. Where a man who's taken every bump, bruise, win and everything else and gas channeled it into the mission that's in front of me. It's fitting that it comes to a conclusion tonight at Civil war. For the first time since I've been here, i won't be among the masses begging to survive the firepan and into the fire, resting all their hopes on the miracle they can outlast everyone else's last ditch hope for relevancy. My evolution has allowed me to grow further as I now seek the prize that everyone is begging for a shot at come resurrection.

I'm done being the hunter, it's time to sit and have you come to me.

[Andrew lifts his head up, running hisnhaie back behind him so you can see his face.]

Andrew: i wasn't content just sitting around waiting until Civil war to see who was better, who would have what it takes. I made necessary sacrifices in order to spark the growth necessary to become Global Champion once again. While Silvercunt has enjoyed the idea that I couldn't back up my talk on a 2 on 1 when I lost. I've made it my very purpose to ensure that the three of you stop at nothing to prevent me from winning this match.

I'm never afraid to lose a fight.

I let go of that fear when I was at rock bottom, i let go of everything that held me back and allowed me to channel my resolve and my conviction. This gave me the motive to take whatever shot I'm afforded, to do whatever it takes by any means necessary in order to secure my place at the top. I stopped fighting like i had something to lose because I would always push forward. My hate being legion allowed for continued growth with each step taken backwards. The three of you have all come to fear taking that elusive step backwards because you fear so deeply that you'll never see the light of the top again. It scares the living shit out of you because for years you've felt so entitled to being somewhere you fear you no longer belong or never did in the first place. It's why I made sure to come to the table with everything I needed to maintain my place here. So that if I don't manage to win tonight, I won't be down at the bottom for very long. There's a fight that always managed to take you to the next level. My next level involves has all three of you trying to take me out and keeping me from what is inevitable.

Me waiting for the civil war winner at resurrection.

It's because my ascension speaks for itself, while you all cling to the thread of hope you've pinned your stakes on tonight, I come in with a legion so powerful it's prepared to overcome everything you three want to throw at me. It's why I was never afraid to assault Lenore after her match. It's why I wasn't concerned about agitating travis to the point where he clocked me with a steel chair last show. I'm at a point where I believe that nothing is going to stand in my way. Everything I have prepared and worked towards since I lost the belt has been for this moment where I have the one chance i need to reclaim what's mine.

You want to prevent that? Don't miss.

You will though, after the three of you use common sense for five minutes to take me out, you'll allow your egos and desperation to make you implode and destroy each other. When you should have done everything to ensure I don't get it's you'll falter when you see your openings to betray each other and focus on what we all want. I made myself an overwhelming threat so that you would be forced to focus on me as three largest threat.

It's something I can handle.

I put that on myself so that way when I come back into the fray, it will be with everything I have worked towards overwhelm the masses and make my way towards resurrection. I refuse to let your self entitled egos get in the way of evolution because of your own insecurities. I have owned everything I've done since my arrival and that coupled with the i don't give a fuck about you attitude means that I'm walking away as champion. I'm done watching three people cry about the things I've been willing to do in order to make my presence felt. It's not my fault that the evolution of hate is what drives this company and threatens your nature.

Tonight you come face to face with the tipping point of your careers as i show you how hate is ever growing, ever evolving, and ever pushing forward.

Embrace it!

[camera cuts]


Earlier Today

Lenore Price-Mason is in an empty arena, she sits on the top turnbuckle in her jeans, ankle boots and black halter top, long blonde hair flowing, nails polished lavender. She holds the Global Championship, looking into the camera before speaking…

Lenore: People want to talk about respect. They want to tell you their hate is what drives them, the willingness to do whatever it takes to be champion. How sad is that Andrew Raynes, that you don’t do this for the passion of the sport, you do it because you have failed in life and no Global title will change that. See, you want respect, you’ll never get it. You want recognition, some may mark out for you but will it last? Every single thing that has happened to you at the hands of the HERstory Makers was of your doing, dating back since last year. You’re a man who likes to tell his own narrative, construct the arguments, the points to justify your take on everything while the rest of us roll our eyes. You say it takes three seconds to beat someone, yes, it does and we both have been on the other side. Trying to tell me that you sent a message after I defeated arguably one of the best in the GCW in a grueling match and brag about it only shows one thing, your constant cowardice and inability to recognize the price you paid for being stupid was a fraction of what I am willing to do at Civil War. Andrew, you have always been your own worst enemy and honestly, the GCW is tired of it. We women have had control because of people like you. I made a vow much like Isabella Harker, that we would defend this title to the bitter end. You will not pin me to win this belt, you will not walk out with the belt if I have anything to say about it. Andrew, you had your chance, the reason you’re not Global Champion now is your big mouth, like it always gets you in trouble and all this talk about greatness is hogwash, the only thing great about you is the bullshit shoveled each and every single week. This title deserves a cham pion who is proud, honorable and respectful of this business, all qualities that you’re not.

Lenore clears her throat, looking at the title, smirking, then back to the camera…

Lenore: Then there is you Travis Vessey and don’t think for one second that I have forgotten about what you bring to the table, as we both know Travis unless it is an Elimination Chamber where I started first and wrestled the entire time, you can’t beat me on even ground. There is a point when you’ll have to start asking yourself what the hell are you going to do if you fail again. The Global Championship belongs to the HERstory Makers, we have made this title into the most important championships of all time. Now you ant to solidify your Hall of Fame career and walk out as Champion again. At least you understand the important and the honor behind this belt, unlike that idiot Andrew Raynes. Travis, I do respect you and the ability you bring to the ring, I would have loved to test myself against you one more time to finally send out that exclamation point. Well, now you get one last chance to prove us wrong, but ask yourself this, are you really going to defeat two women fighting for the same cause? All of you think Isabella and I are willing to sacrifice anything including the HERstory Makers for this title? No, because whom ever walks out between us two, WE win, and that is one factor you and Andrew will not be able to deal with. Travis and Andrew neither one of you will sniff this championship. You two will be history….”

She drops down, holding up the title, a smirk on her face….

Lenore: While both Isabella and I will make HERstory at the expense of your Devolution.

The Champion raises her arm, glaring into the camera with her icy blue eyes.


[Travis Vessey is seen standing next to Roderick Obsorn, which draws cheers from the crowd. Travis stands with his hands on his hips, in his ring jacket as Roderick begins to speak.]

Roderick: Civil War is already shaping up to be an excellent night of action that only Global Championship Wrestling can offer. We still have the annual Civil War match coming up where someone is going to earn the right to main event the biggest show of the year, Resurrection. That's later. Coming up soon, there's been a four way fight for the Global Championship, with includes the man standing next to me now. Travis Vessey, for the past six months, you have been at odds with Andrew Raynes, Isabella Harker and Lenore Price Mason over the Global Championship. We've seen sneak attacks, ruined championships matches, war of words, you name it. All of that is settled tonight. A four way to determine the undisputed Global Champion. I know you're a man of focus and determination and we appreciate you taking some time to talk to us. So while we have you, what's your temperature like? Are you nervous? Antsy? What is going on in the mind of Travis Vessey?

[Travis lets a long sigh escape his lips.]

Travis: At this point it's just a matter of execution. The prize is there for the taking. Winning the Global title for a third time. I've been here almost seven years as you know. And as you know and as the rest of the people know, I take great pride and responsibility representing this company to the best of my abilities. The last thing I'm going to do to the people, to GCW, to the game is cheat it. Andrew Raynes, you've made it your mission to make me mad. To get a reaction out of me. And you got that. That chair shot I gave you. It felt good. And I know there's a few people that have questioned whether or not I should have stepped in as you've been jumped by HERstory Makers. Perhaps I'm bias but I don't feel a thing. This business is all about results.

[He looks at Roderick.]

Travis: And the truth is I've gone fourteen months without the Global Championship. This past year, I've been unable to beat Lenore Mason. I lost the title to her; then lost to her in September. Raynes, you've been there every step of the way, trying to knock me down. But I'm true to the game and I'm true to the hustle. I love the hustle. Somewhere along the way, you lost your way Harker. And you turned you back on your principles, these people and you have found yourself sharing a Global title reign with Lenore. All this ends tonight. I don't care what needs to be done. I want that championship. I've done a lot in this company. I'm in the Hall of Fame but I can't rest Roderick. I can't rest until when it's all set and done, I am seen as the greatest wrestler this company has ever seen. All the games, the attacks, the words, all that is over. What matters is results. And I do whatever I need to to walk out of here as the NEW Global Champion. Whatever it takes.

[The crowd cheers a Travis nods.]

Roderick: Thank you for this time and good luck out there.

Travis: Any time Roderick.

[Travis then walks off.]

Roderick: Back to you guys out there.


Global Championship Match
Fatal Four Way (winner is the Undisputed (and only) Global Champion)
Travis Vessey vs Andrew Raynes vs Isabella Harker (c) vs Lenore Price-Mason (c)

The first thing Andrew Raynes did was go after Travis Vessey. He remembers being attacked a couple weeks ago Livewire. A receipt was definitely in order. Isabella and Lenore had no interest in getting involved in their long going dispute, the two members of HERStory Makers talked among themselves as Raynes and Vessey battled inside the ring. And then to the outside, making their way up the ramp.

To this Lenore and Harker nodded, exited the ring. As Vessey and Raynes continued to trade blows, Lenore and Harker tried to recreate the shoving off the stage event that lead to this Fatal Four Way match happening in the first place. Except that didn’t happen. Vessey and Raynes were able to prevent themselves from falling, Lenroe and Harker tried one more time, both Raynes and Vessey were able to use Lenore and Harker’s momentum against them, this time, both women took the plunge to the floor, crashing through the tables below. Having no interest in seeing their fate, Vessey and Raynes took the fight back to the ring.

The battle commenced. Both men had the floor to themselves. Travis was able to make a comeback. Right and legs, staggering Raynes back, there was a moment where Raynes tried for the Xclamation Point, Travis was near the ropes, grabbed it to prevent himself from crashing to the mat. Travis picked Raynes up. Connected with a Vessey Driver. Whether this could have gotten the three count no one knows for sure, Lenore and Harker recovered from there fall, pulled Vessey out the ring at the last minute. Both HERStory Makers went to town. First driving Vessey into the barricade. Then into the steel steps. They dragged him over to the the announce table (the French one). Managed to somehow drop him with a combo Alabama Slam, sending him crashing through the announce table. From inside the ring Andrew Raynes smirked, what they didn’t notice was Raynes connected a suicide dive on the unsuspecting HERStory Makers.

Raynes brought Lenore back into the ring. He wanted her all to himself. He took advantage of the time, putting her on the ropes. She did manage to sneak a low blow in. Dropped him with a Snap DDT. She went for the cover but Isabella broke things up, the reality setting in that it is every person for themselves. One champion. Lenore nodded. Before they could settle things among themselves, Travis brought a steel chair into the ring to assist his pursuit. Smacked Harker first. Tried to go for Lenore next. She sidesteps. Kicks him in the gut. Connected with Devolution. Went for the cover to have Andrew Raynes break up the count. He grabs Lenore, she pokes him in the eye. She tackled him down to the ground, opted to bang his head into the mat several times before going to the top rope to connect with a moonsault. She tried to go for the cover. Raynes kicked out at two.

Safe to say this match was very intense, all four people brought out all the stops.

A dramatic closing sequence.

Andrew Raynes and Travis Vessey were on the outside. The Prophet of Hate kicked Travis between the legs; doubling him over. He pulled the protective mat, revealing the concrete below; without a moment's hesitation (in spite of the referee Stephen Snugg begging Andrew not to do it); Andrew Raynes piledrove Travis Vessey, effectively robbing any chance of him becoming the undisputed Global Champion. Isabella Harker and Lenore, who were in the ring the entire time, were even shocked at the length Andre would take to eliminate Vessey. With a smile on his face Andrew slid in the ring, bringing things to how this all began, Raynes versus The HerStory Makers, two on one.

The power of hate could only carry Raynes so far. He got some solid shots in, held his own, the numbers game overwhelmed him. Harker did manage to connect with The Stake. She went for the cover... but Lenore wasn’t so willing to allow Harker to walk out the match with the sole claim to the Global Championship. Isabella nodded with a smile. She understood. No hard feelings; the two HerStory Makers wished to settle this between them.

When both were near the ropes, Andrew Raynes had recovered in the span of them having a nice competitive sequence. He clotheslined Lenore over the top rope. Isabella went for the heart punch one more time, Raynes blocked it, brought her out on the apron (spoiler, the hardest part of the ring), he made sure Isabella had no claim to the Global Championship by dropping her on the hardest part of the ring with the Xclamation Point. Andrew didn’t have enough time to enjoy his kill.

Lenore clipped Andrew, he fell to the floor. In one fluid motion she executed Devolution, just like that, Andrew’s head connected with the same exposed concrete he dropped Travis Vessey on. As much as Lenore tried to get Andrew back in the ring, he was dead weight. Lenore did notice that Isabella was resting on the ring apron. Knowing she had to win the match and with no other alternative she rolled Isabella back inside the ring. She made the cover. Just like that, Lenore Price-Mason was the UNDISPUTED Global Champion.

Winner: (An UNDISPUTED) Global Champion, Lenore-Price Mason.

Lenore sighed as the Global Championship was handed to her. She sat Isabella up, hugging her sister, knowing she did what she had to do. Isabella did come too, she showed no ill will towards Lenore. Andrew Raynes was stirring. Travis Vessey didn’t know where he was at. And that was the end to this emotion filled battle over the Global Championship. Lenore’s reign is officially undisputed.


Events have not been very favorable for The Most Valuable Powers as of late. Aubrianna hasn’t been anywhere near the World Championship since Resurrection IX last year when she challenged Minerva and Brittany Kayl for the gold in the main event. Powers has used every dirty tactic and all of her resources within The Sovereign to get back into the title picture and has thus far been denied. Tonight is a different story. Tonight she could win the Civil War Match and earn her way back into a world title match at this year’s Resurrection. But that would be quite a difficult task and anyone who knows Aubrey knows that she is not above taking a shortcut if it still gets the job done. This is what brings the pink tipped blonde haired beauty face to face with Karen Spade. Powers is hoping to convince someone with pull to just nullify everything and just put The Most Valuable Powers in front of the line.

Powers: So Karen, you are in a position of power here in GCW, am I right?

Karen: Well I am the Media Relations Director.

Powers: Oh so you hire all our social media nerds?

Karen: I wouldn’t call them nerds. They’re interns and yes, I do hire them.

Powers: Doesn’t it annoy that one of them licks Princess Nava’s boots all the damn time?

Karen: Maybe a little but…

Powers: But nothing! You can do something about that because you have power! You have authority! Those dweeby interns have to listen to you and you alone!

Karen: Ms. Silverstone is in authority over me as is the GCW President Francis Taylor and…

Powers: Exactly! You and you alone have the power! It’s like that song from the transformers movie, the good one not that dumb Michael Bay bullshit. You have the POWER!

Spade sighs.

Karen: I suppose.

Powers: So I think you should use your power and immense authority to right a terrible wrong. An injustice that has the world up in arms. See, my GCW World Championship was stolen from me last year. I was never beaten for the GCW World Championship but it was still taken from me by management. I technically should still be World Champion and yet I have to go through this stupid ass Civil War Match just to earn a shot at a title I never lost? And on top of that, the current holder of MY title, Kellen Jeffries, he already agreed to give me a one on one title match tonight. His wife Amber is my bestie and you know when besties are involved there are no take backs. So why don’t you use your DIRECTOR POWER to change this world title match, take Brooklyn and Brittany out and put me in.

Spade shakes her head.

Karen: Look Aubrey...I am a director but I am a MEDIA RELATIONS director. I only handle the television deals, social media, and stuff like that. I don’t make the matches.

Powers glares angrily and then shoves Karen.


The MVP storms away.


We go backstage, where intrepid reporter Roderick Osborn is standing by.

Osborn: Joining me at this time, led by Jennifer Alan... The Alan Family.

Jennifer Alan leads The Alan Family into view of the camera.

Osborn: Jennifer, tonight, each member of The Alan Family will participate in the Civil War Battle Royal. How confident do you feel about their chances tonight?

Jennifer: How confident do I feel? What kind of question is that, Osborn? I feel very confident in my charges! Moments like this are why we came together in the first place! Think about it... it's possible we could see three out of the four members of my Family in the final three spots of the Civil War Battle Royal! That means we could potentially see my charges earn title shots... including main eventing Resurrection! Tonight, we show the entire wrestling world just what we're capable of!

Osborn: Geneva? Your thoughts?

Geneva: It's just as Aunt Jennifer said... for us, we win and earn the spoils of victory! This is our goal, the path before us... and one we walk with determination! This is why I returned to GCW... I wanted to establish myself, and winning the Civil War Battle Royal would do just that! We all have our reasons for being here, but one thing you can be assured of... The Alan Family will make its mark tonight!

Osborn: What about you, Derek? How do you feel about tonight?

Derek: This isn't my first rodeo, Osborn... but I do have an extra-special reason to want to win tonight!

Osborn: What's that?

Derek: I win it it all, and I get a shot at the World or Global Title at Night Three of Resurrection... you know what that means? I get a big, friggin' bonus for my work this night, to put into my bank account! I win either title, and the money from being either Shotgun or Livewires champion means even more money for me! A LOT more money, at that! In essence, it all comes around to the almighty dollar! That's my reason for wanting to win! I mean, sure, the chance to win either the Global or World Title at Resurrection would be nice, too... but at the end of the day, I'm about making money, not history!

Osborn: Lester? Duke?

Jennifer: I'll speak for them, Osborn, and I'll keep it simple... they want to destroy people! Tonight is like a big feast for them, and they plan on eating!

Osborn: Well then... any final words?

Jennifer: What more is there to say? Tonight is all about truly establishing my family! Separate goals, but one true path... winning the Civil War Battle Royal!

Osborn: Well then, thank you for your time and I wish you best of luck! Back to ringside!


[We are in the locker room of D'Nae Moore and Jeffrey Alexander. They are both in their gear ready for their Civil War matches later tonight. Jeff seems cool and calm like most of the time, seated backwards on a folding chair. D'Nae though? She's pacing the room.]

Jeff: You bout to make a dent in that floor, walking around like that.

D'Nae: Can you blame me?

[She stops and faces her boyfriend.]

D'Nae: I should have been Heritage Champion, bae! That no-good asshole Kellen ruined that, all because of you. Nah, don't look at me like that, I ain't blaming you. I'm saying that's how petty he is, I spoke my mind about the way he went after you, I guess he can't handle criticism or threats to his already tiny manhood, so he had to come after me, too! I ain't about that!

Jeff: I know, it's messed up. He deserved everything you said and then some, but then you popped off to Tabitha-

D'Nae: She deserved it! She's out here tryna protect this man from having happen to him, the same thing he did to me! Tell me that's not some bullshit!

Jeff: It's a lot of bullshit. But going off on the lady who can help you get a shot to fix what he did and take the Heritage Championship legit isn't really the best idea.

[D'Nae folds her arms, defiant.]

D'Nae: So what I'm supposed to do? Hold my tongue? Not call out bullshit when I see it? I wasn't raised like that.

Jeff: I'm saying.... pick your time. Choose your battles. Right now, here tonight, we both got a shot at winning this whole damn thing and really hurting Kellen where it counts. Assuming he fends them two women off. Focus on that, worry about Mariah and the Heritage Championship later.

D'Nae: You really think I got a shot at winning this?

Jeff: Sure do. So do I. So does almost everyone going out there. Unpredictability is the name of the game. These things are chaos. You gotta keep your head on a swivel, don't trust NOBODY.

[D'Nae grins.]

D'Nae: Oh, like how Kellen says I can't even trust you?

Jeff: Yeah, just like that. I'm not saying you can't trust me, cause you know I ain't about to screw you outta nothing. If me and you both get to that triple threat? We fight. Straight up.

D'Nae: Yeah. Straight up. Along with whoever the third person is

Jeff: That's easy. We double team them then go one on one.

D'Nae: And then you win, cause ain't no way I'm beating you, I learned from you.

[Jeff nods, thoughtfully.]

Jeff: Probably why Kellen's tryna put this doubt in the air. But don't give me that 'I can't beat you' noise. Yeah, I handled most of your training. So nobody knows better than me what you can do. If you dead set on it... all fired up? You could take me.

D'Nae: I don't know bae....

Jeff: What did me and Amy always tell you? If you think you can't win, then you already lost. So don't give me that shit!

[D'Nae sighs, arms still crossed, shaking her head.]

D'Nae: Yeah. I remember. I hate that I want one of us to win, but for that to happen, we probably gotta fight, and I don't really want to fight you.

Jeff: I don't really wanna fight you either. But we gonna do what we gotta do. Right?

[D'Nae is silent, she just stares at Jeff.]

Jeff: RIGHT?

D'Nae: Yeah... yeah we will. As long as one of us gets to take that douche out and shut him up, then its' worth it.

Jeff: That's what I'm talking about.

[Jeff gets up and walks up to D'Nae, grabbing her gently by both arms.]

Jeff: Don't stress. We got this.

[He kisses her.]

Jeff: Whatever happens tonight, one way or another he's gonna get his, and you gonna get yours. You're owed a Heritage shot.

D'Nae: Well hey... if we get to the end and you beat me... that's me in second place, right? There's my shot.

[D'Nae smirks.]

Jeff: That's one way of looking at it. If you beat me... we can switch contracts.

[Jeff smirks too, making it clear he's joking.]

D'Nae: Hmm.... nahh!

[The couple laugh a bit, then walk out of the locker room, hand in hand, ready for whatever the night would bring them.]


We cut to the dressing room of the reigning GCW Global Tag Team Champions, Summer Collins and Jessica Lasiewicz, the duo better known as Fabulous. The Archangel is pacing the floor, looking rather nervous. Her tag partner, Summer Collins in a stark contrast, looks calm, cool, and collected. Collins looks up and Jessica and sighs deeply.

Summer: Jess…

Jessica: What is it Summer?

Summer: You should stop pacing, sweetie. You’ll create a moat.

Lasiewicz stops and turns to face Summer. The Archangel sighs.

Jessica: Sorry. I’m just nervous about tonight.

Summer: I know you well, Jess. You are confident but not in an overbearing egotistical way like me. You just know how good you are and you are thus never worried about what happens in the match. You know you can win if you are at your best and you are almost always at your best. Hell, you have already been runner up in the Civil War once before.

Jessica: I remember. And I lost to my dad that night...nothing to be ashamed of.

Collins nods her head.

Summer: Right, so if you’re not worried about what happens tonight in Civil War then that means you must be worried about that other match. You know? The elephant in the room that we have not talked about yet.

Jessica: Do we have to talk about it?

Summer: It’s probably for the best.

Lasiewicz sighs again.

Jessica: Fine. Look, it’s my mom and my sister...they’re fighting tonight. And I’m really concerned.

Summer: About your mom?

Jessica: Yes. She was going to retire, that’s what Marie wanted from the start and damn it I wish Marie would have kept her damn trap shut but she had to provoke mom, knowing how damn prideful she is. Mom couldn’t resist the desire to prove a point in one more match. Now that one more match is going to happen and I have no idea what will happen.

Summer: Its your mother. Surely Marie would not hurt her own mother.

Jessica: I hope not.

Summer walks over to Jessica and wraps an arm around her shoulder.

Summer: We need to focus, Jess. It’s tough but we need to focus. We are on a roll, we won the MWE World Tag Team Championship, we won the GCW Global Tag Team Championship, and now we have a chance in the Civil War to make even more waves. We are in separate rings and we could both win our rings. If one of us placed just third we could go on to challenge Scream Machine at Resurrection. Think of that, Jess...Global Tag Champs versus World Tag take all...or one of us could place second and go on to Resurrection and bring some singles gold to this Fabulous group. Or the best case scenario, one of us wins the whole damn thing and we go on to main event Resurrection. Fabulous can hold the World or Global Championship. It is all within our reach.

Summer pokes Jessica in the chest.

Summer: But you need to be focused. Understand, babe?

Jessica: I do, but it’s easier said than done.


Grudge Match
Marie Jones vs. Angelica Jones

[As soon as the bell rings Angelica Jones strikes fast with a spinning heel kick, a high back body drop, a dropkick, and then a superkick that sends Marie over the top to the outside. Angelica with a suicide dive over the top to the outside onto Marie. Angelica rolls Marie back into the ring. Angelica with a snap suplex floats over into a cover but only gets two. Angelica with a bulldog takedown followed up by a springboard asai moonsault she calls the Divine Impact for a cover and another two. Angelica goes for a whip but Marie reverses sending her into a corner. Marie charges in but Angelica leaps over the top of Marie and then locks in the Firestarter, her variation of the crossface chicken wing. Marie flails in the hold but refuses to quit. Eventually Marie reaches the ropes. Angelica kicks Marie in the gut and goes for the Hot Shot but Marie counters with a back drop that sends Angelica over the top and to the outside. Marie goes out after her and then whips her face first into the steel turnbuckle. Marie rolls her back into the ring. Marie drops Angelica with a pile driver and covers but Angelica kicks out. Marie goes for Ave Maria but Angelica counters and then snaps off a short arm clothesline. Angelica with a flapjack and then a spine buster. Angelica sets Marie up for another Hot Shot but just as she gets Marie hooked Angelica suddenly and without warning collapses in the center of the ring. Marie rolls to the ropes and starts to pull herself up, all while referee Robert Downey checks on Angelica. Marie pulls herself up just as Downey is about to call for an end to the match but Marie stops him. Angelica has finally regained consciousness by this time but is still very much out of it and still suffering from the lingering injuries from when Marie assaulted her months ago. The referee seemingly begs Angelica to quit but Angelica refuses. Marie takes Angelica and drops her square on her head with the Ave Maria. Instead of covering Marie applies the Angel’s Arch, her version of the liontamer that she learned from Angelica herself. After awhile it appears as if Angelica has again lost consciousness. The referee checks to see if this is indeed the case. Angelica’s arm is raised twice and it falls twice. He raises it a third time but Angelica just then regains consciousness again. Angelica struggles towards the ropes and nearly reaches them but Marie drags her back out to the center and reapplies the hold even tighter than before. Finally Angelica taps out.]
WINNER: Marie Jones

[Marie is showered with boos but she doesn’t care. She defeated her mother, she made her tap out, and now has forced her into retirement. Marie is truly the matriarch of the Jones family now. Marie kneels down to taunt Angelica some more but she receives no response. Marie tries poking her but there is still no response. Angelica has again passed out. Marie stands back up and is stunned, surprised at what she has done. Medical staff quickly rush to the ring to assist Angelica Jones. Kimberly Williams and Jessica Lasiewicz, Angelica’s other two daughters, are there as well. Jessica checks on Angelica while Kim glares at her twin sister and shouts: “IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED?!” Without answering Marie turns and makes her exit with the same blank, stunned expression on her face.]


"Do you know how hard that it is to be me?"

As soon as the voice in the back is heard by the fans out in the arena watching on the Jumbotron, out met with thunderous boos which brings a smirk to the face of the GCW World Heavyweight Champion Kellen Jeffries. Dressed for his match a little later on, a title defense against both Brooklyn Smith and Brittany Kayl, Kellen pauses for a few moments to bask in the fans hatred of him, while he sits on a bench in the locker room.

Kellen: “That is exactly the type of thing that I am talking about too. I barely even open my mouth and all of you start booing me, without hearing, what I, your GCW World Heavyweight Champion, a representative of the 1 percent….”

At the mere mention of the 1 percent, the fans begin booing so loudly that Kellen who is laughing now, mocking and encouraging the crowd to get even louder waving his hand before pausing to let the crowd die down is temporarily drowned out.

Kellen: “...has to say. Let me ask you something if I can please? Are you people, members of the 99 percent, are you so terrified of people like myself that are so obviously better than all of you that you can allow me the simple privilege of being allowed to speak uninterrupted?

The boos have commenced again, and they are even louder than they were before, while Kellen shakes his head in amazement.

Kellen: “Whatever. This reminds me of a man who tried to do everything he possibly could for his country, to make his country great again and just like all of you treat me with such obvious disrespect and resentment, this man in the end was treated with such disrespect and resentment by his own people. And why? While yes, his methods could be somewhat suspect, this man was thought of as highly intelligent. In fact, he did get millions of his own people to follow his lead in the beginning. They used to hold rallies all over his country where the people would cry out his name, so eager were all of those people to follow him. They were hanging on every word that he had to say. He was the one man in human history that had the chance to transform his nation, from a large wasteful, pathetic culture of 99 percenters like we see right now in countries around the globe to a powerful, dominant force, a movement of 1 percenters, capable of uniting the world under one flag.

But that is not what happened. No instead, this man was impeded by others from the 99 percent, people who were just like all of you, because they were afraid by what this man had already accomplished and what he might become if given the opportunity that his ideology were allowed to continue. And I must admit now I do not agree with all of this man’s tactics that he employed because the end result of what he did was so hideous to human kind in general, but one must admit that before he became the ruthless, facist dictator that had to be stopped, what Adolf Hitler accomplish getting any entire population to follow him and his teachings was nothing short of remarkable.”

Kellen looks at the camera now as face slowly breaks into a grin.

Kellen: “Remarkable is what people will privately be saying about me after this event, this Civil War. Because unless something gets changed in the final stretch before this and I am allowed to face a credible opponent for my title tonight like Aubrianna Powers, I will be facing Brooklyn Smith and Brittany Kayl. You would think that I could have a monsterous hill to climb, facing two competitors with accolades such as those two women you would be mistaken, which making a mistake is nothing new for you, because you are members of the majority, the 99 percent.

Just like Brooklyn.

Just like Brittany.

So, being things as they are, and I shouldn’t have to say all of this for all of you again, but I realize who you are and so I am going to make an exception and tell all of you this important, vital, information one more time so pay attention damn it.

When a member of the 99 percent like Brooklyn or Brittany squares off against a member of the 1 percent like me, the only possible outcome is that the member of the 1 percent, again that is yours truly in this situation, your benevolent GCW World Heavyweight Champion will end up achieving victory yet again.

I promise you this is the only possible outcome.

You have already heard me tell you this over and over again in the previous weeks but now?

Now all of you have the extreme privilege of watching me prove it.

Because I am Kellen Jeffries, YOUR GCW World Heavyweight Champion…

AND I am a representative of the 1 percent!”



The crowd roars as the shot goes backstage to Sam Price, who is standing next to none other than Brooklyn Smith. Smith is in her ring clothes, hair tied back, smile on her beautiful face.

Sam: It's quite fitting that the two challengers for the World Championship tonight are not only former World Champions, themselves, but are also former Civil War winners. Joining me at this time is one of those challengers, the 2018 Civil War winner, Brooklyn Smith."

The Buenos Ares crowd roars as Smith smiles and waves.

Sam: "If I'm not mistaken, Brook, this is your first World Championship shot since losing the belt back in July of 2018. In the interim, you were GCW X-Division Champion. How are you feeling tonight?"

Brooklyn: "I'm feeling ready, Sam. I'm ready to become a two time GCW World Champion! I'm ready to bring legitimacy back to the World title after Kellen Jeffreis stole it from my friend, another great champion, Brittany Kayl. Despite what Kellen may think -- and God does he ever think highly of himself -- Kellen Jeffries is not good for GCW. He is not good for professional wrestling. He's just another in a long line of big mouth egomaniacs who can't win without using underhanded tactics. I've known Kellen for a long time, and he doesn't have a honest, decent bone in his entire body. That's not who we need representing GCW as the World Champion."

Sam: "You bring up the other challenger tonight, the previous World Champion, Brittany Kayl. There have been rumors of growing animosity between you and Brittany coming into tonight. Is there any truth to those rumors?"

Smith frowns and shakes her head.

Brooklyn: "No, Sam, no truth whatsoever. There's no animosity between myself and Brit. Some tension, perhaps, but we're both very competitive and we're both challenging for the biggest prize in GCW. We've already decided that the loser tonight buys the winner drinks."

Brook laughs.

Sam: "Unless, of course, Kellen retains the title."

Brook shakes her head.

Brooklyn: "That, Sam, is not going to happen. Kellen has been put in a position that even he won't be able to worm his way out of. I've seen the tweets, where he'd rather be facing Aubrey Powers. He wants to overlook both myself and Brit? It's his loss...literally."


World Championship*
Brooklyn Smith vs Brittany Kayl vs Kellen Jeffries (c)
* If ANYONE interferes in the match their contract is terminated on the spot.

As the World Championship was held in the air, both Brittany and Brooklyn’s eyes zeroed in on Kellen Jeffries who was fully aware that he was in for a LONG night. He slipped out the ring before Brooklyn and Britt could make a move. Both slid out of opposite sides of the ring in an effort to corner Kellen. The World Champion slid back in the ring knowing what was about to come. The challengers made their way back inside. Kellen opted to go after Brooklyn first, with his attention focused on one of his challengers, Brittany managed to sneak up on him. He quickly turned around to meet Britt, leaving himself open to Britt. Didn’t matter how much bigger and stronger he was, trying to account for two former World Champions caught up. Brooklyn had a decisive advantage on Kellen but Brittany didn’t want to share, she shoved Brooklyn off, mounting Kellen, teeing off. Brooklyn could be heard saying “what are you doing?” Britt turned to Brooklyn, she shouted back “he blind sided me remember” reminding Brooklyn it was Kellen using the briefcase to secure his championship reign in the first place. Instead of bickering with Britt, Brooklyn backed off, allowing her friend to go wild on Kellen.

Brooklyn stood to the side. Britt had Kellen exactly where she wanted him. When outta nowhere, Brooklyn snuck up on Britt, tried to schoolboy (or girl) up the former champion for a quick pin. Brooklyn managed a one count, Britt sprung up. Just as you would think they would come to blows, Britt smiled, could be heard saying “well played.” Kellen took advantage of his by shoving Brooklyn into Britt. He executed an exploder suplex on Brook. He went to Britt, tossed her out the ring. His focus was on Brooklyn, nothing more.

At one point in the match, Brooklyn was on the outside leanding up against the steel post.

Kellen charged at her, tried to connect with a mafia style boot to the head, crushing her head into the ring post. But Britt was just in time to pull Brooklyn out the way. Kellen connected with the ring post, he crumbled down to the floor. He grabbed his leg, screamed in pain. The referee of the match went to check on Kellen. The current World Champion kept pointing to his leg. As much as Brooklyn and Britt wanted to pounce, the ref deemed this serious enough to motion to the back for someone to check on Kellen.

This left Britt and Brooklyn alone to decide who the World Champion would be. Inside the ring there was no tension. Straight competition. The friends brought the best out of each other while Kellen was being attended by medics.

The good sportsmanship could only last so long.

The end of the volatile contest came when Brittany Kayl hoisted Brooklyn Smith in the air. She held her in place, signaling that she was going to make the former World Champion, My B*itch. Before she could transition into the brainbuster across the knee, Kellen “miraculously” slid in the ring, chop blocked Brittany’s legs out from under her, Brooklyn crashed down to the mat. Kellen grabbed Britt, shot her out the ring. Turned to Brooklyn, stood her up, dropped her with Game Misconduct. Kellen went for a cover.




Brooklyn kicked out at 2.9.

Kellen couldn’t believe it. He should have had her was the expression on his face. He picked her up again, signalling for Game Misconduct. Brittany recovered from the blindside, slid back in the ring, she returned the favor, chop blocking Kellen’s leg. Knowing Kellen was too heavy to connect with My B*itch, she went for Shark Week, her trademark heel hook. Kellen screamed in pain, if he was exaggerating about the damage to his leg before, no chance he was faking it now. Kellen to his credit wouldn’t bow down. Britt torked some more. Kellen wasn’t going to give Britt what she wanted. Neither noticed that Brooklyn had ascended to the top rope. She had a choice to make. Once she took flight the choice was clear, Brittany was the target. She dropped the leg on Brittany, completing The Nightcap. This forced Britt to let go of the Heel Hook.

Brooklyn could not immediately take advantage. Another decision she had to make, which one was she going to pin. She opted for Kellen first. Her efforts resulted in a two count. She went for Brittany next. As much as Britt wanted her championship match, her night wasn’t capped by any means.

Knowing what she needed to do she picked Brittany up, applied her hammerlock, she leg sweeped the former champ, landing on top of her. She kept wrenching, trying to make her submit with The Hammer Comes Down. She had the hold locked in for a good while. As much as Britt screamed she refused to tap out. All this distracted from the fact that Kellen, sore heel and all, returned to the ring, drove his World Championship across Brooklyn’s head, managed to get Brittany Kayl up, dropped her once again with Game Misconduct.

This time neither Britt or Brooklyn were in any condition to stop the three counts from happening as Kellen pinned Brittany Kayl.

Winner: (AND STILL) World Champion, Kellen Jeffries.

Kellen dragged himself away from the carnage knowing with the match over he was a sitting duck. On cue; D’Nae Moore was the first one to storm down to the ring. What she wasn’t expecting was for a foot to grab her from under the ring. She tugged, no give. She drops down to the floor to find out who was under the ring. To everyones surprise it is...

Amber Jeffries.

This gave Kellen enough time to get out the ring, gingerly make his way over the barricade.

Amber and D’Nae proceed to brawl, D’Nae not realizing that Kellen had made his escape.

Security rushed down to ringside, separated both Amber and D’Nae. Amber stuck her tongue out at D’Nae, she predictably made her way to the side of the barricade that Kellen escaped from. D’Nae rolled her eyes; being unable to get her hands on Kellen.
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Re: CIVIL WAR 2021 (Part 2)

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It is a bright and blue sky in Raleigh, North Carolina just outside of the corporate headquarters of Global Championship Wrestling...well, at least it used to be the corporate headquarters. GCW corporate has since relocated to Miami, Florida but this building remains as a testament to GCW’s beginnings. A few moments later Julia Braddock emerges onto the scene. Julia is wearing a silver colored blazer, a white silk blouse, and a knee length skirt that matches her silver blazer. She is perched atop black high heel patent leather pumps. Her long blonde hair hangs flowing unrestrained to shoulder length.

“Now we are in Raleigh, North Carolina just outside of the former corporate headquarters for Global Championship Wrestling. Now my sister has her reasons for relocating corporate to Miami but as far as I am concerned this place will forever be GCW’s home. Matthew Alan founded this company in 2001 and as a native North Carolinian he chose here as its headquarters. The company grew quickly in prominence and prestige. And you know the whole Civil War Match? That was his idea. “The Hound of Ulster” Cuchulain won the very first Civil War Match back in 2003. Now in the early 2000’s GCW would merge with another company and become Global Division of Wrestling. An entire decade would pass until GCW was resurrected and given another chance at life.”

She motions to the building behind her. “And it was here with this company that I got my start. My father trained me, and maybe he was being a little overprotective when he signed me to a company owned by my own sister. I knew that was probably his motivation but I refused to live the role given to me. I refused to take the easy path and ride safely and easily on my name and reputation. I saw this great company with such a rich history behind it and I saw an opportunity to write my own history, because while some of the GCW originals would return to the newly resurrected GCW, I would be among the crop of athletes representing the NEW Global Championship Wrestling. People like myself, Neil Newman, Kyle Butler, Jenni Anderson, and my ‘Mother’ Aphrodite Noel built this new GCW with our blood, sweat, and tears. And in my time with GCW I can honestly say I have done everything there is to do...I have been Heritage champion, X Division Champion, Television Champion, tag champion, and even had a cup of coffee with the World Championship. But there are two things I have not done. I have not won a Civil War Match and I have not been in the main event of Resurrection.”

“I intend to change that with my victory in the 2021 Civil War Match. Because yes, I will win and I will main event Resurrection, all adding to my legacy here in GCW, making more great memories of this wonderful company that I helped build. Victory in the Civil War Match for me isn’t just an option, though. Unlike what I said earlier about doing my best and whatever…” she shakes her head “...that doesn’t apply this time. I have to win the GCW Civil War Match. I have been with this company since it returned in 2012, this is the place I made my debut, and I have done many things...some good and some not so good...I am proud of all of my accomplishments but I am not proud of EVERYTHING that I have done….this Civil War Match means more to me that just another notch on my belt. This is a journey for me and that journey ends tonight. The journey is one of self-discovery and ladies and gentlemen, I know exactly who I am...I am the heart and soul of the new GCW. So I have to win, not just for myself, but also for my fans and for Global Championship Wrestling, the company that gave this young kid from Kensington a chance when that kid wouldn’t even give herself a chance, the company and the fans that believed in me when I didn’t even believe in myself.”

Julia shuts her eyes tightly, fighting back tears. “Yes...I have to win.”


[The Civil War logo flashes throughout the screen as we hear music playing in the background. The logo disappears and we see Akeem the Supreme, standing in a black background sporting a black bomber jacket with blue jeans.]

Akeem: It's Civil War baby! Your boy Akeem The Supreme is here and listen. You saw how close I was to winning the Heritage title last week. I didn't get pinned, I didn't submit. If it wasn't for that bum Kellen Jeffries, I would have walked out the Heritage title. But I gotta move on. this is my first time in Civil War, but I'm not a stranger to fighting. I think you casuals are starting to understand what your boy can do. But if you still don't get it, pull up a chair and watch tonight. Because once I clear out my ring. And that means I might have to pop Vino if it comes down to it. I'm going all the way baby. Civil War. Forty eight guys right? three rings. One winner. Your boy.

[He flashes a smirk before it cuts to Savino, standing in the background.]

Savino; Civil War. Three rings. Sixteen wrestlers each. Three winners. Then they come together and one takes all. third place? Tag Team title? Not bad. Me and M.A.E.V.E have done some damage. Me and Akeem would love an opportunity at that. Second place? Heritage title. US Title. International title. I wanted to be invovled in the Heritage title. I supported Akeem but that could be interesting. But the winner? The winner main events Resurrection for the Global or World title. It's a long shot. it's going to be a long night. but I haven't wanted anything easy in my life. Civil War? Vino's coming! And he ain't going to stop until he's the winner.

[We then cut to M.A.E.V.E., with her newly won GCW X Division Championship draped over her shoulders.]

M.A.E.V.E.: Chanel Hunter thought she was better than me. And then I shut her up. Won this belt. Do I want more? Perhaps. I already won this belt. Maybe I can get more. Either way, there's going to be a lot of bodies. A lot of people in these rings. I can't wait to punch everyone in the face. And if I win? It's an added bonus.

[We then cut to a shot of the GCW North American Champion Dianna Kruse and Gloria Velaquez.]

Gloria: Yo D, we're finally here! Civil War! Are you ready to make some history, girl?

Dianna: Of course. I know the swine are throwing out their favorites for this match. I haven't heard many throw my name out there.

Gloria: Cabrons. They must have forgotten that you just beat a Genius.

Dianna: i did. I am GCW's NEW genius after all. You think they would show more respect.

Gloria: It's a shame.

Dianna: Truly a shame. You and I uphold the rules. We fight we classy and honor. We have given this North American Championship the dignity it's been lacking. You would think the dolts would respect that.

Gloria: I guess not. So the only way to get the respect you deserve is to win Civil War!

Dianna: Exactly. And that's what i will do. I already have the North American title. But I look onward and desire more. A woman is never complacent and neither am I.

Gloria; We make big girl moves. We fight using Fair and Square methods and we dominate.

Dianna: Don;t be surprised when at the end of Civil War, that a woman is the last one standing. Not just any. A Champion. A real woman

Gloria: A genius!

Dianna: Cruella in the Flesh. Dianna Kruse.

[Dianna smirks before she fades and then we see Nadia Allen.]

Nadia: I don't have a fancy speech. I'm not going to waste your time. I want Kellen Jeffires. That man...that asshole has been messing with me. He's been trying to get under my skin. He thinks he's better than me because of his money. i know he's afraid of me. the only reason he has that World title is because he maced me. I don't care who gets in my way in my ring. I am going to win Civil War and then I'm coming for that title and your head, Kellen.

[She scowls at the camera before the Civil war logo appears on screen again.]




Chanel Hunter in her light blue and Navy-Blue wrestling gear looks ready to compete and make some noise in the Civil War match. Trinity Street stands behind her after the shocking loss of her X-Division Championship to M.A.E.V.E., Chanel though looks intense, ready to make a statement tonight.

Chanel: “I know that you are thinking, oh poor Chanel loss and now that bitch needs to conclude that ain’t shit, right? Suddenly my stock has fallen, Chanel Hunter isn’t the woman she says she is, right? M.A.E.V.E. got lucky and yeah last couple of singles matches I lost but imagine here if I walked into the Civil War and walked out the winner, I would Main Event and take the World Championship. What a year a difference makes, and now I have Trinity by my side. I don’t care who wins the other rings, when the three of us face off, I will become a Champion again. Go ahead, think that I am done, pretend I am nothing more than just a roster filler and I will show the entire fucking world why I am the Future, the Prodigy!”

She turns to Trinity who nods and smirks. Chanel looks back at the camera….

Chanel: 20, 40, 60 wrestlers, it doesn’t matter. I will walk out tonight as a Civil War WINNER. The ring belongs to me, and now that I am FREE AT LAST and no longer have to worry about the X-Division, this is now MY DIVISION, the ENTIRE SHOTGUN AND LIVEWIRE BRANDS. So mark my words, if you want to test me, go right ahead, because when this is over tonight? YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO TOUCH ME!”

Chanel cracks a smile as Trinity leans in, resting her arms on the shoulders of Chanel as they start to laugh together.


We cut backstage where we find the rarely utilized reporter Yo Joe. He isn’t used much due to his rather eccentric personality. The young Japanese journalist is standing there next to his guest, none other than “The Most Valuable Powers” Aubrianna Powers, who smirks confidently next to Yo Joe.

Yo Joe: I am YO JOE! And I am pure evil! It is my distinct honor and privilege to be joined by another evil individual, whose evil prowess and evil plots will help her conquer the universe tonight!

The MVP smacks Yo Joe in the back of his head.

Powers: It’s not evil! I’m doing the universe a favor!

Yo Joe: Ah, my apologies then Ms. Powers…

He winks knowingly at the camera.

Yo Joe: guest is Aubrianna Powers!

Again Powers smacks him in the head.

Powers: WRONG introduction! No one uses you, clown. Do you want a payday tonight or do you want me to give the job to that loser Samuel Price next time?

Yo Joe: No! No! Yo Joe needs the check! I can use it to fund my death ray to destroy Alderaan!

The MVP rolls her eyes.

Powers: Just introduce me the right way.

Yo Joe: guest at this time is The MVP of GCW, The MVP of The Sovereign, The MVP of the Civil War Match, and YOUR next GCW World Champion, AUBRIANNA POWERS!

The MVP is grinning from ear to ear now.

Powers: Much better!

Yo Joe: Explain to the losers out there how easy it shall be for you to march over the broken bodies of your inferior opposition tonight en route to winning the Civil War Match!

Powers: Thank you! Now what the people need to understand is that I shouldn’t even be in this stupid Civil War Match in the first place. I was never beaten for the World Championship last year. No one beat me for it, I was not pinned, I was not made to submit, and thus I never lost. I should be champion now! But you know what? I’m not going to complain because clearly no one in this company cares about justice being done. Sometimes you have to take justice in your own hands and that is what I am going to do tonight.

The MVP smirks.

Powers: But I won’t be alone, because I’m not the only one in need of justice. Chanel Hunter has had an injustice done when her X Division Championship was taken from her. Chantelle Chambers has been done wrong by GCW management who refuses to give her opportunities she has rightfully earned. Well guess what? The entire Sovereign is in the Civil War Match tonight and I suppose Silverstone thinks she’s smart by putting the three of us in different rings. It is supposed to be a random draw but I don’t believe it for a second. I’m sure this is about making sure we don’t work together to eliminate everyone in an entire ring. But that idea is going to backfire in their faces because this is what’s going to happen...Chantelle will win her ring, Chanel will win her ring, and of course I will win my ring, and then The Sovereign will be your final three. The Sovereign will win the tag titles at Resurrection. The Sovereign will take any damn undercard title we want at Resurrection. And one of us...hopefully me...will main event Resurrection and bring the GCW World Championship home to The Sovereign. Learn to love it, bitches.


[Scene opens….]

[Mara Kade and Siouxsie Blade are located somewhere in the building. All that’s seen is a few crates and equipment boxes in the background. Both are dressed in their ring gear and the GCW World Tag Team Championships draped over their shoulders. Underneath Mara’s black and red “Mr and Mrs. Charles” t-shirt with Siouxsie is seen wearing the black and white “Mara Kade World Tour 2021” t-shirt.]

Mara: Civil War 2021. The name is in the title. This is war. And as all of you know, me and Sio, we love conflict. If there’s a fight or some animosity brewing, we’re in the middle of it. Now in the past, very recently, I mentioned that if you were a pro wrestler, if you were in GCW, that Scream Machine was coming for you. Some people think that’s just bullshit. Oh you guys don’t really mean everybody.

[Siouxsie starts laughing.]

Mara: Just so everyone knows and we’re all clear, we mean everybody. This should not be a debate. I grew up with daddy issues. SIouxsie grew up in a crazy ward. Has there been anything that we’ve ever done that would suggest that we’re not trying to fight everyone? It’s survival of the fittest. It’s pro wrestling. The name of the game is war. Tonight is no different.

[Mara taps her chin.]

Mara: Actually it is. We’re in Civil War. We’re in the same ring, Sio. Can you believe that? Same ring.

[Mara smirks a bit.]

Mara: Some interesting names. Some people that I’m looking forward to getting my hands on. That’s right Nava. You and your big ass head may have knocked out me to end 2020 but I’m going to go out of my way to fuck you up. What better way than tossing your ass out of the ring….like I did two years ago! And how this….this all started. Bella’s in this ring.

[Mara looks at Sio.]

Mara: I told you I’ll pay you back for throwing me out a year ago. Today’s the day, little sis. So what’s the goal? What is me and Sio aiming for here? Well, besides fighting every motherfucker in our ring, we want to win obviously. But that would mean….it can’t be both of us can it?

[Mara pauses.]

Mara: I mean, we did win that one battle royale together and split the check. End of 2018 yeah we did that. But this...this is different Sio. I’ve won a ring before. That’s how we won the Tag titles the first time two years. I was the runner up last year. Two year ago Sio, you were an eyelash away from winning the World title. And we don’t do anything half assed. So what we’re saying is when it comes down to us two and it will because we’re the toughest bitches in that ring. Hey, it’s either you or me. And whoever wins, we’re going to win the whole fucking thing. Imagine The Scream Machine Rock N Roll Circus at Resurrection. We defend our Tag Titles Night 1. And then Night 3, either me or Siouxsie wins the World title or the Global title. It doesn’t matter. We’re going to make this a reality. So Sio, I love you as much as anyone. Whatever happens, happens. May the best woman win. Because in the end, the brand, the name Scream Machine, only gets bigger.

[Mara looks over at Siouxsie who starts to laugh before she then steps up.]

Siouxsie: Mara, the Civil War is a battle I don’t want to fight. I’m from the south and well, yeah I am billed from Chicago but I was actually born in Mississippi and yeah, I don;t believe in slavery!

Mara: Babe, it’s not THAT Civil War, it’s the one where like 60 wrestlers are in, three rings. There are no cannons or bayonets.

[Siouxsie seems to be really relieved, taking a deep breath before turning back to the camera.]

Siouxsie: Okay, so since we are in separate rings, wouldn;t it be so cool for us to win ours and then fight at the end for the World title shot and the other title shot!? We would like hold ALL the championships and then what!? Okay…. Okay so Charles thinks I will win, he just told me, but whatever, let's talk about what Mara and I are going to do with the rest of the roster? We are Scream Machine, we don;t give a fuck how many we are challenged by, this is our shit!

[Siouxsie starts to laugh some as Mara smirks…]

Siouxsie: It all starts tonight and we will head into Resurrection defending our tag team titles and winning singles gold at the same time! Run bitches, run fast as you can because there is no North or South…..just REFUSE! RESIST! AND WE SURE AS HELL ARE GOING TO RECLAIM!

[Mara leans in with Siouxsie and points at the camera with a trigger finger while Siouxsie sticks out her tongue and shakes Charles in front of her.]


It was Civil War match day where it was a match Jody Rainer wasn't looking forward to, especially when Jody thought it was based on luck to win the match. Nicky on the other hand had no clue what the match entails, although Nicky found out from Jody what it was. There was another factor in the way of all of this, they were in separate rings. Jody and Nicky shook their head at the situation as Jody begins to speak.

Jody Rainer: "This match we all know is full of bullshit because it's all about a luck-based strategy to be the last person standing. It's such full of shit."

Nicky Stone: "It's not a situation I'm a fan of either. It should come down to whoever is the top wrestler because even if the person wins, they aren't the best, to begin with."

Jody looks a little serious at Nicky, knowing the discussions that have gone down lately on Twitter between him and Mariah who asked for Jody's help.

Jody Rainer: "Except for us Bad Bastards and Mariah Starr of course. We are going to do what we fucking need to do. Go out there in one and three rings, eliminating every motherfucker in the match and then watch to see if Mariah will kick ass and we all win something."

Nicky Stone: "While we all get ourselves title shots we deserve, well then I search for a pretty lady of my own afterwards and give her a good time."

Jody Rainer: "The point is that even if only one of us wins the match, we will gain and win something out of this. I still think this Civil War match is complete bullshit, especially how much I want to get Andrew Raynes one on one for the shit he said about me and you in the past. I don't need to win this match to get my hands on him."

Nicky Stone: "But we can at least be the guys to get ourselves a tag title shot in the near future. At least we're booked for the PPV for once in Tabithia's life, a sexy lady she is. Wonder if she has a man in her life? The point is that I and Jody can possibly clash and only lead us to win the match. "

Once again, there was a break as Jody looked serious at Nicky, shaking his head after the issues he and Tabithia had in the past during his GCW run, but at the same time, he knows Nicky is different, even if Jody was experiencing love feelings for Mariah Starr lately. Still, that's to be told for another time as he addresses one thing about the comment that was made by an opponent on Twitter earlier today.

Jody Rainer: "Mara you stupid cunt, I am not what you call a fucking SIMP whatever the fuck that means. Shame you're not pretty enough to be attractive to me. You can bet that you will be the first person I will be throwing out of the ring because you pissed me off with your dumb comment, along with the rest of you idiots in the match and I don't care who likes it. I will crush everyone around me and get the win I deserve, then Mariah Starr follows and then Nicky will win the third ring."

Nicky Stone: "It doesn't matter who's in the third ring, the point is I will win everything for myself and if I and Jody are the last men left in the ring, we have no problems beating the living shit out of each other for that win."

Jody Rainer: "But only I've got more experience than you and if we aren't, then we will think of other methods to show we are threats to anyone, both as solos and tag wrestlers. One of The Bad Bastards will win and I have no problems when it comes down to it on letting Mariah win either, being the only person apart from Nicky who cares about me."

Nicky and Jody walk off as they head off to their locker room with the show going to a commercial break before the Civil War PPV comes back on and the announcer addresses the next match taking place on the PPV.


Backstage we find “The Phoenix” Marie Annabelle Jones pacing the floors nervously, anxiously. She is still dressed in her wrestling gear as this is shortly after her match against her mother, Angelica Jones, and Marie is still suffering from the panic of the aftermath, of what she may have done to her own mother.

Marie: I didn’t mean for this to happen, I didn’t mean for this to happen, I didn’t…

Jones is in a frenzy, repeating that same phrase over and over. Clearly she isn’t focusing on her next match at all and the next one is the most important; the Civil War Match itself. Marie continues pacing the floor until her twin sister Kimberly Williams enters the scene. Marie immediately sees Kim and approaches her.

Marie: Kim! Thank God! How is mom, is she…

Before Marie can finish her thought, Kimberly grabs her twin sister and pushes her against a wall. Kim looks incensed, angry.

Kim: Is this what you wanted?!

Marie: Kim...please…

Kim: Answer me! Is this what you wanted?!

Marie: Kim...please put me down…think about what you’re doing.

Kim: Why bother thinking? Clearly you don’t think about your actions anymore. And people say I’m the crazy one.

Marie: I know...just give me a chance…

The Woman Scorned pauses for a moment, unsure if she wants to give her sister that chance. Finally after a momentary indecision Kim sets Marie down. Kim folds her arms over her chest.

Kim: Talk.

Marie: Look, this is not what I had in mind! You have to believe me!

Kim: You wanted the match.

Marie: No, our mother asked for the match. I just wanted her to retire.

Kim: And she was going to retire! She said it herself, she was going to retire until you interrupted her on Shotgun and ran your damn mouth. You had to have the last word. You had to try and embarrass her and humiliate her one last time. That’s why she changed her mind and issued the challenge. You provoked her into it. So you are responsible for the match and you are damn sure responsible for how it ended.

Jones is quiet for several moments as the reality of what Kim says sets in.

Marie: How is she?

Kim: I have no idea. She still wasn’t conscious when they loaded her into an ambulance and took her to a nearby hospital. I wanted to give up my spot in Civil War and go stay with her, but Jessica wouldn’t allow it. She wouldn’t allow me to throw away my opportunity. Aunt Kayla will be there instead.

Marie: This is not what I wanted, Kim. You have to believe me. I just wanted mom to retire. She is past her prime but she kept coming back for one more match and then another match and then another. I wanted her to retire and enjoy retirement while others like you and me had a chance to take the spotlight. That’s all.

Kim: How did that work out for you?

The Woman Scorned chuckles.

Kim: It’s funny...people notice how fiercely loyal I am to you. And yeah, I am loyal to you because you helped me when no one else would. You gave me a chance when no one else would. But our mother...for a long time she was just Angelica Jones to me because I had no emotional attachment...she had no reason to give me a chance, especially after I tried to kill her and kidnapped you and tried to kill you, she had no reason to trust me or give me a chance but after you got me the psychological help I needed, once you accepted me back, without even a second thought mother...accepted me back. After all the terrible things, after all the unforgivable things I did to her she still accepted me as her daughter. She loved me as her daughter. That’s something I never had.

Kim points a finger at Marie.

Kim: You have always had that love, affection, and attention from Angelica. Every moment of your life you had that and yet you still had no damn loyalty to her whatsoever. You betrayed her at every turn and tonight you ended her career. You of all people should have loyalty towards her but you didn’t. But I do...the last person you would expect to have loyalty to Angelica Jones knows more about loyalty than you ever would.

Marie sighs deeply.

Marie: You’re mad, I get it...but we are done tonight. We can worry about mom later but we are not finished, we still have the Civil War Match. Even Jessica agrees with me about that because she wanted you to stay here and compete.

Kim: Still thinking about the fame and fortune of it all instead of family?

Marie: Damn it, Kim! Can we address this later?! You saw what happened when we let our personal issues get in the way of business. It cost us the GCW World Tag Team Championship. Tonight one of us could win the Civil War Match. But we need to be on the same page in order for that to happen.

Jones extends a hand.

Marie: So tell me...are we good?

Kim stares at the outstretched hand for a long time before reluctantly accepting the handshake.

Kim: Yeah...we’re good. For now.

Kim then suddenly turns and starts to walk away. Marie calls out after her.

Marie: Where are you going?

Kim: I need to be alone. I am going to be worthless to you out there in the state of mind I’m in right now. I need to be somewhere to meditate, I need to close off my mind to these god damn emotions so I can be the psychotic Crazy Kim, because that’s the only way you and I stand a chance tonight in the Civil War Match.


2021 Civil War Match
Ring 1

[Lester Sampson starts out like the monster he is, trying to overpower everyone. Overpower he does, with a massive lariat to Aubrianna Powers and a big boot to Jeffrey Alexander. He spears Ace Marshall. Meanwhile the reigning World Tag Team Champions Scream Machine are sticking together, working as a team against Jody Rainer in a double team effort. Ronin and Waters are renewing their war from earlier as is Krissy and Princess Nava. Lester Sampson with a spine buster to Julia Braddock and a spear to Bella Downing. A big boot from Lester to MAEVE. Lester turns into a superkick from Nadia and then an Our Lady Peace from Jessica Lasiewicz. The big man doesn’t go down. Nadia and Jessica with a double superkick but Lester rebounds off the ropes with a double clothesline taking both ladies down. He turns around and spots Scream Machine beating down Jody Rainer. Lester goes after the tag champions. He pulls Mara Kade off and drills her with a short arm clothesline. He attempts to do the same to Siouxsie Blade but she floats over and strikes a ddt. Mara then comes back with a running knee strike to Lester’s head. Lester tries to get up but gets caught with The Death Scream from Scream Machine. Mara and Blade then pull Lester up and dump him over the top to the outside, eliminating one of the biggest threats from the Civil War. Jody from behind with a release German suplex to Mara Kade but before Siouxsie can assist she is taken down by a clothesline by MAEVE. Bella and Ace Marshall are brawling near the ropes. Big mistake. Nadia Allen rushes over and dumps both over the top and to the outside. Nadia is dropped by Pure Deformation from Jessica Lasiewicz who commences to lay in with right hands afterwards. Krissy with an enziguri kick to Princess knocking her down. Krissy notices Jeffrey in trouble at the hands of Julia Braddock. Krissy tries to take advantage by dumping both and Jeff does go over and hits the floor but not Julia! Braddock manages to skin the cat back in the ring. Krissy is then speared by Nava Farrin. Nava with a curb stomp followed by throwing Krissy out of the ring! MAEVE has Siouxsie in trouble near the ropes with chops, martial arts kicks, and right hands. Siouxsie tries fighting back but MAEVE with a thumb to the eyes followed by more right hands. MAEVE charges but Blade ducks and black drops MAEVE over the top to the outside. With MAEVE no longer a threat Siouxsie scans for her tag partner and finds Mara Kade in trouble and nearing elimination at the hands of Jody Rainer. Blade helps Mara back into the ring and then drills Jody with Doom Machine. Together Scream Machine eliminates Jody Rainer from the Civil War. Ronin and Adrian Waters have been brawling this entire time but their fight is interrupted by the World Tag Team Champions who decide that those two will be their next targets. Meanwhile Princess has Aubrianna Powers beaten down in a corner. Julia Braddock pulls Princess of and goes for Cult of Personality but Nava counters with a release Northern Lights suplex. Jessica Lasiewicz goes to lock in The Four Card Trick on Nadia Allen but she counters by kicking Jessica off sending her into the turnbuckle. Nadia charges in and clotheslines Lasiewicz over the top and to the outside. Mara and Adrian Waters are fighting near the ropes, trying to get each other out. Princess again seizes the opportunity and rushes over and dumps both out of the ring to the outside. Ronin has the other half of the tag champs in trouble but Siouxsie pokes her in the eyes and then suplexes Ronin out of the ring. Sioxusie happens to catch what Princess did to Mara Kade. Sioxusie charges Princess and spears her in half. Siouxsie rains down vicious rights and lefts to punish Princess. What Siouxsie doesn’t notice is Aubrianna Powers has been sitting back in wait. She pulls Siouxsie off and catches her with The Most Valuable Kick straight to the head followed by her new move, The Powers House of Pain, a variation of sister abigail. Powers throws Siouxsie out of the ring. This leaves it down to the final four...Julia Braddock, Princess Nava Farrin, Nadia Allen, and Aubrianna Powers. Powers notices that Nadia Allen and Julia Braddock are going toe to toe in a high energy fight. Powers decides not to get involved in that to just let them fight. Powers helps Princess to her feet and tries to convince her to form an alliance. Princess nods her head in agreement. Powers smirks arrogantly and starts taunting the crowd as she approaches Julia and Nadia who are still fighting, not realizing what is happening. But Aubrianna doesn’t realize that Nava has betrayed her. Just after Powers turns her back to Nava, the Princess takes Powers and throws her out of the ring. The crowd erupts and starts laughing at Powers as she demands a recount. Princess Nava then sits back and waits, catching her breath as Nadia and Julia continue to fight it out. Nadia with a backfist and then a ddt. Nadia goes to lock in an arm bar but Julia counters into a triangle choke reminiscent of her sister’s Shekhinah Glory triangle choke hold. Nadia counters out of it into an arm bar. Julia breaks it and then counters into Cult of Personality. Julia sets Nadia up for Vow of Chastity but Nadia uses her strength to overpower Julia into a vertebreaker instead! Nadia with Death by Poison to Julia Braddock. Before Nadia can take advantage Princess rushes in with a standing enziguri. Nava with the Butter Chicken Beatdown! Nava throws Nadia out of the ring! We are down to two in the first ring, Julia Braddock and Princess Nava! Nava pulls Braddock to her feet but Braddock strikes immediately with rights and left backing Nava against the ropes. Nava with an eye rake to stop the momentum. Nava with Bangle Bazaar. Nava locks in Dehli Kekada. There are no submissions at this stage but it can certainly take a lot out of an opponent and Princess, knowing this, keeps the hold locked in for a long time before releasing it. She goes to throw Julia over the top but she lands on the apron. Princess goes to knock her off but Julia tries to suplex her out of the ring but Nava lands on the apron. They trade blows on the ring apron, which one will fall first? Julia and Nava then have the same idea and both go for superkicks...and both connect! Julia and Nava both fall off but by chance Nava falls off just a little bit before Julia and thus hits first! Julia struggles to get back into the ring as she is announced as the winner of the first ring.]

Robert E. Lee: The winner of ring one...JULIA BRADDOCK!

Ring 2

[Kendra Classic had went to war earlier backed up by Julia Braddock and Hannah Myers against The McBride Corporation. But here for Civil War the trio was separated into different rings but by luck of the draw Karen and Melanie McBride ended up in the same ring. The McBride Corporation use this to their advantage, double teaming Kendra early. D’Nae Moore, still sore about being screw out of the Heritage championship, targets the new champion Mariah from the start and those two brawl. Miss America tries to help her friend but is targeted by Sierra Michaels. Hugo Magnussen goes after Summer Collins, renewing their rivalry. Derek Powers and Duke Michaels double team Destiny Skye. Livvie Nelson fights with Alan Monroe and Chanel Hunter goes after the GCW International Champion Ms. Budde. Miss America makes short work of Sierra, easily beating down on Michaels and dumping her out quick. Miss America then turns her attention to Dnae and goes to assist her in a double team against Mariah. Kendra is suffering at the hands of a double team from the McBride Corporation still as is Destiny at the hands of Derek and Duke. Summer goes for a Money clip on Hugo but he counters and drills her with a power slam. Hugo with a gorilla press slam to Summer sending her to the outside, eliminating her. Hugo then goes over and pulls Melanie McBride off of Kendra and drills her with a short arm clothesline. Kendra starts fighting back against Karen. Alan Monroe connects with Rejection to Livvie Nelson. Alan Monroe then goes over and pulls D’Nae Moore off of Mariah and starts throwing rights. This distracts Miss America and allows Mariah time to strike with a stunner followed by a ddt to Miss America. Duke and Derek go for a double power bomb but Destiny fights it off. Destiny with a Destiny Cutter to Duke. She superkicks Duke out of the ring. Derek charges and Destiny low bridges Derek sending him out of the ring as well! Both Derek and Duke are out at the hands of Destiny Skye! Destiny’s celebration is cut short when Livvie Nelson comes from behind with a belly to back suplex. Kendra has been dominating Karen ever since Melanie was pulled off. Kendra has Karen set up for the classicrash but Karen slips out of it. Karen goes for McBride’s Ride but Kendra slips out, rakes the eyes and then connects with the classicrash! Kendra sends Karen sailing over the top and to the outside! Alan Monroe has D’Nae Moore set up for Highway To Hell but D’Nae fights out of it. D’Nae with a running knee strike. D’Nae with a superkick to Alan that sends him over the top but he lands on the apron. Moore with another superkick and this time Alan falls off the apron and hits the floor to elimination! Before she can think about her next target she is attacked by Kendra Classic and those two start going at it. Meanwhile Chanel Hunter and the GCW International Champion Ms Budde have been going at it since the start! It has been a bitter back and forth brawl between the former champion and current champion. Ms. Budde gains an advantage with chalk to the eyes. Budde goes for her infamous ruler and attempts to use it but Chanel manages to avoid it, snatches the ruler away, and uses it on Budde! Chanel with Velvet Revolver! Chanel eliminates Budde! Chanel isn’t done there...she sees Destiny and Livvie having their own brutal back and forth fight near the ropes. Chanel rushes in and dumps both over the top and to the outside. Chanel smirks as she holds up three fingers, signifying her three quick eliminations! Melanie McBride strikes Hugo with Evolution, sending the big man down. Melanie goes up for McBride Flies but going to the top was a mistake...Chanel seizes the opportunity by rushing the ropes and shoving Melanie off, sending her out of the ring and crashing into the barricade! Melanie is gone! Chanel then begins to stomp away at the fallen Hugo. Mariah has Miss America in trouble in the corner. Mariah charges in but America avoids contact. Mariah lands on the apron. Mariah goes for a springboard attack but Miss America catches her with a jumping straight kick in mid-air that sends the Heritage champion out of the ring and to the floor! Miss America then goes over to assist D’Nae against Kendra Classic. Hugo has fought back against Chanel. Hugo with a huge spine buster. Hugo with a big boot and then a spear followed by a jackhammer. Hugo throws Chanel over the top...but Chanel hangs on and gets back to the apron! Chanel with a springboard forearm smash to Hugo knocking him down. Chanel with a Velvet Revolver to Hugo! Hugo tries to sit up and Chanel with another Velvet Revolver! Chanel tries to drag Hugo’s massive form up. She tries to hoist him over but it is a chore. Hugo fights back. Hugo with massive punches staggering Chanel. Hugo goes for a charging boot but Chanel ducks and Hugo goes over the top. Hugo lands on the apron. Chanel with a springboard dropkick to Hugo that eliminates him! We are down to the final four: D’Nae Moore, Chanel Hunter, Kendra Classic, and Miss America! In a classic battle royal moment the former world tag team champions of #MooreAmerica in a standoff as they stare back at Kendra and Chanel. Kendra and Chanel exchange looks and agree to a temporary alliance as both realize the threat that the former tag champions pose. Chanel goes after D’Nae and Miss America goes after Kendra Classic. Chanel and D’Nae are trading rights back and forth but D’Nae gets the upper hand. D’Nae with a Irish whip into a flapjack. D’Nae with a spinning heel kick and then a face buster. She goes for a clothesline but Chanel ducks and then strikes a quick ddt. Chanel mounts D’Nae and rains down right hands. Kendra with a Clasicrash on Miss America. Kendra goes to throw Miss America out but she lands on the apron. Miss America with a springboard hurricinrana to Kendra. Miss America with a spear takedown. Miss America rains down right hands to Kendra. D’Nae has fought back against Chanel and strikes with an enziguri followed by a shining wizard. D’Nae with a twist of fate. D’Nae goes for a suplex but Chanel floats over and lands The Name Dropper. Chanel turns and notices that both Kendra and Miss America are brawling precariously near the ropes. Chanel rushes in and seizes the opportunity, dumping both over the top and to the outside. We are down to two! Chanel Hunter and D’Nae Moore! Chanel Hunter turns her attention back to D’Nae who has just pulled herself back up to her feet. Chanel charges right into a back elbow from Moore. D’Nae with a code breaker. With Chanel trying to get back to her feet D’Nae strikes with Flip The Script! D’Nae with Dirty South to Chanel! D’Nae throws Chanel over the top but only one foot hits! D’Nae thinks she’s won! Chanel skins the cat back in the ring. D’Nae turns around into a violent Velvet Revolver! Chanel throws D’Nae over the top but like Chanel earlier D’Nae hangs on and only foot touches. Chanel sees this and comes back at D’Nae just as Moore is attempting to skin the cat. Moore wraps her legs around Chanel’s head and attempts to pull her over but Chanel lands on the ring apron. Both pull themselves up to the apron. Chanel throws a superkick but D’Nae blocks it and throws one of her own and connects to Chanel, knocking her off the apron and to the floor!]

Robert E. Lee: The winner of the second ring, D’NAE MOORE!

Ring 3

[The teams of Total War and Twin Magic pair off against one another to start this match off. Nicky Stone tries to woo Chantelle Chambers...but is punched in the face for his troubles. Chantelle and Nicky proceed to face off. Geneva Alan goes after Kelsai Adamson-Mason. Savino and Akeem work to double team Katrina Lopez. Hannah Myers meanwhile battles the North American Champion Dianna Kruse. As for Bash Kincaid? The former global tag team champion targets both Crystal Swift and Anastasia Ivanova at the same time. Swift and Ivanova were battling one another until Bash goes after both with clotheslines taking them down. A huge power slam to Swift followed by a big boot to Anastasia. Bash then gorilla press slams Swift out of the ring and then throws Ivanova out of the ring! Two quick eliminations for Bash! Bash then turns his attention to the two on one against Katrina. Bash lends a helping hand by pulling Akeem off and beating him down, leaving Katrina alone to battle back against Savino. Sophie O’Brian with a dropkick to Kimberly Williams but The Woman Scorned goes through the ropes to the outside, NOT over the top. Kim uses this chance to reach underneath the ring and produce tons of weapons! She throws trash cans, steel chairs, kendo sticks, a stop sign, a staple gun, and finally the Infinity Gauntlet! Kim enters the ring wielding the gauntlet. Sophie attempts the fireball shot, Scorched Earth Policy...but Kim blocks it with the gauntlet! The gauntlet is now on fire! Kim shrugs and decks Sophie with the flaming gauntlet. Kim throws the flaming gauntlet at Mark who catches it and freaks out as he tries to put out the fire. Meanwhile Marie and Kim with a double superkick sending Mark O’Brian out of the ring. Kim and Marie each take a steel chair and drill Sophie with a con-chair toe before throwing Sophie out of the ring eliminating her. Kim takes the staple gun and staples him in the back of the head and in the ass. Marie goes after Chantelle Chambers. Kelsai is gaining an advantage against Geneva with a rapid fire offense but Geneva quickly rakes the eyes. Geneva spots the weapons. She takes a kendo stick and blasts Kelsai in the gut and then over the back. Geneva suplexes Kelsai onto a trash can. Savino whips Katrina into the ropes but Katrina reverses and then connects with a flapjack sending Savino face first onto another trash can. Katrina lays a steel chair onto Savino and then drops a leg across the chair! Hannah with a body slam to Dianna on a chair. Hannah with a kendo stick attack to the champion! Hannah celebrates with the kendo stick not noticing that Dianna is slipping her brass knucks on her hand. She blasts Hannah in the back of the head with the knucks. Bash power bombs Akeem through a few set up chairs. Kimberly with a Shadowblade to Nicky. Kim turns around into a knockout blow to her face with her very own infinity gauntlet...weilded by Dianna Kruse! Dianna starts taunting the crowd but doesn’t realize Hannah is back to her feet and has Dianna’s brass knucks. Dianna turns around into a shot to the face! Hannah mounts and starts raining down rights and lefts. Nicky meanwhile pulls Kim up and German suplexes her. Nicky with a running leg lariat. Nicky grabs a steel chair and blasts Kimberly. Marie has Chantelle set up for Ave Maria but Chantelle counters. Chantelle with All Eyes On Me! Savino and Katrina are trading shots. Savino picks up a chair and rears back but Katina gets a foot up. Katrina picks up the chair and drills Savino in the head! Katrina throws Savino out of the ring! Katrina is then stapled in the ass by Kimberly and her staple gun! Nicky comes up and drills Kim with a belly to belly suplex. Bash with a gorilla press slam to Akeem, sending him out of the ring! Bash pulls Nicky off of Kim and Katrina and then drills him with a running power slam onto a chair. Katrina is drilling Kim like mad with a kendo stick, payback for the stapling. Katrina then gets the staple gun. Kim kicks it out of Katrina’s hand. Kim with a dropkick that staggers Katrina to the ropes. Kim charges looking for a clothesline but the momentum sends both over the top! Kim hits the floor and Katrina...Katrina manages to hang on and pull herself back to the apron! Katrina reenters the ring and rests. Chantelle with another All Eyes On Me to Marie and throws her out...but the referees don’t see it. Kimberly does and, being that they are identical twins, reenters the ring and sets Chantelle up for Ave Maria...Chantelle rakes the eyes and then delivers a double arm ddt. Chantelle stomps away at Kim but then Marie slides in from behind and drills Chantelle with an Ave Maria. Kim rolls out of the ring. Dianna and Hannah are fighting near the ropes. Katrina comes over to try and dump both over the top but only gets Hannah! Dianna slips back in and drills Katrina with a chair shot to the head! Dianna throws Katrina out. The North American Champion notices that everyone else is preoccupied so she sits down and rests. Nicky and Bash are trading right hands in the center of the ring. Bash starts to get the upper hand so Nicky kicks him below the belt. Dianna seizes upon the opportunity and takes out her brass knucks again and blasts Bash, staggering the bigger man to the ropes. Nicky and Dianna charge and clothesline Bash out of the ring. Dianna starts to celebrate too early as Nicky pulls the ultimate dirty trick, grabbing her and throwing her out of the ring! Marie and Chantelle are fighting near the ropes. Nicky tries to take advantage and dump both with a double clothesline. Chantelle goes out but Marie is able to skin the cat back into the ring! We are down to four: Marie Jones, Geneva Alan, Kelsai Adamson-Mason, and Nicky Stone. Lucky for these final four of ring three the weapons have been discarded by now. Nicky tries to use his manly charms on the three ladies but that isn’t happening. Marie, Geneva, and Kelsai triple team Nicky! Marie with The Ave Maria...Geneva with the G.A.M…Kelsai with The Double Shot! Marie spins Geneva around and catches her with The Hot Shot. Kelsai starts pummeling away on Nicky Stone. Marie throws Geneva out of the ring. Marie pulls Kelsai up and drops her with The Vindicator. Marie locks Kelsai in Angel’s Arch. Kelsai is fighting in the hold. Nicky uses this reprieve to recover. Nicky then comes up and ddts Marie. Nicky throws Marie out of the ring! We are down to the final two: Nicky Stone and Kelsai Adamson-Mason! Nicky pulls Kelsai up and throws her out...but Kelsia hangs on! Kelsai with a springboard spinning heel kick taking Nicky down! Kelsai with an axe kick! She goes up top and connects with Bombs Away! Kelsai goes for The Double Shot but this time Nicky gets his knees up! Nicky with a release German suplex and then The Warrior of Pain that sends Kelsai over the top and to the outside!]

Robert E. Lee: The winner of the third ring, NICKY STONE!

Julia Braddock vs. D’Nae Moore vs. Nicky Stone
[The triangle match phase is here as the three battle royal winners are set to square off. Pinfalls or submissions only and the fall can occur in any of the three rings. Once you are pinned or tap out you are eliminated. The third place winner of Civil War earns a world or global tag title shot, the second place winner earns an undercard singles title shot, and the overall winner of the CivilL War Match will have earned the right to challenge for either the GCW World or GCW Global Championship in the main event of Resurrection X. Nicky Stone, though, isn’t thinking about championships or Resurrection. Once again he is letting his love of the ladies get the better of him. He goes to Julia Braddock and tries to woo her but she has none of it and slaps him. Nicky then goes to D’Nae and tries to woo her. D’Nae nods her head in agreement! Nicky then smirks as he motions to Julia and marches towards her as if he and D’Nae are going to double team him...only for D’Nae to deck him with a right hand! Julia and D’Nae whip Nicky into the ropes and drop him with a variation of the 3D. Drop toe hold by Julia to Nicky and D’Nae follows it up with a running knee to the side of Nicky’s head. Nicky rolls to the outside. D’Nae and Julia then go at it, exchanging rights and lefts. Julia gets the better of the exchange, backing Moore into the ropes. She goes for a whip but lowers her head too early and D’Nae makes her pay with a kick to the face followed by a swinging neck breaker. Straight From The A by D’Nae to Julia! D’Nae cannot celebrate as Nicky comes in and snaps off a Dragon suplex to D’Nae. Nicky with a tiger driver into a cover...1...2...3NO! D’Nae kicks out! Nicky with a gut wrench power bomb to D’Nae. Julia then comes off with The Kensington Knockout to Nicky! Julia sets Nicky up for The Vow of Chastity but Nicky fights out of it by shoving Julia off towards D’Nae who back drops her out of the ring. Nicky charges forward and spears D’Nae. Nicky sets D’Nae up for The Warrior of Pain and connects! Nicky covers...1...2...3NOOO! D’Nae out of instinct alone got the foot on the bottom rope! Nicky is stunned at this and argues with the referee about the count. He should be paying more attention to Julia Braddock who has returned to the ring. Nicky turns around into a kick to the gut followed up by Excommunication! Julia covers Nicky...1...2...3NOOO! Nicky kicks out! Julia goes up for another Excommunication but Nicky avoids contact. He goes for a lariat but Julia counters into Thy Kingdom Come, her crippler crossface variant! D’Nae comes up from behind but doesn’t break the hold...instead she locks in an ankle lock to Nicky! Nicky struggles mightily but even he can sustain this punishment for so long. After about a minute he taps out.]

Robert E. Lee: Ladies and gentlemen, your THIRD PLACE WINNER is NICKY STONE! By coming in third he and a partner of his choosing will face either the World Tag Team Champions or the Global Tag Team Champions at Resurrection X!

[We are now down to two: Julia Braddock and D’Nae Moore. There is no handshake but there is certainly a sign of respect in both sets of eyes as they gaze at one another. Julia lures D’Nae into a tie up, hoping to use her technical wrestling skills to outwrestle D’Nae. But Moore shows that she is no slouch when it comes to technical wrestling as she matches Julia hold for hold and counter for counter. This lasts for about two minutes until D’Nae drives a knee to the gut and then starts throwing rights as she turns this into a brawl. D’Nae with a snap suplex and a spear. D’Nae with a Flip The Script into a cover...1….2….3NO! Julia gets the shoulder up! D’Nae sets up for Dirty South but Julia slips out of it and then drops D’Nae with a full nelson suplex. Julia charges and clotheslines D’Nae, the momentum sending both over the top and to the outside. Julia charges a rising D’Nae but Moore sidesteps her and Julia goes crashing face first into the steel turnbuckle. Braddock staggers backward and when she turns around D’Nae leaps into action, locking in Mooregasm! But the match can’t end on the outside...still the move is effective and takes a lot out of Braddock. D’Nae hangs on for a few more seconds before releasing the hold. She rolls Julia back into the ring. D’Nae wants to make sure Julia is done so she whips her into the corner. D’Nae with Straight From The A! D’Nae goes for another Dirty South but Julia slips out and rolls her up in a school boy...1….2….3NOOOO! D’Nae kicks out! D’Nae goes for a lariat but Julia counters into Thy Kingdom Come! The referee checks on the submission but D’Nae refuses! She’s come this far and will not settle for second place! After nearly a minute D’Nae manages to reach the bottom rope. Braddock heads up to the top and stands perched, waiting as D’Nae pulls herself up. Julia goes for a Dragon Rana but D’Nae counters into a sit out power bomb! D’Nae with a slingshot into the corner and Julia’s face smacks the steel ringpost! Julia is busted wide open! D’Nae with a perfect plex...1...2...3NOOO! Julia kicks out! D’Nae measures Julia, waiting as Braddock pulls herself back up. D’Nae goes for Mooregasm a second time but this time Julia is close enough to the rope and hangs on tight, not allowing herself to go down and D’Nae, as a result, misses and hits the mat hard. Julia pulls D’Nae up and sets up for Cult of Personality but D’Nae counters and goes for a cutter but Julia counters the cutter and this time manages to drop D’Nae with The Vow of Chastity! Braddock covers...1...2...3!]

Robert E. Lee: D’NAE MOORE has come in second place! Due to her second place finish, D’Nae Moore has earned the right to challenge the GCW X-Division, Heritage, North American, OR International Champion, her choice at Resurrection X. But the winner of the 2021 Civil War Match, and now the number one contender for either the GCW World or Global Championship at Resurrection X is JULIA BRADDOCK!!
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