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Real Name (Optional): Unpublished

Name/Nickname (if different from above): Aia

Twitter Handle (Optional):

Preferred Brand:

Height: 5'5

Weight: 120 lbs

Date of Birth: August 12th, 1996

Hometown: Genoa, Italy by way of Sakai, Osaka, Japan

Alignment: Heel

Picbase: Giulia

Wrestling Style: Brawling/High Impact

Entrance Theme: Galneryus- Destiny

1. Owari
2. Gurōrīrokku

Finisher's Descrption:
1. ... =LFCrxzado

Signature Moves:
1. Paradise Driver
2. Fine Dei Giorni
3. Missile di Bellezza

Signature Moves' Description:
1. ... .gif?ssl=1
2. Yes Lock
3. Missile dropkick

Common Moves: (at least ten)
Big Boot
Sliding Lariat
Crooked Arm Lariat
Running knee drop to opponent draped on the apron
Running spear into the abdomen of a conored opponent
Running high knee to a seated opponent's head
European Uppercut
Reverse STO
Spike DDT
Butterfly Lock
Arm trap anaconda vice
Jumping cutter

Entrance Description:
The opening lyrics to "Destiny" blare over the PA system. The house lights flash white, giving the stage a "holy" appearance. Suddenly, the beautiful Aia walks out in her wrestling gear and her flowing white and black jacket with the hood up. Shortly after, Trevor Cash is seen slowly walking out to a few boos. He looks around before turning to Aia, who's peering at the crowd using her hands to briefly lift up her hood. Trevor is seen mentioning something to Aia before she begins walking down the ramp.

Aia's eyes look around at the arena, walking with a confident stride. Her eyes reach the camera and she's heard saying a few words to the camera. Trevor slowly walks behind her and when he gets to the camera, he motions for the camera to turn back to Aia. Aia extends her arms as she reaches the steel steps. She looks to Trevor, and then runs up the steel steps. She quickly enters the ring and walks across the ring and ascends the turnbuckle. Aia, removes the hood and promptly extends her arms to the crowd again. She tilts her head back as she stays there, posing a bit. She looks down and then presses her hands to her lips before blowing a kiss to the crowd. She then jumps off and takes off her jacket. Trevor now stands by her side, talking to her a bit as her music fades.

Appearance (optional):
In-Ring Attire (optional):

Out-of-Ring Attire (optional):

On the surface, Aia is a confident, haughty, arrogant, young phenom with only two years of appearance. The high praise she's received so far in her career has seen some herald her as a "genius." This certainly has inflated her arrogance, as she exhibits a bit of a superiority complex. She's calm, cool and collected as you would think and for the most part, she is. However, there is a rage inside of her and given the right circumstances or opponent, it erupts.

Biography: Born to an Italian mother and a Japanese father, Aia was born in Genoa, Italy. Her name, which mean "ruler", was given because her parents believed when she became older, she would succeed in anything she put her mind to. Her mother was the owner of a family ran restaurant and so Aia spent the first ten years of her life living in Italy. Once her mother closed shop, her and Aia's father decided to move back to his native country and Aia has ever seen resided in the Kansai region. As a teenager, she discovered that she was fairly athletic and thus found herself playing softball, in which she was an excellent third baseman. In fact, she was offered a scholarship to play baseball in college. Aia, however, declined to pursue baseball. Around the time of her senior year, one night her and a few of her friends went to a local wrestling show. Aia, who didn't follow professional wrestling but vaguely knew about it, was so enthralled by the show that she suddenly found herself with a strong urge to pursue it. She at least wanted to try it and see how she would do.

So, she convinced her parents to contact the head trainers of INSPIRE Dojo, famously known for producing former PUNK HAZARD member El Rudo/HARADA and former Cartel Nxt:Gen and Black Saboady Parade member KIRA Nakajima. The notoriously strict teachers of the dojo were amazed to see that not only was Aia capable of wrestling, but she was picking up the techniques and learning at a rapid past. This exceeded KIRA, who's seen as the greatest student the dojo has ever produced. It only took nine months for Aia to pass through the dojo and then to debut professionally August of 2018. It didn't take long for Aia to showcase the brilliance her trainers saw, winning her first championship six months into her career. While that particular title reign lasted only two months and only one single defense under her belt, Aia made it clear that she was a young prospect worth looking into. While she hasn't won any titles in 2020, she has, however, has continued to improve her skills. Sometime around the summer of 2020, she got into contact with Trevor Cash, where he offered her a place in a project he was forming; Reverie International. Aia had been looking to doing a mini excursion in America to continue sharpening her skills and gaining more exposure in a new audience. So, her and Trevor reached an agreement. Aia will spend the rest of 2020 in America and wrestle in GCW on a five match deal. Because she is seen as a special attraction (as well as newly minted clauses in Trevor Cash' new contract with GCW), she isn't bound to any brand and can wrestle on both Livewire and Shotgun until her five matches have been used up.
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