The Vision: A Fabulous CD (no pun intended!)

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The Vision: A Fabulous CD (no pun intended!)

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Boston, Massachusetts
Off Camera

We open in the empty private gym owned by the Jones family. Jessica Lasiewicz, being a daughter of Angelica Jones, has full rights to use this gym and is currently there dressed in gym shorts and a t-shirt. She is punching away and throwing the occasional kick at a heavy bag. The Archangel then hears a door open and shut. She smirks as she hears the clicking of heels across the cement floor. Lasiewicz turns in time to spot her tag team partner and best friend Summer Collins approaching. Summer is dressed in a knee length black skirt, a crimson red top, and a jacket. She is perched atop high heeled sandals. Summer chuckles lightly.

“Is this why you asked me to fly from Palm Beach County, Florida to Boston, Massachusetts? You wanted me to watch you kick the crap out of a heavy bag and sweat bullets?”

Jessica shakes her head. “Funny, but no.”

“Good. I was hoping this was important business because otherwise this is a wasted trip, Jess. Time is money.”

“Yeah, you business types say that all the time and I hate it.”

“But it’s true.” Summer says with a wink.

“Yeah, well you’re filthy fucking rich. Don’t pretend that you can’t afford this little minor inconvenience.”

“You’re right.” Summer’s grin grows wider. Then she stretches out her hands and embraces Jessica in a tight hug. “Besides, I’d go the ends of the earth for you, babe! You’re my bestie!”

“I know.” Jessica says after they break the embrace. “Funny thing is, I’ve always known it. Even when we were battling one another, when you were trying to kick my ass and when I was trying to kick your ass…”

“Let’s be honest here, Jess,” Summer pipes in, interrupting her friend “you were the only one doing any ass kicking in that feud.”

“This is true.” Jessica snickers. “But in any event, no matter what we did to each other, I always knew that deep down inside you were my friend. You always were my closest friend. Consider that your sister-in-law and my mother were once tag team partners, and we continued their legacy. When my wrestling career was threatened, when I faced the possibility of a future as a valet forever, you could have just quit the company. With your connections you could have BOUGHT your own opportunities, but you stuck by my side until BOTH of our wrestling careers were secured. And sure, we had our differences…”

“Differences?” Summer snickers. “We tried to kill each other.”

“You’re exaggerating. But still, the point is that yes, we did have a bitter rivalry; but why did we fight? It was because we each had our own different vision for what direction this team should go. And we were both too damn stubborn to sit down and try and talk it over.”

“You gotta admit though, fighting it out on live television does make for great TV!” Summer says jokingly.

“I had a suspicion that deep down inside you were always my friend and that I could always rely on you no matter what. I always believed it but unfortunately I’ve never been a trusting person and after what we’d been through I wasn’t ready to take a gamble on you. But then you proved yourself back in December of 2018 when you rescued me from Sorinah Floreschu trying to commit me to an insane asylum.”

“Well, I had done you wrong on so many occasions…” Collins shrugs her shoulders “...helping you out was the least I could do.”

“You did more than that, Summer. You took the one step I was unwilling to take; you were willing to sit down and talk. You were willing to try and work our competing visions, not just for the sake of trying to salvage our team but to salvage our friendship.”

The mood has taken a somber turn. Summer Collins, a master negotiator, can tell that something is up here with her best friend and tag team partner Jessica Lasiewicz. She just isn’t sure what it is yet.

“What is this all about, Jess?”

“We’re approaching Last Respects. We’re in a tag team eliminator against Rising Tide, The McBride Corporation, and The Alan Family. Now no disrespect to any of those teams but you know damn well we shouldn’t even have to be in that match.”

“We should be champions.” Summer says, nodding her head emphatically.

“Exactly. We never should have lost to Powers and Chambers. Yet we did. We never should have lost the MWE World Tag Team Championship and yet we did and here we are. We were once the most dominant tag team in wrestling and now what’s happened to us? We’ve grown stagnant. We’re just treading water. We are right back into the kind of situation we were in when we first split up as a team many years ago. Now it is my turn to reach out to you and work out the future of Fabulous.”

Collins thinks on this for a moment before nodding her head. “Ok, so what do you want to do?”

“This isn’t about what I want. The fact is that we’ve been playing this to my tastes these past few months and while it did lead us to the MWE World Tag Team Titles and GCW Global Tag Team Titles, it has also led us to losing them in short order. A change is necessary. The only change I want specifically is to get rid of Sorinah Floreschu.”

“Sorinah?” Summer asks. Jessica nods her head.

“I know she’s been advising you. She’s been advising me too. I think we should get rid of her. We do better on our own and you know it.”

“I do agree with that. Yes, we can get rid of Sorinah. What else are you thinking?”

“I was thinking an awful lot about your original vision for us when we reunited. Let’s face it, the team we were when we first got together was a completely different team than the one we were when we reunited. We were a rough and tough and perhaps a little bitter duo called Fame & Fortune but then you rebranded us as a team called Fabulous, because we were fabulous in terms of our beauty and our in-ring ability, and we were confident enough to tell the entire world that we were absolutely Fabulous. But we have since gotten away from that vision. We are the very best tag team in the world today, we are also the two very best looking women in the world today, and it is about damn time that we remind everyone of that fact.”

Collins smirks. “I have a feeling you already have an idea of where to go with this?”

“Wait right here, I will be back!”

Jessica walks off towards the changing area. Summer stands there waiting for several minutes on her friend. Summer gets curious about where she went and what she has in mind. Eventually Summer hears a door shutting. She turns and watches as Jessica emerges into view. Jessica is wearing a royal blue and white cheerleading uniform with the word “Fabulous” printed on the front. Summer cannot stifle a chuckle.

“Clearly that isn’t the cheerleading uniform Kyle picked out for you!”

“No way in hell I’m wearing Alabama colors. These are Duke colors. I got one for you back there as well, its maroon and gold.”

“Boston College colors, the uniform Neil picked out for me. Why do I have to wear his school’s colors?”

“Because you don’t have a favorite college team, Summer.”

“Fair enough.” Summer studies Jessica in the uniform and smirks. “You know what? So lets show off our goods. We are absolutely Fabulous. The boys can look an drool all they want but they can never touch.”

“That’s what I’m talking about!” Jessica exclaims, grinning from ear to ear. “We’ll kick ass while looking stunning!”

“No...while looking absolutely FABULOUS!”
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