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Livewire 11.12

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“Diamond Princess” Danielle Page is sitting in a lounge chair poolside at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Veronica Taylor is sitting next to Danielle as Danielle is FaceTiming with her sister Bianca.

“Classy” Bianca Page:Yeah, Travis is rehabbing his injury. We have been pretty pleased with his progress.

“Diamond Princess” Danielle Page:Splendid! You know I might just have to fly out to Miami to see the two of you.

“Classy” Bianca Page:That would be wonderful.

“Diamond Princess” Danielle Page:And you know I would be going out there to see the two of you and not just because you guys live in Miami.

“Classy” Bianca Page:(Chuckles sarcastically)Of course not. What is there to enjoy about South Beach?

“Diamond Princess” Danielle Page:I know right?

“Classy” Bianca Page:Let me know when you’d like to come visit. Travis and I would love to have you.

“Diamond Princess” Danielle Page:I will.

“Classy” Bianca Page:I’ve got to go Travis is calling me. I’ll talk to the two of you soon. Vero, I’ll text you later and we’ll talk about our business in Vegas.

Veronica winks at the screen on the phone and Danielle hangs up her phone.

“Diamond Princess” Danielle Page:Another day and we are still ascending to the top of GCW.

Veronica Taylor:It will look so beautiful when you, Clyde, and I are all reigning GCW champions.

“Diamond Princess” Danielle Page: It is coming, Vero. It all starts win I beat D’Nae once again and I can finally be the World Champion.

Veronica Taylor:The only real question is do I want to be the Heritage or X-Division Champion. I hope SIN and Mara are paying attention to me at the very least for their own sake but it’ll be so sweet when I am a champion.

“Diamond Princess” Danielle Page:We have been saying this for months now, GCW. It is us that is the sun of GCW and that isn’t going to change ever because we are the diamonds in the rough.


The camera focuses on a gold star emblazoned on a locker-room door. That door opens and Mariah “The” Starr steps over the threshold, spinning in place before smiling for the camera.

Starr: “I know… to be a star, you have to look the part. Well, can anyone really deny that I look the part?”

With a flutter of eyelashes and a small laugh, Mariah smiles confidently.

Starr: “I’ve had my setbacks in the past, but those are behind me. I didn’t embrace who I am. I let myself be defined by other people… no more.”

She shakes her head.

Starr: “I’m done letting other people’s vision of Mariah Starr be what you see. It’s about time that I become what I always knew I could be. My talent is prodigious. My image belongs on magazine covers. My name belongs in lights. And I am way too good to be left floundering amongst the rabble… rabble like Sierra Michaels and Geneva Alan. Tonight, you see a new Starr on the rise. Tonight I once again begin my path that is going to lead me to the very top of Global Championship Wrestling.”

Mariah gives another confident smirk as she lifts her head, throwing her hair back behind her head.

Starr: “Remember tonight… because it is going to be the beginning of a truly legendary run. Tonight, you will embrace THE Starr!”

The scene shifts.


Karen Eldon Vs Anatasia Starling
[Ana with several arm drags in a row, a savate kick, and then a backflip head scissors. Olly leaps onto the apron to cause a distraction. This allows Karen to take over with a running elbow, a running clothesline, and then a Stimulus Check. Karen whips her into the corner and then a running corner clothesline. Eldon goes for a bronco buster but Ana gets her foot up driving it into her gut at the last second. Starling with a one handed swinging neck breaker. Ana with Our Lady Peace for a cover but Karen manages to kick out at the last possible second. Ana goes for another Our Lady Peace but this time Olly pulls on her leg to cause yet another distraction. Karen with a running knee to the back! Before she can follow up, Alexa the Raven swoops in and starts attacking Olly. Karen starts shouting angrily at the bird. Meanwhile Ana pulls herself up. Spinning Bird Kick! She heads up to the top…Songbird’s Flight! The cover…1…2…3!]
WINNER: Anastasia Starling


Backstage in the dressing room area. Sierra Michaels is there with her agent, the scummy con artist known as Mason Van Stanton. Neither of them look very pleased right now.

Sierra: This is ridiculous! How the hell can Silverstone keep me off the air for this damn long?! I couldn’t even buy a damn spot on Fever!

Mason: What is more absurd is that we have to share a dressing room with the lower class. I mean, I am a manager of CHAMPIONS! I once managed the world tag team champions, Heritage Champion, and World Champion simultaneously. I…

Van Stanton chuckles uneasily.

Mason: …I mean, WE deserve better.

Sierra: At least I’m finally on the damn show.

Mason: Exactly. Which is why tonight YOU need to shine. Everyone is expecting Mariah Starr to win just because she has momentum, just because she beat Chantelle Chambers at Resurrection. Well last I checked she LOST her X Division Title opportunity to Mara Kade. So she HAS no momentum! But you, Sierra, can take this opportunity and seize it! You can…

Van Stanton’s ranting is interrupted when Connor O’Connor, the former GCW World Champion and Director of Talent Relations known to one and all as the beloved Cuchulain, enters the room. A wide grin is on his face. Van Stanton and Sierra, however, do not see why he should be smiling. Not at all.

Cuchulain: Greetings Mason. 'Owaya?

Mason: What is the meaning of this?! Can’t you see that I am having a meeting with my client?

Cuchulain: Aye, well, dat wud be a problem except for de fact dat she is naw longer yisser client.

Mason: Wait…what?

Cuchulain: Chucker yer nade me ter repeat meself?

Van Stanton shakes his head.

Mason: No, no, I heard you…and I think I understood you…but did you just say that I am no longer her client? On whose authority?!

Connor shrugs his shoulders.

Cuchulain: Oi don't nu. me job is jist ter pass along messages an' dayle wi' talent. an' yer are nigh talent.

Mason: No! I am NOT talent! I am a manager! I have an iron clad contract that states I am a manager ONLY!

Cuchulain: Yeah, well someone rewrote yisser wee contract, mate. yer are a wrestler nigh. an' since yer are not scheduled ter compete, ms. silverstone is orderin' yer ter leave de buildin'.

Mason: You can’t make me!

Connor steps up into Mason’s face.

Cuchulain: Aye oi can. oi 'ill clod yer oyt meself if oi 'av ter. please, let me clod yer oyt. oi 'enny 'ad a gran' scrap in donkey's years.

Mason: Huh?! Ok, that time I legit did not know what the hell you said!

Sierra: I think he just threatened to kick your ass.

Cuchulain nods his head. Van Stanton can see that he is overmatched and nods his head as well, relenting to the Talent Relations Director’s command.

Mason: Fine. Just give me a moment to pack my things.

Cuchulain turns and makes his exit. Mason sighs and turns towards Sierra.

Mason: Well, this was nice while it lasted.

Sierra: Who do you think rewrote your contract? Had to be Glory Braddock. She owns the company.

Van Stanton.

Mason: Maybe…but I was under the assumption that her family and my family had made peace. I won’t completely eliminate her as a suspect. But quite honestly, I have made many enemies in GCW. Any of them could have found a way to pull it off. It doesn’t even necessarily have to be management. It could be someone with a lot of money paying off management to do something shady.

He smirks.

Mason: Hell, I would be impressed with their tactics were it not for the fact that it hurts me!


Roderick Osborn stands outside the locker room of The Alan Family, fixing to try and get an interview with Geneva Alan ahead of her match tonight. He knocks on the door, and waits... a few moments later, Matt Alan steps outside.

Roderick: Matt Alan.. I was hoping if I could get a few words from your daughter?

Matt: Geneva is busy getting ready for her match, Mr. Osborn... but I would be happy to answer your questions.

Roderick: Well, what is Genevas frame of mind heading into her triple-threat match tonight with Mariah Starr and Sierra Michaels?

Matt: Geneva is always focused ahead of her matches, Mr. Osborn. She knows her task, and her focus is laser-sharp. Sierra Michaels is... a Michaels, as much as I disdain them and especially her halfwit of a brother... I won't take anything away from her. Then there's Mariah Starr... someone who has all the talent and potential in the world. In fact, one of several candidates, both inside and out of GCW, I'm looking at in eventually expanding my Alan Family.


Matt: Nevertheless, tonight, my daughter will claim yet another victory... because she has one goal in mind, Mr. Osborn. My Geneva wants to be the GCW World Champion. That is a goal that has consumed my daughters thoughts, and she knows that she has to achieve victory after victory to rise up the ranks to claim a World Title shot. Let me assure you, a Geneva Alan with purpose... is a very dangerous Geneva Alan.

Osborn: You mentioned the World Title... another member of your Alan Family, Alexander Midas, has also made his intentions known in regards to it. Do you think that might pose issues in your group?

Annoyance flickers on Matts face.

Matt: I don't think I appreciate your line of questioning there, Mr. Osborn.

A sigh.

Matt: However, in answer to your question... they both know what the other wants, and what's good for one is good for the whole family. Whether it's Geneva or Alexander, the World Title will eventually come into OUR possession! Now then, I'm afraid I'll have to end this interview... I need to go over some last-minute details with Geneva.

Before Osborn can ask anything else, Matt re-enters the locker-room and slams the door behind him. We go back to ringside.


Geneva Alan Vs Sierra Michaels Vs Mariah “The” Starr
[Noticeably absent from ringside is Sierra’s former manager Mason Van Stanton. Sierra makes due with a flurry of quick offense…a spinning heel kick to Geneva and a flying forearm to Mariah. Sierra decides to focus on Geneva snapping off a suplex and then a shining wizard. Sierra turns around right into Kick Me Deadly from Mariah. Mariah and Geneva form a temporary alliance, dropping Sierra with a variation of the heart attack. A doomsday device to Sierra. They throw her out of the ring. Mariah is the first to betray the alliance by dropping Geneva with a belly to back suplex. The cover but Geneva kicks out at two. Mariah with a scoop slam but Geneva slips out from behind and applies a sleeper. Mariah counters with a stunner. Mariah throws a superkick but Geneva catches the foot and snaps off a dragon screw. Geneva locks in a figure four. The hold is broken thirty seconds later when Sierra leaps in with a springboard shooting star! The cover but Geneva kicks out just before the three. Sierra pulls Mariah up but Starr catches her out of nowhere with a code breaker. Mariah follows it up with Starr Struck. The cover…1…2…3!]
WINNER: Mariah “The” Starr


We cut backstage where we find Marie Jones and her identical twin sister Kimberly Williams. The duo known as Twin Magic recently reunited, decimating Allison and Carmen and soon will team up again to face Team Perry on Fever. Tonight they are not scheduled for action but they are scouting the competition.

Marie: So, K2O and SkyBird?

Kim: Ana and Skylar have the cooler name.

Marie rolls her eyes.

Marie: Ok…The McBride Corporation and The Alan Family?

Kim: McBride Corporation, easy. They actually ARE family. The Alan Family isn’t really a family. Lester isn’t related to any of the others.

Jones sighs and shakes her head.

Marie: Yes but can we beat any of these teams?

Kim: Of course we can, sis! We may have been out of action for awhile but come on, we are former SCW World Tag Team Champions, we are former Undisputed GCW Tag Team Champions, we have beaten the best tag teams in GCW today.

“Except you haven’t beaten us.”

Marie and Kim turn to see the reigning Undisputed GCW World Tag Team Champions, Jessica Lasiewicz and Summer Collins, approaching. Summer seems to be the odd one out, seeing as Jessica, Marie, and Kim are sisters.

Summer: You know, as good as you two are, you haven’t beaten us.

Kim: Actually we did! Best of 3 Series, remember?

Collins smirks.

Summer: Yes, but who actually WON that series?

Kim: Awww, you are soooooo adorable!

The Woman Scorned pinches Summer’s cheek.

Kim: You are adorable! You are accepting that win! See, I have a very good memory Miss Money In The Bank. It was Resurrection IX, match three of the best of three series, and Jessie here had me in the Four Card Trick. But I never tapped out. The stupid referee put an end to the match supposedly “for my own protection”...

Kim rolls her eyes.

Kim: …but I never gave up. So you never really beat us, either.

Lasiewicz gets in between Summer and Twin Magic.

Jessica: Well as fun as this has been to get reacquainted with one another, I think we should also remember that Summer and I have more pressing challengers to contend with…like, Ana and Skylar, the REAL number one contenders, a team who has earned the right to challenge us for the gold. And no disrespect to my sisters, but you have only just reunited. You haven’t earned anything yet.

Marie: Don’t worry, Jess. We will earn our shot. And when we do, we hope you two are still champs.

The tense stare down continues until another uninvited guest steps in. This time it is none other than Angelica Jones, the mother of Jessica, Marie, and Kim. A confident, borderline smug grin is etched across her face.

Angel: Am I interrupting anything?

Jessica: Nothing.

Kim: I think we were about to throw down.

Marie sighs. Angelica chuckles and then turns to face Summer.

Angel: Would you mind? I’d like to speak to my daughters. Alone.

Summer: Fair enough.

With that, Collins turns and makes her exit.

Angel: It’s great to see my girls “bonding”...

Jessica: Have you decided to become Matriarch of the Family again now that you are wrestling?

Angel: Yes. That’s partially why I am here. I raised you three to be very competitive. And I like what I am seeing here between you three. Jess, you and Summer managed to become the GCW World Tag Team Champions again. But you have a more important job to do and that is to prove you are legitimate champions. K2O tainted your victory. Beating Ana and Skylar clean in the center of the ring is the only way to do that.

Jones turns to Marie and Kim.

Angel: And you two, Jess is right about you…you only just got back together. You need to work your way back up. Be patient, your time will come. Until then, you three need to support one another.

Marie: How is Aunt Kayla?

Angel: She’s doing well. Her career is not over if that’s what you’re asking.

Kim: And what about you? What do you do now that you career has resumed?

Angel: Oh I have plenty of things on my plate. Jazmyn Rain wants a piece of me. I still want to take Aubrey Powers apart. But first, I have to take care of Jessica Anderson.

Angelica walks off.


Madison Lewis & SANADA Vs The Soviet Gingers
[Madison and SANADA were up against stiff competition against former undisputed GCW World Tag Team Champions Anastasia Ivanova and Karina Lysenko. The Soviets tried to attack them right at the bell to get an unfair edge but Lewis and SANADA had no problem starting this with a brawl. Madison fought with Ivanova on the outside while SANADA remained inside with Karina. SANADA with a spinning back fist and a roundhouse kick. Karina scrambles back to her feet but is knocked right back down by a spinning heel kick. Ivanova with a snap suplex to Madison on the outside. Ivanova measures Madison for a lariat but Madison with a nice matrix evasion and Ivanova ends up running face first into the steel ring post. Madison plants her with a ddt on the outside. SANADA with a tilt a whirl ddt to Karina. SANADA hits the ropes…Madison is back to the apron at this point and blind tags herself in…SANADA with an axe kick. She goes outside to pummel Inavova. Madison with a meteora onto Karina for the cover but shockingly Karina kicks out just before the three. She applies MADZ World. Ivanova tries to get involved to break it up but SANADA drops her with SANADAverse. Karina taps out.]
WINNERS: Madison Lewis & SANADA


Backstage we spot Julia Braddock marching through with a look of determination etched across her face. The Kensington Knockout is dressed in an elegant black long flounce sleeve dress that stops just above the knee. She is perched atop black high heeled sandals. Braddock suddenly turns sharply as she spots what, or rather who, she was looking for; none other than Clyde Sutter.

Julia: Sutter!

The Assassin is dressed in nice black dress pants, black dress shoes, a white silk button up shirt, and a black leather jacket. He turns and grins arrogantly as he watches Braddock approaching him with a look of determination.

Clyde: Ah, Ms. Braddock. It is so nice to see you. May I be so bold as to say that you look lovely this evening?

Julia: Shove it, Clyde. I want to know what the hell you did? Who did you talk to?

Sutter shrugs his shoulders.

Clyde: I have no idea what you are referring to, Ms. Braddock.

Julia: I think you know damn well what I am talking about. Two weeks ago you put the idea in my head to potentially go back to that dark, violent, aggressive place and bring back Chastity. I even entertained your silly notion hoping that a mere warning on Shotgun to that little bitch Kelsai would be enough to make her back off. But now I find out that my and Destiny are going to team with YOU on Fever?

Sutter chuckles.

Clyde: Oh, that…well, perhaps I did have something to do with that. You wouldn’t believe the influence I have thanks to the Page family.

Julia: What is your goal here, Sutter? It is obvious to everyone that you want me to give in to Chastity. You want me to turn violent. But why? What the hell do you get out of this if I lose control and snap Kelsai’s damn neck?

Sutter shakes his head.

Clyde: You are completely misreading the situation and my motivation, Ms. Braddock. You believe my motives are selfish. Did it ever occur to you that I am doing this merely to assist you? You want to move on from this never ending war with Ms. Mason and it is my desire to help you move on. But as I have said before, you cannot move on simply “getting even” with her. She wishes to have the final word, the final say, because then in her tiny brain she will believe that she has beaten you. And as prideful as you are, Ms. Braddock, you can’t let her have the final word. You have to get even, sou you strike back. It is a never ending cycle. She strikes you, you strike back, she returns fire, it goes on and on. You must go scorched earth on Ms. Mason. That is the only way you can truly end this.

Julia: You have no idea what you are asking for. I want to end this but I want to do it the right way, I don’t want to stoop to her lows.

Clyde: That is admirable of you but what will you do WHEN she inevitably strikes at you again? In fact, isn’t she facing our mutual friend, Ms. Destiny, in tonight’s main event?

Sutter is grinning from ear to ear. Braddock scowls.

Julia: Did you have something to do with setting that one up, as well?

Clyde: I assure you that I had nothing to do with tonight’s main event. Ms. Silverstone merely saw dollar signs in booking two rivals against one another. And as long as Kelsai is breathing then Silverstone will continue to book this rivalry in perpetuity. This is a war…Chastity. There is only one way to end this war.

Braddock shakes her head.

Julia: Don’t call me Chastity. I am not Chastity.

Clyde: Not yet. But you will be soon enough because you know that she is your key to victory. Chastity is your key to survival in the coming war.

Julia: There is no war.

Clyde: War is coming, Ms. Braddock…or is it Ms. Noel? Regardless, war IS coming. It is only a matter of time. Tick, tock…

The Assassin walks off. Braddock is clearly unsure of what to think about the words from Sutter. She is so distracted that she doesn’t even notice when one of her close family friends, Sophie O’Brian, approaches from behind.

Sophie: Penny for your thoughts?

Julia: Huh?

Braddock is clearly startled. O’Brian smirks.

Sophie: You weren’t expecting me, I take it?

Julia: I haven’t seen you that often, Sophie.

Sophie: That’s because lately you haven’t needed me. You have done a fairly good job of handling yourself without me. But I have always been lurking in the shadows, watching, observing, always watching your back.

Braddock chuckles.

Julia: So you’ve been stalking me?

Sophie: That’s such a harsh term.

Braddock motions to where Sutter was just standing.

Julia: How much of that did you hear?

Sophie: Enough.

Julia: Look, Sophie, you and I are not as close as you are to my sister. And our own philosophies are probably just as distant as well. But you have always been loyal and honest to my family. That’s why I listened to your advice months ago when you told me never to trust him. But I’m beginning to think some of what he says makes sense. You tell me, Sophie. Where am I going wrong?

Sophie shakes her head.

Sophie: You are quite right, Mr. Sutter is not my favorite person. So perhaps my advice regarding him may be biased? Nevertheless, he did speak of WAR if there is one thing I know better than anyone else it is WAR so I will advise you in the words of William Tecumseh Sherman… “War is cruelty. There is no use trying to reform it. The crueler it is, the sooner it will be over.”

Sophie places a hand on her shoulder.

Sophie: And believe me, I will always have your back.

Sophie turns and walks away, once again leaving Braddock alone in her thoughts.


The scene opens up with Envy Ellis shadow boxing in the back. As she does this, Dexter Russell approaches.

Russell: “Envy Ellis, tonight you got your wish, for later on you make your GCW in-ring debut. What’s going through your mind as you prepare to step into the big leagues?”

Envy stops shadow boxing, looking over at Dexter with a smirk on her face.

Ellis: “My wish is going to translate to someone else’s nightmare. I don’t know who Tabitha Silverstone has pulled out to face me tonight, and frankly I don’t care. Right now, everyone in the locker-room looks the same: Like an opportunity, and I’m going to take advantage. Just do me a favour, Dexter…”

Russell: “What’s that?”

Ellis: “Don’t blink… if you do, this whole match could be over by the time you open your eyes.”

With that, Envy moves past the interviewer, exiting the scene which then shifts.


Envy Ellis IN ACTION
[Caitin O’Toole was the lucky draw this evening to face Envy Ellis. Envy starts out with a few quick arm drags, a dropkick, and then a corner splash followed up by a high angle suplex out of the corner. A springboard bulldog into a cover but only gets a 1 and a half. Envy with a double arm ddt and then a seated clothesline. Envy with Dangerous Collision followed up by DC2! She locks in Vice! O’Toole taps out.]
WINNER: Envy Ellis


"I know what you're doing."

Derek Powers, having fixed himself a cup of coffee at the refreshment table, turns around to meet none other than Mason Van Stanton. The Van Stanton sibling has a smug smile on his face.

Derek: Pardon?

Mason: This... whole con you're trying to pull off. I'm wise to it... wise to you. You can try and fool others, but my friend, you can't fool me.

Derek: Um... okay? I... didn't know I was trying to fool anyone.

Mason: Seriously, you can drop the act.... this sportsmanship stuff you have going on doesn't suit a Powers!

Derek shrugs.

Derek: If you say so... did you need at the coffee machine? Here, let me get out of your way...

Now, Mason looks annoyed.

Mason: I don't need any coffee! Just drop the damn act! It's beneath you, and I'm getting angry that you're trying to insult my intelligence!

Derek: Mason, buddy... I don't know what to tell you. I know things haven't been going well for you lately... maybe some therapy? A hooker? Maybe getting laid will reduce the stress. Anyways, I gotta get going. Later!

Derek pats Masons shoulder, and makes his exit. Mason, however, shouts at Dereks retreating back.

Mason: You don't fool me, Powers! I will expose you, one way or another!

We head back to the ring.


“It seems like lately, no matter what I do, I always have to prove myself over and over again here in GCW.”

Looking like she’s becoming more annoyed by the second, Kelsai-Adamson Mason stops pacing back and forth in her locker room, and stares into the camera as her eyes start to glare, while the fans watching in the arena are booing loudly already, not that Kelsai would notice.

Kelsai: “Let me ask all you Canadians, how is that supposed to ME feel? I am the woman who not too long ago before Thing 1 and Thing 2 conspired against me at Resurrection that held both the GCW World Heavyweight Title and the GCW Global Heavyweight Title. I never had to prove anything because I was GCW’s everything. But now?”

The hard staring continues as the camera pans in a little closer to Kelsai’s face.

Kelsai: “Now everywhere that we go, and everything that I do when we get there I just keep having to prove myself damn it. That’s why I am once again going to the ring alone, because I need to prove to everyone else that I can make it without anybody else coming to the ring with me. To tell you the truth, this is garbage. Anyone else in this company can have their manager go to the ring with them but I try to have my loving husband, my awesome best friend other than my manager or even our very capable bodyguard come to the ring with me? Suddenly people act like there is something immediately going on that is somehow shady, like there was a possibility of me cheating?

I would never cheat! I still am a role model to all of the young girls everywhere, a responsibility that I take very seriously. Besides, do you really believe that even for a second that there is even a single person on the GCW roster that I couldn’t defeat without cheating? Of course not, I would never tarnish my name by cheating either. I am better than, just like I’m better than each and everyone of you!

You want to know who in this company would cheat and should subsequently be watched by the referees in this company? Destiny Skye, that who, and not so coincidentally my opponent tonight. That means I had better grow eyes in the back of my head because we all know that Destiny Skye can not be trusted, not to mention the company that she keeps. But we will talk about that at another time.

Tonight is all about you Destiny, but I need to tell you babe, it isn’t going to last very long because while you still might be pretty good? You are stepping inside of the ring with the very best that pro wrestling has to offer tonight. NOT the best that GCW has to offer mind you….

I am the best pro wrestler regardless of company, and I am going to use you as an example tonight Destiny to make sure that nobody that is watching ever forgets that I’m the best!

Because after tonight Destiny, I will never have to prove myself again!”


Jessica Anderson Vs Angelica Jones
[This was a highly anticipated match, as it is Angelica’s return to the ring. Would there be ring rust? It seemed that way as Jessica started out quickly with a dropkick and then Ass Kisser. A one handed bulldog. Angelica rolls to the ring apron. Jones drives her shoulder into Jessica’s gut. Angelica with a springboard forearm taking out Jessica. Jones with The Stubborn Bitch. She follows that up with Divine Impact for the cover but Anderson kicks out at two. Angelica hooks her up for The Hot Shot but Anderson back drops out of it. Anderson goes for a clothesline but Angelica ducks and snaps off a Kaylan Wind Kick, a nod to her sister Kayla Jones. Angelica takes Jessica and turns her over into the liontamer, which she calls The Angel’s Arch. Jessica taps out.]
WINNER: Angelica Jones

[Angelica doesn’t waste time celebrating. Instead she takes a microphone from Robert Lee.]

Angel: Cut my music!

[Jones smirks.]

Angel: Good job, Jess. But just not good enough. The fact of the matter is that I am back and better than ever!

[The fans cheer loudly. Angelica nods her head.]

Angel: I appreciate the support but not everyone is grateful to see me back in this ring competing. There are those who are very bitter about the fact that I still stand in this GCW ring. Of course I am talking about Jazmyn Rain. She is a hall of famer who certainly belongs there but has let her bitterness towards me cloud her judgment. You say you want revenge. You say you want to right the wrong and end your GCW career the way you want, not the way I want. And yet for all that tough talk you still have not answered my challenge. Silverstone has a contract prepared. We can do this, you versus me, and we can end this once and for all. You can have your opportunity to end your GCW tenure on your terms. But you have to muster up the courage to walk back into this ring and face me one more time! These people want it…I want it…

[She points a finger at the camera.]

Angel: …the question remains, do YOU want it?

[She drops the mic and makes her exit.]


Backstage we find GCW Hall of Fame journalist Dexter Russell. To his right stands Destiny Skye, dressed in her two piece all black wrestling gear and wrestling boots. Standing to his left is Destiny’s tag team partner and best friend Julia Braddock. The Kensington Knockout is dressed in an elegant black long flounce sleeve dress that stops just above the knee.

Dexter: Ladies and gentlemen I am here backstage with Destiny Skye and Julia Braddock, the duo known as SkyeLife. Destiny is scheduled to compete in our main event tonight against Kelsai Adamson-Mason, but before we talk about that I would like to give you the opportunity to address what has been going on lately between you two and “The Assassin” Clyde Sutter.

Destiny: Sutter is a known troublemaker. He likes to stir the pot and everyone knows it, Dex. But…

Braddock holds up her hand to silence Destiny.

Julia: It’s ok, Des. I got this.

The Kensington Knockout faces Dexter.

Julia: Destiny is right, Sutter is a troublemaker. Now I certainly have my doubts regarding his intentions and motivation behind wanting to get himself personally involved in my affairs with Kelsai. He claims that he is just trying to help me out. He says that Kelsai will not stop unless and until me and Destiny make her stop by extreme, violent force. And he doesn’t think me in my current state am capable of doing what needs to be done. He thinks I need to go back to a dark place, a violent aggressive place that I have tried to shut away forever. He thinks I need to give in to my aggressive feelings and once again become Chastity Noel.

She holds up two fingers.

Julia: For over two years I have kept Chastity locked away because, quite frankly, I was afraid of what I was capable of when I was in that mindset. If I unleashed that kind of aggressiveness, would I be able to then put an end to this feud? Yeah. But I may very well put an end to Kelsai’s career in the process. As annoying as she is, I have no desire to cripple the bitch. So on Shotgun I issued a warning. I will hold back as long as I can. But if she continues to provoke me, then I cannot be blamed for what I unleash.

Dexter turns to Destiny.

Dexter: That brings us to tonight and your match against Kelsai Adamson-Mason. It should be a heck of a match between two former World Champions. But what are your thoughts?

Destiny: You’re right, Dex. It should be a heck of a match. Anytime you have two former GCW World Champions facing off then you are in for a treat. If it would just be a wrestling match, fight, whatever the hell you want to call it, then that would be fine by me. But I am not naive and neither is Jules. Kelsai has been pushing the envelope for months now. It went to the point that she tried to injure Jules with that pipe. Do I expect Kelsai to play it clean and by the book tonight? No, I don’t. But I am ready for anything that may happen. And Kelsai can bring whatever goons she has, because I have Jules here to watch my back.

Dexter: What about Sutter?

Destiny: We don’t need Sutter. But if he gets involved…

She smirks.

Destiny: …well, Kelsai’s husband managed to piss Sutter off. So that’s her own damn fault if Sutter chooses to take out his revenge. Tonight I am focused on just one thing, kicking the crap out of Kelsai and sending the bitch packing.


Main Event:
Destiny Skye Vs Kelsai Adamson-Mason

[Destiny with two quick arm drags, a hip toss, and a dropkick. She goes for a clothesline but Kelsai ducks and connects with a roundhouse kick. Kelsai with a flying forearm smash and then a belly to belly suplex. Kelsai with a second straight belly to belly suplex and then follows that up with an asai moonsault but NO! Destiny gets her knees up! Destiny with a kip up into the frankensteiner, THIS IS MY DESTINY! Destiny with a spinning heel kick. Destiny with a Full Nelson suplex and then follows that up with a bridging German suplex for a pin but Kelsai kicks out at two. Destiny with a scissors kick and then applies an STF. Kelsai reaches the ropes after about a minute in the painful hold. Destiny drags her back out and goes to lock in The Birmingham Cloverleaf. But Kelsai counters with a small package. Destiny just barely kicks out. Kelsai with a spear! Kelsai with an asai moonsault for a cover but again Destiny kicks out at two. Kelsai locks in the calf crusher. Destiny reaches the ropes after about a minute. Kelsai with an axe kick. She goes up top and looks for Bombs Away but Destiny counters with The Destiny Cutter OUT OF NOWHERE! It should be over…but the crowd boos as VIctor Mason and Jaxson hit the ring! They slide in…Jaxson with a huge big boot to Destiny dropping her cold. Victor and Jaxson put the boots to Destiny. Referee Malcolm Stride calls for the disqualification.]
WINNER via Disqualification: Destiny Skye

[The two on one continues while Kelsai recovers. Then Victor and Jaxson pull Destiny up and hold her in place while Kelsai gets free shots in. Suddenly a roar erupts from the crowd…Julia Braddock is charging the ring accompanied by Clyde Sutter! Braddock spears Kelsai down and then rains down right hands. Victor pulls her off but Julia meets him with a European uppercut. Sutter slides in and immediately ducks a Jaxson clothesline only to rebound off the ropes and drop Jaxson with The Unforgiven, his variation of the claymore. Kelsai is back up and is trading rights with Julia. Destiny is up and is trading with Victor. Sutter is pounding away at Jaxson. Tiffany comes down to help…but then Sophie O’Brian hits the ring, once again evening the odds. Malcolm Stride waves for more officials and security to hit the ring to break up the fight. Finally Kelsai manages to escape Julia and the rest of her crew, including Victor, TIffany, and Jaxson join her out of the ring, fleeing Julia, Sophie, Sutter, and Destiny who are all still ready and willing to fight.

Just then Tabitha Silverstone appears on the tron. She is sitting behind her desk.]

Silverstone: Julia. Kelsia. As much as I appreciate your conflict having people tune in every week to see what happens next, all good things have to come to an end. We can't go on like this any longer. So, I am going to put an end to this the only way these multi person conflicts can be resolved...

[Tabitha takes a deep breath. Non chalantely she says the words]

Silverstone...WAR GAMES.

[The crowd becomes unglued. She smirks.]

Silverstone: At Declaration of War... Kelsai, you will team with your husband Victor and your bodyguard Jaxson. Find a forth person if you can; assuming Tiffany wants no part of this. Your team will face Skye Life. Clyde Sutter and Sophie O'Brian in a War Games match. And as an added bonus, this is going to be under LAST RESPECTS rules. Meaning, Kelsai, if your team loses, you will be forced to tell Julia you respect her. Same goes for you Julia. If your team loses, you will be forced to tell Kelsai, you respect her. No matter who wins, this is the end. No more attacks. No more facing each other in the ring unless it can't be avoided, like Civil War for example. It's time to bring all this fighting and chaos to an end. Good luck. All of you will need it.

[And on that note, Livewire ends with all sides, including the fans, taking in the gravity of Tabitha's announcement.]
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