Fever 2.09

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Fever 2.09

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September 10th Fever (Dean Smith Center in Chapel Hill, NC)

In character this show is more like Sunday Night Heat or AEW Dark. It does not have a major television deal like Shotgun and Livewire do, it is streamed online. Out of character, the way I book is simple. You have to REQUEST for your character to even have a match and you may do so by replying to this thread or sending me a private message over the forums, twitter, or via discord. Understand that appearing on Fever is not a necessity. It is not a requirement. Just if you feel your character needs more exposure, if you want them to do something, etc...I can guarantee you a match of some sort on Fever. If you DO request a match on Fever, understand that UNLESS I AM TOLD OTHERWISE, your character will be booked against enhancement talent (i.e. jobbers). And your character will be booked to win. Simple enough, right? Now that does NOT mean Fever has to be limited to just your characters vs jobbers. Just as Heat and Dark at times presented good, intriguing content, we can do that here on Fever. Sometimes losing can provide you with just as much storyline material as winning does, if not more-so. So if you want your character to LOSE or fight to a DRAW against the enhancement talent, let me know and I will make that happen. OR if you want to fight an actual talent (i.e. another handler's character) we can make that happen and have an actual competitive match. If you choose to have an actual competitive match with another handler's character, you two need to get together and decide upon an ending and let me know of your agreed upon matching ending ahead of time, otherwise the match won't happen. Lastly, you don't even have to have a match to appear on the show. Your character can appear by shooting a promo, giving an interview, etc...my point is, use Fever as your means to interact, engage, and further the storylines of your character and feuds.

DEADLINE TO SIGN UP: August 24th, 2022 at 7:00 am
DEADLINE TO SUBMIT SEGMENTS: September 10th, 2022 at 7:00 am

MAEVE vs. Lynn Bradley

Twin Magic vs. Team Perry

Jonathan Scarborough vs. Brennan Davis

Jessica Anderson vs. Ariana Angelos

The McBride Corporation vs. Allison Lorraine & Carmen Diaz

Tornado Rules
Skye Life & Clyde Sutter vs. The Atari Brothers

Main Event
Anastasia Starling vs. Summer Collins

Scheduled to Appear
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Re: Fever 2.09

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Re: Fever 2.09

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