2023 Awards and Hall of Fame Induction

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2023 Awards and Hall of Fame Induction

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Its that time again! With Resurrection season now fully in swing we look forward to Night 2 of Resurrection, this year held on Saturday May 27th, 2023 in Madison Square Garden. Each year Night 2 is mostly a celebration of the previous "year" of GCW action, celebrating what the wrestlers of GCW did throughout the previous GCW Year. For those new, or unaware, a GCW "Year" is essentially Resurrection to Civil War. So anything and everything that took place from Resurrection XI (May of 2022) to Civil War 2023 is all fair game and those events, from our pay per views to Shotguns and Livewires and Fevers were all what I took into consideration when making this list. Our staff took a look at the list and I let randy have one final look at it before I made it public right here and now. Below are the nominees.

Wrestler of the Year (Male)
Alexander Jones
Derek Powers
Jeffrey Alexander
Clyde Sutter
Jonathan Scarborough
Akeem The Supreme

Wrestler of the Year (Female)
Julia Braddock
D'Nae Moore
Kelsai Adamson-Mason
Mara Kade
Brittany Kayl
Anastasia Starling
Danielle Page
Jazmyn Rain
Jessica Lasiewicz

Most Loved
D'Nae Moore
Julia Braddock
Angelica Jones

Most Hated
Kelsai Adamson-Mason
Aubrianna Powers
Danielle Page
Jazmyn Rain

Tag Team/Group of the Year
The Alan Family
The McBride Corporation
The Bling Empire
The Bratz Life
Nadia Allen & Envy Ellis

Newcomer of the Year
Envy Ellis
The Bratz Life

Shotgun Award (2023-2024 should be their year)
Miss America
Clyde Sutter
The Bratz Life
Jazmyn Rain
Jessica Lasiewicz

Livewire Award (Feud of the Year)
Kelsai Adamson-Mason vs. Julia Braddock
Kelsai Adamson-Mason vs. D'Nae Moore
Julia Braddock vs. Brittany Kayl
D'Nae Moore vs. Danielle Page
SkyBird vs. The Alan Family
SkyBird vs. Fabulous vs. K2O
Alexander Jones vs. Danielle Page
Angelica Jones vs. Jazmyn Rain

Match of the Year
Julia Braddock vs. Brittany Kayl, Shotgun
Jessica Lasiewicz vs. D'Nae Moore, Livewire, World Title Contenders Tournament Final
Kelsai Adamson-Mason vs. D'Nae Moore, Resurrection XI, GCW World Title
Chantelle Chambers vs. Mariah, Resurrection XI
Kelsai Adamson-Mason vs. Julia Braddock, Resurrection XI, GCW Global Title
Mariah vs. Mara Kade, For Glory & Gold, GCW X Division Title
Julia Braddock vs. Kelsai Adamson-Mason vs. D'Nae Moore, For Glory & Gold, Undisputed GCW World Title
Jazmyn Rain vs. Angelica Jones, Declaration of War
Team Kelsai vs. Team Julia, Declaration of War, War Games
Fabulous vs. SkyBird vs. K2O, GCW World Tag Team Championship, Livewire
Mara Kade vs. Mariah, GCW X Division Championship, Survival of the Fittest
SkyBird vs. K2O, GCW World Tag Team Championship, Survival of the Fittest
Jazmyn Rain vs. Angelica Jones, 7 Stages of Hell, Survival of the Fittest
D'Nae Moore vs. Danielle Page, GCW World Championship, Survival of the Fittest
SkyBird vs. Everyone, Battle Royal, Fever
Summer Collins vs. Jessica Lasiewicz vs. SIN, GCW Heritage Championship, Civil War
MAEVE vs. Mara Kade, GCW X Division Championship, Civil War

Shocking Moment of the Year
Angelica Jones comes out of retirement
Trinity from Zion invades GCW to assist Aubrianna Powers against Kayla Jones
Jazmyn Rain returns to GCW
Madison Lewis Comes In Third Place in the Civil War Match

The voting rules go like this: you may pick up to THREE choices. You do not have to pick three, but you can if you wish. If you do choose to pick three, rate them in order that you think they deserve it the most. The choice you think deserves it the most gets three points, the choice you think deserves it the second most gets two points, the third choice gets three points. Or you can just put all your eggs in one basket and pick just one. That's fine too. Cutoff for voting ENDS May 20th at 7 am est. I need time to write the awards portion of Resurrection Night 2. One area that will not be voted on is HALL OF FAME. Below are the Hall of Fame Class of 2023:

Hall of Fame Class of 2023
Kimberly Williams - World Tag Team Champion, Undisputed Tag Team Champion
The McBride Corporation - International Champion (Karen), Global Tag Team Champion (Karen & Melanie), Undisputed Tag Team Champion (Karen & Melanie)
Tiffanny Manning - X Division Champion, former GM
Jim Bishop - Play by Play for GCW during its first run from 2000 to 2003, Ring Announcer when GCW rebranded into GDW from 2003 to 2012, Play by Play for GCW from 2012 to Present
Derek Powers - 2x Heritage Champion, 1x International Champion

As of NOW all of this is public and can be spoken about in character for your segments or on social media (twitter). Use this! Brag about your character getting an award nomination! Also with Resurrection Night 2 being an awards and hall of fame ceremony, this is also the night that you can have your wrestler get all decked out in their finest attires! Dresses, suits, the whole nine yards! This is sorta like the WWE Hall of Fame show, only difference is there will be at least one wrestling match to entertain the crowd, possibly more, but always at least one. So that's another thing you can use as we get closer to Resurrection. Post those pics of your characters dressed in the nines!

Once again, award voting ends May 20th at 7 am. You may vote for up to 3 choices per category or just one per category, but if you do vote for more than one per category please rank them. Send your votes to the "admin" account as I will be writing the awards show.
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