Scream and Shout: Sitdown with Mara Kade Part II

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Scream and Shout: Sitdown with Mara Kade Part II

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A month ago, Mara Kade sat down and discussed a variety of topics, including the best of Five series between Scream Machine and Wrestling's Most Wanted, her views on wrestlers using their leverage against other companies, her relationship with Bay Ara promoter and father like figure Franklin Myers among other things. Going into the sitdown, Mara had agreed to do a second interview a few days after the end of the Best of Five Series. Last time, Scream Machine were up 2-1 going into Match 4 with a chance to win the vacant GCW World Tag Team Championships. They lost and thus were forced to wrestle a decisive Match 5 at Desperate Measures in a ladder match. The match affair brutal, heated and both teams left everything behind. It was also the main event of the Shotgun portion of the card. In the end, Mara and Siouxsie defeated WMW to win the Tag Team Championships, winning their second overall tag tam titles and putting themselves on a short list of teams that have won both the GCW Global and the GCW World Tag Team Championships.

Now fresh off of their second title win, Scream Machine is poised to defend while wonder how will their second run as champions play out.

Note: This interview was conducted on Tuesday, November 17th, 2020

-Last time you said you didn't want to get ahead of yourselves after winning Match 3. But now that you and Siouxsie are the champions, is it safe to congratulate you now?

Mara: Haha yeah it's safe. Mission accomplished. I got really drunk with Sio and Minnie [Minerva]. My husband[former SCW wrestler Max Kane] will tell you the next day I was out of it.

-Was it worth it?

Mara: Of course. It's always worth it.

-You mentioned on Twitter that this title win was sweeter than the first. Why do you feel that is?

Mara: I don't know, actually. Maybe...there is something about winning it again. Anyone can win a title one time. Not everyone does it, but on any night, you might get lucky, right place, right time and you got yourself a championship. Obviously Sio and I didn't get lucky the first time we won the titles. Not at all. We knew we were better than the Brotherhood. But we had never done it. So I think the motivation was proving to everyone that we could do it, if that makes sense?

-Yeah it does.

Mara: And we won on GCW's biggest show. So it's a big moment and everything, right? I think with this one, it was harder than the first. We made it pretty quickly to being number one contenders the first time. I got third place in Civil War and that helped. We ran through everybody. But everyone knows how we were screwed over and lost the titles in the first place. So you go from that to this one, the stuff with Rising Tide and we honestly lost at every turn. One of those losses I still stand that the ref messed that up but losing to those guys was tough. That still pisses me off. Still though, we lost that battle and it fucking sucked. And then this series. Going through this series was tough. At first, this was just to figure out who was the next contenders. We had to dig deep. We had to execute, make sure we had the timing down that we normally have. We had to really fight for this one and I think that's what makes it sweeter. You learn a lot about a wrestler's will in the big matches. This was a gritty win, which fits exactly with our identity.

-What about the will of a wrestler you think is revealed in those matches?

Mara: I mean, that's something I learned when I was in Japan for the summer.

-Summer of 2018.

Mara: Right. And so I'm living in the dojo with all these kids and I mean kids. There's fucking 15, 16, 17 years old at the one I was staying. I wrestled a 15 year old over there and she ran circles around me. Couldn't grab the little ...don't even know what to call her haha. I love that girl though. Anyways, everyday we're doing drills on endurance, building stamina. We're running up steps, doing shit tons of pushups. Hated it. My legs felt like they were on fire all day. My thighs, my ass, all burned. I felt like I ran several marathons in a day. Over here we lift a lot of weights and stuff. They do too. But one of the trainers sat me down and told me, "you can know the moves and you can work on your skills. But there's going to be matches were the only thing you can rely on is your will, your endurance and your tolerance of pain." You can build muscle but that weighs you down in longer matches.

-So it's a matter of endurance?

Mara: Something like that. You gotta think when you're wrestling someone, they've seen your moves and know what you like to do. So they're going to try to prevent you from doing them or avoiding the set ups that you like. Eventually, it's just a matter of taking someone's will away. That's something I never doubt with Sio. I think she's going to fucking swing until she's put down. And I'm the same way.

-You made it clear last time that you didn't have much respect for Wrestling's Most Wanted last interview. Now that the series is over, has that changed?

Mara: They're a tough team. They didn't make this easy. We didn't underestimate them. But they shown something Match 4. We thought we had them and they wrestled a perfect match.

-They seem more determined than ever.

Mara: They were mad. They should have been mad! I was shitting on them. And I was saying "you don't wrestle with any passion and we're about to kick your ass and take the titles." We got something out of them. It made it fun. I was like "alright let's fucking go." They pushed us to the full five matches. They beat me Match 1. My shoulder is still messed up from Sunday so I have them to thank for that haha. Looking back at it, if you're a wrestling fan, I don't see how wrestling can be as good as what we left out there.

-The crowd gave a standing ovation to both teams afterwards.

Mara: Which, honestly, was awesome. You want to be in the big matches and you want people to recognize how good you are. And I think that's what happened. I think down the line, people are going to look at this series and put it up there with any of the Best of series's. That feels good to be apart of some history like that. it's even better to win it. I would have hated to lose a series like that haha. I hope Kendra and Hannah cried their fucking eyes out when they left the arena.

-Why's that?

Mara: Wrestling's an emotional sport. It's physical, mental and emotional. I destroyed the hotel I stayed in after Resurrection because I really wanted those titles and I wanted to beat those guys. And losing that match took a lot of me and I needed to take it out on something. Now, I had to pay a good amount to the hotel and I didn't appreciate that. But the owner of this company[Glory Braddock] also hit me and Sio in the wallet and then hid behind "policies" when I challenged her to a fight. So I'm used to it at this point.

-You haven't let the brief war of words with Glory Braddock down it seems.

Mara: I don't let any of that stuff go. Call me petty. I don't care haha.

But that's a part of wrestling. You have these feuds and wars and there's a lot that goes into your mindset when you're in one. I don't like people so I don't need much to show that to people but there's a lot of emotions that go into being a wrestler. I think it's impossible to wrestle and not have emotion or fire. We spend a lot of time training, traveling, making sure our bodies are in the best shape, learning new moves. We don't do this for a hobby. There's a lot of time spent and when you wrestle in the ring, I think that's where you let all of it out. And so yes Kendra and Hannah, if they say they are passionate about this and they didn't like me calling them out for their lack of fight in Match 2 and Match 3, they should be pissed that they lost. They spent all that time talking shit about how they're the better team and that we're trying to chase after them and they're better looking than us. And they were wrong. They were not the better team. They lost. If that doesn't piss them off or make them cry, then I have no use for being in the ring with them again.

-You did mention on Twitter that you wanted them to fight back up the rankings and that you didn't want to see them break up as a team.

Mara: Obviously we just fought each other six times in five months so we have to take it easy. But now we have a feud. I'm interested to see what they do after this war. I think there's more interesting now that they ever have been. How do they respond after losing a war like that? I'm curious to find out.

-Earlier you brought up that you've kept the slight you have against Glory Braddock. On Twitter, you and Siouxsie reignited your rivalry with the Rising Tide.

Mara: It felt good too. I know we're on different brands but I would love another crack at them. They think they're the best team. We think we're the best team. And they beat us last time. So yes, we see those dudes, we're going to come at them in anything and everything. That shit fuels me, personally. We're a better team now than we were at Resurrection. I think in general we're a much better team than we were in our first title run. We're a bit older, bit wiser. You learn a lot of little things when you become champion. They've been champions for a while too but I think their reign has been meh. And that's not me being bias, I'm just saying.

-What do you mean?

Mara: They've had the title for nine months and I think people look at length as the thing a title reign should be looked at. I've always disagreed with that. I'm pro defenses over length when it comes to judging title reigns. You look at their reign, we're clearly the best team that they've beaten. But since then....there' time where they're your mother and your father to challenge them. You had a wild Total War appear out of nowhere. Look at that tag division over there. It's shit. They don't have a team at the caliber of WMW. And I blame that on them more than Silverstone.

-What makes you say that?

Mara: Funny enough they[The Rising Tide] gave me shit for this last year. But I feel it's the champion's responsibility to establish what the standard is to all the teams trying to come after the title. I think when you tell people we'll accept all comers, you're lowering that bar. And to me, not everyone deserves a title shot. I don't feel any remorse about saying that. if you haven't won any matches or have put in great performances, I'm not just going to hand you a title shot from the kindness of my heart. I think the people that argue with me expose themselves. You want everyone to have a turn and that's just not how it works in the real world. The reason Scream Machine and WMW were put into this series was because we have a track record of succeeding and wrestling at a high level. It wasn't because someone just gave it to us. I think what made this title even greater is that WMW did the best they could. And they fought hard. And they lost. We had to really find a way to win. I think if we both got trophies, it would water shit down. Not everyone wins and that's what makes it better. There's one prize and only one team can get it. So I feel my point is being made looking at their defenses and the state of that division over there.

-There seems to be a bevy of potential challengers that could challenge you two.

Mara: Which is good. That makes the scene healthy. I've always felt there's this weird stigma that you can't headline a show with a tag team. It always has to be singles. Now, Sio and I are pretty good single wrestlers and the chances that we've had to prove that we have. But we're the best tag team and I think at this pint, we've shown that we're two of the best here. I really think our match on Sunday shown that people are into the idea of seeing the Tag titles placed a bit higher. It helped that there were some real stakes to the match. And I think too with the teams I see over here, I think there's something we can do here. There's some teams I want to see rise up.

-You've mentioned Wrestling's Most Wanted being one of them. But what other teams do you have an eye on?

Mara: The entire division I think is pretty good. Those Kowloon guys intrigue me. Especially M.A.E.V.E. I don't think anyone knows this but she got trained where I was tried; Drunken Rabbit. We've never met but I've heard of her. Anything Bay Area related obviously I'm aware about. Soviet Gingers are still around. When they're not messing around, they're pretty good. Wrestling's Most Wanted goes without saying. McBride Corp are now over here, so that's interesting. Once in a blue moon Kim and Marie[Twin Magic] come and they're good. You never know what to expect from them but I've always wanted to face them. I saw Chantelle[Chambers] talk about if GCW wanted to build around a tag team, they could do it with her and Powers. If they're serious about going down that route, by all means.

-You also challenged her too last year to a match. You were part of the team that fought against the Sovereign late last year.

Mara: We came out on top but I still want their heads. You don't get to wave the white flag. At all times I'll look for ways to get it going. Can't think of a better way of beating them again then for the titles yeah? Would make for a good match since it's been a year since War Games.

-What about Bella Downing and Katrina Lopez? The former champions? Bella was with you, Siouxsie and Minerva in the fight against the Sovereign. I know you're friendly with her.

Mara: Right. That's an interesting thought. She got hurt and that's why they lost the titles. I haven't texted her to see how she' doing, which I should now that I remember. Yeah I think they have a claim. They were never beaten for the titles and while normally I would say you have to beat some team to justify another shot, they never lost it. Besides, Bella owes me a match after Civil War this year!

-She eliminated you to win her ring this year in Civil War. That gave her the chance to challenge for the titles in the first place.

Mara: Yeah imagine that. I thought I had her and she pulled it out. I wasn't even mad. I was impressed. She improved a lot really quickly. She's taller than most girls and most guys too. You see shit about measurements and how most guys are 6'0, which is bullshit. The majority of them are like 5'7, 5'8, 5'9. Some of them put lifts in their boots. It shows when they stand next to someone like her. She's really lanky and has a lot of explosiveness to her game. I'm more a chameleon where I brawl a little, I make it to the mat a little, I throw in some submissions. Maybe jump off the top here and there. She's really good and I felt before she got hurt she was really starting to figure some of the little things out like psychology and ring awareness. She's like the little sister to me and Sio. So naturally as the big sister, you wanna knock little sister down a peg haha.

-You think highly of her. You don't often express praise to someone except for Siouxsie.

Mara: There's exceptions to every rule I guess, ha.
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