Aleki Kekoa

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Aleki Kekoa

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Real Name: Aleki Kekoa

Nicknames: Samoan God of War / Samoan War Machine

Twitter Handle: samoangodofwar

Preferred Brand: N/A

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 265lbs

Date of Birth: 03.21.1990

Hometown: Long Beach, California

Alignment: Tweener - 6

Picbase: Roman Reigns

Wrestling Style: Powerhouse/All-Rounder

Entrance Theme: “I Am King” by Black Hydra & Easy McCoy

”My Divine Right” (Inverted Sitout Over-The-Shoulder Piledriver)
“My Kingdom Come” (Guillotine Choke)

Signature Moves:
Superman Punch
Curb Stomp
Running Front Dropkick

Common Moves:
Corner Clothesline
Leaping Clothesline
Pop-up Powerbomb
Scoop Powerslam
German Suplex
Sitout Crucifix Powerbomb
Short Arm Lariat
Single Arm DDT
Exploder DDT
Samoan Drop

Entrance Description:
As the opening beats of “I Am King” blare into the arena, the lights go out and a spotlight shines in the entrance. The Samoan God of War stands in the light with his head lowered for a few moments while taking in the crowd reaction. He then looks up to the heavens with outstretched arms as the song lyrics say “I am king.” As the ring announcer begins their introduction, the Samoan War Machine starts down the entrance ramp.

ANNOUNCER NAME: On his way to the ring, from Long Beach, California, standing at six foot four and weighing in tonight at two hundred and sixty-five pounds... he is the Samoan God of War… ALEKI KEKOA!!!

After the announcer finishes their introduction, Aleki walks over to the center ring and looks up at the heavens once more with outstretched arms, before setting his eyes on the task at hand inside the ring.

Aleki is a member of a famous Samoan wrestling family. He is a 4th-generation professional wrestler. Aleki is extremely confident, even arrogant, about his wrestling ability and his place in the business. He is a man of few words but his words have meaning. He is protective of his family’s legacy and will do whatever is necessary to preserve its honor, even to his detriment. Aleki is more of a lone wolf but loyal to the few he allows into his circle. Outside the wrestling business, he is an altruistic and philanthropic individual.

Aleki Kekoa is a member of the famous Kekoa wrestling family. He is the great-grandson of High Chief Afualo Kekoa, grandson of 12-time World Champion Leiataua Kekoa, and son of wrestling promoter Fata Kekoa. Although professional wrestling was the family business, Aleki grew up in a blue-collar neighborhood in Long Beach, California. He was pushed by his family to be a scholar athlete in high school, graduating with honors, while excelling in football & wrestling. Aleki received a scholarship to the University of Southern California and graduated with a degree in forensic psychology and was a star linebacker for the USC Trojans.

Aleki made his wrestling debut at the age of 17 in the family promotion Ultimate Pro Wrestling based in Long Beach, California. In less than a year, Aleki won his first UPW Intercontinental Championship which he held until he moved to college.

After graduating from college and winning his second UPW Intercontinental Championship, Aleki’s father, Fata, sent his son to the South Pacific territory and World Championship Wrestling Federation to learn various styles of international wrestling. It is here that Aleki earned the nicknames the Samoan War Machine and the Samoan God of War. While wrestling overseas, Aleki became a student of the business and gained notoriety by winning the WCWF Universal Championship and the Puroesu Championship Wrestling World Title in the same match by defeating Japanese legend, “The Kyoto Buzzsaw” Yamato Teguchi.

The Teguchi feud brought out a killer instinct in Aleki along with the aggravation of a college football knee injury. After trading the PCW World Heavyweight Championship with the Kyoto Buzzsaw on two occasions, Aleki returned to Long Beach to have his knee repaired.

After 18 months of successful physical therapy and training at UPW, Aleki has set his eyes on the biggest wrestling promotions in the world.
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