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Pic Base Help

Post by Ironman »

Okay, so I know this thread is more for banner requests and stuff like that, but here's my dilemma.

Maybe less than half of you know this, but there's no reason it should be a secret…but I'm completely blind. This is why I started efedding 8 years ago. It's primarily text-based gaming. With the integration of Twitter, I am missing out on something, though: the pic base showing off. I have four active characters: two sexy females and two good looking dudes. I'd like to collect pics of them I could use on Twitter, for things like hashtag days and just simple things like Hannah going to the beach.

So, if anyone wants to help in their spare time, you can post to this thread various pics of the following:

1. Brooklyn Smith (Keira Knightly)
2. Hannah Myers (Pamela Anderson early 90's only!)
3. Timothy Myers (Ben Roethlisberger)
4. Adrian Waters (Travis Milne)

Bonus points:

5. Olivia (Bayley, since she's dating Timothy)
6. Ian McKinnon (Matt Sydal, since he's Brooklyn's boyfriend)

That's pretty much in order that I'd like to collect them. No pressure, and any help much appreciated!
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Re: Pic Base Help

Post by Diesel3601 »

Here is a couple of Brooklyn ones


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