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Shotgun 12.07

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[Backstage we see GCW Undisputed World Champion D'Nae Moore standing alongside her fiance, Jeffrey Alexander. They're in matching black and blue ring gear, D'Nae with the belt over her shoulder.]

D'Nae: “Alright, look. I know y'all ain't seen much of me on TV, and if you're upset about that, I apologize. But let me explain right quick, and maybe after, you'll understand. See, just because I'm the World Champion doesn't mean I think this company revolves around me. There are dozens of other people on the roster and they deserve time on screen, to show what they can do, to let themselves shine. As someone who grew up without very many opportunities to lift myself up or prove myself, I am ALL ABOUT allowing others that chance, if I'm able. So... I been here, but backstage. Talking to some of the newer people. Watching everyone.

But mostly watching you, Alexander.

Jeff: Watching you real close homie.

D'Nae: I know you coming for me. You been coming for me since you got here. You walked into GCW like you was King Shit, acting like everybody owed you something just for gracing us with your presence. Let me tell you right now, it don't work like that around here.

Jeff: Sure don't.

D'Nae: Around here, you gotta prove yourself. You gotta do the work. You gotta show some damn respect! And all I hear out of you is arrogance, entitlement, and something about following God's plan. You really think God sent you here specifically to take my championship? What if I think God sent me here to stay champion for two years? Who's right? You can't say. It's always so funny to me how every time someone says they know God's plan, that plan just happens to be exactly what they want.

Jeff: You want my girl's title? You gon' have to come at her with more than God and puffing your chest out to get it.

D'Nae: That's right. Cause the one I talk to called the Most High, taught me that He helps those who help themselves, and to take nothing for granted. This championship?

[D'Nae holds the belt up a little.]

D'Nae: I'm not counting on it staying right here on this shoulder just because it's there now. I know I have to work just as hard to keep it as I did to earn it. You did earn your shot to try to take it from me I'll give you that. I know how brutal Civil War is, I came damn close to winning it myself two years ago. But winning Civil War don't make you winning THIS... a sure thing.

[D'Nae puts the belt back onto her shoulder.]

D'Nae: Now tonight me and Jeff are gonna meet you and Gabriella Austin in the ring, and we'll get a lil taste of what's waiting for us at Resurrection.

Jeff: Hope you paying attention, homie. You gonna need all the help you can get to prepare for going one on one.... with the Undisputed One.

[D'Nae turns to Jeff and grins.]

D'Nae: That's good.

Jeff: You like that, huh?

D'Nae: Yeah, I do.

[The couple laughs a little, then D'Nae turns back to the camera.]

D'Nae: So don't come at us with your attitude and your ego. Bring your A game instead. I know you got one. Like I said, I been watching. You got skills. Let's see you use them.

Jeff: Word. Let's do this.

[D'Nae turns to Jeff again, and they exchange a fist bump, then a quick kiss before walking out of the shot.]


Jeffrey Alexander & D’Nae Moore Vs Alexander Jones & Gabriella Austin.

Remembering how his match with Jones ended, Jeffrey immediately went for Gabriella Austin, not ready to engage, she slid out the ring. D’nae took it to Alexander, reminding him maybe he shouldn’t be so arrogant as she made a point to highlight. On the outside, Brodie stood between Gabby and Jeff. Jeff tried to go around Brodie. He blocked him. Gabby rolled back in the ring to gang up on D’Nae, the world champion had enough self awareness to go outside next to Jeff.

Together they drop kicked Brodie, moving him from his spot. Before he can approach them both, the newly engaged couple slid in the ring. Immediately going after Jones and Gabriella. There was a brawl. Even at first. The momentum swung in Jeff and D’Nae’s favor. They were about to dispose of Jones and Gabby, sending them both to the outside. Brodie wanted a piece of the action for what Jeff and D’Nae pulled. Jones held him off. He whispered something in his ear, the big man nodded.

The action did slow down after that. Standard tag affair. Towards the end the action broke down as you would imagine, D’Nae and Gabriella were the legal competitors. Jones and Alexander were on the outside in a similar position to last Shotgun. The referee was more focused on the action inside the ring. Brodie grabbed a steel chair. As he was about to nail Jeff with it, The Most Celebrated Entertainer in the World had enough presence to get out the way. Brodie stopped himself from hitting Jones. This was Jeff needed as he drop kicked Brodie in the back sending him into Jones.

Gabby looks like she saw this. Took her eyes off the ball for one second. That one second was all D’Nae needed to drop Gabriella with MooreGasm. It was academic from there.

Winners: Jeffrey Alexander and D’Nae Moore.

Jeff grabbed D’Nae’s championship. D’Nae exited the ring. Jeff joined her knowing that by the time Brodie had recovered he was not gonna be pleased with how things played out. Jones went in the ring to check on Gabby. D’Nae held up the World Championship. Alexander caught this. He didn’t appear worried at all, as if he feels his coronation will be inevitable. Jeff and D’Nae wave bye bye to Jones, Brodie and Gabby as the scene transitions to the back.


We cut backstage where we find none other than the Undisputed GCW World Tag Team Champions, Julia Braddock and Destiny Skye, collectively known as Skye Life, standing by with the camera focused on them. Julia Braddock is dressed in a white pencil skirt, black patent leather high heel pumps, a ruffled black peplum top, and sunglasses over her eyes. Her long blonde hair hangs straight to past the shoulders. Her GCW World Tag Team Championship Title belt is draped over her right shoulder and the GCW Global Tag Team Championship Title belt is draped over her left shoulder. Destiny Skye is wearing torn denim jeans, black boots, a black crop top, and a black leather jacket. Both of her tag team championship title belts are wrapped around her waist.

Julia Braddock: The Road to Resurrection is not an easy road. Even when you’ve supposedly earned that so-called “golden ticket” towards the grandest stage, towards Resurrection, even when you know you have a guaranteed spot on the biggest card in GCW’s calendar year, the road towards getting there is far from an easy one. This year, the road to Resurrection for Skye Life has proven to be a very bumpy road indeed. Destiny and I were both looking forward to taking our chances at winning the Civil War Match itself. But we were granted the unexpected opportunity of the Ultimate Sacrifice Match, a match that inevitably took our Civil War Match spot away from us. But did we let that disappointment, the loss at ultimate sacrifice, get us down? No, we refused to be stopped. We pushed forward, we kept on that road and finally we found our opportunity, we MADE our own path to Resurrection by winning these tag team championships against three of the best tag teams in GCW.

She points a finger at the camera.

Julia Braddock: But Bratz Lifee, Bianca and Madison, you earned your way through Civil War. Or at least Madison earned it for you by placing third in the Civil War Match itself. That’s impressive. But if you thought just by earning a spot through Civil War you would have an easy path then you would be in for a very rude awakening.

Destiny Skye: After weeks upon weeks of nonstop interference from a group of jealous bitches known as The McBride Corporation, nonstop attacks against Bratz Life, against Skye Life, nonstop harassment just to try and get noticed. Its sad, really. Its really sad when you notice how it didn’t work. It didn’t matter. The McBride Corporation just lost again and again and again. Because while Jules and I may disagree with Madison and Bianca over who will ultimately win at Resurrection, we can damn sure agree on ONE thing and that is the fact that Resurrection will be decided just between two teams…Skye Life and Bratz Life. No one else. No distractions. No bullshit. Nothing.

Destiny smirks.

Destiny Skye: And ladies, I hate to say it, but when the smoke has cleared that is what you will be leaving Resurrection with…NOTHING! See, this brief alliance we had to watch each other’s backs to ensure that we all make it to Resurrection in one piece and at one hundred percent, that is coming to an end. We’ve held up our end. You’ve held up yours. And at Resurrection when the two best tag teams in GCW go head to head, only ONE of us will walk away with all the gold, and it will be Skye Life.

Julia Braddock: You have worked hard. You have been impressive. But this reign as tag team champions for Destiny and I, it has been a dream of ours ever since we began training to be wrestlers. And there is no way in hell we are going to just roll over and let this dream come true end with us just being transitional champions. We are going to walk into Resurrection, give you the fight of your lives, and we are going to walk out STILL the Undisputed GCW World Tag Team Champions. And THAT is a Vow of Chastity.



Svetlana Iryna Nabokov, the GCW Heritage Champion, stands by with Janice King.

King: “That’s right, folks… the original Global Championship Wrestling HALL OF FAME interviewer, Janice King, here with another EXCLUSIVE! I have with me the Heritage Champion, Svetlana Iryna Nabokov as she continues to prepare for the challenge of Jessica Lasiewicz at Resurrection XII. SIN, thank you for joining me EXCLUSIVELY!”

SIN looks over to the exuberant King, raising an eyebrow slightly as she smirks.

King: “We have known since the first show post-Civil War that Jessica Lasiewicz was coming for your Heritage Championship.”

SIN: “Yes, the desperate insistence of a woman who was embarrassed at the Civil War.”

King: “How do you figure “embarrassed”?”

SIN: “Simple… she and her partner, who has been conveniently set aside in the weeks following Civil War might I add, failed to take this from me. They had the advantage. They could have done everything to incapacitate me completely, but they failed to do that and, because of that, I was able to overcome the odds. If you look at it properly, I’m the conquering hero who stared down an army and did not flinch.”

King: “Jessica has been talking about some rather drastic measures to become Heritage Champion, including reverting to her Archangel background…”

SIN places her hand on King’s shoulder, silencing the difficult-to-silence interviewer.

SIN: “Let her.”

King: “With her reputation while tapped into that…”

SIN: “A reputation is just that… reputation. It’s a spectre of history, a message of the past. Let her bring out the Arch Angel and I will break it, just like I broke the idea that Fabulous had already won MY Championship before the bell rang… just like I broke the spirits of the likes of Izzi Grimes, who felt that she had the way to win this without doing whatever it took! This is MY reign… and at the rate I’m going, it will not end ANY time soon!”

Almost offended, SIN exits the scene, leaving Janice King alone - smiling, to her credit - as the scene shifts.


M.A.E.V.E In Action

GCW legend El Perro was M.A.E.V.E’s opponent. Quite a shame he didn’t put on a legendary performance. M.A.E.V.E was a woman on a mission. Completely relentless. El Perro tapped out to Twat Waffle immediately.

Winner: M.A.E.V.E

After the bell ring, Soy Sauce for Geese- Fatal Fury Special OST could be heard. M.E.A.V.E looked at the ramp, expecting Boss Boss Akeem to show up. Instead the camera (and everyone elses attention) pans up to the skybox in the Bank of Springfield Center. Trevor Cash and Big Boss Akeem can be seen waving at M.A.E.V.E mockingly. Not entertained by the show, M.A.E.V.E exits the ring with the full intention on making her away up to the skybox. This is when she was interrupted by a security force. Not letting this stop her, she starts fighting through the security force. The numbers game soon caught up. Then Savino came out to assist M.A.E.V.E. Big Boss and Trevor could be seen rolling their eyes at the chaos. Next thing we know, they walk out of sight, presumably having seen enough of M.A.E.V.E’s desire to get to Big Boss Akeem before their triple threat match at Resurrection.



We open in an opulent grandiose looking room. This is a view of the home of Sophie O’Brian in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Sophie O’Brian is seated on a plush very comfortable cream colored chair. She is dressed in a gold form fitting bodycon dress with a low hemline. Standing to her right is Arcadia Chavez who is wearing black leather pants and a black top.

Sophie O’Brian: I know that everyone has been asking themselves about what happened to poor Sierra Michaels at Livewire. Actually, I take that back, no one probably cared about what happened to poor Sierra Michaels at Livewire. Let’s face it, the fans forgot about her. Her family left her to rot and suffer at the hands of whomever and whatever decided to ruin her career on any given day. The only people who may have cared even the least little bit was Blair McBride and her sisters, The McBride Corporation, and they didn’t really care about Sierra the person. They only cared about losing their precious “executive assistant”...fancy word for servant. But me? I cared. I care about everyone.

She motions to Arcadia Chavez.

Sophie O’Brian: I cared about Arcadia Chavez and how her career was going nowhere, all thanks to her mental instability. So I helped her. I gave her the stability and focus that she lacked. I gave her a gift. Julia Braddock and Destiny Skye lacked the aggression needed to succeed. So I harassed them, I pushed the envelope with them, and now look at where they are now. They are the Undisputed GCW World Tag Team Champions. I give gifts to those who need them. Blair McBride and her sisters, The McBride Corporation, they had been forgotten. They had become an irrelevant nuisance in the tag team division, relegated to just trying to annoy their way into the tag team title situation, only to be humiliated by Bratz Life and Skye Life again and again. So I helped The McBride Corporation. What they needed was to be streamlined. Four members of The McBride Corporation is really just too many? Did they need an “Executive Assistant”? No, they did not. So I took her away from them. Blair, Karen, Melanie, you will thank me later.

She chuckles softly.

Sophie O’Brian: Ah yes, I almost forgot about the former executive assistant. I promised to tell you where Sierra is and so I shall. Accusations of kidnapping were being leveled at myself and Arcadia. That is an insult. Transcendence would never break the law and we would never hold anyone against their will. True, she was a little reluctant at first but I convinced her that I only meant well and when I gave her the gift that I had for her, she was truly grateful. And just like Arcadia here, Sierra has decided to show her gratitude by serving the cause of Transcendence. Isn’t that right, Sierra?

Just then a female enters the scene and stands next to Sophie on her left side. This is Sierra Michaels and we only know it based on the fact that she is wearing the Skuld mask.

Skuld: The sad, sad story of Sierra Michaels has been one of being used and abused. She was used by her older brothers, Mike and Joey. The Nero Organization used her as a tool, a weapon, a servant. GCW used her as nothing more than enhancement talent. Mason Van Stanton tried to use her family name to advance his own career. The McBride Corporation used her and abused her. Out of all of those, at least The Nero Organization gave Sierra something worthwhile. They gave her a killer instinct. They turned her into Skuld. Only they tried to control Skuld and Sierra allowed them to control her. Sophie O’Brian reunited Skuld and Sierra, only she has allowed Sierra to be the one to control Skuld. Not Van Stanton…not GCW…and definitely not The McBride Corporation. I have TRANSCENDED from being just another face in the crowd. I am Sierra Michaels and I am also Skuld. And I will destroy anyone who gets in my way!

She points a finger at the camera.

Skuld: The McBride Corporation of all people should have known better than to try and mess with powers that they cannot control. Blair…Melanie, or should I say Skogul…you both know what this mask represents and how dangerous it can make you when you embrace its darkness. But you still poked the bear. Now you will experience the consequences of your actions.

Sophie nods her head.

Sophie O’Brian: Yes, I have given you a gift, McBride Corporation. You are streamlined. You are stronger than before. But as Sierra herself said, you have sinned and now must pay the consequences. Therefore at Resurrection it will be the three members of the now streamlined McBride Corporation against myself, Arcadia Chavez, and Sierra Michaels. The McBride Corporation versus Transcendence. And this time there will be no gifts given out. Only pain, destruction, and heartache. The McBride Corporation will fall and we…shall transcend.


Nadia Allen vs Karina Lynseko

It didn’t take long for Anatasia to make her presence known. The Soviet Gingers double teamed Nadia. Since Envy was at ringside, she prevented the two on one mugging from getting too out of hand. Nadia and Envy did overwhelm the gingers. The tide changed when Anatasia bit Nadia’s nose. This caught Envy off guard for a second, long enough for Karina to thumb Envy in the eyes. The Soviet Gingers enjoyed their brief advantage, putting both of them down with The Red Death. The Soviet Gingers left the ring with huge smiles on their faces. The Resurrection tag team match just became a bit more interesting.

Winner: No Contest.


We cut backstage where we find the demented Queen of the Death Match Kimberly Williams standing by wearing her crimson red and black wrestling gear. She has her SCW Underground Championship title belt wrapped around her waist and the HKW Bloodlust Championship title belt draped over her right shoulder. A psychotic grin is etched across her face.

Kimberly: Jonny Boy, oh Jonny Boy, the so-called “Fever Champion”...I could mock you but then again, I once proudly carried the Unsanctioned Title, a title that no one except my good friend Datura recognized. I could also mock you for how you simp for those idiotic brain dead bimbos The Bling Empire. Therein lies the problem, Jonny Boy. You think they accept you because you are The Man…Pierce Manning wants his gimmick back, by the way…but you are wrong. They accept you because you gladly stroke their ego. You tell them exactly what they want to hear and that’s why they accept you. They are not your real friends and family. They keep you around because you please them. You are like their little puppy.

She shakes her head.

Kimberly: What you have doesn’t compare to what I share with The Queens of Chaos. I EARNED their respect through what I have put myself through, through everything I have sacrificed for this business, I earned their friendship and I earned my way into the Queens of Chaos through my own hard work and dedication. Now my fellow Queen is gonna be busy trying to claim that X Division Championship at Resurrection and, in the process, beat the holy hell out of Danielle Page. And I am happy to help my friend neutralize Page’s minions one by damn one, starting with you tonight in the Texas Deathmatch. You can whine all day about a Texas Deathmatch, Japanese Deathmatch, Canadian Deathmatch, Egyptian Deathmatch, the geographic location doesn’t fucking matter because at the end of the day you are looking at the Queen of the Death Match! I am Kimmy Two Belts when it comes to Deathmatch wrestling! So do you know what that means for you?

She smirks knowingly.

Kimberly: It means you’re screwed. I’m sure you know that and I’m sure you’re probably going to go crying to your mother…Danny Page that is. You’ll go crawling on your hands and knees to her and her minions begging for help. Maybe you’ll even go crawling to that big oaf Clyde Sutter? It is a Texas Deathmatch and anything goes so I fully expect you to bring everything…and everyone…to the table tonight. That’s fine. Bring everyone you want. Because while the Queens of Chaos may be a little busy tonight, I still have something else you don’t. In the words of Dom Toretto…

Angelica Jones and Kayla Jones emerge from the right. Kim’s identical twin sister Marie Jones emerges from the left. All three flanking The Woman Scorned.

Kimberly: …I have family. And this is one family you do not want to mess with. So by all means, bring your pals with you Jonny Boy, because my family will make sure that The Bling Empire doesn’t make it to Resurrection. Just like tonight I will make sure you do not make it to Resurrection in one piece.


[Earlier in the day. The sun is out. Outside the Bank of Springfield Center, Mara Kada stands by the stairs, dressed in a lack and red "Mara Kade World Tour: Championship Edition" with black jeans. The X Division champions is draped across her left shoulder. She glares at the camera, flashing a sneer.]

Mara So Jessi Ozbourne...Danielle Page. You want to dance>

[She strokes her title.]

Mara: So you want to dance? Dance with the devil. If you want this belt from me, that's what you're going to need to do. You're going to need to sell your soul to him because there isn't a chance in hell that at Resurrection, my run is over.

[A wry smirk grows on her face.]

Mara: Ten months of just seeing everyone step up to me and knocking them down. Ten months of traveling the world, from America to Europe, all over, putting this on the line and doing what I do best. Ten months of being the best champion in GCW, like I said I was going to be when I won this. Danielle, Jessi, in the last month, you two have thought you just get in my business. Interrupting my matches. Listen, I don't give a shit about your beef with one another. For my paying money, I wished one of you would have just brained the other.

But instead, Danielle, thought it was cute to stick that big nose of yours in my match with Jessi. Jessi, you couldn't wait til after I got my hands on Danielle and taught that bitch a lesson. You couldn't meet her in the parking lot and fight her then. You did the same thing she did.

[Mara scowls.]

Mara: I don't appreciate it. I don't want any asterisks or weirdos saying I got lucky or that I need someone else to help me keep this belt. But Resurrection, this is perfect for me. Because now I get the chance to teach both of you that lesson. I'm going to dog walk the shit of you. Both of you. Equally. I'll make sure I split the time up so no one gets left out. Danielle, if any of you silicon infested friends jump into this match but the end of the night, I'm going to meet them in the parking lot and Im going to send them to the hospital. Jessi, if anyone in your crew, if any of the Queens got any ideas, one by one, Tragic Kingdoms for all of them. One by one I take all their arms out of their socket.

This shit ends at Resurrection with me still X Division Champion. Still the best champion in GCW. I love this shit. I love matches like this. You want a dance? Then let's dance.




Jonathan Scarborough paces around, his hands pulling his short hair back even farther as he shakes his head.

Scarborough: “No no no no no No NO! NO! This cannot be happening!”

He reaches off, taking a garbage can and throwing it against the wall.

Scarborough: “Shit! I might need that!”

Rushing off camera briefly, he returns with the now-empty canister in his hands.

Scarborough: “No… THIS is a match being held under protest! A Texas Death Match? ME? I’m a pure wrestling aficionado… a strong-style czar! You want to throw me into a garbage match… in Illinois?! This is not only a slap in the face to all the pure wrestling fans… the fans who pay good money and bring their kids to these shows to not only see the human supremacy that is the Bling Empire, but also to see crisp, technical wrestling! This is a slap in the face of the founding fathers… YOUR founding fathers… who decided that Texas be all the way down there and Illinois be all the way up here. This is historically and geographically UNACCEPTABLE! FUCK!”

He shakes his head, starting to pace again.

Scarborough: “Kimberly Williams! You half-witted psychopath… YOU are responsible for this! I don’t know what hold you have over management here, nor do I particularly care! But I will NOT be a part of the caste that caters to your sick little delusions and gives you whatever you want! I’m not an ENABLER like the people you hang around with. They’re poison, you know, because they ENABLE your sick, twisted behaviour! Well I refuse! If I have to beat you tonight to make the world wake up and see what a GD deviant you are, then I guess that’s what I’ll do… and you have no one to blame but yourself!”

Scarborough starts to walk off, but pauses.

Scarborough: “Oh, and since your eyes were eying MY prize… sorry, nutcase. The Fever Championship can only be defended ON Fever. Guess you’re shit outta luck there, too. You wanted this… and if you were smart, you’d know the old adage: Be careful what you wish for…”

With that, he finally takes the garbage can and storms out of the scene. We fade.


Main Event:
Texas Death Match

Kim Williams vs Johnathan Scarborough

Robert E Lee announced the following match to be for the Fever Championship.

Kimberly (alongside her sister, mother and aunt who stood at ringside) awaited the arrival of Jonathan Scarsborough.

Scarsborough showed up on the ramp (with Clyde Sutter in toe). He had a microphone.

Scarsborough: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Didn’t you hear what I said? The Fever Championship can only be defended on Fever. Angelica, you can’t do this. This is nepotism at its finest.

To which Angelica grabbed a microphone, her reply was,

Angelica Jones: Not my decision. Take it up with Aphrodite, she is the one who made this decision. Not me.

Scarsborough scoffed.

Scarsborough: This won’t stand. There will be no title match tonight.

The second those words were uttered, Faith Jensen. Milana Radek. Patience Winters jumped the barricade. A brawl broke out between The Jones Family and The Bling Empire. Scarsborough and Clyde jetted down to the ring to join the party. A 5 on 4 war ensued. The Empire was getting the upper hand. Then Aria Stevens Crawford ran out to even the odds. The Jones Family and Aria managed to swing things back in their favor. Reffees, officials, all sprinted to the ring to maintain order.

Aphrodite Noel walked out on the stage shaking her head.

Aphrodite Noel: Really Johnny? This is how you planned on getting out of this? Not on MY watch. If it’s ok with Tabitha, I’d like to make a slight alteration to your Resurrection match...

This gets everyones attention long enough where they stop fighting to pay attention to Aphrodite has to say.

Aphrodite Noel: Faith and Aria will be added to the match. This is now a 5 on 5 affair. Aria Stevens Crawford and The Jones Family versus The Bling Empire consisting of Faith, Patience, Milana, Clyde and Johnny. And... since Resurrection is the biggest event of the year, all championships should be on the line. So. Johnny. The Fever Championship will be on the line. And to see how tight your alliance truly is. Whoever gets the pinfall walks out champion, meaning, if Clyde or Patience or Faith manages to pin any member of the Aria-Jones Family alliance, they walk out with your precious prize. Have fun.

Aphrodite smirks as the crowd shows their excitement about this announcement. Johnny doesn’t share the same excitement, shouting at Aphrodite. He can’t stay mad for long, the brawl between all ten people resumes with the refs, security doing their best to minimize the chaos as Shotgun goes off the air.
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