Eva Aguila

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Eva Aguila

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Real Name (Optional): Eva Aguila

Name/Nickname (if different from above): La Hermosa Tormenta

Twitter Handle (Optional): @EvaAguilaHT 

Preferred Brand: Wherever (package deal with Tamara Todd

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 120 lbs.

Date of Birth: May 3, 2000

Hometown: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Now Residing: Phoenix, Arizona

Alignment: TBD

Picbase: Tay Conti

Wrestling Style: Impactful/standard

Entrance Theme: “Edge of Midnight“ - Miley Cyrus ft. Stevie Nicks

El Rueda del Sufrimiento - Standing Octopus Hold (AJ Lee’s Black Widow)
Punto de Ruptura - Crescent Kick (Aleister Black’s Black Mass)

Signature Moves:
Springboard Crossbody
Butterfly Suplex
Russian Legsweep off Middle Ropes

Common Moves: (at least ten)
Standard Suplex
Scoop Slam
Dragon Screw
Springboard Armdrag
Flying Crossbody
Atomic Legdrop
Flying Forearm
Spinning Backfist
Seated Blockbuster
Side Russian Legsweep

Entrance Description:

The half-sister of women's wrestling trailblazer Chloe Barnes, Eva Aguila has retained much of the attitude that made the former a star. With an unyielding attitude and unflappable confidence, she comes to GCW to prove herself worthy of her bloodline.

Born in Brazil. Raised in Brazil. Trekked to America to train in the art of Professional Wrestling at the vaunted Youth of a Nation Wrestling Academy under the direct tutelage of Donovan Kayl and Chloe Barnes. Eva is an ambitious firecracker, having vowed to earn Championship gold before her 20th birthday and converting on that vow when she became the GZWA Women’s World Champion (the final one before that federation’s closure). 
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