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Livewire 12.07

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We cut backstage where we find GCW journalist and Hall of Famer Dexter Russell standing in between the identical twin duo of “The Phoenix” Marie Jones and “The Woman Scorned” Kimberly Williams. Kimberly is dressed in her crimson red and black wrestling gear, whereas her identical twin sister Marie Jones is dressed a little more casually in denim jeans, a red silk blouse, and a black leather jacket. Kim has her HKW Bloodlust Championship title belt draped over her left shoulder and the SCW Underground Championship title belt draped over her right shoulder.

Dexter: Ladies and gentlemen, I am Dexter Russell and with me at this time happens to be Marie Jones and Kimberly Williams. Over the past several weeks we have seen a brewing war involving the Queens of Chaos and The Bling Empire, a war that has pulled you in, Marie, and has apparently pulled you in again tonight because you will be ringside to watch the back of Jessi Ozbourne and Kim Williams against Patience and Faith.

Marie: Well Dex, I may not be a Queen of Chaos, and to be honest, they probably wouldn’t trust me anyway, but my sister here IS a Queen of Chaos and anyone who is a friend of Kim is a friend of mine. So if Kim and Jessi need anyone to watch their back against The Bling Empire, then I will be there. What The Bling Empire think they have is the numbers advantage. But what they do not have and never truly will have is family. What Kim here has told me about the Queens is that they understand the importance of family. So Patience and Faith can bring whoever the hell they want to back them up but at the end of the day, it won’t be able to stop family.

Kim: You’ve been watching too many fast & Furious movies.

Marie chuckles softly.

Kim: The Bling Empire has been a pain in the ass for Jessi, me, and…well…pretty much everyone in GCW. Me and Jessi will do what we have to in order to get rid of that little pain in the ass once and for all. Tonight is just another battle in the larger scale war between us their stupid little empire. Empires rise and empires fall. Your empire is about to fall, ladies, courtesy of The Queens of Chaos.


Jessi Ozbourne & Kim Williams w/ Marie Jones Vs Patience Winters & Faith Jensen w/ Milana Radek
[Jessi starts off against Patience Winters. Ozbourne with several European uppercuts and then an Irish whip followed by a high knee strike. Jessi with a pump kick and an axe kick. She whips Patience into her corner and tags out to Kim. Kimberly with a stinger splash followed by a dragon screw. Kim steps through into a sharpshooter, SCORNED! Faith quickly rushes in to break it up. Jessi is in and starts brawling with Faith. Jessi clotheslines herself and Faith over the top and to the outside. Referee Shawn Pack is distracted by that fight and doesn’t see Milana Radek getting a cheap shot on Kim. Marie is right there but Radek backs off and the damage is done. Patience with a hangman’s neck breaker and then a cravat neck breaker. The cover but only a two. Patience tags out to Faith. Faith leaps off the top with a hurricinrana followed by a swinging neck breaker. The cover but Kim kicks out at two. Faith attempts a superkick but Kim catches the foot and counters with a dragon screw. Kim crawls over into her corner and tags out to Jessi. Jessi is back in with a bicycle kick. Patience tries to get a cheap shot in but Jessi ducks and connects with a bicycle knee. Bitch-Craft to Faith! Before Jessi can follow up Milana Radek rushes the ring and floors Jessi with a lariat, drawing the disqualification!]
WINNERS via Disqualification: The Queens of Chaos (Jessi & Kim)

[Before Milana can do any further damage, Marie Jones rushes in and starts trading rights with Radek. Patience tries to intervene but Kim cuts her off. Faith and Jessi brawl. An all out six way fight ensues as referees and security rush the ring to try and break up the fight. Eventually order is restored as the security pulls them apart. Jessi, Kim, and Marie though want to continue fighting and encourage The Bling Empire to get back in the ring. But Faith, Patience, and Milana decide to make their exit and fight another day.]


We cut backstage to the McBride Corporation dressing room. All four members are dressed to compete, including Blair McBride and Sierra Michaels who usually do not get to compete. Karen, Melanie, and Sierra are seated while Blair McBride paces the floor, almost like a General giving orders to his army.

Blair McBride: The plan is going exactly as I had hoped.

Karen McBride: How the hell do you figure that, Blair? We have been beaten up and beaten down by both Bratz Lifee and Skye Life the past several weeks. We have been humiliated week in and week out. Our efforts to get back into the tag team championship scene has not worked.

Sierra Michaels: With all due respect, Ms. McBride’s plan is working. You should pay your sister the proper respect.

Blair smirks.

Blair McBride: Thank you, Sierra. And yes, my plan is working. We are already back on the radar. We have the attention of both the tag team champions and their challengers. And tonight we are facing all four of them. And all we need is one win over the two top tag teams in GCW and we are BACK in the game. This could be it!

Melanie McBride: This has to be it, Blair. We cannot afford to keep losing like this.

Blair McBride: It will work, Mel. Trust me. I mean, think about it, do you really think Bratz Life and Skye Life can co-exist out there? Braddock and Skye have something that Bianca and Madison want. They will be fighting each other at Resurrection. There’s no way that they can co-exist and work together tonight. But the four of us, we are on the same page.

She looks over at Sierra.

Blair McBride: Am I right?

Sierra Michaels: You are always right, Ms. McBride.

Blair McBride: Excellent. So what do you say we go out there and kick their asses?

Karen and Melanie rise up and walk out. Sierra goes to follow suit but Blair stops her.

Blair McBride: Wait just a second, Sierra. I think you and I need to talk.

Sierra Michaels: Of course, Ms. McBride.

Blair McBride: You and I have had our fair share of disagreements. Initially I didn’t want you as part of The McBride Corporation and got you kicked out. Then I bought out your contract from Mason Van Stanton and I admit, I was harsh on you at first, but you have made significant progress since rejoining our ranks. I just want you to understand that everything I do is because I care about your career trajectory. That’s why I have tried to keep people like Sophie O’Brian and Arcadia Chavez away from you. They are dangerous. They are nothing but troublemakers and I think you and I both know this.

Sierra nods her head.

Sierra Michaels: I understand, Ms. McBride.

Blair McBride: Good. Now lets go catch up with Karen and Melanie.


Envy Ellis Vs Anastasia Ivanova
[Ivanova starts with a rake of the eyes. She goes for a Polish Hammer but Envy ducks it and connects with an arm dragon screw immediately into an Ellis Vice. Ivanova holds out for as long as she can before tapping out.]
WINNER via Submission in 30 Seconds: Envy Ellis

[Karina Lysenko rushes the ring to try and avenge her partner. Lysenko attacks Envy from behind, dropping her with a superkick and then mounted punches. Suddenly Nadia Allen hits the ring, drawing cheers from the fans. Nadia drops Ivanova with a lariat and then throws her out of the ring. Karina tries to get the drop on Nadia but Nadia connects with a superkick and then throws her out of the ring. Nadia and Envy stand tall as The Soviet Gingers make their exit.]


Livewire cuts to the ring where Jazmyn Rain is standing by a chair that she has in the ring. . Her short lavender dress and matching heels stand out as she has no issue with reminding people that she’s got the beauty of an angel… or a goddess. Still, the crowd in St. Louis is not happy with her presence while she holds a piece of paper in her hand.

Jazmyn Rain: It’s ALWAYS a great time when I show up on MY LIVEWIRE! Unfortunately, I have tp spend Livewire in this god forsaken city! I mean holy hell, everything about St. Louis SUCKS… no wonder the Rams went back to Los Angeles!

The fans boo her for this.

Jazmyn Rain: But see, the reason why all of you people in St. Louis can kiss my ass is because this is the city where one of the WORST moments of my GCW career, if not my entire career, happened and you all just witnessed it and acted like it was no big deal so SCREW YOU. Anyway, I’m here tonight to address some untrue, slanderous, lawsuit worthy remarks from Travis Vessey. First off… this whole idea that things were better while I was gone…

Sure, this company endured and moved forward without me. Sure, some newer names made their mark here while I was gone. But if things were better while I was gone, then how do you explain this year’s Hall of Fame class, huh? I mean seriously… GCW decided to induct the worst general manager in company history for one. Secondly, Derek Powers? Really? The only thing I remember him for was him feuding with that one guy that Victoria Salinas kicked to the curb… rightfully I should say. The McBride Corporation? Look… those ladies… while I was here last time… they barely made a dent but now they’re Hall of Fame members? My point is… the STANDARD around here DECLINED while I was gone! None of the inductees ever won a world title in GCW for god’s sake. GCW NEEDS ME to raise the standard back to where it was before!

I understand that most of the time I was here before, we were on separate shows and all, but you clearly don’t remember what and who I was five years ago because the way you’re telling it in your slander, you’re acting as if I always have been as I am right now. BUT, the most laughable thing… the whole idea that GCW is “your company”... since… when?

Because while I was making Livewire MY show and becoming the most successful Global Champion of all time… you were doing WHAT exactly? You were slumming it in the tag division with Christy Hightower after you were “sticking it” in Tina Valentine. At WHAT point in your career where you EVER a franchise player around here… at least while I was here… because while I was here, I seem to remember people like me… people like Victoria among others BEING that franchise player that you never were and never will be… HELL… this whole idea of…. What was it… people thinking of YOU when they think of GCW? It’s LAUGHABLE! I can name ten wrestlers that are MORE LIKELY to be thought of when it comes to GCW before they think of you…

Jazmyn scoffs as she sits down on the chair and begins reading the list.

Jazmyn Rain: Wrestler number one… ME! DUH! I MADE LIVEWIRE! Wrestler two… and note that I don’t necessarily LIKE everyone I am naming… GLORY BRADDOCK… reasonable choice right? Number three… ANGELICA JONES! Number four… VICTORIA SALINAS! Number five… MYRA RIVERS! Number six… TIMOTHY MYERS! Number seven… APHRODITE NOEL! Number eight… MARIE JONES. Number nine… JESSICA LASIEWICZ! Number ten… CHANTELLE CHAMBERS!

Yeah… there’’s your TEN! When people think of GCW, those are TEN PEOPLE ALL OF YOU THINK OF before you think of Travis Vessey! Actually, let me up the ante! I’m going to name five more! Number 11… BROOKLYN SMITH! Number 12… ADRIAN WATERS! Number 13… JULIA BRADDOCK! Number 14…. KAYLA JONES! Number 15… ALEXANDER MIDAS!!!!

I can do this all night…

The crowd boos Jazmyn mercilessly!


The audience loudly boos this!

Jazmyn: Oh SHUT UP… enduring the Cubs winning a World Series was WAY more painful so you should be grateful! I can do this all night! In fact, I’m going to make myself real comfortable.

Jazmyn kicks off her high heels.

Jazmyn Rain: I’m going to TAKE UP THE WHOLE SHOW and name 100 WRESTLERS YOU THINK OF BEFORE YOU THINK OF TRAVIS VESSEY! Because this is MY SHOW, MY LIVEWIRE and I am the ONLY THING worth seeing tonight! Wrestler number 16…ISABELLA HARKER… wrestler number 17… MALCOLM CROSS… wrestler number 18…

Security starts walking down the ramp much to their cheers while Jazmyn says “TRENTON SNOW”.

Jazmyn Rain: HEY! Don’t cheer HIM!

Security enters the ring.

Jazmyn Rain: Wrestler number 19… KURT LOGAN… wrestler number 20… ANDREAS LASIEWICZ… wrestler number 21…

And her microphone cuts off… Jazmyn goes “what the fuck” as security surrounds her and informs her that management has instructed her to leave. Jazmyn refuses to leave before two guards grab her and try to escort her out.

Jazmyn Rain: NO!!! I have to get my shoes!!!

Jazmyn is quick to grab her heels as security grabs her and gently gets her out of the ring much to the cheers of the audience.

Jazmyn Rain: I STILL GOT 80 MORE!

She gets booed as she gets escorted up the ramp, but before she disappears, she says Travis is THE enemy of the state. Finally, with her disappearance, preparations start for the next match.


This week Bianca and madz had to team up with Skylife to face the whole McBride Corporation. The Bratz lifee beat the McBride Corporation but unfortunately after the match they had to throw a temper tantrum and attack Bianca and madz. Because there foolish Corporation got shut down. Now the Bratz lifee appreciates skylife for having there backs but they still have something they want. When the Bratz lifee say they are going to do something they always keep their word. Madz and Bianca were both backstage. They were already dressed in their wrestling attire.

Skylife tonight we have to be on the same team. Which is fine but don't forget who has their ticket punched for those tag titles.

The McBride Corporation couldn't handle the Bratz lifee that's why they had to play dirty. We can play thoses types of little games too. . Like I'll play multiple uno reverse cards on your asses. Your turn has been skipped, you lost. Jealousy isn't a good look for yall.

We know you're trying to stay on the Rader because let's be honest here I'm pretty sure the fans forgot about you already. You haven't did much since you lost the tag titles. I mean you can learn so much from us. When we beat you once again and we go on and face skylife for the tag titles just maybe we will let you be our first title defense.

Bianca and Madz have a game plan for tonight. They were going to play nice with skylife but they definitely didn't trust them.

What's that saying? Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer. The brat lifee is about to dominate and show the whole roster why we are the next tag team champions.

It's time for something exciting and hot. Pay attention everyone. You get to witness straight Bratitude tonight. Because the Bratz lifee always comes out on top. -winks-

Madz and Bianca would both smile. They felt like they got out what they needed to say. The rest will be taken care of tonight in the ring. The scene would fade.


Miss America Vs Big Boss Akeem (fka Akeem The Supreme)
[Akeem tries for a lariat but Miss America ducks and lands a spinning heel kick, a dropkick, and then a flying forearm. Miss America throws a superkick but Akeem catches the foot and connects with an exploder suplex. Akeem with a backfist and a roundhouse kick. He covers but America kicks out. Akeem locks in straight jacket crossface. America reaches the ropes after about a minute. Akeem with a brainbuster and a cover but America kicks out just before three. Akeem goes for another brainbuster but Miss America slips out of it and connects with a Red, White, and Blue Kick followed up by an American Leg Sweep. The cover but Akeem kicks out at two. Miss America locks in the American Dream but Akeem counters with a jaw breaker. He rakes the eyes to gain an unfair advantage. Suddenly there is a disturbance…MAEVE and Savino try to hit the ring, though they are stopped by Akeem’s security detail. Akeem starts shouting at them, mocking them, and Savino and MAEVE shout back. This distraction allows Miss America to recover. She sneaks up from behind and rolls Akeem up in a school boy…1…2…3!]
WINNER: Miss America


We switch to another part of the arena. There we find Hall of Fame journalist (just as her!) Janice King. This evening she finds herself with “The Kensington Knockout” Julia Braddock, who is already dressed for action in her black tights, pink thigh length skirt, matching pink top, and pink and black kick boots. Her long blonde hair cascades to flow freely past the shoulders. She has her GCW Global Tag Team Title belt draped over her left shoulder and the GCW World Tag Team Title belt draped over her right shoulder. Next to Julia is her tag team partner for the evening, the lovely Destiny Skye, who is dressed in a two piece black wrestling gear with black boots. Destiny has both of her tag team title belts wrapped around her waist. A look of confidence is etched across both their faces.

Janice King: Ladies and gentlemen, Janice King here and I am the first ever, the original journalist to be inducted into the GCW Hall of Fame! And my guests at this time are the Undisputed GCW World Tag Team Champions, Julia Braddock and Destiny Skye, they are Skye Life! Thank you for joining me, ladies!

Destiny rolls her eyes. Julia simply nods her head.

Janice King: Resurrection is coming up real fast with just tonight and two more shows to go before the biggest night on the GCW calendar. On that night, at Resurrection, you will defend those Undisputed GCW World Tag Team Championships against Madison and Bianca of Bratz Lifee. But lately both you two and Madison and Bianca have had issues with The McBride Corporation. Tonight you must TEAM UP with your opponents to fend off The McBride Corporation. Do you really think you can co-exist with Bianca and Madison tonight long enough to take down a very motivated McBride Corporation?

Destiny Skye: Cute. Did Blair McBride give you that question?

Janice King: No, I…

She holds up a hand to silence Janice.

Destiny Skye: Just shut up. Resurrection IS the biggest night of the year. Jules and I both know it because we have both been part of the main event of Resurrection. We both challenged for world titles in the main event of Resurrection. So we both know how important that event is. I don’t think the importance of this event is lost on Madison or Bianca, either. They’re still new to GCW and look at ‘em, already competing for the gold at Resurrection. This should be a huge match for both of us and yet we cannot focus on one another. We’re too busy being annoyed by those little pissants The McBride Corporation. So if you’re gonna ask if we can work together with Bianca and Madison tonight then the answer is a resounding YES! Yes we can work together because we all want the same thing; we want Blair and her ilk to stay the hell out of our championship match.

Julia Braddock: These tag team championships carry a rich tradition, Janice. Just look at the history of the World Tag Team Championship, the Global Tag Team Championship, look at the teams that have held one of them or both of them. Just look at the last team to hold these titles; Anastasia Starling and Skylar Rayner. They were damn fine tag team champions. These championships deserve to be defended with honor, respect, and prestige. Only the two best tag teams in GCW deserve to be fighting for these championships. Right now that’s Skye Life and Bratz Lifee. The McBride Corporation are jealous and want to muscle in. They want to disrespect what Destiny and I did to become champions. They want to spit in the face of what Madison and Bianca did to earn this title shot at Resurrection. And why? Just to get a moment in the spotlight? Just to get fifteen minutes of fame?

Braddock shakes her head.

Julia Braddock: Well, ladies, here’s your fifteen minutes of fame. Then again, it may not LAST fifteen minutes. Skye Life and Bratz Lifee are going to march down to that ring and make you regret messing with us by giving you the beating of a lifetime and THAT is a Vow of Chastity.


The McBride Corporation (Karen, Melanie, Sierra & Blair McBride) Vs Bratz Liffe & Skye Life (Julia Braddock & Destiny Skye)
[This match starts as an all out fight in the center of the ring. Karen clotheslines herself and Destiny over the top and to the outside. Sierra Michaels charges Julia Braddock who launches her over the top and to the outside, taking out Karen and Destiny. Madison and Bianca with a double superkick sends Blair McBride out of the ring and Julia then launches herself over the top taking out Blair. Bianca and Madison launch Melanie over the top and to the outside onto Karen, Sierra, and Blair. Bianca then launches herself over the top taking out the entire McBride Corporation! Julia and Destiny roll Melanie back into the ring where Madison picks up the pieces. Madison with a sit out hip toss and a two handed bulldog. A double stomp. The cover and only a two count. Madison whips Melanie into the corner and then rushes in with a stinger splash. She tags out to Bianca. Bianca with a forward leg sweep and then a rolling elbow. She pulls Melanie up and goes for a whip but Melanie reverses. Karen gets a cheap shot in. Melanie with a superkick. Karen with a spear. Karen with a gut wrench suplex to Bianca. Karen tags out to Sierra.]

[Sierra with a dragon screw followed up by The Judgment of Skuld, the calf crusher. Bianca struggles in the hold after about a minute to reach the ropes, forcing a break. Sierra sets up for The Dynasty Drop but Bianca back drops out of it. Sierra tags out to Blair. Blair drags Bianca back towards their corner before she can reach the ropes to tag. Blair locks her in The Wallstreet Cloverleaf. Bianca struggles in the hold but reaches the ropes after about a minute. Blair pulls her up and whips her into the ropes. Braddock blind tags herself in. Bianca ducks a clothesline. Bianca with a lunging dropkick sending Blair into a Full Nelson suplex from Julia Braddock. Julia sets Blair up and drops her with Cult of Personality. Braddock tags out to Destiny. Julia whips Blair into the ropes and connects with Destiny Killer! Karen, Melanie, and Sierra rush the ring, sensing the end is near, but they are interrupted by Madison, Bianca, and Braddock. Another brawl is on! Madison and Bianca with stereo superkicks sending Karen and Melanie tumbling to the outside. Bratz Lifee with corkscrew suicide planchas take out Karen and Melanie! Braddock boots Sierra in the gut and drops her with Ex-Communication. Destiny measures Blair as she pulls herself up…THE DESTINY CUTTER! Destiny covers…1…2…3!]
WINNERS: Skye Life & Bratz Lifee


“Diamond Princess” Danielle Page is walking through the backstage area of the Enterprise Center. She is grinning from ear to ear.

“Diamond Princess” Danielle Page: I know that all of you and that includes our current X-Division champion remembers how I left her and that supposed queenie laying a couple weeks ago. That was so fun and I think I’ll do it again tonight too. Because each and everyone of you are a means to an end.

A serious look comes over Danielle’s face.

“Diamond Princess” Danielle Page: To get what I want and by now you should all know what I want. The X-Division title is another rung on the ladder to get what is mine and what is owed to me. And if I have to bring GCW to its knees to do it then so be it. So all of you fools may think you have it all figured out on how to stop me but can you really trust the person that you are sharing a locker room with or even standing next you. As it was said so many years ago…Everybody has a price.

Danielle smiles and winks at the camera as she walks away.


Backstage we find interviewer Janelle St. Claire trying to catch up with a disappointed and frustrated Blair McBride. One can understand the frustration, she was the one who was pinned tonight to lose to Skye Life and Bratz Life. Janelle wants to interview her about the match and where The McBride Corporation goes from here but Blair is having none of it.

Janelle: Blair? Blair, can I please get a quick word about…

Blair: No!

Janelle: But tonight you and Sierra and your sisters lost to…

Blair: Not now! No interviews!

Blair pushes her way past Janelle and into the parking lot area. Janelle and the cameras follow her. Blair shouts.

Blair: Sierra! Sierra, where the hell are you?! Bring the car around! We are leaving this dump!

Blair tries to push the camera away.

Blair: I said NO interviews!

Suddenly Sierra Michaels walks into the scene.

Sierra: What’s wrong, Ms. McBride?

Blair: Get the car. We are leaving.

Sierra: But…

Blair: NOW!

Sierra sighs and turns to walk away. She doesn’t get far before the screeching of tires stops her. A car suddenly comes pulling up at a fast pace. It stops right in front of Blair and Sierra. The driver’s side window rolls down and we see that Sophie is driving.

Sophie: Need a ride?

Blair: What the hell are you doing here?!

Blair is then attacked from behind by Arcadia Chavez, who throws her head first against a steel door. Sierra goes to help and meanwhile Arcadia opens the back passenger’s side door of the car. Arcadia then snatches Sierra Michaels and throws her into the car. Arcadia gets in the car and shuts the door. Sophie laughs maniacally as she drives off with the kidnapped Sierra Michaels.


Main Event
Non Title
Danielle Page Vs Mara Kade

[Mara Kade starts with a discuss elbow and then a running knee strike. A diving front dropkick and then a superkick sends Danielle tumbling to the outside. Mara with a Somersault from the top rope to the outside! She pulls Page up but Page rakes her in the eyes and then whips her into the steel steps. Page starts waving for someone to come out to assist her. When no one comes to the aid of The Diamond Princess the cameras cut to the backstage area where we find that The Bling Empire, including Scarborough, are brawling with Marie Jones, Kimberly Williams, Angelica Jones, and Kayla Jones. No one is coming to the aid of Page. Frustrated, Page rolls Mara back into the ring and goes after her with a bulldog takedown and then a swinging neck breaker. A cover but only a one count.]

[Page with a pump handle slam. She measures for a claymore kick but Mara moves out of the just in time! Kade whips Page into the corner. Running double knees to Page! Mara with a Northern Lights suplex with a bridge but Page kicks out at two. Mara with a dragon screw followed up by Over-the-shoulder single leg Boston crab. Page struggles in the hold for nearly a minute before reaching the bottom ropes. Page rakes the eyes again to gain an unfair advantage. Page connects with a claymore kick. Page with a belly to belly overhead suplex. The cover but Mara kicks out at two. Page hoists Mara up for The Princess Cut but Mara slips out from behind and delivers a Tiger suplex. Mara pulls Page up but Page throws powder into her eyes. Page with a superkick, flooring Kade. After the cheating tactics, Page now has a path to victory…]

[...until the fans come alive, signaling the arrival of Jessi Ozbourne! Jessi slides into the ring. Page goes for a kick but Jessi ducks and spears her and then throws rights. The referee calls for the bell.]
WINNER via Disqualification: Danielle Page

[Mara Kade is frustrated and annoyed as she watches Jessi and Page brawling. Mara snatches the X Division Title belt. Page pushes Jessi off and scrambles to her feet…only to get floored with a title belt shot to the skull. Mara then turns and decks Jessi in the head with the title belt to the head. Mara Kade then stands tall with the X Division Title belt as the show comes to a close.]

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