1-11-17 House Show Results

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1-11-17 House Show Results

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Shotgun House Show - January 11, 2017 (BankAtlantic Center, Sunrise, FL)

Domonic Baine vs. El Perro

"The International Godsend" had the Florida crowd jeering from the time his entrance music started to play. He taunted the fans a bit, but when the bell rang, he was all business, dismantling El Perro. The vetern El Perro was unable to mount any sort of offense before Baine hit "Jarring Halt" (turnbuckle powerbomb), followed by "Baine Existence" (Koji Clutch). Almost immediately, El Perro couldn't take the pain and tapped out.

Winner: Dominic Baine (Submission, 3:32)

Blood Rose vs. #GingerNation (Karina and Enigma)

This was Karina's first official tag-team match with #GingerNation. While the crowd let her have it, she and Enigma dominated Saul and Arora. The Ramseys did manage to isolate Enigma for a couple of minutes, but from the floor, Allison Loraine distracted the referee long enough for Karina to bail Enigma out. Once Karina was tagged in officially, she took out both Arora and Saul. Arora was the legal competitor for Blood Rose, and after Allison ensured Saul stayed out of the match by throwing him into the ring post, Karina hit Arora with "Ravishing Red Drop" (Inverted Overdrive), and got the three count.

Winners: #GingerNation (Pinfall, 5:50)

Alice vs. Fury

The much larger Fury owned the first several minutes of this contest against Alice, starting with a corner splash and a lot of brawling from Fury. Fury had two pinfall attempts, but Alice kicked out both times. Alice was able to mount an eventual comeback, which concluded after a spinning heel kick, a backslide driver, and the 1-2-3.

Winner: Alice (Pinfall, 7:19)

Adrian Waters vs. Lindsay Carter

While Lindsay had a few shining moments at the beginning of this contest, they were fleeting. The former TV champion dominated the majority of this match, putting Carter away after hitting "The Smart Elbow."

After the match, Adrian grabbed a mic from Robert Lee, calling out Axl, who came at Adrian from behind, tackling him and beating on Waters for a couple of minutes before security came to Adrian's rescue.

Winner: Adrian Waters (Pinfall, 4:36)

Revelations vs. Controversy

Hannah and Destiny started out on fire, and it looked like it would be a quick finish, but Leviathan caught Destiny off of the top rope and slammed her hard to the canvas before delivering a huge splash. The pin attempt was kicked out of, but Revolations continued to brutalize Skye for several minutes...until she was able to slip between Leviticus's legs, rushing to Myers to make the hot tag. Hannah took both men down with drop kicks, then took control over Leviticus. It was all Controversy from here, hitting a double flapjack on Leviticus before getting the pinfall.

Winners: Controversy (Pinfall, 11:02)

GCW X-Division Championship
Isabella Harker (Champion) vs. Karen McBride

This was a hard fought match by both competitors. For her part, Karen had Harker in a bad way on several occasions, but Isabella always found a way to kick out before the 3 count. The majority of the match was controlled by Harker, and ultimately, she surprised McBride with a sunset flip, getting the 1-2-3.

Winner: Isabella Harker (Pinfall, 9:47)

Main Event
Nate Lawson, Travis Vessey vs. Cody Lindberg-Knight, Chantelle Chambers

Being that Lawson and Vessey had never teamed together before, the early portion of this event belonged to Knight and Chambers. At a later part of the match, Knight had Vessey in trouble before he was able to somehow make a tag to Lawson. The team and Nate and Travis then held control for a while, until there was some miscommunication that caused Lawson to clothesline Vessey. Travis got in Lawson's face, but before their opponents could take advantage of the situation, Dominic Baine slid into the ring and nailed Vessey from behind! Nate immediately came to Vessey's aid, attempting to fight Baine off...until he was attacked by both Chambers and Knight. Suddenly, Isabella Harker ran to the ring with a chair, and the three heels retreated.

Result: No Contest (14:15)
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