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Fever 2.07

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Fever - July 9th, 2022 (Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, NE)

We cut to the ringside area. Ring announcer Robert Lee stands in the ring with a microphone in hand.

Lee: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome at this time the General Manager of Fever, she is a thirteen time former World Champion, she is “The Golden Goddess” Angelica Jones!

The lights dim to a crimson red color throughout the arena. A high pitched female voice can be heard over the PA speakers…“I Lost My Miiiiiiind….”...The image of a red dragon appears on the Tron. The dragon is engulfed in flames as it is replaced by a phoenix. Then that too goes up in flames as it is replaced by an image of Angelica Jones. The Global-Tron shows images of Angelica Jones delivering the Hot Shot to Steve Pinex, Meagan Collins, Glory Braddock, Angela Jameson and the Divine Impact to Dazz, Daystalker, and Cuchulain. Angelica then steps out onto the stage. She is dressed in a black suit skirt, lace black camisole top, a black matching blazer with black open toed high heel pumps. Sunglasses cover her eyes. Her long hair hangs down to shoulder length. She stares menacingly, sadistically down at the ring, pausing before finally beginning to make the long walk to the ring. Angelica steps into the ring and then steps over to the opposite side of the ring where she poses on the second rope. She then jumps off and heads to the center where the music dies down and the lights come back up.

Angel: Lincoln, Nebraska! Welcome to Fever!

The fans in attendance pop loudly.

Angel: It has been almost one year since GCW brought back this show, Fever, a show that was very near and dear to my heart. See, I am not a GCW Original like my sister Kayla. I got my start in Global Division of Wrestling and Fever was one of its flagship shows. So I was excited to hear that GCW was bringing it back and then to be offered the chance to step in as General Manager to run this new brand was quite an honor. So far, these past ten months we have created some great moments, the talent here in GCW has put on some great action, and we have given opportunities to new up and coming stars. Talents in training got the chance to hone their craft here and already established stars got the chance to perform for you great fans. And that is exactly the vision I had for Fever when I was offered this job. Now tonight, as we enter the tenth month of this great project known as Fever, I bring to you easily the biggest card in the history of Fever. Because tonight something will happen that hasn’t been done in Fever history, whether it was under the GDW umbrella or the GCW umbrella.

Jones holds up two fingers.


The fans cheer loudly. Angelica nods her head.

Angel: In our first main event, Julia Braddock will be defending her GCW Global Heavyweight Championship against Leviticus. Now Julia has been approaching myself and Tabitha Silverstone about wanting an opportunity to defend her championship. She has wanted to defend it ever since winning it at Resurrection. Braddock is truly the definition of a fighting champion and I respect that, and I was willing to grant that request. On the other hand, you have Fabulous with their new marketing guru Leviticus talking trash about Julia Braddock, specifically her tag team formed with Destiny Skye. As a wrestler myself I always preferred to do my talking in the ring. So if Julia wanted to defend that Global Title, then I figured why not give Leviticus the opportunity to back up his words? Levi and Julia tonight for the Global Championship.

The fans pop loudly.

Angel: Then in our double main event we have a pair of big talkers. Kellen Jeffries has been crying foul…and sometimes just plain crying…ever since he lost the GCW World Championship. He wants his “fair shot” his payback. As if he was ever fair to anyone else. Then you have Kelsai, the GCW World Champion who keeps crying any and every time the spotlight isn’t on her. So I figured let these two loud mouths beat the hell out of each other for the GCW World Championship.

Again the fans cheer loudly.

Angel: So tonight, here in Lincoln, Nebraska for Fever, we are…

“I Am The Very Best…”

“I Am The Absolute Best…”

“…and I am the Sexiest of them all!”

After those words are uttered, “Here I Go Again” by Whitesnake starts to play. Aubrianna Powers steps out onto the stage dressed in tight denim jeans, black boots, a black t-shirt with “The MVP” printed on the front, and a black leather jacket. Her long pink tipped blonde hair is hanging straight and unrestrained to past the shoulders. The MVP is met with loud booing from the fans. She smirks smugly as she confidently strides towards the ring. Aubrianna steps up onto the ring apron and strikes a sexy sultry pose which draws a few cheers from the male contingent, despite the women who continue to boo. Aubrianna then steps through the ropes and approaches the center where she poses again. The music dies down and she retrieves a microphone. Angelica looks clearly annoyed by Aubrianna’s interruption but Powers doesn’t seem to care.

Angel: What do you want, Aubrey?

Aubrianna: That’s AUBRIANNA to you! And don’t play dumb, Jones. You know damn well why I am out here right now to interrupt your little self glorification. I mean, you want to stand out here and talk about Fever and what has gone down in the past ten months since bringing it back. Well let’s go back to ten months ago. You promised that you would not keep the spotlight on you. You promised that the spotlight would be on the wrestlers. Now I give you credit, you haven’t marched your happy ass out here very often. But I still see you out here tonight in front of these idiots and it makes me want to vomit! Because this is nothing more than your attempt to steal the spotlight from a more deserving individual, far more deserving than an idiot named Kellen Jeffries who hasn’t even been in a GCW ring in ages yet now suddenly gets a GCW World Title Match upon his return. I mean hell, I’m not Brittany Kayl’s biggest fan but why the hell doesn’t she get to be Kellen’s first opponent? She actually has real beef against the big dumbass. Then there’s Julia Braddock and Leviticus. I give credit to Braddock for wanting to defend that Global Title against all comers but you chose Leviticus when you have someone standing right here in front of you who can beat Braddock within an inch of her life right here and now!

Angel: If you don’t like my booking go talk to Silverstone. I answer only to her and only she can overrule my Fever bookings. She allowed this night go through. So take up your complaints with her.

Powers shakes her head.

Aubrianna: Why should I talk to Silverstone? It would serve no purpose because she ignores me. She doesn’t view me as a legitimate threat any longer. Apparently I need to do something to remind her and everyone else in this locker room just who the hell I am. I am The Most Valuable Powers, damn it! I am the fasted grand slam winner in GCW history. You have both the Global and World Titles on the line tonight? I won both of them faster than anyone in this company’s history. People need to remember what I am capable of.

The MVP points a finger at Angelica.

Aubrianna: That’s where you and your sister come in.

The crowd “Ohs”...Angelica just chuckles.

Angel: Is that a threat, Powers? You do remember that I am retired from active competition?

Aubrianna: Yeah, yeah, throw that ‘retired’ excuse at me. Because that’s all it is. It is an excuse. You are too much of a coward to face me, or anyone else for that matter. You lost your edge, you lost your spine, you lost your will to fight after your stupid daughter kicked your ass at Resurrection. That’s the only reason you are no longer an active competitor. That’s why I have no interest in fighting you, because I know you don’t have the guts to accept. But your sister…

The MVP smirks.

Aubrianna: She is still gutsy enough to accept a challenge. She is still running around on that little retirement tour of hers, right? Accepting the challenge of anyone and everyone willing to fight. That’s great because I am looking for a fight against the one Jones sister still with enough guts to step up. You two speak about The Sisterhood? You may have been a great tag team. You have held tag team championship gold everywhere you have been. But as far as a real Sisterhood goes it pales in comparison to what I have.

Angel: Trinity, right?

Powers nods her head. Angelica chuckles.

Angel: Kayla and I had some great moments. You can mock us all you want, you can doubt us and criticize us, but we were a championship caliber team. When we were active we kicked ass. We were dominant. Your gal pals Trinity…you haven’t been that successful lately, have you? Every championship opportunity that came your way in Zion has slipped through your fingers. Now once could be a fluke but failing to capture gold after two, three, or four opportunities? That’s pathetic. Just like you.

Aubrianna: What’s pathetic is the fact that you are here talking trash to me when you refuse to fight. What’s pathetic is the fact that your sister is clearly hiding behind you. Where is she? Why hasn’t she accepted my challenge? I want to fight her…not wrestle her, I want to FIGHT HER at For Glory & Gold. Is she going to accept or not?

Angel: I cannot speak for my sister and I will not answer that challenge on her behalf. But what I will say is that she will be here tonight so you had better watch your back. And that match at For Glory & Gold, Tabitha Silverstone has already drawn up the contract. I have it in my office ready for you to sign. All it needs it Kayla’s signature. And it will be a street fight.

The MVP smirks.

Aubrianna: That’s music to my ears. I will be there to sign that contract in a moment, Jones. All you need to do is send a message to your sister. Tell her to get ready for an ass kicking and that she can just learn to love it.


We see Aria playing her cello backstage to calm her nerves, as it is the debut for her in GCW. She would continue to play, as she spoke.

Aria Stevens-Crawford: "Wrestling is an artform, I had always heard from my beloved. There is always a precision, and pride to the craft, and I am an artist in that ring."

Aria said with a sly smile, as she would place down her instrument.

Aria Stevens-Crawford: "My opponent believes too much in religion, and wishes to restrict freedom and expression of oneself. This is something I can't stand for, as I will compose a symphony for the ages! I hope you all watch, and enjoy... my Magnum Opus begs to be heard tonight."

She said with a brief head nod and a wicked smile forming, as she prepared for her fight.


Aria Stevens-Crawford vs. Religious Wright
[The minute referee Denika Hartwell calls for the bell to begin the match Religious Wright charges Aria wielding his “Bible” that is clearly loaded with something heavy. Aria ducks it and kicks it out of his hands. Aria connects with a step-up enziguri and then a swinging neck breaker. Aria covers but gets a one count only. Religious Wright clotheslines her over the top but she lands on the ring apron. She springboards in with a hurricinrana taking down Religious Wright. Aria connects with Vipress Sonata. The cover…1…2…3!]
WINNER: Aria Stevens-Crawford


Pacing back and forth in his locker room, Kellen Jeffries was thinking to himself silently, trying to prepare for his match tonight. It is a big match too, as this is the first time he has ever received a rematch for the GCW World Heavyweight Championship. Yes, that’s right, though many people tend to forget his reign, Kellen was for a very short time, just over three months, the World Champion. However, while his was a “transitional” reign that didn’t last for long, there were a few memorable moments that occurred. These included his surprise cash-in of his money in the bank contract that still has not seen Brittany Kayl the same since or a bronze bust of Kellen’s ass that was outside of the GCW offices.

Yes, the self-proclaimed leader of the one percent certainly knew how to get under the skin of everyone else In GCW during that time, but now? Now Kellen was having a hard time even finding himself on the card at all. Which is why that match up against Kelsai Adamson-Mason was so important to Kellen, because if he could not take advantage of this opportunity? Who knows when or even if he might receive another title shot. This had to be chiefly on Kellen’s mind as he looked as though he might wear or hole through the concrete floor he had gone back and forth so many times, getting quicker and quicker each time paced the width of the room.

Not that Kellen would have been aware of that himself, being that he was so focused on whatever was taking up all of his thinking. In fact, Kellen was concentrating so hard that he almost didn’t hear someone knocking on his door until the third time there was rapping, getting louder each time. Going over, Kellen opens up the door and goes from concentrated to annoyed.

Kellen: “Of all of the people that are involved with this company, why are you here at my locker room door?”

Not even waiting for Kellen to invite her because truth be told he more than likely would not, smiling as she does, the aforementioned Kelsai Adamson-Mason comes bouncing into the room.

Kelsai: “Kellen Jeffries, is that any way to say hi to the woman that is giving you the rematch that you have been denied for so long?”

He is normally that type of man who likes to engage in small talk with his adversaries to begin with and now it had become evident rather quickly that Kellen was only becoming more annoyed by his unwanted company by the second.

Kellen: “What in the hell makes you think you can just waltz into my locker room without even asking me if it is ok Kelsai? Because let me clue you in here, it is definitely not ok, especially when we are going to be facing each other in a little while for the World Championship.”

Kelsai: “Oh relax Kellen ok? I can come in here because I am the champ and you are not. I can go where I want, when I want, when GCW is in this arena.”

Kellen: “Is that so?”

Kelsai: “Yes it is. Besides this match that we are going to be having is not as nearly as big as the match on Shotgun’s For Glory and Gold when I will be facing that other champion and the never was to win my GCW Undisputed Championship. Actually that is what we need to talk about right now.”

Kellen: “Is that so?”

Kelsai: “Yes. See, that match is only a few weeks away, and so I need to ask you that even though you are going to try your best and inevitably fail in this match, I just need to ask you please be careful with my face. People will be seeing this face all over the world when I win and I want to be looking my best, something that GCW will thank you for too.”

Kellen: “I see. And what happens if I win a little later and then I become the GCW Undisputed Champion in a few weeks, because I have to tell you Kelsai, that is what I think is what will happen.”

Kelsai looks Kellen straight in the face and starts laughing while walking out the door as Kellen slams it behind her.


We cut backstage to the office of General Manager Angelica Jones. She is sitting at her desk calmly with a contract in front of her. The calm of the atmosphere is interrupted when Aubrianna Powers storms angrily into her office.

Aubrianna: This is ridiculous! I should be dealing with Silverstone herself! Not with some second rate assistant like you!

Jones rolls her eyes.

Angel: I am not her assistant. I am the Fever General Manager.

Aubrianna: But she can overrule you. That makes you her assistant. I should be dealing with the real person in charge here. If I’m here to sign this contract for the street fight at For Glory & Gold I should talk to Silverstone. And not only that, why isn’t my opponent here?

Jones hands the contract over to Aubrey. Powers takes it and looks it over. She frowns.

Aubrianna: Your stupid sister hasn’t even signed this?!

Angel: Kayla isn’t here yet.

Aubrianna: So I don’t even know if I’m getting this match or not?

Angel: No but I did speak with Silverstone. She assured me that if Kayla does not sign the contract, you will be declared the winner via forfeit and it will show up in the records as you beat her.

The MVP smirks.

Aubrianna: Well good. At least she got something right.

She takes a pen and quickly signs her contract. Then she shoves it back at Angelica.

Aubrianna: There you go. Make sure your sister signs this.

Powers turns and walks out of the office.


Jeffrey Alexander vs. Kevin Richards
[Things started with Richards going for a clothesline, then a big boot. Richards went for another clothesline but Jeff floated over and struck with a ddt. Jeff with a snap suplex and then a belly to belly suplex. Jeff with a cover but Kevin kicks out at two. Kevin rolls to the outside. Jeff with a corkscrew plancha over the top rope and onto Kevin taking him out. Jeff rolls Kevin back into the ring. Jeff with a running boot to the face. A cover but Kevin kicks out just before three. Jeff goes up to the top. He comes off with Turn Out The Lights. The cover…1…2…3!]
WINNER: Jeffrey Alexander


We cut backstage where we find GCW journalist Yo Joe standing by next to “The Phoenix” Marie Jones, dressed in a black knee length dress, black high heel sandals, and a black leather jacket.


Marie sighs.

Marie: Can we just get on it with it?

Yo Joe: Certainly! You LOSE!

Marie: Huh?! Is that any way to start an interview?!

Yo Joe: Sorry. But you lose…you lose to Brittany Kayl…her majesty…last Fever! You lose your ginger bitches too! Now what?

Marie: Well, I…

Suddenly Allison Lorraine and Carmen Diaz step up to Marie.

Allison: Nothing.

Marie: What do you two want?

Carmen: Anything we want, especially now that you will no longer be pushing us around.

Jones sighs.

Marie: This was a mistake…

Allison: What was a mistake was you…you thinking you could try to teach us how to be relevant when you yourself cannot possibly make yourself relevant! You criticized us for losing when you couldn’t win a damn match either! Your own sister, you know, the psychopath, she is more successful than you!

Allison points a finger at Marie.

Allison: YOU are the ginger bitch! You are the joke! You are irrelevant!

Jones shakes her head and turns to walk away.

Carmen: Yeah! Keep walking and don’t come back!

Marie stops briefly and considers going back. But she eventually decides to keep walking.


MAEVE vs. Lynn Bradley
[MAEVE with a running knee strike and then a double foot stomp. Lynn Bradley rolls to the outside. MAEVE with a flying cross body over the top onto Bradley. MAEVE rolls her back into the ring. MAEVE with a spike ddt. She applies cattle mutilation. Lynn reaches the ropes after about a minute. MAEVE with Hiroshima! MAEVE with Chernobyl! The cover…1…2…3!]


We cut backstage where we find GCW Hall of Fame journalist (the first one!) Janice King. She is the center of a fabulous sandwich to say the least. To her right stands Summer Collins and to Janice’s left stands “The Archangel” Jessica Lasiewicz. The duo known as Fabulous are wearing their matching tri-colored royal blue, black, and white cheerleader uniform wrestling gear with “Fabulous” printed on the front.

Janice: I am Janice King, the first ever and still best journalist to ever be inducted into the GCW Hall of Fame, despite what Dexter Russell may say!

She smirks.

Janice: My guests at this time are none other than Summer Collins and “The Archangel” Jessica Lasiewicz! Before I begin, conspicuous by his absence is your marketing guru Leviticus. Where is he? I would think he would be with you supporting you in your match tonight against Team Perry.

Collins chuckles.

Summer: Janice, darling, Jess and I don’t need his support against Team Perry. Caitlyn and Kenny Perry are not in our league. So we can most certainly get by for tonight without Levi by our side. Besides, Captain Capitalism is going to be a busy man in his own right tonight as he attempts to bring home the GCW Global Heavyweight Championship.

Janice: Speaking of, what about the Global Championship Match tonight between Julia Braddock and Leviticus?

Summer: No…

Janice: No?

Summer: I mean, no, we are not discussing tonight’s championship matches. The spotlight should always be on its most Fabulous stars and that would be me and Jess. Now it would have been a far greater night and a far bigger challenge for us if we were given the title opportunities. Imagine I walk away as Global Champion while Jess walks away as World Champion? Now that would have been Fabulous. But management just didn’t have the proper vision. We’ll settle for Levi bringing it home to us.

Jessica: As far as Team Perry goes…they are going to serve their purpose. They are going to be sacrificed here tonight. Summer and I have been overlooked by management for far too long. We have held this tag team division upon our shoulders since day one. Yet other teams get opportunities before us.

Lasiewicz shakes her head.

Jessica: This isn’t a complaint against Ana and Skylar. They EARNED their number one contender status. But did The Alan Family EARN their tag title opportunity against The McBride Corporation? It was just handed to them. And they had to cheat to win ever since to become champions and to remain champions. Well if that is the status quo from now on then so be it. Fabulous can cheat just as well as anyone else. We can play dirty, as dirty as anyone else. Tonight you will get to see just how dirty we can play.

Summer: A win is a win, right? A win, however it occurs, still goes down in the record books as a win. And hell, even if we do end up with an asterisk next to our name, we’ll still accept the win. We scored a victory this past Shotgun against the GCW Tag Team Champions Duke and Lester as well as the MWE Tag Team Champions K2O. Sure, The Alan Family walked away leaving Karen and Olly all alone but do you think we care?

Collins shakes her head.

Summer: The record book shows that WE beat two sets of tag champs. As far as we’re concerned, whatever happens in this tag team title situation between The Alan Family and SkyBird, WE HAVE NEXT! And that, Janice, is absolutely Fabulous!


Fabulous vs. Team Perry
[Summer and Caitlyn start things off. Summer with several quick arm drags and a hip toss. Summer with a back elbow smash and then a flapjack. She tags out to Jessica. Jessica with an Our Lady Peace to Caitlyn into a Money Clip from Summer, The Golden Kiss of Death! Jessica covers but Kenny broke up the pin. Jessica with a dragon screw to Caitlyn and then a single leg crab. Caitlyn reaches the ropes after about a minute. Jessica tags out to Summer. Summer with a single leg crab to Caitlyn. Again Caitlyn reaches the ropes after about a minute. Summer refuses to break. Kenny in to force the break. Summer and Kenny brawl in the center of the ring. This distracts the referee long enough to allow Jessica to get a steel chair. She smashes the chair against Caitlyn’s leg which was sandwiched in between the ring post. Jessica quickly gets rid of the evidence as Kenny goes after her next. Kenny chases Jessica inside. Jessica with an Our Lady Peace into a German Suplex from Summer…In Your Dreams! Summer tags out to Jessica. Caitlyn is trying to pull herself up but she is noticeably limping. Summer with Summer’s End…Jessica leaps off with a 450 Splash…Absolutely Fabulous! Jessica drags Caitlyn out to the center and applies The Four Card Trick! Caitlyn quickly taps out.]
WINNERS: Fabulous

[Things are not over yet. Instead of celebrating Jessica drags Caitlyn over to the corner. Lasiewicz applies the figure four with Caitlyn’s leg wrapped around the ring post. Kenny tries to help but Summer lands a low blow followed up by The Stock Market Crash. Jessica maintains the figure four on the ring post on Caitlyn while Summer gets a pair of steel chairs. She places one under Kenny’s head. Summer takes the second chair and delivers a con-chair-toe. Summer exits the ring. Jessica finally relinquishes the figure four. Medical staff quickly rush in to attend to Caitlyn and Kenny Perry while Jessica and Summer walk off.]


We cut to the ready area where we find “The MVP” Aubrianna Powers. She is dressed in her ring gear and looks ready to compete. She is intensely focused as evidenced by the look of confidence on her face.

Aubrianna: We are halfway through the show and I have already confronted one half of the so-called “Sisterhood”. I again called out Kayla, demanding a match against her For Glory & Gold. I even signed the contract for that match but where is Kayla?

Powers shrugs her shoulders.

Aubrianna: She is still not here! I have still not heard from her!

The MVP smirks.

Aubrianna: I will gladly take a win via forfeit you coward! So go ahead, don’t sign the contract! Don’t confront me here tonight! But since you won’t confront me, why don’t you watch from your little hiding spot, watch what happens to Jodi Jennings here tonight. My pal Jess Anderson says to be careful about Jodi.

Powers shakes her head.

Aubrianna: I’m not worried about Jodi. Jodi Jennings is just the next victim. And Jodi can learn to love it, bitches.

Powers turns and storms off.


Aubrianna Powers vs. Jodi Jennings
[Jodi with a flying forearm smash and a hip toss and then a dropkick that sends Powers tumbling to the outside. Jodi with a suicide dive over the top taking out Powers. Jodi rushes in but Aubrey with a drop toe hold sends Jodi face first into the steel steps. Powers with a snap suplex on the outside. She rolls Jodi back into the ring. The MVP with a hangman’s neck breaker and then a neck vice. Jodi fights back up to her feet as Powers switches to a side headlock. Jodi breaks the hold with three elbows the gut. Powers then guts Jodi in the gut and plants her with a ddt. Aubrey measures Jodi as she rises back up. The MVP with The Most Valuable Kick and immediately follows that up with Simply The Best Moonsault, completing The Powers That Be! The cover…1…2…3!]
WINNER: Aubrianna Powers

[Aubrianna doesn’t celebrate. Instead she takes a microphone from ring announcer Robert Lee.]

Aubrianna: See that? That’s why Kayla Jones is too much of a coward to face me! That is why everyone should start taking me seriously! I am The MVP of this damn company and I deserve to be treated with respect and I deserve to be given better matches! I deserve the spotlight! And if Tabitha Silverstone won’t give me the spotlight, then like I said, I will take it! I will mow through anyone and everyone on this roster if I have to in order to make everyone sit up and take notice! This company will be mine again! I will…

[And suddenly Powers is interrupted when “All The Things She Said” begins to play. Angelica Jones steps out from behind the curtain and begins to approach the ring. She has the For Glory & Gold contract in her hand.]

Aubrianna: You again?! What brings you out here?! Unless you are here to announce me as the winner via forfeit, or if you are here to tell me your coward sister is here, unless its one of those two things then you need to leave because I don’t want to hear from you!

[Angelica smirks knowingly as she stops right at the ringside area. It becomes evident why as the fans begin to cheer loudly. Kayla Jones jumps the railing behind Aubrianna. Kayla slides into the ring and Powers doesn’t see it.]

Aubrianna: What are you smiling at?!

[Angelica points. Powers turns around and Kayla immediately delivers a swift and vicious Kaylan Wind Kick, knocking The MVP out cold. Angelica steps into the ring and joins her younger sister. Kayla picks up the microphone.]

Kayla: Angel told you to watch your back. She told you that I would be here and here I am. So as far as your challenge goes…street fight at For Glory & Gold…I ACCEPT!

[The fans cheer loudly. Angelica passes the contract over to Kayla who immediately takes a pen and signs the contract. She hands it back to Angelica and then the sisters leave the ring together.]


We open backstage, near the exit of the arena. We find Marie Jones there, with her luggage apparently ready to leave the arena. But she is stopped when Allison and Carmen step into her path.

Allison: Where are you going, Marie?

Marie: I’m just trying to leave…so please step aside?

Carmen shakes her head.

Carmen: After the grief you put us through for months now, I think we are owed.

Allison: And you are going to pay in spades!

Carmen kicks Marie in the gut, doubling her over. Allison then joins in as the two kick away at Marie. Meanwhile Marie is fumbling around in her luggage, desperately trying to reach something. Finally she pulls out a bottle of “The Last Dab” hot sauce. She pulls off the top and tosses some of it into Allison’s eyes! Then she tosses the rest into Carmen’s eyes!

Marie: And for my next trick!

She kicks off her heels. She reaches into her luggage and produces a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. She swings and blasts Allison in the gut. She blasts Carmen in the back with it. Marie drops the barbed wire bat and then reaches back into her luggage and produces…a staple gun.

Marie: My precious!

She walks over and staples Allison’s ass…followed by Carmen’s ass. She stands there gazing proudly at her work as Allison and Carmen writhe in pain in the floor. A few moments later she is joined by…the REAL Marie Jones.

Marie: Kim, what are you doing dressed like me…

The REAL Marie looks down at Allison and Carmen.

Marie: Good God, Kim…

Kim: What? They provoked me! All I was doing was trying to leave the arena when they attacked me!

Marie: And you HAPPEN to be dressed exactly like me? You dressed exactly like me when you KNEW those two had it in for me? And they provoked you?

The Woman Scorned nods her head.

Kim: Yup!

Williams picks up the heels she kicked off earlier.

Kim: Wearing heels suck! Give me barbed wire, broke glass, or C4 explosives any day of the week!

Kim storms off, leaving Marie to stare down at Allison and Carmen who are only just now getting back to their feet. They see Marie there, not realizing that they were attacked by Kim and that Kim has now left.

Allison: Leave us alone you psycho!

Carmen: You were a bully but I never you were as sadistic as your idiot sister Kim!

Allison and Carmen run away. Marie chuckles softly.


Mariah vs. “The Rogue” Caitlin O’Toole
[Mariah with a superkick and then a face buster. Mariah connects with Kick Me Deadly followed up by The Greatest Legdrop. She covers but Caitlin kicks out at two. Mariah with a snap suplex and then a ddt. Mariah with Starr Struck followed up by The Brightest Star. The cover…1…2…3!]
WINNER: Mariah


We cut backstage where we find Samuel Price standing next to one half of SkyeLife, Destiny Skye. Destiny is dressed in tight denim jeans, black boots, a black blouse, and a black leather jacket. A stoic glare is etched across her face.

Price: Ladies and gentlemen I am being joined at this time by one of the participants in the Elimination Chase that begins on Livewire, a chase that will result in the crowning of a new GCW X Division Champion. Please welcome, Destiny Skye.

She nods her head.

Destiny: It’s great to be here, Sammy.

Price: Your best friend and tag team partner, Julia Braddock, isn’t here for obvious reasons; she is busy preparing to defend the GCW Global Heavyweight Championship against Leviticus. But ever since you two came together you have had so much success against great championship caliber tag teams, Julia became Global Champion, and now you have the chance to bring some gold into your camp as well at For Glory & Gold, but it starts on Livewire with the four way phase of the elimination chase.

Destiny: That’s right. And as I said, me and Jules just wanted to do this because it was something we never did before. We never got the chance to team together. We’ve had great singles success, we have even fought each other, but we never got the chance to team together. SkyeLife represents a dream we both had as kids. Its as simple as that. But we never expected to have this much instant success. I mean, we came together around Civil War if I remember correct. Jules won Civil War, went on to win the Global Title at Resurrection. Now together we have beaten some great teams…Soviet Gingers, Twin Magic…

Destiny pats her chest.

Destiny: But now it is MY turn to remind the world exactly what I am capable of! I am a former GCW World Champion myself! So if anyone here is sleeping on me then they are in for a rude awakening. Don’t get me wrong, anyone would be justified in betting against me. Ever since the collapse of The Fix, nothing has really gone right for me as a singles competitor. Hell, I wasn’t even supposed to be in this bloody thing to begin with. It was supposed to be Alexander Jones. Silverstone put me in for whatever reason. Pity? She just randomly drew my name out of a hat?

She shrugs her shoulders.

Destiny: I don’t know…I don’t really give a damn. Because the fact is that I see this as more than just an opportunity to become the GCW X Division Champion. I know damn well what I am capable of and I know that I can win this chase and become champion at For Glory & Gold. I see this as my chance to remind everyone else what Destiny Skye is capable of! Because I am not dumb, I hear the talk…Jules is the champion. She is on top of the world. At best right now I’m either viewed as just as her tag team partner or at worst her sidekick.

She shakes her head.

Destiny: But I am MORE than that, Sammy. I am more than capable of making it through Mara Kade. I am more than capable of shutting Veronica Taylor up. And yes, I can beat Mariah Starr. I can become X Division Champion.

Price: Speaking of Mariah, she just won her match. Thoughts?

Destiny: No one should ever question her abilities. Of course she is good. She beat Chantelle Chambers at Resurrection. She beat one of the best homegrown talents in GCW. So yeah, I give her credit. But I also know that I can beat her. The only one getting the raw end of the deal is Mara Kade. She won a contract guaranteeing her a one on one title match. Yet she’s having to settle for this? Now instead of winning one match at a time of her choosing she has to win three matches?

Skye smirks.

Destiny: But that’s not my problem! I will beat her and ruin her chances! I will step over her just as I will step over the others! And I will make my own destiny as I become the new GCW X Division Champion!


Victor Mason vs. Jessica Anderson
[Jessica starts off fast with a spinning heel kick and a dropkick. Victor goes for a clothesline but Jessica ducks it and then lands a backstabber. Victor struggles to his feet and Jessica lands a hip attack sending Victor tumbling to the outside. Victor’s bodyguard Jaxson distracts the referee while Jessica goes for a suicide dive. Victor gets a steel chair and brings it up, causing Jessica’s head to slam into the steel chair as she is going through the air with the suicide dive! Victor quickly gets rid of the evidence. He rolls her into the ring and covers but shockingly Jessica kicks out at two and a half. Victor with a suplex and then a spine buster. Victor with an exploder suplex and then a double underhook ddt. He covers but again Jessica kicks out at two and a half. Victor goes for a side Russian legsweep but Jessica counters with a clothesline. Jessica with a shining wizard. She covers but Victor kicks out at two. Jessica goes up top for the Show Stealer but Victor gets his knees up! Victor connects with Seed of Victory. The cover…1…2…3!]
WINNER: Victor Mason


“Diamond Princess” Danielle Page, her bodyguard Tera Taylor, and Marisol Vilaro are walking into a luxury box of the Pinnacle Bank Arena. Danielle looks around then turns to an arena employee.

“Diamond Princess” Danielle Page:This will do.
The arena employee smiles, nods his head, and exits the luxury box. Danielle looks down at the ring and the crowd. Danielle smirks.

“Diamond Princess” Danielle Page:I look down on this GCW ring and these mouth breathing marks. I know I am the reason for all of this success.

Marisol Vilaro:There is no doubt about that, Dani. You have spearheaded a phenomenon and we have saved GCW.

“Diamond Princess” Danielle Page:Despite all we have done in the almost year since I entered GCW all of these sycophants decided to cheat me out of a World Title match. This is an obvious conspiracy against me, against Marisol, against Tera,against Veronica, and against Clyde. But we will be righting the wrongs that have been thrown our way. That begins tonight when Veronica and Clyde destroy Blood Rose.

Danielle takes a seat in a chair looking down at the ring.

“Diamond Princess” Danielle Page:While I have been cheated out of a title shot by my conspirators I am still very much interred in both the Global and World Championship matches. Kelsai, Julia, and all of your challengers before I finally get my shot at the GCW throne:enjoy your time in the spot


Brittany Kayl vs. Matthew Taylor
[Matthew with a spinning heel kick and a superkick that sends Kayl to the outside. Taylor with a corkscrew suicide plancha over the top taking out Kayl. He rolls her back into the ring. He springboards in for a senton but Kayl rolls out of the way. Matthew rolls through it but runs into a running high knee from Kayl. Kayl with a chop block and then a leg grapevine. Matthew fights to the ropes. Kayl with Reality Bites followed by The Spinoff. The cover but Taylor kicks out. Kayl goes for My Bitch but can’t quite lift him. Matthew goes for a roundhouse kick but she ducks and connects with a code breaker. Kayl applies Shark Week. Matthew taps out.]
WINNER: Brittany Kayl


Backstage we find the MWE Riot Champion Clyde Sutter standing in the ready dressed in his all black wrestling gear and a black trenchcoat. His MWE Riot Championship title belt is wrapped around his waist. A cold sneer is etched across his face.

Clyde Sutter: History can never be erased. History can never be changed. History cannot just be simply swept under the rug. And if you think that you can just simply move on from history then you are merely fooling yourself.

The Assassin sneers.

Clyde Sutter: Our World and Global Champions are certainly fooling themselves. While I do respect Julia Braddock, she is fooling herself if she thinks that I am finished with her. And if Kelsai thinks that I will just move on after what happened on Livewire, then she is fooling herself. And if they are delusional enough to believe that a victory at For Glory & Gold to become the Undisputed Champion here in GCW will give them true happiness…well, then they truly both fools. Every dog has its day and I will have mine. And regardless of who walks away as the Undisputed Champion, that individual will simply become a transitional champion, the place holder for the soon to be newly crowned champion Danielle Page.

Sutter smirks.

Clyde Sutter: Ms. Page’s friend Veronica Taylor looks to make history. She wants to be in the hall of fame. A little early, perhaps, but what she wants is of no concern to me. What IS of concern to me is Blood Rose. Aurora and Saul yet again find themselves in the wrong damn place in the wrong damn time against a really pissed off Assassin. Tonight, it will be ugly, and there will be casualties. Tick, tock…tock, tock…tick, tock…


Veronica Taylor & Clyde Sutter vs. Blood Rose
[Sutter starts off the match for his team against Saul Ramsey. Saul and Sutter started off with an exchange of rights and lefts. Saul then hits the ropes but Sutter got a big boot up to his face. Sutter with a tilt-a-whirl into a side slam. Sutter then delivered a buckle bomb to Saul Ramsey. Sutter measured Saul as he rose to his feet and then delivered The Unforgiven claymore kick! Instead of covering Sutter roughly tossed the unconscious Saul Ramsey to the Blood Rose corner, allowing Saul to tag out to Aurora. Aurora bravely went for a springboard hurricinrana but Sutter caught her in mid-air and drilled her with one power bomb, held on for a second power bomb, held on and then transitioned into the F5…Judge, Jury, and Executioner! Sutter tags out to Veronica. Veronica holds the barely conscious Aurora up for Sutter to drill her with an Unforgiven! Veronica then places one foot across Aurora’s chest…1…2…3!]
WINNERS: Veronica Taylor & Clyde Sutter

[Veronica tapes a photograph of herself on Aurora’s face before she walks away.]


[D'Nae Moore stands backstage in a hallway, a locker room door closed behind her. Dressed in tight white jeans and a bright blue sleeveless top, D'nae adjusts her blue-tipped hair over her shoulder with a smile.]

D'Nae: “I told y'all I'd be here at Fever, and here I am. With both the World and Global Championships being defended tonight, obviously I had to be here and keep a close watch on things. Y'all know what's up. Triple Threat Ladder match at For Glory and Gold, where both champions plus me are gonna fight it out and at the end... two titles become one. Right now, I'm supposed to face Kelsai Adamson-Mason and Julia Braddock, but at the end of tonight, that could be different. And I got to stay on top of things, I got to be prepared.

Julia.... you said if Kelsai kept ducking me, you wouldn't have a problem giving me a rematch, cause I deserved one after being screwed. I already told you I appreciate that, and I do. But that wouldn't be a rematch, it would be a match. You and I never faced off, it was Kelsai and her lil man who screwed me. This triple threat ain't what you meant, I know that. But it forces Kelsai to be in the ring with me again, so I'm good with it. You involved too, with the titles being unified at the end? Only makes it sweeter. I'm hoping you keep your title tonight, cause one... ain't no one needs to see Leviticus with any title, much less the Global... but more importantly? Getting in the ring with you, after your generous offer, will be a honor.”

[The smile as D'Nae spoke fades into a cocky glare.]

D'Nae: “Now. Kelsai. You went and ran your mouth on Twitter when no one pulled your string, so lemme set you straight right quick. First of all, yeah, you right... I never been World Champion. YET. But let me tell you something, lil girl. My whole life I been talked down to and told to 'know my place' and stay behind or under those who think they better than me, just because of who I am. You being who YOU are, I would think you'd understand that. I guess growing up with a pile of money and marrying into an even bigger pile would give anyone enough privilege to not understand struggle, or what saying words like that to someone like me really means.

You bout to find out though. There's no doubt in my mind that you ain't losing tonight, cause Kellen is a fool and you're gonna outsmart and outwrestle him easily. So when you get to For Glory and Gold with that belt of yours hanging alongside Julia's over the ring.... you gonna see exactly what I do when anyone tells me to know my spot....

….I step up and TAKE THEIRS!”

[D'Nae calms herself down with a deep breath, then puts a smile back on her face.]

D'Nae: “All that said... Ima go find me a nice seat to watch the two main events. Eyes on the prizes, y'all.”

[With a finger tapping her cheek under an eye, D'Nae smiles a little wider then walks out of the shot.]


Lee: Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for the first of our DOUBLE MAIN EVENT and it is for the GCW Global Heavyweight Championship!

(The crowd pops loudly.)

Lee: Introducing first, from London, England, she is The Kensington Knockout as well as the reigning and defending GCW Global Heavyweight Champion, JULIA BRADDOCK!

(The lights dim as several spotlights shine down upon the entrance ramp. The opening chords of "Gets Me Through" by Ozzy Osbourne begins to play over the PA system. The lights all come on. Pyro goes off. The tron flashes to life and the words "Her Royal Majesty" appears on the tron only to be set ablaze and burn away in a fire, almost as if Rome itself were burning. The words "The Queen is dead" appear in its place. Then Julia Braddock steps out onto the stage decked out in her wrestling attire consisting of black pants with a silver thigh length skirt, silver top, and silver kick boots looking ready to go. She has her GCW Global Heavyweight Championship title belt draped over her right shoulder. Julia goes to one side of the stage and pumps her fists in the air to encourage them to cheer loudly which gets a positive reaction. She goes to the other side of the stage and does the same, also getting a positive reaction. Julia then turns towards the ramp and charges towards the ring. Julia hops up onto the ring apron and then jumps over the top rope and into the ring. Braddock goes to each corner and hops up to the top, posing for the fans. Julia steps to the center of the ring and waits on the match to begin.)

Julia: Well this is rather unusual isn’t it? The champion is announced first? Usually I get the designation of being introduced last. But why is that?

(Braddock shrugs her shoulders.)

Julia: I suppose the idea is that you save the best for last. Now I get that it may be a tradition, and I was raised to respect traditions, but this is a small one, not as important, and it can be broken on occasion. I want to break this one tradition so that I can get a chance to address my great fans right here in Lincoln, Nebraska!

(Again the fans cheer loudly. She walks over to the side of the ring where the announcer table is. She waves at D’Nae Moore who sits ringside.)

Julia: And why not? I’ll address you too, mate. I look forward to the ladder match at For Glory & Gold. We’ve battled before, we were the final two of the 2021 Civil War Match. I knew from that moment you were championship material, I knew from that moment that you were destined to main event Resurrection one day. And then it took just one more year to make that a reality. Now despite a certain twat’s shenanigans, you have the chance to make history and unify the GCW World and GCW Global Titles. The same opportunity I have. Unfortunately once again things won’t turn out your way, mate. But this time it won’t be because of any shenanigans, it will be just because I was good enough to survive, to climb the ladder, and become the Undisputed Champion.

(A mixed reaction comes from both sides, the D’Nae fans and the Julia fans.)

Julia: Now I want to address that little twat Kelsai. I don’t like you and you don’t like me, that much is obvious. And maybe its true that I don’t give you enough credit? I mean, granted you do much of that disservice to yourself. What are we all supposed to think when you cheat to beat me. You cheat to beat Chanel Hunter. You cheat to beat D’Nae Moore. In my rematch you tried like hell to run away and get yourself disqualified. In your match against Sutter you had him assaulted ahead of time so that he would be easier pickings…and yet he still almost beat your ass even when he went in at 50%. Why wouldn’t people like myself, D’Nae, and these great fans think you are a cowardly chicken shit? But I will give the devil her due. You are defending the championship tonight and not against some pushover. As unpopular as he may be, Kellen is a former World Champion and you’re willing to put the title on the line against him here tonight. I’m even willing to wager that you will get past him tonight. In fact, I’m banking on it.

(Braddock smirks.)

Julia: Because when I unify the World and Global Titles, when I become the Undisputed Champion, I want it to be me. I want to be the one to fulfill my prophecy from way back a few months ago. Remember, Kelsai? I prophesied that your entire world would come crashing down upon you beginning at Resurrection, that you would lose it all, beginning at Resurrection. And I started your downhill spiral by making you tap out to become the new GCW Global Champion. And at For Glory & Gold, that prophecy is going to be fulfilled and I damn sure want to be the one to do it. If Kellen does it here tonight then so be it. But I’d rather be the one responsible for you losing BOTH of your championships!

(The fans cheer loudly.)

Julia: D’Nae, I respect you. And like I said, you deserve to be world champion. That should have been you who got the ball rolling on her downward spiral. You should have beat her on night one. But she managed to cheat you out of your destiny. For Glory & Gold is your chance at redemption and I for, one, am glad that you are there. We both owe Kelsai an ass kicking. We both want to wring her neck. Unfortunately only one of us can leave with both titles. And I will do whatever I have to in order to make sure that champion is me!

(Braddock chuckles.)

Julia: But I may be getting a mite ahead of myself. After all, I have to successfully defend against Leviticus right here in just a few moments. Now quite honestly, I would have gladly defended against Jessica Lasiewcz, herself a former world and global champion. Or even Summer Collins, a former X Division and former North American Champion. Both of them have proven singles success. Yet when they trash talk and run their mouths about me and Destiny, strangely enough I find not one of them being sent after me, I find their Marketing Guru being sent after me and my title.

(She pats the title draped over her right shoulder.)

Julia: Don’t take that wrong, Levi. I know you’re talented. I recall how you took Travis Vessey to his limit at Resurrection X. I recall how you damn near beat Rayola Davine to become X Division Champion. That is evidence of the great potential you have. But you cannot make a living off of potential, Levi. You have to get the job done. So here is your chance. Quit the trash talking and get out here and show me what you’re made of!


Main Event
GCW Global Championship
Julia Braddock (champion) vs. Leviticus
[Braddock ducks a Levi clothesline attempt and then comes back with a spinning heel kick taking him down. Julia with a scissors kick and then Ex-Communication. The cover for an early victory but Levi powers out at one. Levi with a drop toe hold sending Braddock face first into the bottom turnbuckle. Levi with a belly to back suplex and then a body slam. Levi with the Doomsday Prophecy into a cover but Julia kicks out at one. Levi with a shoulder breaker and then an arm bar. Braddock eventually reaches the ropes. Leviticus throws her roughly to the outside. He hoists her up onto his shoulders and looks to ram her into the steel ring post but Julia slips free and dropkicks him face first into the steel ring post. Braddock with Cult of Personality on the outside! She rolls Levi into the ring just in time. She ascends to the top rope. Julia leaps off with a swan dive head butt for a cover and Levi just barely kicks out. Julia goes for another Ex-Communication but Levi avoids contact and then drops her with an arm bar takedown. Levi applies The Truth Shall Set You Free. Braddock struggles in the hold but eventually reaches the bottom rope.]

[Levi sets her up for The Book of Levi but Braddock counters into a Full Nelson Release suplex. Braddock with a swinging neck breaker. She drops an elbow, a second elbow, a third elbow, she curtsies before dropping the fourth elbow. She then steps through and applies the sharpshooter. Levi fights through the pain and eventually reaches the ropes after about a minute. Julia drags him back out to the center and tries to reapply it but he counters into a small package. Julia kicks out at two. Both quickly scramble to their feet but Julia walks right into The Book of Lev! He covers quickly but Julia kicks out at two and a half. Levi takes Julia and plants her with Righteous Indignation. He connects with The Doomsday Prophecy for a second time into the cover but Braddock just barely kicks out. Levi is beside himself. He pulls Braddock up and goes for another Righteous Indignation but Julia counters into a million dollar dream. Levi counters with a stunner. Levi with a belly to belly overhead suplex. He goes for a German suplex but Julia lands on her feet and Levi turns around for a lariat but she counters that into Thy Kingdom Come!]

[Levi struggles in the hold but reaches the ropes after about a minute. Julia pulls Levi up and goes for The Chastisement but Levi counters by picking the leg and turning her over into a single leg crab. Braddock reaches the ropes forcing a break after about a minute in the hold. Leviticus sets her up for Righteous Indignation, hoping the third time will be the charm. But as he goes for it Julia counters in one swift motion into The Guillotine! Leviticus fades away. Eventually he taps out.]
WINNER and STILL GCW Global Heavyweight Champion: Julia Braddock

[Braddock is handed the GCW Global Heavyweight Championship. She raises the title high in the air and celebrates. D’Nae Moore remains at ringside and applauds, it is unclear if this is a polite applause or more of a sarcastic golf clap, but she does applaud Braddock who just successfully defended her title.]


Double Main Event
GCW World Championship
Kelsai Adamson-Mason (champion) vs. Kellen Jeffries
[Kellen starts off with a headbutt and then a discuss punch. Kellen whips Kelsai into the ropes but she reverses. Kellen with a lou thesz press into mounted punches. Kellen with a discuss clothesline. He covers and Kelsai kicks out at one. Kellen with a body slam and then a running knee. Kelsai rolls to the outside. Kellen goes out after her. Kelsai kicks him below the belt but it goes undetected by referee Malcolm Stride. Kelsai spears him through the barricade! Kelsai then slingshots him face first into the steel ring post. Kelsai rolls him back into the ring. Kelsai with a bulldog takedown followed by an asai moonsault for a cover but Kellen kicks out at two. Kelsai applies a calf crusher. Kellen reaches the ropes after about a minute in the hold. Kelsai measures Kellen as he pulls himself up. She charges in but he avoids contact and she ends up spearing the ring post. Kellen snaps off a German Suplex with a bridge but Kelsai rolls a shoulder off the mat at two. Kellen with The Face Wash. Kellen with a power slam. He covers but Kelsai kicks out at two. Kellen measures Kelsai as she pulls herself up. He kicks her in the gut and goes for a stunner but Kelsai pushes him away. Kelsai with a superkick as he turns around. Kelsai with a roundhouse kick puts him down. Kelsai with The Double Shot! The cover but Jeffries gets a foot on the bottom rope.]

[Kelsai argues with Stride about the count but is ignoring him as he tries to explain that the foot was on the rope. Meanwhile Kellen pulls himself up. Kelsai turns around into Game Misconduct! Kellen scrambles into the cover but this time it is Kellen who is unfortunate that Kelsai managed to get her foot on the bottom rope. Kellen, like Kelsai earlier, argues with Malcolm Stride about the count. Kelsai uses the opportunity to recover. Kellen turns around into a spear from Kelsai. Kelsai locks him up in the calf crusher again. Again Kellen manages to pull himself to the bottom rope. Kelsai with an axe kick and then a springboard dropkick. Kelsai goes up top and looks for Bombs Away but Kellen gets his knees up at the last possible second! Kellen pulls himself up and measures Kelsai. Game Misconduct! It’s over! The cover…1…2…3NOOO! Brittany Kayl out of nowhere pulls Kellen out of the ring. And a somewhat demented Kayl has a lead pipe in her hand! She swings but Kellen just barely ducks, avoid contact! Kellen considers his options, stay and try to win the title and risk being bludgeoned by Kayl or run for the hills. Kellen runs away…with Brittany Kayl hot in his heels wielding the pipe! Kelsai is out in the center of the ring while Malcolm Stride administers the ten count.]
WINNER via Count Out and STILL GCW World Champion: Kelsai Adamson-Mason

[Kelsai is still struggling to get to her feet as D’Nae rises up from out of her seat at ringside. D’Nae enters the ring. She approaches Kelsai, who has just now managed to pull herself up but has no idea that D’Nae is in the ring too. Kelsai turns around to see D’Nae. D’Nae feigns a punch causing Kelsai to jump back and quickly scramble out of the ring, leaving her GCW World Title still in the ring. D’Nae picks up the title belt and holds it high in the air and this is the image we see as the show closes.]

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