Dungeons & Dreams: Aftermath

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Dungeons & Dreams: Aftermath

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London, England
Off Camera

Resurrection XII is on the horizon and Julia Braddock along with her tag team partner Destiny Skye have finally found their path. They are on a collision course with Madison Lewis and Bianca in a defense of their newly won Undisputed GCW World Tag Team Championship. After months of not having a path, then having been harassed first by Sophie O’Brian and then by The McBride Corporation, after all of that frustration the two best friends have a path to Resurrection. They have a match that they can be proud of; and for them it is historic. Sure, they have been at Resurrection before. They have been in higher profile matches than this before. But Julia and Destiny have been longing for this opportunity since they both began training to be wrestlers. They have wanted to be tag team champions together someday. Now they are champions. Now they get to defend those belts on GCW’s biggest stage. And they are not ready to let go of them that quickly. With such high stakes, including their dream of being tag champions on the line, a dream that they have had since their training began, this of course naturally brings them back to where the dream all got started; the Braddock Wrestling School in London, England.

Julia Braddock finds herself in a standard regulation wrestling ring inside the Braddock Wrestling School staring across at her best friend and tag team partner Destiny Skye. Sparring is something Julia’s father, Glenn Braddock, drilled into Julia and Destiny’s head when he worked with them. Sparring was one of the most important aspects of training, if you asked Glenn. Julia has carried on with that tradition and is working with Destiny this afternoon in a friendly bout to prepare for what will be a challenging title defense at Resurrection.

“I still think we’d be better off sparring with another actual tag team.” Destiny says as she lunges forward with a collar and elbow tie up. Julia quickly counters into a side headlock.

“Nice thought, Des, but unless you want to fight Randall or Mark, both of whom are practically retired at this point, the only other options would be students.” Destiny goes for a belly to back suplex counter but Julia lands on her feet, sweeps Destiny’s leg to cause her to fall face forward on the mat. Julia quickly scrambles in to reapply the headlock. “And I would think you would want to fight someone with a LITTLE more experience than a student in preparation for a team like Bratz Life.”

“I see your point, Jules.” Destiny begins to fight her way back to her feet. She gets to her knees. Julia continues to apply the pressure. “But maybe we should have asked Randall or Mark…”

“They’re busy.” Julia says as she tries to keep Destiny down. Destiny manages to get back to her feet and then switch into a hammerlock on Julia.

“Well, any sparring is better than no sparring, I suppose.”

“There’s the spirit.” Julia reverses into a hammerlock of her own. Destiny counters with a hip toss. Julia scrambles back to her feet and the two meet in the center of the ring with another collar and elbow tie up. This time Destiny goes into the side headlock, keeping it wrenched in tight. Julia Braddock begins to work on a counter but she hears clapping from within the gym, a gym she thought was empty. Destiny releases her grip on the headlock. Julia straightens herself up and stares alongside Destiny at their unexpected visitor; Sophie O’Brian.

“Now don’t let me stop you.” The Northern Irish woman claps her hands. “Keep up the good work, ladies.”

“What the hell do you want?” Julia demands angrily.

“Yeah. Haven’t you bothered us enough for the past few months? And don’t you have the McBride Corporation to deal with at Resurrection?”

“My business with the McBride Corporation has been…” she chuckles softly “...fun.”

“Fun? Is that what you consider the harassment you dealt out to Destiny and I?” Julia demands. Sophie shakes her head.

“Of course not.” Sophie approaches the ring and slowly ascends the steps to reach the ring apron. “Well, admittedly some of it was entertaining. But you can believe me when I say that none of what I did to either of you was malicious.”

“Sorry if we don’t drink your kool-aid the way Arcadia and Sierra are, Sophie.” Destiny snaps back.

“Arcadia and Sierra are my dear friends. I did something nice for them and they merely wanted to repay me.”

“You brainwashed them, you mean?” Julia asks. Sophie shakes her head.

“Not at all. If I wanted to start a cult I would have and it would be absolutely glorious. You know what I am capable of, Chastity. You more than anyone else know what I am capable of doing. If I wanted a cult, GCW would have been in my grips already.” Sophie shakes her head. “This is not a cult. When I said I am giving out gifts in my own unique way, I meant every word.” She motions to the ring. “May I come in and explain without fear of being assaulted?” Braddock and Destiny exchange a look. Destiny nods her head. Julia then turns to Sophie and nods her head. Sophie smirks and steps through the ropes and into the ring.

“Get on with it, Sophie.”

“See? This is why I came here, Chastity. I want to try and mend fences between the three of us. We share a common bond, the bond of being trained by the illustrious and great Glenn Braddock. Yes, my methods are unorthodox, but everything I did was for your own benefit.”

“Like you did to Sierra and Arcadia?” Destiny asks.

“Exactly. Arcadia…I gave her focus and helped quiet those other voices in her head. Sierra was under the bondage of The McBride Corporation. I set her free. They are both grateful for what I have done and that is the only reason they choose to work with me now.” Sophie looks over at Julia. “And you, my dear Chastity, I helped you come to accept who you really are.”

“Bullshit!” Destiny snaps. Julia holds up a hand to silence Sophie.

“Calm down, Des. I hate to admit it but…she’s right.”

“What?!” Destiny exclaims. Julia nods her head.

“Look, you’ve always been confident. You’ve always been ruthless and take no prisoners in the ring. But me? I used to be shy. I used to have zero confidence in myself. Mother brought it out on me. Aphrodite Noel, my ‘mother’, brought it out on me. Mason Van Stanton continued to feed it and nurture it. But the confidence and aggression got out of control. I got scared of what I was capable of in that mindset so I tried to ignore it, I tried to pretend it didn’t exist. I tried to become the person I once was…before everything. I lost the tools…the confidence and aggression…that had gotten me to the world championship in the first place. It’s no wonder I failed to become Undisputed Champion last year.”

“And now look at the two of you!” Sophie exclaims. “You are tag team champions, you are living a dream that you have had for years, all thanks to me. You’re welcome.” Julia rears back and slaps her across the face.

“That’s where you’re wrong! Destiny and I won the titles DESPITE you! We won the titles on our own because we are the best tag team in GCW and we will prove it again at Resurrection when we defeat Bratz Life.”

“I have no doubts that you will.” Sophie says with a smirk on her face.

“As far as helping me come to terms with Chastity…” Julia says “...thank you. I can be confident and aggressive without becoming a monster. But you, Sophie? I fear you are becoming a monster.”

“People always say that about visionaries.” Sophie shrugs her shoulders. “Oh well. I got what I came here for.”

“That’s it?” Julia asks curiously. “You just wanted a thank you?”

“That’s all. I wanted to ensure that the two of us were at peace.”

“I still don’t trust you.” Julia remarks. “But yes, we’re at peace. Any grudge I once held is over, as far as I’m concerned.”

“Very good.” Sophie turns and exits the ring. Once on the floor outside the ring she turns back to face Julia and Destiny. “Oh and good luck at Resurrection. Not that you will need it.” Julia and Destiny watch as Sophie makes her exit. Once the mysterious Northern Irish woman is gone, Destiny turns and looks at Julia.

“You good, Jules?”

“I’m great.” She grins. “Now let’s get back to work. We have tag titles to retain.”

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