Message from The McBride Corporation

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Message from The McBride Corporation

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Backstage we find the trio known as The McBride Corporation. This group is made up of Blair McBride, standing in the center and to her right is her youngest sister Melanie McBride and to Blair’s left is the middle sister, Karen McBride. All three look stoic but fierce as they gaze into hte camera.

Blair: To most of you out there watching, this is a form of entertainment. To our peers in the locker room, this is a form of competition. But to The McBride Corporation only a small portion of this is competition and an even smaller portion is entertainment. To Karen, Melanie, and myself, this is a business. And just like any business, sometimes you have to cut the dead weight and train your employees, whip them into shape, to make sure the business operates like a well oiled machine. The McBride Corporation cut the dead weight that was Mason Van Stanton and I underwent the proper training so that I could play my role within this organization. And ever since then, the three of us have been unbeatable.

Karen: Just ask The Soviet Gingers what happens when you face The McBride Corporation. Or perhaps you can ask Rich and Leviathan what happens when you face The McBride Corporation. They will tell you first hand that we are not the jokes that we once were. They will attest to the fact that we are no longer the pushovers that we once were. There was a time when you could expect a win when you were put up against The McBride Corporation but that is no longer the case. We have gotten rid of the distractions, we are all back on the same page, and the three of us are back down to the business at hand and that is becoming the GCW Global Tag Team Champions.

Melanie: The thing about business is that it often requires adaptation and, dare I say, evolution. The McBride Corporation started with just me and Karen. But that wasn’t good enough, so I evolved; I adapted and changed, I became a better version of myself, I became the stone cold killer that you see before you today. My sister Blair was dropping the ball and failing in her job as our manager so I took her and molded her, I helped her evolve in the same way I have, and now she, like me, is far more ruthless and cold than ever before. But that’s not the only thing Blair has learned while under my tutelage. Blair is a fully trained fighter, prepared to go to war with Karen and myself physically if need be. What that means for the rest of the Livewire Brand is that when the time is right, The McBride Corporation will expand our reach from the tag team division to the singles division. When we decide the time is right, we will run this entire brand.

Blair smirks devilishly.

Blair: My sister speaks of the future but proper business practice says we must focus on the more immediate goals and our most immediate goal is the GCW Global Tag Team Championship. Tonight Chantelle Chambers and Aubrianna Powers are finally gracing the Livewire Brand with their overbearing and condescending presence. I would like to think that The McBride Corporation deserves some credit for your appearance tonight, due in large part to the pressure we have been putting on Silverstone to force you to do your damn job as tag team champions of this brand.

Karen: The Sovereign against Rich Dix and Leviathan. Funny how that works out, isn’t it? We defeated Dix and Leviathan, but they are the ones who get to face the champions? But you know what, that’s fine, that’s perfectly fine. Because we will be watching the pair of you very closely. Hopefully you two fall flat on your faces and embarrass yourselves. But regardless, we will be studying you and doing our homework because we are coming for those tag titles.

Melanie: Finally, to any other tag team on the Livewire Brand who have any funny ideas about jockeying for position in the tag title picture…

Melanie chuckles.

Melanie: ...well, go ahead and try to stop us. Go ahead and try and cut in line. We welcome your challenge. The tag team division in Livewire has evolved and you are looking at the ultimate evolution of tag team wrestling in the form of The McBride Corporation. You can learn to adapt and adjust to the new reality or you will go extinct by our hand.
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