Patti Masterson

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Patti Masterson

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Name: "Payne Gretzky" Patti Masterson

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 183 lb.

Age: 22

Hometown: Montreal, Canada

Alignment: Heel

Picbase: Molly McCoy

Wrestling Style: A style is described as an aggressive pitbull who likes hockey

Entrance Theme: Vertigo by U2

Finishers: Goal! (PK Kick) *sometimes to the back of the head)

Signature Moves: 1. Slapshot (Stiff Running kick to the back of the leg)
2. Body Check (Corner Splash Mountain)

Entrance Description:
The opening riff of "Vertigo" plays as Patti struts out in full garb. Holding a hockey stick, she puts a puck down and shifts down the aisle with the puck before shooting it down to the ring and running down before sliding in the ring on her stomach and celebrating the goal.

Appearance (optional): Thicker pale body, hair in a ponytail with shaved sides, various tats
In-Ring Attire (optional): Black shorts with white and orange trim with matching top. Jersey, helmet, gloves for the entrance

Out-of-Ring Attire (optional): Usually work out outfits and various jerseys

Gimmick: Stereotypical Evil Canadian. I mean. She plays hockey.

Biography: Born in Canada, Patti grew up playing junior hockey all through school. Now playing in her free time, she's put her focus on the aggressive world of wrestling
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