The Beggar King Eddy Todd

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The Beggar King Eddy Todd

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Real Name (Optional): Edward Todd
Name/Nickname (if different from above): “The Beggar King” Eddy Todd
Twitter Handle (Optional): @BeggarKingEddy
Preferred Brand: Either
Height: 6’4
Weight: 270
Date of Birth: 08/28/1980
Hometown: Los Angeles, Ca.
Alignment: Tweener 4
Picbase: Alexander Blackheart
Wrestling Style: Well Rounded
Entrance Theme: “Save Yourself” by Stabbing Westward

Take the Throne: Electric Chair Sit-out Facebuster
Kingdom Come: Flatliner

Signature Moves:
Fall From Grace: Avalanche Samoan Drop
Execution: Fireman’s Carry Neckbreaker

Common Moves: (at least ten)
Rapid kicks to the knees
Reverse DDT
Death Valley Driver
Blue Thunder Bomb
Strikes to the body

Top Rope Leg Drop
Top Rope Elbow Drop

Figure Four
Ankle Lock
Mounted punches/elbows

Entrance Description:
Fog starts to slowly fill the entrance area as the intro to “Save Yourself” by Stabbing Westward starts up. Pale green lights illuminate the fog as “The Beggar King” Eddy Todd steps out from the back. He looks out over the crowd with a smirk on his face.

I know your life is empty
And you hate to face this world alone
So you're searching for an angel
Someone who can make you whole

I cannot save you
I can't even save myself
So just save yourself

Ring Announcer: Coming to the ring, from Los Angeles California, weighing in at two hundred and seventy pounds, the Beggar King Eddy TODD!!

Eddy starts to stroll towards the ring. He occasionally gives random high fives to random fans, mostly the older adults that would have known him from before. He makes his way to the ring at his own pace glancing around at the ring, the crowd, the arena, just generally taking in the environment. He makes his way towards the far set of ring steps. He leans against the guard rail as she shoots a look towards the timekeeper and then the announcers.

I know that you've been damaged
Your soul has suffered such abuse
But I am not your savior
I am just as fucked as you
(I am just as fucked as you)

I cannot save you
I can't even save myself
So just save yourself

He climbs the steps rapidly and walks along the apron. He steps through the ropes and moves to one of the corners. He climbs to the second rope and holds a fist up in the air as he looks out to the crowd. He then hops down and prepares for the match to start.

Appearance (optional):
In-Ring Attire (optional): Black wrestling boots, Black full-length tights with “Beggar King” down one leg in silver and green with a silver and green crown on the back, black wrist tape.

Out-of-Ring Attire (optional):

Gimmick/Personality: Long-time veteran of the sport. Coming back for a final run before fully retiring.

Biography: Eddy started his career back in the late 90s as soon as he turned 18. He started as a masked wrestler under the name Grim Reaper. The beginning of his career started out teaming with Ashe Corvin. THey pair made a passable tag team capturing tag team titles a handful of times.

Eddy would have singles runs when he wasn’t tagging with Ashe. He found success on his own capturing a handful of mid-tier titles along with a couple of top-tier ones as well. After A minor injury to his right elbow, he stepped back from active competition and helped Ashe and a few other friends he had made with their careers from a behind-the-scenes standpoint.

When Ashe started his training school in Los Angeles it was a no-brainer that he asked Eddy to be one of the teachers. After training up dozens of new wrestlers Eddy got that itch to get back into the ring. He got himself in ring worth shape. He came up with a new nickname and decided to wrestle unmasked and under his real name for his final run.
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