AJ Helms

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AJ Helms

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Personal Information:
Nicknames: "The New Jersey Legacy", "The Next Generation"
Wrestler's Alias: AJ Helms
Wrestler's Real Name: Aaron Helms [Formerly Aaron Jacobs]
Pic Base: Will Ospreay
Height: 6ft
Weight: 201lbs
Birthdate: 1st June 1997
Birth Place: Asbury Park, New Jersey
Current Residence: Hollywood Hills, California

Wrestling Information:
Wrestling Style: High flyer/Rookie
Alignment: Disenchanted face - He's not an asshole, but he has been jaded by the business at this point.
Years Pro: 2

Wrestling Style Explanation:
Despite being exceptionally well trained by his adoptive father David Helms, AJ is still a rookie and while his training has left him with a sound level of training, he will make mistakes from time to time; moves will occasionally be sloppy, sometimes he'll be overconfident and go too far rather than thinking things through. In part he follows his dad's view of 'high risk-high reward' but that will inevitably lead to fuck up's and more than what his father made because he doesn't have a world of experience behind him like David does.

Theme Song:
"Rise Up" by Asking Alexandria

- 'N.J.N.B'
- 'Greetings From Asbury Park'

Finishers Descriptions:
NJNB - Exactly what it says on the tin; the New Jersey Neckbreaker, but with a cooler name! (John Morrison's Moonlight drive, duh!)
GFAP - Spiral tap

Signature Moves:
Springboard flying forearm (ala AJ Styles; usually used before the NJNB)
Wake Up Call: Pele kick
AJ-47: with the opponent sat up in the middle of the ring, AJ runs at the ropes for extra momentum before running back at them and hitting a low angle front dropkick to the face - can be used as a setup for the GFAP

Common Moves:
1. Moonsault
2. Missile-toe drop kick
3. Dragon Screw
4. Hurricanrana
5. Corkscrew Leg drop
6. Running DDT
7. Headscissor Takedown
8. enziguri
9. Shooting Star Press
10. Top rope headscissors takedown
11. Shining Wizard
12. Suicide dive through or over ropes
13. European Uppercut
14. Standing corkscrew bodypress
15. Snapmare into Dropkick to back of head.
16. Springboard Spinning Heel Kick
17. snap suplex
18. Tree of Woe+baseball slide
19. Seated senton

- Very quick
- Well trained by his father and AnteUp trainers
- Imaginative; comes up with interesting offence and ways of evading moves
- New attitude; AJ has lost his idealist vision of the business, and he's willing to push the boundaries a lot more now, which frees him up considerably.

- High risk offence doesn't always pay off
- Fairly small by industry standards
- New attitude; can lead to him getting into trouble and leaves him slightly hot headed

The lights in the arena cut completely and silence fills the room for a moment before “Rise Up” by Asking Alexandria blasts over the speaker system and the crash of the first drumbeat triggers a single spotlight on the stage. In the spotlight, we see AJ Helms standing with his back to the fans, the hood of his sleeveless jacket up over his head. In one fluid motion he spins around and stoops for a minute before throwing the hood back and his arms up in the Self High Five. He holds the pose for a second before jumping and breaking the hands apart, single pyros erupting with a ‘Bang’ on either side of the stage, which trigger the house lights to raise again as AJ smirks and starts to make his way to the ring.

Phillips: “From Asbury Park, New Jersey, now fighting out of Hollywood California; he weighed in earlier at two hundred and one pounds and is a member of the Helms Dynasty. Please give it up... FOR AJ HELMS!”

Reaching the bottom of the ramp, AJ gives a burst of speed and runs to the ring, jumping up and sliding in leg first before popping back up and running to the corner where he scales the turnbuckles and throws his arms into another Self High Five. He pushes back as he breaks the hands apart and turns to land facing the middle of the ring again. Walking over to the ropes, he leans into the camera at ringside and mouths the word “BANG” into it before removing his jacket and handing it off to the outside. Turning, he settles back into the corner and waits for the start of the match.
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