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Livewire 11.09

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The opening of GCW Livewire begins with an unfamiliar image... Clyde Sutter laid out on his stomach. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out that he was beaten up pretty bad. As the camera pans out we see Victor Mason (who is wearing a custom made suit) and a behemoth of a man standing next to him. Last time anyone has seen this monster was on SCW television with Victor’s brother, Blake. Jaxson Sullivan cracks his knuckles. Victor smirks. He bends to a knee. Looking at Clyde he says.

Victor Mason:
I won’t pretend to understand what your fascination with Julia is. Quite disturbing don’t you think. When your obsession places you in the path of my wife, safe to say we’re going to have issues. For the longest time I was the nice Mason. I tried being the voice of reason. Those days are done, Clyde. Based on results, I wasn’t very good at it. I figure, why not be a little bit more aggressive. Why dismiss all the lessons my father taught me? He did build the Mason empire after all. And I am going to do my best to ensure that empire continues to prosper. This is the price you pay for crossing my family. Be a good little dog and stay down or else.

Victor stands back up. He nods to Jaxson. Both walk off as the scene fades to black.


Special Challenge Match
Ariana Angelos Vs Jessica Rose

[Jessica Rose with several quick arm drags, a hip toss, and a dropkick. She goes for a clothesline but Ariana ducks and snaps off a pele kick followed by a dropkick. Ariana with a suplex and then a spear. Rose rolls to the outside. Ariana with a suicide dive over the top taking out Jessica. Ariana goes a suplex on the outside but Jessica floats over and strikes a reverse ddt on the outside. She rolls Ariana back into the ring. Rose with a springboard 450 splash for a cover but Angelos kicks out at two. Jessica goes for a ddt but Ariana picks the leg and turns her over into a single leg crab. Rose eventually reaches the ropes. Ariana with a brain buster and then a springboard clothesline. The cover but Jessica kicks out just before the three. Angelos goes for another springboard clothesline but Jessica catches her in mid-air with a superkick. Rose goes up top and looks for a frog splash but Angelos gets the knees up. Angelos with a superkick. Ariana with Angel’s Wrath! The cover…1…2…3!]
WINNER: Ariana Angelos



“The following has been paid for by Collins Incorporated, reminding you to be absolutely FABULOUS!”

Gold sparkles rain down from the heavens as a lovely soothing piano chord starts to play in the background. The scene opens in a luxurious living room area, specifically in front of an expensive marble fireplace. Summer Collins enters from stage right, dressed in a tight, form fitting forest green cocktail dress. Her best friend and tag team partner, “The Archangel” Jessica Lasiewicz, enters the scene from stage left. She is wearing a tight, form fitting red cocktail dress. The Fabulous duo have confident smirks upon their faces.

Summer: We’re not there to live to grace you with our absolutely Fabulous presence. But don’t worry. We recognize that with The Alan Family currently running the tag team division, everything is in absolute shambles. We recognize that GCW’s tag team division needs salvation. And when the time is right, Jess and I will return to save your tag team division. And if you don’t believe that your tag team division needs saving just look at what you have on tap for tonight. The McBride Corporation and Kowloon?

Collins chuckles.

Summer: We’ve beaten The McBride girls so many times we get bored of beating them up. Yet they’re the handpicked duo to “test” Kowloon? Akeem and Savino, the duo now viewed as potentially the next tag team champions just because Akeem got lucky and grabbed the right briefcase. There’s two problems with that. First of all is they got lucky. Hell, Akeem just as easily could have gotten the NOTHING briefcase and be in Ariana’s position owing Veronica Taylor a favor. The second problem with this scenario is Kowloon fighting The McBrides proves nothing. Jess and I have beaten the best tag teams GCW has to offer. If Kowloon really wanted to prove themselves, they’d fight us.

Jessica: Skye Life is teaming to face Tiffany and Victor? Tiff and Victor are a team with the sole purpose of boosting Kelsai’s ego. Now Julia and Destiny at least have the right purpose in mind, that being to dominate the tag team division, but do you really think Julia Braddock, our GCW Global Champion, can handle both divisions at once? Now Summer and I, we KNOW we can handle two divisions at once. So if the GCW Global Champion is going to be involved in tag team wrestling with her BFF, then why doesn’t she put her precious Global Championship on the line against me or Summer?

Lasiewicz shakes her head.

Jessica: But while Summer and I do have legitimate gripes, we did not come here to complain. We come to fight. That’s the real reason we’re not here tonight. We’re not scheduled to fight so why bother showing up? But you will see us July 5th when we team with Ana and Skylar to kick the collective asses of K2O and The Alan Family.

Summer: Looking at K2O, we do have our difference of opinions, but I can honestly say that they are an upgrade from The Alan Family. Karen and Olly are dishonest, but at least their dishonesty is honest. They make NO bones about who they are. And that’s why I know the team of Fabulous and SkyBird will be victorious on Shotgun. The four of us CAN Co-exist. We KNOW that we will watch each other’s back. We KNOW that we can trust one another. But everyone knows that The Alan Family is being led by the biggest most rotten scum of the earth ever born. And Karen recently just faked retirement in an elaborate scheme to regain the MWE Tag Team Titles. They can’t trust The Alan Family. The Alan Family can’t trust K2O. So Shotgun will be a matter of us watching the four of them implode. Then we pick up the pieces. And it will be absolutely Fabulous!


We see Samuel Price in a chair for a sit-down interview…

Price: “My guest at this time - the woman who sent GCW legend Chantelle Chambers into retirement on the losing side of the ledger, in her first public speaking engagement since Resurrection, please join me in welcoming Mariah Starr. Mariah, thank you for your time.”

Mariah nods her head.

Price: “It’s been over a month since Resurrection, and the landscape of Global Championship Wrestling has certainly changed. One of the biggest changes here is the absence of the Beverly Hills Bombshell, Chantelle Chambers, who announced a year ago that the event would be her swan song, only that song was not sung in a manner that she had anticipated. Instead, it was a night where you proved yourself as a foundational building block of the future. How are you feeling after that night?

Mariah: “Resurrection was, beyond the shadow of a doubt, the biggest night of my wrestling career. I not only got to stand in the ring with a Hall of Fame legend of the company in Chantelle Chambers, but I got to do so and defeat her. To say I’m riding high would be an understatement.”

Price: “We did witness following the match you and Chantelle exchange a few words. Are you able to give us any insight into what Chantelle told you?”

Mariah: “Well, there were two parts. The first part is going to remain private between me and Chantelle. That’s by her request and, quite frankly, I don’t think anyone else really needs to know. But the second part… that’s the part you really need to know. Chantelle told me that I’m the future now. She told me that if I wanted to get to the top, all I needed to do now was grab the bull by the… well… not quite the horns if you know what I’m getting at. And I have to take it. She told me I’m talented enough to go as far as I want, that I proved that at on that night, and that soon people will be talking about me the way they talk about her.”

Price: “High praise.”

Mariah: “Indeed. And I’m not about to let that advice go to waste. You see, I’ve sat back the last few weeks watching new talent break in, trying to establish themselves, but that’s done now. When I look at my contemporaries… I know that the company is in good hands. So why not step to the plate and take my piece of the pie. And that goes for everyone else as well… if you think you’re the future? Step up and prove it. I’ll be in the ring waiting for my challenge.”

Price: “Thank you for your time.”

The scene fades…


Jessica Anderson Vs Derek Powers
[Derek Powers with a huge lariat, a body slam, and then Winning Smile. The cover but Anderson gets a shoulder up. Powers goes for a scoop slam but Jessica slips out from behind and then connects with an enziguri kick. Jessica with a superkick and then a spinning heel kick. Jessica with a standing moonsault for a cover but only gets one and a half. Anderson with a hip attack. Anderson applies a sleeper hold. Powers counters with a jaw breaker. Powers with a Powers To Be for the cover but Anderson kicks out. Derek with The Powers Driver. The cover…1…2…3!]
WINNER: Derek Powers


[Roderick Osborn is currently in the interview spot backstage. To his right is Mara Kade, who's wearing a plain white t-shirt and black jeans and a baseball cap on her face.]

Roderick: Yes Livewire has been noteworthy as always tonight. Right now I'm with Mara Kade, the number one contender to the X Division Championship. Over the weekend, that title, along with the Heritage title, became vacant and now you Mara, are left without an opponent for Glory & Gold. Now Silverstone has said that a replacement will be found but with this news, how are you feeling right now?

[Mara shrugs her shoulders.]

Mara: Doesn't matter to me who it is. Rayola gets to sleep a little easy a night knowing that she's not going to get her ass kicked by me. Now I don't know why she's gone. I honestly don't care. After this interview, I will never think about her ever again and my life will go on. But for whoever Silvertone picks, the same thing goes for them. That X Division title is going to be mine. Whoever is standing across from me is going to get the dog shit kicked out of them. It's been almost a year since I've had a title and it's been a year too long. I'm ready for whoever and whatever. And whoever and whatever it is that's get picked, the only thing you can do really is pray. Because nothing is going to get in the way of me winning that belt. Absolutely nothing.

[Mara looks to Roderick.]

Mara: Promise.

[She then turns around and walks away.]


We cut backstage where we find GCW Hall of Fame journalist Dexter Russell. To his right stands Destiny Skye and to his left stands the reigning GCW Global Champion Julia Braddock. Destiny is dressed in her mostly black two-piece ring gear. Braddock is wearing black pants, a pink thigh length skirt, matching pink top, and matching pink kick boots. Her GCW Global Championship title belt is draped over her right shoulder.

Dexter: Well ladies, tonight you are set to face Victor Mason and Tiffany Manning, and you two certainly do have a great deal of momentum on your side. You are unbeaten in tag team competition. You, Julia, are still riding the wave of momentum starting way back when you won the Civil War Match and then went on to regain the GCW Global Championship from Kelsai Adamson-Mason at Resurrection. But I am wondering if you two are distracted after what happened earlier today involving Victor and Sutter.

Julia: Well we’d be lying if we said we didn’t care one iota. There’s no love lost between Sutter and my family, but what Victor Mason and his goon did was absolutely heinous. Once again this proves that everything I have ever said about that little witch Kelsai is true. She cannot get the job done on her own. She needs her own personal army of henchmen and henchwomen to back her up. Silverstone banned everyone from ringside to ensure that Kelsai would have to face Sutter without help so what does Kelsai do? She has her bitch buddies attack Sutter before the match begins. It just shows the lows you will stoop in order to retain your championship.

Braddock shakes her head.

Julia: But I didn’t need to cheat. I didn’t need to manipulate or deceive anyone. All I needed to do was to lock you in The Guillotine and I watched you tap out like the whiny little bitch you are, begging to be let go, and then I became the new GCW Global Champion. And at For Glory & Gold, all I have to do is climb a ladder and take possession of my belt, your belt, and then I become the Undisputed GCW World Champion. And there is no amount of games or tricks you can play that can save your ass, Kelsai. For Glory & Gold is the date that you and your reign comes to an end.

Destiny: But tonight we will deal with Kelsai’s henchmen. Victor Mason and Tiffany Manning, you once had promising careers. You two were great competitors once upon a time. But now you’re reduced to being Kelsai’s goons. How does it feel to have fallen from such a lofty status? You say you care about Kelsai but you obviously must not TRUST HER ENOUGH to get the job done on her own, otherwise why do you keep saving her ass? Like Jules said, we don’t like Sutter. But what you two did was low. Tonight isn’t about winning a wrestling match. Tonight is about us kicking your teeth down your throat.

Dexter: Fabulous made reference to you earlier. Do you have any response? Do you, in fact, have any designs on the Undisputed GCW Tag Team Championship?

Braddock pats her Global Title belt.

Julia: I agree with Fabulous on one thing, my top priority should be this…and trust me, my top priority IS being the best damn GCW Global Champion I can be.

Braddock wraps an arm around Destiny’s shoulder.

Julia: But I am also focused on this right here, I am focused on making sure SkyeLife is a success.

Destiny: You said it yourself, Dex, we are undefeated as a tag team. We have now beaten THREE sets of former Undisputed Tag Team Champions. So if Fabulous wants to continue talking trash, we’ll face them and beat them too. Unlike some people in this company, Jules and I aren’t gonna whine, bitch, and moan to Silverstone, demanding that title shots get handed to us on a silver platter. We’ll take whatever she gives us. Whoever she puts in front of us, we’ll kick the crap out of them. And if Silverstone ever decides to put the tag champs in front of us, we’ll just kick their ass AND take their titles.

Destiny and Julia turn and walk off.


Tiffany Manning & Victor Mason Vs Skye Life (Julia Braddock & Destiny Skye)
[Braddock starts off against Tiffany. Julia with a Full Nelson suplex, a snap suplex, and a German suplex. Tiffany crawls towards the ropes but gets stopped with Ex-Communication. Julia covers to go for a quick victory but Victor breaks it up. Destiny in and clotheslines both herself and Victor over the top and to the outside. Braddock drops one elbow, a second, a third, and then curtsies before dropping a fourth elbow to Tiff. Julia hooks Tiff in a sharpshooter. Victor whips Destiny into the steel steps. Tiffany nearly makes it to the ropes but Braddock drags her back out. Julia is right at the ropes allowing Victor to deck her with a right hand, forcing the break. Crooked official Shawn Pack doesn’t even admonish Victor. Tiffany crawls over and tags out to Mason. Mason in and drops Braddock with a lariat. Victor with a swinging neck breaker and then a ddt. The cover but Julia kicks out. He tags out to Tiff. Victor and Tiffany with a belly to back suplex neck breaker combo. Tiffany covers but Braddock kicks out. Tiffany whips Julia into the ropes. Destiny makes a blind tag in. Julia and Destiny with They Go Low We Go High! Destiny covers but Tiffany kicks out. Destiny measures Tiffany for The Destiny Cutter but Tiffany counters by shoving her off into the ropes. Tiffany catches her with a superkick coming in. Tiffany with a snap suplex. She tags out to Victor. Victor with a body slam and then hops up to the second rope and drops an elbow. He applies a neck vice. Destiny fights back to her feet. Victor switches to a side headlock. Destiny breaks it with three elbows to the gut. Victor and Destiny begin to trade right hands. Destiny gets the better of the exchange. Destiny with a dropkick. She connects with The Destiny Cutter. Destiny and Victor roll over to their respective corners. Destiny makes the tag to Julia and Victor tags out to Tiff. Julia ducks a clothesline attempt and then drops her with Cut of Personality. Mason rushes in and Braddock back drops him over the top and to the outside. Tiff chop blocks Julia. Tiff with a swinging neck breaker. Destiny with a moonsault off the top takes out Mason. Tiff sees this and is distracted Julia charges in and clotheslines both herself and Tiffany over the top and to the outside. All four begin to brawl out into the crowd. Referee Shawn Pack counts both teams out.]
WINNER: No contest.


We cut backstage where we find GCW journalist Janelle St. Claire. Standing next to Janelle is none other than “The Most Valuable Powers” Aubrianna Powers. The MVP is dressed in a sleeveless tight form fitting black dress and black high heeled sandals. She has a nasty sneer on her face.

Janelle: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time is “The MVP” Aubrianna Powers. Now Aubrey…

Aubrianna: Aburianna to you, Janelle.

Janelle sighs.

Janelle: Right, sorry. Aubrianna, you requested this time because you had something you would like to say. Here’s your chance.

Aubrianna: I requested this time because quite honestly it was the only way I get on this show. And that is a damn shame because I am a former grand slam winner and one of the elite few to have held both the GCW World and Global Championships. D’Nae Moore, Kelsai, and Julia Braddock are talking about unifying the belts in a ladder match? I was undisputed before undisputed was cool. I was and always have been THE MVP of GCW! Now D’Nae has Jeffrey, Kelsai has a small army, and Julia has Destiny, but me? I didn’t need ANYONE to become GCW Global Champion. I didn’t need ANYONE to become GCW World Champion.

Janelle: But The Sovereign…

The MVP chuckles.

Aubrianna: You’re right, The Sovereign…I did once run with The Sovereign. But all good things must come to an end. Now I run with Trinity over in Zion. But do you see Trinity right here and right now helping me? Were they around helping me become champion in GCW? Did The Sovereign help me become a grand slam winner in GCW?

Powers shakes her head.

Aubrianna: I did it all on my own. That’s why I attracted the attention of Trinity. Everyone wants The MVP. Now Silverstone doesn’t think I can do it on my own? That’s fine. I will just have to remind her of what I am capable of. And last Fever was just an example of what I am willing to put myself through to get what I want. Now I know what you’re thinking; I didn’t win Kim’s psychotic death match. But I survived. I dealt out as much punishment, maybe even more, than anyone else. Even in defeat I was The MVP of that match. So if you want to know why I asked for this time, Janelle, the answer is simply this…I want my opportunities. I want my shot. And if I have to continue to prove myself, then I will do so. If I have to TAKE my opportunities, then I will do it.

Powers walks away.


The scene opens up backstage where Brittany Kayl can be seen standing by. She isn’t clad in her royal attire. There is no guard. There is only Brittany - as she was before losing everything. Her head is held down.

Brittany: “In the time since Resurrection, I have had something of a revelation. You see, when you rewind the clock to my greatest period, the summer of 2020, you saw me in my prime, in my peak, at the pinnacle of the industry. I was the World Champion. I was the face of the people. I was happy. And then, it was ripped away.”

She sneers a bit, trying still today to come to terms with the events of the 2020 year-end special.

Brittany: “While I may have lost the World Championship, it was what followed that really set me back. I lost to Chanel Hunter. I lose my mind. I lost my opportunity for revenge. It was kind of funny, wasn’t it? D’Nae Moore got her revenge. Nadia Allan? She got to parlay her revenge into stepping into MY role as World Champion. Jeffrey Alexander got revenge and, in the process, exiled my opportunity at it away from the company. I was left to spiral without so much as a glance. Sure, I was able to use Travis Vessey as an avatar for my frustration, but let’s be honest - that was never going to be good enough. I even returned to my royal past to try and fill the emptiness inside of me and that led me to runner up in the Civil War, but no further.”

Brittany gives a bitter smile.

Brittany: “All the while I watched as Julia Braddock slid into my role as face of the people… Global Champion… happy. I was left to toil while she was lifted up, coming off the exile of Mason Van Stanton and being able to claim a new identity… MY identity.”

Raising her eyes, she looks to the camera.

Brittany: “And I want it all back. I want the road to the top. I want to be the face of the people again. I want my happiness. I DESERVE my happiness! And you know where it begins. Tabitha Silverstone recently brought the source of my discontent back into the company for another go around with Nadia. Well, if that door’s open, I want to push it open further…”

A smile crawls across Brittany’s face as she tilts her head.

Brittany: “Kellen Jeffries… I know you still watch this program. And I know you’re getting a little tingle of anticipation in what I’m going to say. So I’m going to say this once and if you don’t answer? I’m going to force your hand. I want you in the ring. One on one. Face to face. The way it should have been all along. You were spared an execution the last time. D’Nae? Nadia? Jeffrey? Not one of them was going to do to you what I had in mind at the time. Not one of them were capable of truly punishing you for the misery you had brought. I am. Make yourself seen. Sign the contract and let’s put this to bed once and for all. Tabitha? Draw up the paperwork. And then, once I’ve ended it… then my climb back to the top can really begin.”

With that, the scene fades to black.


[Nadia Allen is seen standing next to Samuel Price. Nadia has a black Catch Sports Pro Wrestling Academy shirt with blue jeans and her red hair flowing down.]

Samuel Price: Samuel Price here with former World Champion Nadia Allen. Nadia, how are you tonight?

[Nadia gives a rare smile.]

Nadia: I'm good, actually. Have no complaints. I've just been doing a lot of training and a lot of...just focusing on getting better and seeking out new ways to improve and just add to what I ave.

Samuel: You've been very active on social media. More than usual.

Nadia: Yeah you've been around since I first got here in 2016. So you know I'm not the most sociable person or someone who just posts everything about my life. I still don't but I feel great right now. About everything. I feel great about my body, what I'm learning and I know I'm really good. I feel like I'm in the best head space maybe ever? And a big part is because I've done a lot in the last year and a half and just thinking about that makes me want to go after more, you know?

Samuel: We know you've expressed wanting to climb back to the World title again. Lately you've challenged those not just in GCW but outside of GCW. You've really taken to heart the idea of expanding yourself and really challenging yourself.

Nadia: Yeah like I said, I'm naturally introverted. I'm naturally someone with a very small circle. But recently I've been encouraged to expand, like you said and think outside the box. Because you're right. I want that World title back. But I think in the last year, as much as I don't think of myself as an very online person, I do see who people say are the best. Not just in GCW but just in the world of wrestling. And I don't hear my name mentioned as much. And that does get to me because I feel like I should be. I feel like I am one of the best.

Samuel: So you feel as if you aren't given the proper respect?

[Nadia places her hands on her waist.]

Nadia: It's not about approval. To me I see it as I am one of the best and I want to show that to everyone. It makes me want to fight everyone. Everyone that people say is the best. I want to prove I'm better than them. I think I can be the best. But talk is cheap. You have to prove it. And I want to prove it. And I want to fight the best and I want to prove it to myself that I can do it. i feel like I can. I'm a former World Champ so I know I can do it. But this is about not getting lazy and shit and seeing how far I can go. So that's what it is.

Samuel: Nadia Allen, seeking the best to prove she's the best. As always, pleasure to get time with you.

[Nadia gives a brief smile.]

Nadia: Thanks.

[Samuel turns to the camera.]

Samuel: Back to you.


Kowloon [Akeem and Savino] Vs The McBride Corporation
[Akeem with a lariat and then another and then a death valley driver attempt but Karen McBride slips out of it and drops him with a belly to back suplex. Karen with a running high knee. Karen tags out to Melanie. Melanie and Karen with Blood Is Thicker Than Water. Melanie applies a single leg crab. Akeem reaches the ropes. Melanie goes for Evolution but Akeem counters with an exploder suplex. Akeem tags out to Savino. Savino with a running STO and then a spear. Savino whips Melanie into the ropes. Karen blind tags in. Savino with a power slam. Karen with a spear nearly breaks Savino in half. Karen goes for McBride’s Ride but Savino slips out of it and then locks in Katahajime. Karen taps out.]
WINNERS: Kowloon


We cut backstage, just outside the trainer’s room. Destiny Skye and GCW Global Champion Julia Braddock are standing there talking to Dr. Jennifer Warren.

Julia: You have to have some kind of information for us. Something about his condition?

Jennifer: I’m a psychiatrist, not a medical doctor…

Julia: Yes but you know something. You’ve spoken to them, and to him.

Dr. Warren sighs.

Jennifer: Well yes, but as far as the physical well-being I cannot say much other than he has passed all of the necessary tests required to allow him to compete tonight.

Julia: But in your opinion should he compete?

Dr. Warren shakes her head.

Jennifer: No…and yes, I counseled him, I tried to advise him against it, but you know how stubborn he is. He wouldn’t hear any of it.

Braddock sighs.

Julia: Thanks, Doc…

Jennifer Warren walks off. Julia turns to face Destiny. Destiny has a skeptical look on her face.

Destiny: Jules, I’m gonna be totally blunt with ya, mate. You should let it go.

Julia: And let him get himself killed, or maybe permanently injured?

Destiny: You know what your sister thinks of him. You know what Sophie thinks of him. Quite honestly, I tend to agree with them. He’s no good. Let him risk his own career.

Braddock shakes her head.

Julia: My sister also believes in right and wrong. Now he isn’t exactly a saint but he did the right thing last week. But if I just sat on my ass and did nothing, if I let him go out there and endanger himself without at least TRYING to talk him down, then I wouldn’t be doing the right thing.

Destiny sighs.

Destiny: You’re a better person than me, Jules.

Julia: I’ll be right back.

Braddock turns and walks into the trainer’s room. Inside she finds Clyde Sutter pacing the floor angrily.

Sutter: I’m gonna break her in half!

Julia: Sutter! Calm your ass down!

He stops and turns to glare at Julia.

Sutter: What the hell do ya want?!

Julia: I want to stop you from making a mistake. You were assaulted earlier by Victor and Jaxson. You are in no condition to fight.

Sutter: The stupid medical team cleared me. That should be good enough.

Julia: But you’re not one hundred percent. You won’t be good enough to beat Kelsai.

Sutter growls.

Sutter: Just the mere chance to cave her damn skull in is enough for me, win or lose.

Julia: You’re gonna hurt yourself.

Sutter: What do you care? I thought you Braddocks didn’t trust me? I thought you didn’t care about me?

Braddock remains silent. Sutter smirks.

Sutter: Ya don’t have to say anything. I understand you better than you’re willing to admit. I’m not a nice guy and hell, maybe I deserve some of this that I have coming to me, but the fact that you are willing to try and talk me down shows your true character. I have offered my services to you because I respect you, I like you, but its clear that you don’t trust me. Hell, I’m not sure you even like me. But I’ve never needed anyone’s trust or appreciation.

He reaches out and pats the Global Title belt.

Sutter: You just go on and be the role model that you are, you be the best Global Champion you can be. Don’t worry about me, Braddock. No one ever has.

Sutter turns and makes his exit.


[Recorded earlier today]

[Janice King is seen sitting in the back of a limo with tinted windows. She's positioned on the left side, where as Veronica Starr and Alexander Jones are seated in the middle. Veronica is dressed in a black form fitting dress while Alexander has a black sit jacket with matching pants. His posture is upright, however his eyes are elsewhere. Veronica make eye contact wit Janice.]

Janice: Janice King here and I'm currently with Veronica Starr and Alexander Jones.

[Janice speaks in an unusual muted tone.]

Veronica: You're welcome for this time, Janice. You know time is precious and during game day, we don't just give our time to anyone. So I'm sure you've come prepared and won't waste our time, right?

[A smarmy smile grows on Veronica's face. Alexander's facial expression remain neutral and understated.]

Janice; Of course.

[A brief scoff escapes Janice's mouth.]

Veronica: Life is great, by the way Janice. We're healthy, we're at Livewire. There's always something exciting about game day and we're really excited to go in there and do work and walk out with another win.

[Veronica reaches over and politely taps the wrist of Janice.]

Veronica: Thanks for asking.

[Janice rolls her eyes. Alexander leans back on the purple Velcro cushions.]

Janice: Well..I'm glad you're doing well.

Veronica: We're doing wonderful!

[Veronica glances at Alexander, who doesn't flinch.]

Janice: That's..good to know. I guess. Can we just talk about his match tonight?

Veronica: Yeah let's talk about that.

[Veronica rests her chin on top of her knuckle and continues to sport a grin on her face. Janice's eye narrow towards her.]

Janice: Resurrection, Alexander, you went out there and you beat GCW Hall of Famer Kayla Jones. Took her best shot and still put her away. A-

[Alexander finally moves, raising a hand up towards Janice's mouth.]

Alexander: That's old shit. I told everybody I was going to beat her and that's what happened. i know she a legend but I expected to get that dub and I did. Dropped her on her neck too for the disrespect. I came this close to dropping off a fruit basket to her just for the effort but.. I told everybody what would happen. Wasn't a surprise to me. That's old shit. We on new shit.

[Janice raises an eyebrow towards Alexander while he doesn't make eye contact with her.]

Janice: Ok....later tonight you're going about Svetlana Iryna Nabokov.

[Alexander speaks up.]

Alexander: SIN, right.

[Janice lets out an annoyed sigh. Alexander's face remains tightened.]

Janice: She's only been around for a little bit but she's already shown that she can be really dangerous. Really sadistic. It's in her name. What was it like preparing for someone like this?

[Alexander looks at Veronica before looking directly at the camera, not Janice.]

Alexander: Like any other opponent. No matter who it is, the work is the work. We don't change. Me and Ronnie, we were in the lab, we put together a good game plan. This girl SIN, she got some power to her. She got that look. That look's on sight with her. Seek and destroy. And that's how it should be. We're trained killers. That's what this is. I expect that out of all my opponents because that's my mentality when I step through the ropes. Once you get in, I don't care about your family, your friends, you backstory. It's all about the dub. So that process doesn't change whether it's a Hall of a Famer or a newbie.

Janice: You sound confident.

Alexander: Why would I not be?

[Alexander glares at Janice for a bit.]

Alexander: Why would I not be? I know what I put into this. The results show. Undefeated. That's ain't no fluke. I expect to win every match I'm in. SIN got power. She a trained killer but she a little too small for me.

Janice: You don't expect a challenge.

Alexander: No I expect a challenge. Don't put words in my mouth unless you hear it from me.

[Alexander turns his whole body towards Janice and makes eye contact.]

Alexander: I want that on record. If you don't hear it from me, don't say it was. My word is my word.

[Alexander then turns to the camera.]

Alexander: I expect a challenge from SIN. But I don't worry bout nothing that don't concern me. That's how I manifest what I say I gon do. I worry bout what I can control and me and Ronnie, we don't slack. We don't slip. We don't let anything break us on our focus. The Lord has blessed me with these gifts and the opportunity to go after everything I want. If I see something I like, i go after it. He's put everything out there for me to go get. There are no obstacles I can't jump over. Same here. I said I was gon be a champion in six months and that didn't happen. So that's a failure to me. So, you know, I'm gunning to make up for that. Going for the big belt and slipping and letting the opps get one over me ain't go cut it.

Janice: The big belt. As in the World title?

Alexander: Right. That's the big prize. Everyone should. That's the number one. I know there's some other belts but that's little fry shit. You got one life to live. I ain't wasting my time on little side shit. That's how it should be and that's how I live. I live to be great. I live to pursue the best and I don't got time to go after anything less. So, to me, beating SIN, just another step towards that goal. And I plan on making that come true.

[Alexander falls back to the cushions before making a gesture to Veronica. Veronica leans in.]

Veronica: You're welcome for this time.

[Janice rolls her eyes.]



Alexander Jones Vs Svetlana Iryna Nabokov
[Alexander and SIN begin by trading right hands but neither give an inch. Eventually Jones gets the better of the situation and whips SIN into the ropes. He hits the ropes as well and they slam into one another with shoulder blocks but neither give an inch. Jones dares SIN to do it again. She attempts another shoulder block but he hoists her up. She lands on her feet and then drops him with a sit out spine buster. SIN with a power slam and then a Samoan drop. The cover but Jones kicks out at two. SIN with a spinning side slam for a cover but Jones kicks out at two. SIN goes for a power bomb and nearly gets him up but he manages to block and back drop out of it. Jones with a bicycle kick and then a spear. Alexander with one German suplex, rolls through and gets a second German, rolls through and then bridges on the third German suplex for a cover but SIN kicks out at two and a half. Jones hoists SIN up for a brain buster but SIN slips free and then connects with a bearhug slam! The cover but Jones was too close to the ropes and got a foot on the bottom. SIN with a fallaway slam. SIN attempts to lock in Drop The Iron Curtain but Jones counters with a jaw breaker. Jones with a spear. Jones with a vertical drop brain buster. He covers…1…2…3!]
WINNER: Alexander Jones


Her smile is something of a calling card, the one thing that is recognizable above all else, yet for GCW World Heavyweight Champion Kelsai Adamson-Mason she is not exactly smiling right now. No, as she is out in the ring already prepared for tonight’s main event, a match against Clyde Sutter where everyone else has been banned from ringside, the look on her face is not her trademark smile, but a smirk instead.

Why would she have a smirk on her face though when facing the ruthless Sutter with nobody else being allowed to help her during that match? It was definitely a fair question, and one that Dexter Russel was going to try to get to the bottom of right now as the raucous crowd of some cheers but mostly boos greets the two of them.

Dexter: “Ladies and Gentlemen, would you please welcome the woman to my right, the GCW World Heavyweight Champion, Kelsai Adamson-Mason!”

Again there is the faint sound of a small contingent of fans who are cheering Kelsai on, but that is drowned out by the huge roar of fans booing as loud as they can while Dexter just looks at Kelsai who just keeps smirking.

Dexter: “Well that really is some kind of welcome Kelsai, for a woman that grew up not too far from here in Portland as you did in Seattle. I need to ask you Kelsai, given who you are facing tonight and what the stipulations are for that match, why is that look on….”

Grabbing the microphone without being forceful, Kelsai takes it and looks at Dexter before she takes over.

Kelsai: “Dexter, with all due respect to because nobody in this company does this job like you do, I am going to ask to stand to the side there and look pretty and I am just going to talk alright?”

With a smile on his face now, Dexter holds up his hands and backs away a few feet, giving the floor to Kelsai.

Kelsai: “Thank you Dexter. I believe you were about to ask me about the look on my face tonight, and I will get to that. First though, let me hear you, RIP City!!”

A much more polarizing reaction this time, as Kelsai still knows how to get a cheap pop knowing that RIP City is a moniker for Portland that goes back to their NBA team, the Trail Blazers.

Kelsai: “That’s more like it, thank you. Understand this also though, if you are hearing booing because you don’t like me and/or something that I have to say, there is nothing wrong with that in my opinion. You paid your money, it’s your butt sitting in that seat. If you don’t like the opinions that I express, by all means, let me hear about it. Just know that I have opinions as well, and I am not going to be shy about sharing them with all of you either. For example when I state that Chelsea Noel is a ruthless bitch who tried to destroy other people in GCW….”

Loud booing ensues as Kelsai actually nods at her audience

Kelsai: “Yes! I get it alright, nobody wants to hear the truth about Chelsea. Nobody wants to hear that she used to call herself Chelsea Noel and she was an awful person to so many people but it’s true. She is even going by her birth name now trying to deny her past but I won’t let her because I’m a champion of the truth! It’s just like nobody wants to hear that D’Nae Moore tried to use GCW to pull herself up out of the gutter but she is just pulling GCW down with her instead! I beat that woman at Resurrection! I should be allowed to move on, hell all of YOU should be allowed to move on from her! Instead though, she still whines and moans her way into a second championship opportunity again when she faces me and Chelsea in a triple threat ladder match for the GCW Undisputed Championship at For Glory and Gold in less than a month's time. At least Chelsea won the GCW Global Heavyweight Championship from me at Resurrection, even though she clearly cheated with D’Nae’s help to do it. Nobody beat me fairly damn it, because nobody can!”

The crowd is getting more hostile now, but Kelsai presses onward.

Kelsai: “Whatever, I will deal with that when the time comes, and make no mistake I will climb that ladder on that night and I will be the GCW Undisputed Champion when that night is finished. I know that the majority of you don’t want to hear that, but let’s be honest, all of you should be used to it by now! I have been at least the GCW Global or the GCW World Heavyweight since the End of the Year Bash last year, and I’m not going anywhere any time soon. I will continue being “The Main Event” in GCW for years to come!”

Adjusting her championship belt on her shoulder, Kelsai seems to bask in the crowd’s rage toward what she has to say, all of the while she still has the smirk on her face.

Kelsai: “That however is not the reason for this look on my face that Dexter was talking about. Again, I will deal with all of that when the time comes. The reason for this look on my face is my match tonight, the main event in this very ring against Clyde Sutter.”

The fans also are not shy about how they feel about Clyde Sutter.

Kelsai: “Exactly. Clyde Sutter is lower than a human being, he's lower than pond scum, and tonight, with everyone barred from ringside I get the opportunity to finish that pond scum. Now you are probably thinking “Kelsai, that guy Clyde Sutter is ruthless. Are you sure that you want to face him with nobody around?


That is exactly what I want. Because people have gotten this idea that I can no longer wrestle a match on my own. This however is simply not the case as tonight I will finish Clyde Sutter and I will do it just like I am now….


Again a loud mixed reaction from the fans as Kelsai gives the microphone back to Dexter and the two of them leave the ring, the scene fading backstage as “I am the Champions” plays.


Main Event:
Clyde Sutter Vs Kelsai Adamson-Mason
Everyone banned from ringside

[The wounded Sutter is overwhelmed early with a series of kicks to the injured rubs and then a head scissors takedown. Kelsai with a superkick and then a ddt. She covers and only gets a two. Kelsai with a spear and then applies the calf crusher. Sutter powers his way to the ropes. Kelsai goes up to the top turnbuckle but she is arrogantly taking too much time to fuss at the fans. Sutter manages to recover and goes outside the ring apron and then climbs up after her. Sutter throws her off the top and through the American Announce Table, shattering into pieces! Sutter drops down onto the apron to compose himself while the referee begins a count out on Kelsai. Sutter eventually rolls in to break the count at seven and then rolls back out. But Kelsai meets him with a spear, sending Sutter crashing through the barricade. Kelsai rolls him back into the ring. She goes back up top and comes off with Bombs Away. The cover but Sutter amazingly kicks out just before the three. She starts arguing with Malcolm Stride about the count but the referee refuses to be intimidated. Sutter uses this valuable time to recover. She turns around The Unforgiven from Sutter! But Sutter is too winded and hurt to cover! Sutter uses the ropes to pull himself up. Kelsai pulls herself up, blood is coming out of her mouth as a result of The Unforgiven! Sutter tries to apply Judgment Day. Kelsai runs up the turnbuckles and falls back on top of Sutter for a cover but he breaks the hold just before the three. Sutter with a clothesline from hell. He covers but Kelsai kicks out at two. Sutter snatches Kelsai and gets her in position…one power bomb, a second power bomb, Sutter tries with all his might to hoist her up for the F5 to complete Judge Jury and Executioner but the injuries are too much and he just drops her. Sutter and Kelsai recover at about the same time. Kelsai with another spear! Kelsai goes back up top and connects with The Double Shot. The cover…1…2…3!]
WINNER: Kelsai Adamson-Mason
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