Hope Russo

Due to injury, firing, or leave of absence; these people are not available for booking.
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Hope Russo
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Hope Russo

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Real Name (Optional): Hope Russo

Name/Nickname (if different from above): "The Italian Angel"

Twitter Handle (Optional):@SpreadSomeHope

Preferred Brand: Shotgun or Livewire? If you do not care which brand, leave this blank and the staff will determine your placement based upon our needs.


Weight: 145 lbs

Date of Birth: 11/20/2001

Hometown: San Diego, California

Alignment: Heel.(7)
(Face, Heel, or Tweener? Also on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the worst of the worst, the most vile and evil of heels and 10 being the purest, nicest, cleanest cut of babyfaces.)

Picbase: Nadege Barbera

Wrestling Style: High flying, Technical

Entrance Theme: "Fantasy" by Maria Kanellis

Fallen Angel (Top rope moonsault)

Weeping Angel (Widows Peak)

Signature Moves:

Spine Buster

Exploder Suplex

Common Moves: (at least ten)

Springboard elbow

Tilt-a-Whril Slam

Big boot

Top.rope.elbow drop

Heluva kick

German duplex

Standing shooting star press

Scissor kick

Buckle bomb

Double Arm DDT

Entrance Description:

Smoke fills the entrance as "Fantasy" by Maria Kane plays, Hope steps through nthe.smoke and is met with a loud chorus of boos, she smirks and blows a kiss at the crowd. She.confidently stories down the ramp, ignoring the booking fans. She stops in front of the ring apron and places.her right leg onto it, she looks over her shoulder and winks before grabbing the bottom rope and pulling her left leg onto the apron, doing a split. She stands and straddles the middle rope, and slowly sways her hips.side to side, she looks into the camera and licks her lips. She steps into the ring.and stands in the middle with her arms extended as she soaks in the boos with a smirk on her face.

Appearance (optional):
In-Ring Attire (optional):

Out-of-Ring Attire (optional):


Extremely arrogant, self centered. She's still a rookie, but what she lacks in experience she makes up.for in toughness and determination. People are fooled by her looks but she is much tougher than she looks.


Hope grew up in an upper middle class family, as an only child she was use to getting what she wanted, and for the mist part she did. Her father would take her to local independent shows when she was little, she knew then that she wanted to be a pro wrestler. Even though her parents encouraged her to go to college after high school, she entered wrestling school instead, her parents did not like it but understood she was following her dream and paid for her training.

While in training she began stripping, not because she needed the money, but because she enjoyed it, once she finished training she quit dancing and focused on her wrestling career full time. She's been in a few promotions that have closed, giving her career a start, stop feeling. Now she's looking to make a name for herself in GCW.

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