Izzi Grimes

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Izzi Grimes

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Real Name (Optional): Isobel Grimes

Name/Nickname (if different from above): Izzi Grimes

Twitter Handle (Optional): @izzigrimes

Preferred Brand: Shotgun or Livewire? If you do not care which brand, leave this blank and the staff will determine your placement based upon our needs.

Height: 5’5”

Weight: 120lbs

Date of Birth: February 20, 1998

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Baby face - 10

Picbase: Skyleblue Dolecki

Wrestling Style: Highflyer, puroresu, luchador, technical

Entrance Theme: “My Name” by From Ashes to New

The Crowning (Headlock Driver)
Sac-Town Explosion (Claymore)

Signature Moves:
Sac-Town Kick (Superkick to a kneeling opponent)
Infinity Lock (Figure Eight Leg Lock)
Light The Way (Phoenix Splash)

Common Moves: (at least ten)
Running Shooting Star Press
Sitout jawbreaker
Pele Kick
Diamond Cutter
Hurricanrana Driver
Snap Suplex
Suicide Dive
Step-over Spinning Kick
450 Splash
Tiger Suplex
Corner Shining Wizard
Flying Knee Kick (From top rope)
Leg trap sunset flip powerbomb (Sometimes off the top ropes)

Entrance Description:

Appearance (optional): See picbase
In-Ring Attire (optional): See picbase

Out-of-Ring Attire (optional):

She comes from a proud family of wrestlers, like Gavin and Corey Grimes. Despite heavy expectations, Izzi has stood on her own whenever she’s gone. She has a chip on her shoulder and doesn’t back down from anyone. She’s incredibly loyal and never cheats but she isn’t afraid to use that sharp tongue of hers. Most of all though? She just loves wrestling and will do whatever it takes to do what’s right.

Izzi Grimes started off as a tag competitor in Liberty Pro before transitioning into a singles fighter in Revo Pro, where she had much more success. She was seen as one of the rising stars there, along with being the longest reigning Seminole State Champion in the company’s history.

She soon took a break after she married Ciara Barton, to focus on her personal life. Izzi and Ciara would eventually split though, as they disagreed on Izzi continuing on pursuing a wrestling career, following her dreams of not only being better than her brother, Corey Grimes, and her cousin, Gavin Grimes, but also being the best wrestler in the world.

​Izzi has wrestled in a few different places, making guest appearances, specifically at Valiant Pro, where she won the Chaos Championship twice in one day. She would eventually go on to being the runner up with Reaper for the Kings and Queens of Carnage Tournament, which was a huge deal in Valiant. After experiencing a second break up with Ciara, Izzi ended up taking some time off but came back to wrestle here and there in Death Graps Wrestling. Izzi is now getting her footing back, she is now ready to make her move as a full time competitor here at GCW.
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