Shotgun 6.23 Results

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Shotgun 6.23 Results

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I hear, a voice say "Don't be so blind"
It's telling me all these things
That you would probably hide
Am I, your one and only desire
Am I the reason you breathe
Or am I the reason you cry?

Always, always, always, always, always, always,
I just can't live without you...

I love you
I hate you
I can't get around you.

I breathe you
I taste you
I can't live without you.

I just can't take anymore
This life of solitude
I guess that I'm out the door
And now I'm done with you.

I feel, like you don't want me around
I guess I'll pack all my things
I guess I'll see you around
It's all, been bottled up until now
As I walk out your door
All I can hear is the sound

Always, always, always, always, always, always,
I just can't live without you...

I love you
I hate you
I can't get around you.

I breathe you
I taste you
I can't live without you

[Shotgun begins at ringside where the fans in San Diego are booing quite loudly. That’s because Casey Holliday is standing in the middle of the ring with her microphone in her hands as her theme song fades out. Casey of course, is exuding some incredible confidence knowing she’s a few weeks away from competing for the GCW Heritage Championship. The crowd continues to boo her as she begins to speak.]

Casey: Okay SO… I didn’t get the outcome I wanted as far as my match with Nate Lawson is concerned. HOWEVER, I am STILL challenging for the GCW heritage Championship at the End of the Year Bash in a triple threat match with Marie Jones and Nate so, later on tonight, when I team with the Communist Gingers, I will send a little message to the two of them to show them exactly what is going to be the inevitability when it’s all said and done… ME… as the GCW Heritage Champion! That championship is only befitting of a prodigy like me and I will take another step closer to proving myself as the ultimate prodigy of my generation and the professional wrestling megastar of the 2020’s! But, I will focus more on that in due time. For now, it’s time for me to take care of a little family business….

[Casey pauses and suddenly has a scowl on her face as she continues.]

Casey: So, to recap, my father made an agreement with Victoria Salinas to essentially hand her his wrestling school in a few years, stripping me of MY BIRTHRIGHT and so… we have taken this all the way to court and with the way things are shaping up, he is in SO much trouble! What he overlooked is the fact that the state of Washington has a nice little inheritance law which states that anyone that is an heir to any asset has the right of first refusal to buy said asset should it ever be up for sale and so… my father has VIOLATED my right of first refusal and soon, the judge will rule in MY favor. I mean, let’s be honest, I’m more worthy of owning that school anyway! Vicky’s made her money, but I have CORPORATIONS backing me! I can take that piddly little wrestling school and turn it into a POWERHOUSE! I can turn it into the best wrestling promotion in the Pacific Northwest! So, that being said…


I know you’re back there. I have an offer for you that you can’t refuse. So, let’s get this over with. It’s time to give your little girl what she has always deserved!

Come on, daddy! No need to keep me waiting.

[It’s not too long before Casey’s father walks through the curtains and walks down the ramp. He’s not entirely pleased with being in this situation as he steps into the ring, grabbing a microphone of his own.]

Mr. Holliday: You got me, Casey. Vicky and I have already talked about it and she understands. So, if you want the school, you can have it.

Casey: Oh daddy… you are so stupid… so very, very stupid. I don’t want the school.

Mr. Holliday: What? You don’t want it?

Casey: Dad, the school is a financial LOSER! There have only been two successful mainstream wrestlers to come out of it in more than a decade: Vicky and me! Sure, Vicky can turn it around, but let’s be honest, it’s never going to be as notorious as the YoaN Academies of the world! You’re bleeding money and that’s why you’re even making this agreement to begin with. We don’t need to drag this out any further. So, I’ll tell you what. You can have your agreement with Victoria. She can have the school in a few years. Because at the end of the day, I want something far more valuable than the school…

Mr. Holliday: And what would that be?

[Casey has a ‘puppy eyes’ look on her face.]

Casey: You, daddy! I don’t want to fight anymore.

Mr. Holliday: I don’t want to fight anymore either.

Casey: How about I relieve your financial burden AND rebuild our bridge? How about I pay YOU to work for ME? If you become my manager, I will drop all this and you can have your agreement with Victoria. What do you say?

[Mr. Holliday is certainly conflicted.]

Casey: Or… you can lose whatever money you have left over and I end up with the school and honestly dad? I’d shut it down. Think of your employees…. Think of your students…

Mr. Holliday: If this is what you really want…. FINE! It’s a deal!

Casey: YES…. fucking YES!!!!!

[Casey extends her hand and her father reluctantly shakes it and the crowd boos the development that just happened.]

Casey: You see that, Nate Lawson? I have even MORE backup! You and Kacy may have damaged Bianca, but my father taught me everything I know and now with his brains on MY side, there’s NO WAY I leave 2017 without the Heritage title now! Let’s go, dad! I have a match to prepare for!

[Casey quickly leaves the ring, though her father is more reluctant and slow to do the same. Obviously feeling cornered, he follows Casey up the ramp and through the curtains as the fans continue to boo what just took place.]

(We cut backstage where we find Alan Monroe sitting down on the floor. He has a half grin on his face.)

Alan: The House of Hell is a big time rasslin’ school. GCW legends Jason Redfield and Kurt Logan own and operate the sumbitch. Lots of great talent come out of that place. But guess what?

(He pats himself on the chest.)

Alan: Apparently I was too much for The House of Hell. Yours truly, Alan Monroe, got kicked out of hell because he’s just a bit too wild for those clowns. That’s why they call me Hell’s Reject. I am a wild card, I do what I want and when I want, and quite frankly, I think the fans of GCW have enjoyed the holy hell outta me!

(The crowd can be heard cheering loudly in the background.)

Alan: Tonight I go out on a date with Hayley Gold…

(He winks.)

Alan: …uh, actually, scratch that, I’m gonna TAG TEAM with Hayley Gold, which kinda sounds all nasty too in this overly sensitive environment, to face Joey Michaels and Matthew Taylor. So boys, get ready to tangle with some real men!

(Monroe pauses.)

Alan: Oh…sorry Hayley…I forgot that you aren’t a real man…

(He winks. The scene shifts.)

Alan Monroe and Hayley Gold vs. Joey Michaels and Matthew Taylor

Shotgun’s opening match was competitive at the start and Michaels and Taylor surprisingly got along quite well. However, despite their best efforts, they were just no match for the upstart Alan Monroe and the resurgent Hayley Gold as they were more in control as the match went on. Monroe and Gold won at the 7:22 mark of the match when Hayley nailed Taylor with the Gold Club Legdrop and Monroe swooped in for the pin on Taylor while Hayley kept Michaels at bay.

WINNERS: Alan Monroe and Hayley Gold

Monroe and Gold would celebrate to the delight of the crowd as the announce team speculated on what was next for both of them as they continued to try to make the climb up the Shotgun ladder.

(We cut backstage where we find GCW’s roving hall of fame reporter Janice King standing by next to the reigning GCW X Division Champion Julia Braddock.)

Janice: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, the reigning GCW X Division Champion, Julia Braddock.

Julia: My pleasure, Janice.

Janice: Julia, it seems as if you have been on a major roll ever since Resurrection when you pulled off what many called an upset victory over your sister, the current World Champion Glory Braddock. You two would then go on to have an epic iron man match at For Glory & Gold which you came up just short, but still that performance, and your performance at Resurrection, earned you an opportunity to once again claim gold in GCW, the X Division Championship, and since that time you have defended it proudly against all comers, even representing the division in an elimination chamber match. But now you have a new number one contender waiting in the wings and her name is Queen Mamba.

(Braddock nods her head.)

Julia: What I’ve been through since Resurrection has been nothing short of extraordinary. There have been tough lessons that I’ve had to learn but I wouldn’t trade any of the experience that I gained for anything at all. I am happy for who and what I am right now and I am proud to be the GCW X Division Champion. Now as for Queen Mamba, some may not have liked how things went down two weeks ago…

(She shakes her head.)

Julia: …I hate it, but it is what it is, and while I’m sure Mamba didn’t want to earn it that way, the fact is that it happened and we can’t go on dwelling on the past. It’s time to move on and that means me and Mamba one on one. I wish her luck tonight against Hannah Myers. Trust me, I really do. This is big for her because if she loses tonight, that’s a lot of momentum she also loses, and that’s an advantage she loses as well. And Janice, I am not anyone you want to give any edge to. If there is any opening, any weakness at all, I am ready to exploit it when that bell rings and I will take you down. And if Queen Mamba isn’t careful, I will take her down just like that!

(She snaps her fingers as an illustration. Julia then holds the GCW X Division title belt high over her head.)

Julia: I am the GCW X Division Champion for a reason, Janice. I fought damn hard to earn this title. This wasn’t just simply my ticket into an elimination chamber match with the world title on the line. This is MY championship which I proudly defend against any and all challengers. And if Queen Mamba wants this, she will have to take it from me.

(Julia lets the title belt rest back over her right shoulder before turning and walking off.)

[Shotgun cuts in the GCW World Tag Team Champion Soviet Gingers inside of the hallway. Karina and Anastasia aren’t in the best of moods after what happened with Livewire last week, but they are nonetheless determined to pull through and win their match later tonight. There’s some slight tension in the air as Karina breaks the ice.]

Karina: I hope we don’t regret this…

Anastasia: Regret what?

Karina: You know what I am talking about. Angelica? Initially I thought we could go on without her, but after what happened on Livewire, we had to reconsider…

Anastasia: Listen sestra, I know you are still having some doubts about this. But believe me when I say that Angelica is going to be good for us. We do have a family tie after all…

Karina: Yes… but one that has always been shaky at best. For all we know, this could backfire. What if this is some two-faced conspiracy setting up for the Sisterhood to win the tag team titles back from us?

Anastasia: You are forgetting one important thing.

Karina: What’s that?

Anastasia: Angelica isn’t abiding by the Jones family legacy anymore and the Sisterhood is a big part of that, is it not?

Karina: Hmm… good point.

Anastasia: All I am saying sestra, is to trust Angelica. She can do nothing but good things for us. Let’s focus on what we have to do today. We team up with Casey and we take on Nate Lawson and two more members of the Jones legacy!

Karina: UGH!

[Karina scoffs in disgust as Anastasia mentions the Jones legacy in the form of Twin Magic.]

Karina: First off, I could care less about this little spat Casey and Nate have between each other.

[Karina pauses and sighs.]

Karina: AMERICANS… plus, not to mention that Casey is a basic, capitalist bitch who sold herself out in order to get ahead with all her stupid endorsements. But Twin Magic… they are an example. They may be Angelica’s blood, but that doesn’t matter to me. They are the mortal enemy tonight and the last thing I want is for them to start thinking that they could challenge us for the tag team championships.

Anastasia: And don’t forget Controversy…

Karina: I’ve had ENOUGH of those WHORES! But tonight, I’m not going to worry about them. I want to CRUSH that stupid Jones family legacy! So what do you say? Do we establish our dominance or what?

[Anastasia smirks and laughs before she continues.]

Anastasia: Yes, let’s do that. We’re only just beginning to learn from Angelica and we’re going to show the world how picking the brain of someone of her caliber is going to help the Soviet Gingers maintain their dynastic rule over the Tag Team division in the many months to come!

Karina: Let’s show Controversy how to be what they will NEVER, EVER be as long as we have something to say about it: a true, blue-blooded tag team that has everything it takes to be on top of the world…

[Karina chuckles and laughs as both she and Anastasia leave the scene to boos from the crowd. The tag team champions are certainly confident in themselves in spite of their setback from Livewire as the scene fades to black.]

Caitlyn Perry vs. Darian Andrews (Beat the Clock Challenge)

Darian Andrews and Caitlyn Perry had a classic, technical battle and it was a clean fought match. Like with the previous match, Caitlyn was in control early but Darian managed to fight back and gain control for himself, for good. Caitlyn just wasn’t strong enough to bring down Darian and pull the upset despite her best efforts as Darian eventually got her with the DVDT and set the pace for Chelsea later on as he covered her for the pinfall at 5:33 to cheers and support from the crowd.

WINNER: Darian Andrews

Darian had a cocky, confident smirk on his face and he had every reason to be. After all, the announce team was talking up how he set a hell of a time to beat and that with Chelsea facing the monster Leviathan and having not wrestled in months, it was highly unlikely that she was going to be able to pull it off.

(We cut to the backstage area where we spot Glory Braddock walking the halls, the GCW World Heavyweight Championship belt draped over her right shoulder. She stops when she spots Destiny Skye not too far away.)

Glory: Destiny!

(Destiny turns to find Glory Braddock approaching her. The two smile warmly at one another.)

Glory: How the bloody hell are you, mate?

Destiny: I can’t complain, Glory.

(She sighs and shakes her head.)

Destiny: Well, actually I could complain, but no one would listen to me.

(Braddock frowns.)

Glory: What’s wrong?

Destiny: It’s been so long since your father’s wrestling school. Then when I graduated and joined the Southeastern Wrestling Conference thanks in large part to your connections. There I became SWC Heavyweight Champion. But now…

(She shakes her head.)

Destiny: …it just seems like I can’t get anything right. Hannah and I have had no damn luck at all in getting anywhere near those tag titles. But you seem to have it going on, mate.

(She taps Glory’s world title belt.)

Destiny: Congratulations on that one. You damn sure earned it.

Glory: Thanks, Destiny, but I’m not in an enviable position by any means. I have three people wanting this…Victoria Salinas, Adrian Waters, and Chantelle Chambers; and all three of them are dangerous. Chasing the title is a hell of a lot easier than being champion. As for you and Hannah…

(She places a hand on her shoulder.)

Glory: …don’t let anything get you two down. You and Hannah have a lot of promise and potential. You went bell to bell with the Soviet Gingers at tag team turmoil and were the ones who eliminated The Sisterhood. That says something, mate. You two can and will be the Undisputed GCW Tag Team Champions if you just remain focused and you do not allow yourselves to get depressed.

(Destiny grins.)

Destiny: Thanks for the vote of confidence, Glory. I needed that.

(Destiny turns and walks off.)

[We cut backstage to Queen Mamba, standing inside her locker room. The crowd cheers as she paces back and forth a little.]

Mamba: It's been a long year. A long, frustrating year. When I started this, there was no expectations. No one was calling me the future or crowning me as this future World Champion or whatever they want to label me. Things change. The way people thought of me changed, the way people expected of me changed when week in and week out. I was beating the ones you consider to be at the top. And I proved what I said I was going to do and that's knock whoever I needed out to get in.

The crowd cheers.

Mamba: But. ever since Resurrection, when i lost to Chantelle Chambers, I...started to lose. All that pressure got to me. My sister every week would ask me if I'm ok and I had to lie to her and tell her that I'm good. That's going fine. That everything will be fine when it was eating me on the inside that I was letting her down. I didn't want to be the product of two screw up parents who didn't care about me. I want to raise above that. I want my sister to rise above that and the one thing that keeps me going is knowing where I came from and what I'm trying to get too.

So two weeks ago, fatal four way match. Winner gets a shot at the X Division championship. I knew this was my chance to end this year on a good note, after all that's happened. Now, the fact that two people decided to stick their nose in my business during the match pisses me off. And if those Gingers plan on doing that tonight then they're not going to be a fan of what I'm going to do with them. But, I won that match and ow I'm the number one contender for the X Division championship. Ad normally, that would be good but the problem is you, Hannah Myers.

Mamba pauses.

Mamba: Because you think for some reason that i would associate myself with those two. That i was happy to take advantage. I figured you would know me by now. I figured you would know the type of person that i am. I figured you would know that I'm someone who doesn';t need people to do her dirty work. But no, you want to point the finger at me. you want to blame me. You want to try to spit on my name, my character. And while I'm telling, again, I had nothing to do with it, I'm also telling you i'm not going to let anyone spit on my name.

The crowd cheers.

Mamba: Because I don't care how pissed you are, if you're going to throw stones at me, you're going to have to say it to my face. And trust me, you're not going to do that. I know you've been doing this longer than I have but tonight, I'm putting you in your place. you want to bitch, you want to moan, you want to call me names, then when I kick your ass tonight, you'll think twice. And maybe, just maybe, I'll knock some sense into you. And when i beat you, I guarantee you won't be throwing shots on Twitter again. Because you won't be woman enough to say it to my face.

The crowd oohs as Mamba walks away.

Ian McKinnon Gauntlet Challenge featuring:

The El Perros
Emanuel Dionisia
Tyson Kenneth O'Reilly

The El Perros were first, starting with Mrs. El Perro. Ian made quick work of her, pinning her after a gutwrench powerbomb at 1:39.

El Perro was next and he didn’t fare much better. Ian also made quick work of him before dispatching him with a tigerbomb into the center of the ring. This resulted in the pin at 3:02.

Dionisia would be next and he gave Ian a more technical challenge, but Ian would ultimately outmatch him despite some difficulty. Ian made Dionisia tap out to a calf crusher at 8:12 after toying with him and wearing him down for five minutes.

TKO was the last entry and gave Ian his biggest challenge. But ultimately, speed kills. Ian would use it to his advantage and ultimately pin TKO at 11:20 after the Superman’s Dead, his message to Brooklyn Smith being sent as the crowd booed his conquest.

WINNER: Ian McKinnon

Ian smirked as the crowd booed him, the announcers wondering how much he could put Brooklyn Smith through at the End of the Year Bash.

(We cut backstage where we spot wearing a sheath column scoop neck short mini dress with purple sparkly sequins. Her feet are encased in black open toe high heel pumps. A wide grin is etched across her face. The GCW World Heavyweight Championship belt is draped over her right shoulder.)

Glory: I said it last week, I am a fighting champion and I have no problem defending this GCW World Heavyweight Championship against anyone who steps up to the plate. I am proud to be GCW World Heavyweight Champion and nothing makes my day more than the opportunity to represent this great company inside the squared circle as its top title holder. Last week I had the opportunity to do just that against the former champion Victoria Salinas…

(The crowd cheers loudly in the background. Glory, however, sighs and shakes her head.)

Glory: …but it didn’t go down that way. Adrian Waters decided to stick his nose where it didn’t belong. Vicky, there will be another time when you and I can finish what we started. But tonight I will take care of unfinished business with Adrian Waters.

(The champion smirks.)

Glory: Adrian Waters, you clearly are not as smart as you claim to be, otherwise you would know exactly who you are up against. You are up against a fourteen time world heavyweight champion. You are up against one of the single best submission wrestlers in the game today, someone who will leave you with no alternative but to tap out or pass out from the pain of Shekhinah Glory. Quite frankly, you are up against The Best in the World.

(The crowd roars loudly.)

Glory: Don’t get me wrong, I know how good you are. You wouldn’t have been a former world champion yourself had you not had the talent and ability to get the job done inside of the ring. I recognize and respect that but at the same time, as good as you are, I am quite simply better and you are going to school tonight, Adrian, courtesy of The British Bombshell. I am going to teach you some hard life lessons, mate, and among those lessons will be what happens when you get involved in my business. I make you pay over and over again…

(She hoists the title belt high over her head.)

Glory: …because I am THE BEST IN THE WORLD!

(The crowd cheers loudly as she lets the title belt rest back over her right shoulder.)

Backstage, Samuel Price stands by with Hannah Myers, who has her hair down, but is otherwise dressed for her upcoming match.

Samuel: "Shortly, a match made through social media will pit Queen Mamba up against Hannah Myers, who is joining me now. Hannah, it's been two weeks since the number one contender's match that sparked your comments over Twitter leading to your match tonight. Do you still feel Queen Mamba took advantage of your situation last Shotgun?"

Hannah brushes some hair out of her eyes and nods once.

Hannah: "Yes, Sam, I still believe Mamba took advantage of my beatdown at the hands of those fucking Soviets. I know that's the nature of pro wrestlers. Every person for him or herself. Hell, I don't know what I would have done if the roles were reversed. I mean, Mamba doesn't owe me shit. But, that doesn't mean I can't take offense to her actions, either. She was real quick to jump on me over Twitter too...thin skinned little bitch she apparently is. Here's the thing. She comes out here with her sob story about her little sister and how she has to be such a role model...she tugs at the fans' heart strings, then she does what she did at Shotgun?"

Hannah shakes her head.

Hannah: "No, it don't work that way babe. You can't have it both ways...unless your idea of a role model is someone who takes the cheap route. You know, Sam, I watched that match multiple times over the past couple of weeks. There is no doubt in my mind that she saw what those Russians did to me. She can try playing stupid, but she's just full of shit. I don't hate Mamba, but I lost all respect for her. Tonight, I'm not going to mind kicking her ass one bit."

Sam: "Strong words for Queen Mamba. One more question, Hannah. You and Kendra Classic have had some cryptic interactions as of late. Is it safe to assume you two know each other from prior to GCW?""

Hannah: "Yes, it is safe to assume that, Sammy."

Price is about to ask a follow-up question, but Hannah smirks before turning and walking away, ending the interview. Sam shrugs as the scene shifts.

Leviathan vs. Chelsea Summers (Beat the Clock Challenge)

When the bell rang, Total Emissary jumped the ring and assaulted Chelsea Summers causing the referee to call for the bell at :07.


Leviathan got involved and started pounding the hell out of Connor and Corbin. Chelsea rolled out of the ring laughing, causing the announcers to speculate whether she drew up a conspiracy to be attacked in order to beat the clock. Chelsea kept gloating as the announcers debated on whether she was even smart enough to plan and execute such a conspiracy and the fans booed her.

[Shotgun fades into the locker room of Victoria Salinas as she sits in front of the lockers, certainly with so much weighing on her mind. She draws some cheers from the fans, though it’s become quite obvious that the former three-time GCW World Champion isn’t in quite the cheerful mood herself. She looks up at the camera in front of her as she sits and deals with the events of the last Shotgun before she decides to speak her mind.]

Victoria: I’m going to cut right to the chase. I’m sorry. Two weeks ago, you all saw a side of me that hardly ever comes out of me nowadays. After Adrian Waters decided to attack Glory and get me disqualified, the realization that I was now out of the world title picture as a result overwhelmed the hell out of me. I know that some people have been supportive saying that Adrian deserved every bit of what he got at that moment, but me personally? I KNOW I am better than that. What you guys saw two weeks ago isn’t me. It’s just that for months, with all of Adrian’s nonsense, all of Adrian’s mind games, and all of the bullshit he has thrown my way, all this anger within me built and built and built until I just couldn’t take it anymore. I can only apologize so much for the fact that you all had to see that out of me. At that moment, when I snapped at him, I was feeling incredibly heartbroken, getting flashbacks to the time Tina Valentine interfered with my match against Michael McKay when the world title was on the line on that show.

Plus, I know I haven’t been notoriously level headed whenever circumstances happen and I fall out of the picture. It’s just me though, I’ve always expected nothing less than the best out of myself and regaining the title two weeks ago would have been me at my very best. Heck, even losing that match straight up to Glory would have been my very best and I say that knowing that I had nothing to fear in the first place. But instead, I ended up being at my worst…

[Victoria sighs, obviously having regret over what happened.]

Victoria: So, I suppose there is only one thing I can do at this point. I have to face this and finally settle this once and for all with Adrian Waters!

[The fans cheer Victoria’s sudden conviction as she continues.]

Victoria: Though I admit, I am pretty darn torn about the main event. Obviously, I don’t want Adrian Waters to be world champion again and neither do most of you, but I know that there would be no better way to end this then to get my revenge by taking that championship from him yet again! I already did it once and I know for a fact that I can and given the opportunity… WILL do it again. But at the same time, I know that son of a bitch, miserable as he is, doesn’t even deserve to be a world champion with the type of attitude he has. If I have to get revenge on him without winning the title back, so be it.

As long as I put that son of a bitch in his place, that’s all that matters to me at this point. I am going to make him pay for everything he has ever said about me, everything he’s ever done to me, every single way he has tried to get inside my head and I am going to watch what happens in that main event tonight very closely. I don’t plan on getting involved, but I will if necessary.

As for my match tonight? Well…

[Victoria pauses and chuckles for a bit.]

Victoria: How fitting, considering Sophie is just as sick in the head if not more sick in the head than Adrian Waters is. I’m going to make her my personal message bitch, to be brutally honest and once I am through with her, Adrian is going to learn a very valuable lesson: don’t fuck with me! You piss me off enough, combine that anger with my heart and soul and you are going to get the vicious side of me. Are you proud of yourself, Adrian? Are you happy that you unlocked “vicious Vicky” all over again? Because when it’s all said and done…

I’m going to make you regret that you ever did! Watch what happens to Sophie, because that could very well be a glimpse into your future!

[Victoria stands up and walks out of the locker room, determined once again to face her adversity. Her words draw some strong cheers from the fans as the scene fades out.]

[Shotgun fades into the hallway where Janice King is standing by, looking very uncomfortable. She’s got a look on her face that indicates that she doesn’t even want to do the interview that she’s about to do. She gets the signal to begin and the interviewer sighs as she begins the segment.]

Janice: Ladies and gentlemen, I am standing by with…

[Janice sighs again as the scene pans to reveal Chelsea Summers.]

Janice: Chelsea Summers…

[Chelsea is beaming for obvious reasons.]

Chelsea: THAT’S RIGHT! I WON! I overcame the Leviathan in near record time in order to win the beat the clock challenge.

Janice: Okay. So what’s the stipulation for your match with Darian Andrews?

Chelsea: I’ll get to that in a moment. But FIRST… I just wanted to say that Darian was always destined to be mine. I USED to love him, but now I want to make his life as miserable as possible. I will make him mine and then, I am going to sell him to SLAVERY!

Janice: Chelsea… slavery isn’t a thing anymore, not since Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant to end the Civil War.

Chelsea: …

Chelsea has a blank stare in her eyes.


[Janice understandably groans.]

Chelsea: ...anyway, where was I?

Janice: You were going to announce your stipulation for the End of the Year special for your match with Darian Andrews.

Chelsea: OH RIGHT… but before I get to that…

Janice (under her breath): Ugh…

Chelsea: I just wanted to talk about the GENIUS move for Total Emissary to come out and attack me to cause Leviticus to get disqualified and so I could win the match in seven seconds… which is SEVEN TIMES AS LONG AS BROOK LASTS WITH DARIAN! It was the perfectly executed conspiracy in order for me to cheat and win the beat the clock and stuff.

Janice: Did you come up with that on your own?

Chelsea: YES! Yes I did! Total Emissary came to me with the idea and I thought “HEY! Why don’t I have you two attack me and get me an easy win?”

Janice (under her breath): Oh for fuck’s sake…

Chelsea: And now, because of my GENIUS, I get to pick the stipulation for the match against Darian Andrews.

Janice: Great, so what’s it going to be?

Chelsea: I am going to crush that little sperm and swallow him so hard that he’ll come out as one of my babies.

Janice: ….WHAT?!??!?!

Chelsea: I am going to force him to be a stay at home dad to raise my kids while I go out and take over the world as I end up on every television screen and every television show and become President of the United States and then I am going to have Brooklyn ARRESTED AND DEPORTED TO OREGON WHERE SHE SPENDS THE REST OF HER DAYS IN A CONCENTRATE CAMP MAKING JUICE WITH ADDED CONCENTRATION AND SEVEN TIMES THE SUGAR OF REGULAR PIMP JUICE!

Janice: Fans, I am so sorry for this…


Janice: My god, finally!

Chelsea: If I win, Darian has to commit to me in marriage!

Janice: What if you lose?

Chelsea: Well, my dad came up with a great idea. If I lose, I have to commit myself to Incarnate Ward and go to college.

Janice: You mean a psychiatric ward…

Chelsea: I think… but this is the first ever COMMITMENT MATCH! GO! FUCK! YOURSELF!

[Chelsea flips Janice the middle finger before she abruptly leaves the interview.]

Janice: Thank god THAT’S over.

[Janice sighs and leaves the scene, mercifully ending the interview.]

Queen Mamba vs. Hannah Myers

This was definitely one hard hitting back and forth match where Hannah really wanted to send a message to the X-Division Championship number one contender and Mamba was looking to prove herself in a big way. This was definitely more of a brawl than it was a wrestling match considering how hard both women were hitting each other. Hannah had Mamba down after a running scoop slam, but she went to the top rope instead of going for the cover. She went for a Shooting Star Press but Mamba blocked it. Hannah sat up and Mamba came back with the Snake Charmer for the pin and the win.

WINNER: Queen Mamba

Mamba was obviously in a good mood after coming away with the win, but once Hannah managed to come to a few minutes later, she was absolutely furious. The announcers mentioned Mamba having made a pretty solid statement with the win over Hannah, while noting that Hannah’s frustrations were only going to grow.

(We cut to the dressing room area. GCW Heritage Champion Marie Annabelle Jones is doing some last minute stretches in preparation for the six person tag team match tonight against Casey Holiday and The Soviet Gingers. Her tag team partner, Kimberly Williams, is skipping happily in circles around her…)


Marie: Uh, Kim…?


Marie: Kim! Stop!

(Kimberly stops her skipping and faces Marie, her hands on her hips.)

Kimberly: What’s wrong, party pooper?

Marie: Just your attitude right now, Kim. We really need to take this match seriously.

(Marie stands up.)

Marie: Look at who we have in front of us…The Soviet Gingers, the Undisputed GCW Tag Team Champions…Casey Holiday…and that’s not to mention Nate Lawson is our partner tonight, both him and Casey, I’m sure, would love to have my championship.

Kimberly: They won’t get their dirty mitts on it, sis! If they try, I’ll just…STABBY! STABBY! STABBY!

(Kimberly resumes her skipping as Marie sighs deeply, shaking her head.)

Marie: What am I going to do…

(Kimberly stops her skipping again momentarily.)

Kimberly: You want my honest opinion, babe? Yeah, focus on keeping that Heritage Title of yours, but don’t forget about the larger picture.

Marie: Larger picture?

Kimberly: Yeah, Civil War is coming up. If you can win a ring, you get some sort of title shot. Even more gold. And if you win the whole thing, you could main event Resurrection for the GCW World or Global Championship. Think about that, babe.

(Kimberly resumes her skipping and chanting while Marie is left to think about it.)

[Shotgun fades into the locker room where we see Casey’s girlfriend Bianca lean against the wall with a beaming smile on her face.]

Bianca: Wow! I can’t believe you managed to pull that off! I can’t believe you were able to manipulate and buy your way into getting exactly what you wanted!

[The scene pans, revealing Casey Holliday who of course, the crowd boos once again.]

Casey: I know, right? Oh it was pure genius. I may not have the school, but I have something far better than that: my father working for ME!

Bianca: Oh you are so savage, Casey!

Casey: I know I am! I did everything in my power to make sure that I came out of this with something that I wanted. My father knew he had no other choice. If he had said no, he would have lost everything: his money, his school and worst of all, he would have fucked over all of his employees and students. It was check and mate, BITCH!

Bianca: Have I ever told you how much I love you?

Casey: Not lately!

Bianca: Well, I love you one hell of a lot! You fucking amazing, gorgeous, splendiferous prodigy you!

Casey: Shut up and kiss me!

[In a moment’s instance, Casey grabs Bianca and presses her against the wall while the two have a bit of a passionate, makeout session.]

Bianca: Wanna fuck?

Casey: Think we can get in a quick one?

Bianca: Oh yeah!

[Little did they know that Casey’s father just walked in on them.]

Mr. Holliday: ...well then…

[Casey immediately shoves Bianca against the wall and steps away from her.]

Casey: DAD… uh… yeah… you didn’t see any of that.

Mr. Holliday: Too late. I think my brain is already scarred for life.

Casey: What are you even doing here to begin with?

Mr. Holliday: I was checking to see if you were ready for your match that’s coming up, but I think it’s clear to see that you’re not focused.

Casey: What?

Bianca: Okay mister, Casey is SO focused on her upcoming match.

Casey: Yeah, why wouldn’t I be focused on Nate Lawson and Twin Magic?

Mr. Holliday: It’s probably best that I don’t elaborate on the question. You know that Nate Lawson and Twin Magic mean business.

Bianca: Twin Magic ALWAYS means business… every single night!

Casey: BIANCA!!!!

Bianca: Oh… uh… I better go…

[Bianca makes a beeline for the exit as she quickly leaves the scene. Mr. Holliday on the other hand, sighs and shakes his head.]

Mr. Holliday: Where did I go wrong with you?

Casey: It’s 2017, dad! Why judge?

Mr. Holliday: What? No, I wasn’t referring to that. I don’t care who you’re dating or what gender they are. You do you, but my goodness, you used to be such a sweet, humble girl. Now? I don’t even know what to say anymore. You completely overreacted to the disrespect Bianca got by assaulting Kacy Oliver and sending her to the hospital. In fact, overreact is what you’ve always done whenever things don’t go your way.

Casey: I did what I had to do, okay? That’s none of your business.

Mr. Holliday: Casey, as your manager, I think that you should respect the abilities of your opponents some more. I taught you everything you know about respect and honor and maybe if you actually focused on that for a change, things would be different for you.

Casey: What is this BULLSHIT that you are feeding me, dad? I didn’t hire you for this crap.

Mr. Holliday: And you thought I was going to take this “job” just to let you remain the way you are? Forget it. I took the job not just to save my school, my employees and my students… I took the job to save YOU!

Casey: Save ME?

[Casey busts out laughing.]

Casey: I don’t need you to save me, Dad! Haven’t you realized that I am perfectly fine? Haven’t you taken notice of the fucking amazing sophomore year I’ve had in this business? I’m only 22 years old and at the End of the Year Bash, I am going to end up with my FIFTH championship already! I don’t need saving. YOU need to stop being so negative. If I would have known you would have tried to save me… UGH!!!!

[Casey clenches her fists with anger.]

Casey: You complete Uncle Tom!

[Her father’s eyes widen in shock.]

Casey: You’ve really been drinking that Victoria Salinas Pussy Juice these last 8 years haven’t you? Look what she’s turned you into! From what my mother told me, when she met you, you actually weren’t quite different from me. You were a MAN! You didn’t take shit from anyone or allow yourself to be substandard to anyone. And now? You’re just a Victoria-whipped asshole!

[Casey slaps her father across the face.]

Casey: Hit me, Dad!

Mr. Holliday: I’d never hit you, you ought to know that!

Casey: Pussy…

[Casey turns around and leaves the scene, obviously making some final preparations for her match.]

Mr. Holliday: I really need to save her from herself… someone has to.

[Mr. Holliday sighs and just stands there, wondering how he could possibly save his daughter as the scene fades to black.]

Nate Lawson and Twin Magic vs. Casey Holliday and Soviet Gingers

In this six person tag team match, there were grudges all over the place. Casey’s plan was to keep Nate Lawson out while the Soviet Gingers wanted to keep Twin Magic in line. As the match wore on, Marie was the one that was being constantly isolated until Kimberly switched places with her behind the referee’s back. This allowed the good guys to rally until Nate was tagged in. This caused Casey to run away from the match and the Soviet Gingers were outmatched from there. Ultimately, the good guys won when Nate nailed the double edge spinebuster on Karina and got the pin for the win.

WINNERS: Nate Lawson and Twin Magic

Nate and Marie shook hands afterward, while Casey could only stand and stare from the ramp, quite unhappy with the way things turned out. The announce team mentioned that Casey couldn’t run away from Nate forever, especially at the End of the Year Bash when the Heritage Championship was on the line in a triple threat match between Nate, Marie and Casey.

The private boxes…

Samuel Price walks through the upper levels of the arena, looking for a specifically-noted luxury box. As he walks, reading the note with the box he was seeking, he walks past a variety of doors. Finally – he reaches the one he was seeking, and goes to knock on the door. Before he can do so, however, the door opens, and “The Brod” stands on the other side. He smiles.

Brod: “Sammy, my good man… come in.”

Price looks around before entering into the room, the camera following him close behind.

Price: “Mr. Chase? I don’t understand…”

But Broderick doesn’t answer him. Rather, he walks the interviewer over to the chairs overlooking the arena, sitting him down in the chair beside his star client, Chantelle Chambers.

Price: “Oh God…”

Chantelle, however, smiles and laughs.

Chambers: “Don’t worry, Samuel… this isn’t a trap of any kind.”

She looks back to The Brod, nodding her head as he closes the door.

Chambers: “I’m giving you the exclusive interview of a lifetime here. Everyone has been after me to get my thoughts on what’s going to happen tonight, and until now, mum has been the word. But I’m willingly giving you the opportunity to ask me to your heart’s content how I’m feeling.”

She smiles again, and it’s hard for Price to distrust that smile.

Price: “Okay…”

He straightens his composure as Chantelle reaches behind her, taking a glass of wine and taking a sip from it.

Price: “Well, tonight we’re going to see Adrian Waters against Glory Braddock for the World Championship…”

Chantelle laughs.

Chambers: “No.”

She sets her wine back down, facing the interviewer.

Chambers: “That’s not what you wanted to ask me, is it Samuel?”

Price: “I…”

She runs the back of her hand along the shape of his face. He shivers.

Chambers: “You wanted to know something about me, isn’t that right?”

Price: “You’re not booked tonight…”

Chambers: “I know, and isn’t that a crying shame? I am a world-class talent. My name belongs in lights… I belong in the spotlight, and instead I’m left off the show. And for what? For intervening in what these people wanted to see and ensuring that Victoria Salinas didn’t end Adrian Waters’ career? I get booed for that? I should be heralded as a hero, Samuel. And instead of being recognized as such, I’m here.”

Price: “A private box is nothing to turn your nose up to.”

Chambers: “No… it’s nice…”

She runs a hand along the fabric of her chair.

Chambers: “But it’s not where I can be. You and I both know, and you can’t deny it: I am among the absolute BEST here. I’m certainly the most attractive woman on the GCW roster. The fact is I belong in the conversation as to who should challenge Glory Braddock for the World Championship. Hell… I should be THE conversation. You know I never got MY one-on-one rematch for the Championship? Instead, Victoria Salinas – who Allison Mayberry just LOVES to cater to – gets shoehorned in and then I’m shuffled off to the side and ignored, left to tangle with the dregs. I don’t do dregs, Samuel. I belong among the very best. And that’s where I’m going to get to.”

Price: “So tonight… Braddock vs. Waters… do you have a pick?”

Chantelle ponders the question briefly, before refusing an answer.

Chambers: “No… it doesn’t matter, really. If Adrian wins, I get my shot – there’s no one else worthy, and he owes me for saving his skin two weeks ago. If Braddock wins… well… a Braddock STOLE my Championship last year, and I haven’t touched gold since then. So it would only be FITTING if I end that drought in GCW by ripping the World Championship from around her waist.”

Price: “So no guesses?”

Chantelle rolls her eyes, but tries to keep her pleasant demeanor.

Chambers: “Sure… Adrian then. At least he’s smart enough to acknowledge what my rightful place is.”

Price: “Right…”

Samuel nervously looks back to the door.

Price: “Are we… uh… we done here?”

Chantelle looks to him, almost offended by the question.

Chambers: “Are you saying you didn’t enjoy being in the presence of a bona fide bombshell? I’m hurt, Samuel. I really am.”

Price: “I’m sorry? I just have other work to do and…”

Chambers: “No… too late for that. I’m going to sit back up here with Broddy and enjoy the rest of the show. You’re dismissed.”

And as warmly as she greeted him, Chantelle turns her attention away from the interviewer. Price, sensing the cold shoulder, rises from his seat and goes towards the door. The Brod opens it once more for Price.

Price: “Thanks…”

Brod: “Wooooooo!”

The scene fades.

[Moments before her match is set to begin, Victoria Salinas is walking down the hallway, clearly looking for someone. She’s definitely in a concerned mood at this point now that she has vented a little more of her anger and has gotten the monkey off of her back, so to speak. Once she reaches the catering area, she finds exactly who she is looking for.]

Victoria: Hey!

[The camera pans over to see Mr. Holliday standing by a table. He looks up at Victoria and she quickly approaches him.]

Mr. Holliday: Vicky… don’t you have a match coming up in a few?

Victoria: I do, but I wanted to check on you first.

Mr. Holliday: Nah, I’m good. Honest. I don’t think you need to be checking up on me anymore.

Victoria: You didn’t have to do that, you know?

Mr. Holliday: What? Become Casey’s manager?

Victoria: So you’re just going to let her literally and figuratively smack you around while you throw your dignity down the drain? I get it, you want to save her from herself and I am definitely fine with that, but I thought maybe you would have thought this through without jumping the gun.

Mr. Holliday: I had no other choice, Vicky. Our deal was going to go right down the drain and in the near future, things could have gotten even worse. I know that when you get the school in a few years, it’s going to be in good hands. I’m not worried about it. This is the best thing for everyone involved. For me, I can step away and live a more relaxed lifestyle, you know? Casey, well… I know I can help her be herself again and not this incredulous nonsense that she has allowed herself to become over the last year and a half. But it’s also best for you too…

[Victoria is understandably perplexed and confused at what she just heard.]

Mr. Holliday: You don’t need me anymore, Victoria. And for a number of years, you haven’t. Sure, I’ve been of assistance to you in recent months, but in all honesty, Casey needs me more…. A LOT more. You’ve got it made so much that it’ll be a damn shock if you ended up not making the GCW Hall of Fame next year. You don’t need me holding you back.

Victoria: You’re not holding me back!

Mr. Holliday: Did you not learn anything from two weeks ago? I taught you to fight with all the heart and soul in the world, but I didn’t teach you how to be assertive and if necessary, aggressive. You think heart and soul is going to be enough to beat Sophie? It’s not. But why am I telling you all this? You already know that.

[He pauses and takes a deep breath, realizing he’s getting pretty angry.]

Mr. Holliday: I’m sorry Victoria, I didn’t mean to snap at you. It’s just, I have a lot of things on my mind. You fight your match and you continue to have yourself one hell of a career. By the time it’s all said and done with you, you’re going to end up being one of the all time greats that this business has ever seen. You’ve got “legend in waiting” status written all over you. You may be too humble to admit it yourself, but deep down, you know I’m right.

Victoria: So that’s it then? You’re going to try and “fix” Casey?

Mr. Holliday: Believe me, it’s going to be tough, but this is exactly what I want. The only thing you can do for me now is make sure that my school continues to be in safe hands. You take care of everyone there, alright? That’s the last favor you can ever do for me.

Victoria: Alright… I’ll do that much and then some.

Mr. Holliday: Good! Now go! You’ve got a match coming up in a bit.

Victoria: Well… good luck with Casey. I hope you find a way to make it all work out for you.

Mr. Holliday: No worries, I know everything’s going to turn out alright!

[The two exchange a hug before Mr. Holliday turns and leaves the scene. Victoria takes a deep sigh, clearly having some concern and worry for her trainer, but she ends up taking things in stride as she turns and walks down the hallway making some last mental preparations for her match as the scene draws to a close]

Victoria Salinas vs. Sophie O'Brian

Victoria was completely out of it in the early going as she went right after Sophie from the opening bell unleashing all of her anger from recent times on her. Though she got a flurry of offense in, Sophie would take control and dominate a large part of the match taking advantage of Victoria’s anger. But when Victoria calmed down, so did Sophie’s momentum. Victoria would eventually recover and cool off, allowing her to be calm and collective as she rallied back from potential defeat, taking down Sophie with the Ginger Breaker and getting the three count.

WINNER: Victoria Salinas

Victoria stood up and the crowd cheered her as she got to smile for once. The announcers talked about regaining momentum, but Chantelle Chambers surprised and irked the crowd when she blindsided Victoria from behind with the Nightly Knockout. The fans hated this as the announce team made it clear that Chantelle was likely sending a message.

Backstage, we see Dexter Russel, ready for his next segment as he grins into the camera.

Dexter: "Joining me at this time is the man who will be challenging Gloria Braddock for the GCW World Championship in tonight's main event...Adrian Waters."

Adrian steps into the shot, causing immediate heat. This, naturally, causes Waters to grin.

Dexter: "As usual, you stirred up quite a bit of controversy two weeks ago when you attacked Glory during her match against Victoria Salinas, costing Victoria to be disqualified and essentially removed from the World Championship title picture."

Adrian: "Yes, yes I did. That's why I'm known as 'Pure Genius' and the smartest man in GCW, Mr. Russel. I'm always one step ahead of everybody. Finally, after all these long months, Salinas is not only titleless, but she's out of the title picture!"

Dexter: "I have to ask...why are you obsessed with making Victoria's professional life so miserable?"

Adrian: "Fair question. Let me first say that it is good to have a truely unbiased interviewer, Mr. Russel. King and Price are always too busy kissing the heroes's asses...and don't get me started on that bitch Kayl. But, back to your question. I may have joined the GCW roster in 2015, but I have been a fan ever since it's rebirth in 2012. There was a woman who was GCW World Champion named Victoria Salinas, but it's not the watered down, plumped up version we see today. She called herself 'Vainglorious.' She followed a similar philosophy in wrestling that I whatever it takes to win. She was a bitch. She was selfish. She was not a pathetic hero. Then she got soft and sold out. So now, Vicky Salinas prances around claiming that she isn't that person any more. She's a good girl with wings and a fucking halo. Well, she proved herself wrong two weeks ago, did she not?"

Waters laughs.

Adrian: "I exposed her for what she is Mr. Russel...a liar. She is still that selfish bitch, but she pretends otherwise. She's been pulling that sharade for years, but now everyone, even these moron fans who will turn a blind eye to it...everybody knows the truth! She made one other mistake, though. She believed herself better than me and better than my wife. Big mistake...but she knows that now. Too little, too late Vicky. You're out. Pure Genius is in."

Dexter: "You've been so focused on Victoria...have you prepared at all for the champion, Gloria Braddock?"

Adrian gives the interviewer the evil eye.

Adrian: "Don't make me take back what I said earlier by asking stupid questions. Of course I've been preparing for Glory. She is now a 14 time World Champion. She is quite impressive, if not unstable. You see, my preparation goes beyond lifting weights and running laps. Those things are important, but I also study the person intimately. Glory is on a professional high right now. She seems to be invinceable. No one is invinceable, though. Glory is beatable, and her weakness is her own confidence. It's fragile, always about to crumble. I can go into much more detail, but a genius never shows his entire hand."

Adrian looks pointedly into the camera now.

Adrian: "Glory, I hope you are watching or listening to me right now. I respect your ability inside the ring....but you need to face facts. You are not the wrestler you used to be. You are not the best in the World...not any more. You are a relic of this industry. You're getting long in the tooth, and despite holding the World title, it is starting to show. You are holding my belt, and your time with it is about to come to an end. Think about it Glory. Do you have what it takes to overcome Pure Genius one-on-one? I don't believe you do. Deep down, you don't believe it either."

GCW World Championship
Glory Braddock (C) vs. Adrian Waters

The main event was an incredible display as Adrian definitely was into it finally having his one on one rematch, but Glory Braddock wasn’t about to let the championship slip away so easily. The battle would wear on for 15 solid minutes, neither wrestler giving an inch. Adrian had nailed Glory with the Smart Elbow, but Glory kicked out. Glory nailed the Excelsis Dio on Adrian, but Adrian kicked out of that. An errant crescent kick by Glory knocked down the referee. Adrian began to cheat after that. Eventually, he grabbed the title and went into the ring. Glory stood and Adrian was about to swing the title at her skull, but Victoria Salinas ran in and grabbed the title from behind. She was able to snatch it from him and before Adrian could respond, Glory turned him around and nailed him with the Glorification! The referee came to at that point and the fans erupted with huge cheers as Glory made the cover for the three!

WINNER and STILL GCW World Champion: Glory Braddock

Victoria was definitely happy as she watched Adrian roll out of the ring in defeat. But Chantelle Chambers came through the crowd and blindsided Glory. The fans hated this while she pounced on her and beat her down but Victoria saw that and slid back into the ring, pouncing on Chantelle to get her off of Glory. Chantelle was able to break free and retreat from the ring, but the crowd cheered because the festivities weren’t over just yet.

Allison: Alright, I think we’ve seen quite enough.

The fans erupt with heavy cheers as Allison Mayberry comes out with a microphone.

Allison: I have TWO special announcements to make. Clearly, we are looking right now at the GCW World Champion in Glory Braddock and three incredibly worthy contenders. Obviously, they all want their shot, right? So here’s what’s going to happen. On the first Shotgun of 2018, we are going to have a triple threat match with a special surprise I won’t announce until the night of the show itself. But, in this triple threat match, Adrian Waters will take on Victoria Salinas AND Chantelle Chambers and the winner will receive a World title shot at Civil War!

Glory seems to be quite alright with the announcement as the fans cheer.

Allison: But that’s 2018. We’ve got one more show to go in 2017 and I am looking right at Shotgun’s main event for the show because on that show we are going to see Adrian Waters team up with Chantelle Chambers and their opponents are GCW World Champion Glory Braddock AND Victoria Salinas.

The crowd erupts with cheers again.

Allison: Have a great night, San Diego!

Allison turns and heads to the back while the announcements continue to be cheered. Across and around the ring, a two on two staredown between Chantelle and Adrian and Glory and Victoria ensues as Shotgun goes off the air.
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