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“Do you think that this sh*t is funny Dexter!?”

An admired member of the wrestling journalism community and a Hall of Famer in GCW, Dexter Russel deserves to be treated with the utmost amount of respect. Yet that is not what is happening at the moment. Rather he is the object of a very pointed rant from GCW World Heavyweight Champion “The Main Event®️” Kelsai Adamson-Mason. Kelsai was on the receiving end of verbal assaults over social media D’Nae Moore and the GCW intern today and even found out from her husband Victor Mason that the couple’s lawyer would not file a defamation of character suit against GCW on her behalf. So you can imagine that she was not happy getting to the arena tonight. Whether she is valid in her grievances from earlier in the day depends on how you take the day's events. One thing is for certain though, Dexter does not deserve to be treated the way he is right now by a woman that has often called him friend.

Dexter: “Kelsai what is going on? All I did was say good evening.”

Furious and fed up with everything that has been going on throughout the day, Kelsai lashes out.

Kelsai: “Yeah, all you did was say good evening Dexter! You know what kind of a day that I have had! This is not news to anyone in this company, and yet you just treat me, the GCW World Heavyweight Champion like this should be any other day?! What the hell, Dexter?! You are supposed to be my friend damn it!

Where is the compassion?!

Where is the empathy?!

Look, I might have had one of my titles stolen from me by Chastity Noel and D’Nae Moore at Resurrection, but I will not be treated like the dogsh*t on the bottom of mankind’s shoe like everyone in this company seems like they are going to try to do to me tonight! Damn it, I will be treated with respect Dexter! So whether it’s Chastity in the first match, D’Nae in the last, or anyone else who decides that they can get in my way, you can be rest assured that everyone will feel the wrath of me, the GCW World Heavyweight Champion, “The Main Event®️” Kelsai Adamson-Mason!!”

Kelsai stomps off, not even taking off her sunglasses while heading backstage and leaving a crew member to ask Dexter…

Crew Member: “What stick is up her ass tonight?”
Dexter: “Beats the hell out of me. Ought to be a fun show.”


Backstage near the ready we find “The Phoenix” Marie Jones and her identical twin sister “The Woman Scorned” Kimberly Williams. They are both dressed to compete in their wrestling gear. Kim has her SCW Underground Championship title belt wrapped around her waist and the piece of junk Unsanctioned Title draped over her right shoulder.

Kim: I have said it so many times that, quite frankly I get bored saying it. Maybe we should just say nothing and go out to the ring and beat their asses, how about that?

Marie shakes her head.

Marie: Nope. We’re contractually obligated to say something. Tabs said so.

Kim: Gotcha. Well fine, I’ll say it. It isn’t about the championships…hell, with me it rarely is about winning…it is about sending a message. Now Julia and Destiny, or Skye Life as you girls like to call yourselves now, you think you’re going to get me two on one in a handicap match? Now THAT is bad comedy! Come on, ladies, you are behind on the times! Sure, Marie and I had our differences ever since that little “walk-out” in that place that shall not be named…

Marie smirks.

Marie: Yet you’re carrying around their title belt.

Kim: …but we’ve dealt with our issues. We have come to an agreement. Twin Magic is back and better than ever. We are looking out for each other’s best interests, we are watching each other’s backs, just like you two watch each other’s backs. Now over in that other, I got what I wanted. I became the Underground Champion again. But Marie here still wants something. She wants some gold of her own. And I’m willing to do my part to make that dream a reality. It may be the tag team championships because as you rightly pointed out, we’ve been there and we’ve done that. And beating you two would put us in the conversation.

Marie: But as Kim knows better than anyone else, my goals are always loftier. Being a tag team champion again with my sister would be great, but being Global or World Champion? Now that would be even sweeter!

Jones shakes her head.

Marie: I haven’t forgotten how you beat me on Fever awhile back, Julia. And I was paying close attention to your rise back to the top of the mountain. I watched as you beat Kelsai Adamson-Mason to regain the Global Title. You not only regained the Global Title but you pinned the reigning World Champion too. Now imagine if Kim or myself were to beat you here tonight?

Kim: Now that WOULD be sending quite a message!

Marie: Damn right it would. And that’s what Twin Magic intends to do tonight. We are going to send a very strong message to every other tag team in the division. We are back and we are going to dominate.


Lee: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Destiny Skye and the NEW GCW Global Heavyweight Champion, “The Kensington Knockout” Julia Braddock, they are SKYE LIFE!

(The lights dim as several spotlights shine down upon the entrance ramp. The opening chords of "Gets Me Through" by Ozzy Osbourne begins to play over the PA system. The lights all come on. Pyro goes off. The tron flashes to life and the words "Her Royal Majesty" appears on the tron only to be set ablaze and burn away in a fire, almost as if Rome itself were burning. The words "The Queen is dead" appear in its place. Then Julia Braddock steps out onto the stage decked out in a tight black form fitting dress, sheer black tights, black patent leather high heel pumps, and a red women’s blazer over it to complete the outfit. Her newly won GCW Global Championship title belt is draped over her right shoulder. With her is Destiny Skye, dressed in denim jeans, black high heeled boots, and a black crop top. Julia goes to one side of the stage and pumps her fists in the air to encourage them to cheer loudly which gets a positive reaction while Destiny goes to the opposite end and pumps up the crowd in a similar fashion. They switch, going to the other side of the stage and does the same, also getting a positive reaction. Julia and Destiny then turn towards the ramp and marches towards the ring. Julia hops up onto the ring apron and then jumps over the top rope and into the ring. Braddock goes to each corner and hops up to the top, posing for the fans. Julia steps to the center of the ring.)

Julia: How the hell is the City of Angels tonight?!

(The LA crowd pops loudly. Braddock and Destiny nod their head with approval as they receive the cheers from the crowd.)

Julia: Veni, vidi, vici…this phrase is Latin and is popularly attributed to Julius Caesar. Caesar was betrayed by people who he thought he could trust and exiled from Rome. Caesar didn’t take it lying down. He fought back, conquered lands, conquered territory, threatening those very same people who tried to get rid of him. And when those traitors attempted to do away with Caesar once and for all, what did he do? He just marched his army over and conquered them too. Caesar would return to Rome and rebuild the empire that was stolen from him. Since I, too, was betrayed by someone who I thought I could trust, a coward named Kelsai Adamson-Mason. Since I would go on to conquer everyone on the roster in the Civil War Match and then go on to conquer Kelsai herself at Resurrection XI to reclaim what was stolen from me, I now claim veni vidi vici…I came, I saw, and I conquered.

(Braddock smirks.)

Julia: Or perhaps I should say more accurately, I came…I saw…I made her punk ass tap out!

(The crowd roars loudly. Fans begin a chant of “She tapped out”. Julia smirks.)

Julia: Damn right she did! Everyone was worried about me and my future. Everyone thought that I was nuts for making the request to have my own career in GCW put on the line in that match. But I wasn’t crazy, I was just confident. I knew how good I was and I knew that I could beat Kelsai. She knew it too because she kept trying to get herself disqualified and she even tried to get counted out, anything at all to save her championship. That sign of cowardice is proof enough that Kelsai never did deserve to be Global Champion. And now that this is back where it belongs…

(She pats her title belt.)

Julia: …understand that it is going nowhere! It damn sure isn’t getting anywhere near you, Kelsai. Your reign of terror is coming to an end. This house of cards you have built up for yourself is crumbling under the pressure. You managed to survive as the GCW World Champion but tell me something, mate, how much longer do you think that will last? Do you really think you can escape someone like D’Nae Moore that easily? Trust me, brasser, your own judgment day is coming. The end is near for you. I got the ball rolling by taking back the GCW Global Championship. Soon you will lose the GCW World Championship. Your days are numbered.

(The fans cheer loudly.)

Julia: Speaking of D’Nae, I have huge respect for you. You made sure Kelsai wouldn’t try to take the cheap way out by getting counted out. You kept things even and fair. And to be honest, you should be World Champion today were it not for her antics. So if General Manager Tabitha Silverstone won’t grant you a rematch against Kelsai for the GCW World Title, then I CAN promise you a shot at my GCW Global Title. You have definitely earned it. But that is all speculation, we have to wait and see what the future holds. It is time to focus on the here and the now and that means specifically what my mate and I have in store for Livewire here tonight. Tell ‘em about it, Destiny!

(She passes the microphone off to Destiny. The fans cheer modestly for Destiny.)

Destiny: That’s right, Jules, you did kick some ass at Resurrection. But tonight you and I together are going to kick some ass. Ladies and gents, what you don’t realize is that Jules and I have always been close. We have always had each other’s backs. When she wasn’t training with her sister and her old man or studying at school, she was with me kicking back and having a good time in Birmingham. Me and Jules, together with Wrestling’s Most Wanted, created The Fix which dominated Global Championship Wrestling. Now Jules and I are going to dominate yet again and it starts right here tonight against former Undisputed GCW Tag Team Champions and former SCW World Tag Team Champions, Marie Jones and Kimberly Williams, the identical twin duo known as Twin Magic.

(Skye nods her head.)

Destiny: Now Marie may have a history of walking out on fights. I hope that won’t happen tonight. But I think it is a pretty safe bet that you will be there, Kimberly. You may be a crazy git but you are also a dangerous one. So bring your worst, mate, and we will bring our best and put you and Marie down. If it happens to just be you going it alone…

(Destiny smirks and shakes her head.)

Destiny: …well, I can’t promise it will be merciful.

Julia: I respect the hell out of you, Kim, because I know you won’t back down from a fight and you will be here tonight to take us on, even if you are by yourself. Marie, I respect what you have done for GCW. But I do not respect all of the decisions you have made. I hope and pray you show up tonight so that Twin Magic and Skye Life can give these great fans the performance that they deserve. And if either you or Kim need any further temptation to want to come down to this ring try and kick our asses…

(Braddock holds up the Global Title belt.)

Julia: …keep in mind I am the reigning GCW Global Champion. I am at the top of my game right now. Marie, you and Kim have been floundering in GCW as of late. If you want to make a statement, tonight is your lucky day. Come to this ring and give it your all, because me and Destiny will be ready to take it and then return fire by punching you in the mouth.


Julia Braddock & Destiny Sky Vs Twin Magic
[Marie is anxious to prove herself against the new GCW Global Champion, so it is Marie against Julia to start things off. Braddock with several quick arm drags, a hip toss, and then a Full Nelson release suplex. Julia drops an elbow, a second elbow, a third, and then curtsies before dropping the fourth elbow. Julia rushes in but Marie back drops her over the top. Julia lands on the ring apron. Marie with a superkick sends Julia crashing to the outside. Marie tags out to Kim. Kim with Shadowblade to Julia on the outside. Destiny goes over but is intercepted by Marie and they start brawling. Kim’s Dalek rolls over and sprays hot sauce into Julia’s eyes. Kim rolls Julia back into the ring. She applies Scorned. Julia reaches the bottom rope. Kim tags out to Marie. Marie and Kim apply the double submission known as The House Divided. Destiny quickly breaks it up. Destiny with a Destiny Cutter to Marie. Referee Denika Hartwell finally restores order. Julia crawls over to her corner and tags out to Destiny. Marie tags out to Kim. Destiny with a spinning heel kick to Kim and then a head scissors takeover. Destiny with a scissors kick and then a dragon screw. Destiny applies the Birmingham Cloverleaf. Kim reaches the bottom rope. Destiny goes up top and goes for Skye High but Kim counters with a sit out power bomb. Kim tags out to Marie. Marie in and goes for The Ave Maria but Destiny counters with a belly to back suplex. Destiny tags out to Julia. Julia with a Cult of Personality ddt! Julia with Excommunication! The cover but Kim breaks it up. Kim goes for a suplex but Julia floats over and then drops Kim with a Full Nelson release suplex. Destiny superkicks Kim out of the ring! Destiny with a chop block to Marie and then Julia follows up with natural selection, THEY GO LOW WE GO HIGH! Destiny and Julia both go up to the top…they come off with CRASHING DOWN! Julia covers…1…2…Kim tries to break it up but Destiny stops her…3!]
WINNERS: Julia Braddock & Destiny Skye


Outside the arena the camera pans up to a man wearing a black suit with blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail and black Ray Bans on his face. It's the very first look at the newest signing to GCW Alexander Clydesdale. He looks stoic, like he was unaware he was being filmed. Suddenly he turns and looks in a certain direction as a white limo arrives. He looks around before walking to the passenger side back door and opens it.

Out steps the manager of Danielle Page, and Veronica Taylor Marisol Vilaro, and next being helped out by Alexander is the star of the show herself Veronica Taylor. Both of the Latina women are dressed to the nines Marisol is dressed in a black dress, black high heel pumps, and a black Chanel handbag, Veronica is wearing a red dress, black Jimmy Choot boots, and black Chanel handbag. The smugness of the two radiates as the paparazzi start taking pictures as Veronica says smugly.

Veronica Taylor: Yes, adore at will extras, the star has arrived! Tonight is going to be a big night for us, bigger than Resurection itself even. How lucky are all of you?!

Veronica and Marisol take the time to pose together laughing as the camera flashes greet them, they have a pair of million dollar smiles on their faces. As Marisol, looks at Veronica smiling proudly at her.

Marisol Vilaro: They are so lucky not only do they get to learn once again about all the amazing benefits of the Vilaro System, but they get to see the one true star of the show in living color and bask in her presence.

Veronica looks at Alexander with a smile on her face. He adjusted his tie as he got in front of her and started leading VT to the entrance. Veronica looks at him proudly as she seems to feel safer now with this Thoroughbred watching her front and back. One of the papparazzi blurts out a question?


Marisol and Veronica share a smile toward eachother before Veronica spoke.

Veronica Taylor: Oh this man, this is my newest hire see a A List superstar like myself needs an amazing entourage I got the best personal trainer in the business to keep me in shape in Marisol overhere.

Marisol Vilaro: Ain’t that the truth.

Veronica Taylor: But now I have a bodyguard worth every single penny this is Alexander Cyldesdale, and if anyone thinks forone second they are going to put their greesy grubby hands on the Star they have another thing coming.

Clydesdale stops and stares at the reporter who asked the question, intimidating him. Suddenly a fan jumps the line trying to touch Veronica prompting Alexander to knock him down with a thrust kick. He then manhandles the man locking him into a vicious chokehold quickly putting the fan out. He drops him as he collapses like a sack of potatoes as he smooths his suit out and cracks his neck. He stares back at the fan who is now barely moving.

Veronica Taylor: Ooops sorry thats what you get for trying to touch me I mean look at me?! That is what I pay him for. Think that was bad wait till you see what happens when you wrestlers in the back try and put your hands on me? You will pay the price! Especially Ugrianna speaking of which owes me a favor.

They reach the door as Alex holds it open fr VT and her Entourage. The scene ends with the camera focusing on GCW's newest signing, and the lethal right hand protector of Veronica Taylor.


The scene opens up to Janelle St. Claire standing backstage, next to her is "The Italian Angel" Hope Russo, Hope is in her ring attire, her hair is pulled back in a ponytail. She looks surprisingly confident for someone who will be stepping into a GCW ring for the first time.

Janelle St. Claire: "I am backstage with one of the newest members of the GCW roster, "The Italian Angel" Hope Russo. Hope, tonight you face The Enigma in your debut match, I must say, you look very confident, are you not feeling butterflies right now?"

Hope glances over at Janelle before looking into the camera and smiling.

Hope Russo: "Why would I be feeling butterflies? I mean, look at me, I'm in great shape, I look amazing in this ring attire, I am definitely ready to take on The Ignoramus…excuse me, I mean The Enigma. That's a really dumb name by the way."

Hope chuckles

Janelle St. Claire:"Well, she may not be the smartest person on the roster, but she's still dangerous are you taking her lightly?"

Hope laughs

Hope Russo:"No, I'm not taking her lightly Jenny…"

Janelle interrupts

Janelle St. Claire: "It's Janelle"

Hope rolls her eyes and smirks

Hope Russo: "Whatever…. anyway as I was saying before you so rudely interrupted me, no, I'm not taking her lightly. But I have seen a few of her matches, she's lucky she even knows how to tie her boots. I'm saying, I'm smarter than her, she's not the brightest crayon in the box."

Janelle St. Claire: "That may be true, but that doesn't mean she's not a tough competitor. What's your strategy?"

Hope snatches the microphone from Janelle.

Hope Russo: "You're not very good at your job are you Janet? I'm not going to tell you what my strategy is! I'm just going to go out there and make The Enigma look bad, which won't be too difficult to do. Look, she might be a tough competitor, but she hasn't faced anyone like me. Now do you have any real questions for me or do I need to conduct this interview by myself?"

Hope shoves the microphone into Janelle's chest. Janelle glares at Hope but she smiles and clears her throat before moving to her next question.

Janelle St. Claire: "What are your plans for your time here in GCW?"

Hope again rolls her eyes. Before she can snatch the microphone again Janelle hands it to her.

Hope Russo: "Ah, you're learning, at least you're smarter than my opponent. As for my plans? Well of course I plan on being the best looking woman in this promotion, looking at some of the other girls here that won't be difficult. Beyond that, I plan on showing everyone in the crowd and the locker room that I am here for championships, I am here to prove that no one is on my level. Now do you have any more questions, or are you done boring me?"

Janelle St. Claire: "No, we're done here"

Hope smirks

Hope Russo: "Good, now if you'll excuse me, I have a match to win."

Instead of shoving the mic into Janelle's chest again she drops it on the floor and walks away, shoving past Janelle. Janelle quickly picks it up, looking extremely annoyed.

Janelle St. Claire: "Well, that was Hope Russo everyone….what a bit…."

The camera fades to black before Janelle finishes.


The Enigma Vs Hope Russo
[The Enigma with a clothesline and then a dropkick. She throws a superkick but Russo catches the foot and then counters with an exploder suplex to Enigma. Hope with a spine buster and then a cover for only a two. She whips Enigma into the ropes and then charges in with a helluva kick. Hope with a double arm ddt. The cover and a two and a half! Hope hoists Enigma up and drops her with Weeping Angel. She goes up top and leaps off with Fallen Angel to The Enigma. The cover…1…2…3!]
WINNER: Hope Russo


We head backstage in the Staples Center where we find the tag team known as K2O; Olly and Karen Eldon getting ready in the locker room. The two seem in a rather good mood right now, ready to make their return to GCW after having gone months faking Karen’s retirement. Having gotten what they wanted in MWE, the two now looking ready to try to conquer GCW.

Karen Eldon:
Isn’t it funny how they tried to disrespect us? Pretend like they were going to keep us on the undercard, the pre-show like some losers. But instead here we are in Staples Center! Selling way more tickets to this show than anyone else, I might add. In a big spot showcasing our talent. They want to pretend like we aren’t stars around here but right now? As far as tag teams? Not just in GCW, not just in MWE…The world…

Karen smiles and pats her MWE Tag Team title which she brought to the event, sitting next to her as she puts on an elbow pad.

Karen Eldon:
We are the best.

Olly nods, looking down at his title he keeps strapped around his waist.

You can say that out loud. We already outsmarted and outperformed every team in MWE, we are the only team who held these titles twice and we did it in only one year. They all can talk all they want, but at the end of the day, everybody knows that there’s not a single team in the business today who can hold a candle to K2O.

The cocky kid smirks at the camera.

And Tabitha knows it as well. The things she said? I get it, she told them to keep that bird lady quiet. But only a fool would willingly keep a team like K2O off the card for some trivial reasons as that one.

Karen Eldon:
Even if they have us against some joke of a tag team…The bad news bears or something. You know I have an idea what if…We put our belts on the line tonight? Show these people in GCW why we are champions.

Karen smiles at her idea, looking at the gold she has sitting next to her.

And show them that we’re not afraid of some competition… I like the idea.

Agreeing with his partner, Olly smiles wickedly.

Besides, it’s going to be a glimpse into the future for GCW. They better get used to see us with gold around our waists. It’s funny that they think they can hold us back, that we’ll wait in line for our turn… We are the elite tag team, we don’t wait for our chances. We take them.

Karen shares in her partner's confidence, standing up after putting on her second knee pad.

Karen Eldon:
Let's show Tabitha and the rest of the roster here in GCW. Why we are the best tag team in the entire business.

The duo fully ready now as Olly holds his belt with one hand at his side. As Karen throws hers over her shoulder as the two head to the ring.


MWE Tag Team Title Match.
Da Bad News Baers Vs K2O

[Karen Eldon starts arguing with Eric Baer. But this is only a distraction to allow Olly to attack from behind. Shawn Pack doesn’t bother to ask Eric Baer if he is ok and just rings the bell to start the match. Olly with a bicycle knee strike, a snap suplex, and then a body slam. He covers but Eric kicks out at two. Olly sets him up for a pile driver but Eric back drops out of it. Eric staggers to his corner and tags out to Chris Baer. Chris goes for a lariat but Olly ducks and then connects with a Random Act of Violence. Olly tags out to Karen. Karen with Stimulus Check. The cover…1…2…3NO! Eric breaks it up! Olly with a superkick sends Eric to the outside! Karen with a running knee to Chris and Olly follows it up with a ddt. Karen covers…1…2…3!]
WINNERS: And Still MWE Tag Team Champions, K2O


We cut to the backstage area. Julia Braddock and her tag team partner and best friend Destiny Skye are standing there, still dressed in their wrestling gear after a rough and tough match against Twin Magic.

Destiny: I hope every single tag team in GCW’s tag team division was watching what happened out there tonight. You witnessed me and Jules take on and take out a legit top tier tag team…no pushovers, no losers, a legitimately tough tag team…and we beat them clean in the center of the ring.

Julia: That’s right. Marie, it looks like your statement didn’t exactly go as planned. If you wanted to put your name into the hunt for the GCW Global Championship? Think again! You won’t get anywhere near this title while I’m on duty! You will have to work your way up and earn your opportunity! You won’t be able to skip the line ahead of others who have been busting their asses longer than you! But hey, never accuse me from running from a fight, so if you ever want to dance one on one, give me a ring and we’ll make it happen.

Destiny: Tonight is just the beginning! Fever is coming up and we’re facing another set of former Undisputed GCW Tag Team Champions and…

Destiny goes silent, as does Julia, when the imposing figure of “The Assassin” Clyde Sutter steps into view. He is chuckling softly and applauds the pair of them. Julia looks on skeptically but Destiny growls.

Destiny: What do you want?

Sutter: I am merely congratulating the pair of you. You did quite well against Twin Magic this evening. I was impressed with how well you worked together.

He points to Julia.

Sutter: And I was impressed with how you performed at Resurrection. Did I ever congratulate you on that championship victory, Ms. Braddock?

Julia: Thanks, Sutter. But what do you want?

Sutter: Just exactly that…I wanted to congratulate you. Remember, Ms. Braddock, I like you. Unlike the other members of the close-knit and extended Braddock family, I like and respect you. I even like your friend Ms. Blair here. You two are no nonsense, in your face, and you just like to fight. I respect that. And if you ever need anyone to watch your backs, I am your guy.

Braddock shakes her head.

Julia: You mean like how you watch Danielle Page’s back? No thanks.

Sutter: Ms. Page and I have a business arrangement. Of course, that involves doing some of her dirty work for her, but I would not think of disrespecting you two like that. Especially not you, Ms. Braddock; I know how proud you are, how you want to do things on your own…the right way…

The Assassin chuckles.

Sutter: …now I may not exactly be one who cares about right or wrong, but I do care about you. Both of you. So if anyone tries to blindside you, or if you just need some extra assistance, you have my word that I have your back.

Destiny: Thanks but no thanks, Sutter. Let’s go, Jules.

Sutter: Think about it, ladies.

Braddock and Destiny walk off.


Alan Monroe Vs Mara Kade
[Alan Monroe with a lariat, then another lariat, then a body slam. He mounts Mara and rains down right hands. Alan goes for a German Suplex but Mara counters with elbow shots to the face. Mara picks the leg and rolls through into a knee bar. Alan refuses to quit and eventually reaches the ropes. Mara with a dragon screw and then an over the shoulder single leg crab. Again Alan fights through the pain and reaches the ropes. Alan rolls to the outside. Mara with a suicide dive over the top taking Alan out. Mara rolls him back into the ring. She comes off the top with a missile dropkick. She reapplies the knee bar. Alan again reaches the bottom rope. Mara goes back to take advantage but Alan rakes her eyes. Alan with a ddt. Alan with Highway to Hell. Alan goes for Rejection but Mara counts with a discuss elbow. Mara with Bad Brains German…1…2…3!]
WINNER: Mara Kade


[We find D'Nae Moore backstage sitting atop an equipment trunk, the GCW logo stamped on the front. She's dressed in her gear, all ready to enter the steel cage in tonight's main event. She has a smirk on her face, shaking her head slowly.]

D'Nae: “Tiffany, Tiffany... Tiffany!”

[D'Nae punches her fist into her other hand at the last uttering of her opponent's name.]

D'Nae: “First of all... this lil made up injury you been talkin' about? Ain't nobody buying that trash. Nor me, not Tabitha... NO ONE. So I'm a hundred percent expecting you to strut your ass down to that cage and step inside with me.

It's obvious to anyone with common sense that you just tryna get out of what you know you got coming. You KNOW what you did, trick! You stuck yourself into my business, put your hands on a GCW official, and saved your bestie Kelsai's reign by stopping my count! We ain't gonna forget how Kelsai's cuck- I mean husband, ALSO ran in and put his hands on ME... but my man Jeff gon' handle that.

I know how to keep my eyes on the prize.”

[With a grin, D'Nae hops down from the trunk, parking her hands on her hips.]

D'Nae: “And tonight, that prize is you, Tiffy-girl Or rather, the payback I'm bout to give you for costing me the championship! Cause the GCW World Championship? That's the ultimate prize. That's what's really twinkling in these cute brown eyes of mine.

Kelsai... I want you to be watching this cage match real close, babygirl. You probably think your partner in crime is gonna handle me because of her past experience and accomplishments. But I'm bout to show you, her, and the world what happens when you take a woman who grew up in the Atlanta ghetto, piss her off... then lock her in a cage with the woman who did her dirty.

You ain't containing me, boo... you're trapping Tiff-Tiff.”

[A smirk flashes across D'Nae's features before quickly fading into a glare.]

D'Nae: “After I'm done with Tiffany tonight? My sights are set on YOU, Kelsai.

I know Julia Braddock offered me a shot at HER championship if Kelsai was too coward to face up to me, and it's a nice gesture, it really is. But I don't want Julia's championship. Hers is not the one I was fighting for. Hers is not the one I HAD WON! Hers is not the one I was SCREWED OUT OF!”

[D'Nae takes a moment to calm herself down, taking a deep breath, closing her eyes for a few seconds. Opening her eyes, she puts her hands up, palms out, in a calming motion.]

D'Nae: “So. Kelsai. Pay attention tonight. I want you to watch everything I do to your lil friend. Every punch, every kick, every time she hits the mat. Every time I whip her ass into the steel and rattle the entire ring. And especially... when I pin her ass one, two, three. And just know that everything that Ima give her tonight, when I get my hands on you?

You gon' be getting a whole lot more.”

[D'Nae punches her own palm again, and gives one nod to the camera before walking off screen.]


Steel Cage.
Tiffany Manning Vs D’Nae Moore

[As soon as the cage door is shut, Tiffany makes a bee line for the cage wall to climb up…ignoring senior referee Malcolm Stride who tries to tell her that she can’t win by escape. D’Nae gets to her first and power bombs her off the top ropes to the mat below. D’Nae is not content and wants to punish Tiffany more. She throws her face first against all four sides of the cage, one after another. D’Nae with Dirty South. Kelsai is up on the steps trying to get into the cage. This serves as a distraction to D’Nae, allowing Tiffany to recover. By the time D’Nae turns around Tiffany is ready and snaps off a superkick. Tiffany mounts D’Nae and rains down right hands. Tiffany throws D’nae face first against the steel cage wall. Tiffany tries to go out the cage door but the referees outside the ring won’t open it. Tiffany is frustrated and she turns into Straight From The A! D’Nae takes Tiffany and slams her face first against the top turnbuckle ten times…then she goes to the middle turnbuckle and slams Tiffany’s face against there ten times…then she goes to the bottom turnbuckle and slams her face ten times against it! D’Nae with Flip The Script to Tiffany!]

[D’Nae goes up top. Kelsai is back up to the steel steps. She reaches through a hole in the cage and grabs at D’Nae, distracting her. Tiffany is up and slams D’Nae off the top rope! Tiffany applies a blatant choke to D’Nae. Suddenly the crowd comes alive as Clyde Sutter marches his way to the ring, seemingly making a beeline towards Kelsai. Kelsai jumps down and runs around the other side of the cage. Kelsai tries to climb up the cage wall to get inside the cage…either to get away from Sutter or to get in and help Tiffany…but then the crowd cheers even louder as Julia Braddock and Destiny Skye catch her! Julia and Destiny power bomb Kelsai through the Spanish Announce Table, causing it to be destroyed as a result!]

[Meanwhile in the ring Tiffany goes for a suplex but D’Nae floats over and strikes a reverse ddt! D’Nae connects with Mooregasm! The cover…1…2…3!]
WINNER: D’Nae Moore

Before D’Nae can properly celebrate, Tabitha Silverstone walks out on the stage. She shakes her head.

Tabitha Silverstone: My initial feeling is one of disappointment. What occurred here was in effect a three on one on Kelsia. Should I feel sorry for her? I don’t know. Tiffany and Victor did affect the outcome of the World Championship match. Some would argue this is karma... doubt Kelsai will see it that way. Once she comes too I’m bound to hear about this... injustice if you want to call this that. So I am going to make a slight alteration to Sutter vs Kelsai in two weeks time. Everyone is barred from ringside. This way, no funny business. No numbers game. All fair.

Tabitha sighs.

Tabitha Silverstone: Before I go into the main reason I came out here, I was informed that Matt Alan will have an announcement next week on Shotgun. Stay tuned for that.

Tabitha pauses, allowing that tidbit to sink in.

Tabitha Silverstone: Back to business. I am going to do something I should have done a while back. Two World Champions doesn’t make for good business. The brand split did make it necessary. That era in our history has been dead for a couple months. We are no longer in need of two World Champions, with that said.

Coming up will be For Glory & Gold, Livewire and Shotgun editions. On the Shotgun edition of For Glory & Gold Julia... you will put the Global Championship on the line. Kelsai will put the World Championship on the line... don’t think I forgot about you D’Nae. Julia has stated she would put the Global on the line against you. Something tells me you want Kelsai’s ass on a silver platter. I am sure Kelsai would agree she wants to show Julia that she’s better than her. All three of you will get your wish.

The GM pauses. The crowd begins to stir. They sense they know where Tabitha is heading with this. Just waiting for the words to come out of her mouth.

Tabitha Silverstone: Two championships will be suspended above the ring. The only way to walk out as champion is to climb a ladder. Kelsia vs D’Nae vs Julia, in a Ladder Match to crown an Undisputed Champion.

The crowd roars. Julia and D’Nae looked pleased by the news.

Tabitha Silverstone: Good luck. Oh... and one last thing. Any parties associated with the three of you. Managers. Friends. Allies. All barred from ringside. This match will be settled between you three. Only way we can get an undisputed champion is if there isn’t a dispute.

Tabitha smiles. She walks off as everyone soaks in the news as the scene fades to black.
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