Resurrection XII

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Resurrection XII

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Resurrection XII
Madison Square Garden.
Manhattan, New York.

May 27th, 2023
Night 1


Main Event
World Heavyweight Championship Eliminator.
Miss America Vs Alexander Jones vs D'Nae Moore (c)
- whoever gets pinned is eliminated.

Night 2
May 28th, 2023

Fever Championship
The Bling Empire (Patience Winters, Faith Jensen, Milana Radez, Clyde Sutter, Johnathan Scarsbourgh (c) ) vs The Sisterhood & Twin Magic & Aria Stevens-Crawford
- whoever scores the fall leaves Fever Champion.

Savino Vs Big Boss Akeem Vs M.A.E.V.E

The Soviet Gingers Vs Nadia Allen & Envy Ellis.

Heritage Championship
Jessica Lasiewicz Vs SIN (c)

Transcendence (Sophie, Arcadia and Skuld) Vs The McBride Corporation (Karen, Melanie & Blair McBride)

Travis Vessey Vs Jazmyn Rain

Unified Tag Team Championships
The Bratz Lifee Vs Skye Life (c)

X-Division Championship
Jessi Ozbourne Vs Danielle Page vs Mara Kade (champion)

World Heavyweight Championship
The Finals of the World Championship Eliminator.
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