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Fever 3.05

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FEVER: 5/13/2023 (PNC Arena in Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN)

(The lights dim as several spotlights shine down upon the entrance ramp. The opening chords of "Gets Me Through" by Ozzy Osbourne begins to play over the PA system. The lights all come on. Pyro goes off. The tron flashes to life and the words "Her Royal Majesty" appears on the tron only to be set ablaze and burn away in a fire, almost as if Rome itself were burning. The words "The Queen is dead" appear in its place.)

Robert Lee: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome "THE KENSINGTON KNOCKOUT" JULIA BRADDOCK! DESTINY SKYE! They are the Undisputed GCW World Tag Team Champions, SKYE LIFE!

(Then Julia Braddock and Destiny Skye step out onto the stage. Julia Braddock is wearing an autumn winter two piece beaded wool long sleeve tweed jacket and knee length skirt, carolina blue, with a white blouse. She is perched atop silver high heeled pumps. She has her Global Tag Team Title belt draped over her right shoulder and the World Tag Title belt draped over her left shoulder. Meanwhile Destiny Skye is wearing torn denim jeans, black boots, a white crop top, and a black leather jacket. She has her GCW World Tag Team Title belt wrapped around her waist and the GCW Global Tag Team Title belt draped over her right shoulder. Julia goes to one side of the stage and pumps her fists in the air to encourage them to cheer loudly which gets a positive reaction. Destiny does the same on the other side, pumping up the fans. Then they go to the opposite sides of the stage and do the same, also getting a positive reaction. Julia and Destiny then turn towards the ramp and charge towards the ring. Julia hops up onto the ring apron and then jumps over the top rope and into the ring while Destiny slides in underneath the bottom rope. Braddock goes to each corner and hops up to the top, posing for the fans. Destiny steps to the center of the ring and gets a microphone from Robert Lee.)

Destiny: Nashville! How the hell are ya?!

(The fans cheer loudly. Destiny nods her head in approval.)

Destiny: It’s strange, because Jules and I are here tonight for Fever but we’re not scheduled to compete. Last month we got to beat the hell outta Mason Van Stanton which I gotta admit, that felt damn good. He screwed me over, screwed Jules over, damn near ruined the careers of Hannah Myers and Kendra Classic. He has ruined so many lives. Is it any surprise that no one can blame Jules here for giving him just a little taste of what it is like to get screwed over? And can anyone blame me and Jules for beating the hell out of him last week? Now we’re not exactly happy that Aubrianna Powers walked out on him. We would have preferred to beaten him in a fair fight. But that’s on Aubrey’s conscience. Karma is a bitch and she will get hers, just like Van Stanton got his last month. But this month for Fever we’re not here to compete. But we are here and damn it we are not gonna just sit backstage and watch everything unfold. We are gonna come out here and party with the great fans of Nashville who know how to party!

(The fans cheer loudly. Julia Braddock gets a microphone of her own.)

Julia: Destiny is right. We are here in Nashville for Fever. We do not have to be, but we are. We could have taken the night off. We could have just flown straight into the big apple and started final preparations for Resurrection. But that would go against what Skye Life stands for. Skye Life is committed to Global Championship Wrestling and we will travel from city to city everywhere that GCW goes, whether its a house show, Shotgun, Livewire, or Fever. If GCW goes so will we. We will always be in the trenches with every superstar in the back, every official, even the ring crew…we will be here with all of them and we do it for you, the GCW fans, because we are not fair weather wrestlers. We are die hard GCW loyalists. Skye Life is committed to GCW, its fans, and as long as we hold these Undisputed GCW World Tag Team Championships, we will be committed to making damn sure that the tag team division in GCW is the absolute best tag team division in professional wrestling.

Destiny: And that brings us to The Bratz Life and Resurrection…because at Resurrection Madison and Bianca will have a chance to take these championship belts away from us. Don’t get us wrong, we have been impressed with what you managed to pull off so far. And Madison’s third place finish in arguably the greatest and most challenging battle royal in professional wrestling, the Civil War Match, that is arguably your most impressive feat and many consider it an upset. But here’s some facts, ladies, that third place finish was a singles accomplishment by Madison Lewis, NOT a tag team accomplishment. Not that we’re discrediting your tag team accomplishments, you have beaten some teams in GCW, including The Bling Empire and The McBride Corporation, but you have not face a team quite like Skye Life. Individually both Jules and I are former world champions. Individually both Jules and I have been in the main event of Resurrection with that spotlight shining bright on us. We know how to handle the pressure of a big match scenario and for Bratz Lifee, you will not face a bigger scenario than this one. Can you handle that pressure?

Julia: More importantly than that, look at just who we have beaten on our path to becoming Undisputed GCW World Tag Team Champions. We have beaten the Soviet Gingers…former Undisputed GCW World Tag Team Champions. We have beaten The McBride Corporation, also former Undisputed GCW World Tag Team Champions. We have beaten Twin Magic…also former Undisputed GCW World Tag Team Champions. We have beaten SkyBird, one of the longest reigning Undisputed Tag champs in recent memory. We have also beaten arguably the best tag team in GCW history, the reigning MWE World Tag Team Champions, we have beaten Fabulous. We have a proven record of beating the absolute best to do it in tag team wrestling. No offense, but your record in GCW is still unproven. You earned this shot through Civil War. You earned this shot because MADISON placed third in Civil War. Bianca, you are in this tag title match because Madison chose you to be her partner to challenge for the titles. Some could make the case that Nadia Allen and Envy Ellis have a better case for a tag title shot. I mean, they did beat you at Civil War in an actual tag match.

Destiny: If we lose these titles what happens to us? Sure, we’re proven wrong but what have we really lost? We are still two of the best to ever do this. I am still a former tag champion and world champion. Jules is still a grand slam winner and a two time Civil War Match winner. We still go down in the record books as two of the best to do it in GCW. But if Bratz Lifee loses at Resurrection…do you get another opportunity? Civil War was your ticket into this match, ladies, otherwise you might not be here right now. The pressure is all on you to perform and to prove us wrong because if you don’t, if you fail to become tag champs, then its to the back of the line for you. Will you crack under the pressure? I guarantee you that Skye Life will NOT crack under the pressure. We were built for moments like this!

Julia: Madison…Bianca…wherever you are right now, I hope you are preparing, I hope you are studying tape, I hope you are going to be at your best for Resurrection, because Destiny and I do not want any excuses. We want the better team to walk out with the tag team championships. And that better team will be Skye Life…THAT, is a Vow of Chastity!

Destiny: Now with that being said, we may not be here to fight but I know GCW has a stacked card of people ready to throw down. Never let it be said that Skye Life delayed the action. So we’re gonna duck out of the way and let Aria handle her business!

(“Gets Me Through” by Ozzy Osbourne begins to play. Destiny and Julia make their exit.)


“Diamond Princess” Danielle Page is sitting on the balcony of the Presidential Suite of the W Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee.

“Diamond Princess” Danielle Page:Why is it that my good friend, Blin Empire’s very own, Jonathan Scarbourough has to defend his Fever championship in a match that doesn’t favor him? It is outrageous how the Bling Empire is constantly being plotted against? We are the very best that GCW has to offer. We are the true faces of the company and the franchises of GCW. I just don’t understand it. Do you hate money Tabitha? But I must digress because Tabitha clearly has it out for the rest of the Bling Empire and myself. So we will obviously overcome these wrongs against us. I will begin that at Resurrection when I take the GCW X-Division championship for my very own. You’ve had an ok championship reign but now it is time for that championship you hold and elevate it to heights it has never seen before much like I did to the Heritage Championship. All while I get back into the GCW World title picture and when I do I will finally capture the World Championship. There will be nothing any of you haters can do about it.

Daniele smiles devilishly as she stands up looking off in the distance as she sees Broadway from the balcony.

“Diamond Princess” Danielle Page:Do any of you morons in GCW actually think we’ll be stopped?

Danielle raises her hand in the air.

“Diamond Princess” Danielle Page:Stop, don’t answer that because I am sure most of you don’t have a clue that question is rhetorical. Which is why you’d end up answering it wrong. Much like you keep thinking that Johnathan is going to lose the Fever championship. Much like you continue to think TBM Cali won’t become the World Tag Team Champions. Much like you think Clyde won’t win GCW gold and I won’t become GCW World Champion. All because when you think that you are a step ahead of us you don’t realize that the Bling Empire is five steps ahead. Because we are making moves you don’t even know that are being made.

Danielle turns and walks back into the Presidential Suite.


Aria Stevens-Crawford vs. Caitlin O'Toole
[Aria with several quick arm drag takedowns, a hip toss, and then enziguri. Aria with a Russian leg sweep and then immediately into a fujiwara arm bar. Caitlin reaches the ropes after about thirty seconds. O’Toole slides out of the ring to escape but to no avail. Aria with a baseball slide into a head scissors takedown. Aria rolls Caitlin back into the ring. Aria climbs to the top and leaps off with a hurricinrana. Aria with Vipress Sonata. She locks in Magnum Opus. Caitlin O’Toole taps out.]
WINNER: Aria Stevens-Crawford


We cut backstage where we find GCW journalist Janelle St. Claire standing by with Karina Lysenko to her right and Anastasia Ivanova to her left. The Soviet Gingers have twisted, demented looks on their faces and Janelle looks a little nervous.

Janelle: Well, uh, I am Janelle St. Claire and my guests at this time are preparing for a tag team match at Resurrection against Envy Ellis and Nadia Allen. Now, uh…

Karina: What’s wrong, Janelle? Are you nervous?

Janelle: Well…um…

Karina: You shouldn’t be nervous. The only ones who should be nervous are the bourgeoisie capitalist PIGS who have kept The Soviet Gingers held back! Held down from our rightful spot! Just like how corporate greed has held down the proletariat for too long!

Anastasia: Bourgeoisie is a fun fun silly willy name! Say it again!

Karina: Bourgeoisie.

Anastasia: Yay!

Ivanova hops up and down joyfully. Karina rolls her eyes.

Karina: Global Capitalist Wrestling have for far too long held down the proletariat, they have propped up their money hungry greedy capitalist PIGS that they love so much. Teams like Bratz Life. Skye Life. And yes, Envy Ellis and Nadia Allen. Is it not obvious that Global Capitalist Wrestling is trying to force those two fools down the throats of the idiotic masses? And the masses are too stupid to recognize what they are doing! But the Soviet Gingers will not stand for it!

Anastasia: Oh are we sitting?

Ivanova sits down on the floor. Karina sighs out of frustration.

Karina: We will make an example out of their chosen ones, beginning with Envy and Nadia. Resurrection will be the beginning of the end of Global Capitalist Wrestling and the coming of Global COMMUNIST Wrestling!


Karina rolls her eyes and walks off. Ivanova rises up off the floor and rushes to catch up.


We cut backstage to the dressing room of The McBride Corporation. Blair McBride is pacing the floor like a caged lion while Karen and Melanie McBride are seated on a bench.

Blair: I can’t believe this has happened! How did it…how could this have happened?

Melanie: Calm down, Blair.

Blair: I can’t calm down! We lost her! We lost Sierra!

Karen: And whose fault was that?

Blair: Ours! Our own fault!

Karen stands up and approaches Blair. She pushes her against a wall.

Karen: No, it was YOUR fault!

Blair: Mine?!

Karen: You pushed Sierra around. You bullied her. True, Mel and I let it happen, we share some of the blame in that regard, but it was your harassment that made her prime picking for Sophie O’Brian and her mind games. Its your fault that we lost Sierra! So if you want to get mad at someone, look in the damn mirror!

Melanie rises up off of the bench and gets in between her sisters.

Melanie: Sisters, please, try and calm down. Let’s try and look at the positive here.

Karen: Really, Mel? A positive to this? We lost Sierra and now they’re coming after us at Resurrection.

Melanie: Yes, but there is a positive. And as strange as this may sound, we have Sophie to thank for this. Think about it, do we really need four members of The McBride Corporation? Three is all we really needed. Blair here can wrestle now. We didn’t need Sierra for that. Blair just kept Sierra around because she didn’t want to wrestle herself. Am I right, Blair?

Blair sighs and nods her head.

Blair: I admit it. I hate wrestling. I just don’t have the confidence yet.

Melanie: You need to build up some confidence because that’s the one thing we lack right now. If you were confident in the ring as you are outside the ring, you would be a tremendous asset. And as for you, Kare-Bear, losing Sierra really was for the best. Take it from me, someone who has had her mind twisted in the same way Sierra’s was…having her broken corrupt mind in our group has always been a liability.

Karen: But you were forced to join The Nero Organization and you’re fine. You survived.

Melanie: Yes, I did. But Skogul is still there. Skogul is still a part of my identity. I just managed to incorporate it in a better way than Sierra. Sierra apparently never handled her time as Skuld. She never truly dealt with it. Sophie has helped her deal with it in a way that serves Sophie’s purposes. In a way, Sophie did help Sierra. She did help her deal with her past as Skuld. Just not in a good way.

Blair: So now what?

Melanie: Now we need to pull ourselves together. Resurrection is coming and we will have to fight them. Sierra wants revenge for what she perceives as the crimes we perpetrated against her. Sierra is out for blood and Sophie and Arcadia will have no problem helping her in that regard. But here again Sophie inadvertently helped us. We wanted to be relevant again? Well here we are. We are in a match at Resurrection. We have the spotlight that we have been desperately trying to obtain.

Karen shakes her head.

Karen: I’m not sure I wanted it this way.

Melanie: Me either, Kare-Bear. But we have to deal with this now.


Envy Ellis vs. Lynn Bradley
[Lynn Bradley immediately goes for a clothesline but Envy ducks. Lynn hits the ropes on a rebound and goes for a hurricinrana but Envy catches her and drills her with DC…a buckle bomb! Envy catches her and rolls through into Ellis Vice! Lynn taps out!]
WINNER in 10 seconds: Envy Ellis


We cut backstage where we find Julia Braddock and Destiny Skye, near the catering area watching the proceedings from a monitor while they have cups of coffee in their hands. The Undisputed GCW World Tag Team Champions are then distracted with the approach of the con artist who has been a thorn in their side for so long, the man who they recently have been tormenting, Mason Van Stanton.

Destiny: Well it if isn’t my ex-husband. Wasn’t the beating we gave you last month enough are you here for more?

Mason: Nice seeing you too, Destiny.

Julia: Cut the crap, Mason. Don’t you have a match to prepare for?

Van Stanton sighs and nods his head.

Mason: Yes, thanks to you I do. Thanks to you I have had matches for so long now. I have taken beating after beating from everyone for nearly a year now. And the worst beating of them all came last month at your own hands. You used my own tactics against me. Just as I once rewrote your contract making you my exclusive property, you turned it around and rewrote my contract forcing me to wrestle. Then you saved the best beating for last…I’m proud of you, Chastity.

Julia: Chastity, huh? Is that who you want? I mean, if so, then I can just sit back and let Destiny beat the hell out of you.

Van Stanton shakes his head.

Mason: No, that’s not necessary. See, tonight I am booked for a match but not because I have to. I actually requested this match. I want to kick Aubrey’s ass for walking out on me last month. She stabbed me in the back. She got me to trust her and then she betrayed me.

Destiny: Now you know what it feels like to get stabbed in the back.

Mason: Yes and I hate it and I want to make her pay. That’s why I’m wrestling tonight, otherwise I wouldn’t have been booked.

Julia: So what do you want from us?

Van Stanton sighs.

Mason: I just want to call for a truce. I think it is time that this rivalry between us finally ends. A couple years ago I conned Destiny into marrying me in order to play mind games with you, Julia. Then after beating you up I conned my way into making you my exclusive property in GCW. I corrupted both of you and made you the most hated people in GCW. Then I betrayed both of you. Oh but you got your revenge in spades. Destroyed me in hell in a cell. You rewrote my contract and had me get my ass kicked for nearly a year as a wrestler. I have lost nearly everything I used to own, including my managerial license and service. I think we’re even, don’t you?

Destiny: Bullshit.

Julia: Even if we are “even”...what makes you think we’re done?

Mason: Oh come on. Think about it, look at the two of you now. You overcame the harassment and mind games, the torture I put you through. Julia, you went on to main event Resurrection twice and win the Global Championship twice. Destiny, you and Julia went on to become tag team champions. And me? After the year from hell you put me through, I think I am finally ready to stop whining and actually start kicking some ass. Starting with Aubrey’s tonight.

Braddock genuinely looks impressed.

Julia: So you had that big revelation, huh? Wow.

Mason: I have and I am sincere. I want to end this.

Braddock and Destiny share an uneasy look. Finally they look back at Mason and Julia nods her head.

Julia: Very well. It can be over. I’ll see what I can do about getting your contract back to the way it was as soon as I…

Mason: That won’t be necessary, Chastity.

Julia: Really?

Mason: There isn’t much time left on my contract as a wrestler. Leave it alone. I’ll let it run its course and then who knows? Maybe I’ll remain as a full time wrestler? Or I’ll negotiate a part time wrestler, part time manager contract? But just knowing that I once again have the freedom to do with my career as I see fit is enough.

Braddock nods her head.

Julia: Fair enough. We still don’t trust you, though. You put us and so many others through hell. You have been a liar and burned so many bridges. We will lay off for now but it will take a lot before anyone ever trusts you again. And I’m not sure Destiny and I ever can trust you again.

Mason: I understand. Good luck against Bratz Life. Though knowing you two, you won’t need any luck.

Julia: Thanks.

Van Stanton turns and walks off. Destiny then turns and looks at Julia.

Destiny: Are you sure about that?

Julia: We’ve punished him enough. Hell, we probably went overboard and into the realm of torture. I’m fairly certain he won’t mess with us again. And if he does, he knows what Chastity is capable of.

Destiny: Yeah…even I get nervous when you go to that dark place, Jules.


We cut backstage where we find GCW interviewer Joy Fullness standing by with “The Most Valuable Powers” Aubrianna Powers. The MVP is dressed in her pink and black wrestling gear and a confident smirk is etched across her face.

Joy Fullness: Yay! Joy here and I am soooooo super duper happy to have Aubrianna Powers with me! Isn’t that so super great?!

Aubrianna: Yeah, splendid. You should be thrilled, Joy. Absolutely thrilled to be in MY presence.

Joy Fullness: Are you super stoked to fight Mason Van Stanton tonight, one month after you walked away from your tag team match with him on Fever?

The MVP chuckles.

Aubrianna: First of all, Joy, I want to say how delightful you are. It is such a…pardon the pun…JOY to have you around.

Powers pat her on the head as if she were a pet.

Aubrianna: But as far as Mason goes, yes, I walked away from him on Fever and that’s because he is pathetic. He is pathetic and not worth my time. Why should I fight his battles for him? Why should I help dig him out of a grave he made for himself? He isn’t worth it. Like I said, he’s pathetic, and what I just saw is further evidence of how pathetic he is. He went crawling back to Julia Braddock and Destiny Skye begging for forgiveness. He begged them to stop punishing him.

She shakes her head in disgust.

Aubrianna: No, that’s not what you do. You don’t give up, you fight back. Van Stanton quit. He gave up. Now he wants to get back at me for walking away? He wants revenge against me for quitting last month when he just quit tonight? Mason Van Stanton is pathetic and tonight I am going to prove just why he is pathetic.



Envy Ellis moves backstage, where Samuel Price is waiting.

Price: “Envy, impressive win out th-...”

Envy reaches up, snatching the microphone from his hands.

Ellis: “What you just saw tonight was a TASTE of what I’m going to bring to Resurrection. Soviet Gingers, you wanted this. You wanted to make a last minute grasp at relevance at MY expense? Big fucking mistake!”

She takes a moment to smirk.

Ellis: “Congratulations… you got yourselves booked for the biggest show of the year. Quite an accomplishment. Too bad for you, it’s against me and Nadia Allan… and you have NO HOPE of surviving the onslaught coming your way. Don’t expect this one to be a blink-and-miss-it affair… I plan on savoring this experience.”

She pushes the microphone back into Price’s chest as she walks off. .The scene shifts.


Aubrianna Powers vs. Mason Van Stanton
[Mason with several quick arm drags, a clothesline, and then a dropkick. He whips Powers into the ropes and back drops her over the top. Powers throws a tantrum on the outside while Van Stanton dares her to return to the ring. She returns to the ring but rakes his eyes and then delivers an axe kick and a pele kick. Powers with a spear and a cover and a two. She whips Mason into the ropes and he comes back with a clothesline but she ducks and connects with a sitout reverse ddt. Powers locks in The Ties That Bind. After about a minute Van Stanton reaches the ropes. Aubrianna measures him for The Most Valuable Kick but he catches the foot and delivers a dragon screw, he holds on and locks her in The Square & Compass. Powers is in pain but reaches the ropes after about a minute. Mason sets Powers up for The Masonic Code and connects! The cover but Powers gets her foot on the rope at the last possible second. He goes for it again but she fights out of it and then connects with a superkick, followed up by The Most Valuable Kick sending Mason down. Powers finishes it off with Simply The Best Moonsault, capping off The Powers That Be! The cover…1…2…3!]
WINNER: Aubrianna Powers


Backstage we find the reigning SCW Underground and HKW Bloodlust Champion Kimberly Williams walking the halls side by side with her half-sister, one half of the MWE World Tag Team Champions “The Archangel” Jessica Lasiewicz. Both are dressed for action tonight in the Falls Count Anywhere Tornado Match.

Kimberly Williams: Thanks for doing this with me, Jess! You are my favorite person named Jess ever!

The Archangel rolls her eyes.

Jessica Lasiewicz: Don’t let your Queen of Chaos friend hear you say that.

Kimberly Williams: Oh Jessi is great. You’ll love her. She reminds me of you, only I don’t think she’s fluent in three different languages or channels Satan whenever she’s angry. Speaking of which, we could use some of that ol’ Morning Star anger there, Jess. The J Team may not be much but Clyde Sutter is a tough cookie.

Jessica Lasiewicz: He must be tough for YOU to admit it.

Kimberly Williams: I know right? Remember that death match last month? It lasted the entire night of Fever! It was fun! I hope we get to do it again sometime. Maybe tonight could last even longer?

Jessica Lasiewicz: Mam nadzieję, że nie.

Kim smirks knowingly.

Kimberly Williams: I knew you’d love it!

Jessica Lasiewicz: I’m doing this for two reasons…one, because you are my sister and I always have your back. Two, I want to be ready for anything that SIN has to throw at me at Resurrection. I want to become Heritage Champion and I will do anything to get it. So if engaging in this kind of brutal warfare is the best way to prepare? So be it.

Kimberly Williams: That’s the spirit! Now lets go gut some people!

Kim skips off happily with her sister in tow.


We cut backstage where we find Clyde Sutter. The Assassin is still dressed in his all black wrestling gear. A sinister, cold dead stare is etched across his stony features.

Clyde Sutter: Chaos. The dictionary defines it as behavior so unpredictable that it would appear random. Which brings me to The Queens of Chaos…Kimberly Williams Jessi Osborne, you two fancy yourselves as Queens of Chaos but that is a contradiction. You both are contradictions. Queens do not wish for disorder. They want order. They want to rule. Ms. Williams, you wish to RULE the SCW Underground Division. Ms. Osborne, you wish to become the GCW X Division Champion. Hardly the desires of one who wishes to create disorder and sow the seeds of chaos. In truth, as much as you may hate her and despise her, you two are not much different from my clients The Bling Empire. But at least they are willing to admit their desire to rule. Whilst you claim to be different at least they are honest about who they are. You are all also the same in another regard. You all are fooling yourselves. You fool yourselves into thinking that you can escape fate.

He shakes his head.

Clyde Sutter: No one can escape fate. Not even my clients. But Ms. Page buys herself a little extra time by paying me. And tonight, well tonight isn’t about victory as much as it is about destruction. You see, I have been tasked with eradicating Ms. Williams and Ms. Osborne before Resurrection even gets here. Winning doesn’t matter to me tonight. And as far as Ms. Lasiewicz is concerned?

He shrugs his shoulders.

Clyde Sutter: She is just collateral damage. Her fate, just as the rest of your fates, are all SEALED. Tick, tock goes the doomsday clock…ticking down to your destruction.


Mariah “The” Starr sits backstage alone. After learning that she is not being included in the Resurrection card, she is clearly despondent. What a fall… from defeating the legendary Chantelle Chambers one year prior to being completely excluded. But, she isn’t angry with the company… she is instead blaming one individual…

Mariah: “This is my fault.”

Bitterly, she closes her eyes and swallows.

Mariah: “I took my eye off the game. I took things for granted. I became complacent and assumed that I would always be under consideration. That’s my fault. I know I have a long way to go to get back to where I want to be…”

Sighing, Mariah smirks.

Mariah: “I could sit back and feel sorry for myself, but that’s not how this story is going to play out. Because I AM better than the bench. I AM better than being excluded. And I am going to take every opportunity to prove that! I am going to take every chance I can to show that I AM the future of GCW! I am going to be a shooting star, lighting up the sky and becoming the Starr I KNOW I am! This low will be nothing more than a FOOTNOTE in my final history… the “rags” part before the riches come. Mark my words… you will REGRET overlooking me!”

Mariah stands up and storms out of the scene, which goes black.


Tornado Rules Falls Count Anywhere
Queens of Chaos (Kim & Jessi) & Jessica Lasiewicz vs. The J Team (Jessica Carter & Jodi Jennings) & Clyde Sutter

[Before the match can begin Clyde Sutter blindsides the trio of Kim, Jessi, and Jessica with a steel chair assault, leveling all three with chair shots to the back and to the head. From there he plants Lasiewicz through the Spanish Announce table with the Cruciform Slam, destroying the table as a result. He goes to lock Jessi in Judgment Day but Kim breaks it up. Kim spears Sutter to the outside. Jodi Jennings pulls Jessica Lasiewicz up and whips her into the steel ring post. Jessica Carter pulls Jessi up and goes for a suplex but Jessi floats over, lands on her feet, and lands a pump kick followed by a switchblade kick. Jodi slides into the ring and tries to attack her from behind but gets caught with an axe kick. Carter tries to blindside Jessi but Lasiewicz intercepts, planting Carter with Our Lady Peace.]

[Meanwhile at the top of the ramp, Sutter and Kim are trading right hands. Kim gets the better of the exchange. Kim staggers him near the edge. She takes a running start but he back drops her off the top of the stage onto electrical equipment below, causing sparks to fly. Seeing Kim is temporarily out of it, Sutter goes back to the ringside to assist his team. He pulls Lasiewicz out of the ring and starts throwing rights. Jessi meanwhile is dealing with both Carter and Jodi inside the ring. She is doing fairly well. Brannigan's Law to Jennings. BAE Blade and then Bitch Craft to Carter. The cover but Carter kicks out just before three. Sutter charges Lasiewicz who side steps him and he crashes into the steel barricade. Lasiewicz takes Sutter and drills him with Pure Deformation onto the concrete floor.]

[Jessi takes Carter and drills her with Parallax! Jodi is trying to negotiate herself back up. Jessi covers…1….2…Jodi tries to break it up but Kim intercepts with Shadowblade, drilling Jodi Jennings…3!]
WINNERS: The Queens of Chaos & Jessica Lasiewicz


The scene opens up inside the Oval Office of GCW Fever… better known as the dedicated locker-room of Fever Champion Jonathan Scarborough. We see Scarborough sitting behind a desk, the Seal of Fever plastered to the front of it, and the Championship belt resting upon it, a microphone between the belt and the Champion.

Scarborough: “Ladies and gentlemen, with GCW Resurrection XII on the horizon, I feel now is the time to properly address you with the State of Fever address.”

Scarborough clears his throat and stacks a few papers in front of him.

Scarborough: “Because, friends, we are under attack right now. My Championship… my baby… is being put up in a multi-person tag match, where my Bling Empire friends and I are being subjected to the whims of the Jones family and Aria Crawford. What’s worse… they explicitly-stated intent on using THIS match to drive a wedge into the Bling Empire by declaring that if one of my partners scores the winning pinfall, THEY would become Fever Champion.”

He sighs.

Scarborough: “Listen, I have nothing but love and respect for my associates within the Bling Empire. I believe that as a collective, we are the single most important force in Global Championship Wrestling today. So of course “the powers that be” are going to do what they can to drive us apart, but my Championship… the one I brought into this world and nurtured until it’s apparent sanctioning by GCW… being used as nothing more than a mere prop to that end is simply rude and disrespectful.”

Scarborough takes his Championship and rests it on his shoulder, looking at it.

Scarborough: “And know that, as Fever Champion, it has been my privilege to represent a show that was designed to give competitors a chance to compete away from the bright lights of Shotgun and Livewire, and no one but myself could have possibly carried this torch from Fever to the biggest show on GCW’s calendar! But I have confidence in US. I believe in the Bling Empire! I know that we can overcome this Hall of Fame contingent and remain the sole, exclusive holders of the GCW Fever Championship! And if the other side thinks they can steal the belt from under our noses…”

He clutches the belt closer to him.

Scarborough: “There is no length I will not go to in order to liberate this from undeserving holders! Fever, I am on your side! And this road is going to be OURS! Thank you, and goodnight.”

With that, the scene fades.


We open backstage where we find Sierra Michaels. She is wearing a black sleeveless dress and high heeled sandals. She has her Skuld Mask in her right hand. A sneer is etched across her face as the camera focuses in on her.

Sierra: My brothers, Joey Michaels and Mike Michaels, have used me all their lives to try and get one last big moment in the spotlight. The Nero Organization tried to use me for my talents and skills. GCW tried to use me as cannon fodder for their own stars. Mason Van Stanton tried to use me kick start his own managerial career after being dumped by The McBride Corporation. And then last not least, The McBride Corporation tried to use me.

She laughs softly.

Sierra: It’s funny, I used to consider you three to be family. Thing is, when the going gets tough, family is always there for you. When the going got tough for The McBride Corporation I was cast out. Then you brought me back in, but not as a family member but as your executive assistant. I went along with it because I thought I had no other choice. I thought I was out of options.

Sierra looks down at the Skuld mask.

Sierra: But then Sophie O’Brian reminded me that I always have had options. Blair McBride may have bought out the contract of Sierra Michaels, Sierra Michaels may have been exclusive property of The McBride Corporation, but Skuld was not. Skuld’s contract was fair game. Skuld was a free agent…free…now there’s a term you take for granted, don’t you? I wasn’t free to do what I wanted as Joey and Mike’s little sister. I wasn’t free to do what I wanted as part of the Nero Organization. I wasn’t free to do what I wanted as GCW’s jobber. I certainly wasn’t free as the executive assistant of the McBride Corporation. But Sophie O’Brian gave me freedom. She gave me freedom to do whatever the hell I want.

She holds up the Skuld mask to the camera.

Sierra: And this right here was the ticket to my freedom. I feared this for so long because of the bad memories it represented. I feared what it could do to me. I feared what it might turn me into. But then Sophie convinced me to just channel that fear and to use it. I do not fear this anymore. Now it no longer represents painful memories.

She puts the mask on.

Skuld: It represents my newfound freedom. It represents me becoming my own person. It represents my Transcendence. And The McBride Corporation will fall at Resurrection by MY hands!


We open backstage to find Jessica Lasiewicz, fresh off of her victory in the Tornado Tag, walking the halls. She is approached by GCW journalist and Hall of Famer Dexter Russell.

Dexter: Jessica, may I get a quick word real quick?

Lasiewicz stops in her tracks and turns to face Dexter.

Jessica: Co chcesz?

Dexter: Huh? I mean, uh, I was hoping to get your thoughts after that incredible victory tonight.

Lasiewicz smirks.

Jessica: It was a victory I did not have to partake in. Kim asked me but I could have declined. I could have rested in wait and anticipation of Resurrection. Kim certainly could have found someone else…our sister Marie…our aunt Kayla…but no, I said yes, I agreed to team with her and Jessi Ozborne. And yes, part of it is because I will always have my sister’s back. But another reason is because I wanted to make sure that I am ready for Resurrection. See, Dexter, for too long now SIN has gotten the best of each and every person she has stepped into the ring with. She even got the best of myself and Summer.

Lasiewicz shakes her head.

Jessica: No more. The Archangel will be ready for anything SIN can come up with and if you don’t believe me just look at the insanity that was produced just now. Sutter and his goons threw everything they had at us and it wasn’t enough. We overcame it all and we prevailed. At Resurrection, I will overcome whatever mind games SIN has to throw at me. If she wants to wrestle me then I will outwrestle her. If she wants to play mind games then I will out think her. If she wants to cheat…I will throw the rules out the window and dismember her. But one thing is for certain, at Resurrection there will be a NEW GCW Heritage Champion and that person is me. Come and place your bets.


GCW Fever Championship
Jonathan Scarborough vs. "Hell's Reject" Alan Monroe vs. Religious Wright
[Religious Wright starts the match by tossing holy water into Alan Monroe’s eyes. Wright then takes him down with a lariat, a shining wizard, and starts pouring on right hands. Scarborough watches on from afar. Wright goes for a snap suplex but Monroe counters with one of his own. Monroe gets up and turns around into a jumping shoulder tackle. Scarborough with a running clothesline. Scarborough throws Monroe out of the ring. The “Fever Champion” with a jumping body slam to Religious Wright. He covers but Wright kicks out. Monroe slides back in and hooks him for a German suplex but Scarborough counters with an elbow to the face and then an enziguri. Signal Disruption to Wright followed by The Mighty Defeated. The cover…1…2…3!]
WINNER and STILL Fever Champion: Jonathan Scarborough
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