EXCLUSIVE Interview with Julia Braddock

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EXCLUSIVE Interview with Julia Braddock

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A desk is set up in front of a background that sports the official GCW Civil War 2021 logo. Sitting at the desk is one of the more fair and unbiased journalists that GCW has, none other than Dexter Russell. He is wearing a silver suit with a silk white button up shirt. He is smiling politely into the camera, smiling at the viewers watching this at home or on the internet, whichever it may be.

Dexter: We are now just days away from the 2021 Civil War Match, a match that officially begins the road to Resurrection. It is a tradition began in the original Global Championship Wrestling that opened in 2001. The match itself was the brainchild of GCW Founder Matthew Alan. It was adopted by Global Division of Wrestling upon the merger and brought back with the relaunch of GCW in 2012. The match is conducted in two phases, first is a battle royal phase in which there are three battle royals occurring simultaneously in three separate rings. Phase two begins when there are winners for each battle royal, because those three winners will then compete in a three way match where the only way to be eliminated is by pin or submission. Third place receives a tag title shot of their choice at Resurrection. Second place will earn an opportunity at the North American, International, X Division, or Heritage Championship, their choice, at Resurrection. And the overall winner of the Civil War Match receives an opportunity at either the World or Global Heavyweight Championship at Resurrection. When you include the Civil Wars conducted in Global Division of Wrestling, there have been a total of fourteen winners of the Civil War Match, only three individuals can say that they have won it more than once. At this time I am going to sit down and speak at length with one individual who hopes to be the fifteenth individual to win the Civil War Match and that individual is "The Kensington Knockout" Julia Braddock.

And on cue Julia Braddock enters the set from stage left. She is wearing a sparkly blue dress, heels, and a black blazer. Her long blonde hair hangs down with some curl to just below the shoulders. She approaches the desk. Dexter Russell stands up and greets her with a handshake. Dexter and Julia then take their seats simultaneously.

Dexter: Thank you for joining me, Julia.

Julia: Not a problem, Dexter.

Dexter: Civil War is now just days away and you have spoken at length about how important this is to you as, maybe not a GCW original, but one of those who has been with GCW since its relaunch in 2012. Why don't you speak about that some more.

Julia: Certainly. I mean, the terms "main event" or "mid-card" and especially "curtain jerker" if you want to insult someone, those terms are used frequently in this business. Some may consider me to be at the main event level right now. But I don't think so, you can argue with me all day long about my accomplishments and achievements but I will still disagree with you and I point to a few notable reasons why. First, like you said I have been here since GCW's resurrection. This is where I made my debut, Dexter. But I've only held the world championship once. Chantelle Chambers has had it four times, Lenore Mason and Isabella Harker on Livewire have held it multiple times, so has Travis Vessey. But me? I've had one run with the championship. And that run was not a memorable one. I had to cheat to win it and ultimately I was little more than a place-holder, a paper champion, keeping that title warm until Victoria Salinas took it from me. So yes, I have been World Champion, but it was hardly a memorable reign. It wasn't exactly my finest of moments and looking back it proves that I wasn't ready then. Sure, I've had memorable tag team title runs, memorable runs with the television title when it was active, the X Division Title, and Heritage Championship. Those title reigns I am damn proud of. But if you ask me, based on championships, I would put myself upper mid-card, borderline main event. I am almost there, Dexter. But there is that second thing, that one other thing I haven't done that would definitely myself and my name as a main event star in my own mind...and that is to win the Civil War Match and main event Resurrection.

Dexter: Is that ultimately what this is about for you? You want the main event spot at Resurrection?

Julia: Not entirely, no, but the main event is a big part of why I want this. Don't get me wrong, Dexter, despite how I admittedly can come across at times, I am NOT full of myself. I have had some tremendous matches on the undercard of Resurrection. My match against my sister Glory at Resurrection VI was probably my favorite match of my career so far. The previous year, Resurrection V, was equally as memorable because I got to defend the Global Tag Team Championship alongside my boyfriend JaMarcus Avery. Yet at the same time I see other superstars come in and immediately get their Resurrection moment. Andrew Raynes, Minerva, just to name two. Hey, they EARNED their Resurrection moment, they fought their asses off to get that Resurrection moment so quickly. Others, like me, have had to work much longer hours to get that payday, people like Isabella Harker and Brittany Kayl, it took them awhile to get their hard earned Resurrection moment but they got it. I have had moments. I have had great moments that I enjoy and will always treasure in my heart. But I have not had THE moment, the moment every GCW superstar thinks about and craves. That is the moment I want.

Dexter: Circling back to championships, the three battle royal winners are guaranteed a title shot of some sort. If you manage to come in third place...

Julia: I am NOT coming in third place.

Dexter: Humor me. If you come in third, have you thought about a tag team partner? Furthermore, who would you challenge?

Julia: Fine, I will humor you. Aphrodite Noel or JaMarcus Avery. I have held tag team championships with them before. If I had to challenge for tag team titles ever again, I would prefer to be standing by their side. As far as who I would challenge? Both Scream Machine and Fabulous aren't shy about telling the world that they are the best tag team in GCW. Fabulous has two belts in two companies, if me and my partner were to beat them there may be an excuse that they were distracted. So I would go with Scream Machine. Besides, Scream Machine wouldn't make any excuses anyway. That's what I like about them.

Dexter: And if you come in second place, which championship would you consider challenging?

Julia: Whether its the North American Championship held by Dianna Kruse, the International Title held by Ms. Budde, the X Division Title held by MAEVE, or the Heritage Title held by Mariah, it doesn't matter much to me. Although I do not believe I have ever held the North American or International Titles. So I would probably choose one of them. Now then, Dexter, ask the question you really should have been asking from the start.

Dexter: Fine...if you do win the Civil War Match, who will join you in the main event? Which champion will you challenge? The Global Heavyweight champion or World Heavyweight Champion?

Julia: And there we go. I think everyone has just been assuming that I would challenge the WORLD Champion, as in the champion over on Shotgun. After Civil War that will be Kellen Jeffries, Brittany Kayl, or Brooklyn Smith. The WORLD Championship has one big positive to it, in that you can trace its lineage back to the very first world champion in this company's history...Steve Powers back in 2001. The Global Championship may not be as old but it is still every bit as much as "world" championship as the World Championship itself. After Civil War it will be held by Lenore Mason, Isabella Harker, Travis Vessey, or Andrew Raynes. And I have never held the Global Championship before. Winning that would put me into an elite class of individuals who have held both.

Dexter: So? What would your decision be?

Julia: That is for me to know and you to find out. In fact, I haven't even made up my mind. For one, I don't know who the world and global champions will be, I do not know who my choices will be yet. Second, I am focused entirely on one thing and that is winning the Civil War Match. That is step one. I cannot even begin to think about my options or begin to make decisions if I can't even get past step one. Step one, winning the Civil War Match, is going to be the biggest step of them all. But I guarantee you that I will do EVERYTHING within my power to walk away from Civil War as the winner and as THE MAIN EVENT!
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