Resurrection - a few notes

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Resurrection - a few notes

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I may no longer run this place but this is still my baby. I created it back in 2002, it was the first fed I ever created and ran myself. It started as a competitive roleplay fed and would evolve and change over time as I gained a partner and friend to work with; it rebranded and changed into GDW. Around 2012 I decided I wanted bring GCW back as an angle fed. The initial purpose wasn't anything special; I just had tons of ideas that I felt were cool, were awesome, but I had no confidence in my storytelling and writing ability to try those ideas out in a competitive roleplay environment. So I created GCW mainly for myself and others who were in a similar position as me, with ideas that maybe they weren't very confident about, or maybe they just had ideas that they were confident in but weren't sure would be accepted or embraced. The purpose of GCW's return was just to have a place to try shit out, to have fun. I had no idea it would become as successful as it has; each Resurrection marks a new year for GCW's return. So Resurrection XI (11) marks the 11th year of GCW's return. I had no idea we would still be going eleven years in. I am very happy with this place and I am very proud of everyone who has helped to keep this place going...Randy, G, you guys have been here since day one helping to run shows...and in Randy's case now running everything...or just to bounce ideas off of each other. Thank you. I would also be remiss if I didn't mention Wasley, while he may not officially be a part of us he was a big help for many years. Also Gary, you provided us with a forum (literally) for this great place. And your characters are amazing and always enjoyable. Hopefully we continue to see them down the road. I'm sure there are others I forgot to mention, if I did I apologize. There were so many who helped keep this place going.

My point for this rambling is to make sure everyone understands why GCW means so much to me. It was my first fed. Odds are it will be my final fed because when this place goes I doubt I run another one. So each Resurrection is a big celebration for me. It is very important and I want to take three days to celebrate. I want the event to be huge. Write those segments, send randy your best stuff because this is OUR Wrestlemania (or All-In if you prefer AEW ;) ). And be creative. We try to make sure you have plenty of opportunities for segments and to be creative with your ideas. For example, Night Two is sorta like a mix of wrestling with the Oscars. There are three matches and on top of that there is an awards ceremony and a Hall of Fame Show. Your characters can show up dressed like they're attending the Oscars, the Met Gala, or whatever. Write a segment of your character on the red carpet! If you are going to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, write a speech! Just a few ideas there.

Lastly, I do have one final idea, another opportunity if you will for you to be creative with none other than me! Like I said, I always want to do my part to make Resurrection over the top spectacular. This year I am going to use my craziest zaniest character of them all to add to the "over the top" aspect...and that character is Kimberly Williams. Some of you may be familiar with her, her best friend is a freaking Dalek. She recently announced on twitter that she was defending the Unsanctioned Title (a title that by the very definition is not acknowledged or sanctioned by any promotion, including GCW) 24/7. I plan to write a series of crazy segments that will bear a somewhat striking resemblance to the WWE 24/7 Title chase, although mine will be more of the attitude era brutality, so think more like Crash Holly being chased by God and everybody as opposed to R-Truth being chased by a There will be some humor and comedy, don't get me wrong, but with Kim there's gotta be violence! I present this invitation to anyone who A) does not yet have a match for Resurrection but wants to appear on the show in some capacity or B) anyone who has a connection to GCW and wants to celebrate by having their character show up and participate. Just send me a PM right here over these forums if you are a part of the forums or send a dm to the Kimberly Williams twitter account. I will go into a little more detail of what I have in mind and you can decide if you want to play along or not.

So yes, Resurrection is here, have fun and try to let the creative juices flow! That's what GCW was originally meant for anyway, to let your creativity flow freely! So in honor of GCW's original purpose be creative as you can and most importantly WRITE THOSE SEGMENTS! WRITE THOSE SEGMENTS! RANDY NEEDS SEGMENTS! THERE'S A LOT OF MATCHES! :D
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