Resurrection is upon us!

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Resurrection is upon us!

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Resurrection is nearly here. I know Randy has mentioned these deadlines a few times already in the Discord but just to reiterate as we make that final push towards our biggest event of the year:

Shotgun -> Deadline is tonight at midnight
Fever -> Deadline is May 13th, 2023 at 10 am EST
Deadline to VOTE on the awards -> May 20th at 7 am est -> link to the awards list and rules for voting if you forgot viewtopic.php?t=2656

After that, it's Resurrection. This is a special time for me because this fed, GCW, it was my first fed that I had opened. I created this fed back in 2002, which was just about two or three years after I had begun e-fedding myself. In 2002 it was a competitive roleplay fed. It was somewhere around 2003/2004 to Global Division of Wrestling (GDW) and continued as a competitive roleplay fed. In 2012 I brought GCW back as a separate entity, only this time as an angle fed. GDW would close around 2014. But yes, this place is special for me because it was the first fed I ever ran and even though I am no longer running it in an official capacity, I still feel very happy to see this great place continue to live on year after year. That's why I chose the name "Resurrection" for our special "mania" type event. Because this fed was "resurrected" in 2012. I ran it as an angle fed myself for several years before I again decided to step away from fedheading. Randy has done an incredible job keeping this place going in recent years. A major thanks to him for the job he has done. Also a big thanks to G for the input and advice he provides as well. Thanks to Gary for giving us these spiffy forums and keeping them maintained for us.

I never expected GCW to really last as long as it did, let alone become as big as it did, when I brought it back in 2012. I only brought it back to be a small inclusive fed, inclusive of any ideas no matter how wacky or weird they may be. If there were ideas you had that you feared would not be accepted or would not "get over" in your regular fed? Come here. That was my original vision. My vision has grown since then even beyond my own dreams. Still the original vision has held true; our ideas, our plans, our characters, we can run them here and have fun. That's all I wanted when I brought this place back; a place where everyone has a legitimate chance to have some fun.

That's it from me. Every Resurrection season I typically post some mushy bit about the fed. This is that mushy post. :P All I would say in closing is to really put forth your best effort for Shotgun, Fever, and especially Resurrection. Send in those segments. Hype the event on social media. If you want to help out in other ways such as match writing, graphics for the show, whatever....feel free to talk to randy about that. Recruitment for the fed? We'd appreciate that too. But yes, I'm not cracking any whips here but I do ask that most importantly have fun and enjoy Resurrection. If you can do some stuff, great, but most importantly is just try to enjoy it. I can assure you it will be a great show. :D
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