The Julia Foundation: 6

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The Julia Foundation: 6

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London, England
Off Camera

Chastity Alexis Noel, the woman more popularly known by her ring name of Julia Braddock, has been spending much of her time lately in her home of London, England. She has been living here ever since Mason Van Stanton dropped her as a client and kicked her out of the luxurious apartment where she had been staying in North Carolina. Having nowhere to turn she went to her home in London, and not just any home but her actual birthplace, the place where she grew up and lived out her childhood; the Braddock family homestead just barely within the London borders. Being home has allowed her the time to grow and mature mentally and emotionally as well as physically. Being here gave her the tools necessary to train for her big comeback, a year long comeback that culminated in a Civil War Match victory, a near miss at Resurrection in the World Championship main event, and now one more opportunity, an opportunity at the GCW Global Championship against Lenore Price-Mason on August 10th edition of Livewire.

Improving her wrestling skill isn’t the only thing that brings her back home. The former Julia Braddock has recently come into a large inheritance thanks to her uncle with whom she was very close, Peter Braddock. Utilizing this wealth she has begun a project she calls The Julia Foundation; a place for older teens and younger adults needing help, whether that help be with fighting an addiction or just simply finding a helping had to get themselves back on their feet. This project has been very special to Chastity and she desperately wants to see it through. She even reached out to the Van Stanton family, namely Henry Van Stanton, to assist her with this project. In doing so she even helped end a long standing feud between the Van Stanton family and the Braddock family.

Unfortunately things are not all well for Chastity’s latest project. With the sudden and violent shooting death of Henry’s son Archie in late July, Chastity has been left on her own to attempt to get this project off its feet. Chastity does not have the legal mind or business mind that Henry has; this is why she wanted to work with him in the first place. He knows how to get things done in a timely fashion when it comes to legal issues and business issues. But now Chastity is left to try and finish this project on her own until Henry can return. To say that Chastity has not been successful would be an understatement to say the very least. The entire project has been put on halt for the foreseeable future, at least until Henry Van Stanton feels up to returning to his duties.

Meanwhile in the living room of the Braddock family homestead is the person whom Chastity had hoped would become The Julia Foundation’s first success story; a young woman named Grace. Chastity met Grace when Grace tried to break into the future home of the Julia Foundation in order to find a place to stay for the night. Chastity discovered not only her but also drugs on her person. As it turns out Grace ran away from an orphanage and has no idea who her real parents are and has been homeless ever since. Moved by her story, Chastity allowed her to move in until The Julia Foundation can be completed; the only condition was that Grace would agree to quit doing drugs. Chastity has since learned that Grace is seventeen years old and the seventeen year old is sitting in the living room watching television when she hears the front door opening and slamming shut behind her. Grace turns her head and watches as Chastity Noel enters the living room.

“Oh, hi Julia!”

“Evening, love.” Chastity says as she walks in. “But please, call me Chastity. My name is Chastity.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot. Why do you call yourself that anyway?”

“Long story.” Chastity walks over to the sofa and sits down next to Grace. She sighs and it is evident that she has had a long night. Grace furrows her brow.

“So how was your day?”

“Not good. Do you remember the man I told you about? The one who was helping me?”

“Yeah. Henry something, right?”

“Henry Van Stanton, yes. He has a great legal mind and an even better mind when it comes to business. He has been helping me with The Julia Project, namely all of the legal red tape and all corporate matters that I know next to nothing about. Unfortunately he’s still unable to return to work and won’t be returning anytime soon.”

“That sucks. But I can’t blame him, y’know? Didn’t his son get murdered or something?”

“Yes, his son got shot and killed during a home invasion. He’s still grieving. And I will let him have as much time as he needs to grieve. Unfortunately for The Julia Foundation, this means delays. And I honestly have no bloody clue how long these delays will last.”

“Could you handle it yourself?”

“No…” Chastity shakes her head “...I mean, I could try, because it is mine. But I have no idea what I’m doing in that field.”

“Could you get someone else to help you?”

“There are very few people out there who I trust enough to bring into this. As a matter of fact, the only one I can think of is my know as Glory Braddock...but I don’t want her involved in this. This entire project would become all about how great she is and that’s not what I want. It isn’t that I want the spotlight for myself, either. I don’t want the Braddock name attached to this at all in any way, shape, or form. I want this project to be successful for its own merits, not because of what famous person started it. Do you understand, Grace?”

“I think so.” The seventeen year old says as she nods her head. “But what does that mean for me? I was supposed to move in and live there once it got started.”

"Yes, and I wanted everything at the Foundation to be ready to go so that you could be moving in within days. But that's obviously not going to happen." Chastity reaches out and places a comforting hand around her shoulders. “Don’t worry, love. You will always have a place to stay, you will never again have to live on the streets, you will never be homeless again. I promise you that.”

“So what are you gonna do?”

“I have thought about that long and hard these past few days, Grace. I think that maybe you shouldn’t live at The Foundation. Instead, you should live here with me on a permanent basis.”

There is a tense pause as Chastity locks eyes with Grace. Chastity was hoping that Grace would be ecstatic about the idea. After all, Grace for a time hero-worshiped the woman known to the world as Julia Braddock. But much to Chastity’s surprise, Grace seems hesitant. Then she confirms it with a shake of her head.

“I don’t think that’s a real good idea.”

“Why not?”

“Well, uh, I’m a recovering drug addict and you, uh, also have a history of addiction, so, um…” Grace’s voice trails off but it is clear where she is going with this. Chastity isn’t taking no for an answer. She shakes her head.

“You’re wrong. Sure, you are a recovering addict but you have made such great progress already in the rehab program I set you up with. And you don’t need to worry about me, because I have already beaten the addiction. You will too, Grace. I know because I believe in you. You have changed so much from the disheveled mess I saw in Roslin. You are a beautiful young lady, you are well behaved, and respectful. And you’re capable of so much more that I’d hate to leave your potential in this world up to chance by turning you over to social services.”

“You really think I have potential?” Grace asks, her face brightening up a little.

“Of course you do. Tell me, how much education do you have?”

“None. The orphanage I was in didn’t give a damn about us kids to give us any kind of worthwhile education.”

“Then that settles it. Grace, you will continue to go to rehab, you will continue to grow and mature, I will send you to school and get you the education you deserve, you will never be homeless because you will live here under my roof, and you will never again have to tell anyone that you are an orphan without a family. Because you will be living here, with me, as my daughter.”

“Seriously?” Grace arches her brow. “You want to adopt me?”

“Remember when you asked why I go by Chastity instead of Julia? Well you may think of me as this legend, a member of the legendary Braddock wrestling family, ‘The Kensington Knockout’ Julia Braddock. But being Julia Braddock wasn’t easy. My father favored my sister because she took to wrestling much quicker than me. My mother and I were close but when she divorced from my father and moved away to the United States I felt abandoned by her. Then the added pressure to live up not only to my father’s fame and greatness but to the high standard set by my sister when she made her professional wrestling debut. All of that family drama and professional pressure broke me and I turned to drugs, just like you did. But a woman named Aphrodite Noel got me cleaned up, she got me the help I needed to overcome the addiction, and in the end she gave me so much more that helped me in my personal and professional life. She became like a surrogate mother to me, one I never had as a teenager. In return all she wanted was a family. And I gave it to her by agreeing to become her daughter.” Chastity reaches out and grips Grace’s hand tightly.

“Grace, I haven’t told anyone this...not even Henry Van Stanton, because he may not have helped me if he knew. But the truth is that The Julia Foundation served two purposes. The main purpose, yes, is to help people with addictions, help the homeless, help anyone who just needs a hand. But the other purpose is one deeply personal to me. I wanted to find that special person to help. And you, Grace, you remind me so much of myself in so many ways. Aphrodite Noel, my Mother, helped me and I want to pass on that kindness by helping you. You are that special person I want to help. I want to help you get your education, I want help you get clean of the drugs and the addiction, I want to give you a place to stay, and I want to take you under my wing. More than just a protege, but as my heir, my daughter.”

Grace pauses momentarily to think it over. She does need a place to stay. And at the orphanage or social services she would not likely get adopted anywhere else by anyone as kind as Chastity. Still, she is reluctant. “I’m not sure if this is what I want…”

“This is the only way, Grace. If you go back out on the streets you’ll end up back in trouble with the authorities, and this time I will be unable to save you. You would already be in custody of law enforcement had it not been for me. I just want to help you reach your fullest potential, the same way one person helped me reach my potential.”

The pressure is mounting on Grace to make a decision. Finally she nods her head. “Ok...I mean, I do need a place to stay, and you’re right, if I ended up in social services or even back in the orphanage I’d probably end up in trouble before too long. I agree, lets do this. I’ll be your daughter.”

“Excellent!” Chastity is beaming from ear to ear. “And lets make this official in the only way I know how. I bet you never even had a real name. Grace was just the name the staff at the orphanage gave you. But I will name you; henceforth, you are to answer to Serena Grace Noel. What do you think?”

Grace smiles. “I like it. Thanks for doing all this for me, Chastity….” she stops herself and chuckles “...uh, I mean, thanks mom. I really appreciate this.”

“Thank you for letting me do this for you, Grace.” The two embrace in a tight hug. “Believe me, you will not regret this.”
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