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Fever 1.01

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September 18, 2021 (Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, NE)

We cut to the ringside area. Ring announcer Robert E. Lee stands in the ring with a microphone in hand.

Lee: Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to announce the new General Manager of Fever. She will be answerable only to Tabitha Silverstone and Glory Braddock. She is a thirteen time former World Champion and a member of the GCW Hall of Fame, ANGELICA JONES!

The lights dim to a crimson red color throughout the arena. A high pitched female voice can be heard over the PA speakers…“I Lost My Miiiiiiind….”...The image of a red dragon appears on the Tron. The dragon is engulfed in flames as it is replaced by a phoenix. Then that too goes up in flames as it is replaced by an image of Angelica Jones. The Global-Tron shows images of Angelica Jones delivering the Hot Shot to Steve Pinex, Meagan Collins, Glory Braddock, Angela Jameson and the Divine Impact to Dazz, Daystalker, and Cuchulain. Angelica then steps out onto the stage. She is dressed in all black, from head to toe, and that includes a black trenchcoat. Her long hair hangs down to shoulder length. She stares menacingly, sadistically down at the ring, pausing before finally beginning to make the long walk to the ring. Angelica steps into the ring and then steps over to the opposite side of the ring where she poses on the second rope. She then jumps off and heads to the center where the music dies down and the lights come back up.

Angel: Well look at this, Angelica Jones is once again back inside of a wrestling ring.

The crowd cheers loudly. Angelica soaks it all in.

Angel: I’m sure some of you thought I was gone for good at Resurrection X and yes, I did promise that it would be my last match, I promised I would retire and I have kept my word. I have retired from active competition. But there was nothing said about helping out in a non-competitive role. And when I heard about this new project, I just had to throw my name into the hat for the job of General Manager of Fever. See, I was sitting at home after Resurrection planning my future. I have been making plans for my new album, which will be my first crossover into the rock genre by the way, please preorder yours today!

Jones winks at the camera.

Angel: But despite my singing career, I still actively paid attention to what has gone on here in GCW. I have had so many good memories of this place. I have had so many great matches, I have held championships here, I have made history here. Though it is like my daughter Marie had said, every wrestler needs to learn when to step back, to step away, and let the future take over. Every wrestler needs to learn when to pass the torch. I did that at Resurrection. I passed the torch onto my daughters, Marie Jones and Kimberly Williams and Jessica Lasiewicz. And then I heard Glory Braddock speak about Fever. I heard what she said about her vision for Fever as a place for opportunity...opportunity for current stars to compete and continue to show their value to the company, to continue to make an impact...opportunity for newcomers and rookies and trainees to hone their craft and get their name noticed on a major global promotion. That’s why I decided to pick up the phone and call GCW President Francis Taylor and let her know that I wanted to be the new General Manager of Fever. I share in the vision of Glory Braddock and of my daughter Marie...I want to be a part of this new vision that gives opportunities to the current generation and the generation of the future of this sport. And that is why I have returned and that is exactly what I intend to do!

Jones shakes her head.

Angel: Don’t expect to see much of this, though. Don’t expect to see much of me hogging the spotlight. My time of being in the spotlight is over. My job is to make sure the spotlight is on those who deserve it and that is each and every man and woman in the back who have busted their ass to get to this big stage of professional wrestling. That’s who deserves the spotlight and I am going to make sure they have their spotlight tonight and every other Fever to come. And you great fans of GCW will benefit from this because you will get to witness great action that you otherwise would not see. You will see new stars making their debut, up and coming rookies, and you will get to see stars from Livewire compete on the same card and potentially against stars from Shotgun, because this show is not restricted to just Shotgun or just Livewire. This is open to professional wrestlers. And under my watch that is how it will stay.

The crowd cheers loudly.

Angel: Now then, I am done taking up any more time. I am going to step away and start doing my job. Thank you for supporting GCW, because of you we are able to bring you Fever, and thank you to all of the GCW wrestlers on our roster, thanks to you we can bring great action.


“Blood Knight? Heh, that’s funny…” we see the raggedy looking black haired eccentric Most Loved Man on the Planet known affectionately as Leviticus step into view. He is dressed in his wrestling gear and has a confident look on his face. “...you know that tradition says Israelites spread the blood of a lamb over their doors so that when the Angel of Death came to kill all the firstborn in Egypt, the angel would know to pass over that house with the blood on it.”

The Maharajah of Marketing shrugs his shoulders. “That’s actually from Exodus, not The Book of Leviticus, but hey, I am Captain Capitalism and I can afford to change things up every now and then, am I right? But you, Mr. Ramsey, you have not changed. You have not changed in a very long time. You have been the same old curmudgeon with no personality and little to no talent. And tonight on Fever you are being led like a lamb to the slaughter. Because you may be The Blood Knight but I am The Nova Wonder Killer and it will be me spilling your blood all over the ring, all over the mat, and…” The Franciscan Friar of Flair licks his hands “...I will have your blood on my hands, Mr. Ramsey, and I will enjoy it oh so much!”

Saint Levi winks at the camera. “See you out there, buddy. Good luck, because you are going to need it!


Leviticus vs. "The Blood Knight" Saul Ramsey
[This match started out as a brawl. Saul Ramsey was the first to strike, apparently not appreciating the words from St. Levi. Saul got in a flurry of quick offense including a lariat, a high back body drop, and a dropkick sending Leviticus to the outside. Ramsey follows him but Leviticus drop toe holds him face first onto the steel steps. Leviticus then hits a ddt on the outside. Captain Capitalism rolls Ramsey back into the ring. Levi goes for a cover but Saul kicks out. The Most Loved Man on the Planet drops him with a brainbuster and then a neck snap. He locks in a neck vice. Leviticus with a swinging neck breaker. Saul fights back into it with wild rights and lefts. Saul hits the ropes and runs into a back elbow. Leviticus connects with The Book of Levi! He locks in The Truth Shall Set You Free! Saul taps out immediately!]
WINNER: Leviticus


“The following is paid for by The Ginger Nation…”

We cut to a set that has an orange tint around it. “The Phoenix” Marie Annabelle Jones steps into view from stage right. She is dressed in her wrestling gear and is wearing her signature black leather jacket. A look of confidence is etched across her face.

Marie: Ok, I admit it, The Ginger Nation may not be a thing any longer. But I felt that having a nostalgic throwback to my days as the leader of the #GingerNation would be appropriate, especially considering who I am facing tonight.

Jones points a finger at the camera.

Marie: Yeah, I’m talking to you Allison. You know, I haven’t been scheduled to compete in quite awhile. I have been sitting on the sidelines, watching my sisters Jessica and Kimberly have all the fun in GCW while I just enjoyed being showered and pampered by my boyfriend Tommy Cook. The last major match I had in GCW was at Resurrection against my mother when I defeated her to end her career. I can be proud to say that I defeated such a legend. I can proudly say that I took the torch away from her. But I have yet to get the opportunity to carry that torch. Thanks to Fever, I now have that opportunity to show what I can do. Unfortunately it will be at your expense, Allison.

Jones chuckles.

Marie: We have a lot of history and that’s why I wanted to use this #GingerNation throwback set to shoot this promo. You tried to fight me. You tried to stand up to me and the #GingerNation. That’s brave of you but what happened when you stepped up to the plate against The Crown Jewel of Professional Wrestling? I outsmarted you and I defeated you. I humbled you and forced you to join the #GingerNation as our personal bitch. I wonder if Tabitha had anything to do with you being my opponent?

Jones blows a kiss at the camera.

Marie: Hi, Tabs! If you had a hand in this, love you! If you didn’t...well, still love you!

The Phoenix chuckles.

Marie: Tonight I humble you again, Allison. Tonight I will once again make you my bitch.


Marie Jones vs. Allison Lorraine
[Allison is attacked before the match begins, with Marie jumping her from behind and shoving her face first into the steel ring post. Marie rolls her into the ring. Referee Shawn Pack gets in there and forces Marie back. He asks Allison if she wants to continue. She says yes. Referee Shawn Pack reluctantly rings the bell. Marie drills Allison with Kissed By Fire, her variation of the Busaiku Knee Kick. Marie pulls Allison up and drops her with The Hot Shot. She covers..1...2...3NO! Marie pulls Allison up. Marie drops Allison with The Vindicator. She runs off the ropes and connects with a springboard Divine Impact for a cover...1...2...3NO! Marie again lets Allison up. Marie drills Allison with Ave Maria! Marie locks Allison in The Angel’s Arch, the liontamer. Marie screams at Allison to tap out. Allison eventually does tap out.]
WINNER: Marie Jones

[Marie gets up in Allison’s face and smirks.]

Marie: You are and always will be my little #GingerBitch!

[Jones points at Allison, who is still writhing in pain on the mat.]

Marie: Do you see that? That is what happens when you encounter The Crown Jewel of Professional Wrestling. And in a few short days several opponents will learn this same hard lesson that Allison just learned. Do you really think that I am worried in the least little bit about a gauntlet match? I am The Phoenix. I am the one to beat. Everyone should be worried about me because this gauntlet match, well it is just a mere formality. I am going to run that gauntlet, win it, and then become GCW Heritage Champion for a second time by dethroning D’Nae Moore. This is my ring and this is my world.

[Marie drops the mic and then makes her exit.]


The scene opens up backstage with Gabriella Austin by herself.

Gabriella Austin: “Hey Andrew! One thing I’ll never regret is sticking up for my friends. I get it, you are The Embracer of Hate. Sith Lord. Former World Champion across multiple companies, yes, I get it. You’re tough. One thing you’re not that I am is a GCW Hall of Famer.”

Gabriella smiles. The crowd roars.

Gabriella Austin: “I wouldn’t be in the Hall of Fame if I was a slouch. Bring all your hate Andrew. I am not going anywhere.”

Gabriella cracks her knuckles.

Gabriella Austin: “Don’t think I forgot about you Matthew. You’ve shown flashes in your career of potentially being a special talent. Potential means nothing unless you can back it up. One day you might. Not tonight. With the Gauntlet coming up in a few days, I need to put everyone in that match on notice. That they are looking at the number one contender and future Heritage Champion.”

Gabriella nods. She walks off.


We cut backstage where we find GCW Hall of Fame Journalist Dexter Russell. The journalist is sitting in a chair and sitting across from him in a chair is “The Kensington Knockout” Julia Braddock. The reigning GCW Global Champion is dressed in a black knee length skirt, black open toed high heel pumps, and a lace pink blouse. Her long blonde hair hangs straight and unrestrained to past the shoulders. Her GCW Global Heavyweight Championship title belt is sitting in her lap.

Dexter: Ladies and gentlemen I am sitting here with the reigning GCW Global Heavyweight Champion, she is “The Kensington Knockout” Julia Braddock. Thank you for joining me tonight, Julia.

Julia: It’s my pleasure, Dex. I love this new concept. I think anyone who wants to compete in GCW should get that opportunity, so if Shotgun and Livewire just isn’t enough time for everyone, then why not add a third show? And utilizing new media such as YouTube is the perfect way to do it. As the Global Champion of GCW, the top champion of Livewire, it is my honor to be here tonight.

Dexter: Well you are the top champion as it stands right now, but there are five individuals who are looking to end your reign at Survival of the Fittest. It was supposed to be four, but due to interference from Adrian Waters it is now going to be five. Do you have any thoughts about your upcoming title defense, which will be very challenging to say the least.

Braddock chuckles.

Julia: Challenging? Let’s say it like it is, Dex. I have a one and six chance of retaining my championship at Survival of the Fittest. All because Adrian Waters chose to get involved in Kelsai Adamson-Mason’s match against Travis Vessey. Tabitha Silverstone wanted to throw it back in Waters face, maybe even punish him some, and by entering BOTH Kelsai and Vessey into the match, Adrian’s chances of winning dropped. But so did mine. Now other champions might gripe or complain about such a situation.

The Kensington Knockout shakes her head.

Julia: Not me. The chase to become champion was the easy part. Keeping it is the most difficult part. It always is and always will be and I knew from the moment I became Global Champion that I would have a target on my back. I knew every single person on the Livewire roster would have me in their crosshairs. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if a few Shotgun wrestlers aren’t thinking of jumping ship to come after me. Being the target of every single wrestler in the back is to be expected when you are champion. As far as I am concerned, I am glad it went from just four opponents to now five.

Dexter Russell arches his brow out of surprise.

Dexter: You’re glad?

Julia: Oh yes. I am thrilled. Like I have said already on social media, BRING IT ON! I am not going to be a reluctant champion. If anyone wants a shot, if anyone wants to try and take me out, I am not hard to find. I will fight anyone who wants an opportunity. But as far as Survival of the Fittest goes, that will be the night that I send a message to everyone in GCW. Because I will take on five of the very best this company has to offer and I will turn back their challenge, I will overcome the odds and walk away still the GCW Global Heavyweight Champion. So the message to anyone else who wants a shot?

She pats the title belt.

Julia: If you want this...you can’t just settle for bringing your best. You have to be better than your very best. Because I am Julia Braddock and I will push you to your limits, I will make you work for it, and by God you will have to kill me in order to take this away from me, and THAT is a Vow of Chastity.


Gabriela Austin vs. Matthew Taylor
[This match was a high flying affair from start to finish pitting these two aerial experts against one another to see who was the best. Gabby and Matthew traded kicks and hip tosses. Matthew with a springboard dropkick and then a hurricinrana. He went for a moonsault but Gabby avoided contact. Gabby with a head scissors takedown and then a roundhouse kick. Gabby with a springboard spinning heel kick. Gabby with a diving hurricinrana and then a somersault leg drop for a cover and a two. She connects with a top rope leg drop bulldog. The cover and a two. Gabby goes for a ddt but Matthew counters with a Northern lights release suplex. Matthew goes for a corkscrew senton splash but Gabby avoids contact. Gabby with Pure Realization. The cover...1...2...3!]
WINNER: Gabriela Austin

[Gabby doesn’t have time to celebrate before she is jumped from behind by Andrew Raynes! The Embracer of Hate mounts Gabby and rains down hard right hands. The referee, Stephen Snuggs, pulls him off. Raynes then easily intimidates Snuggs into running for the hills. This was enough of a distraction to allow Gabby time to recover. Raynes turns around and Gabby takes him down with a double leg and then starts raining down rights and lefts of her own. Raynes manages to kick her off. Raynes and Gabby are back to their feet and trading rights and lefts. Snuggs now brings out the calvary...many more referees and other officials and security swarm the ring and separate Andrew and Gabby. The crowd boos and chants of “Let them fight!” echo throughout the arena.]


We cut backstage where we find one-third of The McBride Corporation, namely Karen McBride. The raven haired beauty is dressed to kill in black high heeled boots, a tight black dress, and a dark purple blazer. Her long dark hair is pulled back and left to hang straight and unrestrained to past the shoulders. A solemn gaze is etched across her face.

Karen: There is an old saying...this isn’t a sprint, it is a marathon. I believe it could be applied to The McBride Corporation. You see, myself and my sisters admittedly have had rough patches here and there. We have come close before to conquering the GCW tag team division but have always managed to come up short. Through mismanagement, poor judgment, and at times infighting, we would always end up snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. There was a point at which The McBride Corporation became little more than a joke.

Karen holds up two fingers.

Karen: Sierra Michaels held us back so we got rid of her. Mason Van Stanton was next to offer his services to the corporation but he too failed so we dumped him just as fast as we dumped Sierra. Myself and Melanie then settled our differences with Blair, brought her back into the fold, and refocused ourselves on the task at hand of becoming the tag team champions. Understandably you doubted us at first but we proved you wrong didn’t we? We defeated the longest reigning champions in Rising Tide. We defeated arguably one of the most decorated GCW tag teams in Fabulous. And we defeated those two muscleheads in The Alan Family. And now Melanie and I stand on the precipice of becoming the GCW Global Tag Team Champions.

McBride chuckles.

Karen: I have listened to Fabulous talk a big game. Jessica, Summer, you are still trying to impose your will on the tag team division when you do not even hold the gold. And the last time you two were in the ring with The McBride Corporation, you had to leave in utter defeat. So I would not talk too quickly or with too much bravado, because your time has come and gone. Our time is now. The time of The McBride Corporation is here. Our date with destiny will be September 28th in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, a place that has produced some great wrestlers, and on that night we will topple the seemingly unstoppable Sovereign and become the new GCW Global Tag Team Champions.

McBride smirks.

Karen: But my sister Blair’s date with destiny...or rather her date with Brooklyn...is tonight. The McBride Corporation is expanding its reach. We will not only be a threat to the tag team ranks but now we will be a threat to the singles champions as well. So I am here to put everyone in GCW on notice. Watch tonight. Watch what Blair McBride is capable of.


The Global Elite vs. Wrestling Purity
[Chagev and Harker start off for their respect teams. Harker is fired up and easily overpowers Chagev early with a hard shoulder tackle, a body slam, and a suplex. She tags out to Mariah. They deliver a Heart Attack. Mariah covers but Chagev kicks out. Mariah with Kick Me Deadly. She superkicks Dionisia off the ring apron. She tags out to Harker. Harker and Mariah with a spike pile driver to Chagev. Harker locks in Beastly Bindings. Chagev taps out.]
WINNERS: The Global Elite

[Dionisia runs in to try and get some form of revenge but it is of no use. He gets caught with Kick Me Deadly from Mariah. Harker and Mariah drill him with a spike pile driver as well. Harker and Mariah stand over their fallen foes before making an exit.]


[Roderick Obsorn is seen in one of the suites and he's sitting next to Trevor Cash. Dressed to the nines and flaked with a few unknown individuals, two young men and two young women.]

Roderick: Roderick Obsrorn is here. We had received word that this man, Trevor Cash, was in the building and clearly not alone. We wanted to get a few words from you, Mr. Cash and ask what do you think so far of the first ever Fever?

[Trevor smirks as he strokes his chin.]

Trevor: Potential. That's today word of the day, Roderick. Potential. All I've seen out here is nothing but a sea of potential.

Roderick: I certainty would agree with that. The world is getting a chance to see the young prospects not just from GCW but from the whole world.

Trevor: GCW is the wrestling promotion to be. And like them, I'm always working. EVeryone starts from somewhere and I'm here looking to find exactly what I have in mind.

Roderick: So you're here for recruiting?

Trevor: Of course. Like I said, I'm always working. I brought my team here and we touched down in the city a day early. We spent some time with some of the wrestler performing tonight just to get a feel for where their head is, how bad do they want it and do they have what I'm looking for. It's like I told the entire wrestling world, if you have a vision for how you want to be in professional wrestling, I am the man that can make that come true. You look at the clients that I already represent. Princess Nava Farrin. She headlined the biggest show of the year in Resurrection and while she didn't win the World Championship, she has done nothing but raised her profile ever since I began assisting her.

You look at Katrina Lopez. Her tag team partner was put on the shelf and she was told to either sink or swim. She was discarded by some of the management here and certainty by the GCW fans. They took for granted the work Katrina put in to win their favor. But what I saw is a talented, hungry, unique athlete with the POTENTIAL to be the best in professional wrestling. I am the one that has molded and shifted her thinking from seeking the approval of the GCW fans to being killer, a wrestling machine with no regard, no remorse for anyone that steps in the ring. Roderick, you look at the work I've already done in these two's careers and I once again say to everyone wrestling on this show, to anyone hearing my voice, aspiring to make it to this stage, everyone needs a hand. Everyone needs someone that will help them open doors. That person is myself and I am open for business. My services don't come cheap but they are valuable and if you're feeling like you want to be someone in professional wrestling? Come to me.

[Trevor dusts off his suit as Roderick talks again.

Roderick: Thank you for this time. Trevor Cash, open for business. Right back to you guys on the floor!


Eva Aguila vs. Lynn Bradley
[These two both are technical wrestlers at heart and thus began with chain wrestling. Lynn Bradley would catch Eva with a standing dropkick and then go for a lariat but Eva ducks it and drops her with a flying forearm. Eva with a scoop slam and then an atomic drop. Eva with a seated blockbuster and goes for a cover but Lynn kicks out. Eva goes for a side Russian leg sweep but Lynn counters with a hip toss. Lynn throws a superkick but Eva catches the foot and connects with a dragon screw. Eva locks in a single leg crab. Lynn eventually reaches the ropes. Eva goes for a suplex but Lynn floats over and then starts landing chops and kicks. Lynn whips Eva into the ropes but lowers her head too early and Eva makes her pay with a swift kick to the face. Eva follows that up with Punto De Raptura! Eva covers...1...2...3!]
WINNER: Eva Aguila

Danielle Page vs. El Perro
[The bell rings. El Perro is waving to the fans. Taking his eyes off the ball was a mistake. As soon as he turns around he is clocked with a claymore kick from Danielle. Danielle with a bulldog takedown and then a swinging neck breaker. Danielle covers but El Perro kicks out at two. Page applies a Texas Cloverleaf. El Perro eventually reaches the ropes. Page measures Perro as he rises to his feet. Danielle with The Princess Kick. She applies Beauty Rest to Perro. El Perro starts fading away. Referee Shawn Pack checks on Perro. He is out. The referee calls for the bell.]
WINNER: Danielle Page

Domino Foxx vs. Jodi Jennings
[Domino catches Jodi early with several arm drag takedowns followed up by a clothesline. Foxx goes for another clothesline but Jodi ducks and lands a pele kick. Jodi with a clothesline and then a flying cross body block. Jodi goes up top and looks for a moonsault but Foxx steps out of the way avoiding contact. Foxx with a running high knee followed up by a neck breaker. Foxx goes up top and lands a frog splash for a cover but Jodi kicks out at two. Foxx with a springboard ddt and another cover but Jodi kicks out just before three. Foxx springboards again but Jodi avoids contact. Domino landed on her feet and turns around right into a spinning heel kick from Jodi. Jodi with an attempt a springboard asai moonsault but Domino gets her knees up just in time. Domino with a bulldog takedown followed by The Domino Effect. The cover...1...2...3!]
WINNER: Domino Foxx


Jessica Adams vs. The Enigma
[This turned out to be quite the high flying affair as both took to the sky with aerial attacks against one another. From springboard dropkicks, suicide dives, and corkscrew sentons the crowd was wowed with just about everything you could imagine. The Enigma hit The Enigma driver but Jessica kicked out. She went for Journey into the Unknown but Jessica moved out of the way and Enigma hit nothing but canvas! Enigma made the first mistake of the match and it proved costly. Jessica then connected with a V-Trigger followed by MILF-Money! The cover...1...2...3!]
WINNER: Jessica Adams

Carson Caine vs. Brennan Davis
[If you enjoy a slow paced, technical and/or submission match, this was for you! Carson and Brennan matched one another hold for hold for the first several minutes of the match. The turning point was when Brennan went for a cobra clutch but Carson countered with a leg sweep. Carson “Lit Up” Brennan with a flurry of jabs and strikes. Carson with The Flatline for a cover but Brennan kicked out. Carson with Done Deal. He locks Brennan in Wrapped Up. Brennan taps out.]
WINNER: Carson Caine


We cut to the backstage area. We find the newest Hall of Fame Journalist (much to Janice King’s chagrin) Dexter Russell. Standing to his left is Summer Collins and standing to his right is “The Archangel” Jessica Lasiewicz. Both are dressed in matching navy blue, black, and white tri-colored cheerleading uniforms that have “Fabulous” printed on the front.

Dexter: I am Dexter Russell and …

Jessica: Or is that Dexter Powers?

Summer: Why not Mr. Aubrianna?

Dexter: Actually it’s just Dexter Russell…

Jessica and Summer share a knowing gaze.

Jessica: But Dex, we can only imagine how needy and demanding Aubrianna Powers can be. I mean look at how annoying and obnoxious she is on television. We pity the fact that you have to deal with her twenty four seven. And that’s why we are letting you have the distinct honor of interviewing the most FABULOUS tag team in GCW.

Summer: That and Jess knows that this will infuriate Aubrey.

Jessica: I admit it. That’s my ulterior motive.

Dexter sighs.

Dexter: In any event, you two are scheduled to compete tonight on the premier edition of Fever. This is the first match you have had since failing to become number one contenders at Last Respects. On Livewire you declared your intentions to regain your championships, despite coming up short at Last Respects. I assume that tonight against Team Perry is your first step towards that goal.

Summer: Good question but maybe not the most important question. Definitely not the question on the minds of everyone watching at home. So Jessica, why don’t you ask the question Dexter failed to?

Jessica: Summer...why are you and your awesome, fabulous, former GCW World Champion, former GCW Global Champion tag team partner Jessica Lasiewicz wearing those sexy cheerleading uniforms?

Summer: Glad you asked such a fair and impartial question! It’s simple. We meant it when we said we are getting back to basics, we are getting back to what works. We are FABULOUS...both in the ring and out. We are drop dead gorgeous, so if we got it why not flaunt it? Why not give our fans a treat? They can look but they can’t touch. You can observe from afar, wishing to be with us, or just wishing you were us.

Jessica: And in the case of Caitlyn and Kenny Perry, they will always wish that they were us. But they will never be the tag team that we are. You’re right, Dexter, this is the beginning of our march back to the top. Tonight we make an example out of Team Perry. And I hope that the rest of the tag team division is paying attention.

The Archangel points a finger at the camera.

Jessica: Especially The Sovereign and The McBride Corporation. We know that at the end of the day one of you will be the Global Tag Team Champions. Whoever emerges with the gold when you two have your match will be our next target. We want our gold back and we will not stop until we get it.

Summer: Fear not, Livewire! Your tag team division will be absolutely FABULOUS yet again!


Fabulous vs. Team Perry
[Summer was in the ring first with Kenny Perry. She was posing for him which got him distracted. Caitlyn tried to warn him but it was too late as Jessica chop blocked his leg. Turns out Jessica is to start the match. Summer exits the ring and Jessica locks in a leg grapevine. Jessica with a dragon screw. Jessica tags out to Summer. Summer locks in a single leg crab. Kenny eventually reaches the ropes. Summer measures him and goes for The Stock Market Crash but he fights out of it. He hits the ropes and Caitlyn blind tags herself in. Summer with The Stock Market Crash! Caitlyn takes Summer down with a springboard dropkick. Caitlyn with a spinning heel kick. Caitlyn goes for a superkick but Summer catches the foot and counters with an exploder suplex. Summer tags out to Jessica. Jessica with an Our Lady Peace to Caitlyn Perry. Lasiewicz tags out to Summer. Jessica and Summer deliver Deadly Disrespect to Caitlyn! Summer with the cover...1...Kenny tries to run interference but Jessica catches him with Our Lady of Sorrows, planting him on his head!...2...3!]
WINNERS: Fabulous

[The referee raises their arms but Jessica jerks her arm away. She instead gets a microphone.]

Jessica: I have a few things I want to say…

[Lasiewicz looks intense, more intense than over.]

Jessica: This felt good, this felt right, and being right here in front of a great crowd in front of these great fans, it all just feels right!

[The crowd roars loudly. Summer applauds.]

Jessica: But you know what hasn’t felt right? Do you want to know what is still wrong with this picture? Me and Summer still do not have championship gold. That is what is wrong with this picture. The fact that every other tag team under the sun runs around claiming to be the best tag team in GCW history when everyone here knows that the best tag team is standing right here in the center of the ring. The tag team division of GCW was built upon our backs, our blood, our sweat, and our tears. We carried this tag team division for so long. We dethroned the longest reigning Global Tag Team Champions, The Rising Tide. We held the GCW Global Tag Titles and the tag titles from another promotion, the MWE World Tag Team Titles, simultaneously for months. You want to talk about the best? The conversation starts with us. And when we get our rematch at the titles, no matter if it is against The McBride Corporation or The Sovereign, it will be Summer and I that reestablishes the pecking order when we reclaim our gold.

[Lasiewicz smirks.]

Jessica: But speaking of The Sovereign…Chanel Hunter. I want to congratulate you on winning the GCW World Championship. And I sincerely mean that, because I know what it means to win that title for the first time. I won that championship back in November of 2013. In September of 2015 I won the GCW Global Championship. So within a two year span I became a two time champion and one of the first and still very few to have held both the GCW World and GCW Global Championships. So not only do I know how it feels to win that world championship for the first time, I also know what it takes to win it and to keep it. And as much fun as it has been to team with Summer, I think maybe some people have forgotten just how formidable I can be on my own.

[The Archangel shakes her head.]

Jessica: It is time I remedied that. You know you are facing me on Shotgun, but you are not facing this...when Summer and I leave the arena tonight, Fabulous goes out the window, but only temporarily, because I will go back to a certain place, a dark and more intense place, a place where I am at my most dangerous. And maybe I won’t beat you, maybe I can’t “touch you”, but I promise you that you will know you have been through a war, because I am coming to Shotgun and I am bringing hell with me. Let’s see what you got, champ.


Backstage we find Blair McBride pacing back and forth, anxiously awaiting the start of her debut match as a professional wrestler. Standing with her is her sister, Melanie McBride, who will be serving as her corner-person tonight against Brooklyn Smith.

Melanie: There is no need to be so anxious, Blair. You will be fine.

Blair: I know I will be fine. You taught me well.

Melanie: Then why are you pacing?

Blair stops and turns to face her sister.

Blair: Because you are going to be at ringside. This would be better if you were not there.

Melanie sighs.

Melanie: We’ve been through this already.

Blair: I know what needs to be done. Sigrun and I have become one, just as you and Skogul became one. I know what I need to do tonight against Brooklyn Smith and I do not need your assistance.

Melanie: Sigrun means “victory” and I am certain that you will be victorious tonight in your goal. But in Norse mythology Sigrun was a Valkyrie; fierce warriors. The Valkyrie fight together as one and are powerful together.

Blair: But if I defeat Brooklyn simply because you interfered, what does that prove? Am I truly a fierce warrior?

Melanie sighs.

Melanie: Just because I will be at ringside does not mean I am going to get physically involved. I just want to offer...moral support.

Blair: Moral support? Did Nero say he was offering moral support?

Melanie frowns. She reaches into her pockets and produces the Sigrun mask that at one time she forced Blair to wear. Upon seeing it Blair sighs with defeat.

Blair: I’m sorry…

Melanie: It’s ok, sometimes we have to be reminded of where we came from in order to appreciate what we now have; and sometimes it is good to remember that it is possible to lose what we have, it is possible to regress. I only want what is best for you, Blair. I hope you understand that.

Blair: I do, Melanie. I do...


Backstage, Dexter Russel stands next to Shotgun's Brooklyn Smith, who is dressed to compete in tonight's main event. The crowd roars as her image appears on the jumbotron.

Dexter: "In the main event of the inaugural edition of Fever tonight, we will see the in-ring debut of Blair McBride. Her opponent? None other than this woman right here...Brooklyn Smith. Brooklyn, you were recently named the number one contender for the GCW World Championship after a big win on Shotgun last week. Now tonight, you will face Blair McBride as a favor to her. You are basically going up against the unknown in Blair...not to mention her sister Melanie said she would be at ringside tonight."

Brooklyn: "First, Dex, thank you. I am looking forward to Survival of the Fittest and my date with Chanelle Hunter for the World Championship. But first, I face my new friend, Blair McBride here tonight. Yes, there is an element of uncertainty going up against a debuting opponent, but, knowing Blair was trained by Melanie, I watched footage of her in action, and I trained as usual."

Dexter: "So you are taking tonight's match that seriously?"

Smith nods.

Brooklyn: "Of course I am. I owe Blair that much. I'm not going to take it easy on her. That's not what she wants. She wants to test herself and prove herself. I am honored to help."

Dexter: "Do you think Melanie will be a factor? You have criticized her fairly recently, after all."

Brooklyn: "If you are asking if I think Melanie will interfere, no, I do not. Tonight has nothing to do with anything I may have said about Melanie or anything like that. Yes, I still worry about the dynamic between those two sisters, but tonight isn't about that, either. It's about Blair McBride and her GCW in-ring debut. I, for one, am looking forward to it."

Dexter: "Survival of the Fittest..."

Smith puts up a hand.

Brooklyn: "Save any questions about my match at Survival of the Fittest, dexter. Like I said, tonight is about Blair's debut. I will be happy to answer any questions about other things the next time I get a forum on Shotgun. Cool?"

Dexter initially appeared taken back, but he now grins.

Dexter: "Fair enough. Thank you for your time Brooklyn."

Brook smiles.

Brooklyn: "You are very welcome. Thank you. And thank _YOU_, Lincoln, Nebraska!"

The crowd cheers as Brooklyn walks off.


Main Event
Brooklyn Smith vs. Blair McBride
[This is Blair’s debut as a wrestler against a former World Champion so it goes as expected with Brooklyn dominating the early portion with several hip tosses and then an arm drag into an arm bar. Blair fights up to her feet and uses her striking ability to kick Brooklyn in the face and force a break. But Brooklyn catches her with a flapjack and then hits a spinning heel kick. Brooklyn with a snap suplex and then a swinging neck breaker into the cover and a two. Brooklyn with a side headlock. Blair fights to her feet. She breaks it with three elbows to Brooklyn’s gut. Blair hits the ropes but Brooklyn catches her with a high back drop and then a lariat. Brooklyn with Seeing Stars! The cover but Blair kicks out at two and a half. Brooklyn goes up to the top, looking to end it with The Night Cap. She flies off the top but Blair rolls out of the way and Brooklyn hits nothing but canvas.]

[Blair with a running knee strike. She whips her into the corner and then charges in with another running knee strike. Blair with a roundhouse kick knocking Brooklyn down. Blair covers but Brooklyn kicks out at one. Blair locks in The Wall Street Cloverleaf. Brooklyn eventually reaches the ropes. Blair pulls her to her feet and whips her into the ropes. Blair lowers her head too early and Brooklyn makes her pay with a swinging neck breaker. Brooklyn with a cover but Blair kicks out at two. Brooklyn slingshots Blair into the corner. Blair staggers out and into the waiting arms of Brooklyn who scoops her up and slams her. Brooklyn goes back up to the top. Blair slowly rises to her feet. Brooklyn comes off and connects with The Night Cap! But the momentum sends Blair to the outside. Brooklyn gives chase. Brooklyn rolls Blair back into the ring. Melanie gets in Brooklyn’s face and starts shouting. This distraction allows Blair time to recover. Blair leaps over the top with a suicide dive taking out both Brooklyn and Melanie! Blair rolls Brooklyn back into the ring. Blair stands ready on the ring apron as Brooklyn rises to her feet. Blair springboards off the top rope and connects with Air Blair! The cover but Brooklyn kicks out at two!]

[Blair goes to reapply The Wall Street Cloverleaf but Brooklyn counters into a small package. Blair barely kicks out before the three. Blair scrambles up but runs into a superkick. Brooklyn with a series of three suplexes in a row. Brooklyn with a beautiful standing moonsault followed by a seated senton. The cover but Blair again kicks out just before the three. Brooklyn with a brain buster. Brooklyn goes up top and is clearly going for another Night Cap. She is distracted again by Melanie’s shouting. Blair is able to recover and in one swift motion leaps up to the top and Spanish Flies herself and Brooklyn out of the ring and to the outside!]


[Both women are clearly hurt by this fall but Brooklyn, who dominated through the vast majority of the match, is up first despite being the one who had the move done to her. She slides into the ring just before nine to break the referee’s count. She slides out of the ring. Brooklyn turns and sees that Blair has now recovered and has a steel chair in hand…]


[Well...Blair did take her head off...but Blair turns and blasts Melanie in the head with the chair instead. Blair mounts Melanie and starts raining down rights and lefts. The referee calls for the bell.]
WINNER: No Contest

[Karen McBride rushes to the ringside area now. Brooklyn pulls Blair off of Melanie and Karen tries to pull Melanie away to safety. Blair looks like she is possessed, an unhinged look is on her face as she finally breaks free from Brooklyn and charges back towards Melanie, knocking her and Karen down and proceeding to rain down more right hands onto Melanie. Brooklyn is back in and again pulls Blair off of Melanie. Karen picks Melanie up and starts dragging her away. Security finally makes it down and gets in between the two, allowing Karen and Melanie to go back up the ramp to safety. Once they are safely up the ramp Karen slaps Melanie and points at the ring where Brooklyn is trying to calm Blair down.]

Karen: Do you see that?! That’s what you did! You did that to her!

[Meanwhile in the ring Blair has slowly started to calm down. The look of unmitigated rage has left her. Blair looks repentant and apologetic.]

Blair: I’m sorry. I’m sorry...
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