Declaration of War <SUPER SHOW>

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Declaration of War <SUPER SHOW>

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The show cuts in on Jazmyn Rain as she’s already dressed to compete later in the night. She’s intensely focused, as she should be, and she’s showing no regrets at all over her comments from a few weeks ago. She thinks about Angelica Jones and the events of four years ago and that’s all it will take to set her off and have her speaking her mind.

Jazmyn Rain: Four years… four long goddamn years…

That is how long I’ve been waiting for this, ANGELICA! You want to mock me? You want to act like you’re the innocent one here? You want to act as if I’m such a BAD person? My god, it’s like you forget the entire saga that I have with your whole family. It’s funny… the first time I ever became Global Champion… nearly seven years ago in fact… goodness time flies… I beat your daughter, REMEMBER? It was a special moment for me, one that I will cherish forever. You think I forgot about how the “force” known as Apocalypse attacked me at every turn? Physically. On social media? How every single mishap I had during my first world title reign EVER drew criticisms and scorn from the likes of Trenton, Kayla, Lexi Gold, Gabby Austin… good god, it just wouldn’t END!

What was the crime I committed back then? That I had something you all as a group wanted to take from me? Is that it? Is it the fact that I beat your daughter’s ass to win that title? I’m SURE it STUNG, but holy crap! See, here’s the truth of the matter when it comes to GCW and the Jones family and that’s the fact that with anyone with the last name Jones, if it’s not about THEM… then FUCK everyone else! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU has had that mentality for a LONG time… SO long that this mentality has existed in all of you since before I even GOT here… I’m talking about not just GCW, I’m talking GDW… I’m talking Motor City… hell… you want to add in the companies that GCW used to be affiliated with when there was such thing as a “TRIAD” five to six years ago too? If it’s not about YOU and how YOU like it… OH MY GOD! END OF THE WORLD!!!!!!

Fucking hell, I lost track of how many times Marie came and went from UWA… slight exaggeration I admit, BUT STILL…


And you’re all revered as this HUGE DEAL… but is it because of pure admiration from your peers? Or fear? Fear that if they don’t toe the line… SNAP! How many careers has your family ended or tried to end over the years, huh? I can count on ONE hand the careers I’ve ended… as I’ve only ended ONE… Jefferson Bentley, inferno match.

If you think I’m not capable of going to HELL with you… watch that fucking match and tell me that I’m not! Watch that fucking Seven Stages of Hell match that I had against Myra and tell me that I’m not capable of that. And all of the things YOU’VE DONE… not just to ME by the way… and you want to cry FOUL over me PRAISING Kayla’s injury? Bitch, praising your shadow’s injury is NOTHING compared to what you did to me four years ago. You have had it out for me since the moment I beat your daughter’s ass to be a world champion for the first time… THAT, Angelica… is the REAL conspiracy here! But you just couldn’t get rid of me…

You FAILED to get rid of me. Your daughter couldn’t get rid of me in 2015 when she choked me out that one time to use ME as an example… as a message bitch… to send to Malcolm Cross, remember that? OF COURSE you don’t! REVISIONIST HISTORY! You failed to get rid of me in 2018 because even through EVERYTHING, I STILL came back… HOME… MY HOME… GCW isn’t the HOUSE OF JONES anymore… no… what people failed to recognize is that while I was here, this was the HOUSE OF JAZMYN… BITCHES… and YOU NEVER LIKED IT! Well guess what, Angelica?

When I get my revenge… I AM making this MY HOUSE again! I didn’t come back for a one and done… I didn’t come back to beat the shit out of you for revenge and go home “happy”... no, I came back to show those that wrestle here what a TRUE top tier competitor in this business is! Even you admitted on Shotgun recently that you went crazy because you hit me with everything and it wasn’t enough…

That’s it, isn’t it?

That’s where I bring out your insecurities…

Your best wasn’t good enough to beat me then… and your best won’t be good enough to beat me now. I’d say karma bit you when Marie beat the shit out of you two years later, but that doesn’t surprise me. It’s the NEVER ENDING Jones family reality television show, after all! But you haven’t finished paying up just yet… no, karma’s back to take from you again… and that’s what will happen when I SLAY THE FUCKING DRAGON… and when I do?

It won’t be a damn conspiracy… it’ll be ME being what I ALWAYS WAS when I was here the first time around…

The absolute BEST that GCW had at that time…

Praise the return of the glory days… thy GUARDIAN GODDESS has spoken! And tonight? I’m going to make what Marie put you through look like child’s play BITCH!

Jazmyn storms off the scene, clearly a woman on a mission as the scene cuts out.


Envy Ellis Vs Nadia Allen

This was the match everyone expected it to be. Hard hitting. No nonsense. Ground and pound to the core. Both women were clearly evenly matched. When one did manage to get even a sliver of momentum, the other quickly turned it around. Two thoroughbreds like this starting off the show gave the fans plenty to be excited about.

Towards what was to be the tail end of the contest, Envy and Nadia began knife edge chopping in the middle of the ring, each not selling the chops from the other. With each deadening chop, both women laid into each other more. The chop fest soon came to an end when to the surprise of many, Patience, Faith and Carmen stormed the ring. Patience and Faith ganged up on Nadia, Carmen took her shot at Envy. The referee immediately threw the match out.


Nadia and Envy tried fighting off their respective attackers as best they could. Three on two is still three on two. The three women did wind up keeping the two fighters down.

Patience, Carmen and Faith flashed the L sign over their forehead as they left Nadia and Envy to wonder why they were targeted.


We cut backstage where we find the wild haired man in a purple suit, The Man of a Thousand Nicknames himself, Leviticus. Captain Capitalism finds in between a Fabulous sandwich, pardon the pun. To his right stands Summer Collins and to his left stands Jessica Lasiewicz. The duo known as Fabulous are wearing their matching tri-colored royal blue, black, and white cheerleader uniform wrestling gear with “Fabulous” printed on the front. Summer has both of her tag title belts wrapped around her waist while Jessica has the GCW World Tag Team Championship belt draped over her right shoulder and the GCW Global Tag Team Championship belt draped over her left shoulder.

Leviticus: Ladies and gentlemen, you are witnessing greatness. I am The Most Loved Man On The Planet, The Emperor of Entrepreneurship, Captain Capitalism, Master Media Mogul, Saint Levi, Your Righteous Savior, The Titan of Twitter, The Sultan of Social Media, The Nova Wonder Killer, The Maharaja of Marketing, The Franciscan Friar of Flash…

Lasiewicz elbows him in the gut. Levi is startled by this and yelps slightly.

Leviticus: Sorry…I am Levi Timothy Craig, better known to you as Leviticus. And I am the marketing guru of your Undisputed GCW World Tag Team Champions, Jessica Lasiewicz and Summer Collins, and they are absolutely FABULOUS!

The champions strike a pose.

Leviticus: Now I wish I could say that tonight my clients were here to defend the tag team championship against the RIGHTFUL number one challengers Anastasia Starling and Skylar Rayner. That is the match the champions want and that is the match the people want and yet idiots keep getting involved to ruin it. First Karen and Olly decided to get involved and ruin a perfectly good tag team championship match at For Glory & Gold. Now The McBride Corporation has decided to involve themselves by attempting to strike a deal with K2O.

Captain Capitalism shakes his head.

Leviticus: That was NOT a good idea, ladies.

Jessica: Thank you, Levi. You know, there is an old saying that if you lie down with dogs you wake up with fleas. Karen, Melanie, I have no idea whose idea this was. Was it yours? Was it Blairs? It really doesn’t matter but you stuck your nose into Fabulous business. Everyone saw that my cousin had Karen Eldon dead to rights. She was going to tap. But then your corporation decided to involve itself. We once had respect for you three. You beat us and The Alan Family to earn a tag title shot. You beat The Sovereign, destroyed their GCW run, and became tag team champions. You beat Wrestling’s Most Wanted to once again unify the tag team titles. Sure, you had your slump. The Alan Family cheated you out of the titles at Civil War. But how do you respond? How do you react? You decide to throw your lot in with K2O. You hope that by helping them they can one day help you.

Lasiewicz shakes her head.

Jessica: You made a huge mistake. For starters, you can’t trust Karen and Olly. Trust me, I know. Summer and I have dealt with them before in MWE. If you think your generosity will be reciprocated then you are insane. Once you help them get what they want they will drop you like yesterday’s news. Second, you made a mistake because by helping K2O you have made an enemy out of Fabulous.

Summer: Tonight was supposed to be our night to finally defend the titles against SkyBird. Instead we are again delaying it, we are teaming with them to put an end to the latest distraction. That’s all you are, McBride girls. You are just a distraction. And K2O? You are just delaying the inevitable.

Collins and Lasiewicz hold up their tag team titles.

Summer: You will NEVER get anywhere near these! And as long as Fabulous is drawing breath, there will be NO hostile takeover of Global Championship Wrestling! As long as we are drawing breath, GCW will always be absolutely FABULOUS!


Grudge Match
Jessi Ozbourn vs Stacy Jones

Ozborne and Jones start this one off slow paced, going for a Collar-and-Elbow tie up off the bell! Ozborne has the upper hand at the start, wrapping up Jones with Wristlock. But the veteran Jones is no slouch, escaping before getting in a Wristlock of her own! She transitions into a Waistlock, pushing Ozborne towards the ropes and pulling her in for an O’Connor Roll for the two count!

Ozborne beats Jones back to her feet, getting high ground for boot to the midsection! She doubles down by throwing Jones shoulder first into the ring post, before pushing her up to the top rope! She attempt to bounce from the second rope to Jones for an Springboard Avalanche Neckbreaker! But Jones smacks her out of mid air with an Elbow Strike instead! Ozborne flops to the mat as Jones leaps from the top rope with Moonsault! A pin attempt by Jones once again renders a two count.

Jones gets Ozborne to her feet, looking to follow up! But Ozborne swats the hands away, nailing Jones with repeated Forearms! She goes for Roundhouse Kick, with Jones ducking underneath before going for a Lariat! Ozborne ducks the Lariat, with Jones improvising with a Pele Kick! Ozborne dodges that one as well, looking to catch Jones with a Knee Strike as she tries to get up! Jones dodges that one, looking to send Ozborne down with German Suplex! Ozborne lands on her feet off of that one to reverse, running the ropes before colliding with Jones head on with a Penalty Kick! Pin attempt by Ozborne gets a close two!

Ozborne looks for the finish, getting Jones up in a Ripcord position before looking for the Bae-Blade! She pulls Jones back in, but she reverses with a Uranage instead! She waits for Ozborne to return to her feet before hitting the Bat-Hammer (Jumping Corkscrew Roundhouse). She goes for the pin, only for Ozborne to shoot her arm up right before three!

Jones gets to the top rope, waiting for Ozborne to make it to her feet before looking for RWYA! But Ozborne catches the Diving Corkscrew Cutter, getting Jones in the Ripcord position before hitting the Bae-Blade (Ripcord Spinning Heel Kick)! Ozborne goes for the pin, being made nervous as Jones kicks out just a little sooner than Ozborne last did!

Ozborne gets Jones in position, looking for the Parallax! But Jones escapes the attempted Tequila Shot, instead pushing Ozborne out of the ring from behind! She hits the ropes before launching out with Fosbury Flop! She gets to the apron, bouncing off as Ozborne gets back up for The Black Eclipse (Asai Moonsault)! She tiredly drags Ozborne back to the ring, catching her breath a bit before attempting to climb through the ropes! Ozborne is back on her however, rushing in and nailing her with Disenchanted (House Call)! Jones is slumped over the ropes, with Ozborne taking advantage by going to the top rope. She leaps off, nailing Jones with The End (Double Rotation Moonsault)! This is seemingly enough, keeping Jones down for the three count!

Winner: Jessi Ozborne

After the bell, Ozborne is seen celebrating on the top rope, coming back down to meet face to face with a recovered Jones. She offers out a hand to Ozborne, which she accepts before transitioning into a hug, the two seemingly putting their past issues behind them.


[Roderick Osborn is in the backstage area and alongside him is Akeem the Supreme, Savino and M.A.E.V.E. Akeem sports a black and yellow Nikie fleece jacket with matching sweats. Savino has a black beanie, a black and yellow Kowloon hoodie and black jeans. M.A.E.V.E is dressed in a black and white pinstriped overalls with a yellow tank top underneath.]

Roderick: Ladies and gentlemen, I'm here with Savino, Akeem the Supreme and M.A.E.V.E. Kowloon, you guys have been quietly building momentum. Racking up wins. Keeping a low profile. M.A.E.V.E, you've been doing the same on Fever. Akeem, Savino. You guys still have the briefcase that gives you the chance to challenge for the Tag Team Titles whenever you guys want.

[M.A.E.V.E suddenly holds the microphone. Roderick is taken a back momentarily.]

M.A.E.V.E: I want the X title back. I hope you hold on to that belt, Mara. I want that title. And I want your head.

[She steps back, placing her hands inside her overalls. Savino leans into the mic.]

Savino: Roderick you say we've been keeping a low profile. We've been low key. Roderick, that's how we move. We move in silence and strength. There is no rest over here. We sharpen our swords. Every day. In the gym. Working. The day will come when me and Keem, we let everyone know when we're calling our shot.

[Akeem steps in.]

Akeem: Shit we can get it done tonight. Baby boy ready to go now.

Savino: We ain't in no rush. You rush, you fall. Everything we do is precise. Clean. Like a thief in the night. Kowloon, when we hit, it's always on the target.

[Akeem presses his lips together and places his hands on his hips. Savino peers at the camera.]

Savino: M.A.E.V.E hungry. Keem hungry. I'm hungry. We don't get distracted by the noise. We keep our noses to the grimestone. And that's just what it is. No words. Just fists.

[Savino turns to M.A.E.V.E and walks off, with Akeem slowly following along.]



We open in a nice, luxurious conference room. It looks very business appropriate with a solid oak, shiny rectangular table. There is a door at the far end. That door opens and Sierra Michaels She steps to the front of the room, standing in front of the table. A stoic, emotionless gaze is upon her face.

Sierra: I am Sierra Michaels and I am The Executive Assistant for The McBride Corporation. This evening The McBride Corporation will forge a temporary alliance with K2O with the mutual goal of dismantling the SkyBird and Fabulous alliance. This alliance will eventually bring the GCW World Tag Team Championship to where it belongs…in the hands of Karen Eldon and Olly. Now it is my honor and privilege to introduce to you the three founders and presidents of The McBride Corporation; Karen McBride, Melanie McBride, and Blair McBride.

The door opens again and in walks Blair McBride, leading her sisters Karen and Melanie McBride into the room. The step in front of Sierra.

Blair: Thank you, Sierra. The McBride Corporation understands the necessity of making alliances and expansion. Both are necessary in order to complete our hostile takeover of Global Championship Wrestling. Karen and Olly just want the tag team championship. The McBride Corporation will gladly help K2O achieve their ends. We will gladly assist them in weakening Ana and Skylar. We will soften up the reigning tag team champions, Lasiewicz and Collins. If Karen and Olly want the tag team titles, they can have it. The McBride Corporation want everything else. We want to run the show.

Karen: Now our actions may not be very popular but it is smart. Face facts, people, The McBride Corporation and K2O will get along beautifully because we have mutual goals in common. But can Fabulous and SkyBird really get along tonight? Ana, Skylar, don’t forget that it was Fabulous who took the tag team championships right from under your nose at For Glory & Gold. And Summer, don’t forget it was Ana who whipped your ass and made you tap out like a little bitch on Fever.

Melanie: Fabulous and SkyBird are like a powder keg ready to explode at any moment. Their alliance cannot be sustained. But The McBride Corporation and K2O will be there to pick up the pieces when they do explode. Karen and Olly will inevitably become tag team champions. And The McBride Corporation will take one step closer to taking over this damn company.

Blair: The hostile takeover is underway, ladies and gentlemen.

Sierra: This meeting of The McBride Corporation is over!


8 Person Tag Team Match
K20 & The McBride Corporation vs Skybird & Fabulous

Karen (McBride) and Melaine came into the match wanting to show that an alliance with The McBride Corporation was in the long term best interest of K20. Didn’t appear Eldon objected, she stood comfortably on the ring apron wishing to avoid the wrath of Skybird and Fab.

The match was a quasi handicap match in the sense of Eldon not wanting to get her hands dirty at all. The McBrides and Olly did a good enough job fending off the tag champions and Skybird, eventually the four on three flow of the match did swing more in the champions and Skybirds favor, it was then Eldon picked her spot. As Jessica tried to connect with a pedigree on Olly, Eldon rushed into the ring, yanked Jessica by the hair. When Jessica turned around, Eldon tried begging off. Jessica didn’t hesitate to wrap her hand around her throat. This gave Olly a chance to drop Jessica with a Backstabber.

Jessica was isolated by all four members of the opposing team. Eventually she did get the hot tag to Skylar. She was a house of fire. The action broke down. The two legal competitors wound up being amidst the chaos to be Karen McBride and Skylar.

As things devolved, Sierra and Blair decided to involve themselves, acting as human shields when Summer, Jessica had Eldon cornered. Ana came to help, Eldon blindsided her with her running knee (Can I Speak To Your Manager).

On the inside, Karen (McBride) and Melanie were able to put down Skylar Rayner with Blood is Thicker Than Water.

One, two, as the hand was about to come down for three, Olly was able to stop Ana from making the save.

And three.

Winners: K20 & The McBride Corporation

Melanie and Karen exited the ring to join their sisters at ringside. The McBrides showed how effective their Corporation was using the numbers games to ensure their team won. Their momentum benefited K20. Inside the ring, Fabolous and Skybird stared at the six people outside the ring not too fondly. Karen Eldon made the belt motion as things transitioned backstage.


We open backstage in the dressing room for Angelica Jones. The red headed Boston native is putting the finishing touched on her wrestling gear, slipping her feet into her crimson red kick boots. At this time she hears her dressing room door open. The Dragon looks up and then smiles warmly as she sees her twin daughters, Marie Jones and Kimberly Williams, the duo better known as Twin Magic, entering.

Angel: Girls! What are you doing here? You’re not booked to compete tonight?

She rises up to her feet and meets them in the center of the room with a big group hug.

Marie: You really think we would miss your big match tonight? Jazmyn has hinted at bringing in her new Utopia girls to back her up. Aubrianna Powers is always lurking in the shadows and after Aunt Kayla kicked her head off on Shotgun she may want to get involved. So Kim and I are going to be here to back you up.

Kim: And speaking of Aunt Kayla, we have a surprise!

Angelica looks back towards the door. Kayla Jones walks in through the door. Angelica and Kayla meet and embrace in a tight hug.

Angel: Kayla! I never expected you to be here!

Kayla: Like Marie said, I’m not gonna leave you in a lurch, sis. If you need backup, I’m here. So are Marie and Kim.

Kim: Even Jess is available.

Angelica’s heart is warmed by the strong show of support. She nods her head.

Angel: I appreciate all of this. This is why family is so important. But this has to be settled between me and Jazmyn one on one. Even your presence at ringside will probably give that loud mouth reason enough to cry foul. So please stay here in the back and let me deal with Jazmyn on my own.

Kayla: I respect that, Angel. But if Utopia does get involved, we are going to go out there and beat their asses. If Aubrianna Powers gets involved, we’ll kick her ass too. We’re here just to make sure the odds are even between you and Jazmyn.

Angel: Speaking of Powers…

Angelica smirks.

Angel: …I really did love that big return.

Kayla: What can I say? I enjoy making a surprise comeback. And thank you, by the way. Thanks to you I get my hands on Powers on Fever this Saturday.

Angel: No problem. I wish I could have made it one on one but I have a feeling Tabitha wants to save that for a bigger stage. You’ll have to settle for the six person tag.

Kayla: Any chance I get to kick Aubrey’s head off I will take it.


No DQ Match
Veronica Taylor & Jessica Anderson Vs Ariana Angelos & Miss America

With the rulebook out the window there was no need to hold the tag rope or obey any tag rules whatsoever. No apron standing for anyone. Veronica went out of her way to avoid Ariana’s wrath. Jessica was kind enough to keep Ariana distracted (and take the beating Ariana had reserved for Veronica). This didn’t mean Veronica was out of the woods. Miss America tried her best to punish Veronica for her deeds a couple weeks back. And for a time she did manage to get some good licks in. Vero did everything from eye pokes, head butts, and other questionable tactics to avoid getting her just desserts.

Once Jessica was disposed of, Ariana and Miss America had cornered Veronica. Just as all appeared to be lost, Clydesdale made his way to ringside with the intention of saving the person he was in charge of protecting. This gave Veronica enough time to hit a snap DDT on Ariana while Miss America was distracted by Clydesdale’s presence. He stood at ringside, not lifting a finger at all.

Jessica did recover enough to chop block Miss America. Getting a little overzealous she started stomping on Miss America. Then she tossed her on the outside while her and Veronica kept the two on one advantage on Ariana going until Miss America pulled Veronica out the ring so they could resume their one-on-one fight.

Later on Ariana and Veronica managed to get some one-on-one time. Ariana took full advantage of the chance she had been waiting for. With the momentum on her side, Ariana connected with the Angel’s Wrath (springboard corkscrew moonsault) on Veronica, it appeared as though Ariana would put this to bed once and for all. As the hand was coming down for three, Jessica made it in time to break up the count.

On the outside, Miss America was about to put Veronica through the announce table, but unfortunately for her, Clydesdale stopped those aspirations by stopping the attempt. Then he choke slammed Miss America through the announce table. Vero nodded, appreciating her bodyguard having her back on this occasion.

Ariana had Jessica Anderson sized up for a superkick. What she didn’t see was Veronica sliding up from behind, using Miss America’s own briefcase to drill Ariana in the back of the head. With a sinister expression on The Star of the Show’s face, she covers Ariana. The referee had no choice but to count the 1-2-3.

Winners: Jessica Anderson and Veronica Taylor.

Jessica and Vero exit the ring proud about what transpired. Would this have happened if Ariana didn’t request a NO DQ match? Who knows. What is known is Veronica might feel she got the justice she was seeking for the favor she asked Ariana to fulfill going up in smoke.


Earlier In The Day
Instagram Live
“Diamond Princess” Danielle Page is holding her phone up as she is in a limo with Marisol Vilaro, Veronica Taylor, and Jessica Anderson.

Marisol Vilaro:Are all of you excited? I am so excited!

Jessica Anderson:How could anyone not be? Danielle will be the GCW World Champion by the end of the night.

“Diamond Princess” Danielle Page:Correction, Jess, I will be the REAL GCW World Champion by the end of the night.

Jessica Anderson:I stand corrected.

“Diamond Princess” Danielle Page:It is a common mistake, Jess, and we all know how common you are. But if you were to look back at all the World and Global Heavyweight Champions throughout the history of GCW they each leave so much to be desired that they really don’t quite measure up to being a legitimate World Champion. None of the previous so-called “champions' ' are much in the same vein as our current faux “champion” of D’Nae Moore.

Marisol Vilaro:That damn imposter.

Veronica Taylor:That is for damn sure.

“Diamond Princess” Danielle Page:D’Nae, you have clearly deluded yourself to think you are a bigger deal than you actually are. Which is your prerogative but your delusions of grandeur stops tonight. As I walk out with the GCW World Championship tonight you will be humbled in having to accept the truth. You can’t or will ever be able to handle me. I proved that to the world when I beat you convincingly to become Heritage Champion and I will do it again tonight. Then I will finally be able to sit at the top of the wrestling world as the REAL GCW World Champion.


[Mara Kade stands next to Janelle St. Claire, in ring gear and the X Division title dropped across her body. She glares at the camera, chin up with a wry grin on her face. Janelle glances over to her before talking to the mic.]

Janelle: GCW fans right now I'm with the X Division Champion Mara Kade!

[Mara places her hands on her hips while the crowd cheers.[

Janelle: Mara, tonight, you're teaming up with Izzi Grimes against the Heritage Champion SIN and the number one contender for your title, the woman you beat to become champion, Mariah The Starr.

[A chuckle escapes Mara's mouth.]

Mara: The Starr.

[Sarcasm dripped from her words.]

Mara: The Starr. Pulling a Miss America here. Can't wait til next month when she changes it again to something like Mariah "The The " Starr. Two Thes.

[She shakes her head.]

Mara: Whatever. Not my money. Mariah, the last time we danced, we went all over the arena. Went through tables. Ripped hair from each other. We went to war and I came away with this. I was wondering when you would make it back to get another crack at me. Trust me, nobody wants this more than me.

[Mara points at the camera.]

Mara: I want it again. Especially after last time. I want it. You did your part, Mariah. You changed your name and you're a big badass now huh? You put on your big girl pants and you got back in the front of the line. When the time comes, we'll do it again and I will beat you again. Put me on the record.

I said I will wrestle anyone and everyone. Everyone from Mariah The Starr. Air quotes. To Mariah Cruz. I said that I am the best champion in GCW. S.I.N. SIN. Big bad devil. Heritage Champion. You play a lot of games. Well, I'm a natural born sinner and my partner, who you've been messing with, she's done with these games.

[Mara holds onto her title.]

Mara: Me and Izzi Grimes. Team PAWG. As everyone knows, who's a better tag team wrestler than me. And I'm excited to team with Izzi. She's a spitfire and I respect it. Tonight, Mariah, SIN, the world has been waiting for this. All me and Izzi got on the mind is kicking your asses and letting you know what's coming. SIN, Izzi is coming. Mariah, I'm going to show you again, you can wish on a star, you can have Chantelle Chambers call you the future but I am the woman to beat around here. The best champion in thr world!

[Mara walks off.]


Challengers Vs Champions
Mariah "The" Starr & SIN Vs Mara Kade & Izzi Grimes

This was a tale of two matches.

Mariah didn’t mind at all getting down and dirty with Mara Kade.

Whenever it came time for Izzi and SIN to square up... SIN was more content playing mind games. Refusing to engage directly. Enacting stall tactics. Cheating when need be to incite Izzi into possibly reacting the way she wanted to. Mara would blind tag herself into the ring on the few occasions if she felt her fellow ‘Team PAWG’ teammate was going to give into SIN’s mindgames. SIN, not showing any real interest in Mara, would tag herself out the match, which Mariah didn’t mind. She wanted to show Mara a preview of things to come at Survival of the Fittest.

With SIN and Izzi are the legal competitors, to prevent SIN controlling the story of the match, Mara Kade was able to pull Mara off the ring apron. Both women proceeded to brawl. This was all Izzi needed to sneak up from behind, roll up SIN in a school girl roll up for the victory.

Winners: Mara Kade and Izzi Grimes.

Izzi rolled out the ring. SIN didn’t seem too bothered by getting rolled up outta nowhere. Mara joined Izzi to celebrate their victory. Whether Izzi was going to pay for drinks later... the world may never know. But a win is a win. ‘Team Pawg’ with momentum.


We cut backstage where we find GCW Hall of Fame journalist Dexter Russell. Standing next to him is “The Dragon” Angelica Jones. She is dressed in her crimson red and black jumpsuit wrestling gear and kick boots. A cold, emotionless gaze is etched across her lovely features as she prepares for her encounter tonight against Jazmyn Rain.

Dexter: Ladies and gentlemen, I am Dexter Russell and my guest at this time is “The Dragon” Angelica Jones. Now Angelica, tonight you go to war with a ghost from your past. Jazmyn Rain, the woman you tried to take out many years ago at For Glory & Gold has returned for her revenge. What must be going through your mind as you prepare to face her once again so many years after that incident?

Angel: I look at what Jazmyn has been doing since leaving GCW, I see what she has become, and what I see is a bitter, angry, shell of the person she once was. Am I to blame for her current condition? Am I to blame for her being so bitter and angry at the whole damn world? Absolutely. That is all on me. She certainly wasn’t like that before I took that sledgehammer to her back at For Glory & Gold. Now would I take that back if I could? Absolutely. Unfortunately you cannot change the past. You can only try to move on. Now I have moved on. I have fought those inner demons that lived inside my head for so long and I have beaten them back. I am in control of the dark rage that led me to perpetrating such heinous acts. I have moved on and am arguably a better wrestler now than I was back then.

She shakes her head.

Angel: Unfortunately Jazmyn has not moved on. Again, that is on me. I am to blame for her not moving on, because maybe she CANNOT move on until she at least has a chance to get revenge against me? Well Jazmyn, tonight is your lucky night. You get your long awaited chance at revenge against The Dragon, the woman who put you out of action and out of GCW. If all you want is revenge then yes, maybe you will get that revenge tonight. But if you are coming into this match tonight looking for a victory then I cannot and will not promise anything. Like I said, I am a better wrestler now than I was back then. I am also still a very proud wrestler. I will not be moved and I will not back down. If you want to beat me you will have to hurt me. If you want to beat me you will have to kill me. So are you coming here to win or are you coming to get your revenge?

Jones shrugs her shoulders.

Angel: I have no idea. But I do hope that whatever closure you need, that you get it. I sincerely hope that you get your closure tonight. Because this needs to end one way or the other.

Angelica walks off.


The War to Settle The Score:
Jazmyn Rain Vs Angelica Jones

Marty McMahon: Ladies and gentlemen, myself and Jake “The Heartthrob” Storm of Livewire were the lucky ones to draw this next match and it certainly should prove to be one heavyweight of a showdown between two returning GCW legends, one of whom is very bitter.

Jake Storm: Bitter for good reason. You may not like her attitude right now but she did contribute a great deal to making Livewire and GCW what it is today, and her tenure with GCW was abruptly ended thanks to her opponent tonight, Angelica Jones, who took a sledgehammer to her back several years ago.

Marty McMahon: No more whining and moaning from Jazmyn. The time for talk is over and the time to put up or shut up is here. Angelica Jones will attempt to put this whole debacle with Jazmyn Rain behind her once and for all.

Jake Storm: Both are very decorated champions. They have done battle before and, like it or not, Angelica has yet to beat Jazmyn Rain one on one. It was what ultimately drove Jones to lose control and take the sledgehammer to Rain. She could not keep her down for a three count and she just threw the rules out the window. But that was years ago. Both are completely different people now. And one thing I want to point out is that Jazmyn has been more active in the recent years than Angelica has. Jones only recently came out of retirement. Will that play a role in tonight’s match?

Marty McMahon: Let’s send it up to our ring announcer Robert Lee.

We cut to Robert Lee in the center of the ring.

Robert: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL! Introducing first, from Boston, Massachusetts, she is “The Dragon” Angelica Jones!

The lights dim to a crimson red color throughout the arena. A high pitched female voice can be heard over the PA speakers…“I Lost My Miiiiiiind….”...The image of a red dragon appears on the Tron. The dragon is engulfed in flames as it is replaced by a phoenix. Then that too goes up in flames as it is replaced by an image of Angelica Jones. The Global-Tron shows images of Angelica Jones delivering the Hot Shot to Steve Pinex, Meagan Collins, Glory Braddock, Angela Jameson and the Divine Impact to Dazz, Daystalker, and Cuchulain. Angelica then steps out onto the stage. She is dressed in all black, from head to toe, and that includes a black trenchcoat. Her long hair hangs down to shoulder length. She stares menacingly, sadistically down at the ring, pausing before finally beginning to make the long walk to the ring. Right as she gets to the ringside area she is blindsided by Jazmyn Rain!

Marty McMahon: Is that…is that Jazmyn Rain?!

Jake Storm: It is! Jazmyn does not want to wait for the bell!

Marty McMahon: Get that mad woman off of Jones!

Jazymn puts the boots to Angelica. She pulls her up and whips her into the steel steps, dislodging them. Jazmyn with a snap suplex on the outside. She takes Angelica by the legs and slingshots her face first into the steel ringpost. Jazmyn mounts Jones and rains down right hands. Jazmyn then applies a blatant choke.

Jake Storm: Keep in mind this match has NOT yet begun! There has been no bell!

Marty McMahon: Where are the damn officials?! Get someone to drag Jazmyn off of Angelica!

Security galore comes rushing down to try and deal with the situation. They try to pull Jazmyn off but she starts throwing right hands and knocking them down one by one until they are all down. This has given Angelica some reprieve. Jazmyn turns her attention back to Angelica but Jones doubles her over with a boot to the gut and then sets her up for a Hot Shot on the outside…but Jazmyn with a back drop counter! Jazmyn with an Irish whip into the barricade. Jazmyn charges but Jones ducks and sends Jazmyn flying over the barricade and into the fans and onto the concrete!

Jake Storm: The fans are getting a real up and close personal GCW experience, probably more than what they bargained for.

Angelica charges in and leaps over the barricade and onto Jazmyn, wiping her out! Angelica pulls Rain up and throws her over the barricade and back onto the ringside area. Angelica leaps over the barricade with a splash onto Jazmyn. Angelica pulls her up and goes for an Irish whip but Jazmyn reverses, sending Jones crashing into the steel steps.

Jake Storm: Jazmyn Rain is back in control of this brawl.

Marty McMahon: Exactly, Jake. This is a brawl, nothing more than a brawl. We were supposed to get a wrestling match between these two but thanks to Jazmyn we don’t get that!

Jazmyn drags Angelica over to the Announce position and smashes her face first on the table. She then picks up a steel chair and swings but Jones moves out of the way just in time. Angelica kicks her in the gut and drops her with a double arm ddt on the outside. Jones then rolls Jazmyn onto the Spanish Announce Table. Angelica joins her on top and gets her set up for The Hot Shot.

Marty McMahon: This is it! Angelica is looking to Hot Shot Jazmyn straight to hell!

Jazmyn counters with a back drop and Angelica crashes onto the American Announce position but the table does not break. Jazmyn reaches and picks back up the chair. She waits as Angelica sits back up and then Jazmyn smashes her in the face with it, causing Angelica to drop back down on the table.

Jake Storm: Jones down right here in front of us!

Jazmyn goes back into the ring and smirks devilishly. She looks straight at Angelica lying on the American Announce Table.

Marty McMahon: Is she going to do what I THINK she’s going to do?!

Jake Storm: She better not try, she won’t make it!

Jazmyn springboards off the top and with a mighty leap connects with Rain Splash off the top through the American Announce Table, destroying it as a result!


Jake Storm: I agree with these fans. The Rain Splash from the inside to the outside destroying Angelica and our table!

Marty McMahon: Angelica’s face is covered in blood. She is coughing up blood. End this insanity!

Jazmyn is slow to pull herself up. But eventually she does get up. Referees and other officials go to help Angelica. Jazmyn meanwhile refuses any and all help. Instead she goes to the ring and reaches underneath producing a sledgehammer. Security sees this and goes to stop her but she swings wildly, taking them all out one after another.

Marty McMahon: Jazmyn Rain has lost her damned mind! She is destroying our security and officials and for what?! Some silly grudge?!

Jake Storm: It isn’t a silly grudge, Marty, not to either of these two ladies. This has been a war years in the making and maybe a standard wrestling match wasn’t the way to settle this? Jazmyn wants to end this poetically with the same weapon Angelica used on her!

Jazmyn measures Angelica who is by now back to her feet. Jazmyn charges but Angelica gets her with a drop toe hold! Jazmyn drops the sledgehammer! Angelica pulls herself up. Angelica with the Stubborn Bitch kick! She pulls Jazmyn up and throws her onto the French Announce Table. Jones sets her up and drills her through the French Announce Table with The Hot Shot!


Marty McMahon: Jazmyn Rain has been destroyed! Our table has been destroyed!

Jake Storm: The Hot Shot right through our table! Now Jazmyn, like Angelica, is busted wide open!

Both Angelica and Jazymn are hurting and bleeding. Angelica crawls over as she has the sledgehammer in sights. Jones eventually gets her hands on the sledgehammer. But what Jones doesn’t notice is that Jazmyn has managed to get her hands on a lead pipe.

Marty McMahon: Wait a damn minute! Where did Rain get that pipe?! Get it away from her!

Jake Storm: Don’t worry about her. Jones has that sledgehammer and is going to try and take her head off!

Neither Angelica nor Jazmyn realizes that the other is armed. They turn around and swing for the fences…and both connect to the forehead of the other! Both Angelica and Jazmyn fall down unconscious!


Marty McMahon: Both of them are down and out!

Jake Storm: We need a medical team out here immediately!

As if on cue, the medical personnel and security team rush back in to try and tend to Angelica and Jazmyn.


[In a locker room, we find D'Nae Moore, dressed in her ring gear – blue and red halter and tights, with her hair half blue and half red to match. Her hair is loose but behind her shoulders enough that wireless earbuds can be seen in her ears. D'Nae has her head tilted down, it appears as if she's listening intently to whatever is playing on the earbuds. The shot widens a bit, and we see that she has her World Championship belt in her lap, that's what she is looking down at. The sound of a door opening is heard, and Jeff Alexander enters from the left. D'Nae doesn't notice, suggesting she has music playing after all. Jeff reaches towards her and brushes a loose strand of blue hair out of D'Nae's face. She isn't startled, instead she just looks up and smiles at her man, then removes one earbud.]

D'Nae: “Hey bae. Is it almost time?”

Jeff: “Not yet. Just coming make sure my champion is all set. Whatcha listening to?”

D'Nae: “You'll laugh at me.”

Jeff: “Never.”

[D'Nae eyes him skeptically a second, then shrugs.]

D'Nae: “Eye of the Tiger...”

[Jeff smiles, and D'Nae frowns.]

D'Nae: “See!”

Jeff: “I ain't laughing. That's a perfect jam for tonight. Gets your mind right.”

[Jeff sits next to her, and she removes the other earbud; no point in trying to listen to music now.]

D'Nae: “My mind is right, don't worry about that. Danielle can say the word 'officially' as many times as she wants, it ain't official until she's handed this-”

[D'Nae pats the belt in her lap.]

D'Nae: “-and THAT ain't happening. She can bring her lil friends, she can try to fuck me over and steal from me again all she wants. I got people too. I got you, I got MA. Neither one of y'all gon let some bullshit go down.”

Jeff: “No, we not. But you got to be ready for anything, Dee. And I mean ANYTHING. That girl is tricky. You got to think smart about this. She likes to try to do things the easy way, but that don't mean she can't go. She can, when she wants to. You can't keep focusing on tryna stop her and her lil friends from cheating like that's the only challenge. You let that fill up your head, making you paranoid and shit, and ol' girl might trick you by actually wrestling.”

[D'Nae gives Jeff a sideways look, one brow raised.]

D'Nae: “You really think she smart like that?”

Jeff: “Iunno. But she might be. And you can't assume she ain't. You worked too hard to become champion to be taken down by underestimating that woman for anything.”

[D'Nae looks down at her belt and sighs.]

D'Nae: “So, I'm supposed to focus on fighting her for real, and focus on tryna keep her from pulling a fast one....”

[She looks up, incredulous.]

D'Nae: “How dafuck I'm s'pose to do that?”

Jeff: “You're THE champion. You didn't steal it. You earned it. You can do it, bae. I just wanted you to be sure not to put anything past her, not even fighting for real. She ain't some dumb girl playing games. She's a woman been eyeing that title since she got here. Just remember that, and you'll beat dat ass like you beat everyone else.”

D'Nae: “She can keep eyeing all she wants, she sure the hell ain't gonna be holding it. Not tonight, not ANY night... not as long as it's mine.”

[Jeff smirks, nodding.]

Jeff: “That's that fire I'm talking about. Sexy as hell and gonna burn anyone that tries to stop you.”

[He leans forward and they kiss, D'Nae gripping the belt so it doesn't fall off her lap.]

D'Nae: “Thanks bae. You always know how to get my mind right. I couldn't do this without you.”

Jeff: “You'll never have to.”

[D'Nae just smiles in return, and we fade away.]


We open backstage where we find Sophie O’Brian dressed in her green and blue ring gear. Her naturally black hair has been dyed blonde and flows to past the shoulders. A confident gaze is upon her beautiful face. The Northern Irish woman is not alone. Standing next to her is an unfamiliar face to the GCW dressing room but Sophie seems to be talking to him as if he were an old friend.

Manuel: I am honestly surprised that you remembered me, Ms. O’Brian. I am surprised that you even managed to find me.

Sophie: Women of my status have our ways, Mr. Chavez. But why would I not remember you? We go back to the days of Global Division of Wrestling. You recall making your debut there, do you not?

He nods his head.

Manuel: Yes, well sort of. I mean, I did not debut but my sister did.

Sophie: Ah yes, I suppose my memory does not always serve me well. Arcadia Chavez, your sister, made her debut in the Southeastern Wrestling Conference, a developmental promotion for GDW, all of which were bought out by Global Championship Wrestling in 2014.

Manuel: Yes, that’s right. Does my sister still wrestle?

Sophie: Yes, in fact I am going to be wrestling her on Fever this Saturday.

Manuel: Wow. You’re busy then, aren’t you Ms. O’Brian? You have this War Games Match tonight and then my sister Saturday. Shouldn’t you be more worried about War Games, though? I mean, that’s tonight. You have several days to prepare for my sister.

She nods her head.

Sophie: You are quite right and believe me, Manuel, I am prepared for War Games. A good general never goes to battle unprepared. Myself, Chastity, Destiny, and Sutter have a strategy that will enable us to wipe out our enemies. But I always have time to do a good deed for an old friend.

She pats Manuel on the back.

Sophie: Now run along. I’m sure you can find a seat. Take in the show. Enjoy Declaration of War.

Manuel: Thanks, Ms. O’Brian!

He walks off. Sophie smirks knowingly as she watches him walk away. Sophie then turns and finds one of her teammates for the evening, “The Assassin” Clyde Sutter, standing not too far away. The MWE Riot Champion has a knowing grin on his face. Sophie slowly approaches the big man.

Sutter: Making friends, I see?

Sophie: My business with Manuel Chavez is none of your concern, Sutter. Just tell me, have Chastity and Destiny arrived?

Sutter: Yes, they are already here. We are waiting on your arrival, Ms. O’Brian. We need to work out the final details of our War Games strategy now that we learned who gets the man advantage.

Sophie: Excellent. Well, shall we go and find out the good…or bad news depending upon whether or not we get the man advantage?

The Assassin smirks.

Sutter: Advantage or not, we will win regardless. It matters not to me.

Sutter and O’Brian walk away.


Undisputed World Championship
Danielle Page vs D’Nae Moore (c)

Amber St. Claire: That last match…well…if you want to call it that…

Adam Redfield: It was not a war, Amber. That was a brawl. Alas, nothing was settled between those two scoundrels this evening.

Amber St. Claire: But up next we got the lucky draw to call what will surely be an excellent match for the GCW World Championship. Champion D’Nae Moore defends against number one contender, Danielle Page.

Adam Redfield: Ms. Page will be a wonderful representative for GCW.

We cut to Robert Lee in the ring.

Lee: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest, scheduled for one fall, is for the GCW World Championship!

B R Right” By Trina Ft Ludacris starts playing throughout the arena. The crowd boos as Danielle saunters out the entrance way and looks disgusted by what she sees in the arena.

Lee: Introducing first, the challenge, from New York City, “The Diamond Princess” Danielle Page!

As she walks down the ring Danielle looks at everyone like they have the flu and makes an effort to make each fan know she is avoiding being touched by them. When she gets to rinside she walks up the ring stairs. The referee opens the middle and bottom ropes then Danielle enters the ring. She walks to the middle of the ring where she shoos at the crowd and walks in the opposite direction.

Amber St. Claire: The challenger is very cocky, very arrogant, and she has a tough hill to climb tonight if she hopes to dethrone the reigning World Champion. That’s just my opinion.

Adam Redfield: And your opinion is dreadfully incorrect, woman. Ms. Page has already beaten Ms. Moore for a championship, namely the Heritage Championship. History is on the side of the challenger. She has a record for beating people named D’Nae Moore.

Amber St. Claire: That’s cute, Cross, but also easier said than done.

Adam Redfield: We shall see.

We cut back to Robert Lee.

Lee: And her opponent, from Atlanta, Georgia, she is the reigning and defending GCW World Champion, D’Nae Moore!

The beat of “Gimmie More” starts and D'Nae saunters out, followed by her manager Jeffery Alexander. He grabs her hand and raises it overhead, watching while D'Nae turns and dances to the song's chorus. D'Nae completes her turn to see Jeff pointing at his cheek. D'Nae plants a kiss there, then they both start down the ramp, some dance in D'Nae's step as they go, Jeff following behind, clearly watching her shapely rear end. They get to the ring and Jeff goes up the steps then to the apron. D'Nae hops up to sit on the apron, then swings her legs up and pulls herself up with the ropes before stepping through as Jeff holds the ropes open for her. He hops down as D'Nae then stands on the bottom rope and leans over the top towards the crowd, a confident and smug smile on her face. She steps down as the music fades and leans in the corner.

Amber St. Claire: The champion looks focused and ready to defend that championship.

Adam Redfield: I will credit the wench for defeating Julia Braddock and Kelsai Adamson-Mason to become Undisputed Champion. I credit her for winning a challenging tournament to earn a main event opportunity at Resurrection. I grant that Ms. Moore has been on a winning streak. However, you must admit, Amber, that Danielle Page is her achilles heel.

Amber St. Claire: Only because Page basically has an army of people selling The Vilaro System watching her back. Thankfully D’Nae does have Jeff to even the odds.

Adam Redfield: Already making excuses for when your champion fails yet again, are we St. Claire?

Malcolm Stride has been assigned this contest and he calls for the bell. Moore with a lariat, then another lariat, then a whip into the ropes followed by a shoulder block. Page scrambles into the corner. Moore with a stinger splash. Moore charges from the opposite corner and delivers Straight From The A. D’Nae with a snap suplex and floats over into the cover.


Page quickly pokes her in the eyes. Page takes some time to compose herself before charging in…but Moore catches her with a flapjack! Moore kips up to her feet. D’Nae clotheslines Page over the top and to the outside. D’Nae with a plancha over the top rope takes out The Diamond Princess.

Amber St. Claire: The champion is really taking it to the challenger fast and furious in the early going, Cross.

Adam Redfield: Foolishness is what I call it. She is playing right into Ms. Page’s hand.

Moore pulls Page up and goes for a suplex on the outside…1…2…3…but Page floats over, lands on her feet, and then dropkicks D’Nae in the back which sends her face first into the steel ring post. 4….5… Page then takes D’Nae and whips her into the steel ring steps. 6…7… Page with a belly to belly overhead suplex on the outside. …8… Danielle pulls Moore up and rolls her into the ring…9…Danielle rolls inside to break the count. Page with a bulldog takedown. She applies a blatant choke. Referee Malcolm Stride begins his count.


Danielle breaks the choke. Page then turns D’Nae over into a Texas Cloverleaf.

Adam Redfield: Exhibit A, Amber. D’Nae went outside to try and deliver more punishment to Ms. Page, who took advantage.

Amber St. Claire: I concede that perhaps the champion may have let her emotions get the best of her but you cannot count D’Nae out of a fight.

Adam Redfield: I would agree but does this look like a fight to you? No. Ms. Page has a time tested cloverleaf locked in. You wouldn’t know what THAT is because you are not a wrestler, but it is, in fact, a wrestling move. In a wrestling match, few can match Ms. Page.

Stride is in perfect position to ask for a submission but Moore refuses to quit. After about a minute she reaches the ropes, forcing a break. Page with another belly to belly suplex. Page delivers The Princess Cut. She goes for the cover…



Amber St. Claire: Two count only for the challenger.

Danielle with Crown Jewel to Moore. Instead of the cover she applies The Bling Lock.

Amber St. Claire: Crown Jewel immediately followed up by The Bling Lock! It seems like Danielle wants the submission, Adam, and that may be a mistake because D’Nae won’t quit.

Adam Redfield: She doesn’t have to quit. These painful submissions will easily wear the champion down. Our Princess is wrestling a masterpiece of a match. The foolish peons backstage should take note.

Again Malcolm Stride is in position to check on a submission but Moore refuses to tap. After about a minute she reaches the ropes, forcing a break. Page with a swinging neck breaker. She measures Moore as she pulls herself up. Page delivers a claymore kick. Page with the cover.



Danielle pulls D’Nae to her feet and sets her up for a pump handle slam. Moore slips free and counters with a back stabber.

Amber St. Claire: The champion with a backstabber counter! Unreal!

Adam Redfield: Ok, yes, I admit that was a rather brilliant counter by Ms. Moore.

Moore uses the ropes to pull herself up. Page pulls herself up. She charges in but Moore gets a back elbow up to her face. Moore with a spinning heel kick. Moore with a snap suplex followed up by Flip The Script. D’Nae into the cover…



D’Nae whips Page into the ropes and connects with a high back body drop. Moore with a running knee strike and then a seated senton. She covers again.



She pulls Page up and goes for an Irish whip but Page reverses. Page lowers her head too early and D’Nae makes her pay with Dirty South!

Amber St. Claire: Dirty South! She borrowed that move from her trainer, Amy Chastaine! It’s over!

She covers…



…3NO! Page just barely gets a shoulder up!

Adam Redfield: You spoke too soon, St. Claire. Wishful thinking, perhaps?

Moore pulls Page up and whips her into the corner. She charges in but Page gets a foot up, driving it into her face. Page with an axe kick followed by a spinning heel kick. Page goes for a superkick but D’Nae catches the foot and counters with an exploder suplex. Moore with another Flip The Script. D’Nae says that its all over.

Amber St. Claire: The champion is still rolling. She’s thinking Mooregasm, Cross.

Adam Redifeld: She should THINK less about it and just DO IT!

Moore waits as Page slowly pulls herself up. D’Nae then attempts Mooregasm…PRINCESS KICK OUT OF NOWHERE!

Adam Redfield: I knew it!

Amber St. Claire NEW CHAMPION!

Page rolls over and hooks both legs…



…3NOOO! Moore shoots her shoulder up at the last possible second!

Adam Redfield: That was a THREE! I shall file a formal protest at once on behalf of our Princess.

Amber St. Claire: Sorry, Adam, but D’Nae kicked out of one of Page’s best moves.

Page pulls Moore up and sets her up for Diamonds Are Forever but Moore counters by shoving her off into the ropes. Moore gets a superkick in, dropping the challenger! Moore with a cover…



…3!NO! Page kicks out!

Moore sets her up for a German suplex but Page breaks her grip and then whips her into the ropes. Pop up power bomb by The Diamond Princess. Page with a jacknife cover…



…3NO! Moore kicks out!

Page sets her up for a power bomb but Moore back drops out of it. Moore with a spinning heel kick. Moore with a flying forearm smash. D’Nae with a snap suplex and then a spear. D’Nae covers, hooking both legs…



…3NO! Page kicks out!

Adam Redfield: Despite everything the champion has thrown at The Princess, she cannot beat her! She cannot retain her title here tonight!

Amber St. Claire: The same can be said for Page, Adam. Danielle Page has hit D’Nae with her best arsenal…The Princess Kick, The Bling Lock, everything and has not been able to put the champion away!

Veronica hops up on the ring apron, causing a distraction. Meanwhile Marisol Vilaro slides the GCW World Title belt into the ring.

Amber St. Claire: Get them away from ringside! Page has a weapon now!

Adam Redfield: Win by any means necessary. This is what I like about Ms. Page.

D’Nae goes over to Veronica, causing her to hop down off the apron. Jeff goes over to deal with Veronica. Meanwhile Page has grabbed the world title belt and is taking aim. Moore turns around and Page decks her with the GCW World Championship belt…

…but Malcolm Stride saw the whole thing and calls for the bell.


Lee: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner via disqualification, and STILL GCW World Champion, D’Nae Moore!

Danielle Page is throwing a fit, angry that she got caught, angry that she was disqualified. Marisol hops into the ring and helps Page plead her case but Malcolm Stride is having none of it.

Adam Redfield: This is reprehensible. That fiend Malcolm Stride should be fired for this.

Amber St. Claire: Fired for what? Doing his job? Page used an illegal weapon and got disqualified.

Moore pulls herself back up. Page Marisol prepare to do more damage but Miss America hits the ring. Moore and America fight off Danielle and Vilaro. Veronica then helps the pair escape. Page and her crew make a hasty retreat while D’Nae Moore, Miss America, and Jeffrey Alexander hold the ring.

Amber St. Claire: You can tell by the look on D’Nae Moore’s face. She did not want to win this way.

Adam Redfield: She should be grateful to have retained the championship at all, Amber.


We cut backstage where we find one of the two teams competing in the brutal War Games main event tonight. It is the team captained by none other than Chastity Noel, along with her teammates Sophie O’Brian, Destiny Skye, and the MWE Riot Champion Clyde Sutter. Sophie O’Brian is dressed in her green and blue ring gear. Her naturally black hair has been dyed blonde and flows to past the shoulders. Destiny is wearing her all black two piece ring gear and boots. Clyde Sutter is wearing his black trunks, black knee pads and elbow pads, black boots, and a black overcoat. His MWE Riot Championship is wrapped around his waist. Their team captain, “The Fallen Queen” Chastity Noel, is wearing black pants, a pink thigh length skirt, matching pink top, and matching pink kick boots. She also is sporting a pink robe.

Sophie: Woodrow Wilson once said that “this is a war to end all wars.” How foolish he was. Spanish American philosophy George Santayana countered President Wilson’s claim by stating, accurately, that “only the dead have seen the end of war.” War Games will not end bitter feelings or grudges. Last Respects will not bring about true respect. But do we care about our opposition respecting us? No, we do not. This team only has one goal and that is to effectively eliminate and rid ourselves of the pain and nuisance that is Kelsai Adamson-Mason and her squad of sidekicks and peons from our life once and for all. This will not end war…it may not even gain any amount of respect from them…but one thing it will do, it will make sure that they would never even think about challenging us ever again.

She smirks nastily.

Sophie: Even if they wanted to.

Sutter: Tick, Tock, goes the doomsday clock. Run but you cannot hide. Tick, Tock, goes the doomsday clock. Tonight your hopes shall die.

The Assassin laughs devilishly.

Sutter: Ms. Mason, Mr. Mason, Ms. Manning, Mr. Sullivan, I have been warning all of you of the countdown to doomsday. I have warned many more before you that everything has its appointed time and place. Yet you believe that you can buy your way out of anything and everything. You believe that money and wealth can solve your problems. Buy problem solvers like Mr. Sullivan for instance. And I admit, Mr. Sullivan is quite an effective problem solver. Unfortunately no matter how many problem solvers you have and no matter how much money you have, you cannot fight time. One day time will dictate that your time to rule has come to an end. And my friends, tonight time has dictated that you will be executed. Tonight time has called for you to be ended. The doomsday countdown is over.

Destiny: Me, Sophie, and Sutter all come from a variety of backgrounds. We have different philosophies and different approaches to this business. But there is one thing we all have in common and that is a fierce loyalty to this woman…my best friend, Julia Braddock.

She places a hand on Chastity’s shoulder.

Destiny: We are willing to fight and put our careers on the line for her because we care about her and love her. We support her and will help her get her justice and revenge. Our motivation is justice. But what about you, Kelsai? You’re not fighting for justice. You’re fighting because you are spoiled brat throwing a temper tantrum because she didn’t get what she wanted. And why are you fighting for her, Victor and Tiff? I know why Jaxson is fighting for her. He’s being paid good money to defend that crazy bitch. But why are you two willing to risk yourselves for someone you know is just acting like a child? I used to care but now I don’t. I do not care why you are fighting. This isn’t a hill you should be dying on and yet here you are, ready to die on this hill. And trust me, you will regret fighting for Kelsai. We all will make sure you regret it.

Chastity: Before I say anything to you and your fellow victims, Kelsai, I want to get one thing off of my chest. I have always respected you as a competitor. Even after you screwed me out of the Global Championship at the End of the Year Bash I never stopped respecting you. And as Chastity, I even sort of respect the way you went about winning the Global Championship and eventually the World Championship. You became ruthless and cutthroat, just like The Fallen Queen herself. I was once willing to betray my friends and my fans to get what I wanted. So yes, I saw a lot of Chastity in what you did. So as Chastity, I can even respect what you did at the Bash. But I did not want to take it as far as it has gone. I have tried so very hard to end this as peacefully as possible. Most would have went for your jugular immediately after the stunt you pulled. Instead I left you alone and focused on winning the Civil War Match. I chose that avenue to regain my championship. And I did win the Civil War Match. It just so happened you were still champion when I won the Civil War Match. So we had our rematch at Resurrection XI and I beat you. I made you tap out and I became the new GCW Global Champion. That should have been the end of it.

She shakes her head.

Chastity: But you couldn’t leave well enough alone. Being beaten, losing your title, you took that personally. That’s your mistake and that is where you and I are very different. This is a ruthless and cutthroat business. That’s why I didn’t take any of your nonsense personally, Kelsai. But when I beat you, you took it personally. You targeted me, trying to end my career with a lead pipe shot to my leg. Then when that didn’t get the reaction out of me you wanted you went after my friends. Specifically you targeted Destiny. You tried to take her out. And that was your mistake, Kelsai. Because Julia was willing to try and end this peacefully but she realized that there was no way she could end this peacefully with you. She knew that only ultra violence would force you to stop. Now Julia is a lot of things. She is gorgeous, she is a great wrestler, but she doesn’t have the stomach to do what is necessary to put you down like the stupid bitch you are. She’s too compassionate. She believes in mercy.

Noel grins nastily.

Chastity: So she brought me back. I do not have such obstacles as compassion and mercy standing in my way of doing whatever is necessary to put you down. This all could have ended at Resurrection XI. War Games did not have to happen. And right now you are probably thinking my attempt to show mercy was pointless. Right now I’m in agreement with you. But later on tonight when I get ready to crack your fucking skull wide open, when you stare helplessly into your husband’s eyes wondering if he will still love you when he has to feed you and dress you for the next few months or years because I leave you paralyzed, when that happens you are going to wish you had never provoked this demon. You are going to wish you never provoked The Fallen Queen.

She shakes her head.

Chastity: As I said, I do respect you, Kelsai. I respect all of those dimwits on your team. Even the stupidest of them all, Tiffany. This isn’t about respect. This is about me punishing you and making damn sure that you are no longer a threat to me or anyone else any longer. THAT is a Vow of Chastity!


At the top of the ramp, Samuel Price pushes through the curtains and arrives. The crowd is respectful as Samuel Price nods subtly. He holds the microphone in his hands, peering at the crowd. The noise dies down when he brings the mic to his lips.

Samuel: GCW fans this won't be long. But we have a surprise for all of you.

The crowd ooohs. Samuel smiles a bit.

Samuel: Take a look.

Samuel twist his body towards the jumbotron above him. Suddenly, the lights dim with only the light of the Tron. The video shows someone in a wrestling ring, tossing a long body bag across the ring. The gym is also dim, so the person in question is hidden.

The person stalks the bag before quickly lifting it off the ground, wrapping their arms around it and sending it over their head and across the ring. The bag hits thr mat with a thud. The person is seen leaning against the ropes, bouncing off rapidly.

They approach the bag, grabbing it from the top. Getting behind it, they lift up the back before slamming the top of the bag vertically. Some of the crowd roars. The person quickly rolls out of the ring, shirtless, wide shoulders, sweat dripping from his head down to his body. The person's face is revealed and the crowd erupts.

Travis Vessey glares at the camera, panting, eyes narrowed.

Travis: It's been too long away. I was hurt. But now, I'm healthy, I'm back and I'm playing for keeps.

The crowd roars once again and then the video ends. The crowd buzzes and reacts loudly. Shortly, they chant Travis' name throughout the arena.


Main Event
WAR GAMES, Last Respects Match
Kelsai-Adamson Mason, Victor Mason, Jaxson Sullivan, Tiffany Manning vs Skye Life, Clyde Sutter & Sophie O’Brian

* The captain from the losing team must tell the captain of the winning team they respect them.

[Tiffany tries to stick and move, striking as quickly as she can with chops, and kicks, to stay out of Sutter’s reach. But eventually she gets turned inside out by a clothesline from hell by Sutter. Sutter with a variation of the buckle bomb, only throwing Tiffany spine first against the side of the cage. Sutter with a spine buster. Sutter with The Cruciform Slam to Manning. Tiffany lands a low blow out of desperation. Tiffany with a ddt. Tiffany with a shining wizard. She goes up to the top and leaps off but Sutter catches her and drills her with a power bomb, he holds on for a second power bomb, he holds on and delivers the F5…Judge, Jury, & Executioner. Sutter goes over to the corner and finds a lead pipe that had been tucked away. He sneers as he approaches Manning. Tiff gets another low blow in. She grabs the pipe and blasts Sutter in the ribcage, then blasts him across the back. She goes for a head shot but he spears her. Sutter with a choke slam to Tiffany Sutter pulls her up and throws her face first against the side of the cage. He throws her face first against the opposite side of the cage. Sutter throws her all the way to the second ring. He stalkers her into the other ring and then locks in Judgment Day.]

Jack Griffith: Why the hell is he going for a submission?!

Jim Bishop: I don’t think he is, Jack. I think he just wants to torture Tiffany Manning, the member of Team Kelsai who was chosen to start this match.

Jack Griffith: Yeah? Well it definitely is torture for poor Tiff! She shouldn’t have to endure this!






Jim Bishop: She isn’t alone any longer, Jack! The next member for Team Kelsai is in…Jaxson Sullivan! And you can believe that Sutter is going to be looking forward to another encounter with this monster!

[In comes Jaxson Sullivan. Sutter leaves Tiffany be and waits on his arrival. The two big men trade rights and lefts, neither giving an inch. Sutter with a huge shoulder block. Jaxson with a lariat takes Sutter down. Jaxson with a power slam. He goes for a suplex but Sutter counters and gets a suplex of his own. Sutter with a big boot and then a tilt a whirl into a side slam. Tiffany chop blocks Sutter’s leg. Another chop block. Tiffany with a swinging neck breaker. Tiffany and Jaxson start to put the boots to Sutter. Sullivan with a spine buster and then a spear to Sutter. He holds him place for Tiffany to get a free shot. She punches Sutter several times in the ribcage where she had used the pipe earlier. She goes for a superkick but Sutter ducks and she nails Jaxson by accident. Sutter drills Tiff with The Unforgiven claymore kick, turning her inside out. But Sullivan then comes up from behind and drops Sutter with a release German suplex. Sullivan takes Sutter and throws him face first against the steel cage. He does so again, and again, and two more times. Sutter is bleeding by now. Sullivan produces a steel chain, wraps it around his fist, and starts pounding away at that cut. Jaxson whips Sutter into the ropes. He goes to deck Sutter with the chain but Sutter gets a clothesline from hell in! Sutter pulls himself up. Tiff gets the chain and wraps it around her fist. Sutter turns around into a huge right from Tiffany Manning!]

Jack Griffith: Tiff with the power of the punch! Mikaelah Mayher eat your heart out! She should have been a professional boxer!

Jim Bishop: Oh get over yourself, Jack. You know that damn chain had more to do with that than her punching power. And it is ALL legal inside War Games!

Jack Griffith: You think Sutter will be embarrassed that he got knocked out by sweet Tiff?

Jim Bishop: He got knocked out by the combination of Tiffany AND Jaxson Sullivan. Sutter is in need of assistance here, Jack, and by the looks of the clock he may get it soon.






Jim Bishop: Sophie O’Brian! The brilliant tactician and strategist is in!

Jack Griffith: That woman is scary and ruthless!

[Sophie comes in next but first throws some hardware into the ring…steel chairs, singapore canes, and a table. Sophie then steps into the ring. Sullivan and Tiffany leave a beaten up Sutter alone to go after Sophie. Sophie shoots a fireball…Scorched Earth Policy…which temporarily blinds Jaxson and Manning. Sophie with a scissors kick to Jaxson. Sophie with a capture suplex to Tiffany. Sophie drops Jaxson with Death of Wisdom, the codebreaker. She then takes Tiffany and drops her with a Full Nelson release suplex. Sophie sets the table up and places Tiffany on top. Sophie turns around into a big boot from Sullivan. Sullivan rolls Tiffany off and then power bombs Sophie through the table. Sullivan doesn’t get to rest long before Sutter blasts him in the head with an unprotected steel chair shot! A second! A third and Sullivan falls! Sutter continues to ruthlessly beat down on Jaxson with the chair to the ribcage. Meanwhile Tiffany pulls Sophie up and drops her with a ddt. Tiffany picks up a chair. She swings wildly but misses, Sophie takes a Singapore cane and blasts Tiffany in the ribcage. Sophie with Ode To Braddock on Tiff. Sophie locks in Wisdom, the muta lock. Sutter locks Jaxson in Judgment Day.]

Jim Bishop: Dueling submissions locked in! Wisdom from Sophie! Judgment Day from Sutter!

Jack Griffith: More torture and for nothing! The match can’t end yet!

Jim Bishop: But this will weaken both Manning and Sullivan significantly before the next member of Team Kelsai is in. Kelsai’s team has the man advantage. They also have the advantage of that monstrous Sullivan. Sophie and Sutter need to weaken them as much as possible if they hope to keep pace for the next five minutes.

Jack Griffith: I hate to agree with you, Jimbo, but you’re right. And speaking of which…






Jim Bishop: Victor Mason is in!

Jack Griffith: Now a REAL MAN is going to show you how to take advantage of a situation, Jimbo!

Jim Bishop: Are you suggesting Jaxson Sullivan isn’t a real man?

Jack Griffith: ….no…

[Victor Mason is in next and he brings in another table and a sledgehammer. Victor blasts Sophie in the gut with the sledgehammer, forcing the break of Wisdom. Sutter releases his grip on Jaxson to go after Victor. Sutter goes for a clothesline from hell but Victor ducks and drills the sledgehammer into Sutter’s ribcage. Victor with a death valley driver onto Sutter onto the steel chair. Jaxson is now bleeding profusely as is Sutter. Victor and Jaxson double team Sutter with a belly to back neck breaker combo move. Tiffany with a snap suplex on Sophie on a chair. She picks up the chair and then blasts Sophie in the gut several times. Tiffany waits as Sophie gets back to her feet before blasting her in the head. Victor and Jaxson with a double power bomb to Sutter. Tiffany calls Victor and Jaxson over and ask them to set up the two tables. Tiffany puts the boots to Sophie. The tables are set and Victor and Jaxson places Sophie on top of the two tables. Sutter tries to intervene and gets a clothesline from hell in on Victor but Jaxson spears Sutter, breaking him half! Jaxson rakes Sutter’s face across the side of the cage. Tiffany leaps off with a phoenix splash off the top of the cage through Sophie through two tables!]


Jack Griffith: Phoenix Splash off the top! GO TIFF GO!

Jim Bishop: Sophie O’Brian is definitely out of it for the time being. Sutter isn’t faring too well, either, in this double team. Jaxson Sullivan is bad enough, but add Victor Mason to the mix and that may be insurmountable even for someone like The Assassin.

Jack Griffith: May be insurmountable? It IS insurmountable, Jimbo. Sutter and Sophie are about to get help, it’ll either be Destiny or Chastity, but I’m not sure either one will be of any help right now.






Jim Bishop: It is Destiny Skye! The Birmingham brawler who loves a good fight and she has one right here inside War Games!

[Jaxson continues to work over a bloody Sutter while Victor goes to meet Destiny who has something in her hand. She ducks a lariat attempt and then drops Victor with a superkick. She drops the bag she had and then delivers a head scissors take down to Victor. Destiny with a Destiny Cutter to Victor! She pulls Jaxson off and drops him with a Destiny Cutter as well! Destiny then goes back to her bag and pours out the contents all over the ring…tacks and broken glass! Tiffany is up at this point. She spins Destiny around and the two trade rights and lefts. Tiffany gets the better of the exchange. She whips Destiny but Destiny reverses…pop up power bomb onto the tacks and glass! Tiffany is in agony and her back is cut open and bleeding! Victor pops back up and kicks Destiny in the gut. A short arm clothesline to Destiny. Victor goes for a death valley driver but Destiny counters into a Destiny Cutter out of nowhere, planting Victor FACE FIRST onto the tacks and glass! Destiny’s roll is stopped quickly with a big boot from Jaxson. Jaxson body slams her onto the tacks and glass! Jaxson turns around into an Unforgiven kick from Sutter, dropping him! Sophie has pulled herself back up. She hands a Singapore cane to Sutter. The two begin to wail away at Victor and Jaxson. Tiffany with a spinning heel kick to Destiny. Tiffany goes for a hurricinrana but Destiny catches her in mid air and turns her over into the Birmingham Cloverleaf. Destiny has her positioned so that if Tiffany wants to escape the hold by climbing through to the other ring, Tiff has to crawl through the glass and tacks! Tiff is forced to choose to crawl through the tacks and glass or endure the Birmingham Cloverleaf. Sophie kicks Victor low and then drops him with Ode To Braddock. Sutter with a power bomb on Jaxson onto the tacks and glass, a second power bomb, finally the F5, Judge Jury, & Executioner, onto the glass and tacks!]

Jim Bishop: GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY! This is almost too hard to watch!

Jack Griffith: You’re telling me?! This is barbaric! Poor Tiff has to crawl through glass and tacks just to try and pry herself out of that hold!

Jim Bishop: And meanwhile Victor and Jaxson are being punished…Victor planted face first onto tacks and glass, Sutter drills Sullivan with Judge, Jury, & Executioner onto that pile of glass and tacks! Blood is everywhere and it isn’t anywhere near over!

Jack Griffith: Team Kelsai needs the leadership of their hero, their champion, their one true main event, and she’s coming up in a few seconds!






Jim Bishop: The team captain is here, Kelsai Adamson-Mason, the former GCW World Champion has arrived and her team is complete!

Jack Griffith: Come on, Kelsai! Show them what you’re made of!

[Kelsai, the team captain, enters last and she is bringing a barbed wire bat with her. She blasts Sutter in the ribcage with it. Sophie gets the barbed wire bat to the face. Destiny breaks the cloverleaf but not in time to avoid a shot to the face from the bat! Kelsai and Victor double team Sophie in one of the rings, Victor holds Sophie while Kelsai blasts her in the gut with the bat and then blasts her in the face. Kelsai applies a calf crusher to Sophie while Victor locks in a crossface simultaneously. Jaxson power bombs Sutter on the glass and tacks. Tiffany pulls Destiny up and whips her shoulder fist into the steel ring post. Tiffany then throws her face first against the steel cage to further open up the wound the barbed wire created. Victor and Kelsai release the double submission. Victor ties Sophie up in the ropes. Victor and Kelsai each take Singapore Canes and use them repeatedly against Sophie. Jaxson undoes the padding on the turnbuckle, revealing the steel bolt. He goes to throw Sutter face first into it but Sutter blocks and sends Jaxson face first into the steel bolt. But Sutter turns right into a steel chair shot from Tiffany. Destiny attempts The Skye High but Tiffany counters into a sit out power bomb onto the tacks and glass. Tiffany mounts Destiny and rains down right hands. Victor holds Sophie so that Kelsai can lay her out with a chair shot but Sophie gets her foot up, driving it into Kelsai’s face. Sophie with a stunner to Victor. Sophie with a spear taking Victor down. Sophie turns around into chair shot from Kelsai. Kelsai with Bombs Away to Sophie. Kelsai mounts Sophie and rains down right hands.]

Jim Bishop: The entire game changed when Kelsai came into this match. The man advantage has once again proven to be too much for their opposition.

Jack Griffith: Look at Kelsai single handedly take Sophie O’Brian apart.

Jim Bishop: Single handedly my ass. That was a double team from her and her husband Victor.

Jack Griffith: Yeah, well it is all legal so what are you gonna do about it?






Jim Bishop: Here comes the team captain! Chastity Noel is in and now the sides are even!

Jack Griffith: Keep that maniac away from poor Kelsai! Keep her out of the cage!

Jim Bishop: At least try to maintain some semblance of journalistic integrity, Jack. All eight competitors are in and WAR GAMES is officially under way!

Jack Griffith: The next pin or submission ends this!

[Now Chastity Noel is in the match! Chastity brings in with her….a barbed wire table! She also brings in another bag of tacks and glass! Chastity ducks Tiffany’s clothesline attempt and then drops her head first onto the new pile of tacks and glass with The Vow of Chastity! Jaxson has just now recovered but Chastity kicks him low and drills him with Excommunication, driving him face first onto the tacks and glass! Sutter is up and helps Chastity set up the barbed wire table. Chastity then charges and springboards off the ropes from one ring and knocks both Victor and Kelsai down with a cross body block! Chastity locks in Thy Kingdom Come to Kelsai. As of this moment if Kelsai submits the match is over. Victor breaks it up. Victor with a death valley driver onto Chastity. Sophie lands a low blow to Victor and then locks in a cobra clutch. Victor counters with a jaw breaker and then a short arm clothesline. Jackson spins Sutter around and the two trade right hands. Destiny finally connects with Skye High to Tiffany into a cover…1…2…3NO! Victor breaks it up! Victor and Destiny trade right hands.]

Jim Bishop: That Skye High was a thing of beauty and it nearly got Team Chastity the victory!

Jack Griffith: Look at Kelsai taking it to that evil witch Chastity!

[Kelsai spears Chastity. Kelsai with a double arm ddt to Chastity and then a cover..1…2…Kickout! Kelsai applies a calf crusher to Chastity. Sutter gets the better of his exchange with Jaxson Sullivan. He boots him in the gut and hoists him up for a buckle bomb, but Sutter instead charges towards the side of the steel cage and throws Jaxson against it…JAXSON BREAKS THE CAGE WALL AND FALLS THROUGH ONTO THE SPANISH ANNOUNCE TABLE, DESTROYING IT!]


Jack Griffith: The Spanish Announce Table survived Angelica vs. Jazmyn earlier but it didn’t survive War Games.

[Sutter has little time to celebrate. Victor blasts him in the face with the barbed wire bat. Victor then turns his attention to Destiny who gets her foot up, kicking the barbed wire bat back into Victor’s face! Chastity Noel manages to count the calf crusher back into Thy Kingdom Come! Sophie with a pile driver onto Tiffany onto the steel chair. Sophie and Destiny then target Victor. They whip him in and then deliver a variation of the 3D onto Victor driving him through the barbed wire table! The cover…1…2…3NOOO! Tiffany manages to break it up! Sophie and Tiffany trade right hands. Destiny gets a Singapore cane. She blasts Tiff in the back. Sophie gets a cane as well and then both Destiny and Sophie work over Tiff with the canes. Kelsa manages to counter Thy Kingdom Come by rolling over on top of Chastity for a cover…1…2…NO! Chastity breaks the hold just in time. Kelsai with a drop toe hold sending Chastity face first onto the tacks and glass! Kelsai gets her barbed wire bat from earlier and blasts Chastity in the face with it! She uses it to rake Chastity’s face with the barbed wire!]

Jim Bishop: Kelsai raking Chastity’s face with that barbed wire!

Jack Griffith: Good. She’ll be even uglier than before an…wait, what are you writing down?

Jim Bishop: Just some things that HR might want to know about.

Jack Griffith: Gimme that!

[Destiny goes over to attempt to make the save but Kelsai blasts her with the barbed wire bat to the gut and then to the back of Destiny. Meanwhile Sutter is back to his feet. He, Sophie, Victor, and Tiffany have all paired off, going at it. Jaxson then returns…by leaping off the top of the cage back into the cage wiping out Sutter, Sophie, Victor, and Tiffany! Kelsai calls for Jaxson. He goes over to isolate Destiny to allow Kelsai to finish with Chastity. Jaxson with a power bomb to Destiny. He applies a blatant choke. Kelsai sets Chastity up with a Singapore cane…Side Russian leg sweep with the Singapore Cane! Kelsai pulls her back up and goes for it again…but this time Chastity counters with Chastisement! Chastity gets up but gets drilled by a big boot from Jaxson. He sets Chastity up for a power bomb. He doesn’t realize that Chastity has her hands on Victor’s sledgehammer from earlier. He pulls her up…Chastity with a sledgehammer to his head! For good measure Chastity drills him with Excommunication onto the head of the sledgehammer! Kelsai sneaks up from behind and tried to get in a roll up…1…2…3NO!]

Jim Bishop: The brutality of it all! Sledgehammer to the head of Victor Mason! Excommunication to the sledgehammer! And had Kelsai not been there this bloodbath would be over!

Jack Griffith: How the hell is any of that legal?! Sledgehammers?!

Jim Bishop: As you have frequently pointed out throughout the night, Jack, everything is legal inside War Games. Kelsai and Chastity both knew what they were signing up for when they agreed to this match.

Jack Griffith: Poor Kelsai! Just run, Kelsai! Run!

[Chastity with Cult of Personality to Kelsai! Chastity then picks up that sledgehammer. She measures Kelsai who is trying to pull herself up. Sledgehammer to the abdomen! A second sledgehammer shot to the abdomen! Chastity with a third straight sledgehammer shot to Kelsai’s gut as she is on the mat in pain. Chastity takes Kelsai and applies The Guillotine, wrapping the legs around her waist to squeeze the abdomen that was just injured with the sledgehammer! Victor is the first to his feet. He tries to intervene…UNFORGIVEN OUT OF NOWHERE FROM SUTTER KNOCKING VICTOR MASON OUT COLD! Tiffany is up next…SCORCHED EARTH POLICY TO THE FACE! Followed by Destiny Cutter! No one to save Kelsai who is now coughing up blood…Kelsai taps out!]

Jim Bishop: She tapped out! Chastity Noel made Kelsai Adamson-Mason tap out AGAIN! First at Resurrection, she choked her out with this hold at For Glory & Gold, and again here tonight she made Kelsai tap out to end this war once and for all!

Jack Griffith: Noooo! Say it isn’t so?!

Jim Bishop: Sorry to tell you, Jack, but your favorite wrestler just got beat tonight and you know what that means?

Jack Griffith: Yeah, yeah, I know…

Robert Lee: Ladies and gentlemen, here are your winners of WAR GAMES…Clyde Sutter, Sophie O’Brian, Destiny Skye, and Chastity Noel!

[“Gets Me Through” By Ozzy Osbourne begins to play. Destiny Skye rushes over to meet Chastity. The two friends embrace in a tight hug. Sophie O’Brian shakes hands with Clyde Sutter in a sign of respect between those two warriors. Meanwhile Kelsai is still in pain on the mat. Chastity then points towards the fallen Kelsai. Sutter goes over and pulls her up while Chastity gets a microphone from ring announcer Robert Lee.]

Jack Griffith: Unhand poor Kelsai!

Jim Bishop: Unfortunately we are not over, Jack. There is still one final part, the last respect stipulation must be honored. Hopefully Chastity won’t take things any further than they need to be.

Chastity: Cut the music!

[The music slowly dies down. Sutter holds Kelsai up, as no one is certain that after the sledgehammer shots and The Guillotine that Kelsai can even stand on her own right now. Chastity meanwhile gets up in her face.]

Chastity: I could end you right now. And if I really was the awful human being you try to paint me as, then I would just have Sutter here snap you in half because you have no back up! Victor, Tiff, Jaxson, they have all been eliminated! I have you right where I want you!

[She shakes her head.]

Chastity: But this cycle of violence has to end, and despite what you say, I am NOT the monster here. This is over, Kelsai. And instead of breaking you in half I will settle for breaking your spirit. I will settle for humbling you right here in front of everyone. I don’t even give a damn if you mean it, you WILL humble yourself before me and before everyone. Now humble yourself, Kelsai. Respect me…

[She puts the microphone to her lips.]

Kelsai: I…I respect you…

[Noel smirks. She starts walking away as “Gets Me Through” by Ozzy Osbourne begins playing again. Destiny and Sophie follow her. Sutter roughly throws Kelsai back to the mat before following suit.]
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